The Foxearth and District Local History Society


HOUSE         NAME           AGE           OCCUPATION       WHERE BORN

Lodge to Rectory
Philip Kingswood   head  m.  36     gardener dom.serv.  Beckenham Kent
Sarah Kingswood   wife       41                           Deal  Kent
Geo.Kingswood     son        12            sch.               Fox.
Helena Kingswood  daugh      10                               Fox.
Mary C.Kingswood  daugh       6                               Fox.

Rectory House
John Foster  head     m.     66  Rector of Foxearth     Liverpool Lancs.
Eliza Foster   wife          45                               Bulmer
Hannah Strutt  serv.   s.    24  parlour maid                 Fox.
Sarah Lilley   serv    s.    27    cook  dom.                Ridgewell
Emily Lilley   serv    s.    17   housemaid                  Ridgewell
Mary A.F.Andrews  visitor wd.69                                           

School House
Marion E. Bartlett  head  s. 22  schoolmistress    Middlesex  London
Esther Barlett visitor wd.   75                   Cirencester Glous.
Agnes M.White   cousin       13   sch.             Middlesex
Edith Campbell lodger  s.    16  pupil teacher       Croydon Surrey

Geo.Newman   head   wdr.     40  gardener dom.         Nursling Hants.
Kate Newman   daugh    s.    16                             Bath
John Newman    son           11      sch.                     Lyston
Will.Newman    son           11                               Lyston
Anna Newman   daugh          10      sch.                     Lyston
Alice Newman  daugh           7       sch.                    Fox.
Emily Newman   daugh         14                               Lyston

Rebecca Argent  head  wd.    59                                Fox.
Emma Argent   daugh    s.    28                         Gestingthorpe

Josiah Mansfield head wdr.   43  ag.lab.                Otten Belchamp

Eliza.Ward  head   wd.       62 form.dressmaker                Fox.

David Piper  head    m.      42   ag.lab.                      Fox.
Eliza Piper         wife     44                      Poringland Nfk.
Stephen Piper  son           15  ag.lab.                       Fox.
Eliza.Piper  daugh           13                                Fox.
Annie Piper  daugh.          11  sch.                          Fox.
Chas.Piper   son              9   sch.                         Fox
Mary Piper   daugh            7   sch                          Fox.
Will.Piper  son               5    sch.                        Fox.
Thom.Piper   son              4     sch.                       Fox.
Eleanor Piper  daugh          2                                Fox.
John Piper   son              1                                Fox.
Eliza Piper  daugh            2mths                            Fox.

Alfred Ward  head    m.      30     ag.lab.                    Fox
Filipa Ward  wife            27                           Middlesex
Charlotte Ward   daugh        4    sch.                        Fox.
Harriet Ward    daugh         1                                Fox.
The Cottage
John F.Foster head      m.   33  curate of Foxearth            Fox.
Margaret Foster  wife        37                     Souldrop? Beds.
Rosalind B.M. Foster  daugh   7                            St.Albans
Will.Foster   son             5                             St.Albans
Julia Ives  serv             17   cook  dom.                   Fox.

Samuel Chinery head    m.    86 formerly ag.lab.              Melford
Sarah Chinery  wife          85                               Melford                          

Isaac Eady  head   m.        60    ag.lab.                    Fox.
Sarah Eady     wife          61                               Ballingdon
Will.Mansfield  ill. son      7    sch.                       Sudbury

Chas.Lee   head       m.     50    ag.lab.                    Fox.
Harriet Lee   wife           39                               Fox.
John Lee      son            16                               Fox.
Matilda Lee    daugh         15                               Fox.
Will.Lee     son             11                               Fox.

Will. Chinnery  head   s.    44  letter carrier               Fox.
Eliza.Chinnery  sister   s.  41                               Fox.

Sam.Levitt head    m.        77                 Fox.
Susanna Levitt   wife        76                               Melford

Henry Smith   head       m.  54    ag.lab.                    Fox.
Harriet Smith   wife         54                               Fox.
Annie Smith  daugh      s.   22                               Fox.
Arthur Smith  son        s.  20                               Fox.
Fred.Smith  son              16                               Fox.
Laura Smith  daugh           13   sch.                        Fox.

