1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     BECCLES MURDER CHARGE: Leading Aircraftman Arthur Heys, aged 37, of 22, Harold Street Colne, Lancs, charged with the murder of Miss Winifred Mary Evans, aged 27, Harlesden member of the WAAF further remanded.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     WAINFORD RDC: The completion of 4 houses at Rumburgh, were the last of 14 for agricultural workers.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     FUTURE RESIDENT: Sir Edward Duckworth, Bart, a member of the Standing Joint Council of East Suffolk Council is coming to live in the borough.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION: Mr Ivor S Bond, of Ellough Hall, to be President & Chairman, & Mr C Wilfred Durrant to be Vice-Chairman.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     PRISONER of WAR: Pte Alfred Cook, of 30 Castle Hill, is in a prisoner-of-war camp in Thailand, after capture by the Japanese at Singapore.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     EAST SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL: Mr E Johnson Hindes elected an Alderman of the Council, the first time a Beccles man has been elected an Alderman. He has represented the South Ward since 1931

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     RETIREMENT of Mr RC Dunt, through indifferent health, from the Library, of which he has been in charge since its opening in 1929 on a voluntary basis.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     UNFAITHFULNESS AMONG WIVES: The Bishop of Norwich quotes a letter from a Colonel in the Royal Norfolk Regiment: “I am writing to enquire whether the Government is aware how very worried soldiers serving overseas are becoming at the increasing number of their homes which are being broken up owing to the infidelity of their wives; and whether anything is being done to impose a restraining influence on the men who are seducing the wives of soldiers serving away from home.

                                             In the last two days two fresh cases of wives having illegitimate children have been reported to me.”

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     DEATH at 24 HUNGATE: Mrs Alice Antingham, of 25 Kilbrack, said Mrs Rayner, aged 76, the widow of a commercial traveller, her aunt from Norwich, called for the key to 24 Hungate, which she was visiting in order to prepare for the return of her sister. The house had been unoccupied for eight months.

                                             Mrs Antingham begged her to go to bed, as she knew she slept downstairs and never undressed for fear of enemy action.

                                             Mrs Maud White, a schoolmistress, of 26 Hungate, said she heard a knock on the living room wall at 6 am from next door, and found that Mrs Rayner had been badly burnt. Her son telephoned for a doctor but she died in hospital the next day. Coroner’s verdict: Accidental Death.         

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     HOME GUARD: The “G” company (Beccles) of the Home Guard mobile and machine gun sections, with Lieuts EW Swindells & R Butterfield, who were amongst the first to enrol in the original LDV. The majority of NCOs and men also served from the outset. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     NEW YEAR PARTY: 300 children enjoyed a New Year Party organised by Beccles Townswomen’s Guild at the Area School. It was for children of members and friends, but this year included youngsters evacuated from Greater London to Beccles. There was a tea and ventriloquism and conjuring provided by Dr Noel Sherrard. Mr F Bowes (piano) also entertained. [PHOTO 13 Jan page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jan     St JOHN’S AMBULANCE BRIGADE appeal for funds for a permanent home. £1,320 had been collected for a £1,500 target.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Jan    AIRMAN SENT FOR TRIAL ON MURDER CHARGE: Full details of evidence.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Jan    RECOVERY OF SUFFOLK REGIMENT DRUMS:  Drums which were left behind by the British Army in the retreat to Dunkirk in 1940 have recently been restored to the regiment by the Town Major at Waterlos. The 8 drums had been left in a factory, with a note “To be called for later.” The French people had kept them in hiding during the four years of occupation and now 3 have been returned. The Battalion was with the assault brigade on the beach in Normandy on “D” Day

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Jan    RECTOR LEAVING: Rev Harold L Birch, who has been Rector of Beccles since June 1934 announced his acceptance of the living of Westcott, near Dorking. “I am ten years older than I came here and I am convinced that it would be a gain to the town to have a younger man as its Rector.”

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Jan    TEACHER MOVING: Mr LF Easter, Head Master of Earl Soham School leaving after three years to take up an appointment at Hingham Council school. For many years he taught at Beccles Area School.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jan    COUNCIL: BECCLES WATERWORKS: The Directors wrote to say they were prepared to negotiate with the Council the taking over of the company.

                                             THE RIVER: The River is believed to be polluted, and unsuitable for swimming, tests are being carried out.

                                             24 STATION ROAD is being used for the accommodation of the ARP Rescue Party and the Regional Commissioner states it cannot be given up at present

                                             SERGEANT-AT-MACE, Mr W Clark, of The Lodge, London Road, wishes to retire after 23 years. Mr Clark, who was born at East Bergholt, has completed 61 years of public service, starting in 1883, when he joined the Suffolk Police Force, serving at Boxford, where he was called out to do duty at the Long Melford Riots in 1885. The disturbers tore up big stones from the cobbled pavements and hurled them at the Police. For a time he was in Lavenham, he then moved to the eastern part of the county. He came to Beccles in January 1914 as Sergeant at the old Police station in Gaol Lane. He retired in March 1919. Directly afterwards he took over the duties of captain of the old Borough Fire Brigade, retiring in 1934. During his office as Sergeant-at-Mace he had satisfied completely 12 Mayors. [PHOTO page 6] His last outdoor function was the stand-down parade of Beccles Company of the Home Guard at the beginning of December.

                                             LOCAL MEDICAL SERVICES: There was concern for the town & district’s Medical Services in the absence f Dr William McLaren. It is suggested that he should be relieved from war duties to return to Beccles.

                                             CITIZENS’ ADVICE BUREAU was praised. It is voluntary and has been set up at 18 Ballygate by Councillor AE Jordan and his secretary, Miss C Smith. They have 80 applications a month, many enquiring about the latest Government regulations.

                                             MILITARY DEFENCE WORKS on county roads, which require lighting and watching, will be removed by the County Council when labour is available.

                                             IN BECCLES the Military Defence Works - iron barriers from the streets, will be removed by the County Council.

                                             Mr Coney emphasised the need to remove as soon as possible the concrete blocks at Ashman’s Road entrance to Priory Road. An ambulance had to make three efforts before it could get into Priory Road from Ashman’s Road.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jan    BECCLES AREA SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM: [PHOTO – page 1] Standing: K Martin, M Porter, J White, P Gardiner, D Briggs, P Harmer, J Keely, R Godfrey; Seated: J Porter, M Grice, M Gardiner (capt), R Crack, G Woodrow.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jan    DEATH: Mr Harry Tilney, the well-known Beccles sportsman, while he was out shooting [PHOTO page 3] on Black Mill, Barsham. He was accompanied by his faithful retriever, which for a time refused to allow anyone to approach.

                                             About 10 am on Sunday, Mr Tilney left his home, 17 Smallgate, with his dog and gun. He left word that he would be back for lunch at one. As he had not returned by 2.30 members of the family made a search without success. Later in the afternoon the assistance of the Police was sought. Despite darkness, the search went on until 2 am. A fresh start was made at 9 and an hour later the body was found near the wall of the River Waveney. Mr Tilney was lying on his back guarded by his dog. The gun by his side contained two live cartridges.

                                             A member of the party, Mr Woodgate, jun, of Roos Hall Cottages, who formerly owned the retriever succeeding in coaxing it away from its master. The body was then carried over the Marshes on a stretcher. He had died of heart failure.

                                             78 years old, he was in business as a master gunsmith and was the borough’s senior tradesman. His father opened the premises in 1867, and as soon as he was old enough Mr Harry Tilney participated. He was well known throughout East Anglia as a rifle shot. He was a leading figure from 1883 until his retirement 40 years later. In 1883 he joined the Norfolk Volunteers and, being a Beccles resident was also able to shoot for Suffolk. He retired from the Volunteers in 1912 as armourer-sergeant.

                                             An excellent shot right up to the last, he had the honour of firing for England in 1893 and 1906. He won the “Daily Graphic” Cup at Bisley in 1902 and from 1907 to 1910 inclusive. Again in 1912 he figured in the King’s Final, thus being the proud holder of five badges. He first won the Norfolk and Suffolk championship in 1891 and repeated his success on five occasions.

                                             He was an old boy attending the original Sir John Leman School building in Ballygate. He was the oldest member of the Apollo Lodge of Freemasons, having been initiated in 1890. He celebrated his golden wedding 18 months ago having married Miss Clara S Youngman of Ellingham Mills in 1893. Mrs Tilney died in October last year.

                                             The only son, Sgt Lindsey Tilney, who is serving with the Royal Air Force, has been in business with his father. There are two daughters Mrs Claud S Darby of 15 Smallgate, and Mrs R Heffer of Romford.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jan    SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL began a new term yesterday. Miss Meek, a new member of staff was welcomed.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jan    NAVAL CADET: Peter Rodney Reed, a pupil at Sir John Leman School nominated a Naval Cadet by the Admiralty after passing an exam.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jan    AIRCRAFT APPRENTICE: Jack Nicholson, a pupil at Beccles Area School has passed the examination.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jan    DEATH of Ex-Supt JE Newson, at 13 Station Road. He was 86. He joined the Force about 1880 and did duty at the Long Melford Riots in 1885. He was a constable at Lowestoft, Belton & Somerleyton, an Inspector at Needham Market, and came to Beccles as a Superintendent in succession to Inspector W Reeve and served as the only Superintendent of the Beccles Division. He retired in March 1919, the same occasion as his Sergeant, Mr William Clark, also of Beccles. He was a member of the old Wangford Board of Guardians and Rural District Council. He was one of the first people to drive a motor car at Beccles, having purchased a 6ph de Dion some 35 years ago [1910].

 1945    Beccles & Bungay 27 Jan    Murder of W.A.A.F. Near Beccles; Airman sentenced to Death for "Savage and Horrible" Crime


AFTER a three days' hearing, L.A.C. Arthur Heys (37), of 22, Harold-Street, Colne, Lancs., was at Suffolk Assizes on Wednesday sen­tenced to death for the murder of Winifred Mary Evans, 27-year-old Harlesden (London) member of the W.A.A.F., whose body was found in a ditch at Ellough, near Beccles. Mr.- Justice Macnaghten, in his summing up, described it as "a murder more savage and horrible than any in my experience of crime."

                                             The jury were 40 minutes considering their verdict. When asked if he had any reason to give why sentence of death should not be passed on him Heys replied: "God knows I am innocent of this foul crime. I know God will look after me. I am not afraid." As he turned to go below he looked at the gallery, where his wife sat in tears.

                                             The prosecution had alleged that the woman had been attacked and assaulted, and, said the Judge, "treated with such savagery and violence that she was not able to breath."

                                             ANONYMOUS CONFESSION

                                             An anonymous letter purporting to confess to the murder was read when the trial opened at Bury St. Edmunds on Monday.

                                             Addressed to the C.O. of an aero­drome and written in block lettering, the letter declared that the man in the dock had been wrongfully accused of the crime. The letter bore the Norwich postmark.

                                             "Will you please give this letter to the solicitors for the airman who is so wrongfully accused of murdering Winnie Evans” stated the writer. "I want to state I am the person responsible for the above-mentioned girl's death. I had arranged to meet her at the bottom, of the road where the body was found, at midnight. When 1 arrived she was not there. I waited some time and decided to walk down towards the W.A.A.F. quarters. Just before I reached this I heard a voice and stood close to the hedge. I heard footsteps. It proved to be an airman. I don't think he saw me. I then saw someone I recognised was Winnie. She said I should not have come down to meet her. A W.A.A.F, friend had offered to go along with her as the airman ahead was drunk and had lost his way She had her cycle with her; no one will ever find this. She told me she could not stay long. I must have been mad and I don’t know what happened.    I know she struggled."

                                             The statement ended by the writer saying that he covered up his tracks and got rid of his clothes, which were bloodstained. “I shall be going overseas shortly. Please convey my humble apologies to the airman concerned.” “Then,” said counsel, “Our case is that the document emanated from the prisoner.”

                                             Mr John Flowers, KC, for the prosecution, said that according to a handwriting expert the block lettering was the same as on leave forms filled in by Heys, who after arrest was taken to Norwich prison.

                                             Mr FT Alpe & Mr MP Solomon appeared for Heys, whose wife sat in the gallery.

                                             Mr Flowers said the case for the prosecution was built upon circumstantial evidence, which in cumulative effect produced the certainty that Heys was the man who killed the girl. Evans and Heys were stationed at the same place. The body of the girl, apparently outraged, and suffocated, was found in a ditch.

                                             After returning from a dance continued counsel, the girl had changed and left for her place of duty about five minutes after midnight. She was accompanied for a short distance by another girl, who, on returning to the station and switching on a light in a hut, saw a man, whom she later identified as the accused. He said he was lost and she told him to get out.

                                             Accused had been to Beccles, where he had attended a dance. Apparently he said he had been drinking, but he was sober.

                                             One of the men would say that it was between one and half past when accused entered the hutment on the station, which meant he had taken over an hour to travel the nine-tenths of a mile from the WAAFs site. His conduct was strange, for he did not show a light, and went to bed, and nothing was said. In the morning it was noticed that his civilian shoes were exceptionally dirty. He spent some time brushing his trousers and cleaning his shoes, and later he was seen cleaning his trousers with a towel.

                                             Later, said counsel, accused made a statement to the police in which he said that after leaving the WAAF Camp he “never passed or saw a soul.”

                                             When the case was resumed on Tuesday Chief Det-Insp. Greene, of Scotland Yard, produced the letter, printed in block letters in blue crayon, and printed matter on a watch tab which Heys admitted was his writing. The Inspector said there were pencils of similar type in Norwich Prison.

                                             Supt. Cherrill, for many years in the comparison and identification of handwriting department at Scotland Yard, said it often happened that in block letters the characteristics were even more significant than in ordinary handwriting.

                                             Mr John Flowers. K.C. (for the Prosecution) “What is your opinion as to whether the anonymous letter was written or not by the same person who printed the letters on the leave forms and tab?

                                             Supt. Cherrill—It was the same person's.

                                             ALLEGED DISPARITIES: Mr. F. T. Alpe (for Heys) cross-examined the witness at length concerning formation of the characters. Asked how he accounted for the difference in many letters, the Superintendent said it might be speed or the desire to write not in natural style. He described some of the letters as " superficially different, but basically not.”

                                             Earlier, the Judge had asked that a plan of the aerodrome and its layout should be produced, a point having been raised as to a path of red brick covered with mud and whether walking on it would cause shoes to be coated with brick dust. It had been stated that brick dust had been found on the shoes of the accused. The plan was shown and witnesses, recalled, expressed the view that brick dust would not come on the shoes from that path.

                                             Dr. Eric Biddle, pathologist at the East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital, who saw the body in the ditch, said he formed the opinion that she had been thrown or fallen into the ditch and then jumped on, pinned down and outraged. Compression of chest caused asphyxia.            

                                             Answering the Judge, witness said there were human bloodstains on the man's jacket. In his opinion it was the girl's blood. There was dry gritty material on his shoe soles and on those of the girl, which was similar to that removed from the ditch.

                                             ACCUSED'S EVIDENCE

                                             Heys, in evidence, denied having murdered the girl or written the anonymous letter. He had been four days at the site after returning from ten days' leave with his wife and three children. He went to Beccles and had about three pints of "mild and bitter” and at another public house had five pints. He then went to a dance and lost his bicycle. It was his first night out. He never saw anything of the girl that night.

                                             Asked by counsel why he went to the women’s ablutions hut, he replied that he thought it was his own site. He did not know there was another road from Beccles. He received directions, went straight to his hut and got there about 12.30. He did not put on a light because it was not the custom to do so unless on duty. He thought his pals were asleep.

                                             Questioned about the anonymous letter, accused said he had been in prison since December 5th, and only been escorted out to Court.

                                             When his cross-examination was resumed on Wednesday Heys was asked by Mr Flowers “How do you account for the blood on the tunic?”

                                             Accused: “The only reason I can give is that on one occasion I went out with two men and one cut his hand in falling off a cycle and I helped him to get up. It would be last October.

                                             Mr Flowers, addressing the jury, said if anything else was needed to prove the case against the accused it was provided by the anonymous letter. Reading that part of the letter which stated that a WAAF friend had offered top go along with Miss Evans as an airman who was drunk was ahead, Mr Flowers said: “Nobody in the world could have put that in this letter, according to any reasonable view of the evidence, except this man.”

                                             Mr FT Alpe, for accused, quoted from Richelieu, “Give me a dozen lines written by the hand of the most innocent man and I will find something therein which will cause him to hang.” It had been suggested that the letter was smuggled out of prison. Would a man charged with murder be wandering about the prison? Mr Alpe asked. Letters from prisoners were on official paper. Was it suggested he had accomplices in prison?

