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1944 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 6th 1944

Pte Bryant the son of Mrs D.Bryant of New Cottage, Middleton, Sudbury and Sapper C.White of School House, Middleton both send cards from the Thailand camp and are both in excellent health.

Pte E. Brett the son of Mrs Brett of 10 Ballingdon Street he is well.

C.Q..M.S. L.King husband of Mrs L.King says he is well

Mrs Ellen Welham of “Copeland”, Colchester road, Bures, has received information that her husband is a P.O.W., she has had no word of him for two years.

Pte F.G.Reynolds writes to say he has been wounded and had had his right arm amputated.

Mrs T.Codling of 61 East Street, Sudbury, has heard from her husband Pte T. Codling stating he is well.

Mrs Phyliss Fayers has received a letter from her husband Pilot Officer Reginald Fayers saying that he is a P.O.W. Five members of his crew lost their lives.

News has been received that Flight Sergeant A Twitchett is reported missing, he is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs G. Twitchett of “The Garth” Bures.

Mrs Stone of Poslingford Corner has received news that her husband, Corporal W.Stone, is a P.O.W. his mother lives at Stoke Road, Clare.

Lt John Western of Mill House, Preston, is a P.O.W.

January 20th 1944

Able Seaman H.E.Lock aged 20,the youngest son of Mrs and the late Mr Walter Lock of Cross Street, Sudbury, Mrs Lock has received a card saying he is a P.O.W. in Japanese hands, he joined the Navy at 16, he has been reported missing for two years, Mrs Lock is a widow with ten children, three are serving, Harold being a Petty Officer in the Navy and Percy a Sergeant in the army.

February 24th 1944

Two Glemsford brothers, Pte Harold Gardiner and Gunner Tom Gardiner have met in Italy, each knew the other was there but the meeting was unexpected, Gunner Gardiner coming upon his brother they were given a day off to celebrate, Pte Gardiner was at Dunkirk and afterwards in the Middle East, Gunner Gardiner has been in the Pacific and Syria, their mother and both their wives live in Glemsford, Pte Gardiner has not yet seen his youngest son, Peter, aged 9 months.

Mr and Mrs Everitt of North Street, Sudbury have received official notice that their son Pte Leslie Everitt has been killed in action in Burma, he was 24 years old.

Joseph Mcloughilin and Harold Johnson, both soldiers, were charged with stealing two glasses from the working men’s club in Melford. 5s with 7s 6d costs.

March 2nd 1944

Rifleman Basil Harvey of Glemsford is reported killed in action while serving with the Central Mediterranean Forces. Last Christmas he married Miss Alice Goody of Mill Hill, Glemsford, he was killed exactly six weeks to the day of their marriage.

March 30th 1944

Military Honours were accorded at the funeral of a German airman at a village church, he was killed when his plane crashed in a recent raid in the Eastern Area, the coffin was borne by members of the R.A.F. the Home Guard and Civil Defence were also represented. Probably Glemsford Church.

Pte Albert Cragg the youngest son of Mr and Mrs Cragg of The Hollies Farm at Chilton Corner, Gt Waldingfield, is reported killed in action in Italy.

March 30th 1944

For Sale at Bulmer. Jenkins Farm 321 acres, Butler’s Hall with a farm house and premises 200 and ¾ acres.

Geoffrey Clarke age 22 a factory hand at Glemsford was charged by William Lane of the Ministry of Labour for being persistently late in presenting himself for work. £4.

Cpl J.Claydon and Bandsman W.Wright, “brother’s in law” have met in a transit camp in Italy.

Mr and Mrs H.Wordley of 9 Egermont street, Glemsford have received news that their son Pte Albert Wordley is now in a German transit camp, Pte Wordley was called up in December 1942 and served in North Africa, his father was himself a P.O.W. in the first war for over 3 years, Mr and Mrs Wordley have four sons all having served in the present war, two have been discharged and one is in India, their eldest son died only a short time ago.

Rifleman P.Mathews the son of Mr and Mrs Mathews of 14 Jubilee Road, Sudbury, who was reported missing is now known to be a P.O.W..

May 4th 1944

Cavendish. It is learnt that two Cavendish men have met in Burma, Rifleman John Ince has run up against Garth Cox the well known builder of the local cinema, Mr Ince says Garth Cox is doing canteen work and is quite his old self trying to sell him 6 annas worth of chocolate.

May 11th 1944

66 babies were born in St Leonard’s hospital in Sudbury since last August.

For sale at Pentlow. Bower Hall—170 acres 2 roods 33 poles by order of the administrators of the late Harry Playle.

We regret to say news has been received of the death in action in Burma, Cyril Mott the 3rd son of Mrs J.Mott of Bridge Street, Long Melford, he was better known as Sonny Mott.

Evelyn Thurogood of Stradishall, aged 24, was sent to prison for 1 month for failing to comply with directions given by the National Service Officer to take up work at Cambridge.