Foxearth Hall 
Thomas Piper  head    m.     41   gardener  dom.               Fox.
Charlotte Piper  wife        41                              Edwardstone
Will.Piper  son              12                                Fox.
Emma Piper  daugh             4                                Fox.

Henry Hardy  head     m.     29   ag.lab.                      Fox.
Sarah Hardy  wife            28                                Fox.

Fred.Ives  head      m.      72 form.blacksmith                Fox.
Emma Ives    wife            55                                Bulmer

David Collins  head  wdr.    61 farm bailiff              Otten Belchamp

Fred.Cousins  head     m.    22  brewers  lab.                 Stoke
Eliza Cousins   wife         22                                  Fox.

James Thompson   head   m.   34   ag.lab.                        Fox.
Charlotte Thompson  wife     23                            Monks Eleigh
Harry Thompson      son      12                                  Fox.
Julia Thompson   daugh       10                                  Fox.
Alfred Thompson  son          7                                  Fox.
Emily Thompson                7mths.                             Fox.

Walter Thompson   head   m.   65    baker  ag.lab.            Lavenham
Anne Thompson     wife        66                                 Fox.
Sam.Thompson    son     s.    34    ag.lab.                      Fox.
Rachel Thompson  daugh        31                                 Fox.
Frank Thompson  visitor        1                                 Fox.

Sam.Levitt   head   wdr.      51   shepherd                      Fox.
Emma Levitt  daugh            16                                 Fox.
Ellen Levitt  daugh           10  sch.                           Fox.
Chas.Levitt  son               8         sch.                    Fox.

John Ward    head    m.       71   ag.lab.                       Fox.
Eliza Ward   wife             68                                 Pentlow
Hyham Ward   son        s.    30                                 Lyston

Charlotte Ward  head  w.      58  brewer            Walsham Le Willows
David Ward   son         s.   21  upholsterer                    Fox.
Harriet Thompson  serv   s.   14  dom.serv.                   Pentlow

Edwd.Ives       head    m.    27  blacksmith                    Pentlow 
Fox.Hannah Ives   wife            28                            Fox.
Afred Ives   son               6  sch.                          Fox.
Fred.Ives    son               4   sch.                         Fox.
Frank Ives   son              10 months                         Fox.
Hannah Elams  lodger   wd.    86                                Fox.

James Hardy  head     m.      27      ag.lab.                   Fox.
Lucy Hardy    wife            27                        Great Bromley
Florence Hardy   daugh         3                                Fox.
Will.Hardy   son               1                                Fox.

Post Office and Shop
John Macro   head       m.    55  baker shopkeeper              Fox.
Harriet Macro   wife          57                      Bury st.Edmunds
Susannah Macro  sister    s.  56? serv. in shop                 Fox.

Robt.Mingay  head       m.    34  ag.lab.                  Cavendish
Emma Mingay   wife            33                                Fox.
Samuel Ward  father     wdr.  60    ag.lab.                     Fox.
Mary Mingay   daugh           10  sch.                          Fox.

Geo.Chinery   head    m.      60    ag.lab.                 Melford
Amelia Chinery  wife          59                                Fox.
Emily Gates  niece            14   sch.                   Middlesex
Harry Rayner grandson          1                  St.Botolphs Col.

Walter Gridley  head          47  ag.lab.                 Stansfield
Sarah Gridley  wife           54                           Chedburgh
Walter Gridley  son      s.   19 flax mill           Stansfield
Sarah J.Gridley daugh         13  sch.                      Stansfield

Robt.Ward   head       m.     36 flax mill                Fox.
Pheobe Ward  wife             26                            Cowlinge
Kate Ward     daugh            3                                Fox.
John Ward  son                 1                                Fox.

Will.Maxim head      m.       58   ag.lab.                      Fox.
Eliza Maxim     wife          48                                Fox.
Geo.Maxim     son             13   ag.lab.                      Fox.
Alfred Maxim   son             9   sch.                         Fox.
Arthur Maxim   son             5    sch.                        Fox.