                                             The judge told the jury that if they thought the statement made by the accused to the police might be true, he was entitled to be acquitted.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 27 Jan    PROPERTY SALE: 113 Denmark Road by Read, Owles & Ashford, a dwelling house and shop, with goodwill of the business, sold to Mr James Crickmore at £500.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Feb     NEW RECTOR of BECCLES: Rev Frank Rideal appointed by Simeon Trustees. He was ordained priest in 1915 at Manchester and is a Licentiate in Theology of Durham University. His first living was at All Saints, Hamer, Rochdale, and subsequently Vicar of Davyhulme, (with a population of 15,000) Manchester since 1932.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Feb     DEATH of Lt-Col HM Smith, aged 75, of the Smith family of Ellingham Hall, who lived at West Wittering, Sussex.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Feb     RIFLE CLUB FORMED by the 1st Suffolk Battalion G Company (Beccles) of the Home Guard [which had been disbanded in December 1944]. Major ARM Darby, the Commanding Officer is president. Sgt Taylor was appointed Captain, Sgt Aldred, Vice-Captain & Mr F Newson, secretary.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Feb     BECCLES CHORAL SOCIETY now has only 25 to 30 voices on account of wartime difficulties. The shortage of male singers is the chief difficulty. Cowen’s setting of the poem “John Gilpin” was performed followed by 3 part songs etc. The conductor was Mr RH Firth, with Mr O Lloyd Smith the accompanist.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Feb    DEATH of Mrs Elizabeth Rayner aged 98, at the home of her daughter, Mrs William Calver. Her late husband Mr George Rayner, who died in 1917, had spent 56 years working on the GER, having moved to Beccles from Lowestoft to the London Road crossing. They had four sons, two of whom were killed in the Great War, and three daughters. They had 23 great grandchildren.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Feb    14 HOUSES built by Wainford RDC for agricultural workers cost £17,000.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Feb    DEATH of Dr W Wyllys, aged 73, an old boy of the Fauconberge School, practised medicine for nearly 50 years at Yarmouth. He lived for a time in Beccles on retirement, but died in Surrey.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Feb    COMMUNISM: A talk on the Communist Party’s policy was given by Mr Maurice Cornforth, of Ipswich, at a meeting at the Public Hall. There was a small attendance.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Feb    DEATH of Mrs Elizabeth Chambers, aged 94, widow of Mr John Chambers of 75, Fair Close. She dies at 25 Ballygate, the home of the Misses Kerrich, of whom she had been a lifelong friend.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 17 Feb    MISSIONARY WORK in India: Talk given in Tannery house, by kind permission of Mrs Oscar Owles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 17 Feb    DEATH of Mrs Eliza Taylor, aged 85, of 8 Queen’s Road, widow of Mr Samuel Taylor, who worked at the Caxton Press and who died in 1912. She was the first Beccles woman football enthusiast. She was also a pioneer of Beccles Women’s Conservative Association together with Mrs J Larkman & Mrs Tom Angell.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Feb    COUNCIL NEW HOMES: 20 Temporary houses to be built at Beccles made known by the Mayor, Rear Admiral Johnson. A site should be selected immediately, according to the Town Clerk, Mr Bryan Forward. A site in St Anne’s Road proposed. The three owners of the land had been approached.

                                             POST WAR HOUSING: The Ministry of Health confirmed the decision of 1 November 1944 to compulsorily purchase the site at Sandy Lane, Rigbone Hill and Castle Lane. The valuer put the value at £1,650. Mr Hamby, the Surveyor to design the houses and plans.

                                             FIRE SERVICE PERSONNEL will be reduced in number at some time.

                                             NEW SERGEANT-AT-MACE: Proposed that it should be Mr BL Moore at an annual salary of £20 plus £5 war bonus. Belonging to an old Beccles family he has been a war reserve constable since the outbreak of war. Previously he was attendant at the Bathing Place.

                                             PUBLIC HALL: Improved cloakroom facilities considered, but not urgent.

                                             Sgt LINDSEY TILNEY, RAF thanked the Council for sympathy on the death of his father.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Feb    DEATH of Mr Robert Benjamin Bird, of 39 Blyburgate employed in the coal Dept of the Co-Op. His only son Pte Gordon Bird is serving in Burma.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Feb    NEW BAPTIST MINISTER: Pastor RB Hewitt, late of Notting Hill Gate. He is about 45, is married & has a small son. He is a Londoner. It has been vacant since Easter 1938, when Pastor W Noel Clarke moved to Stowmarket after 2 ½ years in Beccles. He is now at Diss & married a Beccles lady.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Feb    PROPERTY SALE: Messrs George Durrant

1.)             Worlingham Rectory: since the resignation of Rev BHP Smith in summer 1944 the parish has been looked after by Beccles. The house with outbuildings and matured grounds of 1a 3r 32p. Sold for £2,350 to Mrs ACL Corbyn, of Wickham Market

2.)             Worlingham Glebe lands of 5 enclosures containing 27 a 1r 16p of arable & pasture land in the occupation of Mr WJ Burgess at rent of £27 by Mr HC Barrett of Pakefield Hall for £1050

3.)             Innisfall, Waveney Road for the late Mr RA Took, a modern residence with small garden. Purchased Mr JW Burcham for £1850.

4.)             11 Kilbrack, a small house with a garden for late Miss AM Salter, let to Mr Walter Hart at £27 6s pa. Purchased Mrs A Ingate for £650.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Feb    BATHING PLACE: Mr Wm J Money, Mayor of Beccles 1908-10, now of Lowestoft, aged 76+

                                             wrote that he was full of sorrow that it is to be closed. It is the fault of the river and not the Bathing Place.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Mar    DISPATCHES: LAC Robert Ling, RAF, son of Mrs Ling, 60 Denmark Road, a former Town Footballer, mentioned in Dispatches  [PHOTO page 1] He was wounded (for the second time)  in the wrist and taken to hospital while serving in Germany. He has completed 14 years service with the Royal Norfolk Regiment. He was one of the first troops to go to France and was evacuated from Dunkirk, he returned on D Day [Beccles & Bungay, 17 March 1945]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Mar    VESTRY MEETING: Mr AE Bunn, who has been Rector’s Warden since 1934 resigned. Mr W Fowler, the People’s Warden appointed. Mr BS George to be the People’s Warden.

                                             The electoral roll was 897.

                                             SIDESWOMEN. The idea of women sidesmen was defeated by 29 votes to 4.

                                             PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL: Vacancies filled by: Mrs RF Fleming, Miss AM Mc Carthy, Miss Jackson, Mr TG Knight, Dr Wood & Miss Paddle.

 1945    Beccles & Bungay 3 Mar    PRISON for 3 months: Frederick James Allen, of 54 Ingate, for stealing malting barley from John Crisp & Sons, which he hid at the Black Dam Railway Crossing.

                                             AIR RAID: On Sunday, 3rd March 1945 in the middle of the evening one raider swooped low over the town and dropped a couple of containers of fifty odd anti-personnel bombs. Several fell on roofs of houses in Kemp’s Lane, considerable damage being caused, [one of these fell on Mr Denson’s house] but only one young woman was hurt. Her injuries were of a minor character. The Town Council praised the prompt way in which first-aid repairs were carried out.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Mar    AIR RAID: [from the Newspaper of 29 Dec 1945 recounting the events of the year]. On Sunday, 3rd March 1945 in the middle of the evening one raider swooped low over the town and dropped a couple of containers of fifty odd anti-personnel bombs. Several fell on roofs of houses in Kemp’s Lane, considerable damage being caused, [one of these fell on Mr Denson’s house, 35 Kemp’s Lane] but only one young woman was hurt. Her injuries were of a minor character. The Town Council praised the prompt way in which first-aid repairs were carried out.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Mar   SUFFOLK BEACHES OPEN for Bathing: some at Lowestoft and Southwold, Walberswick, etc.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Mar   BECCLES CO-OP Board of Management: Retiring Mr J Reynolds. First elected in 1901. He attended 2090 Board meetings.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Mar   MILITARY AWARD: Military Medal to L-Cpl Frederick George Foreman, for gallantry & distinguished service in north-west Europe.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Mar   SALE of PROPERTY in SALTGATE: 208 sq Yards of land, which was part of the bought by the Council for road improvement, and now surplus to requirements. Price £125.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Mar   BECCLES WIDOW, Mrs Alice Lloyd, of 44 Ellough Road, has 5 children in the Services: 1.) Sgt Harry Lloyd, aged 28, of the Green Howard’s, joined up in 1940. In peacetime he was a gardener at the nurseries of Mr WT Wagstaff.  2.) Pte Alice Lloyd, aged 23, is in a mixed anti-aircraft battery. She joined the ATS in 1941. 3.) Pte Pryce Lloyd, aged 21, the only member of the family to have fought overseas. He worked as a bricklayer’s labourer until called up 2 years ago. He played his part in the North African Campaign in the Pioneer Corps, and is now in Belgium. 4.) Winnie Lloyd, aged 20, is on the staff of NAAFI, now in West Suffolk. Before the army she worked at a Beccles fish & chip shop. 5.) Pte George Lloyd, is 18, volunteered for the army last November and is in the General Service Corps. He is now in Northern Ireland. He received good training as a Corporal in No 1 (Beccles) Co of the 3rd Cadet Battalion the Suffolk Regt. He worked in the nursery of Mr Wagstaff and remained under Mr L Tills until entering the army.

                                             Mrs Lloyd has been a widow for 18 years. Her husband, Sgt William H Lloyd came from Shrewsbury, was with the army overseas in the Great War and was wounded. She is the daughter of Mr John Hughes, of St Anne’s Road, a retired printer’s reader.

                                             Her other daughter is married to Pte Ronald Quayle, who was stationed at Beccles in the early part of the war, and is a Lancashire man. He went to France on D Day and is now with the Forces in Germany.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 17 Mar   DEATH of 15 year old boy, Norman, younger son of Mr & Mrs J Pigney of Geldeston, a labourer at Messrs John Crisp & Son, at Station Maltings. He was sucked into a heap of barley, which was passing from one bin to another a floor below in the ordinary course of operations. When he was drawn out, artificial respiration was applied by Mr Charles Bennett & Dr Wells, without success.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 17 Mar   OVERCHARGING at BECCLES MARKET: Colin Roper, of Norwich fined £35 at Beccles, when summoned by Board of Trade for overcharging for hairpins and combs at a stall in Beccles New Market. It was described as “fleecing the Public”.

                                             Miss Helen Woolner, of 25 Denmark Road, purchased a 7½ in moulded comb for 3s, whereas the maximum price was 1s, a 4 in moulded comb for 1s 9d, maximum price 5d, two packets of 23 hairpins for 1s, but maximum price was 2d – an overcharge of 500%. No maximum prices were displayed. She reported the over-charge to War Reserve Policeman, Arthur E Moore.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 17 Mar   DANCES at Beccles in the Public Hall. The condition was that nobody should be admitted or readmitted after 9 pm. Inspector Bryant said that dancers came from a distance and many could not get there by 9 o’clock. There were hardly any dancers by 9 pm. That condition was abolished, but no one under the age of 16 was to be admitted, and dances were to end at 11 pm.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 17 Mar   WEDDING: M/Sgt JS Bateman of Pittsburg, USA, and Miss KJ Self of Beccles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 17 Mar   DEATH of Mrs HEM Jackson, aged 77, at the Crown Inn, the home of her son-in-law and daughter. She was the widow of Mr Hastings Jackson, who was licensee of The Crown for 36 years until his retirement in 1936, when he was succeeded by Mr Holmes. She leaves 5 sons and a daughter. One of the sons is in Australia.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 17 Mar   EXECUTION OF AIRMAN, LAC Arthur Heys, for Ellough murder. He was executed at Norwich prison on Tuesday. There had been no execution at Norwich since 8 March 1938.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Mar   DIAMOND WEDDING: Mr And Mrs William Chatters, of 13 Alexandra Road, were married at Sudbury. Mr Chatters, aged 82, started work aged 13 at Highfield Mill, Sudbury, now demolished. He moved to Raydon Wood near Hadleigh, employed by Mr Walter Green. In October 1901 he came to Beccles when Mr Green took over the Castle Flour Mills. He retired in 1926. Mrs Chatters was Miss Verena Skipper, aged 81, of Sudbury before marriage, is the oldest member of the Women’s Adult School. They have 12 children. 7 are living. One, John Chatters is an engine driver at the Castle Flour Mills. 5 of the 10 grandchildren are on active service, 3 in the army, the others in the RAF. There are also 3 great grandchildren.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Mar   WEDDING: Mr Reginald J Turner, of Beccles, and Miss Constance M Jones, of Herne Kent.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Mar   PROPERTY SALE: by Messrs Read, Ashford & Owles.

1.)             Sandy Bank, South Road, a modern semi-detached residence with garden. Purchased by Mr HS Beare of Ringsfield for £1,100.

2.)             15 Alexandra Road, a semi-detached dwelling with garden, by the Trustees of the late HG Devereux. Purchased by Mr AE Bunn, acting for Mr C Chatters for £560.

3.)             Nos 36 – 46 Denmark Road, producing rentals of £100 -10s, by direction of Miss AA Love, but withdrawn.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Mar   WEDDING: Cpl HA Long (USAAF) of Ohio and Miss K Allgar, daughter of Mr & Mrs Allgar of 2 Northgate.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Mar   WEDDING: Mr Neville Cross, only son of the late Mr JGH Cross, of Norwich & Mrs FWH St John, of Station Road and Miss Joan Naylor, of Halesworth, who was formerly stationed with the ATS in Beccles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Mar   GRAPEFRUIT: For the first time since the early days of the war grapefruit were on sale in Beccles. There were queues at the shops.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 31 Mar   DEATH of Mr CD Clarke, at South Lodge. He was 70 and started work as a baker’s boy, and had his own business in Northgate at the age of 19. Some years later he gave up to go into farming. Following a period on the Worlingham Hall Estate, he purchased Rose Farm Gillingham. After ten years there he returned to his original trade, taking over the bakery and confectionary business in Hungate, which had been carried on by Mr WJ Money. Mr Clarke remained there for some time, and retired about 15 years ago in favour of his eldest son, Mr Bramwell Clarke. He made his home at Station Road, later moving to South Lodge. During his retirement he has spent much time assisting his sons in business.

                                             A former member of the Town Council, he has been intimately connected with the Salvation Army since the age of 18, and held various offices. He had also assisted Methodist churches in the town and neighbourhood as a local preacher. Having a good baritone voice he did quite a bit of solo singing.

                                             In addition to the widow there are three sons and two daughters. The youngest son, Mr EW Clarke is in business in Melbourne, Australia. Major Margaret Clarke, the younger daughter, is at the headquarters of the Salvation Army’s women’s social work in the East End of London.

                                             Before the internment in the Cemetery there was a service on the lawn of Ingate Lodge. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 31 Mar   COUNCIL: BECCLES RATES UP by 2s 2d in the £ - a rate of 14s 8d in the £ for the year. The housing scheme was responsible for the increase.

                                             WATERWORKS: Lack of agreement with the Board of the Waterworks as to its valuation.

                                             SWIMMING POOL: Report: “The expenditure of more money on such archaic premises would be wasteful and undesirable.”

