1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jan     CHRISTMAS in HOSPITAL: There were 5 patients in Beccles Hospital over Christmas, including one child. The Mayor, Ald Owles carved the turkey.

                                             CHRISTMAS at SHIPMEADOW: There were 180 patients at St James’ Hospital at Christmas.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jan     FIREMEN INJURED: Three members of the NFS received injuries when helping to extinguish a fire at a salvage depot at the premises of Robinson’s Transport (Beccles) Ltd in London Road. Section-Leader Wilson had burns, as did another fireman. The third injured a rib.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jan     PRISONER of WAR: Mrs Sawyer, of 9 Station Road, received a  postcard from her husband< Lt EA Sawyer, of the Royal Artillery, who is a prisoner of war in Japanese hands. It was the first news she had received from him since she was given news that he was a prisoner nearly a year ago.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jan     CIVIL DEFENCE: Mr DC Smith, a former Mayor of Beccles, has moved to Southend-on-Sea, and has resigned as Head Warden for Beccles North. His place has been taken by his deputy, Mr Claud S Darby, senior. The new Deputy Head Warden is Mr Frank Catling, whose successor as Senior Warden is Mr RG Judge.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jan     MORRISON SHELTERS: Mr Meen, the Civil Defence Organiser and Chief Warden, has received some more Morrison shelters. People wishing to have one should contact him.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jan     APPOINTMENT: Mr Clifford Kirby, of Denmark Road, has been appointed water engineer to Southborough (Kent) UDC. For the past 21 years he has been Assistant Engineer to his father, Mr G Kirby, of Puddingmoor, in the Beccles Waterworks Co. His wife has been a voluntary worker at the library.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jan     FIRST OLD AGE PENSIONERS: [PHOTO page 8] The photograph was taken on 1 January 1909 outside the Post-Office at Bintree in Norfolk, when people were assembled to receive their first old-age Pension of 5 shillings.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jan     NEW FOOD CONTROL Committee appointed the Mayor (Mr Allden Owles), Chairman. This committee combines the town & the RDC. Mr WS Clark, Food Executive Officer, said that during the last quarter they had received 265 notices of instructions at the Food Office.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jan     TEACHER MOVES: Miss Naomi Watling, of Grove Road, who has taught at Peddar’s Lane Junior School for 13 years, is moving to Bolton, Lancs.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jan     SOLDIER MISSING: Mrs P Burrows, of 5 Providence Place, has been informed that her youngest son, Pte Gordon L Barnes is missing in the Middle East.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jan    DEATH of CANON Charles W BARON-SUCKLING, Rector of Barsham                   

                                             Church life in the Beccles district has sustained a great loss by the death on Thursday week of Canon Charles William Baron-Suckling, who has been Rector of Barsham since 1921. Since the early part of the war he has also acted as curate-in-charge of Shipmeadow.

                                             Canon Baron-Suckling, who had been ill for about six weeks, attained his 82nd birthday four days before he passed away. A faithful parish priest and sound preacher, he was a wonderful man for his age. He had devoted his life to the service of his fellows and by a host of friends he was held in the highest esteem. The Beccles Deanery will be the much poorer for his passing.

                                             Second son of the late Rev Wm Joseph Baron, he was born in Middlesex in 1862. By Royal Warrant he assumed the name of Baron-Suckling in 1924. He was educated first at Christ’s Hospital, London, and at Christ’s College, Oxford, where he became an exhibitioner. He took his BA in 1886 and his MA five years later.

                                             Canon Baron-Suckling had been in Holy Orders for 57 years. He was ordained Deacon at Lincoln Cathedral in 1886 and priest the following year. The early part of his ministry was spent in the diocese of Lincoln. From 1886 he was curate of St Mary-le-Wigford, Lincoln, and then moved into the county as Vice-Principal of St Paul’s Missionary College, Burgh, and curate of Croft. After two years he became Domestic Chaplain to the late Bishop King, of Lincoln, a position he held from 1891 to 1894.

                                             For the next few years Canon Baron-Suckling worked in the Colonial Church in Australia. He was Rector of St David’s, Allora, Queensland, from 1895 to 1899, and of St Mary’s Brisbane, from the latter year until 1903. When he returned to England it was to the diocese to which he had rendered such good service. He was vicar of the Lincolnshire town of Alford with Rigby and Ailby from 1903 to 1921, and from 1916 was also Rural dean of Calcewaith. His work in the diocese was honoured in 1915 when he was appointed by the Bishop to the Prebendal stall of St Bodolph in the famous cathedral of Lincoln.

                                             Canon Baron-Suckling left Lincolnshire to come to the Waveney Valley as Rector of Barsham on the presentation of the executors of Mrs FHN Suckling. His grandfather was a former holder of the living, which had been in the gift of the Suckling family since 1617. The Canon loved the ancient church of the Holy Trinity, whose interior bears much evidence of his care and attention.

                                             As incumbent, Canon Baron-Suckling lived in the delightful old rectory, with its gables of the Dutch type that were in vogue in the Carolean period. Here was born Admiral Lord Nelson’s mother, Catherine, daughter of the Rev Maurice Suckling, Prebendary of Westminster, who was Rector of Barsham from 1714 to 1730. She was baptised at Barsham Church on May 27th 1725, and was married at Beccles Parish Church to the Rev Edmund Nelson on May 11th 1749. The armorial bearings of the family of the Rev Maurice Suckling are to be seen in the central window on the south side of the nave of Barsham Church, this having been filled with stained glass in 1905 to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar. The Rev Suckling’s son, Capt Maurice Suckling, gave Nelson his introduction to the Royal Navy and his first lessons in seamanship.

                                             Canon Baron-Suckling became patron of the livings of Barsham and Shipmeadow. When the latter became vacant in the early part of the war through the resignation of the Rev GL Manson, who is now Rector of Woolpit, near Bury St Edmund’s he was appointed curate-in-charge and ministered faithfully to the needs of the people. He was also lord of the Manor of Barsham.

                                             He was a valued member of Wainford Rural District Council on which he had served since its formation ten years ago. Previously he served on the old Wangford Board of Guardians and Rural District Council. No matter how small they might appear to be, the Canon made a point of bringing before the District Council the needs of his parishioners, and in this way he brought about various improvements that were much appreciated.

                                             Canon Baron-Suckling was fond of sport, cricket and fishing, making a particular appeal to him. He was an expert beekeeper.

                                             Much sympathy will be felt for Mrs Baron-Suckling and the family. It was 48 years ago that the Canon married Miss Hilda Madelaine Hancock. The work of the Mothers’ Union has always made a great appeal to Mrs Baron-Suckling, who is vice-president for the Archdeaconry of Suffolk. Last October she resigned the office of presiding member for the Beccles Deanery, which she had held for 14 years, and the appreciation of the members was shown at the annual meeting when they presented her with a bedside electric reading lamp, National Savings Certificate and an illuminated address.

                                             Canon Baron-Suckling also leaves two sons and a like number of daughters. Another son, Mr MN Baron, lost his life in the last war.

                                             THE FUNERAL:

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jan    FAMILY SERVING: Six sons and one son-in-law of Mr and Mrs E Goffin, of 14 Mill Terrace, who are serving in the Forces. [PHOTO page 1] QMS Edward Goffin, William Goffin, Arthur Goffin, Stanley Goffin, Peter Goffin, James Goffin & Gunner E Carter. [see 29 January 1944]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jan    RECEPTION for the Officers of the USA Air Force and to those of a Unit of the Belgian Army, and some of the citizens of Beccles, by the Mayor & Mayoress (Ald & Mrs Allden Owles), numbering 170 people.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jan    PRISONER of WAR: Mr & Mrs W Yallop, of 17 Northgate received news from the Air Ministry that their elder son, LAC Wilfred E Yallop, aged 23, was a prisoner of war in Burma, which was broadcast by Tokyo radio.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jan    ACCIDENT: Mr George E Brown, of Grove Road, met with an accident in the Blackout, and will remain in hospital for some weeks.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jan    CHILDREN ENTERTAINED: Nearly 130 children of employees of Clowes were entertained in the Caxton Pavilion.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jan    GOOD SERVICE: Only son of Mr & Mrs AE Bunn, of Ringsfield Road, L?Cpl Edward J Bunn, of the Royal Norfolk Regt, has been awarded the certificate of the Commander-in-Chief Home Forces, for good service. He is an old boy of Sir John Leman School, has been in the Army since July 1940. He is overseer at Beccles Head Post Office. His wife and daughter live at Wrentham.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 22 Jan    COUNCIL: POST-WAR PLANNING: The Council suggested that 191 houses should be built in the first year after the war. (150 had been built between the two wars). The sites suggested were: Sandy Lane, 27 acres; off Grove Road, 5.2 acres; Ringsfield Road, 10 acres; South Road & Ringsfield Road 51.6 acres; Frederic’s Road 1.15 acres.

                                             The Ministry’s Regional Architect (Mr P Bicknell), said that thee would be a shortage of labour and materials in the first post-war year. The Treasury had lifted its ban on the borrowing of money for the purchase of sites sufficient for the first year’s programme. Mr Bicknell proposed that the Council should apply to purchase the following for housing: off Grove Road, near Brick Kiln Farm 5.2 acres; and Frederick’s Road 1.15 acres. These would provide accommodation for about 50 houses. The remainder of the sites should be zoned in the Council’s planning scheme for houses at the rate of eight to ten per acre.

                                             DIG FOR VICTORY: Local authorities were urged to intensify their efforts in encouraging people to grow more vegetables.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    PICKEREL INN: Mr George Goffin, licensee of the Pickerel, [PHOTO page 1] displays a picture frame containing £12 11s for the Lord Lieutenant’s Prisoners of War Fund. He raised the money by shove-halfpenny and other competitions organised in co-operation with his customers.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    CATHOLIC PRIEST’S DEPARTURE:  Rt Rev Dom F Wulstan Knowles, OSB, on re-election as Abbot of Fort Augustus, Invernessshire, after three years in Beccles.

                                             Abbot Knowles has carried out a successful local ministry, and whenever opportunity has allowed he has always shown himself ready to be of service to the community at large. A native of Worcester, he entered Fort Augustus Abbey, one of the country’s leading Benedictine establishments, nearly half a century ago. In the last war he served as a naval chaplain. He returned to Fort Augustus as parish priest and following work in the United States of America as a prior, went back again to the Abbey in 1929 as Abbot.

                                             That important position he filled for 11 years until he came to Beccles at Christmas 1940. At St Benet’s Abbot Knowles took the place of the Rev Fr G William Tate, OSB, who after a stay of just two years, was appointed priest-in-charge of St Mary’s Priory Church, Egremont, Cumberland.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    NAVAL CONCERT AT BECCLES at the Public Hall in aid of the Beccles Division of the St John’s Ambulance Brigade. The special object was to raise money towards building up a fund for the provision of a permanent post-war home for the division.

                                             The programme lasted for two and a-half hours, was much enjoyed, was of a varied character, with songs, dances and sketches.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    FAMILY SERVING: Mr & Mrs Edward Goffin, of 14 Mill Terrace, are justly proud of the fact that five of their sons are serving in the Army, as the father did in the last war, and another is in the Home Guard.

                                             Quartermaster-Sergeant EDWARD GOFFIN, the eldest of them, is the holder pf the British Empire Medal. He was awarded the decoration for a reason he was not even able to disclose to his parents, and last summer was summoned to Buckingham Palace to receive it from His Majesty. Edward joined the Army when he left school, and did his time, his service including ten years in India. He was working in this district when he was called up at the outbreak of war as a reservist. He is serving in a heavy anti-aircraft battery of the Royal Artillery. His wife and little girl live at Norwich with her people. The couple made their home in the city on marriage, but they had the misfortune to lose it during one of the horrible “blitzes.”

                                             Pte WILLIAM GOFFIN, next among the soldiers, is in the Royal Army Service Corps, having been called up as a Territorial when war was imminent. At the age of 14 he entered the service of the Co-Op, and made good headway in the clothing department, where he remained until going into the Army.

                                             Pte ARTHUR GOFFIN, who carries on the important job of cook. He volunteered for service soon after hostilities began. Previously he had spent some tears as a baker with Mr Drury, of Hungate, having learned his trade with Mr Clarke, who formerly carried on the business.

                                             Pte Stanley Goffin joined up much at the same time. His wife was born in Lowestoft, where she lives with her small son. Prior to marriage Stanley used to work with his father in Crisp’s Maltings. Afterwards he tried his hand at various jobs, being in the employment of Lowestoft Corporation at the time of leaving the Army.

                                             Craftsman JAMES GOFFIN, who is doing his bit with REME. A single man, he was at one time employed as a packer at the Caxton Press, which he left for a similar line of business at Watford. There he worked for a couple of years before entering the army eleven months ago.

                                             Pte PETER GOFFIN has been a keen member of the Beccles Company of the Home Guard for the past year. He took his brother’s place in Mr Drury’s bake-house. At one time he belonged to the Beccles Parish Church Choir.

                                             Mr & Mrs GOFFIN’S family consists of eight boys and one girl, another son having died.

                                             The DAUGHTER, who lives at Kirkley Run, Lowestoft, is the wife of Gnr Ernest W Carter, who has been in India for a couple of years.

                                             ALL THE GOFFIN CHILDREN received their education at the former National Schools, Ravensmere.

                                             Mr GOFFIN, the father, who belongs to an old Beccles family, served throughout the last war. He spent most of the time overseas, but escaped without injury. After demobilisation he returned to his job as a labourer at the local Maltings.

                                             Mrs GOFFIN, who was a traveller before their marriage at Beccles Parish Church, belongs to Norwich. She devotes the whole of Sunday evening in writing letters to her family. In the week not many times does the postman pass the house without bringing a letter from one or other of them. Naturally they are equally delighted when they receive all the news from mother.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    PRISONER OF WAR: Pte John J Hammond, of the Cambridgeshire Regiment, previously reported missing, is now known to be a prisoner of war in Japanese hands in Thailand. His mother lives at Lowestoft, but he was Organist of Beccles Parish Church until he joined the army.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    INJURY: Mr Victor Pye, an LNER fireman, was found lying on the Beccles Lowestoft Main Road at Worlingham with a head injury. It is thought he collided with a bough lying on the ground. He was taken to the Hospital by ambulance.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    POSTER SUCCESS: Rodney Hutchings, the 13 year-old son of Capt CE Hutchings, MBE, who is a pupil at the Area School, has gained second prize in a national competition for elementary school children and received a £5 cheque. It advertises Empire Youth Sunday, 1945.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    DEATH: Mr Harry Turner, aged 82, of 58 Ingate, who for many years attended all the local sales, specialising in buying books and pictures. Youngest son of the late Mr Mark Turner, he was born at Ingate. As a young man he went to sea, and afterwards travelled widely as a dealer in fish. He also worked for a time on the old Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway at Yarmouth Beach Station. He leaves one daughter, Mrs H Rogers of Beeston.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    GAS MASKS: Civil Defence wardens attached to No 5 Post, which adjoins the NFS headquarters at St Mary’s, Ballygate will check gas masks free. The Senior Warden, Mr FS Strong lives at Somerton House, St Mary’s Road.