Geo.Steggles  head      m.    55     ag.lab.           Otten Belchamp
Rachel Steggles  wife         49                                Fox.
Eliza Eady  wife's sister s.  51   dressmaker                   Fox.

Will Hardy   head     m.      52    ag.lab.                     Fox.
Eliza Hardy   wife            51                                Fox.
Mary Anne Hardy   daugh  s.   24    ag.lab.                     Fox.
Thom.Hardy    son             16    ag.lab.                     Fox.
Chas.Hardy son                12    ag.lab.                     Fox.

James Inch   head     m.      70     ag.lab.                    Fox.
Ruth Inch   wife              68                                Fox.
Matilda Inch       daugh  s.  27                                Fox.
David Inch    son        s.   26  groom  dom. serv.             Fox.

Thom.Strutt  head       m.    54   ag.lab.                      Fox.
Eliza. Strutt  wife           58                                Fox.
Geo.Strutt   son      s.      20    gardener  dom.serv.         Fox.
Chas.Smith head     m.        56    ag.lab.                     Fox.
Sarah Smith  wife             54                                Fox.
Sarah Anne Smith    daugh     11                                Fox.

Thom.Byford   head       m.   52   shepherd                Otten Bel.
Emily Byford  wife            49                           Otten Bel.
Caroline Byford  daugh         7   sch                           Fox.
Mary Ann Byford  visitor  s.  20    dom.serv.              Otten Bel.
Sarah Byford  visitor         15   dom. serv.              Otten Bel.

John Byford   head     m.     61    ag.lab.                      Fox.
Joanna Byford   wife          58                                 Fox.
Eva Byford   grand daugh.      4                                 Fox.
Tho.G.Byford  son     s.      18  letter carrier                 Fox.

Edw.Stiff    head    m.       38  thatcher                  Cavendish
Laura Stiff  wife             30                                 Fox.
Rosalind A.Ince wife's daugh. 10  sch.                           Fox.
Henry Stiff  son               5    sch.                         Fox.
Arthur Stiff   son             3                                 Fox.
Blanche Stiff  daugh           9months                           Fox.

Geo.Inch   head        m.     31    ag.lab.                      Fox.
Adelaide Inch  wife           28                            Otten Bel.

John Street   head     m.     40  police constable            St.Osyth
Anna Street  wife             38                              Beaumont
Albert Street   son            9  sch.                           Fox.
Chas.Street    son             6   sch.                          Fox.
Fred Street     son            4   sch                           Fox.

Joseph Heeves ?   head    m.  45    ag.lab.                     Newton
Sarah Heeves     wife         40                                Nayland
Thom.L.Pustony?  wife's son   15     ag.lab.                    Nayland
Barry J.Heeves   son           5                                  Fox.

Hannah Gibbons  head  wid.    50                                  Fox.

Geo.Thompson head  m.         43     ag.lab.                      Fox.
Sarah Thompson  wife          44                                  Fox.
Harriet Thompson  daugh       13   sch.                           Fox.
Arthur Thompson   son          8    sch.                          Fox.

Will.Byford  head    m.       26 flax mill                Fox.
Harriet Byford   wife         25                              Pentlow
Chas.Byford    son             3                                  Fox.
Tho.Byford   son               1                                  Fox.

Will.Pawson  head    m.       75  army pensioner            Lavenham
Sarah Pawson   wife           66                                  Fox.

Sam.Chinery   head   m.       59    ag.lab.                       Fox.
Susan Chinery    wife         48                             Glemsford
Kate Chinery  daugh.          14  sch.                            Fox.

John Frost  head     m.       58  farm servant                Borley
Eliza.Frost    wife           39                              Borley
Fred Frost  son               15   ag.lab.                    Borley
Geo.Frost   son                9  sch.                        Borley 

John Marshall  head     m.    28   ag.lab.                    Newton
Eliza Marshall wife           30                              Fox.
Edith Ann Marshall    daugh    5    sch.                      Fox.
Will. Marshall  son            3                              Fox.
Olive Marshall   daugh         2                              Fox.

