1942     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jan     DEATH of WILLIAM WELHAM [PHOTO]- One of the oldest railway pensioners in the country, aged 93. Son of a coachman, he was born at Buxhall, near Stowmarket. His first contact with trains came at the age of 5 his father took him to one of the railway crossings at Stowmarket. He went to a dame school in Buxhall, but left at the age of seven to work on a farm. Three years farming was followed by three months at school in Stowmarket. At the age of ten he became a page for 18 months, then worked for a butcher at Bury St Edmunds. This job was hard and the hours long, but things were even worse when he took up a similar task in London. Every day he had to work from 3 am until 11 pm. When he arrived in London he had only 14s 6d, and it cost him 5d to ride in a cab through the tollgate at Mile End on his way to Poplar. He could also remember he had to pay tolls at all bridges in the capital with the exception of London and Westminster.

                                             Through meeting an old friend from Buxhall he obtained a job as a cleaner in the engine sheds at the Nine Elms Depot of the former London and South-Western Railway Company. For a 12-hour day he earned 1s 2d, and he worked seven days a week. For four years he was engaged in the sheds as bar boy (the duties were laying grates in the fireboxes of engines), caller-up, lamp lighter and boiler filler. After six years as a fireman on gods and passenger trains working out of Nine Elms he was allowed to drive engines. He began by taking charge of one used in the yard, his wages being 5 shillings for a day of 12 hours. In 1868 he joined the old enginemen’s club and five years later and five years later became a member of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants.

                                             Mr Welham left the L & SW for the former Great Eastern Railway well over 60 years ago. He began at Norwich, but soon came to Beccles as a driver on the Waveney Valley line. He carried out the duties for 35 years until retirement in 1911, twelve months earlier than he would have done normally on account of an injury, which kept him away from work for several months. This was sustained when he gave a helping hand to some platelayers whose trolley had left rails at Beccles.

                                             Every Monday and Thursday 214 miles were covered daily on the branch, the total on other days being 179. On each day he had to make 88 station stops without counting shunting operations and the engine had to be turned five times. There were no trains on Sundays, Good Fridays and Christmas Days. Pay was at the rate of seven shillings a day plus overtime. The heaviest train Mr Welham ever worked on the branch was on the occasion of King Edward VIIs visit to Norwich. Along his route hundreds of people made the journey and getting them home at night was no easy matter. At the different platforms there was only accommodation for four coaches, the result being that the driver had to make three or four stops at each station. When he reached Beccles he was so tired that he forgot to sign off duty and discovering this omission on his arrival home he had to pay a hurried visit to the station to put things in order.

                                             For upwards of 70 years he has been a member of the Odd Fellows, having joined the Nine Elms Lodge in 1867. He moved to Beccles in 1878.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jan     WEDDING: Leading Aircraftman Dennis Leonard Hipperson, second son of Mr and Mrs PL Hipperson of 53 Station Road, and Miss Molly Moyes, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs AH Moyes of 2 Market Street. Best man was Signaller Louis Hipperson (elder brother of the bridegroom). Among the presents was a canteen of cutlery and silver from the employees of GH Hipperson & Sons, builders, of which the bridegroom is a partner and in which he was directly engaged until he joined the RAF a year ago.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 3 Jan     KILLED on ACTIVE SERVICE : Mr and Mrs J Spall of 10 Ellough Road have received news of the death of their youngest son, AB Cyril John Spall, RN who was 18. He had been in the Navy since he was 15. In May he was wounded in the fighting of Crete while serving on a destroyer, and was taken to Alexandria. When he came out of hospital he joined another ship. He was educated at Ravensmere Council School and at the National Schools. On leaving he entered the employment of Masters & Skevens. Mr and Mrs Spall have two sons in the army. The eldest, Gunner JR Spall is in a searchlight unit, and the other, Gunner RA Spall is serving with an anti-aircraft battery.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jan    BUNGAY HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, ORGANISTS: First organ built in the church in 1855.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jan    KILLED on ACTIVE SERVICE: Trooper Harry A Took, [PHOTO] youngest son of Mr & Mrs J Took of 69 London Road. He was in the Lothians and Border Regiment and was killed in June 1940. An account of his death has been received by Mrs Took, written on 15 October 1941, by a sergeant in the same squadron, who is now a prisoner of war in Germany. “Took was killed by shell fire in his tank on 5 June 1940. There was an officer killed beside him and another man badly wounded. We were out of ammunition and waiting for the end when Took drove his tank over to us and defended our lives at the cost of his own and that of the officer in charge of the tank. Both of them were heroes and I am proud to have known them. You will be very proud of him as he gave his life for his comrades.”

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jan    PRISONER of WAR: Major RJS Crisp of Kirby Cane Hall.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jan    DEATH of Charles William Osborn, who had been at the Ingate Hotel for some years. He was 51 and came to Beccles from another part of Suffolk.

1942     Beccles & Bungay10 Jan     WEDDING: Mr Lloyd Spall, of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, 3rd son of Mr & Mrs R Spall of 15 Ravensmere, and Miss Myrtle Louisa Holland, WAAF of Lowestoft. The bridegroom a well known player of Caxton Football Club. The bridegroom’s brother, Flt-Sgt Stanley Spall, the bridegroom’s brother. [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jan    IN THE ARMY: Mr Cecil C Dix of St George’s Road joined the RAOC on Monday, the younger son of Mr Chester Dix of South Road. He has been a clerk employed by Mr JP Larkman, solicitor, Exchange Square, for 21 years since he left school, also in connection with the waterworks of which Mr Larkman is secretary. For the past year he was a special constable.

                                             Also Mr Roy Tricker joined the RAOC. He had an important post at the Caxton Press. He is a clever footballer, was associated with the Caxton team and played for Suffolk Juniors.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jan    WEDDING: AC1 Alan Saunders (RAF) of Grove road married to Miss Mona J Stannard of Castle Hill.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Jan    BLACKOUT OFFENCES brought before the Bench: (EJ Hindes, Mayor of Beccles (Allden Owles), Lt Col Granville Baker, Capt BW Blower & A Jordan): Mrs Flora Blomfield, Shanrahan, Northgate Light illuminated the wall of the Cambridge Inn , came from a ground floor window. The maid forgot to draw the black-out curtains when she went in there to finish the Christmas decorations. Fined £3.

                                             Miss Dora Morling of Lowestoft, concerning shop in New Market, Beccles, where lights were left on in an upstairs room. Fined £2.

 1942    Beccles & Bungay 17 Jan    SALE by Read, Owles & Ashford on instruction from Mrs LA Cousins, who is leaving the town:

                                             No 3 Alexandra Road sold to Mr JC Poll for £635.

                                             SALE by George Durrant & Son on instruction by representatives of the late Mrs EM Abbott

                                             No 5 Lady’s Meadow sold to Mr C Wilson for £280.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jan    BOYS of 17 to Register

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jan    LOWESTOFT BOMBED on Tuesday 13 January. Houses and shops badly damaged [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Jan    SOARING PRICE of GOODS: Mr WS Clarke, the Food Executive Officer told of someone buying an item for 3s 6d, and a few weeks later the same article then cost 7s 6d. This is contrary to the “Prices of Goods Act” which controls prices.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Jan    BARSHAM, HOLY TRINITY CHURCH: Three Active Octogenarians:

                                             Mr J Preston Larkman, the churchwarden, who is Registrar of Beccles ad Bungay County Court, and a former Mayor of Beccles was born 15 November 1861.

                                             Canon CW Baron-Sucklimg, the Rector, was born 2 January 1862. He is an active member of Wainford District Council

                                             Mr Samuel Fiske the Organist, has been a lifelong worshipper at the church and was born on 15 January 1862. He became a member of the church choir in 1870, and 17 years later was appointed organist.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Jan    COUNCIL: ASSISTANCE FOR OUR RUSSIAN ALLIES (Mrs Churchill’s Fund) committee appointed: GF Robinson, AE Pye & EW Swindells. A recommendation was made that an additional grant of £100 be voted to the Mayor for making a contribution to the fund. The Accountant (WS Clark) said this would not be within the legal powers of the Council.

                                             Mr AE Pye said the Council had no authority for making charitable gifts from the rates, but they could make a grant to the Mayor, which was not subject to audit, so there could be no surcharge on the proposed payment.

                                             Mr Bent thought that giving the Mayor an additional grant to enable him to provide a contribution to the fund was “just getting round an awkward corner,” and to this he objected.

                                             Dr Wood-Hill said “It is the kind of evasion that none of us in our private capacity would think of employing. Can you not trust the people of Beccles to subscribe, and subscribe freely and generously, to any fund for the Russian people?”

                                             The additional gift to the Mayor was not approved.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Jan    PLOUGHING WITH BULLOCKS: Mr Samuel Sherwood, aged 87, at a lunch meeting at Ipswich said that in his early days, while farming near Aldeburgh, he used three bullocks for ploughing. “We used to break them in with horses and used them at first for carting. They walked straight and did excellent work. They were anything but expensive to keep, being fed on the local marshes in the summer and on roots and hay in the winter. In the end they were sent to market as ‘lovely Christmas Beef’. Even in the early years of the 20th century bullocks were still being used for ploughing in the Aldeburgh area. There is a photograph taken in 1903, of a team at work in front of the ruins of Hazlewood Church. A century ago bullocks were used on many farms on the arable counties of England. Oxen pull with a steadier draught than horses even though they make slower progress. They walk close under the hedges and in places where horses refuse to go.”

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Jan    WOMEN of 32 to REGISTER. Those born in 1909, married or single should go to the Ministry of Labour with their identity cards.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Jan    DEATH of Sir JEREMIAH COLMAN, aged 82, Chairman of J & J Colman at his home, Gatton Park, Reigate, Surrey.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 31 Jan    DEATH of Hon Edward Lyttelton, aged 86; Headmaster of Eton 1905-16. Born 1856.  From c 1876-78 he was assistant master at Wellington College, then 8 years a Eton, 15 years as Headmaster of Haileybury, before returning to Eton as Headmaster.  He resigned from Eton [aged 60] following a storm of protest over his suggestion that Gibraltar should be internationalised. [PHOTO page 8]. On his retirement he lived at Grangeorman, Overstrand. He was a nephew of Mrs Gladstone. He was a great believer in co-education. He was the son of the fourth Lord Lyttelton, was married in 1882 to the daughter of Dr J West, Dean of St Patrick’s Dublin. She died in 11. There were two daughters.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 31 Jan    HISTORY: The Roads were a hard surface, as a rule consisting only of a thin crust and were not adapted for continuous heavy Traffic. “The roads were usually repaired with flints which in the autumn were tipped into piles by the roadside. The flints were spread on the road surface during the winter and were left for the wheels of passing vehicles to press into place. They were soon crushed and the result was generally an even road which was dusty in the summer and muddy in the winter.”                               

1942     Beccles & Bungay 31 Jan    DEATH of Mr William Welham, of Buxhall, Upper Grange Road, aged 93. For 35 years he was a driver of trains on the Waveney Valley line.                     

1942     Beccles & Bungay 31 Jan    DEATH of Mr Noah Sheldrake of Denton, aged 92, who rode on the first train which travelled on the Waveney Valley line.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 31 Jan    SUMMONED FOR WASTING BREAD; A Norwich housewife summoned for having half a loaf and three pieces of bread in her dustbin. She said that she had been out all day and her small daughter must have thrown it away by mistake. The case was dismissed.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Feb     RETAIL DELIVERIES meeting at Halesworth, presided over by the District Transport Officer: “Retail deliveries must be rationalised and brought down to the absolute minimum. Every mile and every gallon of petrol that could be saved would help to bring victory in the war effort.”

                                             It was said that a campaign was to be undertaken to encourage the town housewife to carry home her goods, and deliveries to those in the rural areas must be reduced to the minimum. Only bread and milk should be delivered in towns. The scheme would apply not only to the use of goods vehicles, but to horse-drawn, tricycle, cycle and hand-cart deliveries so that some traders would not have advantage over others.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Feb     DEATH of Mr Frederick J Moyse of Nightingale, London Road, aged 48. He was a motor taxi and coach proprietor. He had been an invalid for the past 14 years. He began his working career as a bus driver at the King’s Head Hotel and later set up his own business.     

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Feb     PROPOSED BRITISH RESTAURANT: The Surveyor, Mr CL Hamby said some of the equipment had been installed in the Public Hall, but some had not yet arrived.

                                             Mrs McLaren, joint Hon Secretary, wrote to say that her husband, Dr Wm McLaren had left the town for military service, and with the added responsibility for home and children, she wished to resign.

 1942    Beccles & Bungay 14 Feb    LOWESTOFT AIR RAIDS in January destroyed an extensive range of shops in the heart of the shopping centre. The biggest death toll was at Waller’s Restaurant where there were a number of casualties amongst both staff an customers, who were having tea. Amongst those killed was Mr EJ Morling, head of a radio and music dealer’s firm, together with three of his staff, in premises only recently occupied following the destruction of their original premises in a raid last year. [PHOTO page 1]    

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Feb    BECCLES HEROINE: Miss Irene Taylor, aged 26, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Frederick Taylor, of the Black Boy Inn, Blyburgate given The Royal Humane Society’s principal award to a woman for 1941.

                                             On 3rd January Miss Taylor’s seven-year-old brother, Gordon, fell through the ice on a deep pond at the back of the inn. Miss Taylor, who was in the house 50 yards away, saw the incident from a window, and immediately raced to the scene. She dived in fully clothed, but failed to grasp him. Again she dived and this time managed to get hold of him by the leg and pulled him to the surface. Both were helped to safety. The lad was little the worse for his adventure, but Miss Taylor suffered for a time as the result of the shock of the immersion.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Feb    WEDDING: Mr K Foyster of Beccles and Miss J Smith-Howell of Worlingham. [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Feb    DOUBLE SUMMER TIME reintroduced this year, will start on 5 April and continue until 8 August

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Feb    HELPING RUSSIA Mr Swindells, manager of the Co-Op is organising fund raising events; a concert and social, a dance, a whist drive, the finals of the Beccles darts championships, and a second dance. All the evets will start at 7.30 pm in the Caxton Pavilion. On Sunday a military band will give an afternoon concert at the Regal Cinema.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Feb    FOUGASSE CARTOON [PAGE 5] War Savings Certificates

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Feb    NO DRUNKS for two years in Beccles. There were 27 full, four beer “on” and four “off” licences, including three held by grocers. Two licences were transferred last year, one a full licence.