June 1st 1944

“Lark’s in the Wood” the home of the late David Plumb’s home with the very attractive name was the centre of festivities on Saturday when Miss Elsie Plumb married George Warne in Pentlow church.

Mrs Agnes Martin of Rodbridge corner, Long Melford, was summoned for stealing £9 and also charged with stealing a further £5 from Messrs Warren’s egg and poultry offices at Sudbury where she did the cleaning.

£2 -10s in each case.

The marriage took place at St Andrew’s church at Bulmer between Miss Winnie Felton, the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Felton of the Aubries farm, Bulmer, and Cpl John Church who recently returned from Italy badly wounded.

June 8th 1944

Donald Kemp the son of Mr and Mrs C.Kemp of High Street, Long Melford is reported killed in action, he was a Leading Airman Wireless Operator—air gunner in the Fleet Air Arm.

June 22nd 1944

Mrs Malyon of Inkerman Row, Sudbury, has received news that her son Pte W. Malyon is suffering from bullet wounds, he is the first Sudbury lad to be wounded in the Second Front.

The village of Pentlow is a small village and a long way from Italy, two of the 30 serving troops from Pentlow who rarely went further than Sudbury in former days, bumped into each other in Italy, they were Pte Douglas Braybrook of the R.M.C.A. of the General Hospital the youngest son of Mr and Mrs W.Braybrook and Pte.Freddie Chambers the youngest son of Mr and Mrs David Chambers, they were camped only five minutes from each other, they think Italy is fine but Pentlow is wonderful.

June 29th 1944

Two Gipsy lads who changed their name to avoid military service were dealt with at Melford Magistrates Court, they were C.Belman whose name was Bird and Charles Webb. £12 10s and £2 4s costs and remanded in custody to await military escort on Bird and Webb to submit himself to the authorities.

The King has approved the award of the M.M. for gallant and distinguished service in Burma to Cpl (Acting Sergeant) Herbert Farrow of the Lincolnshire Regiment, he is the husband of Mrs Doris Farrow of Lyndhurst, Pot Kiln Road, Gt Cornard.

Two Glemsford brothers have met in Italy, Craftsman B. McRobert R.E.M.E. and Pte S. McRobert, Signals, the sons of Mr and Mrs McRobert of 41 Egermont Street, Glemsford, whilst resting in his tent the latter was surprised to see someone who looked like his brother passing the open flap, going out he found it was his brother and they spent the rest of the day together.

June 29th 1944

Richard Joslin a tree feller of 2 Ballingdon Street was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Gregory Street, Sudbury, Sgt Lander said he was called to some trouble in Gregory Street, he found a large crowd of civilians and soldiers and Joslin was wanting to fight some soldiers, Joslin in the box said it was some Scottish soldiers attacking his American friends, Bernard Marsh, 38, of Gregory Gardens said he heard some shouting and on going outside saw the Jocks and Yanks fighting. 30s.

July 13th 1944

Mrs C.Bragg of the Five Bells Gt Cornard has received news that her husband Pte E.Bragg has been wounded in Italy, Pte E.Cragg is the second son of Mr and Mrs Cragg of the “Holies Farm” Chilton, they one son a P.O.W. in Japanese hands another was killed in Italy in February last.

For sale. Coles Farm, Otten Belchamp, a dairy and corn farm of 90 acres with old world residence and two cottages.

Mrs Weavers of the Heath, Gt Waldingfield who has two sons in the army says her eldest son Lieut G.Weavers and Pte E.Weavers the other son have met up in Italy, Pte Weavers landed in Italy in May 1944 and Lieut Weavers enlisted in December 1939 and was sent to South Africa, they had a red letter day together “somewhere in Italy.”

Edward Scripps a soldier appeared before Melford magistrates charged with the manslaughter of John Haley and John Chapman, the charge arose out of an accident on Glemsford Bridge on July 7th, Haley was killed outright and Chapman died in hospital next day. Bail was allowed in the sum of £25 and £50 from his father.

News has been received that Lance Corporal Douglas Stock of East Street, Sudbury, was killed in action in Normandy, Mr Stock married Ellen Messent of Bulmer two years ago.

The parishioners of Acton and Lt Waldingfield were deeply shocked to hear the Rev J.Newson has lost his life while helping two soldiers in rough seas off Normandy,he resigned the living in June 1941 to take up duties as Chaplain.

August 17th 1944

Mr and Mrs Frost of Bridge Street, Long Melford have received notification that their second son, Pte William Frost has been killed in action in North West Europe, Pte Frost joined up just before Christmas.

A bar to the D.F.C. has been awarded to Acting Squadron Leader Barwell a native of Clare but now of Martlesham Heath, he has completed a large number of sorties.

The D.F.C. has been awarded to Flight Lieutenant Basil Champeneys of No 208 Squadron, he is a native of Hundon.

We regret to announce Mrs Ivy Padget has received news that her husband Sergeant James Padget has been killed in action in Italy, he has a small son aged 1 whom he has never seen.

