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To get pictures of a size suitable for printing or close inspection click on the picture or the accompanying text. Please remember that we are very much on the lookout for pictures of old Foxearth in order to make a comprehensive collection here.
The photographs themselves are scanned in sufficient quality to provide an A4 photograph is a quality that is almost indistinguishable from the original

A view of Foxearth village and the surrounding countryside (2520 x 2730)
Foxearth Village from the air in the 1950s (1828 x 1428)
Foxearth Brewery. (1429 x 933)
A quiet spot outside the brewery gates around 1900 (1584 x 975)
The Brewers House, in the Street, in around 1902 (1605 x 1002)
The Brewery office and entrance (995 x 659)
The view of the Manor House of Brookhall was engraved from a sketch taken in the winter of 1854-5, when a hunting-party were present. The hall, in 1846, was in the occupancy of John Orbell, Esq. (2833 x 1877)
Foxearth Chuerch of England School in the 1930s, showing how charming it looked before the wretched extensions disfigured it. The construction of the school was entirely funded by the remarkable rector John Foster (1578 x 978)
The coronation Supper being celebrated with gusto in the village hall (2000 x 1396)
A cart passes the old cottage next to Barley House, now gone. (800 x 624)
(520 x 687)
Mill Road, Foxearth with Mole End to the left (1582 x 962)
The old green at Foxearth, and the road junction with the Belchamp and Pentlow road. (3240 x 2064)
The Pentlow Road showing the magnificent church spire in the distance (3251 x 2052)
The Glebe side, Foxearth (1444 x 934)
Mill Lane, looking from the centre of the village westwards. This road once was the main route into the village. (3264 x 2076)
Foxearth Church, a photo taken in the early 1900s (1452 x 947)
Foxearth Hall (1400 x 1024)
A press cutting from 1983, describing the handing over of the new village sign. (3632 x 2109)
Foxearth Rectory in the early 1900s. (1434 x 955)
A lesson in road safety at Foxearth School in 1952 (3809 x 2613)
Foxearth Village Hall Fete (July 1956) (2838 x 1818)
The street, looking east, and showing the gatehouse to the rectory. around 1908 (3276 x 2100)
and arial view of Foxearth from the south (2832 x 2204)
An arial picture of Foxearth taken from the east this year (1000 x 667)
Foxearth today from the air, taken from the north, looking down on the church and rectory (1000 x 667)
Foxearth as it is today, from the South East showing Pentlow and Cavendish in the distance (1000 x 667)
The brewery-workers houses, facing the school (1000 x 616)
Foxearth Church in 1824, before its controversial 'restoration' (984 x 701)
A sketch of Foxearth Church taken in 1839, showing the impressive array of gravestones that lined the south of the church (1391 x 947)
Foxearth Church taken from the fields to the north-west in about 1902 (855 x 1300)
The interior of Foxearth Church in around 1910 (1580 x 992)
The interior of Foxearth Church from the base of the tower (1524 x 897)
The spire of Foxearth Church which was eventually brought down by a freak thunderstorm (970 x 1607)
An interesting view of the crossroads in Foxearth before the current village Hall was built, showing a crowd standing on a pile of flints. The flints would be for wall-building. Note the white horse (1638 x 1002)
The Brewery-workers houses seen from Mr Hamm's shop (1120 x 744)
The Village stores and post office run by Mr Hamm (1532 x 1024)
The hunt goes through Foxearth on a rainy winters day in the 1930s (1000 x 668)
A splendid coach awaits the occupants of Foxearth Hall (1000 x 700)
Foxearth Hall from the road (1598 x 982)
The Lychgate of Foxearth Church (1018 x 1624)
The Village Stores and Post Office (789 x 532)
The Old Post Office, arouind 1910 (392 x 683)
The Lodge house of Foxearth Rectory, built by Rev John Foster (1067 x 689)
Foxearth Church of England School (1606 x 980)
The spire of Foxearth Church on completion, showing the builder, Mr Grimwood ,and Rev John Foster (400 x 637)
Foxearth Church the day following the collapse of the spire, showing the ramains in the foreground (300 x 428)
The Street, Foxearth (1606 x 972)
Foxearth Crossroads, with the road to Pentlow (the street) on the right and Mill Road to the left (1534 x 990)
George Duce and his wife Sarah Duce of Huntsman's Farm (800 x 547)
The post office and stores in the early thirties (1000 x 726)
One of the first combine harvesters in Foxearth, showing the future Local historian with a full head of hair (1000 x 757)
Haymaking using one of Wards' Brewers drays, in Wards' meadow (1000 x 610)
An interior shot of Foxearth Church (800 x 579)
J.Brand's Red Poll cow. Foxearth's most famous female, winner of countless championships in the 1960s. With Robin Hastie (772 x 583)
Foxearth Ladies football team in June 1953 (851 x 576)
Haymaking in the 1860s. (1518 x 1200)
Foxearth Church (718 x 1092)
Lower Hall, in Mill lane (1606 x 972)
The Street, Foxearth (1580 x 994)
Foxearth Mill lane looking towards the crentre of the village past Mole End (3187 x 1941)
A view of Mole End, taken from the window of Mr Hamm's house (898 x 1250)
An old cottage in Foxearth. (800 x 554)
An old cottage which stood formerly opposite Foxearth Hall (1454 x 1016)
The cottage that once stood next to Barley House (800 x 559)
The presentation and opening of the Foxearth Pavilion by Mr David Ward. Back row, Stanley Mayhew, H Cutmore, P G Arthey, C Carter, Rev Bassett, Tom Cook, Tom Plumb, Mr Humphreys, Fred Chinery, Charlie Hurst (Umpire) (1400 x 890)
Piper's cottage (748 x 546)
Piper's Cottage, Foxearth (1080 x 636)
A post-war view of the rectory. The church no longer has a spire. (1600 x 966)
A Foxearth school photograph. Date unknown (2019 x 1140)
The lambing season at Brook Hall farm (986 x 719)
The Brewer's House, in the Street. around 1905 (3120 x 2016)
A fine combine harvester, the pride of Mr Brand, soon after it was delivered. Tom Hastie is in control (1482 x 903)
One of the Wards Brewery Delivery lorries (1680 x 722)
Western end, Foxearth (1559 x 941)
Threashing at Western End farm (978 x 680)
Western Hall, Foxearth (1000 x 615)
Weston Mill, which burned down on 1905 and was never rebuilt. In the foreground is a drying house for hops. The mill house is behind the mill in this photograph. Weston Mill provided haulage for the railway station and had extensive stabling in the field. (3838 x 2595)