                                             There was granted a transfer of licence for the Ingate Hotel from the late CW Osborn to his widow Mrs Florence Osborn.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Feb    WEDDING: A/C1 Edward Byles of Beccles & Miss Doris Birt of Hulver

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Feb    BRITISH RESTAURANT opens at Beccles Public Hall. Menu: Soup & roll, roast beef, baked potatoes, greens, jam tart and a cup of tea. The price for adults 1s; for children 6d.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Feb    COUNCIL: The Corporation Marshes had made a profit in the past year, the first for a long time that there had been any profit – consequently there was income tax of £246 to pay.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Feb    RAILWAY PARCELS CLERK, Mr Frederick Dix, of 87 Denmark Road, promoted to passenger guard on the Framlingham branch line. He is the elder son of Mr Chester Dix of 30 South Road, a retired signalman. He joined the GER aged 14 as a signalbox lad at Beccles in 1913. Three years later he became parcels porter, but in 1918 left for service with the Royal West Kent Regt. Following demobilisation in 1920 returned to Beccles as parcels porter. He has acted as guard, also as emergency motor driver.

                                             Mr Dix joined the NUR at the age of 16 and became secretary of Beccles branch two years ago. He has belonged to the Home Guard since its formation and is a corporal.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Feb    DEATH of Mr Allen Runacres, aged 70, of 22 Gosford Road. He had been in the employ of John Crisp & Son, Ltd, maltsters for 20 years, and previously with Walter Green & Sons, Castle Flour Mills. He was connected with Station Road Methodist church.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Feb    LOYAL TEMPLE OF FRIENDSHIP LODGE, Beccles, Secretary AE Reynolds, presided as retiring Grand Master of Norwich District of Oddfellows at Norwich.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Feb    BRITISH RESTAURANT Official Opening: “Best in East Anglia for its size.” 147 diners were catered for at the lunch.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Feb    WEDDING: Mr Murrough Loftus, Scots Guards, elder son of Mr PC Loftus, MP and Mrs Loftus, of Reydon Covert, Southwold, and his bride, Miss Anne Elizabeth de la Pasture, only daughter of the Marquis and Marquise de la Pasture, of Redhill, Redmarley, Gloucs  [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Feb    WEDDING: Mr WE Marjoram of Lowestoft & Miss IK Holmes of Beccles [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Feb    DEATH: Mrs Christian Darby, aged 86, of Cameron House, [23] Ballygate, She was born in Maidstone. She came to Beccles about 60 years ago on her marriage to Mr Albert William Darby, one of the partners of Messrs Darby Bros, timber merchants, a businessman and yachtsman.

                                             Since her husband’s death in 1915, she has lived at Cameron House. She took a keen interest in church work and other good causes. She is survived by her daughter, Miss Christine Darby, who has lived with her, and five sons, one of  whom, Mr Gilbert Darby, lives in Canada.

                                             [Funeral reported 7 March]: Family mourners: Miss Christine Darby, Mr and Mrs Reginald Darby, Mr Frank Darby, Miss Jacqueline Darby, Miss Irene Darby, Mrs WC McLaren, Mr TA Bent and Mrs AR Lark. Three of the five sons - Messrs Rowland, Gilbert (who is in Canada) and Colin Darby were unable to be present.

 1942    Beccles & Bungay 28 Feb    DEATH: Mr AR Goddard, aged 74, at Avondale, Grove Road. He was born at Stourbridge, but lived in Beccles for 14 years, and was in business at 49 Smallgate. In his early years he was a cashier for a bank, but set up on his own in accountancy. He moved to Beccles from Andover, Hants.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Feb    HELP RUSSIA WEEK: A cheque for 1,000 guineas was handed over to Mr D Chater, MP, the proceeds of the Beccles fund, but there was still more to come.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Feb    WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN: Messrs Darby Bros produced a ton of material, consisted of books and letters covering the period from the foundation of the firm in 1844 until quite recently. There were thousands of copies of letters, which had been written by hand.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Feb    ACCIDENT: Two plate glass windows at Twyford House, the shop of Mr Frank Foster, outfitter, were smashed when an army truck skidded in Exchange Square. The vehicle, which was travelling round the traffic bollards towards Blyburgate mounted the pavement. The contents of the windows were unaffected.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    NONCONFORMISTS: Rev Alfred Poulson, minister of the Congregational Church, to the Beccles & District Historical Society:

                                             CONGREGATIONALISTS: Mr Ottie, a Yarmouth man, retained his pastorate for about 30 years, dying in 1689. He had been described as “an earnest, animated and useful minister, abundant in labours, and as an interpreter one of a thousand, an Appollos mighty in the scriptures”. There followed a series of short pastorates and the church membership gradually declined until only four remained. However, the troublous years came to an end, and through the exertions of ministers and friends in the neighbourhood, Mr Joseph Heptinstall was secured as minister.

                                             THE BAPTISTS: Outstanding among his [Rev George Wright] successors was the Rev LH Colls, who also taxed the accommodation by the prosperity of his work. During his ministry the present school building at the rear was built, the foundation stone being laid by Mr James L Judd of London, on September 18th 1899. Within recent years the pastorate had frequently been vacant and today services were conducted by laymen. In company with all sections of the Christian Church this had witnessed a falling away in numbers.

                                             METHODISTS: A century ago the Wesleyans in Beccles were described as “lively and consistent Christians”. Their chapel was “a neat building, and though small, yet it will contain about 200 persons. In front of the chapel is a schoolroom and yard so there is plenty of room for enlarging the chapel without the purchase of more ground. A resident minister in this place would soon make this a work of necessity. This building was the present Salvation Army Hall in Northgate. Originally the Methodists were connected with the Lowestoft circuit, remaining so until their services were discontinued in 1853 for a short time. A few faithful friends were not satisfied, and still wished to remain Methodists, so they asked the Bungay circuit to take over Beccles. This was done, but in 1855 services were restarted at Northgate.

                                             After a few years two families removed from Loddon to Beccles and were dissatisfied with the hired chapel, so they set themselves to work for and provide a better building. Station Road was then being laid out, and on a site given by Mr John Crisp the present chapel was built in 1872, the schoolroom and vestries being added in 1887. Beccles was made head of a circuit in 1890, the Rev TE Sharp being the first superintendent, but there was a return to the Lowestoft circuit in 1906.

                                             PRIMITIVE METHODISTS: The Primitive Methodist Church was worked as a part of the Yarmouth Circuit until 1837, when it was transferred to the Yarmouth Circuit. At first they worshipped in a hired building in Peddar’s Lane, now known as May Cottage [this is probably not correct] Later, very largely through the devotion of Mr G Grimson and Mr W Harper, the present building in Smallgate was erected and opened in 1872. The foundation stone of the building was laid on November 15th 1893, by Mr Alfred Woods, the Deputy Mayor. In 1933 came the Methodist Union, one circuit being formed from Beccles, Loddon, Bungay and surrounding villages.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL: Miss L Jones resigns, who has been a member of the staff for a quarter of a century. She has been in charge of the preparatory department and games.

                                             The school has taken over the second floor of Peddar’s Lane Council Junior School as a special subjects block. Art and manual instruction are among the subjects taught there.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    BADGER SHOT at Grove Farm, Aldeby, weighing 26lbs – supposed to be extinct in Norfolk.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    WARSHIP WEEK at Beccles to be from 21st to 28th of March. It was hoped to raise £60,000. On Sunday 22 March at 11am there will be a united service at St Michael’s attended by a parade of the Forces, Civil Defence and other organizations. The Earl of Stradbroke, Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk will take the salute outside the Town Hall. A naval band will head the parade and attend a concert in the Regal Cinema in the afternoon.

                                             Mr GE Brown, the entertainments organizer, has formed a committee of the Townswomen’s Guild, the Choral Society, Co-op Women’s Guild & Caxton Amateur Athletic & Social Club – which has offered free use of its pavilion for events.

                                             The events: on Saturday a naval dance at the Public Hall; Monday – Social evening at the Caxton Pavilion; Tuesday – entertainment by Miss M Smith’s dancing pupils, & dramatic performances by the Townswomen’s Guild; Wednesday – general knowledge competition and Brains Trust; Thursday – “Rise and Shine” naval concert party at the Regal Cinema; Friday – whist drive at the Pavilion; Saturday – dance at the Pavilion.

                                             Exhibitions: Capt FC Poyser, of Montagu House, Northgate, is providing an exhibition of models of ships and figureheads in the Council Chamber. There will be 30 to 40 exhibits, including two ship models made by prisoners of the Napoleonic wars.

                                             In the windows of the Co-Op will be displayed wooden models of a cruiser and two submarines, presented by Mr B Foyster, which will form prizes for a competition.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    FARMERS DEMAND REVISION OF PRICES on cereals. The minimum wage of £3 a week was introduced without opposition, but the present price of wheat at 36s a sack cannot pay for the increase.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    ORDINATION of Roman Catholic: Rev Basil W Jones, younger son of Mr & Mrs W Jones of Ballygate by the Bishop of Northampton.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    BECCLES & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY asked by the East Suffolk Planning Officer to produce a list of buildings of architectural, historical or romantic interest - to be considered by the committee.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    BRITISH RESTAURANT continues its popularity, serving upwards of 100 meals a day.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    WORKHOUSE at BULCAMP - the RIOTS of 1835 – long article

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    DEATH of Miss Emily Kerridge, aged 78, at Geldeston, late of Beccles. She was the daughter of the late Mr & Mrs George Kerridge, of Beccles. She was a teacher of music in her native town, and was an accomplished pianist. Since the early days of the war Miss Kerridge lived at Geldeston, but previously spent much of her life at 11 Station Road. She is survived by a brother, Mr John Kerridge, of Fair Close, and a sister, Mrs LM Ingate, of 5, Station Road.

                                             At the funeral the mourners were Mr & Mrs LM Ingate, Mr & Mrs John Kerridge, Mrs Etheridge (Geldeston), Miss W Kerridge and Mr D Roberts (Fressingfield). Friends at the church were Mr RC Dunt, Mr & Mrs Frank Foster, Mrs Frank A Clatworthy, Mrs McQueen, Miss Delf, Miss Lee, Miss D Chambers and Mrs IC Meadows.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    BISHOP of NORWICH, Dr Bertram POLLOCK to resign. He is 78 and was consecrated Bishop of Norwich in 1910. Appointed a KCVO in 1921, he took a leading part in the settlement of the Norfolk farm labourers’ strike, his “round table conferences” at the Bishop’s Palace bringing the two sides together. Later in 1927-28 he took a prominent part in the Revised Prayer Book controversy, both in and out of the House of Lords.

                                             The Bishop was married in October 1928 to Miss Joan Ryder, third daughter of the Rev ACD Ryder, Rector of Maresfield, Uckfield, Sussex, and has one daughter.

                                             Dr Pollock is the son of the late Mr George Frederick Pollock, formerly Senior Master of the Supreme Court and King’s Rembrancer, third son of the late Lord Chief Baron Pollock.

                                             After being educated at Charterhouse and Trinity College Cambridge, he was ordained in the Salisbury diocese and in 1893 succeeded Dr Wickham in the Mastership of Wellington College, where more than one royal prince came under his care.

                                             He held this responsible post until his appointment to the See of Norwich. In his younger days the Bishop was a great athlete and attributed his success to the fact that he was a total abstainer. [PHOTO page 8]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Mar    WEDDING: Mr E Oxborough of Beccles & Miss T Galer ofv Church Farm, Shipmeadow. [PHOTO p.1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Mar   St MICHAEL’S VESTRY MEETING: Churchwardens: Mr AE Bunn (nominated by the Rector) Mr W Fowler (People’s Warden, proposed by Mr RC Dunt), bur Mr Fowler was uncertain if he would be able to serve. (He later agreed to serve). The electoral role was 967 – the highest recorded in the past was 1150.

                                             Mr Bunn said, “He and his colleagues would be glad to see more pews occupied for the Sunday services, and hoped there would be a big improvement in attendances.”

                                             Mr Goodin, (secretary of the Parish Church Council) said the new Curate, Rev WR Barnes, had brought to the parish an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Mr AE Groom had rendered voluntary service as organist and Choirmaster and thanks were also due to Admiral Johnson, who had played the instrument on a number of occasions.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Mar   WEDDING: Leading seaman McAllister, DSM, and Miss V Cornish. [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Mar   PETROL: With the object of putting an end to pleasure motoring and effecting the removal of all unessential cars from the road, substantial cuts in the basic & supplementary petrol allowances are to be made. The value of the basic ration coupons for May and June will be halved, and as from 1 July the basic ration will cease to exist.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Mar   PRISONER OF WAR at Stalag VIIIB, Germany, Bombadier SS Searle [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Mar   SUICIDE of WOMAN,  Mrs Alice Whitlam (54) of Kessingland, broken hearted by the death of her daughter in an air-raid.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Mar   CONSCRIPTION FOR HOME GUARD: Norfolk & Suffolk are included in the areas in which powers of compulsory enrolment in the Home Guard are to be put into force owing to voluntary recruitment having been insufficient to bring the units up to strength.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Mar   PRISONER OF WAR at Stalag XXB, Germany, Rifleman Leonard Chipperfield, aged 22, son of Mr & Mrs Alfred Chipperfield of 63, Denmark Road. He was a boy at the National Schools and a chorister at St Michael’s Church. He was the employed as a hairdresser by Mr HE Forster for four years before enlisting in the Rifle Brigade a year before the outbreak of war. He was taken prisoner at St Valery, France in July 1940. His father was a prisoner of war in Germany in the First World War for a year, having been captured at Cambrai. [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Mar   MISSING: Mr & Mrs W Fowler, of Claremont, Fair Close, informed that their third son, 2nd Lieut Henry Fowler, of the Royal Norfolk Regiment has been reported missing in Malaya. Before the war Lieu Fowler was a schoolmaster. One of the best known local tradesmen, his father is People’s Warden for St Michael’s and secretary of the YMCA Red Triangle Club.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Mar   SUFFOLK FARMERS FINED for non-cultivation of land at the Hall Farm at Burgate, after being given orders to do so. They failed to break up and prepare a field for an approved crop for the harvest of 1941, and for failing to cut a crop of linseed on the field and cart and stack it. They were fined £15 each for one offence and £1 each on the other, and were summoned to pay £154 expenses incurred by the East Suffolk War Agricultural Committee for ploughing, sowing and harvesting a crop on the field.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Mar   FOOD: Lord Woolton announced that the wholemeal loaf to replace the white loaf next month will be known as “National bread”.