1945     Beccles & Bungay 31 Mar   DEATH of AIRMAN: Flight Sergeant Bruce R Judge, elder son of Mr & Mrs RG Judge, of 6 The Walk in a flying accident. He was 21 and had been on 4 missions over enemy territory. For 2½ years he had been a clerk with Messrs Rix & Son, solicitors, Ballygate, until he volunteered for the RAF, leaving in October 1942.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 31 Mar   DEATH: Mr William Gray, aged 80, of 42 Castle Hill, dropped dead outside the Co-Op Branch in Ingate. He had been at work on his allotment earlier in the day.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 31 Mar   LICENCE TRANSFERRED: Pearce’s Stores, Blyburgate from Mrs Lucy Read to Mr Robert Waller of Oulton Broad. He already holds a number of licences in the Lowestoft area.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 31 Mar   WEDDING: Marine Jack Utting, of Hetherset, & Pte Olive Sporle, ATS, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs O Sporle of 1 Lady’s Meadow, at St Benet’s

1945     Beccles & Bungay 31 Mar   HOUSING ESTATE to be built in an orchard. As many trees as possible should be preserved. [No mention of where it is in Beccles]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 7 Apr     RETAILERS of FOOD: Changes: 1.) Exors of Haines Read, provision merchants, to Wallers (Beccles) Ltd. 2.) Mr AW Crack, pork butcher, Blyburgate, to his son, Mr A Crack. 3.) Mr A Aldred, general stores, 113 Denmark Road, to Mr DJ Broadfoot.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 7 Apr     WEDDING: LAC Peter Nicholson, of Flordon and LACW Pauline Wisker, only daughter of Mr & Mrs FB Wisker, of 28 Queen’s Road, at St Benet’s

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Apr   PRESIDENT ROOSVELT’S DEATH. He was 63.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Apr   WEDDING: LAC Thomas Smith, of East Ham, and Cpl Edith Bowen, WAAF, daughter of Mr W Bowen of Ellough Road. The Mayor (Rear Admiral Johnson) played the organ.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Apr   MENTIONED in Dispatches: Major HRR Conder, Royal Norfolk Regiment in Burma, whose wife lives in Beccles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Apr   PRISONER of WAR, Sgt Samuel Searle, RA, son of Mrs G Searle, 5 New Road, has returned to this country by air after being released by US troops from a prisoner of war camp in Germany. He was captured in France in 1940 [PHOTO page 1] [28 April:] General Patton’s tanks broke through the main gates of the camp on Easter Monday. Recently he was forced to take part in a hunger march of more than 400 miles from Eastern Germany by Breslau to the Western part of the country by Frankfort-on-Main.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Apr   V-DAY ARRANGEMENTS: Sub-Committee appointed: Mrs VL Garrod, Mr EW Swindells & Mr C Bennett & the Mayor.

                                             NEW HOUSING: It was decided that the tenants should have electricity installed rather than gas.

                                             BATHING PLACE: It was agreed that the Bathing Place should be opened on 1 May.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 21 Apr   SOCIAL CENTRE for the BLIND opened at Beccles Congregational Church Schoolroom, organised by Miss BK Snell, of Malaya, Ballygate, continuing the work done by the late Mrs SL Barrett of Puddingmoor.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 21 Apr   RESTRICTIONS on house and factory lighting will be removed on Monday – except for a coastal strip five miles deep. Full street lighting should be resumed on 15th of July.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 21 Apr   BECCLES MAN IN BURMA: Pte C Green, of 17 Old Mill Terrace, was among the men of the Royal Sussex Regiment who played a leading part in the 36th Division’s swift advance in North Burma. They were the spearhead of a rapid outflanking movement. Towards the end of February the 36th Division forced a crossing of the Shwell River at Myitson and were preparing to thrust forward to Mong Mit.  A company commanded by Major J Dickson, MC, of Framlingham, was given the task of taking Hill 800. The steep hillsides were covered with thick jungle with patches of shale on which it was difficult to maintain a foothold. There were deep bunkers and many sniper positions on the top. They scaled it under a heavy artillery barrage. At the top instead of a sharp crest there was a small plateau stiff with Japanese positions. The Major was directing us as if we were training, not fighting.

                                             The advance went on at a pace, which was remarkably fast. After taking several villages with only slight opposition the Sussex finally broke out of the jungle into more open country. The lightness of the opposition proved how completely the Japanese had been deceived by the flank advance.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 28 Apr   HOUSING COMES FIRST according to a meeting in Ipswich. An estimate of housing needs must be provided by every Rural District Council.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 28 Apr   V-DAY CELEBRATIONS: A Royal Proclamation will be read by the Mayor in The Walk at noon, followed by a minute’s silence for those who had made the supreme sacrifice. The cessation of hostilities will be marked by the sounding of a prolonged “All Clear” on the air raid sirens.

                                             A united Service of thanksgiving will be held at St Michael’s Parish Church at 3 pm.

                                             The following day there will be a Bowls Tournament, Children’s Sports on the Common. In the evening from 6 to 11 pm there will be music and community singing, followed by dancing, in the New Market. Messrs BW Goodin, JH Esling and AJ Leggett, jun, are asked to organise the programme. Beccles Co-Op will be asked to lend its broadcast and loudspeaker equipment.

                                             The opening hours of pubs will be decided later.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 28 Apr   KILLED IN ACTION: Pte EJ Tye, son of Mr & Mrs J Tye, of Elms Cottage, Aldeby killed in North-West Europe. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 28 Apr   “NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Everybody has been profoundly shocked by the revelation of the bestial horrors of the German Concentration Camps and all are agreed that that never again must anything of this kind be allowed to happen.”

1945     Beccles & Bungay 28 Apr   WEDDING: at Lowestoft Register Office of Lieut Dennis Neale, RNVR of Dover, and Miss Pamela Buckenham, WRNS, the younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Rupert C Buckenham, of the Devonshire Dairy, 14 Hungate, Beccles. Both were in uniform and afterwards returned to duty. The bride was a member of the Town Swimming Club.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 28 Apr   FORMER MAYOR: Mr Arthur Pye, of Palmer’s Green, where he has lived for several years since leaving Beccles, is spending a few days with his brother, Mr Albert Pye, the Deputy Mayor.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 28 Apr   BECCLES and its RAILWAYS: lecture by Mr Frank D Simpson. –full lecture

1945     Beccles & Bungay 28 Apr   CAPTAN POYSER’S LECTURE on his life at sea*** -full story

1945     Beccles & Bungay 28 Apr   LIBERATED PRISONER – Craftsman Kenneth Bird from Lowestoft – full story page 8

1945     Beccles & Bungay 5 May    EVACUEES going home: At Beccles there are just under 200 mothers and children, mostly from Romford – the balance of the 400 unaccompanied youngsters who were sent from Romford last July owing to the flying bomb attacks. Some are people who have stayed in Beccles since the original evacuation at the outbreak of war. It will take four or five weeks before all records can be checked and for them to return home.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 5 May    ROCKET ATTACKS ON THE DISTRICT –full story

1945     Beccles & Bungay 5 May    THANKSGIVING AND PRAYER – Sunday after VE Day. A big parade is to be organised at St Michael’s Church, representing every section of the war effort. Col Brooks will act as marshal. It will be headed by Ex-Servicemen of this war. The Mayor will take the salute at the Town Hall and will address the parade afterwards. Major ARM Darby, the Commanding Officer of “G” (Beccles) Company, 1st Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard, wishes to have at least four members from each platoon to attend. Many more are most welcome.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 5 May    ATTIC FIRE at 11a Blyburgate, occupied by Mrs Phyllis Cox. Three lads were using the room when a curtain caught light by touching an oil stove. Books and papers were burnt and slight damage was done to the roof.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 5 May    BLACK-OUT & the DIM-OUT, which came into use last September, with a modified form of street lighting, ended on Monday evening. Full lighting will be resumed when Double Summer Time ends in July.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 5 May    BECCLES MUSIC FESTIVAL organised by Mrs GS Odam

1945     Beccles & Bungay 5 May    WEDDING: Staff Capt David Cathcart, 51st Highland Division, of Bothwell, Scotland and Miss Irene G Buckenham of Beccles. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 5 May    ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION: Three paintings by FW Baldwin, of Westhall exhibited

1945     National news 7 May         GERMANY SURRENDERS UNCONDITIONALLY

1945     Beccles & Bungay 12 May  HOW THE BIG VICTORY WAS CELEBRATED:

                                             In the same calm way that they had faced the long years of war the citizens of Beccles and Bungay spent VE-Day on Tuesday and, has had been anticipated, the outstanding feature was that there were great congregations at the services of thanksgiving in the different places of worship.

                                             In striking contrast to the previous week, the weather was summer-like. Becclesians were up early decorating homes and business premises with flags of every kind and size. Hundreds of people were in the streets soon after nine o’clock all anxious to discuss the news. Everywhere was a great feeling of relief that the day of sirens – there had been over two thousand since the war started – were ended and that once again it would be possible to lead a more normal life. People found it difficult to explain just how they felt. There was no desire for hilarious celebration. The time for that would come when Japan had been beaten. Thoughts naturally turned to the hundreds of local lads on the Continent who had made such a magnificent contribution towards ensuring the defeat of Germany. The presence of some repatriated prisoners of war was a great joy, although it was ever in mind that far away were many loved ones who had been captured by the Japanese in Singapore and Malaya. For many folk it was a time of sadness because of losses on the fields of battle and the fact that many men were still fighting hard in Burma.

                                             A VAST CONGREGATION: Long before the united service of thanksgiving was due to start at the Parish Church, citizens of every walk of life were flocking there from every direction. There had been vast congregations at the National Days of Prayer throughout the war, but this was greater than any. It was generally regarded as the biggest in living memory. The church, one of the largest in Suffolk, has seating accommodation for upwards of 1,400 people. Every pew was fully occupied and outside another 500 citizens listened to the broadcast of the service.

                                             The new Rector (Rev F Wilkinson Rideal) was assisted by Rev Alfred W Poulson (pastor of the Congregational Church), Rev A Campion Wright, (superintendent minister of Beccles, Loddon and Bungay Methodist Circuit), Pastor RB Hewitt (the new minister of Martyrs’ Memorial Baptist Church), Adjutant H Parkhouse (commanding officer of the Salvation Army Corps), and Rev Wm Barnes (curate), who was responsible for the impressive floral decorations. The Mayor attended unofficially with members of his household, including three lads from Romford, who have been billeted on him since the evacuation of last July.

                                             The singing was led by the robed choir, with Mr AE Groom at the organ. The Rector said: “This war for English folk had been different from the wars of the past. We have all been in the front line. We have the scars of war to show in our own home country. We have suffered something of its terrors, something of its cruelties, and so to some extent we can share with those brave men and women of the Forces something of the thrill, which comes when we know that the war in Europe is over. There is a deep sense of relief.”

                                             There were thanksgiving services at the different places of worship in the evening. The Salvation Army Corps also held an open-air service.

                                             Rev Alfred W Poulson said that in that truly historic hour there was flowing through the hearts of freedom-loving people everywhere a wave of pride, gratitude and relief. They had been delivered from the hand of the most cruel, bestial and ruthless enemy that had ever threatened the freedom of mankind. While the mingled feelings in their hearts were dominated by thanksgiving, they were very mindful of the fact that there were many who shared their relief but had no heart to rejoice. Even their own relief was chastened by that fact, and he wanted it to go out from the service that they were not forgetful of the widowed and fatherless, the bereaved and those whose hearts were still filled with great concern, or whose lives had been so altered that they could never be the same again.

                                             The Mayor was among a large crowd who gathered in New Market for the broadcast of the King’s speech. Afterwards there was impromptu dancing in the square for the first time for several years. Visitors to the town caused some excitement by firing thunder-flashes and rockets. The floodlighting of the church clock, another link with the old days of peace, was greeted with enthusiasm.

                                             By midnight the square had practically resumed its normal quietness. The stillness of the night, however, was broken by explosions in the surrounding countryside, as coloured rockets sped up into the sky.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 12 May  INDUCTION of NEW RECTOR: The Institution was performed by the Bishop of St Edmundbury (Dr Richard Brook). The Archdeacon of Suffolk (Ven TA Wonnacott) carried out the induction. One of the acts of the new Rector was to toll the sanctuary bell). Other robed clergy were Canon EFP Durnford (Rector of Shadingfield with Sotterley and Willingham and Rural Dean of Beccles). Canon EG Clowes (Rector of Ellough with Weston), Revs Wm M Lummis (Rector of Holy Trinity, Bungay and Rural Dean of South Elmham), WE Harper (Vicar of St Mary’s Bungay and formerly curate of Beccles),  HS Verrells (Rector of Ringsfield-with Redisham and another former curate of Beccles), GI Soden (Rector of Barsham with Shipmeadow) Wm H Barnes (curate of Beccles, who acted as the Bishop’s chaplain) WM Abernethy (Rector of Kirby Cane), WL McCormick (Rector of Gillingham), Henry Gordon (Rector of Carlton Colville), and JE Swain (Vicar of St Mark’s Oulton Broad)

                                             Rev HH Dudgeon (Rector of Barnby with North Cove) was in the congregation in which Rev Alfred W Poulson (pastor of the Congregational Church), Rev A Campion Wright, (superintendent minister of Beccles, Loddon and Bungay Methodist Circuit).

                                             The Mayor (Rear Admiral CS Johnson) was accompanied in state by the Deputy Mayor (Mr AE Pye), Aldermen EJ Hindes and Allden Owles (both former churchwardens), Capt FC Poyser, Mr EC Ulph, Mrs GS Odam, Mrs VL Garrod and Mr C Bennett (members of the Town Council), Mr Bryan Forward (Town Clerk), Mr WS Clark (Accountant), Inspector Wm T Bryant and Mr BL Moore (Sergeant at Mace).

                                             Mr W Fowler, the Rector’s Warden, was unable to carry out his duties owing to indifferent health. His predecessor (Mr AE Bunn) co-operated with Mr BS George (People’s Warden). The singing was lead by the Choir, with Mr AE Groom at the organ. 

1945     Beccles & Bungay 12 May  PRESENTATION: Mrs Partridge, of Montagu House, Northgate, who has rendered much voluntary service as an ambulance driver, British Restaurant and WVS Services canteen helper since coming to Beccles nearly three years ago, returned to Norwich this week.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 12 May  SHELTERS FOR SALE: Those who have Government shelters can now be purchased. The charge for Anderson shelters is £1 and for £1 10s. Applications should be made to FJ Meen.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 12 May  DEATH of Mr Sydney W Spalding, aged 68, of 32 South Road, had served with the Metropolitan Police Force. When he retired about 1923 he was station sergeant at Leytonstone of “J” Division. For some years he served as bailiff of Beccles and Bungay County Court. Since the war he has been a Civil Defence Warden at No 4 (South Road) Post, these finishing a short time before his death. He was a member of the Allotment Holders’ Association, and an excellent rifle shot. In addition to his widow there are three sons, the second who is serving with the Fleet Air Arm, is in hospital.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  THANKSGIVING FOR VICTORY: A congregation even bigger than that of VE Day packed Beccles Parish Church on Sunday morning for the thanksgiving service. There was a record victory parade 640 strong, and afterwards the Mayor of the borough (Rear Admiral CS Johnson) took the salute at a march past and addressed the great assembly. It was one of the most memorable events in the town’s history and provided a fitting conclusion to the end of hostilities in the European theatre.

                                             The parade was admirably marshalled by Col Brooks. Assembling at Station Road there were these units represented: The Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force, WAAF and Fleet Air Arm from Ellough station, Beccles and Loddon Squadron of the Air Training Corps, “G” Company of the 1st Battalion Suffolk Home Guard, No 1 (Beccles) Company of the 3rd Cadet Battalion the Suffolk Regiment, Beccles National Fire Service, Beccles Section of the East Suffolk Special Constabulary, Women Police Patrols, Civil Defence Wardens’ Service including Report Centre and Control Staff, Rescue and decontamination Squad, Men’s Nursing and Cadet Division of Beccles St John Ambulance Brigade, Beccles Women’s Division of the Suffolk Red Cross, British Restaurant Staff, and the first Company of Girl Guides and Sea Rangers. Music was provided by the band of Bungay Company of the Army Cadet Force. Members of the Beccles Centre of the Women’s Voluntary Services and the Townswomen’s Guild went straight to the church.

                                             Watched by many citizens, the parade made its way to church by Market Street and the new Market, entering by the great west doors. Traffic control duty was undertaken by regular War Reserve and Special Police, together with the United States Army Police.

                                             After the service the parade reassembled, and then watched by a big crowd, marched past the saluting base on the churchyard wall in front of the church. The parade passed along The Walk, down Saltgate and round the Old Market, to Smallgate and then through Exchange Square, back to The Walk.

                                             The Mayor began his address by a tribute to his predecessor Alderman Allden Owles, in office from 1938 until last November, who, with Mrs Owles bore the brunt of the war work in the borough.

                                             The Mayor: “We thank the seamen, soldiers, airmen and civil workers of all the Allies, especially the infantry, for their magnificent and sustained efforts which have brought the war in Europe to such a triumphant conclusion. We wish that their continued efforts may result in a speedy ending of the war in the Far East and a quick release of the prisoners now in Japanese hands, many of whom are so well known and dear to us.” [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  WEDDING of Pte Edmund Van Lommeren, of Antwerp to Miss Phyllis Warnes, only child of Mr & Mrs S Warnes, of 94 Denmark Road. The bridegroom, who was formerly stationed in the borough with the 1st Belgian Armoured Car Squadron, had come on leave from the BLA. His father, who is in the Belgian Merchant Navy, was unable to attend, but his mother travelled from Liverpool, where she had been living since the war. Mr S Warnes is a foreman at Beccles Station. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  COMBINED SEWAGE SCHEME proposed, with the sewage works at Worlingham.

