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Stoke-by-Clare Pictures

A collection of old postcards of past Stoke-by-Clare

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To get pictures of a size suitable for printing or close inspection click on the picture or the accompanying text. Please remember that we are very much on the lookout for pictures of old Stoke-by-Clare in order to make a comprehensive collection here.
The photographs themselves are scanned in sufficient quality to provide an A4 photograph is a quality that is almost indistinguishable from the original

The delivery van of Beans Stores outside the The Lion inn in the street. (1800 x 1012)
The Cellerers Hall, and the approach road to the Church and College of Stoke by Clare (1800 x 1100)
The Cellerer's Hall and Layer Cottage (1800 x 1137)
The parish Church of St John the Baptist was rebuilt and enlarged in the early 15th century. (1800 x 1109)
The Church of St. John The Baptist, Stoke by Clare. Once known as St Augustine's Church. The Chancel, N. chantry, S. porch and S. chapel believed to be part of the old collegiate church (1800 x 1108)
Church Park and the village hall lie behind Stoke House (1280 x 793)
Green Farm before 1900. This was inhabited by Ebenezer Wright, a builder, who stands at the gate. (1800 x 1325)
Stoke College, Stoke by Clare (1800 x 1140)
The Lower Green, showing the railway that cut the green in two until the railway closed in 1967. The sign says 'Beware of the Trains' (1800 x 1007)
The lower green, showing Green Farm and the shop in the distance (1800 x 1132)
The newly-closed Bakers and Confectioner's shop in the main street (1800 x 945)
The newly-opened school (1800 x 1189)
Pensioners in the Stoke Vicarage garden, probably receiving a bequest administered by the church.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (1800 x 1240)
The post-war view from the lane to the church showing the village street and the schools in the distance. (1800 x 1120)
An early photograph of Stoke-by-Clare station. The mortar is still white, the awning is not yet in place, the builders materials are scattered around, the sleepers are buried in the gravel, and a very early camera is set up on the platform to photograph the engine. The driver poses on the running board. In the distance is the old windmill, demolished in 1914. The photograph is probably from the late 1860s, and as two expensive cameras were involved, it is probably those of Felix Hall. (2000 x 1375)
The Railway Tavern outside the railway station (1800 x 877)
The station in its full glory years, in around 1907 (1643 x 1053)
The Schools, which were build in accordance with the education act and which took over one hundred and fifty children. (1800 x 1134)
The Stoke Schools opened in 1856, and had 64 children, and then increased to 159 (1800 x 1111)
'Thatched House' on the village Green, when it was the Six Bells Inn, selling Reid Ales and Stout. c 1900 (1800 x 1172)
Stoke Lower Green showing the railway crossing the green, and the Railway Terrace (1542 x 996)
Stoke College, once the home of the Elwes family (1800 x 1116)
Stoke House on the garden side (1800 x 1126)
Stoke Post office (968 x 611)
Stoke House and the the distance is the National school built 1855 (120 attended) the school closed in 1986 (1800 x 1134)
Street Farm. (1800 x 1157)
The Lion inn with Stoke Village School in the distance (1800 x 1116)
The Thatcher's house and the butcher's shop. (1800 x 1224)
The Lion inn and village street with the George Inn in the distance (1800 x 1156)
These cottages, demolished in 1959, were once the almshouses (1800 x 1117)
The Street, where it turns past the Church and the grounds of Stoke College. The further house was once the post office (1095 x 703)
Lion Inn 1910, The publican with his wagonette (1800 x 1287)