August 24th 1944

A further 400 evacuees are coming to Sudbury under the Government Evacuation Scheme because of Buzz bombs, it is expected that they will consist mainly of mothers and children.

August 24th 1944

Wing Commander Richard Haine of Plum Street, Glemsford, who early in May was the pilot of a Blenheim which attacked positions in Rotterdam in daylight, he became involved in a dog fight with a large number of Me 109’s he destroyed one of them but was then shot down himself and crash landed near Rotterdam.

Mr and Mrs J.Pearsons of School House, Lt Waldingfield, have been informed of the death of their son in law, Corporal W. Harle of Coastal Command.

August 31st 1944

A party of American convalescents walked into Groton church and discovered an old commemorative brass which revived the story of 300 years , the story is that of John Winthrop, the man who linked Suffolk with America.

News has been received of the death from wounds in Burma of Cpl Leslie Dyson aged 29 of the Staffordshire Regiment, he was the husband of Mrs Ella Dyson of 16 Mill Road, Clare.

September 14th 1944

Information has been received that Sgt Harold Mills R.A.F. is reported killed in France, his wife is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Collar of Cuckoo Hill, Bures.

October 5th 1944

Mr and Mrs Pepper of York Road in Sudbury have been informed of the death of their son Mr F.Pepper, he was in the Durham Light Infantry in Normandy, he died of wounds aged 31.

October 12th 1944

Mrs A.Brown of Barrow Hill, Acton, has received news that her husband Driver H.Brown of the 1st British Airborne Division is missing, he is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs H.Brown of 19 Humphrey Road, Sudbury

October 19th 1944

For being in possession of a aircraft dingy the property of the U.S A.A.F. Thomas Parmenter of The Heath, Gt Waldingfield was fined £1, Parmenter said the dingy was put on his garden and he returned it to it’s proper place many times, the Chairman said there was a great deal in what defendant said and that is why we will take a lenient view.

Notice has been received by Mrs Chinery of Gainsborough Street, Sudbury, that her husband, Corporal G.Chinery of the R.A.S.C. has been wounded in the Central Mediterranean Theatre.

Mrs F.Partridge of 159 Bergholt Road, Colchester, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Cobbold of Friars Street, Sudbury, has received news that her husband Sapper F.Partridge of the 1st Parachute Squadron is missing believed to be a P.O.W. .

October 26th 1944

Funeral at Borley last week of Mr Robert Thomas Brand Payne, miller and farmer of Borley Hall, he was aged 80 and was born in Brettenham, his very early years being spent with his parents at The Tye, Gt Cornard, he served as an overseer of Borley for many years and was a Guardian on the old Board, his wife who survives him was the daughter of James Spalding Gardiner of Borley Lodge.

November 2nd 1944

A piece of good news has been received by Mrs Harry Mortlock of Stour Street, Cavendish, her son Fusilier Cecil Johnson who was reported missing on September 16th is now a P.O.W.

We regret to announce the death of Corporal Frank Fincham the only son of Mr and Mrs Fincham of Rose Cottage, Alpheton, he has been killed in action in Italy.

November 2nd 1944

Flight Lieut F.W.Pawsey the son of Mr and Mrs A.Pawsey of Orchard Cottages, Alpheton, has been awarded the D.F.C. the citation states “this Officer has completed most successfully sorties against enemy shipping and mechanical transport and communications along the North Tyrhenian seaboard. Flt Lieut Pawsey has also shared in the probable destruction of a Heinkel 111 south of Genoa, he has attacked “E and “F” boats with a high degree of success, when leading sections over Yugoslavia this Officer had an active part in giving support to the partisans and has bombed many targets of strategic importance, he has distinguished himself as a leader and skilfull pilot. Flt Lieut Pawsey was born in Alpheton and educated at Sudbury Grammar School, he joined the R.A.F. at the age of 15 and earned his wings in America and afterwards was an instructor there, his wife is now living in Barking, Essex.

November 2nd 1944

Samuel Swallow of Hall Farm, Alpheton, was charged with being in possession of binoculars, Supt Hurst said defendant was farm foreman for Mr David Alston, one day a workman drew his attention to a black object in a bean field, Swallow picked it up, it was partly buried in the earth, the object turned out to be binoculars the property of the U.S.A.A.F. and he took them home. £10 with £2 15s costs.

November 9th 1944

Said to have taken an army truck to have an evening get together with army friends on the eve of their departure overseas, Edward Scripps aged 23, a soldier, was indicted for the manslaughter of John Haley another soldier who was killed when the vehicle crashed into the side of a bridge at Long Melford, this charge failed but he was sentenced to 6 months for dangerous driving.

Mrs Warburton of Friars Street, Sudbury, daughter of Mr and Mrs Coe of Melford Road, Sudbury, has received notification that her husband Pte Harry Warburton of the Army Air Corps was killed in action in North West Europe.