                                             The Wardens attached to 11 Post, Ravensmere, will also be available.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    DEATH OF PRISONER OF WAR: Mr & Mrs W Yallop, of 17 Northgate, have heard that their elder son, LAC Wilfred EF Yallop, aged 22, had died in Japanese hands. [He died 29 November 1943] It was only shortly before Christmas that they received an Air Ministry communication giving details of a cheerful message from him broadcast from Tokyo.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jan    BARSHAM DEATH: Mrs Chilvers, wife of FW Chilvers, of School Cottage. She was interested in church affairs, and was a Sunday-School teacher for a number of years. She was a member of the Conservative Association. She leaves a widower and one daughter.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 5 Feb     MORAL WELFARE PROBLEMS: At a meeting chaired by Mrs Odam in the Cinema, Saltgate, they

                                             spoke of the “great falling-off in the field of morals, not only in the field of sex. You find a great increase in stealing and disorder among young people and the lack of discipline in the home.”

                                             They defined the two problems:

                                             1.) Girls aged between 14 and 16 needed a Club, where they could invite men friends. This would be much better than the pub. They must all look for suitable accommodation.

                                             2.) Yong married women whose husbands were abroad in the Forces. It was not easy for them. If the older women would only be friends with those of this group it would be a great assistance. What was needed was the real helping hand, not the condemning attitude.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 5 Feb     RETIREMENT of the Bishop of Liverpool, Dr Albert David, aged 76. He was the second Bishop of St Edmundsbury, who came in 1921 (remaining for only two years) from Rugby School, of which he had been Headmaster for 12 years. The vacancy was brought about by the death of Dr Henry Hodgson, who was consecrated on 24 February 1914, as the first Bishop of St Edmundsbury.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 5 Feb     SOLDIER’S FATAL INJURIES:  L-Cpl Roy Lewys, Royal Signals, aged 23, was hitch-hiking from Norwich to Lowestoft to see his wife, when he was picked up by James Burnett, 43 Fair Close at Stockton. Lewys climbed in the back, and he entered Beccles via Ravensmere passing under a low railway bridge. When James Dunbar, who was riding in the cab, alighted at the Public Hall to tell Lewys to get out, he found he had been hurt. It appeared that he was sitting on the spare wheel, facing the rear, when he was struck on the back of the head by the main supporting girder. He later died in Hospital.

                                             The Coroner recalled that in October 1940 he held an inquest on a soldier who met his death under almost exactly similar circumstances. “This is a dangerous bridge.”

1944     Beccles & Bungay 5 Feb     WEDDING: Sgt Frank Wm Emmerson Balls, RAFVR, elder son of Mr & Mrs FW Balls, of Puddingmoor and Miss Joyce Olive Brand, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs WA Brand, of Waterworks House, Ringsfield Road. Prior to joining the RAF in the early days of the war, Mr Balls was employed at Messrs Clowes, where his father holds an important position. For the past two years the bride has helped her father in the management of the farm.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Feb    AMATEUR GARDENERS in the Beccles Allotment Holders and the Horticultural Society have held five shows during the war and have raised £353 for the Red Cross. The paid-up membership was 148.

                                             The Chairman was Rear Admiral Johnson.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Feb    BECCLES AREA PHOTOGRAPHIC CLASS meets every Thursday. Several members of the Forces, including professional photographers have joined. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Feb    RAIDERS OVER EAST ANGLIA dropped incendiary devices on a village.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Feb    WAR PRISONERS’ FUND: Collections at the Regal and Saltgate Cinemas last week realised £108

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Feb    AIR TRAINING CORPS: There is room for more candidates. Anyone wishing to take commissions or become instructors should apply. Those of 15 will be particularly welcome.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Feb    DEATH of the Clapton trainer of greyhounds, Mr Harry Woolner. The best greyhound under his charge was Wild Wooley, which he trained to win the Greyhound Derby in 1932. Mr Woolner, who leaves a widow and two children was the son of the late Mr George Woolner, of Beccles, who took an interest in the Aldeby and Hockwood meetings.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Feb    ZENANA Church of England Mission meeting was held at Tannery House, Northgate. The hostess was Mrs Oscar W Owles.

 1944    Beccles & Bungay 12 Feb    St JOHN’S AMBULANCE BRIGADE AGM: Dr C Grantham-Hill took over as Surgeon to the Brigade after the death of Dr Wood-Hill, nearly a year ago.  The ambulances showed record figures in the year: 155 invalids removed, 10 road accidents, 13 other accidents, 7 Service cases, and a mileage of 6137. The men did 110 duties involving 284 hours, while the nurses and drivers put in 812 hours o 392 duties. “The war is not yet over and we may have a testing time ahead, but for all that we are thinking of post-war times. The question of a permanent home for the division is occupying our minds and we shall need everyone’s support towards that end.”

1944     Beccles & Bungay 19 Feb    COUNCIL MEETING:

                                             HOUSING: The Ministry of Health will not sanction the purchase of both the Castle Hill and Grove Road sites. The Council ask for the decision to be reconsidered. A deputation was to visit Ministry on 28th of February.

                                             RAVENSMERE RAILWAY BRIDGE: It was decided to close temporarily to vehicular traffic the roadway under the bridge. The diversion is by Pound Road and Ravensmere East.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 19 Feb    DEATH of Mrs Elizabeth M Stone, aged 78, widow of Mr Ziba Stone, of the Harbourage.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 19 Feb    LAND ARMY DANCE: Over 200 people patronised a Valentine dance arranged at the Public Hall by members of the Land Army.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 26 Feb    LECTURE to the Historical Society, by Dr H Muir Evans on “The Anglo-Saxon Invasion & East Suffolk Villages”.  Place names:

                                             “ham” meant a home;

                                             “Ton” or “Tun” indicated a settlement, being essentially an enclosure with wooden palisade or stockade pierced by a narrow entrance. The great hall was in the central part.

                                             The medium “ing” meant a group of settlers rather than a place.

                                             In this area there was a compact area of such names; Kessingland, Shadingfield, Willingham, Worlingham, Gillingham, Ellingham, Raveningham and Heckingham. In a small area there were twenty of these villages each with its own church built by the people of the clan. These structures were of wood, so little remains.

                                             In Lothingland the names ended with “ton”. Either Old Danish or Scandinavian persons had given these places their particular names.

                                             Up the Waveney were an irregular number of names like Barnby and Toft Monks.

                                             In the Fleggg district of Norfolk all the names ended in “by”.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 26 Feb    LABOUR SELECTS CANDIDATE for the next General Election: Mr Edward Evans.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Mar    SOLDIERS HOUSEBREAKING: Accused: Sappers Thomas Melvin of Bradford, aged 32, and George Cashmore of Cheddleton Staffs, aged 32, both of the Royal Engineers.

                                             Giving evidence 1.) Col Lush, of The Larches, London Road, said a travelling clock, two bottles of whisky, 20 cigarettes, a utility lighter and 7s 6d cash, had been taken

                                             2.) Mrs Pearle Elizabeth Taylor, of Teemore, London Road, said a four valve wireless set and a loud-speaker and chromium clock plus two hypodermic syringes were missing.

                                             3.) Melvin was separately accused of stealing a bicycle from the house of Dr Sherrard, of Fairseat, London Road, who was caught by War Reserve Pc BL Moore who arrested him after a tussle.

                                             They were committed for trial.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Mar    PROPERTY SALE: by Durrants

                                             1.) Ballygate House, Ballygate, for the executors of Mrs Frank Burton, a former Mayoress of Yarmouth.

                                             Purchased by Mr CN Philpot, of Billingford at £2,900.

                                             2.) 135 Denmark Road, for the late Mrs Hannah Sporle

                                             Purchased Mr FG Crisp, of Harleston at £575

                                             The following properties were put up for sale for Mr CD Clarke, and withdrawn, but open to offers:

                                             3.) 14 Gosford Road, a brick and slated house, with small garden let at £4 4s a quarter, plus rates

                                             Withdrawn at £325

                                             4.) 16 Gosford Road, a similar house, let at 9s a week.

                                             Withdrawn at £350

                                             5.) The Old Drill Hall, let at an inclusive rent of £4 17s 6d per quarter.

                                             Withdrawn at £725

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Mar    POSTMASTER TO RETIRE:  Mr ET Young of Ringsfield Road, who has been Head Postmaster at Beccles since 1939, is retiring after 45 years service.  He joined in 1899 at Basingstoke, where his father retired from the postmastership in 1902. Then he went to Chertsey, and then to St Albans in 1907. In 1927 as head postmaster at Ruislip, followed by a similar post at Stowmarket in 1933. At Beccles he succeeded Mr JJ Craik. Beccles is the head of a district of 200 square miles, which includes Bungay, Southwold, Halesworth and 48 sub-offices.

                                             In the Great War Mr Young served in the Royal engineers, retiring with the rank of Sergeant. He served in France and Italy.

                                             The new Postmaster will be Mr NER Gates, at present second-in-command at Basingstoke.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Mar    THE SAW MILLS, South Road. [PHOTO page 1] A massive piece of elm tree was being sawn, which is the largest piece of timber handled by Messrs H & J Poll since their sawmills were established in 1918. It was 400 years old and was blown down in Ditchingham Hall Park last April.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Mar    DEATH of Mr Harry E Chilvers, of 1 Napier Terrace, Grove Road, aged 78. He was employed by Elliott and Garrood, and was the Caxton goalkeeper in 1893 when they won the Suffolk Senior Cup, for the first time, beating Framlingham College.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Mar    WILL of BISHOP BERTRAM POLLOCK, aged 79, former Master of Wellington College and Bishop of Norwich, left £31,301.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 11 Mar   VESTRY MEETING: The Churchwardens were re-elected: Mr AE Bunn and Mr Foster.

                                             The cost of installing a new boiler and four radiators amounted to £260, whereas the committee had budgeted £1,000. The reduction was due to the efficiency of Mr FH Delf, who carried out the work by doing without the laying of new pipes throughout the church.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 11 Mar   SANITARY INSPECTOR: Mr Humphrey W Ellis, aged 32, of Worlingham Road, Wainford District additional Sanitary Inspector, leaving. He came in 1939.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 11 Mar   PRISONER in GERMANY: Mrs P Burrows, of 5 Providence Place, has received a card from her son, Pte Gordon Barnes, of the Queen’s Own Royal West Regiment, saying that he is a prisoner of war in Germany.

 1944    Beccles & Bungay 18 Mar   PRESIDENT of the ROYAL ACADEMY: Mr AJ Munnings, aged 65, elected President. He said “I never expected to be elected. I thought Mr John would beat me. All I can say is that I should have liked to ride down Piccadilly on a horse and dismount in the courtyard.” He was born at Mendham in Suffolk in 1878.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 18 Mar   LAND GIRL’S AWARD: Miss Norma Skipper, who is employed on the Roos Hall Estate, gained a proficiency award for hand milking, having obtained 91%.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Mar   WAVENEY AREA FARMING: Talk to the History Society by Mr WG Munnings, brother of [Sir] Alfred Munnings: “My mother ; who is 94, can remember when they used to come round with a horse machine to do the threshing. She remembers when they used to thresh all the corn with the flail. They used to cart it into the barn, and have a boy rode a horse round to keep the corn down. Her grandparents, whom she could quite well recall, were friends of William Cobbett, the author of ‘Rural Rides’. She remembered the first part of the Waveney Valley Railway being laid.”

                                             When he first went into farming they used to cut all the corn with a scythe and tie up the wheat by hand. In those days the men came from the towns to help with the harvest, and they went fishing and malting at other seasons. He recalled great sheep sales of the district. There used to be 7,000 or 8,000 animals at Beccles and Halesworth every year, 12,000 or 13,000 at Harleston and 24,000 or 25,000 apiece at Diss, East Harling and Barnham. The serious decline in these events has made a great difference to agriculture. When he first started farming, all the little farmers used to buy a few lambs. One could hardly find a farmer without sheep. Today it would cost £200 a year for a shepherd. When he married he told his wife that he would not keep cows, but he found he had to so that money came in weekly. With sheep the money came in once a year. What the farmer received for wool would not pay him to keep sheep, the price being only about half that prevailing in the last war. It was a bad job for the land that they had been given up. He regarded the introduction of tractors as one of the greatest causes of the slump in agriculture in pre-war years.

                                             He said that Suffolk farmers would have been “in the cart” in recent years had it not been for sugar beet. The wheat subsidy had also been a great help. He observed that for 10 years annually prior to this war he lost money annually.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Mar   IMPORTANCE of SALVAGE stressed by Capt Gillmore of the Ministry of Supply.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Mar   GIRL at LOWESTOFT in Court for absenting herself from essential work. She had failed to turn up for work for half the working hours. She was fined £5 on each of three counts. She could have been sent to prison for nine months.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Mar   PRISONER OF WAR: Sgt Samuel Searle, of the Royal Artillery, of 5 New Road, has been moved to another prisoner of war camp. He was captured in the early months of the war.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Mar   WVS HOUSEWIVES SERVICE was formed a few weeks ago. They had a lecture from Mrs GAB Boycott, of Dunburgh, Geldeston. There were 40 present. The Head Housewife is Miss Mabel Field, of Waveney, London Road.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Mar   CENTENARY OF DARBY’S: Founded by Samuel Darby in the early days of Queen Victoria, the timber merchants had continued through five reigns. Proposing a toast to the “Firm”, the Mayor said, “It is no mean thing for a firm to be carried on for a hundred years by members of one family. To me it is a matter of regret to see these fast diminishing old family firms passing out of existing, and I congratulate this firm upon holding its own in these days, when I am sure there are many who would like to swallow it up.”

                                             Major Darby said his grandfather, Samuel Darby, the founder carried on the firm for forty years. While he did not know him there were three men present who did, they having given over 50 years service to the firm. He was succeeded by Major Darby’s uncle, Mr Edward Darby, and his father, Mr Albert Darby, hence the name Darby Bros.  In due course, his cousin, the late Mr Ernest Darby, and himself had completed the century.

                                             Mr Ernest Gilding had done 58 years service with the firm and was still with them, having started at the age of 13. Mr Arthur Swain had done 52 years service.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Apr     COUNCIL: HOUSING:

                                             1.) The Council applied to the Ministry for permission to purchase 21.75 acres abutting on Sandy Lane, Rigbourne Hill and Castle Hill, with the intention of building 200 houses over the first two post-war years.

                                             2.) Tradesmen recommended for the next quarter; bricklayer, Betts; blacksmith, Denny; carpenter, Simmons; wheelwright, Brand; stationer, Esling; grocer,, Haines Read; painter, Boyce; ironmonger, Torbell; harness-maker, Keely.

