The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1951-1952 Bury and Norwich Post newspaper archive

January 2nd 1951

The headmaster of Belchamp St Pauls school, Mr John Day has died. A native of Linton, Cambs, his first headship was at Soham then Bricet, he joined the army in the 1914-18 war then returned to Belchamp endearing himself to everyone. In this last war he held a position at Halstead fuel office.

January 2nd 1951

Eleven months ago Mr A.V.Keyton known as Buster left Cavendish with his wife and five children to start a new life in America, with the exception of one child, Shirley aged 15 who insists on staying with her sister Thelma who married an U.S. airman, they are home again.

January 16th 1951

Hartest beat Foxearth 12-0.
Twenty year old Sgt.Pilot Gordon Lyon of St Anne's was killed when his Meteor 1V crashed in a ploughed field at Stoke by Clare on the Boyton Hall estate.

March 13th 1951

Thieves practically stripped the North Aisle at Glemsford church, taking about two tons of lead.

April 3rd 1951

Ex parachute battallion sergeant, Archie Cameron of Belchamp Walter who thinks nothing of his daily consumption of 14-15 pints of beer daily at the Eight Bells, walked into the pub just after opening time yesterday morning, he had walked 44 miles and lost £ 10.
He attempted to walk 88 miles from Belchamp to Epping and back in 24 hours, his attempt cost him £ 10.

June 19th 1951

A eleven year old boy laughed when his friends warned him while bathing in sand pits near the Essex-Suffolk border at Foxearth. The inquest on Norman Cracknell of Hill Cottage, Glemsford, who was drowned while bathing in the pits. Colin Stringer aged 9 years of Schoolfield, Glemsford, said Cracknell was going to an island, he saw him go under three times, he screamed, Cracknell could not swim. Reginald Ablitt said he saw Cracknell playing about in the water, he warned him but he just laughed, witness was dressing when Stringer screamed that Cracknell was in difficulties. P.C.Pitt of Foxearth said he tried artificial respiration, when Dr Stevens arrived he pronouced him dead.

July 24th 1951

Mr Wright of Posts Hall, Wickhambrook, had to go to the rescue of a young boy, Rolfe Pettitt, who was being attacked by three young stoats which were clambering up his legs when riding a bicycle at Ashfield Green. " I saw the lad get off his bike and hit out at something, I wondered what the matter was.I killed two stoats with my whip but the other got away, the boy was carrying a can of milk which may have attracted the animals, I have never seen anything like it before".
The boy was unhurt.

July 31st 1951

A young pilot who lost his way from Elstree to Birch, landed at Great Waldigfield airfield to get his bearings, he was only on the ground two minutes but long enough to be charged with landing on a Governmennt airfield without permission. £ 2 and £ 2 9s 6d costs.

August 7th 1951

Death of Mr Redmond Burke of the Aubries, Bulmer, on Fiday aged 72, he was a well known farmer and had chose the Indian Forestry Service for a career, he leaves a widow, a son Peter and a daughter, Mrs Humphrey Walrond.

September 25th 1951

Returning from a day out to Southend last Saturday, Mr Wilfred Garner of Bradfields farm at Foxearth, found the farm outbuildings burnt out, it is the first time he has left the farm since the Royal Show in July. Stuart Garner who was ploughing nearby entered the barn where there were 40 pigs valued at £ 25 each and managed to get them out, even then one sow and her litter were burnt. It is thought children were responsible.

November 6th 1951

Back in Clare after serving with the famous Gloucester Regiment is 33 year old Pte John Mortlock who was in the last war served as a sniper with the Suffolk Regiment, he was at Dunkirk and was also one of the first onto the beaches at the Normandy landings. A Cavendish man, he married a Clare girl and has one son.

November 6th 1951

As Arthur Maxim was being taken for a ride by his nephew, Mr Vic Inch, he complained of chest pains and collapsed, a doctor was called but he was found to be dead, he had worked at Wards at Foxearth for 45 years.

January 6th 1952

Glemsford Water Works has shut down after 46 years, for 20 years Mr W.Levett was waterworks attendant.

January 22nd 1952

Cpl Raymond Lewes was welcomed home to Tripps Cottage at Belchamp St Pauls after serving 13 months in Korea.

February 26th 1952

At a meeting at Foxearth Church, Mr Harold Ward questioned the account of £ 16 for choir boys surplices and asked who authourised them, the Rev Pearce said the wardens did but there was no need for them to so, Mr Ward said we don't want purple surplices in church, in any case you deck yourself out in too much colour now. The Rev Pearce said he did not want the discussion to proceed but would see a deputation at his house. A cheque was presented to Mr William Coe who is retiring after 24 years as Rector's warden.