November 16th 1944

The King has awarded the British Empire Medal to Sgt. Ronald Saunders of the West Suffolk Police stationed at Long Melford for his bravery in going to the rescue of the crew of an American bomber which crashed laden with fuel and bombs, Robert Colson of Kiln Farm, Long Melford and Special Constable James Thompson of Keeper’s Cottage, Kentwell received an expression of Commendation for their bravery on the said occasion.

November 16th 1944

Clare residents turned out in large numbers on Tuesday to pay their last respects to a Clare lad of 19 years, he is the first of local members of the A.T.C. to give his life in service of his country, he was Sgt Maurice Bareham, the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Victor Bareham of 4 Common Street, Clare, he lost his life in air operations while serving his country with the Royal Canadian Air Force as Flight Engineer, he joined the R.A.F. as a aircrew candidate in December 1943, prior to joining up he was employed at Thompson’s garage and later on at an air station.

November 23rd 1944

Mrs A.Brown of Barrow Hill, Acton, has received a card from her husband Driver H.Brown of the 1st Airborne Division, saying he is a prisoner in Germany.

November 30th 1944

Mrs Ambrose of 2 Westgate Street, Long Melford has received the glad news that her son Kenneth Ambrose who was missing at Arnhem is now a P.O.W. in Germany, he was in the South Staffordshire Airborne Division and was called up at the outbreak of war, he was formerly employed at Cuttings of Glemsford.

December 7th 1944

The final parade of C company of the 10th Battallion Suffolk Home Guard took place on the sports ground in Friars Street, Sudbury.

The wedding took place at Cavendish between Oscar Charles Murkin of Wales End and Mary Willis daughter of the late Mrs Edgar Willis also of Wales End.

1945 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 4th 1945

The D.F.C. has been awarded to Flying Officer E.G.Fillmore of Sudbury, the Air Ministry releases the story of how one night last October he was flying his bomber to Cologne when his machine was badly damaged by ground fire, one engine being out of action and the starboard wing being pierced, nevertheless Fillmore pressed home the attack and afterwards flew the bomber back for a safe landing at base.

Pte L. Brett the son of Mrs Brett of 10 Ballingdon Street writes to his mother from Hakodate Camp in Japan and he enclosed a photo of himself, he will have been a prisoner for three years in February, he mentions local men has seen Cahill and Bill Pilgrim is O.K. keep smiling.

January 16th 1945

Signalman K.Rash R.N. and Corporal C.Rash of the R.A.F. sons of Mr and Mrs E.Rash of 56 York Road, Sudbury, have met in Italy.

January 25th 1945

Corporal Leonard Portfleet, the husband of Mrs Portfleet of 12 Council Houses, Gt Cornard is reported killed in action in Greece, Corporal Portfleet belongs to well known family of footballers and has played for Sudbury.

February 1st 1945

A 24 year old tractor driver from of Folly Road, GtWaldingfield, was cycling home when he was knocked down and killed by an American truck which was being driven by a coloured soldier. The 24 year old tractor driver, Gerald Ratcliffe, was cycling home for his dinner on January 23rd when on a road known as the Haymarket, Lt Waldingfield he was hit by an American Army truck driven by a coloured soldier, Cpl Cleveland Oliver and received injuries from which he died three days later. Evidence was given by his widow Evelyn Ratcliffe of 8 Council Houses, Folly Road, Gt Waldingfield. Harry Ayers of Powers farm, Gt Waldingfield was the deceased employer said he was with a tractor at the entrance to Malting farm waiting for a convoy of American lorries to pass, he saw five lorries go past at an estimated speed of 35 miles per hour, he commented on their speed to a workman and said it was not safe to drive at that speed round a bend. Albert Cridling of Malting farm cottages, said he was standing near a load of corn at about 100 yards from the accident, he estimated their speed at 35 miles per hour, the road was bad with snow and ice. Coporal Oliver said he was the driver of the 4th truck, as he approached the Haymarket he was travelling at 15 miles per hour, he saw a cyclist who was riding on his proper side of the road, his truck started to skid to the right, he signalled to the deceased to get over to the other side of the road. P.C. Bloomfield said he went to the scene of the accident and saw an American lorry laden with bombs, the front wheels were straddling the ditch, a badly damaged cycle was pinned under the front part and two pools of blood.

February 1st 1945

A Glemsford Mosquito fighter pilot who claims to have made the first night operational sortie of the war and took part in the first fighter raid on Germany has recently been appointed Commanding Officer of the 2nd Tactical Airforce, he is Wing Commander Richard Haine 28 of Oak Cottage, Plum Street, Glemsford, he has recently completed his 3rd tour of duty.

Mr and Mrs Arthur Simpson of Grove Cottage, Barn Street, have been officially informed that their son Pte S.Simpson has been killed in action in Italy, Pte Simpson was 22 and was serving with the Royal Norfolk Regiment, much sympathy is felt for the parents and two other sons serving with the Navy.