                                             National Flour is as easy to cook with as white flour, but requires more liqid for mixing. Cook, boil or steam a little longer and give baking tins an extra greasing.

                                             There will be an increase in non-priority adult milk allowances fro two and a half to three pints a week.

                                             All sales of new potatoes of the 1942 crop, including potatoes in the ground are now prohibited. Producers who have grown crops under glass for early sale should apply for sales licences. Supplies of old potatoes will be on the market instead.

                                             The price of jam will increase, eg strawberry jam will cost 1s 3d for a pound.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Mar   WEDDING: Mr S Jones of Tottenham & Miss Joyce Wodgate of Beccles.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Mar   IF INVASION COMES: Sir John Anderson, Lord President of the Council outlined the duties of the population in the event of an invasion. Three broad principles:

                                             All must do everything they can to help each other.

                                             No one must do anything which would be of the slightest use to the enemy.

                                             All have the right and duty to do everything they usefully can, under responsible direction to defend their hearths and homes and their native lands.

                                             He emphasised the necessity for standing firm so as to avoid those refugee movements, which proved so disastrous in France. He did not mean that the civilian population must play a purely passive role. On the contrary, every citizen would regard it as his duty to hinder and frustrate the enemy by every means which ingenuity and common-sense could devise.

                                             Remarking that the unorganised individual fighter represented an uneconomic use of men and weapons, he said, “All fit men who can find time for necessary training should join the Home Guard.”

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Mar   AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTER from BECCLES:  Rev Harry Reeve, youngest son of the late Mr & Mrs John Reeve, of Blyburgate, and brother of David G Reeve of Northgate. He celebrated his 59th birthday in January.

                                             He was at the National School under Mr RC Dunt and won a scholarship to the old Sir John Leman School in Ballygate, of which the late Mr William Boyce was Headmaster. He was a member of the Baptist Church in Station Road. He threw a great deal of energy into the work of the Independent Labour Party. He strove hard for the formation of trade unions in East Anglia, and at Brampton Old Hall he started a little agricultural community in which every worker was to be a shareholder [it was owned by the Elliott family - see East Suffolk Gazette, 30 June 1907 & 5 September 1911]. These efforts, however, were often most discouraging to him, as the very people he was out to assist were frequently his greatest detractors. He left for Australia in 1910, mainly for health reasons. Since 1928 he has been minister of Perth City Baptist Church. He has been doing the the national devotional service regularly on Saturday mornings, and this has gained him such a wide circle of listeners that his own church has relieved him of much routine work to enable him to cope with the new responsibilities that radio has thrust on him. He always has a huge mail to collect – most of the letters telling of some difficulty or asking some favour in the way of a hospital visitation or a burial. Some tell of love problems, some of a lonely bachelor wanting a wife.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 April   WARSHIP WEEK: The target for  – Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth and Wainford was £136,000, but was exceeded by nearly £100,000 reaching £233,366 in savings. The target for Beccles was £60,000, but £95,941 was invested.                  

1942     Beccles & Bungay 11 April  WEDDING: Lieut-Col Joseph Picton Phillipps of the Royal Marines, younger son of the late Lieut-General Picton Phillipps, CB, CMG, MVO and of Mrs Picton Phillipps, of Stockton Old Rectory and Miss Aurea Manning Dowson, the eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs RM Dowson, of Greenbank, Geldeston.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 11 April  WEDDING of Lieut David AA Treherne, son of Mr & Mrs Treherne, of Hollow Hill, Ditchingham, (grandson of Sir Robert Shafto Adair, Bart & Lady Adair, of Flixton Hall) and Miss Daphne Balders, only daughter of Brigadier DVM Balders & Mrs Balders of Cleveragh, Waverley Drive, Camberley, Surrey.

                                             The ceremony was performed by the Rev WM Lummis, MC, Vicar. His address: “I little thought when eleven and a half years ago, I left the Suffolk Regiment on Trafalgar Day, with Nelson’s last signal ringing in my ears, that one day it would be my duty, as well as my very great privilege and pleasure, to officiate at the wedding of the daughter of my last commanding officer. It is a pleasure greater than I can express, and I wish to add my very best wishes to the bride and bridegroom for a very happy life and distinguished service in the days that are to come.” [PHOTO 18 April, page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 11 April  SACRED CANTATA “Olivet to Calvary” by Maunder rendered at St Michael’s, by the augmented Beccles Parish Church choir on Good Friday evening. The conductor was Mr AE Groom, who is organist & choirmaster of St Michael’s, which he has built up to between fifty and sixty voices since he took office last year. Mr O Lloyd Smith, his son-in-law, who has been his hon. accompanist of Beccles Choral Society since its inception, played the organ.

                                             Three of the four soloists are members of the choir, the other being the tenor, Mr C Wallis, of Ipswich, Miss Jean Buck was the soprano, Mr BW Goodin (baritone), Mr J Howes (bass).

1942     Beccles & Bungay 11 April  MISSING: 2nd Lieut EA Sawyer, of the Hong Kong & Singapore Royal Artillery, husband of Mrs Sayer  of Station Road and son of Mr & Mrs AF Sawyer of 51 Caxton Road, reported missing in the capitulation of Singapore. He joined as a gunner in July 1940 and received a commission last June. Before the war he was in active partnership with his father at Ringsfield Dairy, Caxton Road.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 11 April  MISSING AT SINGAPORE Pte Alec Bond, of the Camridgeshire Regiment, only surviving son of Mr & Mrs Edward Bond, of 54 Blyburgate reported missing. He joined the army just over a year ago and served  first with the Suffolk Regiment. Previously from 1937, he had been a special constable at Beccles. An old boy of Beccles College, he used to assist his father in the corn merchant’s business.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 April  CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH ADDRESS by Lay Chairman of Congregational Union: “Go to any of our churches on a Sunday morning or evening. Are there queues waiting to get in? Are the youth of our land sharing in the work and endeavouring to draw others to enjoy the fellowship that one expects to find there? We all know there are far too many seats in these days and far too much apathy inside the Church.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 April  BRITISH RESTAURANT is now serving about 300 hot meals a day

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 April  RETIREMENT of Rev Arthur Lockwood, of 3 Frederick’s Road as superintendent Methodist minister of the Beccles, Loddon and Bungay circuit, which he has held since 1938. He completes his 41st year in the Ministry this year.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 April  MAGISTRATE: Mrs Dorothy Smith, of the White House, Ashman’s Road appointed a Magistrate. She is the wife of Dr Sydney F Smith. She has been a keen worker for the WVS, particularly the canteen it runs at the Adult School for members of the forces. She is hon organiser for the Central Hospital Supply Service. She and her husband are members of the Historical Society. They have lived in the town since 1918, living at Loreto, Ringsfield Road, which is now the residence of Dr Smith’s sister, Miss M Smith. There are three daughters, the eldest, Miss Ellen Smith having recently completed a yea in the Wrens, one is at college and the youngest at St Felix School.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 April  MISSING at SINGAPORE: Pte Stanley R Fiske of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, youngest son of Mr & Mrs F Fiske, 100 St George’s Road. Before being called to the colours in 1940 he was employed by W Chilvers & Son, builders, Gresham Road. [PHOTO Beccles & Bungay, 9 May, page 3]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 April  POLICE COURT: Frederick Rix, the Brickyard, Darby Road fined £1 for riding a bicycle without lights. War reserve Pc BL Moore said he gave a false name and address, but witness knew his proper name.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 April  TAXATION INCREASED by Sir Kingsley Wood, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

                                             Beer 2d a pint, whisky 4s 8d a bottle, wine between 6s to 8s a gallon;

                                             Tobacco 3d on a packet of 10 cigarettes now sold at 9d

                                             Entertainment Tax doubled, rises in cinema & theatre prices, boxing, football & racing.

                                             Purchase Tax doubled on luxuries & non-essential goods – silk dresses, fur coats, trunks, bags etc

                                             Income Tax. Married women’s allowance increased from £45 to £80 a year.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 25 April   ISSUE MISSING   

1942     Beccles & Bungay 2 May    FIRE at SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL: Considerable damage was done on Friday afternoon by a fire, which started in a false roof. The new term had started only the previous day. There are 300 pupils on the roll, but only 220 were in the building at the time. All left in perfect order and calmness.

                                             The outbreak which was detected shortly before 3 o’clock, was fought by the staff and senior boys using extinguishers and stirrup pumps until the NFS arrived in response to a telephone call from Messrs H & J Poll’s saw mills in South Road. From the mills it had been noticed that smoke was coming from the school roof.

                                             Fire service units were quickly on the scene and reinforcements came from the district. The fire burned furiously, but the firemen succeeded in getting it under control later in the afternoon. The roof of the main part of the building was destroyed, but firemen confined the damage by flame to the upper part of the school. Some of the windows were unbroken, and the walls appeared to be quite sound structurally. The main hall was undamaged, as was the caretaker’s house, which adjoins the main part of the building.

                                             A great deal of the equipment of the school was got out by men and women members of the staff, senior boys and helpers from houses in Ringsfield Road close by. This salvaged property was put on the tennis courts and afterwards removed to houses and garages in the immediate vicinity.

                                             The whole of the equipment of the school flight of the Air Training Corps was saved

                                             “I was thrilled to be able to retrieve from the wreckage an old school bag of 1640 which was in the museum,” said Mr Humphreys, the Headmaster, “It was only a little stained. This leather treasure belonged to a pupil at the original Sir John Leman School.”

                                             The most serious loss was sustained by sixth formers, due to take their Higher Certificate Exams in the summer, who had lost their books and notes. The records of the school were quite safe. Both his and the staff room were undamaged.

                                             The 150 children who took their mid-day meal at the school would be able to eat at the British Restaurant at 11.45 am each day, thanks to Mrs JE Coney’s prompt assistance. Some of the school would be housed at Peddar’s Lane Council Junior School, and at the Area School through the kindness of their respective head teachers.  There were no casualties in the fire. [PHOTO page 5]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 2 May    SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL in the First World War: The opening of the school occurred on 14 September 1914, and within a month had 90 pupils on the roll. Soon after the opening the military authorities approached the Governors with a view to handing over the premises for the billeting of troops during the winter months. After giving very careful consideration to the educational and military aspects the Governors, for purely patriotic reasons, and with the consent of the East Suffolk County Education Committee, decided to offer the use of the building to the army for the ensuing winter. However the Staff Captain of the Welsh Border Mounted Brigade, which was stationed at Beccles at the time, wrote to the committee’s secretary stating that the military authorities had decided to erect hut accommodation for the troops in the area and that accordingly, the school would be undisturbed.

                                             Among the assistant teachers at the outset were Mr FP Glover & Mr P Cross, who are still doing excellent work on the staff, and Miss Dealey, who retired comparatively recently.

 1942    Beccles & Bungay 2 May    Mrs Emily Phillips, who has died at her home at Worthing, was Headmistress of the National School girls’ department until the amalgamation of the boys’ and girls’ department into a mixed school in 1913.

                                             The Girls’ School log book records in Mrs Phillips’ handwrighting: “I commenced duties in the school on Thursday February 1st” and that her predecessor, Mrs Anderson, left the school on January 31st, 1900. She continued at the school until 1922, a period of nearly 23 years.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 2 May    NORWICH ATTACKED in two nights of raids by bombers coming in three waves for well over an hour. There were many casualties. [PHOTOS page 6 & Beccles & Bungay 9 May, page 6 & 8; 30 May page 8]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 2 May    SECRETARY’S RETURN: Mr AE Moore, of 51 Caxton Road has been discharged from the army on medical grounds. He has resumed the hon. secretaryship of the Beccles United Football Club

1942     Beccles & Bungay 9 May    BECCLES ARMY CADETS: 70 boys belonging to the recently-formed 1st Cadet Corps, Suffolk Regiment were on parade at their headquarters, the Area School when Col RW Brooks, TD, the Colonel Commandant carried out an inspection. Capt GS Odam (commanding officer) & 2nd Lieut HR Hadingham were in charge. There are vacancies for about 20 lads between the ages of 14 and 17. [PHOTO page 3]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 16 May    GALLANTRY MEDAL: Flight-Sgt Owen Hawes, No 38 Sqadron; awarded the DFM. He has taken part in many sorties including attacks on targets in Germany, Southern Italy & Libya.

                                             In September 1941 he captained an aircraft, which attacked an escorted convoy in the Mediterranean. He carried out a low-level attack on the largest merchant vessel, obtaining two hits. He then attacked another merchant vessel, securing five hits, which set it on fire, and the glare from the flames assisted other aircraft of the squadron to the target.

                                             “This airman has invariably displayed great courage and determiation,” says the citation.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 16 May  NEW RATION BOOKS: You Need 1.) Your present Ration Book with Reference leaf filled in 2.) Your Identity Card. There is a special office opened at two lock-up shops directly opposite the Food Office in Blyburgate. If the Ration Book and Identity Card are found to be correct, the individual will be given a personal ration book (black for over 16 and red if under) and a clothing coupon book, the latter having an extra sheet of 10 coupons if the holder is under 16. Certain details are required to be answered by the holder of each of these documents and this must be done before they are used. The main ration book for the new rationing period will be delivered through the post at a later date.