                                             HOUSING SITES: The site for temporary dwellings was 2½ acres in St Anne’s Road owned by the Co-Op valued at £165.

                                             Permanent Houses on a site of 13 acres on Sandy Lane and Rigbone Hill owned by the Misses Hemmant. The value was £50 an acre.

                                             AN APPLICATION for building development at St Anne’s Road was made by Mr FH Reynolds. The committee was not satisfied the site was suitable owing to the liability of flooding.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  50 YEARS AN ORGANIST: Mr AE Groom of Wembley Avenue, served in turn at Norwich, Mundesley, and North Walsham before going to Lowestoft, where he held office at St Peter’s for 30 years. On retirement he was presented with a gold watch. Since the beginning of the war he has acted as organist and choirmaster at Beccles Parish Church. Some years ago he played a leading part in the revival of the town’s Choral Society.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  OLD BLACK-OUT MATERIAL: The WVS has been asked to collect old blackout material as suitable wearing apparel for French children.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  AUCTIONEER: Mr Brian Ashford, senior partner in the firm of Read, Owles & Ashford elected junior Vice President of the East Anglian Branch of the Auctioneers’ and Estate Agents’ Institute at Ipswich.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  CHRISTENING at FAIR: Rev Campion Wright, Methodist Minister, christened 3 babies at the amusement fair at the Black Boy Meadow. There were two boys and one girl, the ceremonies talking place in a couple of caravans. The fair, which was the first to be held in the borough since [the beginning of] the war, did good business. On Monday it left for Wisbech, where it will remain over Whitsun.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  ALDERMAN HW SIMMONS has been prevented from attending Council meetings owing to indifferent health, was welcomed by colleagues when he attended the march past on Sunday.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  PROPERTY SALE: by Read, Owles & Ashford:

                                             Nos 2 to 12 Gosford Road (even numbers) by Trustees of the late Mr H Hopson. This is a block of dwelling houses producing rentals of £96-14s pa, purchased by Mr JC Read at £920.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  MAYOR ENTERTAINS EVACUEES at School in Beccles at the Beccles Area School. This was in the nature of a farewell treat as arrangements are being made for their return home. 89 out of 107 invited guests turned up. Practically all of them came from the Essex borough of Romford last July owing to flying bomb attacks, the remainder having been at Beccles since they were sent here from Greater London at the start of the war. The Mayor of Romford (Ald AJ DYER) and his Town Clerk made a special journey to attend the function and express gratitude to the citizens for their kindness to the evacuees. They motored back in the evening, as they had to be at Romford for the Thanksgiving Sunday observance.

                                             The Mayor, who still has three Romford evacuees at Meadowcroft, extended a cordial welcome to Alderman Dyer and hoped he would be able to spend a fortnight’s holiday at Beccles and thus see for himself what the place was like.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  WEDDING: Cpl Jack Biver, Belgian Army, and Miss Jean Davidson, of Beccles [PHOTO page 3]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  OUR FORCES OVERSEAS: Sergeant Jack Ellwood, of Beccles, serving with the Suffolk Yeomanry in Holland: “Shortly after we entered Holland, I heard that the Americans had liberated Tongeren in Belgium. I remembered my aunt (who I had not seen since I was eleven) had last written from there to my mother through the Red Cross in 1941, so I decided to try to find her. I managed to get a lift in a Jeep, and I crossed the Albert Canal over two planks.

                                             I had no idea exactly whereabouts my aunt had lived, and quite expected to learn that she was dead or in a concentration camp. However, when I arrived there I saw one large Union Jack among the Belgian &United States’ flags, which were flying from every house in the main street, and I thought to myself ‘That must be the House.’

                                             I knocked at the door, which was presently opened by a young lady. I knew she couldn’t be my aunt for she was too young, but as she looked exactly as my aunt did when I last saw her 17 years ago, I realised that my hunch was right. The young lady was her daughter.

                                             My aunt was there and wept for joy when she saw me. I could only stay for one hour on that occasion, but later I managed to return for 48 hours leave. My aunt told me of her struggle for existence under the Nazi occupation and how she managed to conceal her identity as an English woman and all but starved in doing so.

                                             Sgt J Ellwood lives at 44 South Road, where he has a wife and one child. He has been in the army for nearly six years, having been called up as a Territorial soldier in September 1939. In the photograph he is seen with his aunt. [PHOTO page 5]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  FUNERAL of MISS F WERNER, aged 81, of 7 Kemp’s Lane, with Miss Dunt, the proprietoress of the school, who was one of her old girls. A Londoner, she came to Beccles in 1914 and took Highfield School, Upper Grange Road, a preparatory school. 13 years ago Miss Dunt joined her [1932]. In 1936 they moved to Little Home, Miss Werner then retiring in favour of Miss Dunt.

                                             It was Miss Werner’s great ambition to see the end of the war. She watched the children on Wednesday week enjoying a victory party. That night she ha a stroke, and died on Sunday.

                                             Prior to coming top Beccles Miss Werner conducted St John’s House, a boarding school at Felixstowe, and there did a great deal of work for Dr Barnardo’s, including the organisation of many entertainments.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 19 May  NEW RATION BOOKS: The 8th edition and clothing cards.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 26 May  FORMER BANK MANAGER of Lloyds Bank, Mr Arthur P Nicolle, was in Gurnsey with his wife and daughter throughout the German occupation. Their son, Mr Leonard Nicolle, of Crowfoot Gardens has heard that they are in fairly good health.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 26 May  RETORNED PRISONER of WAR: Pte EG Holmes, youngest son of Mr & Mrs TW Holmes, of 84 Denmark Road, arrived home on Thursday week. He had been in Stalag IV, C, Wistritz, Southern Germany, since his capture by the Germans in Italy in 1943. He is in good health and was released on VE Day. No praise is too high for the organization responsible for the quick return of liberated prisoners and for the wonderful reception of the Red Cross everywhere.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 26 May  GIRL GUIDES CAMP under Capt Ivy Paddle & Lieut Muriel Baker, with 24 members.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 26 May  RETURNED PRISONER of WAR: Cpl Albert EJ Barber, RASC, only son of Mr & Mrs AJ Barber, of 11 Smallgate, was 4 years at Stalag 383, Southern Germany. [PHOTO page 3] shows him and 5 pals in chains. After the Dieppe Raid half of the 4,500 prisoners in the camp were put in ropes until the arrival of sufficient chains, which were used for 9 months. The men were shackled from 9 am to 7 pm daily.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 26 May  GENERAL ELECTION TO BE HELD IN JULY

1945     Beccles & Bungay 26 May  WEDDING: Lieut H Stephenson Hall, USAAF, of Baltimore, Maryland, USA and Miss Phyllis Harrod of Beccles [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 2 Jun     MANDALAY: Pte R Youell, of Beccles, [PHOTO page 1] and other members of the Royal Berkshire Regiment leaving All Saints’ Church, Maymyo, near Mandalay, after a service. With them is Mrs L Tarleton, an Anglo-Burmese girl, whose husband is in the Indan army. She spent two years in internment.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 2 Jun     DEATH of Mrs JS Palmer, widow of Mr JS Palmer, who for 40 years until his retirement in 1924 was Headmaster of Peddar’s Lane School. He died on 30 September 1944. He was a leading churchman and a Member of the Town Council.

                                             Like her husband she was 86, and was born at Yarmouth. In July 1940 they moved from 1 St George’s Road to Yarmouth to be with their daughter.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 2 Jun     FLYING BOMBS: In the second V 1 attack between 5 September 1944 and the end of March 1945 were launched 1168 flying bombs. Only a small percentage got through.

                                             Anti-aircraft gunners & ATS on the East Coast had 610 possible targets, They destroyed 408, the RAF shot down 76 and the Royal Navy 13. Over 7,000 guns were involved and 7 searhlight batteries, 168 lights, with a 16 mile belt across the track of the flying bombs. In the last 5 weeks the East Coast Defences averaged 85% destruction of all boms that came within range.

 1945    Beccles & Bungay 2 Jun     FINAL BATTLES of the ROYAL NORFOLKS’: “Restricted (.) Cancel ALL offensive ops. forthwith and CEASE FIRE 0800 B hrs. 5 May 45 (.) further details later.”

                                             This message, signalled to the Battalion Headquarters of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, as they were located west of Delmenhorst, will count among the historic documents filed in the regimental archives. It needs no imagination to share with the Norfolk troops the thrill of the triumphant moment in which the order was passed on through the companies.

                                             After the capture of Bremen, the Royal Norfolks had on 27 April moved back to Kattenturm for a well-earned three days’ rest and for reorganisation. Then they had moved to a new location four miles from Delmenhorst to take their place in the last few days of the fighting which ended the Nazi regime.

                                             The enemy had had fled from the Delmenhorst area and left the battalion in charge of a convenient ridge from which could be seen all the low-lying country up to the River Weser.  “It really was a wonderful view and a position which was turned to great advantage in the next two or three days” records Lieut-Col FP Barclay, CO of the battalion, in the final entries of a diary of operations on the Western Front.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 9 Jun     WOMAN STOLE POSTAL PACKET: Miss Emma Carr, aged 22, of 11 Newgate pleaded guilt to stealing £10 from a postal packet.         

1945     Beccles & Bungay 9 Jun     NEW MAGISTRATE: Mr Ivor S Bond of Ellough Hall, as County Magistrate.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 9 Jun     CURATE LEAVING: Rev Wm R Barnes, appointed lecturer at Halifax Parish Church

1945     Beccles & Bungay 9 Jun     DEATH of Mrs Todd, sister of Mrs Brook, of Red Tiles, Northgate, a keen church worker.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 9 Jun     COURT CASE concerned with the death of Cpl Roy Lewys, aged 23, who was hitch-hiking from Stockton to Lowestoft, was picked up in an open truck in January 1944 and was not warned about the low bridge in Ravensmere, and was killed passing under it while standing in the back of the lorry.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 9 Jun     SUPPER for POWs released from captivity in Germany: Pte V Balls (royal Signals), Cpl AEJ Barber (RASC), Pte Harry Blomfield (Suufolk Regt), Pte J Brighton (Norfolks), Pte LA Chipperfield (Rifle Brigade), Sgt Gordon Devereux (Coldstream Guards), Assistant Cook Clayton JK Hembling (Royal Merchant Navy), Pte Edgar Holmes (Parachute Regt), Pte Wm Kerry (RASC), Pte Reginald Nobbs (Royal Signals), Pte George Oxborough (Royal Artillery), & Pte Donald Scorer (Rifle Brigade). Invitations had been sent to all 17 former prisoners of war, but five were unable to attend.

                                             Sgt S Searle (RA) & Pte Frederick Wright (Oxford & Bucks) had returned to their units. Pte Gordon Barnes (Royal west Kents) & Pte Drew (Essex Regt) had gone away privately. Assistant Cook Clifford Hembling (Royal Merchant Navy) was in hospital.

                                             Lt-Col B Granville Baker, of the British Legion, was present.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 16 Jun    PROPERTY SALE: 26 Wembley Avenue, a semi-detached residence, including a garage and garden, the estate of Mrs John Martin, sold by Messrs Read, Owles & Ashford, purchased by Mr GS Hurren, of Ringsfield for £900.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 23 Jun    GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATES: PC Loftus (Cons), Lieut M Crosse, RNVR (Lib), Mr E Evans (lab) [PHOTOS page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 23 Jun    DEATH of Mr Edward W Rump, aged 61, of 18 Ravensmere, of the Anglo-American Oil Co. He joined the Company in 1904, and in 1914 was transferred to Beccles

1945     Beccles & Bungay 23 Jun    DEATH of Mrs Agnes Carr, aged 74, of 35 Newgate. She was a daughter of Mr Jacob Baxter, and widow of Mr George Carr, who died in 1941. She leaves 2 sons and 4 daughters.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 23 Jun    DEATH of Mr EW Rump, aged 61, of 18 Ravensmere.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 23 Jun    DEATH of Mr H Butcher, aged 83, of Denmark Road. He had lived in Beccles for 54 years. He was born in Bungay. He worked at Clowes until his retirement 16 years ago.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 23 Jun    COUNCIL: Mr Swindells, Chairman of the Housing Committee: “a feeling outside the Council Chamber that probably the acute housing position in this town is not being handled with the urgency it deserves. - But that is not correct, and that we can claim to have made such progress as cannot be equalled by a good many councils in this country.” The allocation of twenty temporary bungalows would be totally inadequate to meet the immediate demand. A further 50 were required. The Surveyor should draw up plans for the erection of dwellings on Marshes 4 & 6 at Common Lane for the consideration of the Council.

                                             There are well over 100 applications for housing at the present moment, there has got to be some method of classifying these applicants. There have been 300 marriages during the war, meaning that 300 couples need housing. We have not got homes to offer them.

                                             COMPENSATION agreed for sites, with legal and Surveyor’s fees extra: St Anne’s Road, 2 ½ acres, belonging to the Co-Op £165; Sandy Lane, 13 ¼ acres belonging to the Misses Hemmant, £50 per acre; Sandy Lane ? 6 acres belonging to the Executors of Mr AE Rankin; Sandy Lane 3 ½ acres belonging to Mr HJ Self, £60 per acre.

                                             BECCLES UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB offered College Meadow on a 7-year lease at £10 pa.

                                             APPLICATION by Messrs A Taylor & sons to open an electrical supplies and mechanical goods at Woodbridge. The shop would be in charge of an ex-Serviceman. This application was turned-down by Woodbridge Council. Members said that the opportunity to open shops in the town should be granted to their own men in the Forces.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 23 Jun    EVACUEES RETURN TO ROMFORD: Of the 33 evacuees, who arrived in July 1944 from the Essex County Council Scattered Homes, 24 of them returned to Romford by train on Friday in the charge of Miss A Hatch, the foster-mother. Of the remainder 2 have been boarded out in the borough and 2 have been adopted, the others having gone back earlier.

                                             Miss Hatch said that they had benefited greatly by their stay. Since last August she has been in charge of the Ministry of Health buffer hostel at Rookwood, London Road, with about 70 children passing through. The hostel is continuing to function.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 30 Jun    BECCLES MODERN SCHOOL – the new name for the Area School – has its first Sports Day.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 30 Jun    WEDDING: LAC Harold H Briggs, RAF & Miss Iris T Weaver, both of Beccles

1945     Beccles & Bungay 30 Jun    CIVIL DEFENCE SERVICES STAND DOWN:  About 160 attended a supper for Wardens from Beccles, Ringsfield & Worlingham beats, Report Centre staff, Rescue Party personnel, and members of the First Aid Post, including St John’s & Red Cross workers.

                                             Mr FJ Meen, the Chief Warden & Civil Defence organiser, occupied the Chair, supported by Suffolk chiefs, and from Beccles: Supt SJ Hopes, Ins. Wm Bryant, Mr GH Lawson (Section Officer East Suffolk Special Constabulary) & Supt CW Chiddel (in charge of Civil Defence Ambulance Service).

                                             The Mayor, Admiral Johnson said: “The closing down of a service of this nature is a historic occasion, and we all hope that it will never be required again, but may I ask all of you to work together still for the betterment of Beccles, its old and young citizens, and its future generations. On behalf of Beccles I desire to thank you all for the work you have carried out and the hours of duty you have spent during this war in the Civil Defence of this town.

                                             Superintendent Hopes: “I came to the town ten years ago and was put on the Emergency Committee, which marked the start of Civil Defence. The wardens and their posts wre brought into being about 1937 and about the first job they did was to fit everybody in the district to see whether they took a large, medium or small gas mask. The next major event was in September 1938, when there was the scare of war and that showed what Beccles could do. Nearly 10,000 gas masks were assembled at the Public Hall, checked off, put into parishes or posts, and delivered with twenty-four hours. That was proof of how the wardens and members of other Services could work when called upon.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 30 Jun    WEDDING: Rifleman Donald Scourer, of Beccles & Cpl Violet M Spall, WAAF, of Geldeston. [PHOTO page 7]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 30 Jun    WEDDING: Mr RA Gibbons, of Darby Road & Miss Irene Jefferson of Liverpool. [PHOTO page 7]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 30 Jun    ATS GIRLS are being given training for civilian life at Yarmouth gun sites. Girls who are married or hope to be married may have known any other life but the life of the Services and have no idea of running a home, cooking, buying a joint, or the snags to look for when renting or buying a house.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 7 Jul      GENERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN in Lowestoft Division  [The General Election took place on 5 July but the results were not declared until 26 July. This paper is missing.]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 7 Jul      EAST SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL willing to join talks with West Suffolk on amalgamation of the two authorities.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 7 Jul      WEDDING: Mr Sydney G Baldry, of Kirby Cane & Miss Dorothy H Hurr, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs FC Hurr of 33 Ellough Road.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 7 Jul      WEA SCHOOL on the subject of Russia to be held in the Youth Centre, Ballygate.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 7 Jul      AUXILLARY FIRE SERVICE entertained. Senior Company Officer, CL Hamby invited the original part-time members of the AFS to supper at the Fire Station. He spoke of the work done in 1940-41; of the long nights spent in strange circumstances; of the small incendiary bomb raids on the town; and of the salvage work they voluntarily undertook in the Kilbrack incident.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 7 Jul      DEATH of Mr W Clark, former Sergeant-at-Mace. [see 20 Jan 1945].

