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1946 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 10th 1946

Mrs Pilgrim of 34 Mill Lane, Sudbury, has received official intimation from the War Office that her son, Pte James Pilgrim died while a prisoner in Thailand on September 1st 1943, he was taken prisoner with the Suffolk Regiment at the fall of Singapore.

One of Sudbury’s oldest residents died on January 9th, he was Nathaniel Pearson aged 93, he was a native of Gestingthorpe and came to Sudbury 60 years ago and was employed at Brundon Hall.

January 24th 1946

Mr and Mrs Alfred Clampin of Station Road in Bures have received official notice that their son Spencer Clampin who was reported missing at the fall of Singapore is believed to have lost his life as a result of enemy action on February 14th 1942.

February 14th 1946

Advert. Motorists of Glemsford---The reopening shortly of Lee’s Garage.

February 21st 1946

The funeral took place at Cavendish of Mr Norton Harbisher aged 69, he served 25 years in the West Riding Constabulary but since 1940 he resided at The Pinkuah Arms at Pentlow, his wife being the licencee

Organist required for Foxearth Church, £30 per annum, also man for part time work in the churchyard. Apply W.Coe, church warden.

February 28th 1946

Death of Fl. Lt. George Filmore, D.F.C. late of Sudbury, aged 23. This young man was killed in a flying accident over Devon.

March 7th 1946

Kenneth Maslena a soldier stationed at Kentwell Hall Camp was charged with stealing a gents cycle on March 3rd, P.S.Saunders and P.C.Ruddock visited the camp and tracked in the snow the tyre marks of cycle which led them to defendant’s hut, they saw the defendant and inquired about the cycle, he said he was going to take it back the next day. £3.

March 11th 1946

The Ministry of Health have approved tenders from Messrs W.C.French for preparations of council housing estate at Bull Lane, Long Melford and at Lion Walk at Glemsford, the sites are 15 acres and 13 acres.

April 4th 1946

A large crown of people assembled in Foxearth village hall to bid farewell to their Rector, the Rev G.H.Basset who has held the position since 1924, he has been appointed to the living of Walpole St Peter in Norfolk.

May 2nd 1946

For years barbed wire has disfigured the common lands at Sudbury and there has been cases of injury to the cattle grazing there, the barbed wire was erected in connection with anti invasion measures, long poles were also placed there to discourage enemy aircraft from landing there, these are now gone they were cleared away by Italian P.O.W.’s with the trustees providing them with tea and cigarettes.

May 23rd 1946

The Rev Herbert Malcolm Pearce the new Rector of Foxearth was inducted on Saturday afternoon by the Lord Bishop of Colchester, among those present was the Patron of the living Mr H.E.Foster of Northwood, Middlesex.

At Melford Petty Sessions A.C. 2 Christopher Larkin of the R.A.F. station, Sudbury, was charged with stealing a mirror the property of L.N.E.R. 15s

A.C.2 Eugene Hodgson of the R.A.F. station at Sudbury was charged with driving a car while disqualified. £9 with £1 costs.

The oldest inhabitant of Cavendish Mrs Mary Pettitt celebrated her 90th birthday on May the 16th.

A.C.2. Douglas King aged 20 of the R.A.F. station at Sudbury pleaded guilty to stealing a cycle. £1 with £10 cost.

May 30th 1946

Letters to the Editor. From the Ranger of Sudbury Common Lands. In reply to Mr Cooper’s letter- re the supplying of tea and sugar to the Italian P.O.W s who dismantled the barbed wire on the Common Lands at Sudbury, there were no extra rations, the prisoners brought their own from their camp at Lyston.

June 13th 1946

A dead cow was found on Friars Meadow, Sudbury, there are no complications in the matter.

July 25th 1946

By the Wayfarer. The ancient foundation of St Leonards which dates from 1372 when Sudbury had lepers in their midst owing to the unclean mode of living in the middle ages, it was during the reign of Edward the Third that a man named John Colney or Colne founded a leper hospital, being himself a leper he retired to live there. The Lazar House was situated in Melford road outside the town. Simon Theobald the then Bishop of London drew up statute regulations for “The Hospital of St Leonards in Holgate Road, Sudbury,” the hospital was in regular use by the lepers.

August 22nd 1946

At a meeting of Pentlow Parish Council there was a full attendance except for Mr Oliver Ives who was ill in bed from a kick from a young horse. Oliver Ives was the blacksmith in Pentlow.

September 5th 1946

It has been announced in the “London Gazzette” that ex Corporal Leslie Barrell of Twinstead of the R.A.F. bomb disposal squad has been awarded the B.E.M.

September 12th 1946

During last week end squatters have moved into several huts at Acton camp which was used as an American Army Hospital.