Lower Hall
John Chickall  head  s.       52  retired  farmer          Pentlow
Harriet Theobald   serv.wid.  59    serv.dom.              Borley
Harry Chinery     serv        16    groom  dom.                Fox.

The Leys (Eyston Lodge)
Joseph Deal  head       m.    29    ag.lab.                Walter Bel.
Amelia  Deal   wife           27                           Walter Bel.
Walter Deal   son              8    sch                         Fox.   
Ernest Deal  son               6    sch              Toppesfield Essex
Chas.Deal   son                4                          Walter Bel.
Susanna Deal  daugh            1                                Fox.

Chas.Ward  head       s.      56    carrier                     Fox.

Alfred Steggles     head  m.  24    ag.lab.               Otten Bel.
Sarah Steggles    wife        24                           Walter Bel.

Nelson Martin   head          22     ag.lab.               Walter Bel.
Ellen  Martin  wife           21                           Walter Bel.

Chas.Farrance  head   m.      38  horse keeper                   Fox.
Emily Farrance    wife        39                                 Fox.
Will.Farrance    son          18   ag.lab.                       Fox.
Harry Farrance   son          17    ag.lab.                      Fox.
Ellen Farrance   daugh         8     sch                         Fox.
Margaret Farrance  daugh       5     sch                         Fox.
Arthur Farrance  son           5 months                          Fox.

Hubbards Farm
Chas.Chinery   head       m.  65 farmer of 36 acres              Borley
Charlotte Chinery wife        61                                  Fox.
Susan Chinery    daugh   s.   24                                  Fox.
Ellen Chinery   daugh   s.    21                                  Fox.
Arthur Chinery   son   s.     23   ag.lab.                        Fox.

Probably Old Oak Cottages (G.H.)
Joseph Deal  head            63      carpenter                    Fox.
Caroline Deal   wife         62                               Cavendish
Perry Deal    son      s.    25   ag.lab.                         Fox.
Alfred Deal   son       s.   17    ag.lab.                        Fox.

Daniel Eady    head      m.   76                     Fox.
Hannah Eady  wife             75                                   Fox.
John Eady    son         m.   55           ag.lab.                 Fox.

Claypits Farm
Henry Coker  head   s.     66   farms 108 ac.employs 6 men 2 boys Borley
Mary Ann Coker  sister        64                                  Borley
Jane Messent   serv.          58  nurse dom.                Alphamstone
Mary Page   serv.        s.   28   cook                     Horseheath
Emma Finch serv.     s.       19   housemaid            Castle Hedingham
Arthur Leech   serv    s.     19     groom                Honington Sfk.

Windmill Hill
Will.Inch  head       m.      37  ag.lab.                          Fox.
Margaretta Inch   wife        34                                   Fox.
Henry Inch   son              12   ag.lab.                         Fox.
Fred.Inch    son               9    sch.                           Fox.
Sarah Inch   daugh             4                                   Fox.
Harriet Inch  daugh            2                                   Fox.
Will.Smith   head    m.       32   ag.lab.                         Fox.
Harriet Smith   wife          31                                   Fox.
Eliza.Smith   daugh            7     sch                           Fox.
Alice Smith    daugh           5      sch                          Fox.
Ellen Smith    daugh           2                                   Fox.

Daniel Sparkes  head    m.    53     ag.lab.                       Fox.
Sophia Sparkes  wife          49                            Poslingford
Eliza.Sparkes  daugh    s.    17                                   Fox.

John Piper  head     m.       68    ag.lab.                        Fox.
Susan Piper  wife             64                                   Fox.
Chas.Piper grandson           11   ag.lab.                         Fox.
Will.Piper   son              18   ag.lab.                         Fox.