                                             Mr Clark was a great gardener, living at first in Upper Grange Road, but in August 1928, took the Lodge, London Road. The house was formerly connected with the Homefield Estate, which in the preceding years had been mainly broken up for building purposes. Some of the deer park and a lot of trees adjoining the house were part of the Estate, and when he tackled making a garden Mr Clark found he had plenty of work in front of him.

                                             Besides a widow, he leaves one son, Mr WS Clark, of Ballygate, the Borough Accountant, Rating and Valuation Officer, and Deputy Town Clerk.

 1945    Beccles & Bungay 14 Jul     EVACUEES LEAVE BECCLES: There were tears on both sides when 32 evacuees from Romford boarded a special train, which set off from Lowestoft with 100 children, collecting on the way south and arriving with a total of 500 children returning home. They arrived in the area just a year ago to escape from the flying bombs attacks, which had compelled them to spend most of their lives in shelters. Some children had already gone home.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Jul     WAR MEMORIAL: It was suggested that Beccles War Memorial should take the form of a Maternity Hospital. The fund for the provision of a worthy memorial to Dr Wood Hill agreed to make that their aim. They already had £1,300 available, but it would cost £12,000 to complete.

                                             The Mayor (Admiral Johnson) said that various ideas for a war memorial had been suggested, including cottages for elderly people, a club for ex-Servicemen and a central park with a community house.

                                             A Maternity Unit was considered to be the best War Memorial, was carried by the meeting. At present women had to go to Eye for a maternity unit.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Jul     DEATH of Mrs Mary S Smith, one of the oldest people in Beccles, aged 82, of 1 Northgate. Swhe was the widow of Mr George Smith, who for many years was a butcher in Hungate.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Jul     PROPERTY SALE: By the direction of Mr JSJ Nobbs, who is retiring from business, Syon Lodge, Puddingmoor, a market garden of five acres was sold. The purchaser was Mr HG Bottrill, of Blundeston, at £1,700.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Jul     WEDDING: WO CJ Severin< RCAF, of Parry Sound, Canada, & Cpl Joan Payne, WAAF, of Beccles. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 14 Jul     WEDDING: Mr SG Baldry, RAF, of Kirby Cane, & Miss D Hurr, WAAF of Beccles. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 21 Jul     COUCIL RESIGNATION: Mr Arthur T Bent, now of St John’s Wood, London, has resigned from Beccles Town Council, after serving as a co-opted member for 4½ years. [PHOTO page 1]

                                             Correction on 11 August: Mr Bent has resigned from the Council, but remain living in the borough at Home Lodge, Northgate.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 21 Jul     CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Bring & Buy Sale held at Carmel, Ashman’s Road, by kind permission of the Misses Hamby. £37 was raised.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 21 Jul     BRITISH RESTAURANT to close. Mrs JE Coney, the Hon supervisor advised by her doctor to take a three-week holiday. The Restaurant is to close in December.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 21 Jul     HOUSING CHAIRMAN, Mr Swindells threatens to resign if  The Ministry of Health cannot decide on housing provision in Beccles. Red Tape is causing delays.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 21 Jul     MAGISTRATES’ COURT: Application for the temporary transfer of licence of the Railway Hotel from Mr Jack Phillips to Mr Holt of London.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 21 Jul     THE BEACH IS CLOSED at Thorpness, with the discovery of hidden mines six feet below the shingle.

1945     Beccles & Bungay            PAPERS MISSING: 28 July & 4 August.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   DEATH of Mr Frederick W Tyrell, aged 76, of 40 Puddingmoor. He was a bachelor and lived with his two sisters, the Misses Tyrell. He was the elder son of Mr Jeremiah Tyrell, the well-known antique dealer. He was a compositor at the Caxton Press throughout his life, retiring at the age of 70. His brother, Mr EA Tyrell, is a retired member of the firm’s counting house staff.

                                             Mr Tyrell had been a sidesman at St Michael’s for many years and a member of the Parochial Church Council. In his younger days he did a lot of teaching in the Sunday-School, and has also been a stalwart of the Ingate Mission Church. He belonged to the Labour Party.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   CHILD DROWNED: a six year old boy, Max Bullen, son of Mr Arthur H Bullen, a welder, of 12 Fen Lane, fell into the river when sailing a toy boat near his home at the back of the Ship Inn. His mother said her son left home at 10 am to go to his grandmother 100 yards away, and intending staying for dinner. She told him not to go near the river unless someone was with him.

                                             Mrs Laura Whall, 10 Bridge Street said that Max played with her son in the yard all the morning. At about 1.30 he said he was going to play with his boat in the river. She tried to dissuade him.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   RETIREMENT of Mr WATKIS, Headmaster of the National School for 15 years until its closure on 31 August 1939, is retiring from the Headmastership of a school at Snape and is moving to Ilford.

                                             He was born at Wolverhampton, move to Kessingland as Assistant Headmaster for 16 years, then Headmaster at Blundeston for 4 years before coming to Beccles. Throughout his time at Beccles he was a member of the church choir. He had been a teacher for 50 years and some of his old pupils were now grandparents themselves.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   DEATH of SIR DYCE DUCKWORTH, Bart, of Telport, Puddingmoor, aged 70, was the eldest son of Sir Dyke Duckworth, 1st Baronet. He was educated at Marlborough and Pembroke College, Oxford and retired as Puisne Judge of the High Court of Burma. He served in the Volunteer Indian Defence Force and the Auxiliary Force, India. He settled in Woodbridge before coming to Beccles. In 1931 he was appointed a County Magistrate. He succeeded his father in 1928.

                                             In 1913 he married Cecil Leman, youngest daughter of the late Robert Leman of London. His heir is Captain Richard Dyce Duckworth, Royal Artillery, born in 1918, and lost an arm in this war.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   MISSION CHURCHES: Both Ravensmere and Ingate Mission Churches are closed, as usual, this month.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   DEATH of Miss Caroline Champion of the Cedars, Ashman’s Road. With Miss Harriet Champion, a well-known public worker, Miss Champion settled in the town in 1911. Both had travelled widely. Throughout the last war she did voluntary service at the old Hospital, Fair Close. She had been an ardent supporter of the Conservative Association.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   DEATH of Mr Charles F Cubitt, of Ipswich, aged 67. He founded a building firm, which was concerned with the restoration of more than 100 churches in the Diocese of St Edmundsbury – including St Michael’s Church, Beccles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   HOME GUARD BOOK: “Ploughshares Into Swords”, the book published recently by Major Allan RM Darby, MC, the Commanding Officer, said that he hoped all members would obtain a copy.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   RINGSFIELD CHURCH celebrated Lammas on Sunday. A tray with a small sheaf of corn and a loaf of bread, the first fruits of the harvest was handed to the Rector (Rev HS Verrels) as a thank-offering. The tray was carried up the church by Mr T Spratt. The corn came from the farm of Mr & Mrs AE Alexander, while the loaf had been made by Mrs Alexander from the produce of the farm.

                                             The collection was in aid of the children of the Continent. Lessons were read by Mr SJ Looker, of Beccles, the writer, and Mr Robert H Neave, of Leman Farm, Ringsfield.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   DEMOLITION of PILLBOXES in East Suffolk: The programme was proceeding satisfactorily, as was the re-painting of white lines and re-erection of signposts. The Surveyor said they were now dealing with the pillboxes, which required lighting and watching. If removed now the whole cost was recoverable.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 11 Aug   AIR RAID WARNINGS at Bungay Grammar School: The Headmaster spoke of the early problems: “It was soon apparent that if we were going to the air raid shelters on every siren we might as well stay at home, quite apart from the danger to health. On one day we spent over three hours below ground out of a total teaching time of five hours. We tried teaching in the shelters, with a blackboard at one end illuminated by a boy holding a torch. The word ‘nightmare’ aptly describes the operation. The next stage was to make preparations for descent on the siren, but to await a whistle before moving. This meant each boy had ready his overcoat and gas mask. As we were sometimes taking 40 boys in a room built for 24, one can imagine that each room looked like a jumble sale.”

                                             During the war the school had well over 100 evacuees.

1945     Chron 20C 14 Aug            JAPANES SURRENDERED unconditionally on 14 August after the dropping of Atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

1945     Beccles & Bungay 18 Aug   VJ DAY REJOICING: 15th of August 1945:  At intervals during the day the bells of St Michael’s were rung. The tower was floodlit each night. In the afternoon there was a large congregation at a united service of thanksgiving in St Michael’s. In the evening the band of the Salvation Army played in the New Market. Watched by a large crowd of townsfolk there was dancing to loud-s[peaker music following the King’s broadcast.

                                             On Thursday, 16 August, Beccles Co-Op arranged sports, a concert and free tea for all the children of the borough on its farm over the Common. In the evening there was more dancing in the Market Place, and a bonfire on the Common.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 18 Aug   HOUSING NEED IS URGENT: Mr Coney said that the Council had the very distasteful task of requisitioning houses, and making decisions on which to requisition. “I frankly admit that I would hate my house to be requisitioned, and I know any other member of the Council would too.” It was only when they considered that an unoccupied house should be used for the good of some of the people who were without any whatever that they had carried out the duty imposed on them.”

                                             The Ministry of Health had not yet given a decision upon the question of the acquisition of St Mary’s, Ballygate or Rookwood, London Road. Both of which had been requisitioned. The scheme for the conversion of St Mary’s, Ballygate into flats was to go ahead.

                                             The number of temporary bungalows for Beccles has been increased from 20 to 50. The suggested site for 30 extra bungalows was at ‘Church Piece’ – of nearly 4 acres - in Ellough Road, owned by the church, with whom negotiations would commence

1945     Beccles & Bungay 18 Aug   POPPY DAY ORGANISERS: Lt-Col & Mrs RF Lush, of The Larches, [14] London Road, have relinquished the post on account of health problems. Mr Goodin will take over.

                                             The British Legion has lately secured 17a Blyburgate as office premises to assist men returning on demob.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 25 Aug   PROPERTY SALE: 1 St George’s Road, Exceptionally well-built; Entrance & Inner Halls, 2 Sitting Rooms, Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Main Services, Garden, Outhouses, by Messrs Read, Owles & Ashford, owing to the death of Mrs Palmer. Purchased Mr DJ Morgan [no price given]                            

1945     Beccles & Bungay 25 Aug   DIED as PRISONER OF WAR: Pte JE Hewett, 5th Suffolk Regt, only son of Mrs A Hewett, of 1 Crawley Cottages, Blyburgate, died of malaria in October 1943, while a prisoner of war in Thailand. He was captured at Singapore.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 25 Aug   WEDDING: Marine Dennis Blowers of Southend Cottage, Weston & Miss Agnes Puttick of Beccles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 25 Aug   BUILDING LOCAL AIRFIELDS: Sir Charles Newton, Chief Manager of the LNER: “It was in the Summer of 1942 that the Air Ministry & RAF officials came to us with their plan to construct a large number of airfields throughout Eastern England. This involved the movement of enormous quantities of constructional materials. Any delay would have jeopardised the bomber offensive planned for the following winter. There was no alternative but to build extra reception points, and this we promised to do in record time.

                                             Within 18 days of the first reconnaissance new sidings, complete with roadway, were in use at Ellingham. The others followed in quick succession, enabling 800 special trains to bring in the slag and tarmac at the rate of 3,000 tons every day for 80 days. A colossal amount of cement was needed for the perimeter tracks, runways and building foundations of bomber dromes.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 25 Aug   RATIONING: CLOTHING COUPONS: 24 Clothing Coupons will have to last for 8 months

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Sep     ADVERTISEMENT: The only advertisement for Beccles: FH Reynolds, Cremations Arranged, Builder & Undertaker, Newgate, Beccles. Private Address: 18, Newgate. Motor-Hearse for Hire. Private Rest Chapel.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Sep     OCCUPATION OF JAPAN HAS BEGUN.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Sep     BECCLES FETE & SPORTS on College Meadow promoted by Beccles United Football Club in aid of their post-war sports fund. In addition to the usual fete attractions there was a fancy dress parade, a baby show, and in the evening a boxing tournament. The Caxton Athletic Club arranged a dance at the Caxton Pavilion and there was a Carnival Dance at the Public Hall.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Sep     WEDDING: LAC Clifford King, RAF of Gravesend and Miss Margaret Moyes, ATS, of Beccles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Sep     BECCLES BOWLS LEAGUE played on the Caxton Green.


1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Sep     DEATH of BECCLES TRADESMAN, Mr Herbert T Clatworthy, aged 62, was killed in a road accident at Thurlton, when he was riding his motor cycle and sidecar from Norwich to Beccles. He was the son of the late Mr AR Clatworthy, and was in partnership with his two brothers, Messrs Frank A & HW Clatworthy, ironmongers of Hungate. Educated at the Fauconberge School, he was a bachelor. He was a past Master of the Apollo Lodge of Freemasons and had held office in the St Michael’s Chapter. He was for many years secretary of the Beccles Amateur Sailing Club and a member of the Regatta Committee.

                                             He served with the Suffolk Yeomanry in Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine and France during the First World War, and throughout the Second World War was a keen civil defence warden, much of the time as senior warden at No 7 Post. He had held a car licence for 40 years and had ridden the combination on which he met his death since 1924.

                                             The verdict was accidental death. The evidence showed that Mr Clatworthy was trying to overtake in an unsuitable place and was jammed between two lorries.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Sep     GREAT HERRING SHOALS are moving south from the Tyne. Fifty-six 800-ton minesweepers are clearing the mines between Yarmouth and Lowestoft, and there in October the Navy hopes to provide a herring fishing such as has not been known for six long years.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Sep     YOUTH CENTRE run by the East Suffolk County Council at the former pavilion off Ballygate was opened last year only to girls. When it reopens later this month it will be a mixed club. The present membership is 50.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Sep     WEDDING: Chief Petty Officer “BOB” R Devereux, youngest so of Mr & Mrs W Devereux, of 3 Gladstone Terrace, St George’s Road, & Mary, youngest daughter of Mr E & the late Mrs Wood, of 29 Castle Hill. The reception was held at the Three Bees Tea-rooms. [PHOTO page 3]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Sep     St MICHAEL’S CHURCH FETE to be held in the grounds of Roos Hall, which have been made available by Major & Mrs Walter D Robinson. There will be an entertainment by men from the RAF Station at Ellough, consisting of fencing, conjuring and harmonica playing.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Sep     PROPERTY SALE by Messrs Read, Owles & Ashford:

                                             LOT 1.) Neatherstead, London Road, a semi-detached house, for the executors of the late Miss AMM Stocker. Mr Ashford, the auctioneer announced that possession was subject to the rights of Beccles Town Council under a requisition notice.

                                             LOT 2.) Debenham House, Upper Grange Road, on the instructions of Mr AW Read. Withdrawn at £1,450. The property was sold privately subsequently.

                                             LOT 3.) Nos 2 & 4 Fen Lane, put up by Mr R Hindes, the former with possession and the other producing £17 pa. It was withdrawn at £385.

                                             LOT 4.) Nos 3 & 5 Denmark Road, offered by Mr TE Sutherland, investment property producing £39 pa. Withdrawn at £440. Sold later by private treaty.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Sep     THE BRITISH BACK IN SINGAPORE: Urgent problem of aiding 115,000 prisoners.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Sep     BECCLES FAR EAST PRISONERS OF WAR released. The first man to send a message home on release from captivity was Pte Fred Carter, of the Royal Norfolk Regt, who was taken at Singapore. Before joining the army he worked in the Co-Op bakery. His father of 4 Common Lane received a cable stating that he had arrived safely in India.