February 1st 1945

Cowman wanted—machine milking --cottage with 4 rooms—with shed and garden. Nix, Clarkes Farm, Belchamp Walter.

For sale—By Direction of Mr C.M.Bain—Goldingham Hall, Bulmer, Essex.—Choice dairy stock farm with superb residence—model cowhouse—good farm premises—5 cottages—391 acres—possession 29th September.

By direction of Mr J.F.Wilson—Hill Farm, Gestingthorpe, modern house, 6 cottages, 225 acres.

Frederick James Hall, a soldier,was charged with the theft of money and other articles from the Red Cross Club at Sudbury, he said he had consumed 10 or 11 pints of beer at the Horse and Groom when on his way back to camp he got involved with an American soldier and his pal received a slight injury, while he was being attended to he wandered off and committed the offences. 30s or 1 month prison.

February 15th 1945

Driver George Rowland of the R.A. son of Mr and Mrs Rowland and Driver Jack Pell R.A. son of Mr and Mrs Paul Pell of Lt Waldingfield have met in Florence, both are in the 8th Army.

A 15 ½ year old boy came before Melford magistrates charged with stealing £30 worth of tools from a crashed aeroplane of the U.S.A.A.F., a corporal in the U.S.A.A.F. said he had taken the tools to the plane overnight.


March 1st 1945

Corporal V.Brightwell and Pte C.Brightwell sons of Mr and Mrs C.Brightwell of 27a Cross Street, Sudbury, having not seen each other for 5 years met in Italy, there are two other brothers, one serving in India, the other in Holland.

March 1st 1945

Pentlow. Wounded Man Home. Mr and Mrs Hugh Mayhew of Pentlow Street Farm have been informed that their son Pte Bernard Mayhew of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders was wounded on the 9th of February on the Western Front, since then he has arrived in this country by air, there are three other sons in the forces one in the Navy and two in the army.

March 1st 1945

Long Melford Home Guard had their “stand down” dinner on Saturday evening when 120 people did full justice to the excellent repast provided in the “Hut”

March 1st 1945

Much sympathy of the villagers of Long Melford goes out to Mr and Mrs Hubert Barnes of Station Road, Long Melford, in the loss of their son Flight Sgt. Roy Barnes, news has been received from the Air Ministry that he lost his life when the Lancaster in which he was mid upper gunner was brought down in Belgium, he is buried in Wvelghem Cemetry.

March 15th 1945

The parents of Kenneth Saines of 19 Mill Road, Clare have received a cable from their son in South Africa that he has passed the Navigators Course and has been granted of commission.

April 5th 1945

A little boy was fatally burnt and three adults suffered shock and burns when the auxillary tank fell from an aeroplane flying over Sudbury on Saturday morning, the tank fell against a scullery of a house in which there was an explosion which jammed the doors and set light to the scullery and adjoining buildings. It was shortly after mid-day when one tank fell on vacant ground near the girls high school, the other in a densely built area in a stone mason’s yard, the proprietor of which is Mr Alfred Sermons, the house affected was inhabited by an employee, Alfred Brett and family, Terence Brett aged three was severely burnt and was removed to hospital and died at 3 pm the same day, Mrs Olive Brett 35 was detained in hospital with shock and burns. Donald Malyon, aged 48, a window cleaner was burnt on the wrist, Mrs Alice Brett was removed to relatives. Donald Malyon of Newmans Road, Sudbury, said he was cleaning windows opposite the stone mason’s yard when he noticed some fighter aircraft flying in groups, he saw an object fall from one of them, it fell in Mr Brett’s garden, he ran across the road and saw flames shoot from Mr Stow’s roof. Richard Felton 34 of New Street, Sudbury, said he saw a flight of four Mustang’s fly in a north to south direction at about 2,000 ft. The pilot of the Mustang, Lt Edward Hitt of 55 Fighter Group, said he was flying the Mustang with three others, each carrying two fuel tanks under the wings, each contained 40 gallons of fuel, the plane struck an air pocket, he was cruising at 250 miles per hour, but there could not have been more than 10 gallons in each tank. Lt Robert Dorwin, an armourer of the Fighter Station said they had problems with defective mechanism. Death by misadventure. The chairman commended Mr Malyon for his bravery in entering the building and said it was hard to say how risks could be avoided when hundreds of planes passed over he town each day.

April 12th 1945

A.C I Douglas Poulson and R.Poulson of 2 Hall Road, Brent Eleigh and grandsons of Mr and Mrs A. Tatum of Station Road, Lavenham, have recently met up in India.

Richard Joslin of 2 Ballingdon Street was fined £2 with £3 12s costs assaulting Donovan Tills of the Anchor Inn at Sudbury.

May 3rd 1945

It is reported that the Rev W. Bonsey, Chaplain of the R.N.V.R. is missing presumed killed in H.M.S. Gloucester, he is the son of the Rev and Mrs Bonsey of Groton Rectory.