                                             3.) The island in the centre of Old Market be retained and another tree be planted immediately and properly protected, although four trees had been destroyed there consecutively.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Apr     BANK PROMOTION: Mr HE Faulke, has been promoted chief cashier at Barclays Bank, Harleston. He came to Beccles in 1936 from Norwich. He has served as a Civil Defence Warden and in the Home Guard.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Apr     DIED of WOUNDS: Cpl Anthony Rose, whose parents live at Castle Hill, and his wife, of Gorleston, have been informed that he died of wounds in Italy, He was 27 and had been in the army four years.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Apr     COASTAL AREA from the Wash to Lands End to be a banned area for journeys. Those not normally resident there are forbidden to visit them. – with certain exceptions. Most of East Suffolk is within this area.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Apr     BRIGADIER Hugh Napier TROLLOPE, DSO, MC, honoured for gallant and distinguished service in Sicily a CBE.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Apr     DEATH: Mr William Youell, aged 80, of 12 Mill Terrace, well sinker and wood pump maker. He leaves a widow, eight sons and four daughters. Five of the sons served overseas in the Great War, and all returned.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Apr     DEATH of Mrs Frances E Skevens, aged 78, of 18 Station Road. She was the widow of Mr SL Skevens, head of Masters and Skevens, builders’ merchants, who died in 1925.

                                             Like her husband she was a loyal supporter of St Michael’s Church, and was interested in the Mother’s Union.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Apr   WEDDING of Lt George Whitaker, of Weobley, Herefordshire and Miss Margaret Fowler, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs W Fowler, of Claremont, Fair Close, who is quartermaster’s secretary, at a Red Cross Establishment for London children near Weobley.

                                             The bride’s father is a businessman and has been Churchwarden for some years, and is secretary of the Beccles YMCA Red Triangle Club.

                                             The bridegroom was taken prisoner in Libya, and flown to Italy. When Italy capitulated he made good his escape from the camp and after a 700-mile journey on foot reached safety in the American lines. The best man, Capt WW Duncan, was with him during the capture and in the escape.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Apr   CHORAL SOCIETY, augmented by members of the Choir, sang Haydn’s “Passion” in St Michael’s Church on Good Friday.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Apr   WEDDING: Mr Frank Warman, of London & Miss Vera Shiplee, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs EB Shiplee, of 64 Fair Close. A reception followed at Oakleigh House, Blyburgate, lent by Mrs William C McLaren, the bride’s former employer.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Apr   WARSHIP WEEK PLAQUE: This is now in the Town Hall.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Apr   DEATH of Mr David Jude, aged 84, of St Mary’s Road, Beccles, who for more than 40 years was Relieving Officer, Inspector of Nuisances and School Attendance Officer

1944     Beccles & Bungay 22 Apr   SOLDIERS HOUSEBREAKING: Thomas Melvin sent to prison for one year, George Cashmore nine months. [see: 4 March 1944.]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 22 Apr   WEDDING: Mr Cecil White, of Beccles, and Miss Barbara Fisher, of Sotterley.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 22 Apr   COUNCIL:  The Ministry of Health is reorganising the Housing Authorities. Beccles would now come under Norwich area.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Apr   WEDDING: Seaman BD Fairbanks, of London, & Miss V Harvey, of Beccles. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Apr   WEDDING: Lt-Com Archibald Harkness, OBE, DSO, RNR of Ayr, and Miss Elizabeth E Martin, second daughter of Waveney Lodge, Northgate. She was given away by her brother-in-law, Capt CE Montagu. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Apr   STORES STOLEN by five boys aged 11 to 16. Tins of food were stolen by boys from the emergency food supply stores kept under the stage of a building in Beccles. The door of the building was not locked. Mr Walter V Rivett, of 53 Denmark Road was responsible for periodic inspections, and discovered the loss. They were put on probation.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Apr   WEATHER RECORDS of Orlando Whistlecraft, of Thwaite, in the 19th century - extracts given.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 6 May    WEDDING: Supply PO Frederick Crone, RN, of London, & Miss Hilda Pooley, WRNS, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs W Pooley, of 11 Alexandra Road. A contingent of WRNS formed a guard of honour. [PHOTO page 1] 30 guests attended a reception at the 3 Bees Café.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 6 May    SALUTE THE SOLDIER WEEK, will be opened on 3rd of June by Dame Katharine H Jones, matron-in-chief of Queen Alexandra’s Military Nursing Service. Although born in India, she spent much of her life at Beccles, to which she came as an infant, with her mother, Mrs Grace Wilton Jones. She is the first cousin to Mr SW Rix, Clerk to the local Bench & Wainford District Council.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 6 May    FIRE at SHIPMEADW: A smokehouse belonging to Mr Frank Galer, of Hillcrest, Shipmeadow burnt down.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 6 May    RETIREMENT of Mr Reginald P Ward, of 42 Station Road, employed as a Clerk in the Parcels Office, at Beccles Railway Station, for the last 26 years. He had served the GER and LNER for 47½  years. A presentation was made by the Stationmaster, Mr VE Turner.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 6 May    WILL of Mrs MI Burton, of Ballygate House, Ballygate, widow of Frank Burton, solicitor, left £22,392. She was at one time Dame President of the Primrose League and a former Mayoress of Yarmouth.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 13 May  FLOWERS STOLEN by a boy and girl of 9 years of age from the garden of Mrs Rosalind Lawrance, 35, Station Road. They left the garden in a “disgraceful condition”, they had taken 20 tulips. Since the protective railings were removed the police have received complaints about continual damaged caused by children running in and stamping about on the front gardens of houses. The children were fined and bound over.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 13 May  MATRON of the Hospital leaving:  Miss Phyllis Sutton, who has been Matron for four years is taking a similar position at Bromsgrove Cottage Hospital.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 13 May  DEATH of Rev CH Winter, aged 83, of the Moorings, Waveney Road, for 25 years he was rector of Reymerston, near Hingham, until his retirement in 1924. He had been in Beccles for 9 years, living at first at Cliff House, Ballygate.

                                             He was born at Litcham, educated at Aldenham and Clare College Cambridge, BA in 183, MA 1886, ordained priest in 1890.. He was Curate at Barnham Broom, Mulbarton and Kenilworth, then Rector of Eastwick, Herts until 1899. He played football for Norfolk and was elected Captain of the side in 1890.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 20 May  DEATH of Mr Thomas H Ward, aged 79, at Guist, Grove Road. He was an employee of Clowes for 62 years, starting as a compositor’s apprentice at the age of 13½. 20 years later he was promoted to the reader’s department, where he remained until his retirement. Much of the matter he had to deal with was of a technical and legal nature.

                                             In his younger days he was a well-known sportsman. He served as Captain of the Caxton cricket team for 11 years. He was an outstanding rugger player as fullback, and also played for Suffolk County. Owing to injury he retired in 1893, and became a soccer umpire. He leaves a widow, a son and a daughter. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 20 May  WHITE HORSE INN, New Market, was struck by lightning in the second of two thunderstorms on Friday. Mr WE Tooke, the licensee, said there was a terrific crack. He found that the brickwork of the stack had been split, but the worst part of the incident was clearing up the large quantity of soot brought down.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 20 May  WEDDING: Sgt Mobbs & Miss B Bates at the Methodist Church [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 20 May  COUNCIL:

                                             1.) MINISTRY of WORKS proposes to erect a social Centre for Service personnel in Frederick’s Road. The Surveyor, Mr CL Hamby submitted a block plan of the building. [This did not happen?]

                                             2.) ALSO a recreation room for the Civil Defence Rescue Party at the rear of 24 Station Road

                                             3.) CATTLE should not be taken by drovers across the disused cemetery in Blyburgate on the way to the Railway Station.

                                             4.) HOUSING SITES for use after the end of the war should be chosen and plans made for suitable houses.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 27 May  “RELIGION and LIFE” week at Beccles: The Mayor & Corporation went in state to Beccles Parish Church on Monday evening for the opening. 500 people were present.

                                             On Tuesday the Dean of St Paul’s, London, the Very Rev WR Matthews, DD, Chaplain to the King since 1923, a “great Christian scholar, with a world reputation as writer and broadcaster” spoke on “The Christian Challenge to the Churches.”

                                             Other speakers during the week included Mrs AEJ Rawlinson, wife of the Bishop of Derby, who addressed a women’s meeting at the Congregational Church, and Mr Herbert Elvin, an ex-president of the TUC.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 27 May  WEDDING: Mr Gerald Suckling, RN, son of Mr & Mrs M Suckling, Braintree, and Miss Carilla P Smith, daughter of Mr & Mrs GW Smith of Beccles. The bridegroom was in Naval uniform, and his brother Capt JD Suckling, was best man. The bride was formerly employed at Messrs Clowes, but moved to a business at Braintree.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jun     “RELIGION and LIFE”: Parade of Youth Organisations: Girl Guides under Capt Ivy Paddle; St John’s Ambulance, Air Training Corps under Flying Officer Johnston Browne; Cadets under Lt OK Bell, and the Commanding Officer, Col FH Kelf & Major GS Odam. Parties also under Rev EG Bevan (Rector of Loddon) & Rev WL McCormick (Rector of Gillingham). Talk by Rev Pat Keating (Vicar of Didcot) on “The Christian Challenge to Youth”.

                                             Station Road Methodist Church was the venue for parents, teachers and youth leaders when Dr JW Skinner, Headmaster of Culford School addressed them on “The religious Education of the Child.” Dr Leslie Wood, Headmaster of Sir John Leman High School took the Chair.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jun     SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL SPORTS: The outstanding performance was that of 17 year-old Arthur Pye, beating the 100 yards record set 23 years before. He beat the 1923 performance of Reginald Tricker in the long jump of 1923. He is the elder son of Councillor Albert Pye, and is going to Goldsmith’s College, Nottingham in September.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jun     BECCLES POLICE including 30 members of the regular, war reserve and special police visited a bomber station of the United States Army Air Force. They were accompanied by Major ARM Darby, (commanding officer), and Capt FP Glover, of Beccles Company of the Home Guard. The visit was arranged by Deputy Section Officer GH Lawson,  of the Special Constabulary.

                                             The object was to learn the quickest and best ways of rescuing crews of a Liberator aircraft in the event of an emergency.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jun     DEATH of Mrs Ellen Read, aged 90, of Debenham House, Upper Grange Road, the widow of Mr JW Read of Debenham.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jun     METHODIST CHURCH STATION ROAD was packed to capacity, on the visit by a coloured choir belonging to the United States Army.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jun     PROPERTY SALE: by Messrs George Durrant:

                                             LOT 1.) No 18 Station Road by executors of Mrs FE Skevens, who lived there for many years, until her death.

                                             Containing Hall, 2 Reception and 4-5 bedrooms, and usual offices, small Garden.

                                             Purchased by Mrs Wood-Hill for £1,325.

                                             LOT 2.) No 20 Gosford Road, for Mrs R Hinsley, who has left the town. A freehold brick and slate house, containing 2 sitting rooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, with small Garden.

                                             Purchased by Mr CW Betts for Mrs Lowe, of Frederick’s Road for £575.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jun     1530 WILL of John Rychers

1944     THE WAR: Tues 6 Jun       WAR NEWS: “D” DAY LANDINGS in NORMANDY

1944   Beccles & Bungay 10 Jun   “SALUTE THE SOLDIER”: Dame Katherine Jones, Matron-in-Chief of Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Service, taking the salute outside the Town Hall on Saturday 3rd of June [PHOTO page 1]. Among those attending was Miss Lottie Jones, her sister. A guard of honour was formed of the St John’s Ambulance Brigade, and the British Red Cross. The civic party comprised the Mayor and Mayoress, Mr PC Loftus, Deputy Mayor (Alderman Hindes), Mrs Henry Wood-Hill (Commandant Red Cross), Miss E Tedder (Superintendent St John’s Ambulance), Lt-Col Granville Baker (Military Welfare Officer), Alderman WH Simmons, Councillors GF Robinson, Rear-Admiral Johnson, AE Pye, EW Swindells, AT Bent, Capt FC Poyser, EC Ulph and Mrs VL Garrod, Mr W Bryan Forward (Town Clerk), Mr CL Hamby (Surveyor), Mr WS Clark (Accountant), Mr W Clark (Sergeant-at-Mace). Inspector Wm T Bryant, and the Rector (Rev HL Birch).

                                             This was the fourth great National Savings Drive of the war, with an objective of £75,000, the cost of maintaining a medical unit for a year. Dame Katherine Jones said: “There is in the whole world no place to which I come back with more pleasure than Beccles. - Their money would not be expended on guns, shells, and planes, which, of course, were highly necessary, but for the return to them of something more precious. It would help to restore to them the lives of men of their own town and of many more throughout the country.”

                                             Mr Loftus, MP said that they were, “on the eve of the greatest military undertaking in all history.”

                                             In the evening the Cadet Company, under Capt Hector Hadingham staged the mounting of the guard in The Walk.  The Home Guard presented L du Garde Peach’s “According to Plan” in the Public Hall. Proceeds will go the Prisoners of War Fund. [PHOTO 24 June 1944 page 1]

                                             On Sunday there was a parade for a drumhead service held in the paddock of Roos Hall, by the Kindness of Major and Mrs Walter D Robinson. In the evening there was community hymn singing in The Walk led by the Salvation Army.

                                             On Monday evening there were boxing contests at the Area School, which attracted a large audience. There was also an American Bowls Tournament in which 48 players took part.

                                             On Tuesday there was a demonstration by the National Fire Service. On Wednesday there was another bowls tournament and a dance at the Caxton Pavilion. On Thursday there was a whist drive at the Caxton Pavilion. On Friday there was a seven-a-side football match.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jun    AWARD for COLONEL BROOKS: Colonel Reginald Womack Brooks, TD, Colonel-Commandant Army Cadet Force Suffolk. [PHOTO page 5] He is Chairman of the Beccles British Legion. He is the elder son of the late Mr and Mrs Womack Brooks. He retired from the Army in 1930 after 25 years service, but still under the age of 40. He joined the Cadet Corps as a gunner, and was later given a commission in that unit. In 1912 he transferred to the 3rd East Anglian (Howitzer) Brigade, RA, and mobilised with them on 4th of August 1914. During the Great War he served in France, Palestine & Syria, being slightly wounded on two occasions. In 1916 he was promoted Captain, and early in 1916 Major, being temporarily in charge of his Brigade for three months of that year. He was in command of a Battery in the Army of Occupation.

                                             He took part in the three battles of Gaza and was also present at Beersheba, Jaffa, the crossing of the Auja, and was a Captain in one of the first Batteries to enter Jerusalem in December 1917. He commanded a Battery in General Allenby’s final advance and his unit was one of those selected to be in the van with the cavalry.

                                             He was demobilised on 4th of August 1919, and in 1920 was asked to raise and command his old Battery. It was one of the first to reach establishment, doing so in less than a year. In 1926 he was given command of the 106th Suffolk Field Brigade, RA, and after completing four years in charge retired automatically. He received the Territorial Decoration in 1925. His work was entirely voluntary.

                                             After his retirement in 1930 he carried on with the Army Cadet Force and restarted the local Battery. In 1935 he was appointed Colonel Commandant for Suffolk, a position he has filled ever since. Last month he completed 40 years continuous service with the ACF, having joined in 1904. [He was baptised in May 1890].