September 19th 1946

The squatters at Acton have been joined by German P.O.W.’s who arrived to help with the harvest, everyone seems to have settled down happily.

September 26th 1946

100 German P.O.W.’s joined parishioners at All Saints Church, Acton, the German chaplain spoke to the English section all being translated by an interpreter.

A few days ago Mr S.Fitch, headmaster of the Senior school at Sudbury accompanied by Mr D.Loades took some of the boys cycling round the market place at Sudbury to acquaint them with the new one way system.

Corporal Geoff Diaper aged 27, son of Mrs Diaper of 89 East Street, Sudbury, has just returned from the U.S.A. where he accompanied the famous No 35 “Lancaster Squadron” on it’s “Operation Goodwill” mission.

For sale at Claypits and Carbonells farms at Foxearth for the exors of the late Mr J.Ewer—4 horses—implements—shepherds hut—Ransome YL plough—3 sets of harrows—tumbrils etc—30 dozen hurdles—36 rolls of sheep netting—50 troughs.

October 3rd 1046. The ancient parish church at Pentlow was crowded on Monday evening on the occasion of the institution of the new Rector, the Rev Charles Winsland ex Chaplain to the Forces.

Major J.Barnard of the Rectory, Cavendish, was one of six officers mentioned in dispatches for distinguished service in Burma.

The presumed remains of the Nun who it is said to haunt Borley Rectory have been discovered and given a Christian burial in Lyston churchyard.

Marriage at the Roman Catholic Church in Sudbury of Vera the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Smith of Borley

to Michael Francis the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Butler of Ballyknockane, Tipperary.

October 17th 1946

The harvest festival was held at the Mission Church at Finsted End, Glemsford, the Church Choir of the Sunday school attended, the school children made the journey by coach.

At the harvest festival at Lt Waldingfield the German P.O.W.’s gave much pleasure by their delightful singing.

November 28th 1946

Red House, Sudbury, the former residence of Canon R.Smith and was requisitioned for troops during the war may now become an old peoples hostel.

During Sunday a German escaped from the at Acton Place, Melford, he is 26 years of age, dressed in British khaki battle dress with patch and a black American overcoat, he was a corporal in the German army.

December 12th 1946

Flight Sergeant Alfred Mortimer a member of the maintenance party at Sudbury R.A.F. station pleaded guilty to stealing linoleum to the value of £7 15s. Adjourned

1947 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 2nd 1947

Melford Rural District Council have been given authority to take over half of Acton Place Camp for temporary accommodation.

Two days after he had started work at a Glemsford motor firm, James Newman of Long Melford used his employer’s lorry to get to the pictures at Sudbury. £1 and disqualified for 12 months.

Prolonged applause greeted the arrival of Lavenham Salvation Army Band to the German P.O.W. camp at Acton for a musical programme which lasted two hours, a crowd of over 400 listened attentively and the singing was hearty, a cornet solo by Bandsman Bert Alderton who until recently was a P.O.W. in Japan also a flute solo by Eric Walker who is only a lad, two songs by the German P.O.W. ‘s choir was much appreciated.

Cavendish 1st eleven played Foxearth on Boxing day and won easily by 6—0, the visiting goalkeeper Wilfred Braybrook gave a fine display of goalkeeping.

January 9th 1947

Mr Arthur Cobblad of Acton broadcast on Thursday night in “Farming Today” programme with Denys Bullard of Wisbech, he stated he had a herd of about 150 head and averaged 800 to 900 gallons per a lactation for about 20 years.

Flt Sgt Alfred Mortimer stationed at Wattisham pleaded guilty to stealing W.D. property to the value of £38 10s at Gt Waldingfiedl. Probation for two years.

February 6th 1947

An interesting story which associates the Sudbury district with Margaret Catchpole was mentioned to us by a local historian. It is the story of a eighteenth century woman who was twice sentenced to death and was eventually transported to Australia, she had a great desire that her son should settle in her native Suffolk and with that in view he went to Kentwell Hall, Long Melford which was the property of Hart Logan Esquire as the property was offered for sale, Margaret Catchpole’s son was nearly the last bidder for the estate but as Col.Bence had bid over him he declined to purchase and went back to Sydney where he was in time to close the eyes of his beloved mother who died in September 1841 in the 68th year of her life.

At a meeting of Pentlow Parish Concil it was agreed not to oppose the new boundary in the scheme where Suffolk takes over a strip of land between Pentlow bridge and the mill lately belonging to Essex County.

February 20th 1947

Sudbury Magistrates Juvenile Court was engaged the whole of last Monday dealing with a batch of delinquents, all boys, ranging from 11 to 14 year olds, most of the charges were for petty thieving in Sudbury shops.

