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Belchamp St Pauls, Belchamp Walter and Great Yeldham Pictures

A collection of old postcards of past Belchamp St Pauls, Belchamp Walter and Great Yeldham

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To get pictures of a size suitable for printing or close inspection click on the picture or the accompanying text. Please remember that we are very much on the lookout for pictures of old Belchamp St Pauls, Belchamp Walter and Great Yeldham in order to make a comprehensive collection here.
The photographs themselves are scanned in sufficient quality to provide an A4 photograph is a quality that is almost indistinguishable from the original

An old engraving of Belchamp Hall. This was rebuilt c.1720 from the original Elizabethan house though the interior panelling and parts of the old house survive. (2500 x 1838)
Belchamp Walter Stores, about 1950 (1564 x 984)
Another view of the Village Stores at Belchamp Walter, in around 1880 (1000 x 697)
The Stores at Belchamp Walter in around 1973 (1800 x 1307)
The Village Stores, Belchamp Walter, about 1940 (1166 x 873)
The Stores, about 1940 (1652 x 1036)
From the crossroads looking west towards the Eight Bells, about 1955 (1576 x 1000)
Belchamp WalterLooking towards the crossroads from the Eight Bells (1640 x 1048)
Looking North from the direction of Largess Farm (1572 x 996)
The Eight Bells pub, in around 1920 (1640 x 1028)
The Eight Bells pub. (1604 x 1036)
The Eight Bells signboard (948 x 1600)
The Flood Gates at the watermill Belchamp Walter (1166 x 858)
The Forge and the Pond at Belchamp walter in the early 1950s (1128 x 804)
St Mary's Church exterior Belchamp Walter (988 x 1568)
The interior of St Mary's Church, Belchamp Walter, showing the victorian wallpaintings (972 x 1600)
Belchamp Hall in the 1950s (1600 x 988)
Belchamp Walter, The school (1624 x 1028)
The Stores, Belchamp Walter, in around 1880 (1200 x 741)
A photograph of the grand frontage of Belchamp hall. This is Queen Anne period and is of rich red brick with a front nine bays wide and of two storeys, below a cornice and solid parapet. (800 x 600)
The crossroads, with the road to Pentlow on the right and the lane to Ovington and Clare on the left. On the far right is the smithy (3216 x 2052)
The Green at Belchamps St Pauls, looking west toward Knowles Green (1471 x 938)
Another view of Belchamp St Pauls, looking toward the Green with a group of children posing for the camera in front of the vicarage (1200 x 842)
A view of Belchamps St Pauls Green looking eastwards (1200 x 807)
Belchamp St Paul Church (835 x 1300)
The Crossroads at Belchamp St Pauls (1000 x 633)
The Green Man pub at Belchamp st Paul. Now, sadly, a private house. (1300 x 799)
'Just a card from belchamps (1502 x 970)
The Half Moon pub, Belchamp St Pauls (1000 x 676)
The Smithy on the road to Knowl End. Belchamp st Pauls (1600 x 969)
The village green at Belchamp St Paul. To the left is the road to Knowl Green and to the right is the road to Ovington (1300 x 802)
Belchamp St Paul Green, seen from the west (1600 x 1066)
Great Yeldham in the early 1900s (3264 x 2064)
Horses dancing at the Gt Yeldham Flower Show 1909 (3204 x 1992)
The Rectory, Great yeldham (2102 x 1293)
The Great Oak, Great Yeldham, '30 ft in Girth, 22 ft from the ground'. (3192 x 1944)
Children playing on the remains of the old green around the original Great Yeldham Mighty Oak Tree. (3204 x 2004)
Knowles Green showing the old windmill (1506 x 982)
Sudbury sale yard in early fifties The old fellow in front staring at the implement is George (Chummy) Catton of Belchamp St Pauls. (1000 x 722)
Great Yeldham old oak with the Lamp Oil seller (1200 x 842)
The Yeldham Hunt (1000 x 708)
Yeldham Station from an early photo taken around 1875 (1500 x 884)