Will.Rolton  head     m.      80  ag.lab.                        Pentlow
Hannah  Rolton   wife         73                                   Fox.
Sarah Parmenter wife's daugh s.33                            Stambourne

Henry Deal  head    m.         68                   Fox.
Rhoda Deal  wife               59                            Glemsford

James Thompson  head   m.      63   ag.lab.                  Cavendish
Jane Thompson  wife            66                                  Fox.
Bertie Tuffin grandson         10  sch.                      Glemsford

Henry Gager   head      wdr.   68  shoemaker                       Fox.
Mary Martin   daugh    w.      46                                  Fox.
Walter Martin grandson          5                                  Fox.                                                                                                                                           
James Howard  uncle    wdr.    75   shoemaker                      Fox.

Huntsmans Farm
Geo.Duce  head      m.         31  farm bailiff                     Fox.
Sarah Duce       wife          28                                Weeley
Florence Duce   daugh           4                                   Fox.
Robt.Duce   son                 2                                   Fox.

John Chinery   head            39         ag.lab.                   Fox.
Emma Chinery    wife           28                 
Edith J.Chinery  daugh          7        sch.                       Fox.
Geo.Chinery      son            6        sch.                       Fox.
Blanche Chinery  daugh          1                                   Fox.

Ambrose Elams  head      m.    42         ag.lab.                   Fox.
Amelia Elams    wife           42                                   Fox.
David Elams    son             15      ag.lab.            Gestingthorpe
Sarah Elams    daugh           12      sch.                         Fox.
Alice Elams     daugh          10      sch.                         Fox.
Emily Elams     daugh           6      sch.                         Fox.
Mary H. Elams   daugh           1                                   Fox.

Water Mill (near Glemsford river)(G.H.)
Walter Ambrose  head   m.     33  miller farmer 70a.empl.3 men Cavendish
Jane Ambrose  wife             23                                 Wilby
Frances Ambrose    daugh       8                                    Fox.
Geo.Ambrose   uncle   wdr.     72   retired miller             Cavendish
Emma George ?  serv. wd.       36   gen.serv.                Gt.Shelford
Eliza.Stammers  serv     s.    16   gen serv.                 Bel.Walter

Geo.Farrance  head    wdr.     44   farm lab.                       Fox.
Mary Anne Farrance  daugh  s.  18                                   Fox.
Geo.Farrance    son            12     sch.                          Fox.

David Byford  head     m.      55   groom  gardener                 Fox.
Catherine Byford   wife        52   dom.serv.                       Fox.

Western Hall
Margaretta Ewer  head    wd.   55 farms 290 ac.empl.12 men 8 boys   Fox.
Chas.Ewer     son      s.      24                                   Fox.
Annie Crask  serv.     s.      18    serv dom.                 Shimpling
Ann Hartley  serv.     s.      15    serv.dom.                 Cavendish

Samuel Ward  head      m.      65 bailiff                Fox.
Martha Ward   wife             58                              Cockfield

Joseph Deal   head      m.     36   carpenter                     Fox.
Lavinia Deal    wife           42                             Otten Bel.
Harry Deal  son                14                             Otten Bel.
Arthur Deal  son               10    sch.                          Fox.
Chas.Deal  son                  7    sch.                          Fox.
Martha Deal  daugh.             5      sch.                        Fox.
Frank Deal   son                1                                  Fox.
Walter Mansfield  visitor      10                                  Fox.
Eliza. Mansfield  visitor       7                                  Fox.

Walter Stammers  head    m.    36    ag.lab.                Walter Bel.
Eliza Stammers  wife           37                          Gestingthorpe
Celia Stammers  daugh          14                          Walter Bel.
Will.Stammers   son            11                           Walter Bel.
Laura Stammers  daugh.          9    sch.                   Polstead 
John Stammers  son              6    sch.                   Polstead
Kate Stammers   daugh.          3                           Assington
Arthur Stammers  son            3 months                            Fox.

Robt.Maxim  head      m.       46    ag.lab.                        Fox.
Anne Maxim  wife               35                                   Fox.
Robt. Maxim  son                8    sch.                           Fox.
Rose Maxim   daugh.             6    sch.                           Fox.
Fred Maxim   son                4                                   Fox.
Emma Maxim  daugh.              4 months                            Fox.

