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We offer three different ways of searching. Google and MSN will allow you to to complex searches and will return you the pages that have the words you are searching for. The Foxearth search was originally put there before Google found the site but was have kept it because it is still popular and has the advantage of returning all hits, even if they occur on the same page. Be warned. If you give it something difficult to search for, it takes ages, because the site has grown so much since it was put in.

Site Search: Type in your search-term (simple word or phrase only) and click the 'Search' button
example: 'melancholy' Beware! This could take a long time.
Google and MSN Search: Google is a wonderful aid for scanning the site. It seems to be able to recall material within a week of it being put on the site. It was the first search engine to find the site. MSN is good too.

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