                                             Full instructions regarding the use of the new clothing book will be found inside the book itself.

                                             The temporary office dealing with applications for the new ration books will be open from 9am each day during the fortnight starting next Monday.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  PRESENTATION to the SERGEANT-at-MACE, Mr William Clark, of the Lodge, London Road to mark his completion of 20 years faithful service, of a suitably engraved silver salver, which had been subscribed to by members of the Town Council.

                                             Mr Clark joined the Police Force on September 1st 1883 and retired as Sergeant at Beccles in March 1919, with nearly 36 years of service to his credit. He was Captain of the Beccles Fire Brigade and retired through ill health in 1934. He had completed nearly 59 years of public service.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  CRITICISM of the FIRE FIGHTING at the Leman School fire, unjustified according to the Fire Force Commander, WH Barrett. “The original call was to smoke in the direction of the school. The light trailer pump dispatched was at the scene within three minutes, so that there was no delay. Afterwards a call was received from the school and a further pump was sent within five minutes of the original summons. The first pump capable of providing 100 gallons a minute got to work in a hydrant in Ringsfield Road. A section of umps arrived from Lowestoft within 18 minute & the escape-carrying unit from Yarmouth within 22 minutes. No time was actually lost and the placing of the jets was absolutely ideal, the fire being fought to the wind, which was blowing at gale force.

                                             Commander Barrett spoke of the “invaluable assistance rendered by full and part-time members of the Beccles Brigade during the recent enemy attack on Norwich. “The task allotted to them was one which called for the utmost endurance, and I can assure you that I am happy to be associated with men of such spirit.”

                                             COUNCIL: BRITISH RESTAURANT: Profit for April £22, the number of maim meals served 5171.

                                             EXCHANGE SQUARE Static Water Tank to be built underground.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  BECCLES ENTOMOLOGIST, Alderman Ernest T Goldsmith of Fair Close spoke of the Large Tortoiseshell butterfly, one of the finest British butterflies has become a rarity.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  DEATH of Mr William Elliott Downing, son of Mr & Mrs William Edward Dowding of Longlands, Upper Grange Road. He was 46 and had been in indifferent health for some years.

                                             Born at Bungay, he was educated at Beccles College under the late CC Hall and afterwards at Felsted. Then he went to the Wolsey motor works as a pupil for three years, but nine months before the completion of the course he joined the army in the last war and was commissioned as a lieutenant in the RAMC (Motor Transport). He saw much service in France.

                                             After demobilisation, Mr Downing returned to the Wolsey works and was sent to Wiltshire as their salesman, living in turn at Chippenham, Salisbury and Swindon., being at the latter town several years with Messrs Skurrays. He was an excellent motor driver. After leaving Swindon his health broke down and he returned to Beccles, where he was in the motor business with Herbert Hipperson at Ingate Garage.

                                             At the time of his death he was on the staff of Elliott & Garrood. He leaves a thirteen year old son.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  CURATE ORDAINED: Rev William B Barnes is to br ordained by the Bishop

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  METHODIST ORGANIST Miss Maud Watling given presentation by Rev Arthur Lockwood. She succeeded Mr JW Frost, when he retired some years ago, and will continue in office.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  POLICEMAN Melville Paine, who for four and a half ears has been stationed at Beccles is moving to Ipswich.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  AIR RAID SHELTERS: Morrison Shelters allocated to the Borough by the Ministry of Home Security have been delivered to the town.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  INJURY: Miss Peggy Adams, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs GW Adams of 48 Frederick’s Road, sustained serious head injuries through an accident at the Caxton Press [She was working at Elliott & Garood, not the Caxton Press]. She was detained in hospital.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  ADMIRAL VERNON of Nacton Park: article.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 23 May  BECCLES HOSPITAL: Annual appeal for eggs: 3357 donated, and cash gifts of £17.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 30 May  ASSAULT ON BECCLES GIRL: Miss Catherine E Meadows, 22 London Road, secretary, summoned Colin Kett, 3 Pound Road, cinema manager, for assault. The case had been going on for two and a half years since complainant, who was at one time friendly with defendant, informed him that she did not wish to receive his attentions any more. Nearly every day defendant had waited outside complainant’s house and said he wanted to walk to the office with her. Although she told him she did not wish him to do so he had persisted. Sometimes he had gone to her house and continually rung the bell. Later she consulted solicitors, and asked them to write to him, but that did not have any effect. In the meantime complainant had become friendly with an army sergeant, who asked defendant to keep away, and for several weeks he did so, but later he resumed. Finally on May 16th she left her house going a different way, but defendant came up with her, and asked her if she was engaged to the army sergeant. When she said yes, he lashed out sideways with his gloved fist, so she fell against the wall and on the ground. Someone took her to the office.

                                             He said that he would not molest her any longer. He was fined £1. Both sides would pay their own costs.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 30 May  FAUCONBERGE SCHOOL: At the Trustees meeting of the Foundation, the retiring Bishop of Norwich, Dr. Pollock, took the chair. The Trustees have funds for granting substantial exhibitions to enable boys requiring financial assistance to enter boarding schools. No applications had been made.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 30 May  MARRIAGE: Mr Reginald G Jordan, son of the late AW Jordan, who was at one time in business in Beccles as a printer and stationer and was closely identified with the Parish Church, was married at Kenwyn Church Cornwall. The ceremony was performed by the Bishop of Truro, the bridegroom being the Bishop’s platoon commander in the Home Guard.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jun     SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL Prize Day. The school intended for 160 children now had 300. Repairing the school after the fire required sanction from the Ministry of Works for the necessary steel and timber, but this has now been granted. The Bishop of St Edmundsbury (Dr Richard Brook) distributed the prizes an spoke about education. [PHOTO of Sports Day, page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jun     SUFFOLK CHURCHES: Ringsfield Church described.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 6 Jun     MIDLAND BANK MANAGER, Mr FP Edwards of Northbury, Frederick’s Road moving as manager to Skegness, Lincs. He has been manager at Beccles since October 1935, coming from Yarmouth, succeeding Mr HE Davis, who was promoted to Cambridge. From him he took over the tReasurership of Beccles Bowls League and he has since carried out similar duties for the Choral Society and the peacetime Beccles Football Club.

                                             On the formation in 1939 of the Beccles Horticultural Society, in which he took a leading part, Mr Edwards was appointed its first Secretary, and he also assumed a similar office when the Allotment holders’ Association was brought into existence shortly after the outbreak of war.

                                             He is a member of Beccles National Savings Committee and served on the special committees, which organised the borough’s War Weapons and Warship Weeks.

                                             Mr Oliver Lloyd Smith, who came to the Beccles branch from Lincoln in 1933, has been promoted successor to Mr Edwards. At present he is second officer. Mr Smith is well known for his activities in connection with Beccles Choral Society, which he helped to found and of which he is an hon. accompanist. He has rendered service to the YMCA Red Triangle Club. It is understood that he will carry on Mr Edwards’ duties in connection with the Horticultural Society and Allotment Holders’ Association. [PHOTO Beccles & Bungay 13 June, 1942]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 12 Jun    PRISONERS OF WAR: in Germany; Two Beccles brothers; Pantryman Clayton Hembling (28) eldest son of Mr & Mrs EA Hembling, the Hermitage, Bridge Street, and Assistant Butcher Clifford Hembling (23) their second son. Members of the Royal Merchant Navy, they were captured two years ago when the ship on which they were serving was lost. [Photo page 1]         

1942     Beccles & Bungay 12 Jun    UNITED NATIONS DAY at Beccles: to be held in the paddock in front of Roos Hall, by kind permission of Mrs Walter D Robinson. All the organised bodies in the borough have received an invitation top take part. The service starts at 3 pm.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jun    FIRE IN BLYBURGATE burns down the Thatched House

1942     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jun    TOWN COUNCIL: Criticism of Fire arrangements: Mr Swindells: Although the warning of the fire in Blyburgate was given at 4.55 pm it was twenty minutes before a decent jet of water was on the place, and in his opinion, from the wrong side. When the first tender atrrived there was nobody in real control. No ladder was used and no one went anywhere near the roof to investigate the seriousness of the fire. The first tender was at the scene less than five minutes after the call. The fire was then of a very small nature at Mrs Watson’s end. When the men did get water out of the hydrant it was only first floor height and they were trying to get it over the roof from the wrong side. The side from which they were fighting it had no fire. The men were told time and time again by a former fireman to go to the main in Peddar’s Lane, but this was not done, until after 15 minutes Mr Hamby arrived with reinforcements. It was only then that the fire was beginning to rage, that a force of water was being got on the job. Lowestoft brigade arrived after 25 minutes with a fire escape. Why was there not one in the borough?

                                             The promised static water supplies should be installed at once, not even in two or three months’ time. The Town Clerk (Mr Bryan Forward) said the root of the problem was the inadequacy of the water supply. However good the equipment, without sufficient water to fight a fire it was no good.

                                             SALARIES OF OFFICIALS: The Town Clerk to receive £100 pa, exclusive of clerical assistance and legal costs.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jun    BECCLES SOLDIER HOME: Mr Jack Mayston, eldest son of Mr & Mrs HG Mayston of Gillingham, of 91 Castle Hill, has been serving in the army in the Middle East, came home on compassionate grounds because of the illness of his wife, who has since recovered.  He met his four-and-a half-year-old son for the first time. He went to St Benet’s School and joined the army in 1934. He was sent to Palestine in November 1937, and while in that country visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

                                             After leaving Palestine he was stationed in Greece and sent to Athens. At that time the Greeks were engaged in their memorable struggle with the invading Italians. Any little victory by the Greeks was marked by the citizens of Athens, carrying shoulder-high those members of the British Forces who happened to be walking about the streets in uniform. When the Germans entered the war life became “pretty hectic” and he considers himself fortunate to escape injury there. When the enemy reached the capital city he and his colleagues left by the port of Piraeus, and went to Egypt. It was while there that the Beccles soldier met his brother Leslie, who is in the Marines. It was the first time they had met each other for four years. When they parted in their home surroundings Leslie was just leaving school, so it was not surprising that his brother found some difficulty in recognising him. The meeting was due to the efforts of the young Marine, who knew his brother was in Egypt, and on arrival there on his way to the Far East took successful steps to ascertain his whereabouts. This was the only meeting with anyone he knew that Jack had the whole of the time he was away from Beccles. In the second battle with the Germans and Italians in the Libyan Desert Jack was sent as far as El Adqm, but again escaped injury or capture by the enemy.

                                             Some years ago he performed a brave act by rescuing from the River Waveney a man who had fallen into the water. Had it not been for his quick action the unfortunate person would have lost his life. The deed was officially recognised by the Royal Humane Society, who presented him with a commemorative parchment.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jun    BECCLES UNITED FOOTBALL TEAM [PHOTO, page 1]: Standing: A Morrison, J Hurren, D Nichols, B Archer, A Moore, R Woolfson (capt), T Taylor, R Spalding (trainer); Seated: K Strong, H Baker, P Chatters, P Hill & P Spall.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jun    HISTORY of GILLINGHAM: Visit by the Historical Society.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 20 Jun    DANCING DISPLAY by the fifty [see 18 July] pupils of Miss Maureen Smith for the benefit of Beccles Hospital, which raised £27.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 27 Jun    WEDDING: Hon Peter Rouse, 4th son of the Earl of Stradbroke & Countess of Stradbroke, of Henham Hall to Miss Elizabeth Fraser, youngest daughter of Maj the Hon. Alastair & Lady Fraser, of Monlack Castle, Kirkhill, Inverness.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 27 Jun    ACCIDENT TO CYCLIST: Mrs Mabel Gower of 22 Northgate, cycling down Northgate with her husband, Mr EW Gower, struck the kerb and was detained in Hospital.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 27 Jun    BAPTIST CHAPEL: Sermon preached by Rev W Noel Clarke, of Stowmarket,  a former Minister of the Church, who left Beccles four years ago.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 27 Jun    MUSIC FESTIVAL at BECCLES: Over 200 singers took part

1942     Beccles & Bungay 27 Jun    SOME EAST ANGLIAN VILLAGES to be taken over for army exercises. All villagers and farmers to leave by 20 July. The larger of the two battlefields is of 18,000 acres, displacing 800 people. The situation was explained By Lieut Gen Anderson, GOC Eastern Command. “This is the most unpleasant task of my army career.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 27 Jun    W£ATERCOLUR of Northgate from the river by Edward Walker in the Pilgrim Trust exhibition illustrating “The changing face of Britain,” at the Castle Museum, Norwich.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 Jul      BECCLES AIRCRAFTSMAN in MALTA: Leading Aircraftsman Robert G Ling, serving at an RAF station on the Island of Malta, wrote to thank the Mayor of Beccles for the Christmas card and postal order, which he eventually received at the end of May. His letter is dated 1 June: “No doubt you have read and heard plenty about Malta. I must say it has been rather trying for us here during the past few months, but I am glad to say that for the past week or so it has been much quieter here.

                                             Today I have been down into Valetta, which is the capital, and it like many other places here has suffered very severely from enemy air attacks, and many of its most ancient and historic places, such as churches, are in ruins. I certainly think the Maltese people have stood up to the many air raids very well, but of course they have fine air raid shelters here hewn out of solid rock often 20ft or more deep. There is one good thing about Malta, and that is the glorious weather we are getting here at the present time - nothing but glorious sunshine all day long. It must have been a really good place for a holiday in peace time.

                                             We here of the RAF, Army and Navy are doing our best for our cause and ill continue to do so.”

                                             About a fortnight ago he met another Beccles lad, Gordon Barnes , whose mother lives in Providence Place. He was quite fit and well.

