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A collection of old postcards of past Bures

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To get pictures of a size suitable for printing or close inspection click on the picture or the accompanying text. Please remember that we are very much on the lookout for pictures of old Bures in order to make a comprehensive collection here.
Where possible, the photographs themselves are scanned in sufficient quality to provide an A4 photograph is a quality that is almost indistinguishable from the original

Boating on the River Stour, Bures, 1916
The Suffolk Knowle, Bures St Mary, 1906
The Essex Knowle on a rainy day. The butcher's name is different to prev and is Meggs
Colchester Road, Bures Hamlet with Boat House on the left
Bures Station, 1911
Bures Hamlet side of the river looking towards St Mary's Church, Bures
Bures Hamlet looking towards the Bridge with Webber, grocer & draper one side and Brands butcher opposite
Bridge Street, Bures St Mary pos 1920s
The Mill, Bures 1921-2
Bures Multi-View, early 1900s
High Street, Bures St Mary, early 1900's
Nayland Road, Bures St Mary, 1910
Sudbury Road, Bures St Mary, 1930's
Bures House, 1908-10, occupied by Geo J Pike
The Stour, Wharf Cottages and Wharf lane, a barge and a punt: Before 1908
The Mill House, Bures (date unknown)
Water Lane, Bures
Two waggons passing each other in Bures St Mary High Street, 1907
The River Stour Boathouse, Bures
The Mill, Bures St Mary
Outide Webber's Shop corner of Bridge Street and Colchester Road, Bures Hamlet c1908
Bures Multi-View (date unknown)
Cuckoo Hill & The White Horse Inn, Bures St Mary early 1900's
Church Square, Bures St Mary, 1910
Brickfield cottages 1938, Lamarsh Hill.
No 1 Maltings and W.A.Church's offices near bridge c1930
Tannery workers
Scraping Hides in the Tannery
Dines shop c1900 near the Angel
Earliest known photo of Bures about 1882
Cousins baker \& Downing,s shop c1920 at edge of Church Square
The One Bell on the Nayland Road c1930
Church Square 1922. The shop at the end became a gun emplacement during WW2
Village lockup backing onto the church. demolished 1900
Bridge Street 1938, showing W.A. Church's Warehouse, now gone.
The Angel Inn c 1910
The Angel inn c 1910, with some locals posing
Bridge Street, showing Chambers' shop in the distance
British Rail train leads towards Chapel
Brook Street
Bures Station, the view from Brook Street
Bures Village Approach from Sudbury, 1930s
Chambers, at a time when they had horse buses c1910
Colchester road and Boathouse, taken from the front of the Bell c1912
Cooks Stores, later became Mynotts, showing the tannery chimney. c1900
The Crown Pub in the High Street
Houses in the Nayland Road around 1900 looking towards the Swan
The Railway Approach in Water lane, and its inhabitants
Wharf Cottage
Speedwell House
The Station and the Station Approach
Station hill c1920
Rear of Tannery c1900, showing the bridge
The Chestnuts
The River Stour, looking up-stream
The 'Walter Christmas' Stores, Church Square.1929
The view from the church showing the Gasworks. 1910
Webbers Stores (later the cafe) in 1920s
WS Snow, Family Butcher on Essex Knoll
Post office on the corner of High St, in St Marys c1910
Top of High St c1920 showing the Manse
Bures Mill c 1930
Bures House, the Cheese Factory and The silk dyeworks c1950
Bridge Street and the Knowl
Entrance to Bures from the station
Bures St Marys Church, from the Square 1910
Corner of Church Square and 'Suffolk Knoll' c1900
The Crown Inn, Looking up towards Cuckoo Hill
East end of the Church Square, Before 1908
The Eight Bells Inn c1920
The September 1968 Flood, showing the Colchester Road under water
Gordon Drake's third shop on Cuckoo Hill
Frost's shop, and Hairdressing Salon in 1930s
Lineham's Stores and Mynotts, 1926
Station Maltings (Grimston workers) c1900
White Horse pub up to 1911; Cuckoo Hill
Railway Bridge at Bures Hamlet 1938
The view of the river above the bridge showing Speedwell House c1900
St Mary's church, Bures
The Crown Pub
The One Bell Inn
Webbers draper shop on corner of Colchester road c 1910
Woodwards's Saddlary
The Newman family c1900 outside their Grocery and Drapers' shop
c1900 Corner shop, Colchester road Bures
The Knoll and bridge in the distance
The Three Horseshoes (beer house) c1900
The Stour below Bures, showing barges
Bures Mill c1900
The Queens Arms, Church Square, Publican Frank Dessant 1922
The Church c1910
Blacksmith cottages opposite the Bells, note gasholder
The Drift, near the station, c1910
The rear of The Boathouse 1930s, looking toward the Colchester road
The bridge over the Stour and the tower beyond
Bures St Marys Church, from the vicarage gardens
Church interior, Lit by gas Gasworks opened 1859
East end of St Mary's Church c 1922. The old Lockup once stood in front of trees
The Queen's Arms in the Church square
The September 1968 flood, Outside the Swan
The September 1968 Flood, near the Swan
The September 1968 Flood, looking towards Bures Hamlet
The Station from the track in GER times
H F Webber's shop on the corner in Bures Hamlet, later the Cafe.
Chinnery's drapery shop in the High Street c1930
Bures Mill Farm
Nayland Road Council Houses, c1930. One was later hit by a bomb in WW2
The One Bell c1930
Petrol Station at the Eight Bells Garage
Punting on the River Stour in the 1930s
The Knowl, showing Mr Meggs on the right
Frank Game, boot repairer, next to the bridge
The Station Platform in early BR times
The Swan. A lorry and cart meet
Charabanc 1920s
A view of the River Stour
Bures Station, a hand-tinted photo
A view of the Stour with Bures in the distance
Water Lane, with the inhabitants
WS Snow, Family Butcher on Essex Knoll
Ye Olde Forge opposite the Bells c1938
Colchester road, view towards Bures
Slaughter yard and White Horse pub; Cuckoo Hill.
Drake's first butchers shop 1912, next to White Horse
Chapel Barn before restoration 1900
c1900, Looking down the High Street
Brands shop 1930s, Milking Parlour on left
Wormingford cut on the Stour before 1913
The Miller, Hitchcock, takes delivery of his new lorry
Bures Mill c1930
The Wharf before 1908 (Tannery chimney)
Interior of St Mary's Church
Maynes Croft in Church Square, The Co-op in the1950s
The Eight Bells Pub from the Colchester road c1914
Bures High Street, showing the Manse and the dairy farm
Great Ropers
Bures Post Office, Apsley house c1900
Chambers' first Bus, 1926
Chapel barn, after being restored by Miss Babcock
Chapel Barn, from a postcard
Downing's Shop c1900
The September 1968 flood near the bridge, showing the maltings.
Drakes 2nd Butchers shop (later Brands) in the High Street
The Old Bakery in the High Street, just past the croft c1900
The High Street in the1920s right next to the croft
A view of the high street in the 1920s
The Wharf, Wharf House, and the Keys on the Stour
River view c1912 showing the cottages on the Colchester road
Water Lane, view showing communal pump.
The Swan
The Swan Inn, the 1920s
Bays shop, and the Bank
Bures Mill, hand-tinted photo
The High Street, looking up to the croft
W Mynotts stores, which came in 1927. On the corner of the High street and Bridge Street
Interior of the Baptist Church