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A collection of old postcards of past Long Melford

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To get pictures of a size suitable for printing or close inspection click on the picture or the accompanying text. Please remember that we are very much on the lookout for pictures of old Long Melford in order to make a comprehensive collection here.
The photograhs themselves are scanned in sufficient quality to provide an A4 photograph is a quality that is almost indistinguishable from the original

Bull Hotel, Long Melford c1915-200x128.JPG
Bull Hotel, Long Melford c1915
Hall Entrance & horses on the Green, early 1900's-200x121.jpg
Hall Entrance & horses on the Green, early 1900's
Hall Street nr George & Dragon, early 1900's-200x122.jpg
Hall Street nr George & Dragon, early 1900's
The Green, Long Melford,  1906-200x126.jpg
The Green, Long Melford, 1906
The Green, Long Melford, early 1900s-200x116.jpg
The Green, Long Melford, early 1900s
Long Melford church c 1850, showing the old tower.
Melford Hall c 1840
Little Holland, in Long Melford c 1910
Harvest Field c 1910 Alfred Woodgate (on horse), Alfred Bulmer, Tom Woodgate, Jim Sansum (holding wagon shaft)
The Bull Hotel in Melford, before its 'Restoration'. Taken from the Mat factory. Meeting of Hounds c 1900
Little St Marys, Long Melford, showing Codling's forge 1895
melford estate on map.jpg
A map of the melford estate, dating from the reformation.
The King William Beerhouse in Long Melford in 1899. George Ranson, the landlord, second from the left.
Theobald the Rat-catcher from an oil-painting at Melford Hall.
The Bull Hotel, after its 'restoration'.
An unusual view of Kentwell Hall from around 1910
Long Melford Church, showing the new tower
A splendid postcard of Long Melford
The lime avenue to Kentwell Hall. A tinted photograph printed in Germany before the 1914
An old view of Melford Hall, a tinted photograph of the east aspect
A tinted photograph of Long Melford church c 1910
The green at Long Melford
Celebrationd in Long Melford for the coronation of George V, 1911, showing decorated fire-engine
Horse dealers, showing Bill Pattle in his characteristic hat. Bodger Allen the butcher is in a bowler hat. There is some debate as to whether this was at Melford or Lavenham
The Bull Hotel, after its' restoration, showing the new crosswing which was later half-timbered to match the rest
The signalbox of Long Melford station, once the busy junction between the railway to Cambridge and to Bury. During the war, the line saw unprecedented traffic as it was used to provision all the huge airbases in the area. Bernard Saunders is in charge
An old view of the west face of Melford Hall, originally the grand entrance porch, which has, mercifully, changed little since the photo was taken
A view of the Mill ford, wich gave the village its' name. The bridge over the Chad Brook was built in 1762, replacing an earlier one. The mill was once part of the Melford Hall estate and the leat was an essential part of the moat and water features which once characterised the gardens
The Long Melford Troop of Yeomenry outside the Bull Hotel. The facade dated from around 1820 and was removed in 1935 to reveal the timber framed building we see today, some of which is modern work. The Yeomanry were intended initially to quell civil disorder in the region.
A hall house dating back to 1490, but subsequently extended several times. It underwent a major restoration in late victorian times which included the brick nogging and the splendid porch
The Sudbury -to Clare omnibus stuck in snow during the severe winter of 1917
St Catherine Street showing the fine church and school biuilt by the vicar at his own expense.
The Long Melford Volunteers outside the Lecture Hall, in 1902, with their rifles slung under the crossbar
Neale's engraving of Kentwell Hall c 1823
The Hunt gathering at Melford Little Green in front of the police station and courtrooms. In mediaeval times, the stocks and 'tumbril' were placed here, and possibly also a gallows.
A derailment at Long Melford station involving an Austerity calss locomotive.
The Long Melford Fire Engine, commissioned just before the second World War.
The Long Melford Fair of 1916. The both on the right advertises 'They Would Have Harem Skirts' but a notice says 'Change of Program today' The lefthand booth advertises a 'Battle In The Air by Airships And Airship Destroyser'
St Catherine's school was built to house the infants whio then progressed a juniors to the school on the Green. It remained in use untril the new school was built in the 1970s
The Hare Inn, once much frequented by commercial travellers to and from Bury St Edmunds
The Scutchers Arms was renamed in late victorian times to attract the workers from the local Flax factory. it is much older, and was popular with visitors to Melford from Glemsford and Cavendish.
J P Neale's engraving of Melford Church. This shows the previous tower with its fine pinnacles, which are now garden ornaments at Melford Hall.
Neale's 1825 rendering of Melford Hall. The original monastic grand entrance porch, incorporating the four towers has become embedded in Jacobean three-story extensions to the house but one can still imagine their striking effect.
Westgate Terrace, Long Melford c 1908.
The approach to the hall, Drawn by Michael rooker
The East view of the hall. This was originally the back of the building, overlooking walled gardens, a farm, and the deerpark itself. The entrance wing
Long melford from the air, taken recently, towards the north on a sunny winter's day.
Hospital, Black Lion & Green, Long Melford c1906-200x126.jpg
Hospital, Black Lion & Green, Long Melford c1906
Long Melford Police Station & Court House, early 1900s-200x119.jpg
Long Melford Police Station & Court House, early 1900s
Hall Street, Long Melford, 1907-200x124.jpg
Hall Street, Long Melford, 1907.