Information has been received that Pte Arthur Pilgrim of the Suffolk Regiment has been wounded on active service in Western Europe, he is the son of Mr and Mrs A.Pilgrim of 25 Constable Road, Sudbury.

May 10th 1945

One of the earliest “fly bombs” to arrive in this country landed at Bures St Mary on a June afternoon in 1944, the result was the breaking of a few windows at Victory Hall and an army hut was moved off it’s foundations, in July a “fly bomb” fell at Leys Farm, Clare, adjoining Maple Road, Clare, when 1 ½ acres of wheat was burnt, another one in the same month was brought down by British fighters in a field at Witherfield where it exploded causing damage to seven houses with one person being slightly injured, in August extensive damage was wrought by a “fly bomb” exploding in a wheat field at Mill Farm, Cockfield, the same morning another fell in a ditch at Pinhoe Farm, Hundon.

Parts of a crashed Fortress bomber priced at a total of £380 were arrayed at Thingoe juvenile magistrates court when 20 schoolboys were bound over. Supt Peake said a Fortress crashed in a field on the 28th of January at East Barton and the articles shown were missing on the February 19th. Mr George Carter for the juveniles said “it is inconceivable that these things should be left at the mercy of a crowd of children without any effort being made by the American forces to protect their property, they appeared to have guarded the plane at first but the guard was taken off and boys were permitted to do what they liked”.

May 10th 1945

Long Melford was pleased to welcome home three P.O.W.’s who have been liberated recently during the fighting in North Germany, they are Pte Kenneth Ambrose of the Airborne Troops and W/O Herbert Ruse who had been a prisoner since December 1939 and Basil Albon of the R.A.F., Pte Ambrose was wounded and made a prisoner at Arnhem and therefore was not a prisoner long, W/O Ruse was the pilot of Wellington engaged in bombing enemy shipping off the coast of Heligoland when he was brought down by enemy fire on his first mission, he has had various experiences in several P.O.W. camps and says he cannot say he was well treated in any of them, during the last few months food has been scarce, with Red Cross parcels not being delivered, at no time has the sleeping accommodation been good, on one occasion the poor quality mattresses were removed as a reprisal because enemy prisoners in North Africa were not provided with them.

W/O Albon was an air gunner, when on a mission from Malta after having dropped some parachutists in Southern Italy they was forced to bail out with the rest of the crew, this was in February 1941, he made a landing in a Barrack Square, injuring his ankle, it was not before 48 hours that he received medical attention, he has an unpleasant memories of being exhibited in Naples handcuffed to other members of the crew during which time the Italian women were encourage to spit on them, the sight of Italian P.O.W.’s in this country being allowed to fraternise with English women makes him bitter, he was in Sulmond camp for some time until he escaped and was at large for 7 months until he was recaptured, on three other occasions he escaped, at the time of the Anzio landings he was sent to Germany.

Another ex P.O.W. in the person of Driver Stanley Pearson of Lt St Mary’s Long Melford, Driver Pearson has been away since 1940, he was unfortunate not to have escaped at Dunkirk but he escaped into the interior of France and for two years he remained hidden and was befriended by various French and Belgium families.

May 11th 1945

On Tuesday morning the streets of Sudbury were filled with people in Victory mood, shops were closed and flags flew from houses, shops and public places, the announcement of Monday night that Tuesday would be victory day in Europe.

Pte Arthur Clark of Lavenham who has been a P.O.W. for 5 years has returned home.

May 17th 1945

Guardsman Peter Moore of the 3rd Battallion Irish Guards was freed by the “Desert Rats” on April 16th, Guardsman Moore is 19 years old and is the son of the late B.Moore and Mrs Moore of School Villas, Glemsford.

Lt Ivan Nixon the son in law of Mr G.Baker of the Four Swans, Sudbury, is home.

Warrant Officer Eric Holmes of Bures has been restored to his family after two years in P.O.W. camps, he was reported missing from operations over enemy territory in April 1943.

A Mosquito piloted by W/.O.R. Chamberlin of Hall Street, Long Melford was forced down at night off the enemy coast, he managed to climb into his dingy but strong winds forced him into a minefield, the following day a Walrus together with a Spitfire for cover, went to his rescue.

Richard Joslin a tree feller of 2 Ballingdon Street, Sudbury, who was committed for trial for the alleged shooting at a member of the U.S.A.A.F and injuring the head of Sgt Frank Fowler, was sent to prison for 6 months.

Driver D. Skitmore, the son of Mrs H.Skitmore of York Road, Sudbury, is home again after 5 years in captivity.

Funeral of Mr Thomas Grimwood, of Red Cottages, Foxearth.

June 7th 1945

Sympathy goes out to the mother and relations of Sapper Edward Wordley of Cross Street, Sudbury, who after being a P.O.W. for 3 years, was killed on, the pathetic story was conveyed to his mother Mrs Kate Wordley of Cross Street, Sudbury in a letter from the padre who stated fighting was still going on between the Russians and Germans in the vicinity of the prison camp when Sapper Wordley and three other prisoners were killed by a Russian mortar bomb, they buried him in near the camp, Sapper Wordley was captured in North Africa, he spent 18 months in Italy and was then transported to Germany, his camp was Stalag V1.