                                             Mrs Cook, of Castle Hill, received a cable from her husband, Pte Alfred Cook, Royal Norfolk Regt, that he had reached India.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Sep    PART OF NEWSPAPER MISSING:

                                             [Sale of Roos Hall? – It was about this time that the Estate was sold –see 22 Sep Council Meeting]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Sep    WEDDING: Commando Marine Arthur Douglas Leggett, RM, elder son of Mr & Mrs AJ Leggett, jun, of Blyburgate Fish Stores and Miss Jean L King, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Wm King, of 7 Hungate. The bridegroom was on leave from Burma where he has been serving for the last two years. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Sep    BECCLES CHORAL SOCIETY: This is one of the few musical bodies in East Anglia, which has been able to continue throughout the war.

                                             They performed Haydn’s  “Passion” on Good Friday to a congregation of 300.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Sep    PRISONER OF WAR, Mr John Hammond of Lowestoft, the organist of St Michael’s until he joined the Forces, has been released from a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Sep    DEATH of Mr George Staunton, OBE, formerly Chief Constable of East Suffolk. He retired in March 1942

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Sep    BECCLES AIR TRAINING CORPS [PHOTO page 1] with Flt-Lt Johnston Brown, CO of the Squadron & Pilot Officer Skevens.

 1945    Beccles & Bungay 15 Sep    EAST SUFFOLK EVACUATION SERVICE thanked by the Chairman of the Education Committee of the London County Council and the Mayor of Ilford for the “sympathetic and kindly treatment of their evacuees” in the dark days oof the war.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Sep    COUNCIL:

                                             1. Requisitioned Houses: A letter had been received from Lt-Col HER Elliott-Bateman, at present on service in India, intimating his preparedness to sell St Mary’s and giving a price.

                                             2. Mr Swindells, Chairman of the Housing Committee, said they faced a gigantic problem. The demand for houses greatly exceeded the number being built. He said that prisoner-of-war labour would be used for building to speed up construction. They recommended the building of the Arcon type, [these were prefabs and it is now considered that they were badly designed. They were not intended to be permanent housing,] although they realised that in two or three years time when the position was eased they would become the slums of the future.

                                             3. A small gang of German prisoners-of war had been allocated to Beccles to be employed cutting

                                             hedges and dealing with the removal of barbed wire from the marshes.

                                             4. The new owner of the Roos Hall Estate was not prepared to sell the land at the rear of Ringsfield Road houses for a swimming bath.

                                             5. A directive from the Ministry of Fuel and Power caused them to extinguish the street lamps at midnight.

                                             6. The Council had written to the Feoffees asking for a list of their names and details of the charity. Their Clerk, Mr HE King, stated that the letter was laid before a sub-committee in June and further adjourned until their meeting in December. Mr Coney said, “Surely the public were entitled to have such information.”  Mr Ulph said that he had never yet seen a balance sheet or statement of account of the Feoffees.

                                             7. The British Restaurant was due to be closed in November, but because of the shortage of fuel, and Government had warned that conditions would be worse than during the war it might be better for the Restaurant to remain open.

                                             8. The Mayor extended a welcome to Mr K Hill, the new representative of the Beccles & Bungay Journal. He hoped the Council’s relations would be as good with him as with his predecessor, Mr GH Lawson.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Sep    PASTOR of Baptist Church, Rev RB Hewett, from Notting Hill Gate, arrived with his family in May, and through lack of anywhere to live, shared the house with a Deacon of the church at Weston. A house has now been found near the church.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Sep    WAR MEMORIAL it is hoped will take the form of a club for ex-Servicemen. £15,000 needs to be raised. It was suggested by the Mayor (Admiral Johnson) that the Homefield Estate should be purchased.

                                             By the end of August about 100 servicemen and women had been demobbed. There will be an open-air Civic Welcome next summer in gratitude for their services during the war. A book listing the names of all the fallen, followed by the names of all who served should be made and kept in St Michael’s.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Sep    WEDDING: Mr Gordon Devereux, peace time Captain of Beccles Football Club, who had returned from three years in a Prisoner of war Camp in Germany, only son of the late Mr Devereux & of Mrs AW Austin, of 4 Manor House Lane, and Miss Gertrude Gooderham, the youngest daughter of the late Sergeant JT Gooderham and of Mrs Davey, of 1 St Anne’s Road. After the reception at the house of the bride, the couple left for a honeymoon at Crewe.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Sep    DEATH of Mrs Mabel Taylor, aged 59, wife of Mr Frederick G Taylor, who has been the landlord of the Black Boy Inn, Blyburgate, for several years.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Sep    WEDDING: LAC Rowlands, RAF, of Cardiff, & Miss C Spall of Beccles [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Sep    DEATH of Mr James Preston LARKMAN, aged 83, former Solicitor and Mayor of Beccles, at The Close, Barsham. He belonged to an old Belton family, was articled with Messrs Ellen & Holt, solicitors of Yarmouth, and in 1887 came to Beccles and set up in practice on his own account. A few years before the war, he took Mr Walter D Robinson into partnership. He retired in March 1944. Since then, the practice has been carried on by Major D Robinson & Mr SF Grice under the style of Larkman & Robinson.

                                             In 1895 Mr Larkman was appointed Registrar of Beccles & Bungay County Court, and he fulfilled this post for nearly half a century, retiring in June 1943, after reorganisation. He was Mayor of Beccles in 1898-99. He was the Hon sec of the Hospital and its predecessor, and played a leading part in the provision of the present hospital after the Great War acting as its Treasurer.

                                             Mr Larkman was Secretary of Beccles Waterworks Co, for 50 years, retiring in 1944. In his younger days he was captain of the old Volunteers, whose Headquarters were in the Old Market, and he always went to Camp with the men. In the Great War he was Divisional Officer of the Special Constabulary. He was one of the founders of Beccles Working Men’s Conservative Club. He was churchwarden at Barsham for a long period until Easter 1943. In the days of its prosperity, he captained Beccles Golf Club.

                                             Mr Larkman had resided at Barsham from soon after the Great War. Previously he lived at Twyford House, Exchange Square, adjoining his office. He is survived by his wife and daughter, Miss Joyce Larkman. For many years Mrs Larkman was a County Magistrate, sitting at Beccles.

                                             Those attending the funeral included staff: MKr WA Fairhead, Mrs Carter, Mrs R Peck and Miss Ward. Also the Partners in the firm: Major Robinson & Mr Sidney Grice, and the Managing Clerk, Mr AE Bunn. Messrs Frank Clatworthy (Vice Chairman of the Water Co) GH Kirby (retired water engineer), J Kirby (present water engineer), W Brand & J Burrows (employees of the Company), Mr BW Goodin (Lloyds Bank, Beccles), Mr BS George (Barclays Bank)

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Sep    WEDDING: Pte H Bridges, RASC, of Beccles & Miss G? Pufrey, WRNS of Ellingham [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Sep    PRISONERS-OF-WAR in Japanese hands freed. Mr & Mrs EC Bond, of 54 Blyburgate, well-known business people, heard that their son Pte Alec Bond, of the Cambridgeshire Regt is safe in Allied hands. He used to help in his father’s business as a corn merchant. He was also a member of Beccles Special Constabulary.

                                             Mr & Mrs Davidson, of 59 London Road received a cable from their son, Pte GS Davidson, of the Royal Norfolk Regt, saying he arrived in India and hoped to be home soon.

                                             Mr J Baker, of 23 Alexandra Road, received a similar message from his son, Pt Alfred Baker, of the 4th Batt the Royal Norfolk Regt.

                                             Mr & Mrs W Fowler, of Claremont, Fair Close, heard that their third son, Lt Henry Fowler, of the Royal Norfolk Regt, who was captured by the Japanese at Singapore, had arrived safely at an Allied Camp near Bangkok. In peacetime Lt Fowler was a schoolmaster. His father is in business as a corn merchant, and is well known as Rector’s Warden, Secretary of the YMCA Red Triangle Club and in connection with the Historical Society.

                                             Mr & Mrs Fisk, of 100 St George’s Road, have received news of the safety of their son, Pte Stanley R Fiske, of the 5th Battalion Royal Norfolk Regt.

                                             Mr J Steward, of 24 Hungate Lane, ticket collector at Beccles Railway Station, received a cable from his son, Pte C Steward, of the 4th Battalion Royal Norfolk Regt, saying he was safe in British hands.

                                             Mrs EJ Moore, of Wingfield, Worlingham Road, has received two telegrams from her fourth son, Gunner Frank Moore, RA, saying he is safe in Allied hands after being in a prisoner-of-war camp since the fall of Singapore. Mrs Moore is secretary of Worlingham WI. Another son Mr AE Moore, is former secretary of Beccles United Football Club.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 29 Sep    DEATH of Mr CW Hadingham, of Dairseie, Upper Olland Street, Bungay, aged 85, youngest and last surviving son of Mr Charles Hadingham, who was in business at the former Tower Mill, London Road, Beccles, as miller and corn merchant from about 1840. After his father’s death in 1894, Mr Hadingham carried on the business as executor. In 1899 he became Relieving Officer and Registrar for Bungay district. He retired in 1923, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Mr Hector R Hadingham of Hungate House, Beccles, who since 1928 has also officiated for the Beccles area.

                                             For the past 46 years he has been a member of Bungay Congregational Church.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 29 Sep    PRISONERS OF WAR freed: Mrs GE Button, of 4 Ballygate, received a telegram from her husband saying he had arrived safely at Singapore and hoped to be home soon.

                                             Mr & Mrs Knights, of 17 Hungate Lane, have heard from their son, Cpl Jack Knights, that he has arrived safe and well in Columbo and hopes to be home soon. He was captured at Singapore.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 29 Sep    HORSE SALE: 300 animals sold by Messrs Read, Owles & Ashford.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Oct     RAVENSMERE: On account of a fatal accident on the road under the railway in Ravensmere, the East Suffolk County Council recommended that an order should be made on the road between Pound Lane and Ravensmere East prohibiting traffic other than pedal cycles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Oct     St JOHN’S AMBULANCE County Commissioner, the Earl of Cranbrook, visited Beccles, to inspect and take the salute.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Oct     ROOS HALL Friesian Herd sold, formed over 50 years ago by Mr FWD Robinson, reached an average of £54 for 75 animals. Top price, of 150 guineas, was given by Mr HV Alden for a 3 year old heifer.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Oct     PRISONER-OF-WAR, L/Cpl A Parnell, of 18 Smallgate, liberated at Singapore from the Japanese. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Oct     MATERNITY UNIT of 20 beds intended to be built at Beccles – if possible in the grounds of the Hospital.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 6 Oct     WEDDING: L/Bdr Albert J Kennard of Lamberhurst, Kent and Miss Ada Bryant of Beccles [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    DROWNING of Mr Hermann Reeve, a bachelor aged 61, living at the King’s Head Hotel in Beccles found dead in the River Waveney at Puddingmoor. He had lived for many years in hotels in Lowestoft, but during the war had moved to Beccles. Lionel Tildesley, manager of the National Provincial Bank at Lowestoft, said he had lived at the Kling’s Head since 1942. Although very secretive about himself, he was a very jovial man. On Sunday morning his only complaint was about the cold weather.

                                             He had worked as a clerk for solicitors in Lowestoft for 30 years. “His integrity was only matched by his unfailing courtesy at all times.”

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    DEATH OF Mr George Victor Jones, of 35 Fair Close, aged 68 in the Crown & Anchor Inn, where he suddenly collapsed. He was a native of Bedford, came to Beccles in 1922 as branch manager of the local Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange, a post, which he held until retirement in June 1942. Since then he had held a clerical post at the Ingate Iron Works of Messrs Elliott & Garrood.

                                             An old Territorial, he saw service in the Great War. He was a member of the Conservative Club, the British Legion. His hobby was gardening. His wife died in 1942. He leaves a daughter, Miss Jones, and a son, SQMS Reginald George Jones, RAOC. The funeral was at St Michael’s.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    DEATH IN ACTION of Sgt GWE Keeble, RAF, wireless operator, 1st Bomber Command, aged 20, son of Mr & Mrs D Keeble, of the White Swan, New Market. He lost his life in air operations over Germany. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    PROPERTY SALE: On the instruction of General Charles Napier, the Georgian Residence, Staithe House, Northgate, was put up for sale, but withdrawn at £3,100.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    DEATH of Mr Herbert J Lewis, of 115 Denmark Road, an employee of Messrs Elliott & Garrood, Ingate Iron Works, for the past 26 years. He was a keen bowls player.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    DEATH of Mr WJ Barnard, of 20 Ellough Road. He leaves a widow & 4 sons, all serving, two being overseas.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    CURATE APPOINTED: Rev Grant McLaren, who during the war held appointments at Greenwich & Gipsy Hill, London, arriving in November. The Rector, Rev Wilkinson Rideal, has looked after the Parish single-handed since Rev R Barnes left for Halifax in June.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    PRISONER-OF-WAR DEATH: Mr & Mrs J Cole, of Weston, have been informed that their son, AB Ernest G Cole, of HMS Encounter, which was lost in the Battle of Java, died in Japanese hands in April. Before joining the Navy he was employed by Messrs Masters & Skevens. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    WARTIME GERMAN BOMBER: On 6 November 1943, a Dornier 217, which encountered a terrific anti-aircraft barrage from a mobile gun battery which happened to be in the Beccles district, crashed in flames at Gillingham on Mr Clifford Harrison’s farm at the Norwich end of the Parish. The plane was one of three destroyed in raids on Great Britain that night. The 22 year-old sole survivor of the crew was taken to Beccles and detained in a cell in the Police station until the arrival of an RAF escort. The Dornier crashed only a little distance behind the house of Mr Harry Goddard, a horseman. “I saw the plane coming past my bedroom window all ablaze. The guns were all firing at it. Then I heard a crash and my window was blown open. I looked out and saw the plane blazing in the corner of the next meadow 200 to 300 yards away. My husband and I hurried downstairs. I heard the back door shaking and when I went I saw the German. He looked awful.” Said Mrs Goddard. The airman had taken off his parachute harness. He was the rear gunner and had landed safely after the tail had been shot off. At first Mrs Goddard thought he was a member of the Home Guard. Then of course his speech revealed his identity. Mr Goddard took him down the lane and handed him over to a member of the NFS, who had made a smart turn out to deal with the conflagration. The fireman in turn passed the airman to Sgt Douglas Kiddle, a member of the local Home Guard, who said: “He tried to make me understand about his three companions. He did not seem hurt, so we walked along the road to Beccles, where I handed him over to the police-inspector and a constable who were coming to meet us. He was no trouble.”

                                             Inspector William Bryant examined him and found that his only injury was a small puncture on the back of one hand to which a first aid dressing was applied.

                                             A wing of the plane struck a tree as the raider dived into a ploughed field and its cargo of bombs exploded with terrific violence. Pieces of the plane were scattered over a considerable area. A bullock shed and a couple of stacks close by were burnt out. The explosion was colossal and some shop windows on the Walk were smashed by the blast, although those of the Parish Church on the other side of the road did not appear to have suffered any harm.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    BOMBING RAIDER at Harleston brought down in the war. (description).

                                             FLYING BOMB parts found in sea off Aldeborough – piled up on the shore. (description)

1945     Beccles & Bungay 13 Oct    BECCLES BOYS THEFT Three boys, two aged 11 and on aged 8 sent to a remand home after being convicted of housebreaking and stealing £24.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Oct    THANKSGIVING WEEK at Beccles: Another Savings Drive: During the War the people of Beccles invested £1,291,228 in National Savings. Their target now was £60,000 in a week. A Parade at the Walk, on Saturday was addressed by Group-Captain RG Dawkins, a resident in the borough, the Commanding Officer, Ellough RAF Station, and Mr Edward Evans, Labour MP for the Division. The parade was marshalled by Lt-Col FH Kelf, officer commanding 3rd Cadet Battalion, the Suffolk Regiment.

                                             On parade were detachments of the Royal Navy, WRNS, RAF, WAAF, ACF, ATC, Rangers and Girl Guides. Music was played by the band of the Royal Marines.

                                             Mr Edwards said that two of the Governments great problems at the moment were the lack of housing and demobilisation. [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Oct    RINGSFIELD PRISONER OF WAR returns. L/Cpl Joe E Rackham, eldest son of Mrs J Rackham, of 3 Council Houses, Ringsfield, left Liverpool on Sunday morning and reached Ipswich late at night. Arrangements had been made by the Police under a “Get You Home” scheme, by which, a driver left Ringsfield at 12.30 am and met a car from Ipswich at Saxmundham at 1 am. The passenger was transferred and the soldier was driven to his home. He thought he was very fortunate that during his captivity he received over 100 letters from home.