                                             “I was a member of Beccles Town Football Club. As a pupil of the National School, please do me a favour and give my kindest respects to Mr RC Dunt, who was my Headmaster. Please, if you are in the vicinity of my home, which is 60 Denmark Road, do call and see my mother and cheer her up with a few words, telling her not to worry about me.”

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 Jul      VISIT to the AREA SCHOOL: “I ventured on a tour of the garden, where about forty boys were busy at various tasks. It was not long before a guide offered to enlighten me on the work I could see going on around me.

                                             I learned that the garden of over one and a half acres was, during the war period, devoted almost entirely devoted to vegetable production. Long stretches of potatoes, plot after plot of carrots, parsnips, onions, and beetroot, trenches of celery, and rows of tomatoes were to be seen, all destined for the school canteen, which I was told, serves about 200 dinners daily.

                                             Not that the educational side of the work was being neglected. I saw seed rearing grounds, manorial experiments in progress and plots on which the wares of rival seedsmen were being tested. I learned too that the aid of such august institutions as the Cambridge School of Agriculture were being enlisted in the mysteries of soil analysis and mineral deficiencies.

                                             Soon we came to a gate bearing the notice, “No admittance except to YFC Members.”  “Young Farmers’ Club” said my guide. “For the enthusiasts it is on a profit sharing basis. They do all the work, making the fowl-houses, rabbit-hutches, bee-hives, fencing, painting and general repairs – all in addition to the feeding and management of the livestock.”

                                             There was a flock of laying hens (14 dozen eggs had been ready for the collector on his last call) young chickens at all stages, ducklings, geese, rabbits, bees and goats. Calves were shortly to be added.

                                             I saw boys at work on a part of the playing-field they had broken up; two girls feeding Nobby, the youngest goat from a bottle. But what impressed me most was the sight of two youths mowing hay. A lost art? Not for these youngsters, who were swinging theirscythes with the skill of old hands. They had about two acres to cut.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 Jul      DEATH of WOMAN by fire; Mrs Florence Dade (aged 74) of White Hall Cottages, Willingham, wife of Mr John Dade, a retired gamekeeper, caught her clothes alight in the wash-house on an oil stove, which she upset.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 Jul      METHODIST MINISTER, Rev Arthur Lockwood, who is retiring, came from Ledbury four years ago and is being succeeded by Rev Harold Bullough, from the Caerphilly Circuit.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 Jul      St JOHN’S AMBULANCE BRIGADE inspected by Brig-Gen Sir Archibald Home, Suffolk Director of Red Cross & St John’s Ambulance.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 Jul      GRAVESEND COUNTY SCHOOL for BOYS giving up Shipmeadow House and returning home after three years evacuation. In June 1940, as a result of a Government decision the 200 evacuees had to leave Beccles and moved to new billets at Bungay. During the past two years the numbers attending the school have dropped, partly owing to the reopening of the buildings at Gravesend, to which various members of the staff were recalled as the situation required.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 Jul      WEDDING: Sgt John Roper, RAF, forth son of Mr & Mrs John Roper of 35 Puddingmoor and Miss Florence Lawson of Orford, near Warrington. Sgt Roper has  been with the RAF for 10 years, of which three have been spent in Palestine. His bride, who is employed at the Warrington Co-op butchery department is waiting to bge called up for the Wrens.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 Jul      DEATH of Miss Gertrude Wells, who retired 6 years ago from the Church Missionary Society where she had been working as a missionary for 45 years in West China. At her retirement she was the longest in terms of service out of the 900 CMS Missionaries.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 4 Jul      NEW BISHOP of NORWICH, Dr PM Herbert has rented Tower House, 58 Bracondale, but his work centre will be at the Bishop’s Palace. He will have a holiday in August before starting work in the Diocese.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 11 Jul     WEDDING: Cpl Victor Tucker, Royal Sussex Regt, of Chichester, who has beeen serving in the regiment for three years and managed to get out of France after the Dunkirk evacuation, and Miss Ivy Sarbutt, daughter of Mr WS Sarbutt & the late Mrs Sarbutt of 6 Old Mill Terrace. She was a member of the St John’s Ambulance Brigade, but for more than a year has been serving as a nurse at a military hospital [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 11 Jul     WAINFORD RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL: Mr HW Ellis, the additional Sanitary Inspector, became de-reserved on 1 April, but in view of the shortage of sanitary inspectors the Ministry of Health suggested that an application should be made for a deferment of his call-up. Mr Ellis wished to be called-up, but the Council decided to apply for his deferment.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 Jul     SIX SONS IN THE FORCES of Mrs Etteridge of Rook’s Lane. [PHOTO page 1] LAC C Etteridge, Warrant Officer A Etteridge, Warrant Officer E Etteridge, LAC J Etteridge, AC R Etteridge, Pte F Etteridge, Suffolk Regt. – Both A Etteridge & E Etteridge have been in the Services since 1917, and the latter has been mentioned in despatches. [see 26 April 1941]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 Jul     SUFFOLK in 1466: One of the reasons why the Lord of the Manor [of Blythburgh?] resented the poaching of rabbits was because that year for ionstance he sold in London to one poulterer 163, and to another John Harpenden 724 for £6 9s 6d. Despite the fines in the Manor Court, the poaching continued. 

                                             SUFFOLK in 1797: According to Arthur Young Westwood Lodge in Blythburgh was the best farm in the County. This must have been a fine farm for sheep rearing.

                                             SUFFOLK in 1646: £143 10s was received for sheep, lambs and wool, besides 222 lambs worth £60. A man from the south of the county bought here six packs of wool at a cost of £66.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 Jul     FRUIT PRESERVATION CENTRE to be established at the Area School, Mr AE Pye (Chairman), Mrs Odam (Vice Chairman & chairman of Townswomen’s Guild)), Mrs AR Emerson (secretary), Mr OL Smith (Treasurer).. The purpose of the scheme was to ensure the preservation of fruit, which could not readily put into consumption in other ways. Persons with surplus fruit should contact the committee.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 Jul     PROMOTION in POST OFFICE: Mr AJ Clarke, second in command at Beccles Post Office moving to become head Postmaster at Melton Mowbray. He has been at Beccles for three and a half years. A presentation was made to Mr Clarke, by Mr ET Young, head Postmaster of Beccles. Tributes paid by Mr JW Wright who had been with Mr Clarke at Cromer from 1915 to 1920, and Mr J Muttit (head postman) and Mr George Goldsmith on behalf of the messengers.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 Jul     SALVAGE DRIVE: The Salvage Officer (Mr CM Hamby) appealed for old periodicals, books, and letters. He said that every private house could provide some of their unwanted books and every business give up a few outdated ledgers.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 18 Jul     SALE: by direction of Mr Charles Freeman, Messrs Read, Owles and Ashford sold North House, Ravensmere, a brick and slated residence with timbered grounds and business premises, producing £55 pa net, to Mr D Aldred for £875.

                                             Two accommodation grazing marshes adjoining Gillingham Dam and containing 5 acres, 18 perches, sold to Mr J Howlett (Mettingham) for £170.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 25 Jul     PUBLIC AIR RAID SHELTER in Old Market [PHOTO in background – page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 25 Jul     WASTE PAPER CONTEST: Voluntary helpers with the loud-speaker van which has been touring Beecles each evening this week to stimulate interest in the national wastepaper contest, which closes on July 31st. Photographed are Mr Gamage (in charge) with Mrs Meadows, Mrs Whitmore, Mrs Wise, Mrs Richardson, Miss Tills and boys of the Sir John Leman School Youth Squad.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 25 Jul     MEN MISSING in the FAR EAST: Meeting in Ipswich of relatives of men in Suffolk Regiment missing captured at Singapore or in the Far East. Hundreds of wives and mothers attended so that the hall in Diocesan House was full well before the start and the church of St Mary-le Tower was used as an overflow meeting place. There was unlikely to be any news until September, although some letters had already been received.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 25 Jul     SALVAGE APPEAL: It is an offence to throw away any rag, rope or string, or put them in a dustbin. These can be used for the production of numerous forms of equipment for the Fighting Forces.

                                             Also required for salvage: old, worn-out woollen, cotton, and linen rags, pieces of carpets, sacking, rope and string, etc., including old suits, frocks, underclothing, rugs and upholstery, which can no longer serve their owners any useful purpose, but can now render a valuable service to the nation.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 25 Jul     POST WAR PLANNING: Report to the Council: 1.) What increase in population should be allowed for? Should the borough be enlarged to include Worlingham? 2.) What land should be zoned for agriculture? 3.) Should sites be zoned for light industries? 4.) The establishment of adequate recreation grounds and a hygienic swimming pool are very necessary. 5.) Road development: Is a by-pass through the marshes necessary? The bridge over the Waveney must be rebuilt and possibly Northgate widened to permit two way-traffic. Can any of the level crossigs be abolished or avoided? 6.) One of the first requirements is a new Town Hall with adequate Council Chamber, office accommodation etc. centrally situated in the town and shopping centre. 7.) Housing schemes must be revised and will possible entail an extension of the sewerage works. 8.) Borough ownership of water and gas. 9.) Increased space for car and aeroplane parking.

                                             They had the opportunity to think largely and make provision for work for the many who would be demobilised after the war.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 25 Jul     SCHOLARSHIPS to the Sir John Leman School from Peddar’s Lane Council Junior School: Jean Greenacre, Austin Bates, Elizabeth Eaton, & Terence Collins. Robert Murrell has secured a scholarship to Yarmouth Grammar School.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 25 Jul     FOUR GENERATIONS: Mrs Stockdale, late of Uggeshall, with her daughter, Mrs Betts, of Beccles, her granddaughter Mrs Moore of Beccles, and her great-granddaughter, Mary Rose Moore.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 1 Aug    SCHOLARSHIPS to the Sir John Leman School, from Ravensmere Council Junior School, of which Miss GN Woolner is head: John Hobbs and Robert Saker

1942     Beccles & Bungay 1 Aug    THE LEGGETONIAN’S CONCERT PARTY, of Beccles, who have entertained thousands of Service men and given many concerts at Poor Law Institutions, have raised £80 for charity: Miss H Mann (soprano), Miss D Snelling (accordianist), Misses P & L Balls (comic sketches), Mr E Brown (animal & bird mimic & impersonator) Mr J Legget (comedian), Messrs A Ling, & E rown (Bones ( Tambo), Mr L Stevens (drums) & Mr F Bowes (piano,) Mr J Leggett as compere.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 8 Aug    CRICKET REMINISCENCES of Mr TH Ward, former Captain of the Caxton Works Cricket Club – in these days when there is little or nothing of this sport in the borough. He thought the Club’s best performance was in August 1896 when they dismissed their opponents, Yarmouth Temple, for seven runs. The bowling of A Baxter and A Howard was responsible for this.

                                             They seldom beat the Fauconberge School, for the masters were good cricketers, and the Head Master, Rev JH Raven was “a very good bat and a fair bowler of the ‘googlie’ kind. He was a man who could never keep still, for when he was not fielding or batting he invariably walked round the field.

                                             Matches with Beccles College were especially memorable on account of the fact that their team included that famous sportsman, GL Jessop, who later gained an international reputation. “What a season that was for lovers of cricket and how we used to admire his tremendous hitting – except the bowlers. We only met them once that season, as the College would not play us on our ground, the Common, but we did not make too bad a showing against them, for besides GL Jessop they had some excellent cricketers. What a swipe Jessop gave them when he hit a ball to square leg, clean over the station and landed it on the roof of the Maltings.”

                                             As to other members of the College team, Mr Ward has good recollections of the Rev Ferrall, and he thinks others too, can recall some of his mannerisms, one of which was to leave his crease in order to remove a blade of grass before receiving the bowling. This master a very fine sportsman.

                                             The Printers always looked forward to their matches with Benacre Park. Living at the mansion at that time was Mr F Penn, a formerKent and England player, who had to give up first-class cricket owing to indifferent health. “He was a splendid sportsman, and it must have cost him a lot of money to carry on the club, for not only was the cricket pitch the finest we ever played on, but his hospitality was great. These matches were our only experience of all-day ones, and we never had any difficulty in getting up a team to go there. How wel we remember the splendid lunches we sat down to, as well as the tea interval, when we used to adjourn to the corner of the field and the ladies of the hall served out tea!”

1942     Beccles & Bungay 8 Aug    WEDDING: Mr Robert Ellwood and Miss Ruby Catchpole of Beccles at the Roman Catholic Church. Members of the National Fire Service, with whom the Bride is associated, formed a guard of honour. [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 8 Aug    HANDLOOM SILK WEAVER dies in Sudbury aged 76 – the last in the town. Until 1939 he worked his loom in a shed at the back of his house, and had the assistance of his wife and two daughters.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 8 Aug    INVASION EXERCISE held by the East Suffolk Police in Beccles showed that many people were not carrying their Identity Cards.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 8 Aug    GRAVESEND COUNTY SCHOOL leaves Shipmeadow House, and the Headmaster, Rev. S Lister, thanks the people of Beccles and Bungay for their hospitality since September 1939 in the two towns.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 8 Aug    FATEFUL HARVEST: “On this harvest may well depend the future of our country. It is the culmination of three wa seasons of ploughing up. Nearly six million acres of old grassland have been added to the Nation’s tillage area. And now the third war harvest is upon us – and the natio is helping to gather it in.

                                             Lord Woolton begs us not to waste bread. Mr Hudson tells us that we may expect rye in our bread. And so we look to the farmers and their workers to see us through the most crucial moment in our history.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 8 Aug    NORWICH ATTACKED AGAIN

1942     Beccles & Bungay 15 Aug   DEATH in SEATTLE of a former resident, Mr Alfred E Jones, aged 58, who used to live with his mother in Saltgate, had been a prominent business man in the American city since 1923, and had held the position of second vice-consul for Great Britain. He was born on 10 February 1884, at Deoghar, India, where his father, Mr Samuel Jones, was Civil Service Commissioner. His mother, Mrs Grace, Rix Jones, belonged to another old Beccles family, being the sister of Mr Frederick Shelley, believed to have been the oldest practising solicitor in the country, when he died in October 1933, at the age of 96. Their father was Samuel Wilton Rix, the compiler of the Rix Collection, preserved in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Town Hall, which contains a wealth of material relating to the history of the borough.