1944     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jun    KNIGHTHOOD for Alfred J Munnings, the President of the Royal Academy.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jun    LIBERAL CANDIDATE at the next General Election: Lt Matthew Crosse, RNVR. Aged 30, was before the war a public relations consultant. Joined the Navy as an ordinary seaman in 1940.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jun    SALUTE THE SOLDIER WEEK: Over £100,000 raised at Beccles.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jun    WEDDING: Flying-Officer Bernard Woolfson, of Beccles, and Miss Maureen Clark of Perth.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jun    AWARD: Pte Albert E Shiplee, of 18 Ingate, who is serving in Italy, has been awarded the Military Medal. His wife is a full-time member of Beccles NFS. He is the youngest son of Mr & Mrs EJ Shiplee of Grove Road. He has been in the army about 18 months. He went overseas a year ago and fought in Sicily before going to Italy. He is a painter, decorator and plumber by trade.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jun    BOOK PUBLISHED shortly before “Sting-Fish and Seafarer” by Dr H Muir Evans, of St Mary’s Road, recounts his experiences in the Great War, including being stung by jellyfishes at Dunkirk.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jun    PLANTS for Medicinal purposes wanted: stinging nettles, the leaves of the coltsfoot and burdock, and the flowers of the lime and elder. All plants must be dried immediately they are collected.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jun    MEN INJURED by collision of lorries in Norwich: William Horwood, the driver and Gordon Murray, who was detained in hospital.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jun    BARSHAM RECTOR: Rev Geoffrey Soden, at present Vicar of Searby, Lincs, to become Rector of Barsham. He is the eldest son of Rev JE Soden, who has been Rector of Horam, near Eye, since 1900, also being patron of the living. His grandfather and great-grandfather were also East Anglian country parsons. He was born in 1902, educated at Roydon Hall & King’s Canterbury, and Lincoln College Oxford, where he took his MA in 1929. He is a bachelor, was chaplain of the Royal Hospital School, Greenwich, which subsequently moved to Holbrook. While priest in charge of St Cha’s, Devenport, 1932-36 he started a social centre for the unemployed, which had 700 members. Then he was Rector of St James Wednesbury for four years, a large parish in the Black Country. Early in 1940 he offered himself as a chaplaincy to the Forces. The Bishop of Lichfield was unable to spare him. On health grounds he moved to Searby. At one time he was assistant curate at the London Church of St Alban, the Martyr, Holborn, since destroyed in the Blitz, which was the church of which the Rev RA Suckling, previously Rector of Barsham, was Rector.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 24 Jun    COUNCIL:

                                             1.) Proposal to include Worlingham and Ellough in the borders of the town accepted by the Council and would be forwarded to the County Council. [There seems to have been no consultation with the two villages concerned]. The County Planning Officer said that Worlingham and Beccles should be planned together, but this did not effect whether they were separate entities or not. Councillor Admiral Johnson was in favour of a public meeting with the villages, but Councillor Swindells was keen to press ahead and did not like this “reactionary attitude”.

                                             2.) HOUSING: The Ministry of Health saw no objection to the acquisition of the sites of 21.75 acres abutting on Rigbourne Hill and Sandy Way and Castle Hill, and the 5.2 acres at Brick Kiln Farm off London Road. The District Valuer would give a price.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 24 Jun    DEATH of Mr Frank Beckett, of Beccles, aged 71, who was the son of Mr James Beckett, a former Mayor of Lowestoft, was for many years in business in Oulton Broad. He was a prominent Freemason, being a Past Master of Lodge of Unity, No 71, and Past Grand Registrar of the Province of Suffolk.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 24 Jun    HISTORICAL SOCIETY AGM held at Staithe House, Northgate by kind permission of Mrs Henry Wood-Hill. During the winter aspects of the Waveney Valley were studied; geological by Mr W Fowler; ethnological by Dr Muir Evans; agricultural by Mr G Munnings; ecclesiastical by Rev Williams. The President was Lt-Col Granville Baker, Mr RC Dunt, the Secretary, Mr AAE Smith, the Treasurer.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jul      WORLINGHAM RECTOR RETIRES: Rev BH Perrott Smith, is resigning owing to health problems and moving to Fulham. He is a bachelor, and has held the living since 1929, and has been in Holy Orders for nearly 50 years. During his incumbency the Church Hall had been obtained. He was presented with cheques.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 24 Jun    COUNCIL: Mrs VL Garrod reported on her visit to London to inspect the emergency factory-built house prepared by the Ministry of Works. The steel bungalow “with four windows front and back, no windows at all on the sides, and a gently sloping pent roof with overhanging eaves, the outside appearance is not displeasing. It contains five tons of steel, and is intended to last ten years. It has a dining room, two bedrooms, bathroom, lavatory and shed and covers an area of 616 square feet. Inside, there is an entrance hall with one small cupboard for gas metre etc, a hot air cupboard for drying damp clothes, and a lavatory. Etc

                                             Criticisms: These houses have been planned for four, but the children must be of the same sex because there are only two bedrooms. The noise of the steel house is terrific and one wonders how it will affect the nerves of the tenant. Floors were fully covered with a fitted carpet. My greatest disappointment was that there were no facilities for the housewife to do her weekly washing. The sinks are too small and shallow. There is no copper and no room for a washing machine or mangle. Surely in all modern houses these things are a necessity. Then again the house has never been used, or the cooker tried and I feel a practical test is very necessary. The ceilings throughout are barely 7ft high and one has the feeling when inside that they must be made higher to enable one to breathe freely. There is only one door. This naturally opens into the hall, but it will have to be made to swing outwards when a pram has to be taken outside.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jul      ACCIDENT: Mrs Kate Baldwin, a widow, aged 72, of 12a Newgate injured when she walked into the back of a car driven near her home by Mr Frederick John Meen, architect, of Lyngate, Grange Road. She was able to leave hospital the next day.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 1 Jul      DAME KATHARINE JONES to retire as Matron in Chief of Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Service.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      WORLINGHAM MAN writes to Wainford Rural District Council: Mr GA Dodd wrote concerning the statement that Beccles Town Council decided to seek powers to incorporate Worlingham and Ellough into the borough. “It appears that this decision has been arrived at without putting the matter before you to obtain your reactions to the proposal. It seems that the residents and agricultural interests in the parishes concerned are being ignored, and if this is the case, whilst development and progress, dealt with in the proper manner, are beneficial, to start in such a dictatorial manner in these times is, to say the least, incorrect.”

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      HERRING INDUSTRY: Mr PC Loftus, MP, speaking in the House of Commons, about a Bill designed to give grants to firms with fishing vessels, said that he could never forget ten days in October 1934, when the sea off East Anglia was thick with herring. “You could go in a rowing boat and scoop them up with a bucket. While in the streets of Yarmouth there were seven or eight thousand fishermen idle. The harbour was full of fishermen and the sea was full of fish. I believe this Bill will help enormously in ensuring that this will not recur.”

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      RATION BOOKS: The issue of new ration books went very smoothly thanks to the help of unpaid volunteers under Mrs Wood-Hill, with Mrs AH Moyes in the office, while Mr F Bloom dealt withy the numerous queries before applicants got to the issuing table.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      BECCLES SOLDIER in NORMANDY: Sgt Don Forder, whose wife lives at 4 St George’s Road, and parents Mr & Mrs JE Forder, are landlord and landlady of the Caxton Arms. Before the war he was a bookbinder employed by Wm Clowes. He joined the Territorials in April 1939, and the Loyal Suffolk Hussars on 1st of September 1939. For the past year he has served with the Anti-Tank Regiment of an armoured division.

                                             Instead of binding books he now commands a heavy self-propelled anti-tank gun. On his first day in action the troop of which he is troop sergeant was ordered to support the advance of a battalion of Scottish infantry in the heavy fighting around Caen. Advancing in his tank, which is called Black Prince II, Sgt Forder took up his position in a hedge and turned his binoculars on to a group of farm buildings among which German tanks were reported to be hiding. It was not long before a formidable force of Panthers and Tigers burst out of the farm. At a range of close on a mile the deadly 88- millimetre gun of a Panther fired at the Black Prince and missed. The Black Prince fired back – and didn’t miss. The Panther stopped in its tracks, burst into flames, and became a total loss. When another German tank was killed by a second gun of the battery, and others were damaged, the enemy retreated. Later in the afternoon an infantry section commander indicated to Sgt Forder a blockhouse from which heavy machine-gun fire was inflicting casualties on our troops and pinning them down. Three shells from the Black Prince’s giant gun demolished the blockhouse walls, and when about forty survivors came pouring out 500 rounds from the Black Prince’s machine gun wiped them out.

                                             Before Sgt Forder and his crew were relieved their tank was hit by shrapnel from a mortar bomb, which burst in the tree above it. Splinters came through the turret and Sgt Forder was slightly injured in the face. Other mortar bombs burst underneath Black Prince but were powerless against its tough armour. That was Sgt Forder’s first day in battle.

                                             “The boys were cheery and cool all through”, Sgt Forder said. There were four of them: the second-in-command, Bombardier, the layer, a bricklayer from North Cheam, the gunner, a boot and shoe operator from Bristol, the driver, a wood machinist from Sheffield and the wireless operator, a clerk from East Ham. [PHOTO 15 July page 1]

                                             [I think this is the first account of a Beccles soldier fighting in the Second World War reported in the local newspaper]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      TOWNSWOMEN’S GUILD meeting at the Area School, when Mrs David Walker, a member of staff at the Bungay Grammar School, gave a talk on her experiences in Turkey, where she was an art teacher for four and a half years.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      WEDDING: Cpl Arthur Weighell, of Northallerton, Yorks and Miss Olive Richardson, elder daughter of Mr & Mrs C Richardson, of 21 Station Road. The reception was held in the Adult School.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      WEDDING: Lieut Donald Mortimer, of the Royal Veterinary Corps, younger son of Mr & Mrs Horace Mortimer, of 47 Station Road & Miss Joy Hignell of King’s Lynn. Lt Mortimer, an old boy of Sir John Leman School, was in practice at King’s Lynn, as a vet prior to joining the army. His father is a Beccles tradesman.

 1944    Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      WORLINGHAM VILLAGE HALL: About 8 years ago the Rector, Rev BH Perrot Smith, who has recently retired, decided that the Church needed a hall. He said a friend of his would put up £400 towards it. More money was collected and an old structure was bought at an auction for £100. It was a former school hall at Strarston and was erected in a field a short distance from the church

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      WAR NEWS: FLYING BOMBS have so far killed 2,752 people, and 2,754 bombs have been sent from the French coast.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 8 Jul      WEDDING: LAC BA Leach, of London & Miss Joyce Brown of Beccles. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jul     DEATH of Miss Fanny C Johnson, MA, Lecturer Emeritus at Bedford College, University of London. She spent her younger days in the borough, which she frequently visited. She was the sister of Miss EM Johnson, of Stratford Cottage, Old Market. She was educated at Bedford College from 1894 and returned there, as lecturer in 1909, from 1918-1933 she was Head of the Department of French Language and Medieval Literature.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jul     HISTORICAL SOCIETY: The Headmaster of the Sir John Leman School, Dr Leslie Wood, gave a talk on “Reflections – personal literary and historical – of an amateur gardener.” At the home of Mrs E Hartley in the Old Market Score

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jul     ROAD ACCIDENT CLAIM won by Mr Frank H Reynolds, a builder of Newgate who sued W Greenwood, of Norwich, a haulage contractor for £15. Mr Reynolds’ car was struck by a lorry belonging to Mr Greenwood, which was driving in the middle of the road. The driver of the lorry was “a woman” [no name was given].

1944     Beccles & Bungay 15 Jul     PRISONERS OF WAR in Japanese hands:

                                             1.) Pte Alfred Parnell, RAMC, son of Mr & Mrs F Parnell, of 18 Smallgate, was captured at the fall of Singapore. They received their third card from him dated 10 December.

                                             2.) Pte Alec Bond, of the Cambridgeshire Regiment, son of Mr & Mrs EC Bond, of 54 Blyburgate was captured at the fall of Singapore. They received two cards from him after two and a half years silence. Prior to joining the Army, Pte Bond was a member of the East Suffolk Special Constabulary. In peacetime he helped his father in the corn merchant’s business.

                                             3.) Pte SR Fiske, of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, youngest son of Mr & Mrs F Fiske, of 100 St George’s Road, is in a prisoner-of-war camp in Thailand

1944   Beccles & Bungay 22 Jul    COUNCIL: EVACUEES FROM LONDON WELCOMED who were moving on account of the menace to their homes caused by the Flying Bombs: “It was a marvellous piece of organisation and went off perfectly smoothly.” Said the Mayor, about the arrival of 436 schoolchildren accompanied by 46 teachers from a London district arranged by Mr WS Clark, the Chief Billeting Officer. Mr Clark said that the office staff, with volunteers, worked late for several nights preparing instructions and examining survey reports and lists of billets. There were five rest centres (the Sir John Leman School, The Area School, Peddar’s Lane School and Ravensmere School plus the Station Road Methodist and Baptist Schoolrooms) organised by Mrs Wood-Hill and Mr HAR Hadingham, which were used as dispersal points. He assigned to each an organising billeting officer with a staff of assistants. Ready and willing assistance was given by the teachers accompanying the children, and the arrangement worked quite satisfactorily on the first days of the scheme.

                                             Arrangements at the Station for the arrival of the children were under the control of the Surveyor, who organised a series of buses, cars, ambulances and NFS vehicles. After their four-hour journey they were met at the Station by the Mayor and Mayoress, who helped them line up into classes ready for moving off to rest centres.

                                             Light refreshments were provided from the British Restaurant by Mrs Coney and her staff, with the assistance of Mr EW Swindells. Liaison between the dispersal points and his own office was undertaken by Mr FJ Meen, with the Mayoress and Miss K Tracy, together with messengers provided by the Army Cadet Force. The issue of emergency ration cards and the collection of ration books and identity cards were dealt with by Miss Aldous, the chief assistant, and other members of the Food Office staff. Medical inspection was organised by Dr L Gibson, the MOH, with the assistance of other practitioners and state-registered nurses recruited by the WVS.

                                             It had been necessary to keep open the Baptist Schoolroom dispersal point for the purpose of accommodating and treating minor ailments. The staffing of this place as a hostel had been undertaken voluntarily by State-registered nurses and members of nursing organisations in the town, and the children were being provided with meals from the British Restaurant. It was hoped that it would be possible to close the hostel by Friday by the billeting of these children now fit and the removal of the rest to a Ministry hostel elsewhere in Suffolk. The question of the establishment of a permanent hostel for the accommodation of cases of minor ailments and of difficult children and Rookwood, London Road, had provisionally been selected.

                                             A permanent billeting office had been established on the first floor of the Food Office, Blyburgate, in charge of Mr Frank Hilleary, of Arundel Park Drive, Worlingham, a retired Headmaster of Barnby School.  [PHOTO of  EVACUEES at NORWICH page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 22 Jul     BECCLES TANK: The tank purchased from the 1942 “Tanks for Attack” campaign was reported on by Capt R Sidebottom, Central Mediterranean Forces: “I know that you will be very interested to know that my tank was provide by Beccles MB Summer Savings Campaign 1942. There is a bronze plaque on the tank to that effect. I wish to state that the tank is an extremely satisfactory one and has rendered yeoman service in the campaign up to date. My crew and myself have every confidence in its ability to see us through many a battle yet.”

1944     Beccles & Bungay 22 Jul     RECTOR from PRISONER of WAR CAMP: Rev GR Grundy, Rector of Rollesby, who was repatriated, spoke at the parade of Beccles Division of St John Ambulance Brigade: “They told us in Germany that England was finished. On our march we used to see the bombers go over towards England and boats on eight-wheeled tractors going down to the coast. We wondered what was happening to old England. I never got a letter from my wife for over two years and so we knew nothing except what they told us that England was finished. But now that I have come back I see for myself that England is born again.

