The Foxearth and District Local History Society
Surname-finder for the parishes of the Hinkford Hundred

This represents an index of the surnames of the local Essex families mentioned in the 1851 Census in the Hinckford Hundred, the parishes of northern Essex.

The old censuses contain a lot of interesting information that can be used to study the spread and movement of the local population over the years. We've been looking at other documents that list local names such as the Poll-Tax records of 1381, the various parish records and the protestation lists of 1641. We found that we needed a better way of checking to see where families had moved over the years, and where names had survived or not. This forced us to find better indexes for searching through lists. This is the result.

In studying the various sources, we were struck by how local some of the various names are. Where surnames were associated with crafts, such as Clarke, Wright, Baker, Barrell, Cooper, or Butcher then the names are widespread, but there are other names that are all within one parish

The number in brackets after the Surname are the total number with that surname to be found in the Hinckford Hundred, but the numbers in brackets after each parish in the list for each surname represents the number with that surname in that parish. Click on the name of the parish, and that will take you to the census information for the parish where you will find the indiviuals mentioned in the census, their age at the time of the census and where they were born.