June 7th 1945

Two American fighters collided over Gt Waldingfield on Saturday morning, both pilots escaped by parachute, they were the only occupants, one machine dropped in a cornfield the other into a layer, both being burnt out, the pilots landed unhurt but suffering from shock they were transported to Milden Hall, Brent Eleigh.

The marriage was solemnised on June 2nd between Miss Thelma Keyton of Peacocks Road, Cavendish, and John Leicken of Burlington, Winsconsin, U.S.A.

June 28th 1945

Alteration of date by direction of the owners. Hill Farm, Gestingthorpe will now be sold on Thursday July 12th. . Lot 1 –Hill Farm, Gestingthorpe, 4 miles from Sudbury with modern well built farm house and premises—cow house for 18—6 excellent cottages together with 225 acres of well farmed mixed soil with possession—Lot 2—Wiggery Wood extending to 24 acres 1 rood 16 poles—Lot 3 An enclosure of garden ground around 2 roods 19 poles.

Flags and a welcome home messages bedecked the front of No 11 Queens Road, Sudbury when Pte James King of the Kings Own Royal Regiment returned home he was taken prisoner on the Isle of Leros nearly three years ago, he is the son of Mr and Mrs Frederick King of Cockermouth, Cumberland, he was engaged to Miss Doris Parsonson whom he married St Gregory’s church, Sudbury.

At Melford magistrates court a 17 year old factory hand from Westgate Street, Long Melford and a 15 year old boy were charged with stealing 4 one pound tins of paint etc, valued at 19s 9d the property of N.A.A.F.I. from an unoccupied N.A.A.F.I. in Melford Hall Park. Probation for 2 years, the young lad was fined 15s.

Pentlow. The Staff of County School, Enfield are making arrangements for about 40 senior girls to help in harvesting in this district, they will camp on the Rectory field and should arrive on July 24th.

July 12th 1945

The village of Long Melford offers congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bixby of Hall Street, Long Melford, whose son had been mentioned in dispatches for distinguished service in North West Europe.

July 12th 1945

The following article about the history of Glemsford is written by Mr F.Richold of Isleworth, Middlesex which gives particulars of the Priest’s College at Glemsford, the College belonged to the Abbey of Ely and stood on their Manor at Glemsford it was a Collegiate school and the masters and scholars occupied rooms there, it was founded by Edward the Confessor.

July 12th 1945

Official news has just been received by Mrs W.Farrance of B ells Lane, Glemsford, that her husband Pte Wilfred Farrance was killed in action in France on June 7th.

July 19th 1945

Mr and Mrs R.Mauldon of Blackhouse, Bulmer, have just received news that their son Frederick aged 21 has recently been commissioned in Southern Rhodesia.

July 19th 1945

Miss P. Palmer the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs John Palmer of Bulmer is serving with the N.A.A.F.I. in Brussels, she is the only girl from this parish serving overseas.

Sgt Robert Little of the Royal Armoured Corps has been awarded the M.M., as a corporal in the village in 1941 he married Joan the daughter of Mr and Mrs C.Kemp of Long Melford..

August 16th 1945

Ending of the Second World War. Japan Surrenders.

August 16th 1945

In a Foreign Field. Gunner William Tharby of Cavendish who died June 24th in the 39th British General Hospital was buried at Maarstrut in Holland, he was serving with the 11th Armoured Division.

August 23rd 1945

Mr and Mrs Codling of St Catherine’s Road, Long Melford have just received news that their twin son Tom had died in a prison camp on the 6th of June 1943.

Sudbury. Flt Sgt Clifford Hurst of the R.A.F.V.R. has been awarded the D.F.M., in March this year he took part in a bombing raid on Mont Falcone Harbour, the aircraft received severe damage and Hurst was severely wounded, in spite of this he continued his duties as wireless operator and rendered great assistance to his Captain on the flight back to base.

August 30th 1945

Two Melford lads recently discovered some live ammunition lying in an out of the way place which had been dropped by the military, they picked it up and emptied the case of one round and applied a match to it , there was a bang and a spurt of flame entirely different what the lads expected, one of the lad’s had his hands badly burnt badly. Parents and teachers are again asked to warn children to leave ammunition alone.

September 6th 1945

To be sold on September 26th at Hill Farm, Gestingthorpe. The live and dead stock—8 horse-small pedigree stud of Clydesdales—18 heavy milking cows—3 in calf heifers—16 other heifers—9 calves—50 fowls and ducks—other implements.

September 13th 1945

For Sale at Buntings Farm, Pentlow on 24th of September, the valuable live and dead stock from Brook Hall and other farms—25 horses—red polled cow—17 red poll steers—250 poultry—4 stacks of clover—mechanical implements. For Mr J.P Brand who is retiring.