                                             In the camp 69 of them were put in a small room that would take eight and there they had to sleep, eat and play. There might be 5ft of snow and they could only go out about an hour and a half a day. They learned to live together and make the spirit of comradeship a real reality. Three and a half years of it was terrible.

                                             When he went out he weighed 13st 8lb, but when he left camp he was 6st 1lb. He had to thank the Red Cross for keeping him going. The pennies of those at home had been very well spent.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jul     FEEDING EVACUEES: East Suffolk Education Committee was told that by the end of this week 4,000 evacuee children would be here. More kitchens and kitchen equipment would be necessary. Teachers were asked to volunteer service.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jul     PROPERTY SALE by Read, Owles & Ashford:

                                             LOT 1.) 12 Lady’s Meadow, a semi-detached house, 2 sitting rooms, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, Main Services, Front & back Gardens. Vacant possession

                                             Purchased Mr TA Aldous, of Flixton for £400

                                             LOT 2.) Darby Road: Pair of Cottages, situated on the outskirts of the town, with large Gardens, let to Messrs Pipe and Warnes, and producing £26 pa.

                                             Withdrawn at £270.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jul     FORMER RESIDENT, Lord Harlech, retiring UK High Commissioner in South Africa, was in Beccles during the Great War lived at Beccles.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jul     TEACHER MOVING: Miss Mearns, who has been teaching English at the Sir John Leman School for nearly a year is moving to an RAF School in Southern England.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jul     NELSON’S Great-Great-Nephew is master of a high-speed launch at an RAF air-sea rescue service in the Middle East. He is Flying-Officer John Suckling, aged 33 of Barsham.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 29 Jul     BECCLES ENLARGEMENT PROPOSAL: East Suffolk County Council discussed the suggestion by Beccles Town Council that Ellough & Worlingham should be included in the borough. Comments: “It is a very grandiose scheme. They are two big parishes.” “They had not heard what the people of the Parishes thought about it.” “A case of robbing your neighbour’s hen-roost. (Laughter). They should know the wishes of the Parishes.”

1944     Beccles & Bungay 5 Aug    COUNCIL:

                                             1.) LETTER from the Ministry of Food praised the British Restaurant.

                                             However the Accountant said that now great, new, demands were being put on the Restaurant by the arrival of evacuees from London. Breakfast was supplied during the weekend for a party of escort teachers who had been unable to find private accommodation on the night of arrival, and for those children temporarily housed at a rest centre. All the kitchen staff offered their services on a voluntary basis on Saturday and Sunday.

                                             2.) The Ministry of Food also said that the interior of the restaurant needed redecoration. The Council agreed to pay for the cost.

                                             3.) PLANNING PERMISSION was granted for a proposed garage for the Co-Op in Gosford Road.

                                             Reconstruction of a pair of houses in Kilbrack by Messrs H & J Poll.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 5 Aug    SUFFOLK CADETS: 200 members of the 3rd Suffolk Cadet Battalion from Beccles, Lowestoft, Southwold, Bungay & Leiston camped in Shrubland Park, near Needham Market, the home of Lord & Lady de Saumorez.

                                             From Beccles the officers present were Lt-Col FH Kelf, the Commanding Officer [of Millbank, London Road] and Captain HR Hadingham, the Adjutant [of 52 Fair Close?]. The mornings were devoted to training and the afternoons to sports and pastimes. The evenings were free, many attending concerts or cinema. On Saturday, the Mayor was amongst the visitors to the camp.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 5 Aug    DEATH of Mr D Clarke, of Sunny View, 38 Ravensmere, aged 68. He had been in Beccles for most of his life. He started in business as a baker and confectioner at Northgate in 1899, and later was sub-postmaster. He retired in 1932. Much of his spare time was devoted to the interests of the borough and for 12 years he was a member of the Town Council. He served as Treasurer of the Salvation Army and was a member of the Band.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Aug   KILLED IN ACTION: Sgt William F Mobbs, aged 23, the eldest son of Mr Frederick Mobbs, of 39 Smallgate, killed in Normandy. He was married in May. He had served in Italy with the Eighth Army. Prior to the war he was employed by Messrs Gun & Hill, Exchange Square, and was a keen member of the Beccles Cadet Corps, in which he held the rank of Regimental Sergeant-Major. [PHOTO page 1 – see also his marriage on 20 May]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Aug   “HOLIDAYS AT HOME” organised by a committee of the Town Council with outside co-operation. It was on a smaller scale than last year. The events were: Beccles Town Swimming Club aquatic sports. Angling matches were organised by Mr P Greengrass. Handicapped sailing matches were arranged by Capt FC Poyser, and Mr AT Bent. The Golf Club held competitions under Mr JNT Cross. The Dell was the venue for community hymn singing on Sunday. There were children’s sports and sideshows were held at the Area School.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Aug   EVACUEES visited by the Mayor & Mayoress of a borough in the London district [Romford, but censorship would not allow the name of the town mentioned] where they met those children who had been evacuated. They stayed at the King’s Head during their four-day visit.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Aug   NORWICH DISTRICT has nearly 20,000 evacuees.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Aug   RAILWAY BANK HOLIDAY traffic included the parents of some of the children evacuated from London. A “fair sprinkling” of Beccles people went to Lowestoft, some cycled to Southwold.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Aug   DEATH of Mr Charles Cornish, aged 68, of 20 Ingate. He was a patternmaker for Messrs Elliott & Garrood, having started with the firm during the Great War. He was a keen member of the old borough fire brigade, retiring with the rank of sub-engineer in April 1930, after 27 years service.  He leaves a widow two sons and four daughters. The eldest of the family is Mr GM Cornish, of 21 Grove Road, who has been employed by Beccles Corporation for many years and was formerly goalkeeper for the Old Beccles Town Football Club. The other son, Mr EW Cornish is serving in Normandy.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 12 Aug   BECCLES UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB AGM: Mr AE Moore, the Secretary, said the first tem played 34 friendlies and one cup match, all except one being on College Meadow. Details were: Won 15, Drawn 3, lost 17. In most cases the opposition consisted of strong Service teams. The chief scorers were B Wilson 16, C Tinner 10, F Crowe 9.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 19 Aug   KILLED on SERVICE: Guardsman Leonard W Bean, aged 30, third son of Mrs FG Bean, of 66 Northgate, has been killed in Italy. He leaves a widow and daughter, who are living in Leeds.

                                             An old boy of the National School, Ravensmere, he enlisted in the Grenadier Guards at the age of 18. He married after serving his time, Called up at the beginning of the war, he went to France with the BEF, and was badly wounded at Dunkirk. While subsequently stationed in London he was injured in an air raid. Last year he was sent to Italy, where he was wounded.

                                             Like his brother, Charles, he used to play for Beccles Town Football team in pre-war days. For nine years he was a member of the Parish Church choir, and only a short time before his death he won a prize for singing in Italy. [PHOTO page 1]

1944   Beccles & Bungay 19 Aug   THREE DAUGHTERS in the WAAF: Mrs Bean, whose son, Leonard Bean, has recently died in Italy, has three daughters serving in the WAAF:  LACW1 Grace Bean, aged 23, has been serving for a couple of years, and previously lived at home with her mother. Cpl Edna Bean, aged 22, left the Norwich drapery shop three years ago, to join up. LACW1 Hilary Bean, aged 21, has been in the Service for two years and is on a balloon site somewhere in this country. In order to enlist she gave up her training as a hospital nurse. [PHOTOS page 1] She has four other daughters, Miss Joan Bean, aged 25, has been on the staff of the emergency feeding depot at Tan Meadow since its opening early last year. Miss Olwyn Bean, aged 18, has been a member of the kitchen staff at Beccles British Restaurant since its inauguration in February 1942. The two other daughters are married and one lives in London and the other in Colchester.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 19 Aug   EVACUEES: Two young mothers and four children, from the London area, whose ages ranged from 15 months to five years arrived at Beccles Police Station at 11 pm, with nowhere to spend the night. Mr WS Clark, the Chief Billeting Officer, and Mr HR Hadingham, the Public Assistance Officer were telephoned. They telephoned Mrs Henry Wood-Hill, centre leader of the WVS, who, with one of her daughters, immediately made her way to the WVS office in New Market, who cut up food and prepared drink for the tired souls. Mr Hamby, the Borough Surveyor, who enlisted the help of a couple of firemen in getting half-a-dozen beds, mattresses and blankets put up in the office. Mr Clark drove them to their temporary home, while a couple of members of the Special Constabulary trundled prams and suitcases through the town. Never, they agreed, had they had such an unusual duty. In the morning they were driven to a village near Halesworth, where the father of one of the mothers was staying.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 19 Aug   THE SUFFOLK REGIMENT is part of a Division used as an assault force on D day, attacking the shore west of Custreham. A Brigade of the Regiment pressed forward from the coast and, during D day itself, reached Collaville-sur-Orne, several miles from the sea. The Regiment was speedily engaged in action, going into the attack west of the River Orne and north of Caen. It met with stiff resistance in the Cambes area, where its formation for some time held its own and later advanced against elements of the 21st Panzer Division.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 19 Aug   GALLANT ACTION: AB Robert E Davey, fourth son of Mrs Ethel Davey, and the late Mr Walter Davey, of 34 Ingate has been awarded the BEM. [PHOTO page 1]

                                             He saved a ship loaded with inflammable octane spirit by picking up an incendiary bomb, which had pierced the engine-room, and throwing it overboard. The bomb had come to rest near the port engine, severing the petrol connections. Davey, who was in another ship alongside, clambered down into the engine-room, seized the bomb, climbed on deck, and threw it away. Had the bomb exploded the ship would have been lost and a depot ship alongside endangered.

                                             An old boy of Peddar’s Lane Council Junior School, under Mr JS Palmer, aged 38, started work at Castle Flour Mills. At 16 he worked on a Lowestoft fishing smack. Several years ago he joined the Royal Merchant Navy, and his voyages have taken him to all parts of the world. He used to serve under Cat David Simpson, MBE, of Beccles, who lost his life through enemy action in August 1940.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 19 Aug   WAR NEWS: NEW INVASION OF FRANCE by an American, British and French Army on beachheads between Nice and Marseilles.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 26 Aug   WAR NEWS: PARIS LIBERAED by PATRIOTS

1944     Beccles & Bungay 26 Aug   HOME GUARD visits USAAF bomber station. [PHOTO page 1] They are seen in front of a Liberator, with Major ARM Darby, MC, their commanding officer in the centre.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 26 Aug   DEATH of Mr Charles Warnes, aged 77, of 61 Denmark Road. He used to be a member of Beccles Town Council, served for 47 years with the old GER and LNER. Of that time 40 years were spent in the borough. He joined the GER in 1884 at Somerleyton Station as a lad porter. Three years later he was promoted to the rank of porter-signalman, when a new box was built at the station. For two years he was at St Olaves as signalman, and after a brief period at Lakenheath, was transferred to Beccles swing bridge in a similar capacity. After ten years he moved to Beccles South box at the railway station for 30 years. He retired in 1932, when he reached the age limit. For 27 years he was secretary of the local branch of the NUR. He was a co-opted member of the Town Council during the Great War for four years. He was again in office as a nominee of the Trades Council and Labour Party from November 1929 for three years. He was defeated in subsequent elections. He leaves a widow and three sons and three daughters. [PHOTO page 5]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 26 Aug   REMOVAL OF COASTAL BAN from the Wash to Lymington, Hants is being lifted from today (Friday).

1944     Beccles & Bungay 26 Aug   FOUR GENERATIONS of a Beccles family: Mrs MJ Carsey, 1 Darby Road, her daughter, Mrs Ellen M Byles, her grandson, Cpl EW Byles, and her great-granddaughter, Jane A Byles. [PHOTO page 1]

1944   Beccles & Bungay 2 Sep     PADDLING AT LOWESTOFT: Deprived of the pleasures of the beach for four summers, children now bathe and paddle at Lowestoft [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Sep     WITH THE ARMY in NORMANDY: Three Beccles soldiers: Gnr AA Harper, of 43 Denmark Road has met his cousin, BQMS C Andrews, of Beccles in France. He has also met Sgt Claude Forder, of Beccles, whom he saw last when training in Scotland.

                                             Gnr Harper is a Bren gunner, and before the war worked with Messrs William Clowes, and is keeping his hand in during off duty spells by framing snapshots and photographs and making greetings cards.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Sep     DEATH of Mrs Florence Youell, aged 62, wife of Mr Herbert Youell, of 40 Fair Close. She was the first matron at the police station. Mr Youell was a former member of the Town Council.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Sep     TOWNSWOMEN’S GUILD: Held in the riverside garden of Mrs E Hartley, Old Market Score, Mrs I Pagan presiding. The programme arranged by the Mayoress (Mrs Allden Owles) the President, included competitions and recitations by Miss Ann Glew. A pirate scene was acted on the water by the Mayor, Miss Glew and Master B Bent.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Sep     COMMISSIONED OFFICER: Mr & Mrs S Titman of Ringsfield Road received a cable from their only son, LAC Eric Titman, who for the last year has been training in Canada, stating that he has won his wings and also has been awarded a commission. An old boy of the Sir John Leman School, he joined the RAF on New Year’s Day, 1943, having previously been on the staff at the East Suffolk CC Offices at Saxmundham. He belonged to the Sir John Leman School & Saxmundham Flights of the Air Training Corps.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Sep     WAR NEWS: D DAY DESCRIPTION by Ronald W Edmunds of Bungay. [page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Sep     NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER held on 3 September 1944 commemorating the fifth year of the commencement of the war. [PHOTO page 1]. The salute was taken, after the service, by a Group Captain of the RAF.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Sep     VC FOR WENHASTON MAN: CSM Peter Harold Wright, Coldstream Guards, for acts of gallantry at Salerno on 23rd of September 1943.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Sep     WEDDING: BSJ Mills, Leading Steward, of Lowestoft, and Miss G Walker, of Beccles [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Sep     WEDDING: Pte Stanley Taylor, of Jericho, Lancs and Miss Vera Tonkes, daughter of Mr & Mrs WN Tonkes, of 3 Gresham Road. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Sep     CANON BARON-SUCKLING, late of Barsham Rectory: Grant of Probate on settled land valued at £11,000. Unsettled Estate already valued at £10,450, making a total of £21,450.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Sep     CHOIR BOY CRICKETERS: Mr AE Groom, the Parish Church organist and choirmaster has formed a cricket team of the choirboys. In a match against Ina Bell’s XI, the choir won by 10 runs. Patrick got 37 of the choir’s 50 runs and took five wickets for 13 runs. Woodward secured three wickets at the expense of 21 runs.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Sep     FORMER CURATE: Rev WH Miller, a former Curate of Beccles, is serving as a chaplain with the Forces in India.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Sep     WEDDING: Sgt Hugh Turner, Royal Corps of Signals, of Bexhill-on-Sea, and Pte Daisy A Long, ATS, daughter of Mr & Mrs WH Long, Crown & Anchor, Ballygate, Beccles

1944   Beccles & Bungay 16 Sep   ROMFORD EVACUEES with their Mayor & Mayoress & the Mayor & Mayoress of Beccles. [PHOTO page 1] at a Gala Day provided by the Beccles Co-Op. Over 1400 children of school age, both evacuees and residents from the area, enjoyed the day. There were sports, races and games. Horse and pony riding were popular features. After tea a concert was given by the National Fire Service. Talent contests provided fun for everyone. There were 400 evacuated to Beccles and 200 to Bungay.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 16 Sep    DEATH of Canon RA Bignold, 46 years of Rector at Carlton Colville.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 16 Sep    WEDDING: Mr E Garwood, of Loddon, and Miss J West, of Beccles.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 16 Sep    DEATH of Miss PJ West, aged 23, daughter of Mr & Mrs F West, 87 Ingate. She worked in the bindery department at Messrs Clowes, and latterly at Messrs Murphy Radio Works at Welwyn Garden City.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 16 Sep    WEDDING: Cpl Andrew Tooth, USAAF of New Jersey, and Miss Joyce Coates, only daughter of Mrs Forder, of 55 Grove Road, .