                                             Mr Alfred was quite young when his father died quite suddenly, this tragic event caused his mother to return to England with the family. They made their home in Beccles, settling first in Saltgate and afterwards at the Moorings in Waveney Road. He was sent to the Fauconberge Grammar School, of which Mr JH Raven was then Headmaster. The young man had a great bent for engineering, and when he left school was sent to Messrs Elliott & Garrood’s Ingate Iron Work, where he was trained by the late Mr Alfred Garrood.

                                             In due course he went to London, studying at the Imperial College. After graduating he sailed for the Far east and for several years held the position of mill manager for the Bombay Burma Trading Corporation, Ltd. In the last war he was a second-lieutenant in the Rangoon Artillery. Mr Jones, who wa ot strong, was held in the highest regard by jis employers, and on two occasions when he was taken seriously ill they sent him home to England for long leave to recuperate. On these visits he spent much time at Beccles, renewing associations with many old friends. He was a member of the Eastern United Services Club in London. Nearly 20 years ago Mr Jones left for Seattle, where he was associated with the Seattle Lumber Company. At one time he was an associate director of Cornish School there. His wife, who survives him, was formerly Miss Florence Williams of Seattle.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 15 Aug   SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL Flight Air Training Corps [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 15 Aug   PAPER SALVAGE at BECCLES: Over 100 tons sent to the Mills in three months – this is the fifth drive which has been made in Beccles.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 15 Aug   WEDDING: 2nd Lieut David Archibald Gresley Douglas, of the Royal Artillery, eldest son of Mrs FWG Douglas of Beaminster, Dorset & the late Rev FWG Douglas & Miss JM Webber, youngest daughter of Mrs JE Coney, of Ngong House, Waveney Road, and the late Capt. SL Webber, of the 1st Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, of the Bungay Branch of Barclays Bank for the last two years [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   EXHIBITION of models by 13 year old Peter Bowen, youngest son of Mr & Mrs B Bowen, of Highfield, London Road, was displayed in the shop of Mr CS Darby, of Smallgate. Of special interest was a model of Beccles Parish Church. The construction took about three months and everything was modelled to scale, and lighting was provided.

 1942    Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   THEFT at CANNING FACTORY: William R Rose, aged 28, of 56, Frederick’s Road, stopped by Pc Spatchett in Station Road Beccles, carrying a bag containing bacon, pork & beef, the property of the Co-op in Lowestoft and taken from the canning factory. Fined £5.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   FIRE BRIGADE INSPECTED by The Mayor (Alderman Owles) & Commander WH Barrett at the NFS demonstration at Beccles [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   METTINGHAM CHURCH: One of the bells cast by William Brend of Norwich in 1512 – not as Raven says in his book.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   POST OFFICE: Promotion of Mr JW Wright, the overseer, where he has been since 1920, to be second-in-command in succession to Mr AJ Clarke, who has moved to Melto Mowbray.

                                             Mr EJ Bunn, sorting clerk and telegraphist has been promoted to overseer. As he is serving with the Royal Norfolk Regimen the duty will be covered temporarily until he returns to civil work.

                                             Mr Wright, born at Gorleston entered the Post Office at Cromer in 1915, where he was a colleague of Mr Clarke, whom he has now succeeded at Beccles. With the exception of 18 months at Yarmouth andv Gorleston, he served at Cromer from 1915 until he came to Beccles in 1920. He was promoted surpervising clerk in 1935 and as overseer in 1937. With Beccles as its headquarters the local postal area covers 200 square miles and has 49 sub-offices, including those at Bungay, Halesworth and Southwold. He is active in connection with St Michael’s Parish Church and has been a sidesman for several years and formerly served on the Parochial Church Council from 1935 to 1939.

                                             Mr Bunn, aged 27, is an old boy of Sir John Leman School entered the Post Office in 1931. He has been in the Army since July 1940. He is the only child of Mr & Mrs AE Bunn of Ashmead, Ringsfield Road, and his father is secretary of the Hospital and the Rector’s Warden for the Parish.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   DIEPPE RAID

1942     Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   REPORTED MISSING: 1st Class Stoker, Henry G Aldred, RN, only son of Mrs Aldred of 48 Northgate missing on active service.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL Youth Squad have collected wastepaper, rags, books, tinfoil, postage stamps, cotton reels, rubber and bones. Eight members keep rabbits and others are engaged in gardening activities.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   ARMY RECRUITS 1942: The Army is interesting itself in the civilian hobbies of new recruits. Knowledge of spare time interests helps to reveal the temperament, outlook and attitude of the man and indicates the job in which he may best serve his regiment. They spend six weeks in the new General service Corps before being posted. They are tested for ability to use hands and brain, for physical agility, for specialised knowledge, their capacity to learn and their natural gifts.

                                             One recruit thought his “civy Street”  and Army life were poles apart. He had been asked dozens ofquestions,n when he half apologetically revealed that he had a hobby of racing pigeons. Here was ione man for whom the army was specially looking. Now he is a loftman in charge of carrier pigeons – te one job after his own heart.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 22 Aug   CROMER’S CHURCH: surrounding area destroyed by bombs, but the church remains intact [PHOTO p6]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 29 Aug   DEATH of Miss Annie Tedder, aged 79, at St Joseph’s, Grange Road. She was a sister of Miss E Tedder, superintendent of the nursing division of St John’s Ambulance Brigade, and of Mr AE & OH tedder, with whom she resided. Her nephew, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder, is Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Middle East.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 29 Aug   SOLDIER INJURED: Pte Walmsley, of the Royal Artillery, suffered injuries to head and shoulder, when his motor cycle crashed into the iron railings at the junction of Bungay Road & Puddingmoor. He was wearing a crash helmet.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 29 Aug   DUKE OF KENT killed in Air Crash.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 5 Sep     BECCLES UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB: Since the last match in April, A Merrison, K Strong and J Hurren have joined up. All the young men in the borough who wish to have a game, should cotact the Secretary, AE Moore, 51 Caxton Road. It is hoped to play matches on Sundays, so that those who work on Saturday afternoons can take part.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 5 Sep     METHODIST: Rev Harold Bullough, MA, BSc, the new Minister, takes up residence at the Manse, 3 Frederick’s Road.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 5 Sep     RESCUE of three women in a sinking boat by Mr Henry Brighton, the attendant at Beccles Corporation Swimming Baths.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 5 Sep     BRITISH LEGION Women’s Section: A party of 30 guests attended a Garden Prty at Telport, Puddingmoor, the home of Mrs SL Barrett, the president. An address was given by Mrs CP Parry-Crooke, the president of the Bungay Branch.

 1942    Beccles & Bungay 5 Sep     CLOTHING COUPON CHANGES: There will be more for older children and industrial workers, but fewer for the general public.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 12 Sep    CAR NOT IMMOBILISED:Richard Powell, waste paper & straw merchant, of 4 New Market fined £2. He left it to get some matches. Both offside doors were unlocked and the ignition key was in position.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 12 Sep    BANNED AREA entered for recreation or pleasure: Alice Sillett of 4 Pound Road, Beccles & her daughter, Agnes Andrews, said “We thought it was all right. We were just going to the Parks.”

1942     Beccles & Bungay 12 Sep    RUBBER MUST BE SAVED: A new Salvage Order: It is an offence to to destroy any waste rubber. 90% of the natural rubber resources in the world are now in enemy hands. The demands of the Fighting Services must be met.

                                             There are thousands of tons of waste rubber in the country. There are worn out cycle and motor car tyres, discarded Wellington boots, old gym shoes, useless hot-water bottles, rubber heels, dog ‘bones’, old rubber tubing, bathroom mats, sponges, rubber nail brushes, etc.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 12 Sep    IN THE SERVICES: Among those who have recently joined is Mr JH Hayward, formerly head reader at the Caxton Press.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 12 Sep    TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: 1.) No ordinary cheap day tickets for pleasure travel. 2.) Green-line, and long-distance coaches to be withdrawn. 3.) Parents and relatives visiting evacuated children will no longer receive one reduced fare a month, but only one every two months.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 19 Sep    CYCLING TOUR: Mr & Mrs Eaton, of 7 St Mary’s Road and their three girls, aged 14 to 11, cycled 700 miles as far as South Wales, covering 50 miles a day. They stayed in Youth Hostels and found plenty of holiday-makers about. Unfortunately, owing to the absence of signposts they got lost on two or three occasions 

1942     Beccles & Bungay 19 Sep    CHORAL SOCIETY to perform Mendlessohn’s oratorio “St Paul” in February or early March. The Officials re-elected: Mr BW Goodin (Chairman); Mr RB Reynolds (Secretary); Mr J Howes (Assistant Secretary); Mr RH Frith (Conductor); Mrs Frith & Mr FP Lloyd Smith (accompanists); Mr FP Lloyd Smith (Treasurer); Mr AE Groom, Mesdames SL Barrett, AE Pye, RG Jones & Mr HJ Byles (Committee)

1942     Beccles & Bungay 19 Sep    SUNDAY OBSERVANCE PETITION against Home Defence Exercises on Sunday mornings, signed by Harold Birch (Rector), H Bullough (Methodist Minister) FW Knowles (Catholic Priest); AW Poulson (Congregational Minister); Philip Skeet (Baptist); George Wright (Major Salvation Army).

1942     Beccles & Bungay 19 Sep    DEATH of Mrs Lorina Baker, wife of Lt-Col B Granville Baker, of the Cage, St Mary’s Road. She was the daughter of the late Rev Alfred O Hartley, who for many years was Headmaster of the Fauconberge School. She spent much of her younger life in Wiltshire and Yorkshire, where her father held livings, that in Yorkshire being the family advowson.

                                             Mrs Baker had much experience of living on the Continent, having resided in Germany, Austria, Italy and Czechoslovakia. She could converse in several languages and was an accomplished water-colour artist.

                                             The funeral: Mourners: The widower, Mrs EU Hartley, Cappt & Mrs KC Banks & Mrs Collier. Others: The Mayor & Mayoress, Rev Alfred Poulson, Mrs G Watson, Mrs I Pagan, Mrs HL Birch, Miss Lee Barber, Miss Turney (Barsham), Mrs J Gilbertson, Miss Burton, Miss de Best, Mrs E Gibbs, Mr & Mrs William Ward,Mrs EC Flude, Rear Admiral Johnson, the Misses Smith, Miss H Foster, Mr GR Gipson, the Misses Kerrich, Mr AE Tedder, Mr OH Tedder, Mr & Mrs SL North, Mrs Martin, the Misses Tracy, Miss Welham, Mrs RH Brown, Mrs Sidney F Smith, Miss M Smith, Mr & Mrs Frederickson, Mrs Oscar W Owles, Mr AE Jordan, Mr SW Rix, Mrs Turner, Miss Harrison, Mrs Blackman, Mrs Lees, Mrs Woolnough, Mrs Forder.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 19 Sep    A TON OF JAM made from surplus fruit at the Area School.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 26 Sep    SIR JOHN LEMAN SCHOOL RESULTS: The Headmaster (Mr GS Humphreys) praised the results, especially as there had been the fire at the school to disrupt work there. All 25 candidates for School Certificate passed – 16 of them securing exemption from Matric:

                                             Boys: Askew (M), Baxter, Beck (M), Bowen (M), Bugg, Clark (M) Eagle (M), Greengrass (M), Harvey (M), Lovett, Mace, Mills (M), Nicholls (M), Parkerson, Seppings, Taylor, M & Watson.

                                             Girls: Baker (M) Block, Clutton (M), Johnson (M),Norman, Penman(M), Thompson & Ward (M)

                                             Higher Certificate: Olwen Denney, Joan Fairhead, Barbara Platten & Alfred Taylor were successful (4  out of 5).

                                             Three new staff: Miss Teverson, BSc (science & mathematics), Miss Roper (Art), Miss MacDonald (Froebel teacher for the Prep section.

                                             Mr Humphreys said the rebuilding of the school had not been completed as there were difficulties with the supply of labour and materials

1942     Beccles & Bungay 26 Sep    SALE: by Messrs George Durrant & Sons for RW Balls: Business premises with  dwelling house, fish and frying shops, and new brick & tile outbuildings  at Ravensmere. Sold to Mr AE Inglis (Mutford) for £599.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 26 Sep    COUNCIL: TOWN WATER SUPPLY: 1.) A Committee suggested that the Water supply should be taken over by the Council – this was confirmed by the Council. There was a difference of opinion as to whether the water supply was inadequate. The Medical Officer of Health should be present before any decision was taken.

                                             2.) NATIONAL FIRE SERVICE praised for the recent public demonstration.

                                             3.) FIRE GUARD ORGANIZATION in need of improvement. Committee appointed: Mr Swindells, AT Bent & GS Odam with the Chief Warden (Mr Meen)

                                             4.) SALVAGE COLLECTION: 152 tons of waste paper collected over three months – equivalent to 55 lbs per head. Monthly quotas set for the future: per 1000 population: 1 ton of paper, 10 cwt of metal, 1 cwt of bones. No quota had been set for rags, but these were important.

                                             5.) AIR RAID SHELTER: The basement of the Public Hall not satisfactory as an Air Raid Shelter. People should be directed to the Saltgate or Hungate shelters.

                                             6.) TREE IN BALLYGATE: A letter from Mr WR Gray, of the Lodge, Ballygate complained that a tree in the roadway kept most of the light from his house and was a danger to traffic. It was agreed that the tree should be cut down.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 26 Sep    BECCLES GIRLS FINED for visiting Lowestoft – a place in the Defence Area. Joyce Smith, machine feeder of 23 Frederick’s Road, & Diana Dyer, machine minder of 4 Napier Terrace, Grove Road each fined 5s/-. “You must understand that you must not come here and you should tell other Beccles people.”