September 27th 1945

Death of Mr Talbott of Loft Farm, Bradfield Combust. He owned and ran Bush and Gate farms at Lawshall, he was also landlord of the King William Inn at Lawshall.

Thomas J.Ince of the Cambridgeshire Regiment, the youngest son of Mr and Mrs G.Ince of Hickford Hill, Belchamp St Pauls is safe in India.

Pte Charles Goode the son of Mrs Goode of 4 Fern Hill, Glemsford is safe being repatriated from Japanese camp

Maurice Tricker of the 5th Suffolks of Boxford is safe but the bad news is the death of his younger brother, Vernon Tricker.

September 27th 1945

Pte A.Simpson of 5 Council Houses, Groton, the son of Mr and Mrs F.Simpson is safe.

Pte Philip Hines of Ballingdon is safe in Colombo.

Pte L.Brett of 10 Ballingdon Street is safe in Australia.

Pte George Crick son of Mrs Naxon of Burkitts Lane Sudbury, is safe in Australia.

Joseph Horsley of the Suffolk Regiment, of 32 Newmans Road, Sudbury, is safe.

Mrs King of “Gencoe” Suffolk Road, Sudbury, the aged mother of Q/ Sergeant Laurence King, says he is well.

October 4th 1945

P/O Stearns, “Curly”, husband of Maude Stearns of Westgate Street, Long Melford, is safe, he was on the destroyer “Encounter” which was sunk on February 1942.

Mr and Mrs Orbell of Ashen Road, Clare, have news that their son Cpl Guy Orbell of the 5th Suffolks is safe and well.

October 18th 1945

The wedding took place in the Parish Church at Belchamp Walter, between James Flores of the U.S.A. forces, the son of Mr and Mrs Flores of California and Miss Mary Barrell the only child of Mr and Mrs Barrel of Rippingale Farm, Belchamp Walter.

November 1st 1945

Mrs R.Bowles of 1 Pit Cottages, Ballingdon has received news that her son, Pte A.Bowles who had been a prisoner since 1941 had died on August 8th.

The Suffolk Horse Society has lost in the passing of Mr J. Miller a staunch supporter of the breed, the late Mr Miller was in his seventh year and had farmed at Acton for 40 years, previous to that he was at Doneyland, until 15 years ago he converted to Suffolk Punches, he was one of the outstanding breeders of the Shire horses.

Mr William Cox of Cock and Bell Lane at Long Melford has received notification that his son Pte Frederick Cox of the Suffolk Regiment was killed in action on the 15th of February 1942 at Singapore.

Mr and Mrs Whymark of High Street, Monks Eleigh, have received news that their son, Sgt A.Whymark, died whilst a P.O.W. on September 23rd 1943.

Mrs Hume of Ivy Cottage Lt Waldingfield, has been informed that her only son Pte W.Hiume of the Suffolk Regiment died from beri beri and dysentery on the 13th of December 1942 at Tamilia Thailand, aged 27 years.

November 22nd 1945

A Sudbury Man’s Gallantry. The announcement of the award of Distinguished Service Medal has been awarded to Able Seaman Fisher of 23 Constables Road, Sudbury, for gallantry and outstanding courage during a submarine patrol off the Sumatra coast resulting in the sinking of a Japanese cruiser and a destroyer.

November 29th 1945

Lucky Foxearth Houses of real bricks. The pretty little village of Foxearth has the distinction of having the 1st of the 4 houses is in the course of erection, the first 4 council houses were built after the 1st war at a cost of £475 each, the new houses will cost £1,050 each and will be rented at 10s per week and 3s per week rates, the contractors are Comben and Waklin Ltd of Halesworth.

December 6th 1945

Foxearth Welcome Home Fund had a successful whist drive on the 21st of November, Pte Bernard Mason “Bunny” as he is familiarly known has just returned from 3 ½ years P.O.W. in Singapore, took out the draw tickets.

December 6th 1945

There was unusual proceedings at Melford court when Robert Raynford, a furnishing fitter of Capel st Mary was charged with the larcency of a fireside chair, evidence was given by Capt. Peter Tayler of the 2nd Airborne Division, Divisional Commandant at Chadacre, Shimpling, who said he saw the chair in the back of a van driven by defendant. 10s with £2 19s costs.

December 20th 1945

The body of Mr John Shepherd Ewer of Claypita Farm, Foxearth was found by Fred Taylor a farm worker, in a pond, it is understood Mr Ewer was suffering from depression, he was last seen by Mrs Ewer the previous night, Mr Ewer who was 58 years old was a well known breeder of Suffolk sheep, Mre Ewer said that they were married for 20 years. He left a note for the Coroner which said—do not attribute this to the loss of my dog dear sir, I feel my nerves are gone and I am done out, this note I have left for you. J.S.Ewer. P.C.Waite said there was a hole in the ice which was frozen over , he had evidently made a hole in the ice with a hammer and nearby was a torch. Mind disturbed.