1944     Beccles & Bungay 16 Sep    GOLDEN WEDDING: Mr & Mrs WE Downing, of Longlands, Upper Grange Road. They were married on 13 September 1894, at Martyr’s Memorial Church.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Sep    MAYOR DESIGNATE: Rear-Admiral Cyril Sheldon Johnson, DSO. [PHOTO page 1] of Meadowcroft, Ringsfield Road, where he has lived since he retired from the Navy in January 1937. He was returned at the top of the poll when he first stood for the Town Council the following November. A Churchman, he holds various offices, including membership of the Diocesan Board of Finance. He is President of Beccles YMCA and Chairman of the Horticultural Society, Allotment Holders Association and Rabbit and Poultry Club.

                                             He entered the Navy in 1900 and served in all parts of the world. In the Great War he was secretary to Admiral Sturdee, and was present at the battles of the Falkland Islands and Jutland, being twice mentioned in dispatches, created DSO and awarded the Russian Order of St Stanislas. After the war he saw considerable Foreign Service as Fleet Accountant Officer in the West Indies, China and the Mediterranean, and RNO at Colombo. He finished his career with home service at Plymouth as Port Accountant Officer and Port Librarian.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Sep    COUNCIL: 

                                             1.) SUGGESTION to Ministry of Home Security: Street Lighting of 15-watt lamps to be provided by the Electricity Supply Company at vital points in the centre of the town, which can remain on during an air raid warning. Mr HA Taylor, a councillor, who is in the electrical trade, showed adaptors suitable to be used. A sub-committee to decide which of the 176 peacetime lamps should be illuminated.

                                             2.) EVACUEES: The number of evacuees billeted in the borough on 31 August was 627, made up of 391 unaccompanied children, belonging to the official party, 49 others by private arrangement, 67 mothers, 94 children accompanied by mothers and 26 aged persons and invalids.

                                             Mr Clark reported upon Rookwood was taken over as a buffer hostel, 31 Blyburgate as billets, clerical assistance in connection with billeting work, and the services of voluntary billeting officers and the WVS.

                                             The Regional Commissioner, Sir Will Spens, after his recent visit expressed his satisfaction with the reception in the borough of the evacuees.

                                             3.) ALMSHOUSES in Puddingmoor lacking sanitary accommodation should be remedied. The Feoffees should be contacted.

                                             4.) TRADESMEN for the quarter: bricklayer, Betts; blacksmith, Denney; carpenter, Hipperson; wheelwright, Brand; stationer, Spatchett; grocer, Gipson; painter, Boyce; ironmonger, Gunn & Hill; harness maker, Keely.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Sep    SOLDIER IN FRANCE: L/Bdr G Cannell, of Beccles, carrying out maintenance work on the track “idler” of an SP armoured anti-tank gun in France. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Sep    PARISH CHURCH: The preacher at the Harvest Festival was Rev WE Harper, Vicar of St Mary’s, Bungay, a former Curate of Beccles. In the evening Rev HS Verrells preached, another former Curate, who is Rector of Ringsfield.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Sep    WAR NEWS: ALLIES REACH the RHINE

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Sep    EVACUEE PROBLEMS: Mr WS Clark, Chief Billeting Officer, stated that Rookwood was the first buffer hostel opened in Suffolk opened for evacuees. There is accommodation for 18 children and four staff.. No 31 Blyburgate has also been taken over.

                                             EDUCATION: There are now 9 Essex teachers under Mr LK Lucas, who is working out a scheme for accommodation and education this term.

                                             FOOD: The British Restaurant is feeding the evacuees, and the re-issue of ration books and identity cards has been completed.

                                             BILLETS: Much voluntary help has been given in settling into billets by Miss H Woolner, Mr F Bloom & Mr RT Orford.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Sep    LADY LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN, CBE, Dame of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, praised the work of the Beccles section.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Sep    WEDDING: Mr J Austin, RAF, of Beccles and Miss S Rumsby, WAAF, of Aldeby. [PHOTO page 3]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Sep    WAR RESERVE Pc, Arthur E Moore, of Eastway Darby Road, retired in order to assist his elder brother, Mr CJ Moore in the milk business. Pc Moore was previously in the Army and is Secretary of Beccles United Football Club.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Sep    BBC BROADCAST: Mr Charles E Goodey, a Lowestoft newspaper reporter, who lived at 15 Station Road Beccles until recently, broadcast in the BBC’s Country Magazine on Sunday.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Sep    LETTER from Rev WH Miller, a chaplain to the Forces, who used to be curate of Beccles to Rev Harold Birch, the Rector: “We are AOS. Unfortunately I cannot divulge my location, nor the nature of campaign, but you can guess no doubt. Our job is of such a nature that we can carry only the bare essentials and even these weigh one down. It has been a very strenuous time and there have been times when I have been exceedingly exhausted. But it has been a joy and a privilege to do a chaplain’s job under AS conditions. We have recently had a rough time of it and lost killed, wounded and missing many dear chaps. I do not relish the latter part of my job, writing to the bereaved. I had a terribly narrow escape recently and got away with only a slight shrapnel wound over the right eye. One-eighth of an inch lower and I should have lost the right eye for good! All is well now, though. Unfortunately, I lost all my kit and personal possessions, including a beautiful Holy Communion set, my Bible and Prayer Book, photos of my wife, 120 rupees, etc. But what was that compared with the retention of life! The rations have been very good, though we did have two bad patches, having to fast four days and later for three days! Bu now things are better.

                                             The start of the monsoon is a nuisance and makes life in the jungle very tricky.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     DEATH of Mr JAMES S PALMER: A former Headmaster, aged 85, of Peddar’s Lane School for 40 years until his retirement in 1924. Mr & Mrs Palmer left 1 St George’s Road in July 1940, so as to live with their daughter, Mrs Sherris, at Cheshunt. He was born at Yarmouth, educated at the Priory School, became head boy, continued as a pupil teacher and later was appointed first assistant teacher. In 1884 he became Headmaster of Beccles Board School, Peddar’s Lane, following the late Mr AWM Buscall, who was the first master appointed by Beccles School Board when it took over the British School in 1872. In 1903 the school was taken over by the East Suffolk County Council and Mr Palmer continued as Headmaster until March 1924, having completed over 50 years teaching.

                                             He was a Churchwarden, and Bible Class teacher for a great many years. He was a member of the Town Council. He leaves a widow and a daughter. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     WAINFORD RURAL DISTRICT: ELECTRICITY a necessity in Wainford Area after the war. It was agreed that underground lines would be best, but this must not stand in the was of progress.

                                             OBJECTION by some Worlingham residents about the plans of Beccles to incorporate Worlingham into the borough, without their consent. Mr E Reeve, the Parish Representative said he had not heard a single word about the protest.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     WEDDING: Bdr Stanley Pollard, RA, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Pollard, of 10 Newgate and Miss Mary Vilheisen, of Thorshaven, Faroe Islands, daughter of a local tradesman. Bdr Pollard, aged 23, has been stationed in the Faroes for three years. At the outbreak of war he joined up with a local anti-tank unit. Previously he was employed at Beccles head Post-Office as a telegraph boy, and in his absence has been established as a postman. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     TOWNSWOMEN’S GUILD: When Mrs GS Odham returned after three months’ absence, she was presented by Mrs RH Frith with a silver serviette ring for her baby son.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     PROPERTY SALE at the Public Hall by Messrs Read, Owles & Ashford:

                                             LOT 1.) 18 Wembley Avenue, by direction of Mr FA Aldrich, a semi-detached house with garden, Two Sitting Rooms, 3 Bedrooms, Bath etc.

                                             Purchased by Mrs SE Grice, for a client, at £710.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     NEW YOUTH CLUB: The former sports pavilion at Homefield, Ballygate, is to be used as a youth centre for girls between the ages of 14 and 21. It will be in use on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings for dancing, games, sports, drama and talks.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     EVENING SERVICES: With the modification of the black-out restrictions, Sunday evening services are again being held at St Michael’s. In the event of an air raid while a service is in progress, all the lights will be extinguished except one,

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     BOY SOLOIST: Colin Reed, a youthful member of St Michael’s Choir is to render Mendelssohn’s “Hear My Prayer” on Sunday morning.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     WEDDING: Mr Michael McGilley, of Canterbury and Miss Margaret Haylett, of Beccles.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 7 Oct     SUFFOLK REGIMENT on D DAY: The men were landed at the right beach at the right time. The beach resembled a shambles. Men were lying about waiting to get off, tanks and carriers were either burning or moving about rather helplessly, as it was apparent that as yet no gaps had been made. The Germans were shelling and mortaring the beach and water’s edge and several craft were hit. The men waded through about thirty yards of water up to their waists and the next fifteen minutes were described as “like a nightmare” with troops crouching down behind any cover they could find, wrecked vehicles, etc, and hoping for the best.

                                             Although the whole Battalion was on the narrow beach – about thirty yards – and everyone close together, there were probably not more than a dozen casualties. Each company had its allotted task. C Company had no difficulty in clearing a village about a mile and a half inland, and a battery of 105mm guns surrendered to B Company before they attacked. A Company, however were unable to get into their strong-point – a regimental headquarters – for several hours, during which two platoons were pinned to the ground and unable to move. Flails were eventually used to enable tanks to get in and deal with the positions holding up the men of the Regiment. A and C Companies mopped up. The German Regimental Commander lost his life, a certain number of his men surrendered and a few fought on until they were killed. The action cost the lives of Capt RG Ryley, A Company Commander, Lt T Tooley, one of his Platoon Commanders, and about a dozen men, killed and wounded.

                                             It was an unforgettable sight when the Airborne Division landed at 9 pm. With the Luftwaffe conspicuously absent, the main opposition to the landing came from light antiaircraft guns from the houses on the beach, which had been in our hands since the morning. Next day it was found that the Germans had left dozens of snipers behind, but they were not accurate shots. These men were hard to spot and the task of trying to locate them entailed considerable time and trouble. The cover provided by the RAF was magnificent and the fighters gave a hot reception to the Luftwaffe, when it did become more active. The local inhabitants appeared quite pleased when the battalion moved to a new area two days after landing. On the following day they moved out of this village to attack at 2.30 pm, but it never materialised owing to strong enemy positions on the flank. Heavy shell and mortar fire was encountered and it was here the Colonel was wounded and the Intelligence Officer Lt P Kelville killed. D Company, which was in a hot spot, also had some casualties. Swooping low over the battlefield, a squadron of German fighters received a pasting from Bren guns and rifles. Strangely enough, they did not seem interested in the men of the Suffolk Regiment, even though a company laid in the middle of a large open field. The Battalion dug in for the night and C Company sent patrols right among the enemy positions, but came back with little or nothing to report.

                                             A wood into which the Unit moved on D plus 4 Day proved their home for the next ten days. Little was seen of the enemy. They don’t go in for the habit, as we do, of strolling about casually in full view. The next day opened with a bad bout of shelling for C Company, who sustained several casualties, including the death of Lt Tribe. From D plus 6 Day to D plus 16 Day the Battalion remained in the same position. The noise never stopped, guns and mortars being in action day and night. The Suffolk Battalion continued in good spirits. Discipline and morale were high. They were shelled occasionally, but everyone was well dug-in and there were few casualties. The air cover was tremendous. Including among the Germans’ anti-aircraft defences were some heavy guns, which fired at low flying planes and the shells burst just above the heads of the Suffolk Regiment. Up to this date the Battalion had suffered about 67 casualties in killed, wounded and missing, which taking all things into consideration was extremely light. We had been fortunate.

1944   Beccles & Bungay 14 Oct   CIVIL DEFENCE no 8 Platoon of G Company Home Guard, all of whom are Wardens. Lt FJ Meen, (platoon commander), who is also Chief CD Warden for the Beccles Section, 2nd Lt BW Goodin (second in command) and Lt P Canham, G Company’s training officer. Wardens’ duties will be continued after the Home Guard is abolished. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 14 Oct    Gunner Wilfred W West, aged 25, youngest of the large family of Mr & Mrs WE West, of 1 Mill Lane, who escaped from a Prisoner-of war camp in Italy and has now reached home. He was captured at Mersa Matruh, Egypt, in June 1942. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 14 Oct    STREET LIGHTING: a modified form has been put into operation, covering the centre of the town. This does not have to be extinguished during an Air Raid.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 21 Oct    TOWN COUNCIL:

                                             1.) FIRE GUARD duties suspended in the borough from 12th of September by the Regional Commissioner, Sir Will Spens

                                             2.) THE BATHING PLACE to be closed. The Medical Officer had analysed the water and found it unsafe.

                                             3.) HOUSING SITES: The sites for post-war houses at Castle Hill, Sandy Lane and Rigbourne Hill should be subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order.

                                             4.) THE RESIGNATION of Mr HA Taylor, a member of the Council since 1937 was received. Some members asked him to reconsider the matter, for he was one of the few elected members of the Council and a tradesman. Mr Taylor still wished to resign. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 21 Oct    WEDDING: Mr Kenneth Harris, RAF, of Beccles and Miss Ellen Linder, ATS of Worlingham.[PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 21 Oct    WEDDING: Mr George TB Slater, of Berkhampstead, and Miss Stella Audrey Ward, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs RP Ward of Station Road. The reception was held in the Three Bees. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 21 Oct    PIONEER CORPS OFFICER: Lt-Col Graham Richmond, MC, lived at Somerton, St Mary’s Road some years ago. He was cashier of the local branch of Barclays Bank. The two big wars have taken a total of nearly ten years off his banking life. In the Great War he rose to the rank of Captain and won the Military Cross. In 1942 he took over command of the Pioneer Corps base depot in the Middle East and hundreds of new Pioneer Officers passed through his hands. Also under his command were thousands of coloured troops and other soldiers from non-European countries. Later he was given command of an East African group that is now doing garrison work in Egypt.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 21 Oct    MISSIONARY TALK: Miss HN Foyster, whose parents live in Puddingmoor is giving a talk on her missionary work in India. For some years she has been engaged in a Church of England Missionary Hospital at Amritsar as a nurse. She recently returned home on furlough after six years.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 21 Oct    BRITISH RESTAURANT PICTURES: A series of lithographs has been provided by the Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts for the decoration of the walls of the British Restaurant.