1942     Beccles & Bungay 26 Sep    DEATH of Pastor Charles Thomas Dykes, aged 65, formerly Minister of the Baptist Church in Beccles. He had served at Laxfield for 19 years.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 26 Sep    DEATH of Mr Arthur Woolner, aged 70, licensee of the Ship in Bridge Street, where he had been for 40 years, after leaving the employment of the Great Eastern Railway Company. He is survived by his widow and two sons. The mourners were the Widow, Mr & Mrs Arthur Woolner, Mrs DJ Blomfield (Dorking), Mr & Mrs CJ Huke (Luxden, Colchester) & Mrs R Boyce. The second son, Mr Harry Woolner, was absent at sea. Others present: Messrs HT Boyce, C Sampson, WW Thurgur, Lowe, Mrs R Bird.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 26 Sep    FOOD FRONT: Bread is dearer, the 4 lb quartern loaf has gone up from 8d to 9d. The 1 lb loaf has gone up by a farthing, but the price of potatoes has been reduced a penny a pound. This is part of a campaign by the Ministry of Food to reduce the consumption of bread and increase that of potatoes.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 3 Oct     PRISONER OF WAR: Ronald W Brighton who has been in a German camp for two years, son of Mr & Mrs H Brighton of 62 Elough Road. Mr H Brighton is Corporation Bathing Place attendant. [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 3 Oct     BECCLES FOOTBALL MATCH had to be cancelled because of the lack of a field on which to play. Mr AE Moore, the Secretary appeals to the Town Council to provide it with College Meadow.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Oct    DEATH of Miss Nora Sayer, aged 23, one of the twin daughters of Mr HE Sayer, a boot maker of 1 Exchange Square, and the late Mrs Sayer. After leaving Sir John Leman School she went to Exchange House as an assistant in Mr GW Bond’s drapery business. Just a year ago, when women were first appointed to the NFS at Beccles, she and her sister volunteered and were among the original enlistment. She was soon appointed leading firewoman.

                                             The chief mourners were Mr HE Sayer, Miss Molly Sayer (who is an Assistant Group Officer in the NFS), Mrs JM Sayer, Mr & Mrs L Moultn, Mrs Simpson (Darlington), Mr & Mrs Lacey (Walberswick), Mrs L Felgate (Westhall), Mrs V Stevens (Gorleston) Mr H Guyatt, Miss Williams & Mr R Brown. Deceased’s brother, Mr JM Sayer, was unable to attend through being at sea.


1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Oct    WAINFORD DISTRICT COUNCIL: Footpaths: the War Agricultural Committee had given authority for footpaths at Sotterley to be ploughed up. The Chairman (Mr CS Skinner): “That is all right. These footpaths are not used.” Mr Rogers commented that some footpaths were used quite a lot and that was why he had made his urgent appeal for the repair of footbridges.

                                             The Chairman welcomed Mr JW Bullard of Willingham Hall, who has been appointed a council member for Sotterley & Stoven in place of Mr AS Thurlow, resigned.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Oct    HEALTH OF BECCLES: Diphtheria immunisation: 1107 children out of 1166 were immunised or 94.17%

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Oct    SALE: No 6 OLD MARKET, sale by representatives of the late Mr Charles Bolingbroke: freehold, let on a weekly tenancy at £9 2s pa sold to Mr P Callow of Mutford for £27 10s. It was sold subject to a demolition order served on the late owner 8 years ago, but suspended by the Town Council during his lifetime on condition that he carried out repairs. The vendors are applying for a further extension.

                                             SALE: 64 NORTHGATE & the adjoining cottage 41 Ravensmere sold by direction of the representatives of Mr Charles Bollingbrooke: to Mrs Woolner, (Ship Inn) for £490

                                             ALSO: 6 Cottages Kemp’s Lane, bought by Mr HC Byatt (Oulton Broad) £740.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Oct    EXHIBITION including a work by EE Aldous, a native of Beccles, in the Civil Defence Artists Exhibition at the Cooling Galleries, London. He is engaged in his fifth film for Gaumont British Films.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 10 Oct    SECULAR SUNDAY: Letter in response to petition on Sunday observance: “According to a recent letter in the Daily Telegraph, the Bishop of Chelmsford admits that not 10% of the population attend places of worship on Sunday. The Rector then is speaking for a small minority of the people. The Atlantic Charter provides for freedom of conscience. Every man may worship when and how he pleases or even not at all if he so prefers. What right have the Rector and his associates to dictate and attempt to enforce their views on the great majority who are indifferent to their opinions?

                                             Henry P Stevens, Beccles.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Oct    “TANKS FOR ATTACK WEEK” held at Beccles: Surpassed the target for £18,000 invested, and amounted to £28,883. By its efforts Beccles is entitled to have its name on two of the “Churchill” heavy infantry tanks.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Oct    THE KING visits Norwich & inspects the Home Guard. [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Oct    MAYOR’S AT HOME to meet members of the Czechoslovakian forces and their wives, military, Home Guard and clergy living in this area. The guests numbered about 100. The Public Hall was decorated with flowers and the painting of Sir John Leman had been brought from the Council Chamber, Ayrton’s painting of Beccles marshes was loaned by Mr SW Rix and an old picture of the New Market came from the office of Messrs Larkman & Robinson.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Oct    MAYOR for fifth time: Mr Allden Owles unanimously re-elected Mayor of Beccles.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Oct    TRADESMAN MOVES to North Norfolk. Mr RK Faulkner is leaving Beccles after several years.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Oct    FIVE TONS OF ACORNS needed by farmers in the Beccles area for use as feeding stuffs for animals.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Oct    FLYING OFFICER Michael A Calver, only son of Mr & Mrs Tony Calver of Felixstwe, formerly of Beccles, piloting one of a group of fighters to shoot down a number of German aircraft in the Middle East. He is 19, an old boy of Sir John Leman School and grandson of Mr & Mrs Copeman of Blyburgate.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Oct    RAILINGS TAKEN FOR SCRAP: The iron railings and gate in front of Mill House, London Road, the residence of the Mayor & Mayoress of Beccles, were among those taken for scrap on Tuesday.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 17 Oct    GRESHAMS SCHOOL, HOLT is returning to Holt from Newquay, Cornwall

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Oct    DEATH of SCHOOLGIRL of the Sir John Leman School: Betty Cross, 14 year-old younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Peirson Cross of Briarwood, Waveney Road, after a short illness.

                                             Members of Staff attending: Mr GS Humphreys (Headmaster), Miss Barton, Miss EM Budd, Miss Spall, Miss Lisle, Messrs PP Glover, AH Clarke & RH Firth.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Oct    POST WAR PLANS for Beccles from Mr TB Oxenbury, East Suffolk Planning Officer:

                                             Traffic Census taken mid August 1938: Norwich Lowestoft Road 170 per hour; Bungay Road 60; London Road 67, Ellough Road 40.

                                             Bus Traffic: Northern section 24 a day; eastern section 24, Bungay Road & London Road 3 each.

                                             By Pass: Starting from Gillingham, over the Marshes, new bridge, entering Borough at Park Drive, Worlingham.

                                             BUS STATION: between Smallgate & Newgate, north of Manor House Lane

                                             CAR PARK: Site selected now forms part of King’s Head Hotel property and gardens of property abutting on Market Street and Smallgate

                                             INDUSTRIAL EXPANSION: 30 acres on the south side of the Avenue at the rear of the Station..

                                             OPTIMUM POPULATION of 9,000

                                             HOUSING: Approximately 700 new dwellings for 2,400 more people and 100 new dwellings to replace property, which should be condemned.

                                             CIVIC CENTRE: The present Town Hall should be retained, but reconstructed as a covered market. The area to the south of the present Town Hall should be demolished and a new Town Hall & Municipal Offices constructed.

                                             RIVER FRONT: The Planning Officer for Norfolk should be approached to preserve the river bank opposite the town. If properly laid out, this bank could be made very attractive.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Oct    COUNCIL BUSINESS: It was agreed by a vote of seven to six to receive the Memorial on Sunday Observance from the Clergy & Ministers of the Town. Mr Wood-Hill, Mr Hindes & Mr HA Taylor spoke in favour, Mr Swindells, Dr Howard Warner, & Mr ET Goldsmith (who said it is nothing whatsoever to do with us) spoke againdt. Mr Swindells “I shall have to say exactly what I think about it if they are going to put their side of the case.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Oct    BIGAMY CASE: Corporal Thomas Conyard (43) of the Royal Artillery charged with bigamously marrying Mrs Jessie Hales (37).

                                             Mrs Margaret Coyard said she was married to accused at Alnes in Scotland in 1920. He was then a Private in the Seaforth Highlanders and she was a domestic servant. They lived in Scotland for nine months and moved to Walthamstow where they lived for 12 years. There had been 13 children of whom 9 were living. The eldest was 17 and the youngest 17 months. She was now living in two rooms as she had been bombed out in Essex. Two days before the war accused had been called up with the Territorials, which he had joined two years previously. Up to that time they had lived a normal married life.

                                             Mrs Jessie Hales said that her divorce from Charles Hales became absolute in December 1937, since which she had been living at 43 Ingate with her two children. She met the accused in February 1942. He said that his wife had been killed by bombing. They went through a marriage ceremony at Beccles Registry Office in June. She expected to get an army allowance, but did not receive any, finally she went to his CO, who said the accused was married.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Oct    DEATH of Mr Francis Branford, of Sunnybank, Upper Grange Road, He was the third son of the late Mr James Simpson Branford of Blyburgate, harness maker, and he was also Parish clerk. He was a bachelor and lived with his sister. Until his retirement a few years ago he worked at the Caxton Press. He was in the old Volunteers in the last war.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Oct    CYCLIST KILLED: Mr Charles Plummer, aged 59, general labourer of 40 Castle Hill, killed cycling by a lorry on the Halesworth-Bungay Road.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 24 Oct    IN THE SERVICES: 4 Sons of Mr & Mrs WJ Barnard of Ellough Road: Sgt Barnard, Cpl Barnard, Stoker TE Barnard, Trooper DI Barnard.  [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 31 Oct    ARCHITECT Mr Claude JW Messent, ARIBA engaged on a series of drawings of ancient buildings in the borough.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 31 Oct    FIRE GUARDS to be part of the Wardens’ Service. The town has been divided into 21 sectors, and street  organisers appointed. He will approach you to obtain the necessary personnel.

                                             THE ORGANISERS: The sub committee: Mr Odam, 89 Grove Road; Mr Bent 33 Northgate, Mr Swindells, South Bank, South Road; Mr Philpot, The Cottage, Puddingmoor.

                                             STREETS: Mr Hipperson, Ingate Garage (Worlingham Rd, Ellough Rd, Castle Hill

                                             Mr Faman, St Anne’s Rd (Ingate from Railway Croosing to St Anne’s Road)

                                             Mr Odam, 89 Grove Rd (Harbourage, Griove Rd, Common Lane)

                                             Mrs Balls, 48 Alexandra Rd (Alexandra Rd, Peddar’s Lane, Ingate to Railway Crossing)

                                             Mr Pleasants, 31 London Rd & Mr Clark 27 Frederick’s Rd (London Rd from Traffic Lights to Frederick’s Rd)

                                             Mr Aldous, Unadale, Kemp’s Lane & Mr Stowe, 24 St George’s Rd (Kemp’s Lane, Wembley Av, St George’s Rd, Pleasant Place)

                                             Mr Emmerson, Jessamine, (Ashman’s Rd, Upper Grange Rd, Waveney rd, South Rd)

                                             Mr S Clarke, 47 Ballygate, Mr Durrant, 2 Grange Rd & Mr Humphreys, Sir John Leman School (Ballygate, Barsham Rd, St Mary’s rd, Ringsfield Rd)

                                             Mr Boar, 11 Kilbrack (Kilbrack, Grove rd from Railway crossing, Blyburgate to Food Office)

                                             Mr Reynolds, Newgate (Newgate from Station Rd to Blyburgate)

                                             Mr Barber, Smallgate (Smallgate, Exchange Square, Hungate, London Rd to traffic lights, Homefield Avenue, Crowfoot Gardens)

                                             Mr Scoley, Station Road (Station Road)

                                             Mr Goldsmith, 58 Fair Close & Mr Powley , 47 Fairclose (Fairclose & Fair Close Road)

             `                               Mr Bishop, 30 Gosford Road (Gosford Road, Gresham Road)

                                             Dr Grantham Hill, Saltgate (Saltgate, Old Market, Smallgate, Station Rd to NFS)

                                             Mr Hazelton, 116 Denmark Rd (Denmark Road north)

                                             Mr Rivett, 52 Denmark Rd (Denmark Road east)

                                             Mr Boyce, 21 Caxton Road & Mr Hurren 25 Queen’s Road (Caxton Road, Queen’s Road, Ravensmere to Royal Oak)

                                             Mr Bent, 33 Northgate (Northgate)

                                             Mr Martin, 40 Ravensmere & Mrs Keable, 30 Ravensmere East (Fen Lane, Gas Works, Pound Road St Benedict’s)

                                             Mr Philpot, the Cottage, Puddingmoor (Puddingmoor, Market Place)

1942     Beccles & Bungay 31 Oct    SHORTAGE of Blacksmiths and Thatchers in Suffolk and adjacent counties.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Nov    MISS MAUREEN SMITH, Gillingham & some of her dancing pupils have raised £200 during the last 18 months in aid of war efforts and other charities. All services have been voluntary. [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay  7 Nov    BOROUGH CEMETERY associated with one family for nearly ninety years came to an end when the Borough Accountant took over the duties of the Clerk to the Burial Board, SW Rix, the grandson of Samuel Wilton Rix, the first Clerk. The “Norfolk News” 20 May 1854 recorded the election of the first Secretary, SW Rix. On 2 August 1854 there was a notice advertising for plans and general estimates foe entrance gates and fencing, the erection of a chapel and lodge, and the alteration and adaptation of the existing chapel in the London Road Cemetery. “The cemetery will be a real ornament to the town. The old churchyard has been further beautified by planting trees, an advantage which it could not conveniently possess until it ceased to be used as a burial place.”

