The Foxearth and District Local History Society
The Listed Buildings & Protected Sites of Foxearth, Pentlow, Borley and Liston

The planners of Braintree District Council have, in the past, referred to the north Hinkford parishes as the Heritage jewels of the Braintree district. It isn't hard to see why: the parishes that border the upper Stour are one of the few unspoiled pre-industrial landscapes in Essex, rich in mediaeval buildings and landscape features. The villages still keep their manorial characteristics, and it is still possible to find the places mentioned in madiaeval manuscripts. It is no wonder that it has become so attractive for walkers and for recreation.

Each in the listing is linked to the details  on the Historic England site, each of which come with a map.

Listed buildings and landscape features in Pentlow

For old photographs of the Pentlow parish see the Pentlow Photographic Gallery here.

Listed buildings in Foxearth

Foxearth village is a Conservation Area

For old photographs of the Foxearth parish see the Foxearth Photographic Gallery here.

Listed Buildings and Landscape features in Borley

For old photographs of the Borley parish see the Borley Photographic Gallery here.

Listed Buildings and Landscape features in Liston

For old photographs of the Liston parish see the Liston Photographic Gallery here.

These listed and protected site are distributed as in this map, but also including listed and protected sites in neighbouring parishes

The current sheduling for habitat, including SSSIs and 'sensitive' areas for the parish and the surrounding areas, including conservation areas, are described on this map

Landscape designations