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Borley Parish Pictures

A collection of old postcards of past Borley Parish

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To get pictures of a size suitable for printing or close inspection click on the picture or the accompanying text. Please remember that we are very much on the lookout for pictures of old Borley Parish in order to make a comprehensive collection here.
The photographs themselves are scanned in sufficient quality to provide an A4 photograph is a quality that is almost indistinguishable from the original

Borley Church if around 1900 (600 x 413)
A family group outside Borley Post Office, in 1896 (2000 x 1542)
The school in c 1900 (800 x 504)
The schoolchildren in 1912 (589 x 408)
Borley Church, Borley Place and the site of the Rectory (1583 x 1030)
The barn next to the church, c 1988. It was later converted to a house and two skeletons were found buried underneath it, presumably because the barn encroached on the original churchyeard. (2000 x 1356)
Basil Payne of Borley Hall. 1925 (2000 x 1507)
Borley Mill c1910 (2059 x 1471)
Borley Church, taken in the nineteen forties (1000 x 716)
Borley Church from a 1903 postcard, showing the highly-clipped yew trees (1625 x 1025)
Borley Church c 1920. The Yew trees further away from the church are getting plumper over time (2048 x 1221)
Borley Church Choir with a youthful Harry Bull as Rector (2732 x 1863)
The Church Choir posing at the Rectory near the Summerhouse, sgowing a middle-aged Rev Harry Bull (2710 x 1477)
Another photo of Borley Church: probably from the 1920s (2000 x 1449)
The interior of Borley Church c 1930 (1000 x 701)
Borley Green in the nineteen forties (1000 x 693)
Borley Green in the snow. (800 x 539)
Borley Hall in the 1940s (1000 x 694)
Borley Hall in the 1960s (2000 x 1189)
Borley Hall, a relatively recent photo (2000 x 1302)
The Borley Home Guard 1939-40. Basil and Pat Payne are shown amongst others. (1791 x 1118)
A painting of Borley Lodge, at the time when it was lived-in by the Gardiner family (800 x 617)
Ploughing at Borley Lodge Farm (2000 x 1457)
Borley Lodge in about 1900 (326 x 240)
Ovington Hall, with the Ewer family standing outside (2000 x 1205)
Borley Mill, in the 1940s (1000 x 703)
Borley Mill 1951 (600 x 457)
Borley Mill, from a photo taken in the 1960s (1941 x 2560)
Borley Mill, from a 1968 photo (2000 x 1474)
Borley Mill, postwar. (461 x 599)
The plan of the Herringham rectory, the farm and Borley Place on the 1825 Map (480 x 480)
Borley Recrory's proposed additions and alterations from 1880 (4083 x 2718)
Borley School around 1900. This tiny community boasted once boasted a large child population, some from across the border at Rodbridge. (682 x 445)
Borley Church interior (1000 x 707)
Cottage opposite Borley Lodge (2000 x 1352)
The Herringham map of Borley (480 x 480)
Detail of the 1825 Herringham map of Borley (480 x 480)
Horse-drawn Spice drill and Harrow at Borley (2000 x 1422)
Horse-drawn Spice Drill a Borley (2000 x 1493)
Master Ives of Brook Hall Farm, still at work in his 80s (400 x 693)
James Gardiner outside Borley Lodge (2000 x 1200)
A summer view of the church at the turn of the century, c1912 (800 x 570)
Borly Rectory in its glory days, with the Bull sisters playing tennis. There is croquet laid out on the lawn neaer the camera (1000 x 696)
Borley Church, from an old postcard c 1909, showing the highly manicured yew trees that later became over-large (1660 x 1072)
Steam Threshing in Borley (2000 x 1548)
Borley Rectory, a shot taken from the road. The window to the left of the doorway was said to have been bricked up because passers-by would stare in at the Rector during mealtimes, but it probably was never a window there (755 x 499)
Title of the survey of the parish of Borley, taken for Revd J. P. Herringham 1825 (480 x 640)
The Waldegrave monument in the church (732 x 1024)