                                             [more on 28 Oct…] “Vernal Equinox” by Paul Nash; “Signals” by Edward Wadsworth; “October – Tree Felling” by Raymond Coxson; “May – a picnic” by Rodrigo Moynihan;  “July – The Seaside” by LS Lowry; “January – Pantomime” by James Fitton; “September – Hop Picking” by HS Williamson. These contrast to the big oil painting of the local marshes, which was presented to the late Mr FS Rix by the Magistrates in memory of his services as Clerk 1864-1910. [more on 4 November] An addition has been made this week, of “August Gliding” by Vivian Pitchforth.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 21 Oct    WEDDING: Mr Paul Day, son of Mr & Mrs AW Day, of 21 London Road, and Miss Jean Doddington, daughter of Mr & Mrs CW Doddington, of 24 Kemp’s Lane. A reception was held at the Caxton Pavilion. [PHOTO page 6]


1944     Beccles & Bungay 21 Oct    WEDDING: Sgt-Pilot WA Croft, RAF, of Grimsby and Cpl Joyce Meakings, WAAF, only daughter of Mr & Mrs J Meakings, of 13 St George’s Road. [PHOTO page 6]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 28 Oct    FOUR GENERATIONS: Mrs AE Dennington (grandmother) of 26 New Road, Mrs C Dennington (great-grand-mother) 37 Frederick’s Road, Mrs A Moore (mother), 26 New Road, and Jeanne Moore. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 28 Oct    WEDDING: Mr L Standing, of New Brighton, and Miss J Godfrey, of Beccles.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 28 Oct    NEW JP:  Mrs DH Smith (chairman) extended a warm welcome to Mrs Henry Wood-Hill, a former Mayoress, who has recently been appointed a JP. In her reply she said she would do her utmost to carry out her duties in the same faithful manner as had her husband, father and grandfather on the Beccles Bench.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 28 Oct    KILLED ON ACTIVE SERVICE: Telegraphist Alan Fairhead, RN, son of Mr & Mrs Herbert Fairhead, of 9 Gresham Road. He was 19. After being a cadet in the Beccles & Loddon Squadron of the Air Training Corps, he was called up for the RAF in September last year, but was transferred to the Navy in January. A former messenger boy at Beccles head Post Office, he was placed second in the district when he passed out as a sorting clerk and telegraphist. At one time he was assistant secretary of the YMCA Red Triangle Club.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 28 Oct    PIKE FISHING: It has been the best for some years. At Hannah’s Yard in the Worlingham reach Mr Cyril Cattermole, of the Cambridge Inn, caught one of 17 lbs and a 7 pounder. Fishing with spoon bait at Boathouse Hills, Gillingham, Mr Payne, of Ashman’s Road landed a pike weighing 15½ lbs.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Nov    PRESENTATION OF PLAQUES: To commemorate two big National Savings Campaigns – “Warship Week” of 1942 and “Salute the Soldier” of 1943 there was a presentation ceremony in the Public Hall. The first part was the exchange of plaques between the Admiralty and the Councils of Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth and Wainford, to commemorate the adoption by the joint district of HMS Brave, a large minesweeper as a result of Warship Week. Commodore RG Duke, RN, presented a plaque to each authority. It bore a copy of the badge of the Brave – a Red Indian’s headdress – and a suitable inscription underneath.

                                             The Mayor, Alderman Owles, on behalf of the four authorities presented a wooden plaque to Commodore Duke, to be forwarded to the Brave. It bears a suitable inscription in gold lettering and at the top representations of Beccles Corporation seal and Bigod’s Castle, Bungay.

                                             On behalf of the Army, Major-General PJ Mackesy, who is living in retirement at Southwold, presented “Salute the Soldier” plaques to the Mayor of Beccles for the contribution made by the town to the Savings campaign.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Nov    DEATH of Mrs Clara Tilney, wife of Mr Harry Tilney, of 17 Smallgate, the borough’s senior tradesman. They celebrated their Golden Wedding last year. She leaves the widower, who is well known throughout East Anglia as a rifle shot, and a son, Sgt Lindsey Tilney, RAF, and two daughters, Mrs Claud S Darby and Mrs R Heffer, of Romford.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Nov    DIAMOND WEDDING of Mr Y Mrs Edward Martin Read, both 82, of 78 Denmark Road. Mr Read is the son of the late Mr Martin Read, of Worlingham, his wife, formerly Miss Mary Ann Sarbutt, being the daughter of the late Mr Samuel Sarbutt, builder and carpenter of Ellough Road. They were married on 27 October 1884 and have two sons and four daughters. There are two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

                                             68 years ago Mr Read started work with Mr Charles Horsley & Son, coach builders, of Hungate. There he and his brother made the ironwork for three coaches ordered by the King of Siam. They were complimented by the Crown Prince, who visited the works to inspect the vehicles. When the firm closed down, Mr Read went into business on his own account as a general blacksmith. He retired at the age of 75.

                                             Mr Read served for 23 years as engineer in the old borough fire brigade. For a number of years he was in the Artillery Volunteers.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Nov    WEDDING: Cpl John A Hurren, RAF, the only son of Mr & Mrs Hurren of 25 Queen’s Road, and Miss Joyce I Law, of Dagenham. [PHOTO page 3]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Nov    DEATH of Mrs Beatrice C BARRTETT, of Telport, Puddingmoor, aged 82. She was particularly interested in the welfare of the blind. For a long time she acted as district secretary for the County Association for the blind. She entertained them in her riverside garden and provided them with a motor launch trip on the Waveney. She was also interested in the Shipmeadow House Institution, the Hospital, the Red Triangle Club, the Parish Church, Historical Society, Townswomen’s Guild and the British Legion. She was a member of the Choral Society, and had a good voice, and held rehearsals in her house.

                                             She was the widow of Major Sidney Lennard Barrett, son of a former Rector of Chedgrave, who died in1932 at the wheel of his car just after parking in the yard of the County Hall, Ipswich. They enjoyed entertaining people with charades.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Nov    DEATH of Mrs Elizabeth MA Wright, aged 67, widow of Mr Charles Wright. For a long time she was engaged in midwifery in the district.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 4 Nov    AIR RAIDS on EAST SUFFOLK since summer 1940:

                                             The total number of killed was 372

                                             The number of injured: 1071

                                             High Explosive bombs: 6511 (Lowestoft had 987 of these), 512 fell in the sea.

                                             Incendiary bombs: 82,870 (Lowestoft 20,000)

                                             Parachute Mines: 60 (Lowestoft 10)

                                             The spring of 1941 proved the high explosives peak period, 1106 falling.

                                             There was a lull until the summer of 1943, when heavier attacks were resumed.

                                             There are only 28 of the County’s 318 parishes, which have not received a bomb.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 11 Nov   HOME GUARD, [PHOTO page 1] Officers of the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Company, Norfolk Home Guard.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 11 Nov   COUNCIL: MAYOR ELECTED: Rear Admiral CS Johnson takes Office. He was proposed by Mr GF Robinson, seconded by Mrs GS Odham, and carried unanimously.

                                             The vacancy in the Council caused by the resignation of Mr HA Taylor, was filled by Mr C Bennett, who received seven votes compared to Mr GE Brown’s six.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 11 Nov   BRITISH LEGION: Lt Col Lush, a life Vice President said that he had been in office 24 years. He recalled that in the first three years the full committee sat for four or five nights a week for hours on end dealing with a great deal of distress. In the first nine or ten years they spent about £29 a year annually on relief. Gradually, as the older men dropped off and the children grew up, the needs became less, and the relief went down accordingly. Since 1939 there had been no unemployment, and the only calls on their assistance were those few cases of men growing older and wanting a little something to make life more comfortable. Col Lush said he now wished to resign as secretary and treasurer of the Benevolent Committee

1944     Beccles & Bungay 11 Nov   UNION JACK was flown from St Michael’s tower to celebrate the complete liberation of Belgium. The Belgian Armoured Squadron was quartered in the borough for the greater part of last year.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 11 Nov   WAAF DEAD in ditch at Ellough: Winifred M Evans, aged 27, found by Wilfred Payne, a stoker. Her home was at Harlesden. She was temporarily at Ellough RAF station. With other members of the WAAF she went to a dance at a US aerodrome in Norfolk on Wednesday night. Chief Det-Insp Green, of Scotland Yard, accompanied by Dr Keith Simpson, the Home Office pathologist, arrived to investigate.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 11 Nov   DEATH of Mrs E Ward, aged 87, known as Nurse Ward.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 18 Nov   CIVIC SERVICE: The new Mayor, Admiral CS Johnson, takes the salute outside the Town Hall after the Civic Service. [PHOTO page 1, also page 3]. He attended the Service with the Deputy Mayo, Mr AE Pye, and other members and officials of the Town Council. Taking part in the parade were the Air Training Corps, Army Cadet Force, Civil Defence Services and St John Ambulance Brigade.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 18 Nov   DEATH of Mr John Moore, aged 65, of Wingfield, Lowestoft Road. He was a boot and shoe repairer. He was born at Lowestoft. His wife is secretary of Worlingham Women’s Institute.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Nov   COUNCIL MEETING:

                                             ARCHITECT: The Surveyor had considerable experience with site lay-outs and responsible for laying out and designing the Castle Hill, Ellough Road, Common Lane and Grove Road Estates between 1931 and 1937 to the entire satisfaction of the Council. It was agreed that he should be nominated as the Architect of the post-war housing schemes. Alderman EJ Hindes proposed an amendment saying that the Council was embarking on a scheme, which, for them, was of unusually large dimensions. It would involve an outlay of something in the region of £200,000. The scheme must be handled by people, who by training and experience, were competent for the undertaking. That was the reason why the council should have a qualified architect.

                                             Mr Swindells opposed the amendment saying this was purely delaying tactics and there is some other view behind the proposal. The amendment was not carried.

                                             HOUSING: Mrs Garrod: “We have been appalled at some of the circumstances prevalent in the town and the insanitary conditions. It was agreed that some temporary buildings (portals) should be erected.

                                             ALMSHOUSES in Puddingmoor:  The Council stated, in reply to the Feoffees, that each house should have running water, a tap and a sink, and sanitary arrangements provided.

                                             HOME GUARD “STAND DOWN”: Major ARM Darby, MC, commanding officer of G (Beccles) Company wrote to say that members would attend the service at the Parish Church at 11 am on 3rd of December, followed by a march past and dismissal on the Walk. The Mayor said he hoped he would be well supported by his colleagues at the event.

 1944    Beccles & Bungay 25 Nov   DEATH Mr Everard J Davy, aged 85, of Jessamine, Waveney Road. He was a keen member of the Historical Society.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Nov   DEATH of Miss Gladys Ellen Clarke, only daughter of Mrs MA Clarke and the late Mr C Charles Clarke, of 24 Northgate. She was a keen member of the Salvation Army.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Nov   SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL: Negotiations were in progress between the Clerk to the County Council, Major WD Robinson, and the District  Valuer, as to the purchase of a new playing for the school.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Nov   GIRL GUIDES: Miss Penelope Wood-Hill, eldest daughter of the late Dr Wood-Hill and Mrs Wood-Hill, the local WVS organiser, hopes to go overseas shortly as a member of a team to alleviate the sufferings in freed Europe.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Nov   HOME GUARD: a group of the 9th Platoon (Geldeston & Gillingham) Norfolk Home Guard. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 25 Nov   LETTER: Two years ago the first-aid parties and the heavy rescue parties were amalgamated, the new service being known as the Civil Defence Rescue Service. The Regional Commissioner ordered that a depot be found for men and vehicles. A house [No 24] Station Road previously occupied by the military, is now being decorated and prepared as the new depot by the CD Regional Column (whose primary work at the moment is the repair of damaged houses)

                                             The men are already satisfactorily accommodated at the depots they have used for years, the First Aid Rescue at Ravensmere, the Decontamination Rescue at the Corporation Yard. The vehicles are with the men. If the new depot is used the vehicles cannot be put there with the men, but must remain in their present quarters. Now with CD duties greatly curtailed, with fewer men on duty each night, this now appears to be redundant..

                                             Surely this waste of a good house can be prevented.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Dec    REGULATED AREAS FREED: A large part of the coast has been deregulated by the Secretary for War, which relate to the compulsory carrying of identity cards, the use of binoculars and telescopes, and the completion of registration form “ARE” by British subjects. This area includes a coastal belt from Hornsea, Yorks, to the Suffolk-Essex border.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Dec    LETTER: HOUSING: Why wait for the development of the Grove Road Estate that will take a long time to do, but put up Portal houses on Church-Hill, Bridge Street corner, Tannery Meadow, Ravensmere East, Black Boy Meadow, Frederick’s Road, Ashman’s Road, Ringsfield Road etc. They already have roads and drains and water, so there would be no waiting for them.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Dec    PRESERVING THE BROADS:  Many owners of estates and properties in the Broads area had agreed to co-operate in the establishment of nature reserves, to preserve wild life and the characteristics of the district.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Dec    DEATH of Mr Clifford Philpot, aged 63, who for the last six months had resided at Ballygate House, Ballygate. He was agent for the Flixton Estate of 4,000 acres, for 20 years until his retirement on health grounds in 1940. He was the second son of Dr Philpot, of Chester Square, London and was educated at Marlborough. During the Great War he was with the Royal Garrison Artillery. On retirement he and his wife moved to Buckinghamshire, but returned to the Waveney Valley and rented a house in Puddingmoor before purchasing Ballygate House.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Dec    AIRMAN’S DEATH in road accident at Ellough Road, Worlingham. LAC Frank Crouch, RAF, aged 40, of New Cross, London was cycling to Beccles with two others at night when Crouch was hit by a lorry driving naval ratings to a dance. The Coroner said that the lorry driver was not to blame.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Dec    WEDDING: Aircraftsman Albert E Wade, RAF, only son of Mr & Mrs E Wade, of 96 St George’s Road, and Miss Gertrude Fallows of Hazel Grove, Cheshire.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 2 Dec    FIRE: Smart work by the NFS prevented a serious outbreak of fire in the Ingate branch of the Co-Op. Mrs Aldous, an assistant discovered the fire in a food store at the back of the premises, which spread to a bedroom of 103 Grove Road, which is immediately above the shop.

1944   Beccles & Bungay 9 Dec    STAND DOWN of the Home Guard: G Company, 1st Battalion Suffolk Home Guard. The first event was a tea and entertainment in the Public Hall on Saturday evening. There were two sittings and 90% of the Company, whose strength is 288, being present.

                                             Those present included Lt-Col Lord Somerleyton, Battalion Commander, the Mayor (Rear Admiral CS Johnson), Deputy Mayor (Lt AE Pye), a Platoon Commander in the Company, the ex-Mayor (Capt  Allden Owles), Battalion Ammunition Officer, Col HH Chandor (Sector Commander; Maj Barkeley Smith (second-in-command of the Battalion) Lt Col B Granville Baker, and Lt Col RW Brooks (Ex Commanding Officer of G Company); Major ARM Darby (Commanding Officer) and Capt FP Glover (second-in-command).