                                             Cpl Rackham said he thought he would never see home again. The Japanese treated prisoners most harshly when things were going badly in battle, but were much more reasonable in times of success.

                                             [from 27 October newspaper]: On reaching Ringsfield at 2.30 am his home was brightly illuminated. His widowed mother and family surged out to greet him at the garden gate.

                                             It was obvious that he had gone through gruelling experiences during his long period in Japanese hands. Despite every effort by his captors, he had kept up his spirits, realising this was essential if he was going to pull through. He had to work long hours on the construction of well over 400 miles of railway from Bangkok into Burma and remuneration was minimal. The heat was terrific and food extremely meagre.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Oct    WORLINGHAM DSO. Lt-Col John EL Corbyn, of the Lancashire Fusiliers, son of Lt-Col M McL Corbyn, of the High House, Worlingham, commanded the 4th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment and the Belsen Camp for discharged prisoners, has been awarded the DSO for gallant and distinguished services in north-west Europe.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Oct    BECCLES REGATTA to restart next year, after a pause since 1939 on account of the war.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Oct    PROGRESS WITH HOUSING SCHEME. Work is expected to start within 14 to 21 days.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 20 Oct    UNUSUAL ACCIDENT: Mrs Constance M Walker, of Shelton Place, was cycling along Smallgate on Saturday, when she was thrown off by fighting dogs. She had some minor injuries.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 27 Oct    LETTER: I see by their election address that our Co-Operative and Trade Union friends, flushed by the recent Parliamentary Socialist victory are putting forward nine of themselves with a view to securing election to the Town Council of Beccles on November 1st.

                                             In the course of their modest remarks, they say they offer no apology in stating they require a working majority on November 1st, achieved by the return of every one of themselves. I also offer no apology for expressing the opinion that it would be a thousand pities if they got it.

                                             The Co-operative movement has flourished like a green bay tree in the war – the war has in fact played into their hands: but that is no reason why it should run the whole town. The Trades Union people are useful officials within their sphere, but again that is no reason why they should run the whole run the whole town.

                                             Ernest T Goldsmith, 58 Fair Close.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 27 Oct    WEDDING: Mr F Quartermaine, of Twickenham, and Miss V Harvey, of Beccles [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 27 Oct    FIRE AT FISH SHOP: Fire broke out at Bond’s Fish Shop [3 Blyburgate?] about noon on Saturday. The blaze was soon under control.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 27 Oct    PRISONERS-OF-WAR returned from the Far East: Pte SR Fiske, and Pte W Bryant of St George’s Road, and Pte Alec Bond and Pte Jack Leech, of Blyburgate.

                                             Also Lieut Henry Fowler of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, son of Mr & Mrs W Fowler, who recently moved from Fair Close to Crowfoot Gardens

 1945    Beccles & Bungay 27 Oct    THANKSGIVING WEEK National Savings Week saw £69,947 invested, nearly £10,000 above the Target.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 27 Oct    WEDDING: Sgt Chapman of the Canadian Forces, and Miss M Gower, WAAF, of Beccles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 27 Oct    JAPANESE PRISONERS-OF-WAR: A Bungay man, PO Ck Albert J Parker, was on board HMS Sussex when surrender terms were signed on the ship just outside Singapore Bay. “The next day we went alongside and tied up in Kippel Harbour. There were several of our prisoners on the jetty to see us come in. What a heart-breaking sight it was to see these half-starved men watching us! Being in charge of the ship’s bakery I started throwing 5lb loaves of bread over to them. The remainder of the crew followed suit by putting their own rations over the side as well. The ex-prisoners could not believe their eyes. They had to smell it to see if it was real. That night on our mess deck we had just over 70 of them to supper. Many things were bestowed on them by members of my mess, which included a tot of rum each; but they did not like it, as it was so long since they had anything apart from tea with no milk or sugar and water.

                                             When we found out hoe the Japanese had left things and the condition of our men, Commander Hook soon got us to work supplying the different camps with bread. This fell on my shoulders with my staff of two. We were working 24-hour continuous watches turning out 3000 lbs of bread extra to our own requirements, which is normally 600 lbs. So you can see Iwas kept at it, but I did not mind in the least as there was enough thanks on those men’s faces without any words as we stood and watched them taste Blighty food again after three and a half years on rice and very watery soup made from some sort of leaves.

                                             I cannot say when I shall get home as I am now on my way to Batavia in Java, where thousands more men are starving, so I shall be doing a good job and one I would not miss for all the world.”

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Nov    BECCLES MUNICIPAL ELECTION: This was the first election for the Council since 1938. There were 21 candidates for 9 seats. The results

                                             1.) Those elected:

                                             GE Brown                                 1566        Ind Gp    Clowes; Dept manager of Composing

                                             WH Copeman                          1441        Ind Gp    Butcher, Blyburgate. Lt in 5th Lincolns in Great War

                                             Mrs H Wood-Hill                    1353        Ind Gp    WVS organizer throughout the war

                                             JE Coney *                               1318        Ind          Businessman. Wife runs British Restaurant

                                             BS George                                1314        Ind Gp    Manager of Barclays Bank

                                             Capt CF Poyser *                    1248        Ind Gp    Retired Merchant Navy of Montagu House Northgate

                                             EW Swindells *                       1211        Co-Op    Secretary of Beccles Co-Op

                                             C Bennett                                 1204        Ind Gp    Manager of Crisp Maltings of 15 Darby Road

                                             HA Spashett                            1173        Ind Gp    Retired Newsagent. Sufflk Regt in Great War


                                             2.) Not elected:

                                             Mrs GS Odam *                       1168        Ind Gp    Founded Townswomen’s Guild; The Staithe Northgate

                                             W Fowler                                 1150        Ind Gp    Coal Merchant, Ch Warden. Past member of Council

                                             Mrs VL Garrod                        1041        Co-Op    Chairman Co-Op Women’s Guild.

                                             HW Bishop                              975          Co-Op    Chairman Beccles Co-Op; Trade Unionist

                                             Lieut RB Fairweather              973          Co-op     In the 8th Army. Formerly Trade Union official.

                                             J Muttitt                                   931          Co-Op    17 years officer of Postal Workers Union

                                             FC Dix                                       911          Co-Op    employed by LNER since 1913

                                             EC Ulph *                 840          Co-Op    President Typographical Association

                                             H Mihill                                    831          CO-Op    17 years Secretary National Union of Bookbinders etc

                                             PE Moore                                 755          Co-Op    Chairman Beccles Trades Union Council

                                             AE Moore                                541          age 28 Ex-Serviceman. Inaugurated Beccles Unit Football 1943

                                             Lead Seaman AG Adams       502          32 year old; nominated by ex-Servicemen. In the Navy 17 years

* = Retiring Member. (All ranks in Co-Op & Trade Unions are of Beccles Branch)

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Nov    DEATH IN PRISON CAMP: LAC Donald V Elliott, elder son of Mr Maurice Elliott, a Director of Elliott & Garrood & of Mrs Elliott, of Hope Villa, Fair Close, died in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp at Sandakan, Borneo in March. He was 22, and left Sir John Leman School in 1938 and entered the Royal Air Force School, Halton, Bucks, to serve three years’ aircraft apprenticeship at the age of 16. In 1940 the RAF used the apprentices aged over 18 as ground staff. LAC Elliott moved to Coltishall Aerodrome to assist in servicing Spitfires of Nos 66 and 242 Fighter Squadrons under Wing Commander Bader.

                                             As the Battle of Britain gained momentum these squadrons moved south. Later on LAC Elliott was transferred to the front line station at Hawkinge, Kent, where he served with No 91 Fighter Squadron until the German threat had been countered.

                                             LAC Eliott sailed for Malaya on his 19th birthday. From the beginning of the Japanese onslaught on Northern Malaya, all the way down to Singapore he was in close contact with the enemy. With only a bayonet to defend himself with he joined in the Battle of the Bridges all the way from Kluang to Singapore.

                                             By a great effort he managed to reach Batavia, Java, in February 1942, with the idea of linking up with organised forces in Northern Australia. Within a few hours of his arrival the Japs completed their encirclement of the main islands. Again he managed to get a cable off to England a few hours before his capture. After a long period without any information regarding his whereabouts news was at last received by his parents that he had been placed in the prison camp at Sandakan, north-east Borneo.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Nov    BRITISH LEGION AGM Many new members join, who have been demobilised from the war.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Nov    FORTUNE for RAVENINGHAM HEIR: Sir Hickman Beckett Bacon, Bart, of Thonock Hall, Gainsborough, Lincs, the premier Baronet of England, who died on 13th of April on the eve of his 90th birthday, left £929,476, with net personalty of £628,874, all of which he left to his nephew, Lt-Col  Edmund Castell Bacon, of Raveningham, absolutely.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Nov    WEDDING: LAC Fred Bailey, RAF, only son of Mr & Mrs Bailey of Puddingmoor, and Miss Joyce Dyer, WRNS, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs George Dyer, of Ballygate. [PHOTO page 6]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Nov    WAR TIME BOMBER brought down on 1st of April 1941. The plane being one of five which were destroyed in and around Great Britain in the course of the day. “The bomber came from the northwards at a good height, and made a half-circle as if it was coming back when our fighters picked it up and trailed it. Its retreat over the sea was cut off, and though it flew inland in an attempt to escaper, it was evident the fighters must get it. While the pursuers were closing in on the bomber, another of our fighters appeared and followed behind as to make sure it would not get away. I heard bursts of machine-gun fire in the air and then saw the raider burst into fire and go down, leaving a trail of smoke behind.” In the course of the chase the raider dropped three bombs, which caused no damage, two falling on a field and the other on an allotment.

                                             At terrific speed the Junkers crashed into a marsh at Henstead. Judging by the force of the explosion, there must have been some bombs on board. The machine was blown to pieces and a big crater formed. It is believed that two of the crew perished with it. A nearby resident told me at the time that the aircraft dived straight down. There was a rushing sound and then the explosion, after which the atmosphere was thick with smoke. The two men who had baled out – the spectacle was seen by many Beccles people – were quickly captured. One was caught by the military and the other, a 21-year-old officer wearing the Iron Cross, by P-c Mann. “ As he came down,” he said, “I ran up the field and caught him just as he was picking himself up after landing. He had no weapons and gave me no trouble.” P-c Mann drove the German, whose right hand was badly burnt, to Beccles Police Station, where he was put in a cell and given tea. Later he was taken away by the military.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 3 Nov    QUICK-FREEZE PLANT at Yarmouth for herrings [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Nov   MAYOR: ALDERMAN EJ HINDES [PHOTO page 1] of Ashman’s Road. He is “father” of the Town Council, having first taken his seat in 1905, and has had continuous membership, except for two years from 1921. He was Mayor of the borough from 1912 to 1919 and became an Alderman some years ago.

                                             For a long period he has been one of the borough’s representatives on East Suffolk County council, and early this year he was made an Alderman. He was a Magistrate for the County, and is a senior Feoffee. The question of the Mayoralty was raised some weeks ago, but adjourned to await the outcome of the election. As in his previous Mayoralty his sister, Miss Hindes will be Mayoress.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Nov   DEATH of Mrs Joyce O Foyster, of 38 Fair Close, aged 25. She was a native of Worlingham, where the funeral took place, the service was taken by Rev RF Fleming of Beccles.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Nov   Mr BROWN, who came top of the poll in the election, was educated at the old National School under Mr RC Dunt. He entered employment of Messrs Clowes in 1912 as an apprentice in composing. In 1930 he was appointed overseer of the composing section store, and in 1934 he was made composing room overseer. In 1945 he became departmental manager of the composing sections.

                                             He has been closely connected with the Caxton Amateur and Social Club for many years. He has worked hard for charitable causes and has been responsible for raising thousands of pounds.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Nov   Mr ALBERT E JORDAN, of 18 Ballygate, who retired from the Town Council at this election, was first appointed in 1926. After some years break, he was co-opted in 1940. He has been a member of East Suffolk County Council since 1933, and has served as a County Magistrate since 1937. He was for many years a member of the old Wangford Board of Guardians. He was Chairman of the management committee of Shipmeadow House from 1930 to its closure nearly eight years later. During the war he was in charge of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and with his assistant, Miss Smith, helped hundreds of people

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Nov   ELECTION STATISTICS: The percentage of those who voted in the municipal elections was not as high as expected: 57% of an electorate of 4961, including the Service vote.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Nov   KILLED IN ACTION: Mrs Stone, of Gosford Road, has been informed that her husband, L/Cpl Harry Stone, of 5th Battalion The Royal Norfolk Regiment, was killed in action at Singapore on 13 February 1942, aged 25. He was the eldest son of Mr & Mrs F Stone of the Blacksmith’s Shop, South Elmham.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Nov   DEATH of Mrs Grace D Weavers, aged 66, of Daisy Cottage, Ingate. Who has lived in the town 40 years. She was a keen member of the Songsters Brigade of the Salvation Army.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 10 Nov   SHORTGAGES: At Lowestoft a crowd of between 300 and 400 children besieged a shop at 6.30 am, waiting to buy fireworks. Five policemen were called to deal with the crowd, who in spite of “sold out” notices kept up a continual cry of “We want fireworks”. Eventually the Mayor, Major Humphrey, having been assured there were no fireworks available, managed to disperse them.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 17 Nov   NEWSPAPER MISSING

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Nov   COUNCIL: SHORTAGE OF COAL: Stocks in the town are 1,000 tons short of the quantity available last year. The Regional Coal Officer said that the merchants had delivered 15 cwt per household of the 20 cwt permitted, this being the average for the region. It was agreed that the coke position had improved, but there was a serious shortage of anthracite for cookers.

                                             SWIMMING POOL: Mrs Suckling, of Roos Hall, stated that she was not prepared to sell the site to the south of the Dell for a new Bathing Place. The present Swimming Pool was to remain closed.

                                             HIGHWAY IMPROVEMENTS to be submitted to the County Council: The construction of a roundabout at the five crossways at London Road, Ashman’s Road, Frederick’s Road, St George’s Road, and South Road, or as a temporary expedient, the erection of traffic lights and the clearance of the trees etc on the land at the corner of London and St George’s Road.

                                             Traffic Lights at the junction of Station Road and Smallgate.

                                             WATER UNDERTAKING: The question of the purchase of the Water Company was to be considered by a sub committee.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Nov   NEW CURATE, Rev Grant McLaren and his wife have arrived and are living in the town.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Nov   EX PRISONER OF WAR: Gunner FT Moore, RA, son of Mrs EJ Moore, of Wingfield, Lowestoft Road, arrived home after an absence of 6½ years. He joined the Army before the outbreak of war and has been a prisoner since the fall of Singapore.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Nov   MENTIONED IN DISPATCHES: Acing Leading Wireman Kenneth Mills, RN, of Beccles, has been mentioned in dispatches for courage, efficiency and devotion to duty in the establishment of navigational aids in the approaches to the Rangoon River, in minesweeping, and in the survey of the river prior to the assault on the city last May.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 24 Nov   THRESHING & STRAW-BAILING MACHINE [PHOTO page 5]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Dec    BECCLES “SPECIALS” Stand-Down Social. Section Officer ES Corner presided. Arrangements were made by a sub-committee under Deputy Section Leader GH Lawson, who had been in charge since Section Officer Corner was taken ill nearly a year ago. The other members were Head Special Constables JJ Livock (Worlingham), RE King (Weston) & RM Taylor (Beccles), Deputy Special-Constable J Weaver (Beccles) and Senior Special-Constable J Weaver (Beccles).

                                             Under the direction of S-c Lunn, an excellent meal was provided by the East Suffolk County Education Committee’s emergency cooking depot at Beccles, of which he is second in command. 120 people attended the event, which was held in the Public Hall.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Dec    ABBOT OF DOWNSIDE (Rt Rev RS Trafford, OSB) visits Beccles. He was welcomed by the Parish Priest Rev CR Hall) and the Assistant Priest (Rev RL Macdonald). Wearing his Cappa Magna, he proceeded to the sanctuary and was vested in cope and mitre. Pontifical Benediction followed, and afterwards the Abbot addressed the congregation.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Dec    RAILWAY ACCIDENT: A ballast train was making its way along the up-gradient between Beccles and Brampton stations when the 20-ton guard’s brake broke away from the rear and disappeared in the darkness. Aided by the slope it quickly gained momentum.