Carbonels Farm (Red House)(G.H.)
Chas.Ray  head       s.        22  farmer's son                   Clare
Sally Brown   serv     wd.     64 housekeeper                 Kentford
Jas.Gridley   serv.            16   groom  dom.              Stansfield

Will.Byford  head       m.     59    ag.lab.                        Fox.
Mary Anne Byford  wife         64                                   Fox.
Rebecca Farrance wife's daugh s. 33                                 Fox.

Red Cottages?(G.H.)
Will.Younger  head     m.      63    ag.lab.                    Melford
Ellen Younger  wife            23                           Ballingdon

Alfred Kempe  head     m.      43    ag.lab.             Little Yeldham
Maria Kempe   wife             42                       Castle Camps
John Kempe   son               13    ag.lab.                        Fox.
Will.Kempe   son               11   sch.                            Fox.
Lewis Kempe  son                9    sch.                           Fox.
Sarah Kempe  daugh.             6     sch.                          Fox.
Henry Kempe  son                4                                   Fox.
Martha Kempe  daugh             2                                   Fox.

John Poole  head       m.      52   ag.lab.      
Susan Poole  wife              51                
Mary Poole     daugh           12   sch.                            Fox.
John Poole  son                 6   sch.                            Fox.
Sarah Poole   daugh     s.     19                
Will.Succory lodger     s.     17    ag.lab.     

Alfred Plumb  head   m.        40  brickmaker            Sible Hedingham
Emma Plumb   wife              39                           Halstead
Arrettucia? Plumb  daugh  s.   21                           Halstead
Alfred Plumb   son             10    sch.        
Arthur Plumb   son     s.      17 brickmakers lab.          Halstead
Vera Plumb  son?                8  sch.          
Albert Plumb  son               7  sch.          
James B.Plumb   son             4   sch.                           Fox.
Beatrice Plumb   daugh          1                                  Fox.
Edith Plumb  visitor           15   gen.serv.dom.             Halstead
Geo.Brider? nephew             11    sch                      Halstead

Railway Crossing
Will.Westropp  head      m.    78 rail gateman- pointsman?C.Hedingham
Rebecca Westropp  wife         74                             Romford
Jean Galloway  visitor     m.  55                             Romford
Brook Hall Cottages  
Henry Ives  head       m.      43   farm servant             Pentlow 
Martha Ives   wife             40                      Barnardiston 
Eliza.Ives  daugh.        s.   17                            Pentlow 
James Ives   son               15   ag.lab.                  Pentlow 
Susan Ives  daugh.>             7   sch.                         Fox. 
Anna  Ives  daugh.>twins        7   sch.                         Fox. 
Geo.Ives    son                 5   sch.                         Fox. 
Earnest Ives  son               2                                Fox. 
Will.Smith  head      s.       22    ag.lab.                     Fox. 
Susan Smith sister    s.       19                                Fox.  
Charlotte Smith  visitor  s.   15    serv  dom.                  Fox. 
Laura Smith   sister           11   sch.                         Fox. 
Edith Smith   sister            7      sch.                      Fox. 
Brook Hall 
Tho.P.Brand   head m.      38 farms 520 ac.emp.39 men 7 boys Pentlow 
Julia Brand  wife              37                            Pentlow 
John.P.Brand  son               9    sch.                        Fox. 
Will.Brand    son               7    sch.                        Fox. 
Stanley Brand son               5    sch.                        Fox. 
Ethel Brand   daugh.            3                                Fox. 
Martha Boughton  governess s.  38   governess                Danbury 
Susanah Newman  serv.  s.      19   cook  dom.               Brockley 
Maria Steed    serv.    s.     19    housemaid  dom.         Acton 
Sarah Mar---?  serv.    s.     16    nursemaid  dom. 
Henry Frost  serv.     s.      16  kitchen boy   dom.      Twinstead 
Lewis Deeks  head    m.        41     ag.lab.    
Mary Deeks   wife              43                
Sarah Deeks  daugh.            11      sch.                       Fox. 
            POPULATION in 1881- 355 -168 Males -  187 Females