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The Norfolk Chronicle from 1780-1783
Tanscription of the Norfolk Chronicle, from 1780
Tanscription of the Norfolk Chronicle, from 1781
Tanscription of the Norfolk Chronicle, from 1782
Tanscription of the Norfolk Chronicle, from 1783

Here are the transcriptions from the Norfolk Chronicle between 1780 and 1783. Because these transcriptions are so complete, taking everything of any interest from between the covers of the newspaper, they are of immense interest to historians and genealogists. Even more than this, if you read the transcription from start to finish, one is transported to a different age with its own logic, faith and concerns. It is the nearest one is going to get to time travel.

There is something remarkable about the era: they felt they were living in the worst of times, and looked back at a mythical golden age. They were still in an age when travel was expensive, and East Anglia provided a self-sufficient country within a kingdom. It was a time of prosperity, and awful poverty, of peace and strife

In 1769, the Norwich Gazette chenged its name to the "Norfolk Chronicle and Norwich Gazette". This was rather more than just a change of name for the renamed paper increased both the amount of news, and the coverage, and began to report the news from all over East Anglia. This was done with an eye to increasing its revenue from advertising.

"The very great encouragement the Printer of the Norfolk Chronicle has met with in this and the neighbouring counties, has induced him to enlarge the plan of it, which he hopes will meet with their Approbation, as it takes in a much greater quantity of Matter. He is determined to spare no pains or expense to render it both useful and entertaining......the Number and Circuit of it is greater than that of any Paper before printed in this city. A Circumstance of such Consequence to those who may have occasion to Advertise, as needs not be expatiated on."

Another effect was to increase the number of letters of all types, particularly those purporting to expose scandal or corruption. The editors also began to include their own more salacious matter which is still highly ewntertaining to read now.

The Newspapers were transcribed by Janelle Penney From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library, who are copyright holders of the microfilm.

Note that, although the Norfolk Chronicle covers events in East Anglia as a whole, you will find here and there mentions in the paper of "this city" "the Castle" and "the City Gaol." The city referred to is Norwich, where the paper was published. Likewise 'the castle' and 'the City Gaol' is that of Norwich

Transcription and notes copyright © Janelle Penney

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