March 16th 1947

The blizzard last week disorganised local bus services in the Sudbury district in spite of gangs of men including German P.O.W’s working on the roads. In the Hitcham district roads were blocked for several days, drifts of up to 10 feet were reported.

March 27th 1947

One of the worst floods in living memory cut off the Ballingdon area of Sudbury, rising water from the river Stour was the cause.

April 3rd 1947

About 400 spectators saw Bildeston defeated by the odd goal at Cavendish. Cavendish Team—Turkentine—Bloomfield—R.Sansum—Doe—(Doe was later killed in Cyprus) —Pearson—Turner—Heard—Mortlock—Murkin—Ling.

May 18th 1947

On Tuesday week, Mr G.Cant of Glemsford caught a fine pike in the old river which leads into the river Stour at Cavendish behind Mr Joe Hale’s butcher’s shop, it weighed 7lb 9 oz, Mr Cant handed it to his mate Percy Bullock.

June 5th 1947

Mr David Ward of Foxearth informs us that on Tuesday afternoon he registered 128 degrees on his front lawn in full sun, in his hall it was 84 degrees.

A bird which it is believed is a Sea Eagle has been carrying off rabbits, hares and pigeons at Leiston, it even attack a dog.

July 10th 1947

The lectern on which rests the Roll of Honour containing the names of the Battle of Britian Heroes in Westminster Abbey was made in Sudbury by F.Cluubb and Sons, Metal Workers. Suffolk Heroes include F/O A,E.Hyde Parker of Bulmer and T/Sgt W.G.Lillie D.F.M. of Sudbury.

July 31st 1947

In a cricket match between Milden and Foxearth, Milden batted first making 112, in the Foxearth innings Foxearth lost five wickets without a run scored but D.H.Ward and J.O.Brand made a grand recovery with 15 and 17 runs but were all out for 54 runs, R.Griggs had 4 wickets for 0 runs.

August 28th 1947

Sits Vac. Cavendish Cinema require a male or female operator. Apply the Manager.

The Suffolk Football Association have ruled that German P.O.W.’s may not play for civilian clubs in the league games but games between civilians and P.O.W.’s may take place with the consent of the camp commandant and no admission charges may be made.

September 18th 1947

For Sale. At Western End farm, Foxearth, for Mr J.V.C.Lambert. 4 horses—6 steers and heifers—implements etc, on September 26th.

For Sale. By instructions from Mr Albert Rowe who is retiring. At Griggs farm, Bulmer, the live and dead stock with International W 4—International W 14—Fordson tractor—Case model C—Ransome 8 furrow plough?—6 Jerrsey cows—6 heifers.

October 16th 1947

German P.O.W.’s from Halstead, Borley and Liston almost filled the public section of Sudbury Town Council on Tuesday night to watch how Local Government conducted their affairs.

Slaughtermens licenses were issued for three years to L.Drury of Brundon Lane, Sudbury, Fred Bailey of Waldingfield Road, John Mansfield of Friars Street and Stanley Reeve of Melford Road.

October 30th 1947

Five German P.O.W.,s were fined 10s each for distilling spirits without a license at Tendering Hall Camp at Stoke by Nayland.

October 30th 1947

Borley Ghost is front page news again. Mrs Walrond of Thorne Lodge, Cockfield, better known as Norah Burke and the Rev A.C.Henning were going to see the pre-reformation altar which has been restored, Mrs Walrond told how they were walking up the path to the church when she stopped because she heard an organ playing, sounding as though in a service, the Rector darted forward and she followed, the church was empty and silent, on a previous occasion a church official was actually in the church when the organ started to play but there was nobody at the organ stool.

December 4th 1947

In recognition of his bravery in rescuing a Lawshall man from an attack by a bull, a German P.O.W. Godfrey Dappert of No 260 P.O.W. Camp, Hardwicke has received an illuminated address from the Carnegie Trust and a watch suitably inscribed, the presentation was made by Brigadier J.Slater O.B.E., Deputy Commander of the East Anglian District at a ceremony on Hardwicke Heath.

Four valuable Black Faced Suffolk ewes were stolen from Sir William Hyde Parker’s flock at Burton’s farm, Long Melford on Friday, an intensive search was made in the district, failed to find them.

December 25th 1947

Since it’s construction as an American Red Cross Hospital during the war, Acton Place Camp has had many uses, the latest is a hostel for displaced persons, about 150 people arrived last week.

December 25th 1947

Last week Mr David Ward of Foxearth 88 was asked to give details of his long life said

“my advice to youth and the rising generation is stuff called hard work” one of the finest tonics on earth.