                                             “Norfolk News” 23 September 1854: The tender of Messrs Woodroffe & Son and NW Pells, builders, was accepted. This was approved by the Vestry, with a borrowing of no more than £900 for these works.

                                             Mr Thomas Farrow of Diss, was the architect. Later a further £200 was sanctioned.

                                             The first interment in the new ground occurred on 1 January 1855. The consecration ceremony by Bishop Spencer, late of Madras, took place in September 1855.

                                             The total sum spent was £1750 borrowed from Messrs Gurneys, Turner & Brightwen: £500 for the land; £10 compensation to the occupier; £124 for labour; £23 for trees, shrubs & grass seed; £48 for the architect and expenses; £782 for chapels, fences, gates and lodge, £153 for legal expenses; £38 for iron markers, pillars and revolving tables; £18 for consecration fees.

                                             In 1886 5½ acres of land on the south side was acquired and “most tastefully laid out with winding gravel walks and borders and beds filled with choice shrubs and trees, the whole having a very ornamental and attractive appearance. It has a frontage towards London Road of 250 yards and is enclosed by a low wall and iron fencing from plans prepared by A Pells, the work being carried out by Mr SF Field, ironmaster.

                                             Further extensions to the Cemetery were consecrated by the late Bishop of St Edmundsbury, on 17 December 1930. The three pieces of land on the southern end  consisted of 3a 22p bought from John Edwin Crisp in 1885; 2a 2p purchased from John Robert Crisp in 1928 & 1a 2p acquired from Alexander Elliott in 1929.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Nov    NORFOLK FARMERS FINED for growing more acreage of flowers than permitted.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Nov    DEATH of Miss Ellen Elizabeth Robinson at the Cottage, Ringsfield Road. She took a keen interest in all church work, more particularly in the Girls’ Friendly Society, of which she had been leader for many years.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 7 Nov    ROMMEL’S TROOPS IN FLIGHT [El Alamein]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Nov   SHIPMEADOW HOUSE in use by Norwich Social Welfare Committee, who have transferred some of the patients who used to be in the Woodlands Hospital to St James’ Hospital, Shipmeadow [the old Workhouse]. The Eastern Counties Bus Co have arranged to run a bus to Shipmeadow each Sunday.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Nov   BECCLES HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Exhibits at the Public Hall [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Nov   FIREWATCHING St MICHAEL’S: The impossibility of finding sufficient firewatchers for St Michael’s has prompted a new arrangement: The Curate (Rev WR Barnes) & Mr RJ Meekins have offered to sleep in the building and a cubicle has been erected for their comfort near the organ.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 14 Nov   PRESUMED DEAD: Thomas Powley, RN, of 76 St George’s Road, formerly listed as missing, now presumed dead at sea. His wife, Mrs Joan Powley informed. He leaves a baby daughter.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Nov   CHURCH BELLS RUNG on Sunday morning to celebrate “the wonderful victory over the enemy in the Battle of Egypt.” In Beccles members of the Civil Defence services were cheered as they paraded to the morning service.

                                             THE BELLS: Originally the belfry consisted of eight, but in the belfry can be seen an inscription can be seen recording that these were taken down in 1762 and a new peal of ten which had been cast by Messrs Lester & Packe of London, was hung by Mr Churchwarden Robert Marjerom. There is little known of the peal of eight. Of the original peal of ten only three still remain intact, these being the treble, second and tenor. The others had been recast at various dates as circumstances required. In 1909 the whole ten were thoroughly restored by Messrs Taylor & Co of Loughborough, the work including the recasting of three of them. They were then rehung on a new steel frame, and the cost, which amounted to £653-14s-8d was defrayed by public subscription.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Nov   CIVIL DEFENCE SUNDAY PARADE of the East Suffolk Constabulary & Regular & Reserve policemen. Inspector SJ Hopes in centre of front row. [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Nov   FIRE at the MOORINGS, Waveney Road, the home of Rev and Mrs CH Winter and their daughter, Mrs Gilbert. Finding there was a good deal of smoke on the landing about 1 pm, Mrs Winter ran for help, and Mr AR Emerson found that when the linoleum and a floorboard were raised flames shot up, but were extinguished with pails of water.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 21 Nov   COUNCIL: 1.) A Memorial on Sunday observance presented by the Rector (Rev Harold Birch), Rev Abbot FW Knowles, OSB (Catholic Priest), Rev Alfred Poulson (Congregational Minister), Rev Harold Bullough (Methodist)b & Mr W Aldous (Baptist), received by the Council and will be discussed later.

                                             2.) SCHOOL SHELTERS are in a bad state. They leak and are unsuitable for use. At the beginning of the War we were told shelters should be underground. At a later date they said they hould be above ground. – they leaked! Instead blast walls were built round the Sir John Leman School. Mr Meen, the Chief Warden said there were sufficient Anderson or Morrison shelters for the population.

                                             3.) EMERGENCY HOSPITAL: There wer now six ambulance cars, one ambulance trailer, first-aid party car, and decontamination lorry available in the borough.

                                             4.) FIRST AID POST: praise from Dr Wood-Hill for those who had manned it in rotation every night since the outbreak of war.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Nov   FLYING OFFICER Michael A Calver, only son of Mr & Mrs Tony Calver of Felixstwe, formerly of Beccles reported missing in Middle East.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Nov   FORMER RECTOR DIES: Canon FG Millar, He was ordained priest in 1893, became Curate of Whitechapel until 1896, when he moved to Christ Church, Hampstead. In 1898 to Swansea as Curate. In 1900 he came to East Anglia as Vicar of Horsham St Faith’s and Chaplain to St Faith’sUnion. From 1903 to 1905 he was Curate at St Catherine’s, Wigan, follwed by five years as Vicar of St Luke’s, Walton-on-the –Hill, Liverpool. In 1910 he became Rector of Beccles under the new Patrons, the Simeon Trustees. He took a special interest in the Church of England Men’s Society and the week-day services at the former mission church in Upper Grange Road. In 1914 he was appointed Rural Dean of Beccles, and from 1915 to 1917 he was absent as a temporary Chaplain to the Forces. He was appointed honorary Canon to the Cathedral in 1924.

                                             During his Ministry the War Memorial Chapel was provided in 1920. The carved screen was continued across the entrance to the Chapel and in 1925 similar carving was provided on the north side of the chancel. Before the first War he started a subscription for repairs to the organ. The money was invested and used when the present instrument was provided 5 years ago. The Simeon Trustees invited him to become Vicar of  St Margaret’s Ipswich and he did excellent work there until he retired ten years ago..

                                             He was married twice, is survived by a widow and family. Mrs Dorothy Millar, who became his wife during his ministry at Beccles, is the daughter of the late Rev Arthur Aldred, for many years Rector of Worlingham.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Nov   NAZIS ROUTED BEFORE STALINGRAD. The Germans have lost 47,000 dead and 81,000 have been taken prisoner. They have lost 1,300 guns and over 500 tanks.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Nov   WEDDING: Capt Arthur Brotherton of the South Lancs Regt of Padgate, Warrington and Miss Winifred Rix, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs SW Rix of Grange Road. The bride has been serving in the Wrens for about a year. Her father is in practice as a solicitor, has for many years been Clerk to the magistrates and also to the Wainford Rural District Council.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Nov   LOCAL GOVERNMENT REFORM report to be considered by East Suffolk County Council. Larger Units are considered necessary abolishing the separation of East & West Suffolk etc.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Nov   SALTGATE CINEMA Manager, Colin S Kett applies for a music and singing licence, because he is unable to find a projectionist. Troops are being turned away from the Regal, because it becomes full. The object of the Sunday licence was to keep troops off the street. This is not being met. Decision postponed.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 28 Nov   No 3 CIVIL DEFENCE SHIFT of Beccles Division, with County Officer WC Watts [PHOTO page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 5 Dec    NATIONAL SAVINGS COMMITTEE to be reorganised, Mr EJ Hindes (then Mayor) & Mr RC Dunt (chairman) have been associated with the movement since 1916 when it was introduced in Beccles, resigned. Mr Goodin was elected the new Chairman, with the Mayor as President.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 5 Dec    CATHOLIC CHURCH: Rev Abbot FW Knowles, OSB, the parish priest gave a history of the church to the Historical Society: In 1888 Father Ford, who later became Abbot of Downside, appointed first Catholic Priest. He held the office for 6 years. During his first year a room at the Presbytery served the purpose of a church. The attendance of Mr Kenyon of Gillingham Hall, and Mr Worsley-Worswick of Ashmans with their large families left very little room for the rest of the congregation, and the harmonium had to be relegated to a space unde the stairs in the lobby outside. Before the end of the following year St Benet’s Hall had been built and opened as a temporary place of worship.

                                             A site had been purchased for the church on the corner of London Road and Peddar’s Lane, but Father Ford was offered a site on the Grange Estate, so the previous site was sold, and the larger area purchased. It was decided to build on a more ambitious scale, with the intention of making Beccles a priory with a monastic community as well as a parish church.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 5 Dec    PLAN TO ABOLISH POVERTY: The Beveridge Plan.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 12 Dec   CHURCH BELL RINGERS thanked by the Rector for ringing recently to celebrate the victory in the Battle of Egypt [El Alamein]. Thanks particularly to Mr ER Goate for making the necessary adjustments to the bells after two years inaction. They did well to find ringers for seven bells out of the ten.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 12 Dec   BLACK-OUT: Mr Brian Ashford, an auctioneer, of Dunburgh, Gillingham, fined for a light in his offices at 3 Hungate. The office boy returned to get some papers and forgot to turn out the light. Fined £2.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 19 Dec   POLICE PROMOTIONS: Supt Herbert Clarke, who has been in charge of the Halesworth Division since February 1934 retires. He joined in May 1905 and was stationed successively at Felixstowe, Southwold, Ilketshall St Lawrence & Oulton Broad, then Lowestoft as Detective-Sergeant in 1923, to Eye as Inspector in 1930.

                                             Inspector Stanley J Hopes of Beccles, to be Superintendent at Halesworth. He is the son of the late Inspector John Hopes, who retired at Framlingham in 1928 after 39 years service. The new Superintendent was born at Mellis, near Eye. During the last war he enlisted aged 17 and became a NCO in the Royal Field Artillery. He was wounded and gassed at the age of 19, but served for four years. He joined the Police in 1920. He was stationed at Southwold. In 1924 he moved to Holbrook, and in 1930 to Claydon. He was promoted a Sergeant in 1933 to Oulton Broad to take charge of the Mutford & Lothingland section of the Lowestoft Division. While there he was commended twice, once for arresting motor bandits. On the retirement of Inspector AJ Gardner, he came to Beccles as Inspector in 1936. Soon afterwards the Civil Defence Service was formed, and he enrolled wardens and establishment of posts for them and the enlargement of the Special Constabulary. As Superintendent he will attend the fortnightly Petty Sessions at Beccles to conduct Police prosecutions.

                                             Inspector William Bryant of Lowestoft will come to Beccles. He was born at Diss. He started work at Lowestoft and was soon put in the detective section. He was promoted Sergeant detective. In 1934 he went to Eye as Inspector, and was later moved to Lowestoft. [PHOTOS of all three – page 1]

1942     Beccles & Bungay 19 Dec   PRISONER OF WAR FUND on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant’s Fund, a naval concert party provided entertainment at the Public Hall. There was a full house. The Mayor said that the Fund had now reached £130, and he hoped it would reach £300 by the end of the year. The Band of the Royal Marines opened the show, and the Warsaw Concerto was played.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 19 Dec   WATERWORKS: The Chairman, Mr J Crisp of Old Windsor, Berks presided at its office in Exchange Square. 2,179 houses are now supplied with water. A dividend of 5% free of Income Tax was confirmed.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 26 Dec   MAYOR (Allden Owles) elected Alderman on resignation of ET Goldsmith, who is moving away. The appointment of a new Councillor was decided upon. Alderman Simmons proposed the election of EC Ulph of Upper Grange Road, seconded by AE Pye. Paymaster Rear-Admiral CS Johnson suggested a woman should be elected. Dr Warner proposed Capt FC Poyser of Montagu House, Northgate. Capt Poyser 8 votes, EC Ulph 5. Poyser elected.

                                             PETITION expressing “grave and growing apprehension at the increasing use of Sunday morning by the various authorities for the purpose of Home Defence Exercises.” The Council does not make or control the arrangements for holding Home Defence exercises.

                                             AIR RAID SHELTERS: The Headmaster or Headmistress of each school should determine when shelters should be used.

                                             2.) The Council noted that the deep shelters at Sir John Leman School and Peddar’s Lane Schools were not now considered to be a line of air raid protection and were out of use.

                                             3.) Sir John Leman School: The lower floor of the school afforded a high degree of protection. The building was substantial, with high window-sills & the windows were further protected by blast walls. Although conforming to early standards the trenches did not meet present requirements and the work necessary to make them habitable could not now be undertaken. It was suggested that frames with small mesh wire netting be fixed inside the windows.

                                             4.) Peddar’s Lane School & its surface shelters were sufficient for safety.

                                             The Town Clerk received a Telegram from the Ministry of Works and Planning ordering them to stop the removal of railings to all places of worship and graveyards in the Borough. The railings round the Church belonged to the Council and there were inner railings protecting the property of the church. The Corporation railings should be removed.

                                             LETTER from the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE encouraging the growing of vegetable in back gardens & allotments.

                                             BRITISH RESTAURANT: Since the opening on 17 February 63,700 main meals had been served. Last Friday 445 meals were served.

1942     Beccles & Bungay 26 Dec     HOME GUARD at Beccles. Major ARM Darby, the Company’s Commanding Officer passed on the comments of the Divisional Commander after seeing a demonstration stand-to & action stations: “I congratulate you on a good show, Your chaps know their job; what’s more they look like soldiers.”