                                             SUNDAY’S PARADE: Most of the members paraded to the Parish Church for morning service under Major Darby, who was accompanied by Col Baker. After the service, the parade formed up in the New Market, where Col HH Chandor, Sector Commander, took the salute. [PHOTO page 1]. Major Darby said he had been commanding the Company since March 1942: “Nobody could wish to have a better or more efficient band of helpers than I have had in my officers and NCOs.”

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Dec    RECTOR RESIGNS: Rev Harold L Birch, [PHOTO page 1] Rector of Beccles, has accepted the country living of Westcott in Surrey. He thought the living of Beccles required a younger man, who would be able to cope with the many demands made upon him. He has held the living for ten and a half years, coming from Newcastle-under-Lyme. He has worked in close harmony with the heads of the other churches. He expects to remain for another two or three months.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Dec    DEATH of Mrs Martha Ward, of the Almshouses Puddingmoor. She came to Beccles 60 years ago and was a regular attender at the Parish Church.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Dec    WEDDING: Mr Kenneth Gunney, of Rhiwbina, Cardiff a Sergeant in the Royal Artillery, and Miss Olive Barber, who for the past two years has been serving in the ATS in various parts of the country, an old student of the Sir John Leman School, only daughter of Mr & Mrs AJ Barber, of 11 Smallgate. [PHOTO page 3]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Dec    HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Mrs M Hipperson gave a talk on the “East Anglian Dialect”. She was a Hampshire person. Rev GI Soden, Rector of Barsham, suggested that the East Anglian speech was the purest in the country. “We are the only part of the country that doesn’t drop its H’s”. Miss Kerrich said “I hope we shall all keep to our dialects and not give them up now that we are getting so much educated.”

1944     Beccles & Bungay 9 Dec    AIRMAN CHARGED WITH MURDER of WAAF: Leading Aircraftman Arthur Heys, aged 37, of Colne, Lancs charged with the murder of Miss Winifred M Evans, aged 27, of the WAAF

1944     Beccles & Bungay 16 Dec   WVS SERVICES’ CANTEEN in the Adult School is open every evening fro 6 to 10 pm, Sundays included. Hon Supervisor is Mrs N Johnson and Mrs Frank Clarke, the Hon Secretary. It runs social evenings in the Public Hall and a recent event numbered 300 featuring games dancing and community singing.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 16 Dec   CROMER SEES V2 BOMBS START: Just before dawn observers at Cromer saw V2 Rocket bombs being launched from Holland 130 miles away. “A thin red streak shot up into the sky and hang there a few minutes. Then it zigzagged in front of a bank of clouds and disappeared into the stratosphere. Beyond the clouds the red streak could not be seen.

1944   Beccles & Bungay 16 Dec   OFFICERS of the HOME GUARD G (Beccles) Battalion [PHOTO page 1]. In the centre of the front row is Major ARM Darby, MC (Commanding Officer), with Capt FP Glover (second-in-command) and Capt HJ Garrood.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 16 Dec   DEATH of Mr Clem Dennington, aged 57, of 42 Ingate. He had been employed by Wm Clowes & Sons for several years. He leaves a widow and two children.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 16 Dec   HOME GUARD: Messrs Elliott & Garrood’s Platoon of G Company, 1st Battalion Suffolk Home Guard whose officers are Capt HJ Garrood and Lt M Elliott had a supper and entertainment to mark the stand-down. First Commanding of G Company was Col GCK Clowes, who held office for some months. His second-in-command was Capt AH Moyes.

1944   Beccles & Bungay 23 Dec   HOME GUARD: No 1 Platoon, winners of the cup for the best platoon in G Company (Beccles) Company of the Home Guard. In the centre of the front row are the officers, Lt WH Copeman and Lt RM Taylor. [PHOTO page 1]

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Dec   WEA COURSE for Beccles. The motion to form a branch was proposed by Dr Leslie Wood, Headmaster of the Sir John Leman School, seconded by Mr FC Turrell. Many members were enrolled. It is hoped that the first course will start in January with a 12 week course on the problems of reconstruction at home, with emphasis on the economic aspect.

                                             MR AE Pye is Chairman; Miss E Chapman, a member of Sir John Leman School, Secretary; Mr FC Turrell, Treasurer.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Dec   COUNCIL MEETING:

                                             HOUSING: A deputation from the Council and Mr Loftus, MP should meet the Ministry of Health to discuss the housing problem in Beccles. The site for 50 Portal Houses (temporary bungalows) was discussed. Could the Council rent the land or must it be purchased?

                                             The question of unsatisfactory housing in the borough was discussed. The Chairman of the Housing Committee (Mr Swindells) was asked to inspect certain houses with the Sanitary Inspector with immediate powers to require the owners to carry out essential repairs.

                                             It was decided to ask for more temporary houses.

                                             The Secretary of the North Area Joint Planning Committee wrote concerning the Council’s lay-out proposals for the Castle Hill site. He said the Committee was of opinion that the original proposals prepared by the County Planning Officer (Mr TB Oxenbury) should be adopted. The Estate Committee recommended that that the Council adhere to the layout it had already approved.

                                             NEW SWIMMING BATH: It was proposed to build a new swimming bath after the war. It should be of open-air kind and contain slipper and shower baths, sun-bathing lawns, and rock gardens, café, adequate dressing accommodation and facilities for safe custody of clothing and valuables, etc. Various sites were considered and the ideal one would be Homefield Estate, but the owner was not prepared to sell. It was recommended that negotiations be opened for the acquisition of the site to the south of the Dell, Ringsfield Road, comprising that portion of the land not being purchased by East Suffolk County Council.

                                             SALTGATE ENQUIRY: The Clerk of the County Council wrote that an enquiry had been received as to the possible purchase of the site in Saltgate surplus to the scheme for widening the road. As the Town Council had agreed to plant the land with trees and shrubs and maintain them it had no observations to offer.

                                             BOOK DRIVE: As Salvage Officer, Mr Hamby reported that the British Museum had applied for 159 volumes collected during Beccles book drive. The rest of the books were being sent to London for probable inclusion in bombed libraries.

                                             HANDED BACK: The Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion Suffolk Home Guard, wrote stating that the old chapel at the Cemetery had been handed back to the Council after occupation for military purposes. He expressed thanks and the hope that the condition of the premises had not suffered.

                                             GIRLING’S LEGACY: Since 1939 six apprentices had been given grants of £3 each. There was £15 in hand.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Dec   WEDDING: Mr JW Sykes, of Lincoln, and Miss CM Hembling, of Beccles.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Dec   RETIRING: Mr J Preston Larkman, a former Mayor of the borough, has resigned his position as Manager and Secretary of Beccles Waterworks Company after 50 years of service. Mr Walter D Robinson, at present serving with the Forces, had been appointed in his stead.

                                             2180 houses are now supplied by the Company.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Dec   LIBRARIAN RESIGNS: Mr RC Dunt has resigned office as Hon Librarian of the Beccles centre of the East Suffolk County Library. He has been in charge since the centre opened in April 1929. Mrs JH Shadgett is deputising temporarily.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Dec   MORRISON SHELTERS are offered to certain categories of people.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Dec   AIR TRAINING CORPS: Flight-Sgt RE Keeley is being called up. He joined the ATC Sir John Leman School Flight in February 1941 and has held the rank for the last eighteen months. Since completing his education he has been on the staff of a bank at Halesworth.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 23 Dec   SALVATION ARMY: Conducted by Bandmaster Stanley Clarke, the band of the Salvation Army has played Christmas music in different parts of the town.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   WOUNDED: Fusilier E Brown, son of Mr & Mrs EJ Brown, of 36 Denmark Road, has been wounded in Western Europe. He was a former member of the Leggettonian’s Concert Party.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL: Miss Proudlock, a member of the staff for several years, has been appointed English mistress at Sowery Bridge, Yorks.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   DEATH of Mr Louis J Sidle, aged 66, a retired chief engineer of the Merchant Service, belonged to an old Colchester family. He has lived in Beccles for some years.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   DEATH of Mrs Doris E Cracknell, aged 24, wife of ACI Donald R Cracknell, and youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs R Spooner, of 13 Old Market.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   DANCE organised by The St John Ambulance Division by Ambulance Officer Miss D Hamby, whose father, Mr CL Hamby, the Divisional Officer, attended.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   RETIREMENT: Mr FN Harvey, of Ontario Hospital, Canada, after 27 years service. He is the only brother of Mr WE Harvey, of 11 London Road, and second son of the late Mr HJ Harvey, boot and shoe maker, of Old Market, who was a pioneer of the local Salvation Army and the Co-Op. Eventually after leaving school he went into the Army, serving in India with the Suffolk Regiment for nine years. He returned to work in Beccles again for a time and then emigrated to Canada. He has lived at Whitby for the past 32 years and used to be employed at the Ontario Lady’s  College.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   STRAWS ON THE WIND: by Pilot Officer Bernard G Youngman – an anthology of verse, essays and plays. He went to Peddar’s Lane Council School, winning a scholarship to Sir John Leman School in 1920. After deciding to become a teacher, he went to the Borough College, Isleworth. His first post as a certificated teacher was at Bungay Council School, Wingfield. Twelve years ago he moved to Knebworth, Herts. He returned to this country after serving with the RAF in Canada for a couple of years. While out there he frequently broadcast both songs and verse. In Letchworth he played leading parts in light opera and formed, and was conductor of the string orchestra.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   ADVERTISEMENT: GW Bond, (Beccles Ltd); Piece Goods Department; A large selection of Wool Coat and Dress Materials in stock; Exchange House, Beccles, Phone 3132

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   ADVERTISEMENT: Water Supplies; Frost & Utting; Plumbers, Well Engineers; Contractors for Pumping, Heating, Main laying; Quotation for Well Boring, etc; Tel Beccles 2291; Norwich 25019.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   ADVERTISEMENT: FH Reynolds; Builder and Undertaker; Newgate, Beccles; Phone Beccles 2210; Cremations Arranged, Day and Night Service; Please note private address: 18 Newgate, Beccles; Motor Hearse for Hire; Private Rest Chapel.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   ADVERTISEMENT: Gunn & Hill; for Best Value in Household Goods; Exchange Square, Beccles.

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   OTHER ADVERTISEMENTS: 1.) Bedroom Suites, CURL BROS, Norwich; - 2.) China, Hardware, Cutlery, LOOSE’S, Norwich; - 3.) MIDLAND BANK – 4.) Sterling Chicks, Felsted, Essex; - 5.) Save for Victory, EAST ANGLIA TRUSTEES BANK, Norwich etc; - 6.) Timber Boxes, Poultry Cases, Plywood Wallboards, Fencing, etc, JEWSON’S, Norwich; - 7.) Seed Potatoes, TACON & COWELL, Norwich; - 8.) Wissington Factory, closing, BRITISH SUGAR CORPORATIION; - 9.) HARFORD ACCREDITED HATCHERIES, Norwich; - 10.) MANCROFT Food Specialists, Norwich – 11.) If it’s Potatoes, D & F McCarthy, Norwich, etc; 11.) Loans £5 to £5,000, MUTUAL TRUST, Norwich; - 12.) Left-Off Clothes Wanted, HOWARDS, Norwich. – 13.) EXIDE BATTERIES; - 14.) BONOMINT, Laxative Chewing Gum; - 15.) COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, Fire, Motors, Accidents, Beccles:- CA Stannard, Robinson’s Garage, Hungate; - 16.) Rub in ELLIMAN’S, Rheumatism, Lumbago, etc; - 17.) Pig Worms Must Go, KARSHWOOD PIG POWDERS; - 18.) CROWFOOT’S Light Ale 14/- per dozen pins, Ditchingham; 18.) The beginning of a Cold, PHENSIC; 19.) She just coughed and Coughed, PINEATE, Honey Cough Syrup; 20.) Rheumatism CYSTEX – 20.) Good Smoking – RUBICON, 2s/5d oz; -

                                             21.) THEATRE ROYAL, Norwich, Cinderella; - 22.) HIPPODROME: Jack and the Beanstalk, 5s/- to 1s/6d; - 23.) CARLTON ODEON, Till we Meet Again – 24.) ODEON, NORWICH: The Hitler Gang, I Met Him in Paris – 25.) HAYMARKET, Arms & The Woman, Man’s Castle; - 26.) REGENT, NORWICH, The Seventh Cross; - 27.) MAYFAIR: Swanee River, The Night is Ending.

                                             28.) ROWNTREES, Milk Chocolate; - 29.) Fur Coats Restyled £7 - 7s inclusive, IRENE Yarmouth – 30.) Wildfowling, PETTITTS of Reedham – 31.) For a New Year of Radiant Health BILE BEANS – 32.) MACKESON’S STOUT – 32.) The Manager says BISURATED MAGNESIA – 33.) She isn’t Denture Conscious, KOLYNOS; - 33.) Tired Feet? CUTICURA ointment; - 34.) DAREN BREAD; - 35.) Wake Up Your Liver Bile, CARTER’S Little Liver Pills; - 36.) Best Year For Eggs, KARSWOOD Poultry Spice; 37.) Music Tokens, WILLSN & RAMSHAW; - 38.) SUNLIGHT FLAKES; - 39.) H SAMUEL, The Empire’s Largest Jeweller. Norwich Temporarily Closed -. 40.) Gor-Ray Skirts, H WIGHTMAN & Son, Bungay – 41.) Millinery at COCKS & Son, Bungay; - 42.) SPASHETT’S for Children’s Gifts, Bungay; - 43.) Public Address Equipment, WR BUTTON, Ditchingham; - 44.) Savings Bank Deposits, TRUSTEES SAVINGS BANK, Bungay; - 45.) Grow Peas in 1945, UNITED CANNERIES; - 46.) Take FENNINGS Little Healers for Influenza; - 47.) Give Children the Laxative They Like, CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF FIGS. – 48.) It’s been a great Year for NATIONAL SAVINGS. – 49.) Your after the war dream, MILK OF MAGNESIA; 50.) Gunner and his pals praise GERMOLENE; 51.) To put Flavour into the Pudding FOSTER CLARK’S SOUPS; - 52.) SUNLIGHT SOAP; - 52.) MAZAWATTEE TEA; - 53.) GLITTO for every cleaning job. – 54.) Don’t Pay too much, ARMY POST OFFICE; - 55.) I’m most grateful to MACLEAN STOMACH POWDER; - 56.) Pot Pourri Carnations, ALLWOOD BROS, Hayward’s Heath; - 57.) Dr J Collis Browne’s CHLORODYNE, Influenza, Diarrhoea, etc – 58.) LINCONSHIRE REDS, dual purpose Cattle, Lincoln. 59.) Better Bulls & Better Breeding, MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE;  60.) BSA Bicycle; - 61.) Wills’ CUT GOLDEN BAR

1944     Beccles & Bungay 30 Dec   ADVERTISEMENT: [With ILLUSTRATION page3] We know it’s cold – but DON’T use your electric fire between 8 am and 1 pm. Its natural to want to turn on the Electric Fire just now – that’s what it was made for – to take the edge off the cold snap. Please resist the temptation. Just because it’s cold it doesn’t mean that the factories don’t need power. The great war effort MUST go on, cold or not. So do a few physical jerks and KEEP THAT FIRE OFF.

                                             Issued in support of the Battle for Fuel by East Anglian Electricity.