March 4th 1951

There has been complaints recently about the pump situated near the blacksmith's corner at Pentlow, the pump is unusual as it consists of an endless chain with small buckets attached which brings up water when the wheel is turned. Mr Braybrooke said last week it took 40 turns of the wheel to bring up one pail of water, Mr Ives said only a cupful of water comes up each turn of the handle. Nurse Gibson, said she had seen people collapse over the pump.

March 4th 1952

Mr John Vaughan Lambert of Foxearth is making a claim in accordance to a 700 year old deed of service, he has the right to make and bake also to serve wafers at the Coronation Banquet of Queen Elizabeth. The right came when the Lambert family purchased Lyston Hall several centuries ago, but little remains of the Elizabethan Mansion as it is being pulled down, neither my father or grandfather exercised the right but I shall find out about what my duties would be and if the cost is not too great, I shall make a claim. The following excerpt is taken from a book by the Rev Mathias, the Manor of Overhall, Lyston, was held from the reign of Henry III by the serving of flour and making and baking of wafers to the King of England as he sat at the table at his coronation. Mr Lambert is of Irish descent, his grandfather was the last member of the family to live at Lyston Hall. Mr Lambert owns Foxearth Hall, Lyston Hall and Lyston Place, 1500 acres in all, he has a mixed herd of dairy cattle and a pedigree flock of Suffolk sheep.

April 18th 1952

At a meeting of Halstead R.D.C., it was decided that Foxearth would be 3rd on the list for a sewerage scheme, the consultant engineers revealed there is some uncertainty as to when the Brewery would cease to function. Estimates which do not include the Brewery is £ 13.500 or £ 198 a house, the report also says the brewery discharges it's entire waste untreated into a stream with the resultant contamination of the brook.

April 13th 1952

The Friars Street ground, home of Sudbury Football Club, is about vacated and the move to the Priory will take place next Monday after the last game of the season is played.

March 7th 1952

The Stafford Allen firm at Melford are working seven days a week, are earning thousands of dollars by exporting to the U.S.A.
a product called chlorophyll.

March 21st 1952

There was considerable damage to the interior of the tower windmill at Belchamp Otten when fire broke out on Saturday morning, the mill is owned by Mr Henry Cornell and was used for grinding up to two years ago. The cause is unknown but it is thought it could have been caused by the sun shining through the window on to old dry sacks.

March 28th 1952

The driver of the night soil cart at Melford, Frank Hewett of Sudbury, was charged with stealing a certain ammount of leather at Melford. P.C.Pullinger said he saw defendant come from a passageway with 4 pieces of leather and put it in his lorry. Dennis Dafter, manager of Messrs Deeks, saddlers, said the leather was worth 10s. £ 1 10s.

March 28th 1952

When an outbreak of fowl pest was confirmed at Cockfield, Harvet Ashton Hunt, a casual labourer of Bradfield St George, was ordered to kill and bury 400 head of poultry, this he did with the exception of one turkey and 4 ducks, the result was that Hunt known as " Whistle" was charged with stealing the property of the Ministry of Agriculture. " Whistle" agreed with Mr Phillips that he had no poaching convictions before and that he had served in the Navy for 5 years. £ 9 with £ 4 13s costs.

June 11th 1952

Bulmers suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Pebmarsh who scored 38 runs, Bulmer being all out for 9 runs, D.Pearson taking 7 for 1.

June 23rd 1952

Near completion on the outskirts of Sudbury is a large factory which later this year will be the new home of C.A.V. Ltd.
In the words of Mr R Senior the local manager it may be the answer to unemployment in the area, it is being built by Atkins Fulford.

June 23rd 1952

Miss Stella Self, aged 20, of Pentlow, is Sudbury's new Carnival Queen.

August 20th 1952

A Foxearth woman, Mrs Lucy Inch of Western End has died after falling in her cottage. Henry Inch aged 87, said they had lived in the cottage for 55 years.

December 3rd 1952

The first prize for Stout was won by Messrs Ward and son of Foxearth brewery at Olympia last week, their first success was in 1910

December 23rd 1952

A Meteor pilot was killed at Alpheton when his plane crashed. F/LT John Gibbins, the pilot collided with another Meteor at 28000 feet, it is believed that he probably died when he tried to eject with the canopy closed.