                                             At a speed of more than 20 mph the van smashed through both gates at the Ingate Street crossing. It carried on to the next pair only a short distance away at Grove Road, where it repeated the performance. Gaining speed again it passed through Beccles station unnoticed except by the signalman. It came to a standstill eventually a mile along the Yarmouth line. There were no casualties.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Dec    PRESENTATION to Miss E Tedder on her retirement, after 13 years, as Lady Superintendent of the Nursing Division of the St John’s Ambulance Brigade

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Dec    WEDDING: LAC Jack Fairweather, only son of Mr TL Fairweather of 43 Frederick’s Road, & Miss Joan Dudley of Northwich, Cheshire. Mr Fairweather, who is on leave, is serving with the RAF in North Africa.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 1 Dec    HARVESTING CARROTS [PHOTO page 8]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Dec    BECCLES TRADER FINED: Mr Oliver Poulton, of Exchange Square, guilty of offering a number of goods for sale at above the maximum price. A pair of men’s shoes were for sale at 29s 3d, which was 10d above the fixed price, etc. Mr Poulson’s solicitor, Major Walter D Robinson, asked if that price included the laces – which might well have been valued at 10d. The Inspector for the Board of Trade was uncertain whether there were laces in the shoes, and was also uncertain if the price should include laces.  Poulson was charged 10s on each of four counts.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Dec    SAILOR found under the bed of Kate Baldwin, an elderly lady, at midnight on 22 November. He was a naval rating from Lowestoft, who had been drinking. Since he had a good Service record and was due to be demobbed in two or three days, the Bench dismissed the case.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Dec    NATIONAL FARMERS’ UNION AGM: The Chairman of the Beccles Branch, Mr AG Mobbs, said that the Report of the Post-War policy for agriculture had been presented to the country. The main principles have been accepted by the Government already, which should provide more confidence in the industry and more stability than any of us has seen in our lifetime.

                                             He also criticised those farmers who failed to join the Union, and those who were members but have refused to pay the new fees for membership.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Dec    CHORAL SOCIETY gave a pleasing concert performance of “Merrie England” by Edward German. The conductor was Mr RH Firth. The piano accompaniment was played by Mrs Firth, assisted by Mr O Lloyd Smith. But it was obvious that the presence of an orchestra would have provided the essential background to such an excellent performance.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Dec    CHURCH SECRETARY, Mr WA Aldous, of the Baptist Church, who was Sercetary throughout the war, has retired through ill health. He has been succeeded by Mr PT Skeet, of Hill Farm, Weston.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Dec    WEDDING: Sapper Frank Jarvis, MM, RE, of Bootle, and Miss Sylvia Burgess, only daughter of Mr & Mrs EJ Burgess, of Castle Hill.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Dec    DEATH of PRISONER of WAR:  Mr & Mrs C Barber, of St George’s Road, have received news that their only son, Pte KC Barber, of the Suffolk Regiment, died on 24th of November 1944 at Truka Camp, Osaka, while a prisoner in Japanese hands. Pte Barber joined up six months before the outbreak of war, and was at the evacuation from Dunkirk. He was a member of the Amateur Boxing Club in Beccles, taking part in many contests.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Dec    WILL: Sir Edward Dyce Duckworth, of Telport, Puddingmoor, who died on 5th of August, left £4444 gross, with net personalty £4152.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 8 Dec    LORRY OBSTRUCTION: Edward G Farr, of Red House, Darby Road, a lorry driver fined for causing an obstruction with his lorry at Worlingham, and assaulting Squadron-Leader Donald Potter, RAF Ellough.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Dec   LOCAL ELECTION RESULT on Mr Robinson being appointed an Alderman:

                                             Mrs MG Odam (Independent)              682          elected

                                             Mrs VL Garrod (Labour)                        671          not elected

                                             Mr AE Moore (Liberal)                          114          not elected

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Dec   SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL: Junior Parents’ Day held in the Public Hall. There were speeches and music.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Dec   St MICHAEL’S CHURCH: There was a fault in the heating apparatus, a particularly cold day. Rev Maclaren [the new Curate] took an abbreviated service in the morning, but in the evening, the Rector held the service in the Rectory Room.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Dec   WEDDING: Mr Stanley Grunchy, of Ringsfield and Miss Kathleen Simper, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs AE Simper, of 31 Denmark Road

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Dec   WEDDING: Able Seaman Clarence Webb of Bradford, and Miss Joan Mortimer, elder daughter of Mr & Mrs GH Mortimer of 81 Ingate. [PHOTO 22 Dec, page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Dec   LITTLE HOME SHOOL run by Miss Phyllis Dunt is a generous supporter of Dr Barnardo’s Homes.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Dec   HOME GUARD TO BE DISBANDED: Honorary Rank to be kept by officers.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Dec   WARTIME BOMBING: Thursday, 31st of October 1940, was one of the wildest days of the year, with a southerly gale and heavy rain. In this locality there were four alerts between lunch-time and 9.30 pm. When the last of them came through at 7.20 pm, the electricity current was off owing to a breakdown and police-officers had to go round Beccles giving the alarm on their whistles. On the previous warning, which extended from 5 to 6.25, one of the Luftwaffe’s machines flew over this part of the Waveney Valley. Shortly before six it dropped a couple of high explosives on a field belonging to Mr Clem Cook of Upland Hall, Bungay. Although they fell a short distance from the house and buildings no damage was done. After travelling a few miles in the direction of the coast the raider dropped half a dozen more bombs in the western part of the Parish of Weston. Three exploded when they hit a field cultivated by Mr AE Alexander at Ringsfield Corner. Fairly wide, but not particularly deep craters were made in the clayey sub-soil. It was remarkable that although the missiles fell within a short distance of several houses no external damage was caused. No one was hurt. A steam roller, which happened to be drawn up for the night on the side of the road leading to Ringsfield Church was smothered with mud. Investigations on the scene when daybreak came revealede an unexploded bomb, the four whistles attached to the fin to give a screaming effect as it rushed through the air, being plainly visible. The three other bombs in the same part of the parish exploded in the vicinity of the railway line from Beccles to Ipswich.

                                             Just after crossing the railway line it disposed of half-a-dozen which exploded just outside Weston Rectory. Six were on a field and the other fell right on the narrow road running from Weston to Ellough, which was blocked. The raider was so low that, as at Ringsfield Corner, it was clearly visible when it came out of the clouds, darkness not having fallen completely. Although the missiles were within a few yards of the Rectory, none of the four occupants was injured. These people, Canon EG Clowes, Rector of the parish; Mrs Fitch and Miss Clowes, his sisters, and Mr Sidney Cowles, his brother – happened to be in different rooms and were saved by heavy curtains at the windows, which stopped the flying glass. No fewer than 28 windows in the house were broken. The adjoining Church Hall and the roof of the Rectory stable were badly damaged. The raider dropped six more bombs at Sotterley.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 15 Dec   WARTIME BOMBING: In August 1940 incendiary bombs were dropped on Hill Farm, Weston the home of Mr Philip T Skete. The incident occurred about four o’clock in the morning. Those of course were early days in the use of these missiles and the total number was four. One incendiary set fire to a small clover stack, the outbreak being tackled promptly by the parish [fire] wardens. Beccles Auxiliary Fire Service was summoned, but was unable to prevent the stack being destroyed. This was the brigade’s first call to a wartime fire resulting from incendiaries. The other bombs fell on open fields and were dealt with by the wardens. 

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Dec   LOCAL DOCTORS of North East Suffolk met and discussed the recently published statement of the Negotiating Committee of the medical profession upon the seven fundamental principles of the profession. The doctors present expressed themselves as unanimously in accord with each and every one of those seven principles. [The principles were listed]

                                             (signed)    FA Anderson. C Grantham-Hill, PG Levick, WC McLaren, NS Sherrard, H Warner

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Dec   COUNCIL: EX-SERVICE CLUB: Now that the NFS has been depleted in numbers, the fire service was to be run by local retained firemen who would attend future fires. The premises, which had been occupied by the NFS in Ravensmere were much larger than would be needed for future purposes. The Fire Force Commander to be approached so that part of the NFS Station could be used as a temporary clubroom for the new Ex-Servicemen’s Association. The premises could be altered at very little expense.

                                             St ANNE’S ROAD: Mr FH Reynlolds, the owner of lands in St Anne’s Road, was prepared to give a strip of land for road widening if the road was properly made up and a footpath provided.

                                             THE BRITISH RESTAURANT to be closed on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for a holiday over Christmas.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Dec   BECCLES POSTMAN, Mr George Joiner, of Old Mill Terrace, awarded the Imperial Service Medal in recognition of 25 years devoted service.

                                             He retired six weeks ago. He was born at Reepham, and has had a varied career. At the age of 16 he started work on the railway. Later he was a conductor on the old railway buses that plied between Lowestoft and Southwold. Next he became licensee of an inn at Ellingham near Attleborough, where he remained for a year before going to Southwold to run a fish and chip business. With the coming of the Great War, he left his shop and joined the 10th Essex Regt in 1914, serving in France.

                                             On being demobilised in 1919 he started his career with the GPO at Beccles, where for a number of years he cycled on average 30 miles a day on a country round, and for a short time worked in Beccles. For some time he used a motor-cycle for his daily work, but for the last 15 years                  he has driven a van on mail work on the Wrentham, Southwold and Halesworth route.

                                             He has two sons and a daughter.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Dec   BULCAMP, “RED HOUSE”: Question in the House of Commons about Report on the Public Assistance Institution at Bulcamp, regarding shortage of staff, the lack of proper sanitary and washing arrangements and the dilapidated state of the building, including the deterioration of the walls and brick floors.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Dec   PARISH CHURCH SOCIAL: at Blyburgate Hall: The Rector (Rev F Wilkinson Rideal) welcomed Mr John Hammond, the organist and choirmaster, an ex- prisoner of war in Japanese hands, Mr CC Boggis, the verger, who has been in the Army, and Rev and Mrs Grant Maclaren, the new curate.

                                             A cheque was presented to Mr AE Groom, on behalf of the congregation, choir, and church officers, who during the war had undertaken the duties of organist and choirmaster in a voluntary capacity. Both Mr W Fowler (Rector’s Warden) and Mr RB Reynolds on behalf of the Choir paid tributes to him.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Dec   PROPERTY SALE by Read, Owles & Ashford:

                                             KILBRACK No 19, modernised 1940; hall, 2 sitting rooms, labour saving kitchen, bathroom, 3 bedrooms, front and back gardens, shed:

                                             Purchased by Mrs Moore, Gorleston for £1,105

                                             RAVENSMERE HOUSE: Centrally situated; Residence of character: 3 reception rooms, fine 17th century staircase, 4-7 bedrooms, bathroom etc., secluded lawn, garden, shelter, spacious garage, cottage.

                                             Withdrawn £1,450

                                             FREDERICK’S ROAD, Nos 61 & 63:

                                             Purchased Mr JT Danby, Beccles £270

                                             THE OLD MANOR, WORLINGHAM: Valuable Tudor Period Residence, tastefully modernised: 3 reception rooms, 5 principal bedrooms, 3 bathrooms etc. Mains electricity, 2 garages, attractive timbered grounds of 4½ acres.

                                             Withdrawn £3,100

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Dec   BECCLES CHORAL SOCIETY presented a programme of carols and excerpts from “The Messiah” at the Congregational Church, with conductor, Mr Firth, piano, Mrs Firth, Mr CV Breeze, organist and Miss Mary Odam, soloist. The offering of £10 17s 6d was for a Blind charity.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Dec   YOUTH CENTRE [in the former pavilion off Ballygate] as a mixed club: Membership now increased to between 130 and 140. Open 5 days a week. There is a dance every Saturday. Rules have been laid down, including fees to be paid for membership and attendance.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 22 Dec   REGIMENTS RETURN: The Suffolk Regimental Magazine welcomes home the 4th and 5th Battalions of the Suffolk Regiment and the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Cambridgeshire Regiment on their release from Japanese prisoner of war camps. “Our prisoners of war in Japanese hands have suffered in a far greater degree than our prisoners in other countries. They have been at the mercy of a barbarous, uncivilised enemy, intent to inflict every pain and indignity. The parcels and letters from home that were the chief consolation to our prisoners in other countries have been denied by the Japanese, yet it will always be a proud boast in the regiment that nothing the Japanese could do in the smallest degree undermined the courage and fortitude of our soldiers.”

1945     Beccles & Bungay 29 Dec   DEATH of former Mayor of Beccles, Mr Walter G Roberts, formerly of The Moorings, Waveney Road, aged 83, at a Norfolk Nursing Home. He was Mayor of Middlesborough about 40 years ago, where he practised as an architect and surveyor until 1910, when he retired and lived at Huntingfield, near Halesworth, whence he came to Beccles.

                                             He was Mayor of Beccles from 1933-34 and it was during this Mayoralty that he objected to the Sergeant-at-Mace appearing at the Council Meetings in civilian dress and paid for a uniform out of his own pocket. His health failed during his period of office, which necessitated his relinquishing his public duties.

                                             Mr Roberts, a widower, leaves a daughter, Mrs M Aylen, of South Green, Southwold, widow of Dr John Aylen, who died in 1944.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 29 Dec   WVS SERVICES CANTEEN: Meals and recreational facilities have been provided since the outbreak of war with a break of only four months for thousands of Service men and women of our own Forces and Allied Nations stationed in the district.

                                             Now with the departure of practically all the Service personnel from the district, the canteen, which since 20th January 1942, has functioned at the Adult School, has come to an end. The last night was Friday, and the previous evening 66 voluntary workers gathered for a supper. Afterwards there was a social at which their men-folk and the few remaining members of the Forces were guests.

                                             The canteen was established at St Benet’s Catholic Church Hall at the outbreak of war by Mrs EJ Coney, with the assistance of Mrs William McLaren. Later a large canteen was opened at the Public Hall to meet the growing demand, and on occasion more than a thousand meals were served in the course of a week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                             Mrs Coney resigned in September 1941 to organize the British Restaurant, which opened in the Public Hall in February 1942.

                                             Eventually the Adult School was hired for the Services’ Canteen and opened on 20th January 1942 under the supervision of Miss Forward and Miss Martin. In October 1942 Mrs Nora Johnson became honorary supervisor, and Mrs Frank Clarke, who was rendering similar service with the YMCA in the Great War. There were many helpers, and thanks to the voluntary nature of the staff £240 has been paid to Service charities.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 29 Dec   THE YEAR 1945:

                                             AIR RAID: On Sunday, 3rd March 1945 in the middle of the evening one raider swooped low over the town and dropped a couple of containers of fifty odd anti-personnel bombs. Several fell on roofs of houses in Kemp’s Lane, considerable damage being caused, [one of these fell on Mr Denson’s house] but only one young woman was hurt. Her injuries were of a minor character. The Town Council praised the prompt way in which first-aid repairs were carried out.

                                             GERMAN PRISONERS OF WAR: in March 1945: A couple of German prisoners of war, described as being of the “Fanatical Nazi type”, who had escaped three days earlier from a camp in Redgrave, near Diss, were captured by Group-Captain RG Dawkins, commanding officer at Ellough RAF station, while walking towards Lowestoft. He drove them to Beccles Police-station to await an escort.

                                             DECORATED: in January, Sgt James WG Lankester, Suffolk Regiment, whose wife lives at 46 St Benedict’s Road, was given a certificate of outstanding service and great devotion to duty during the NW Europe campaign by Field-Marshal Montgomery.                 Later, in May, he was awarded the French Croix de Guerre with bronze star.

                                             St JOHN’S AMBULANCE BRIGADE purchased Blyburgate Hall for £1,500 as a Post-War headquarters and medical comforts depot.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 29 Dec   WEDDING: Signaller CG Hill, of Charing, Kent and Miss B Saunders, of Beccles [PHOTO page 1]

1945     Beccles & Bungay 29 Dec   WEDDING: Mr Charles Piper, of Queen’s Road, and Miss Elsie Meen, of New Road, from Ilketshall St Andrew.

1945     Beccles & Bungay 29 Dec   SHIPMEADOW CHRISTMAS: The 175 patients at St James’ Hospital, Shipmeadow, celebrated Christmas in the usual fashion. After breakfast, which included fresh eggs, a united service was held in the main hall. Dinner menu was of roast beef and pork, potatoes and sprouts, followed by Christmas pudding and custard. Beer and lemonade were served.

                                             The Superintendent, Mr FR Smith, said he was sure they appreciated what the Social Welfare Committee were doing for them, and assured them that as soon as it could find adequate and suitable accommodation for them near Norwich they would be sent closer to their relatives.