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1942 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 22nd 1942

Pte James Fettes and Pte Charles Mcleod were summoned for stealing a quantity of cigarettes and tobacco valued at £22 12s 1d from an army canteen.

Boardman and Oliver will sell by auction—Bassets farm at Acton, 249 acres—lot 2 – valuable stone and gravel pit---Morris farm at Gt Waldingfield, for Mr Arthur Webb.

January 29th 1942

There was an accident at Glemsford when a lorry carting sand crashed into some cottages in Egermont Street, Glemsford opposite the Angel Inn, Mrs B.Clarke who lives there with her two children, Shirley and Lionel had just gone into her neighbour’s leaving her two children playing in the front room when a lorry smashed into the whole front wall, bricks and mortar poured in burying the children, the couch was overturned above them saving them from fatal injuries, both suffered bruises and shock.

February 19th 1942

Inquest at Sudbury Town Hall on a young soldier, Pte James Smith, who was thrown from a skidding lorry on Melford road Accidental.

February 26th 1942

News is still anxiously waited concerning the Suffolk-Norfolk-Cambs-Beds-Herts regiments also other prisoners at Singapore, Tokio claims they number 73,000 including 8 generals.

March 5th. Ernest Cole a lorry driver from Holton was fined £10 and disqualified from driving for 3 years for driving in a dangerous manner at Glemsford by crashing into a house where two children aged one and three were playing on a sofa which took the full force of the impact.

April 16th 1942

At a meeting of the Common Lands Trustees at Sudbury it was decided to allow 164 cattle on the meadows at £3 per head.

Two soldiers, Lance Corporal John McDonald and Pte Francis Drew were summoned for stealing a motor jack etc from John Cook of Hartest. £1 each.

April 30th 1942

Pte George Cook pleaded guilty to stealing from the dwelling house of Edward Morris of 6 Garden Row, Sudbury, and stealing goods to the value of £15 2s 3d. 6 months.

Wedding at Glemsford of Miss Lilian Preistley of 22 Bright Street, Radford, Nottingham to Arthur Wordley of 9 Egermont Street, Glemsford.

Arthur Moore a farmer of Ducks Hall, Cavendish, was fined £3 for not keeping a crop of potatoes in good condition the clamps being inadequately protected. £3.

June 26th 1942

On a recent Saturday evening at Glemsford the residents had a little war of their own, all the participants were bound over. Bertie Brinkley a concrete mixer of 74 Egermont Street, Glemsford and his wife Bessie and son Jack summoned Thomas Firbanks a builders labourer of 2 New Cut, Cecil Slater, a bricklayer, Stanley Slater of the Bungalow, Glemsford, and Albert Slater of Acton, London. Bertie Brinkley said he went to Melford on the bus and returned at 9-15, they called at the Three Turns Inn for a drink, he noticed Firbanks in another room, witnesses wife left to take their youngest son home to bed, he left at about 10-30 and was talking to friends when he heard Firbanks making offensive remarks, he spoke to Firbanks who said it was perfectly true what he said, it was remarks about Brinkley’s “old woman”, he told him to be more careful about what he said, with this Firbanks pulled off his coat struck him on the jaw and he fell to the ground, his son Jack came up and Albert Slater struck him, the other Slaters joining in, Mrs Brinkley on returning saw her son’s face bleeding asked “who hit him”, Albert Slater said “I did and will hit you the same”, he then struck her a blow, Stanley Slater came up and struck her on the arm. Each to pay 4s costs.

June 26th 1942

At Sudbury Petty Sessions Pte William Rollings was charged with stealing corned beef etc from the Officer Commanding of his unit and John Oliver a taxi proprietor of Colchester for receiving wasfined £5 each.

Information has been received that Lance Corporal Gordon Wilkes of Gt Henny is missing at Singapore, he is 25 years of age.

July 9th 1942

Pte George Martin aged 22 was committed for trial at Hedingham Magistrates Court for attempted rape.

Intimation has been received that Pte L.Brett 24 of 10 Ballingdon Street is missing in Malaya.

Pte Bowles of Pit Cottages, Sandy Lane is missing in Singapore.

Sapper E.Wardley of Croft Street, Sudbury is a prisoner of war In Germany.

July 23rd 1942

Able Seaman Basil Sandford of 9 Inkerman Row in Sudbury is reported missing.

Pte Eric Simson of 3 Council Houses, Lt Waldingfield is posted missing at Singapore.

July 30th 1942

Pte C.Crick of 18 Burkitts Terrace, Sudbury, is reported missing.

Pte R.Sargeant of 16 Curds Lane, Sudbury is reported missing in Singapore.

August 6th 1942

The staff at Sudbury Co-op wished goodbye to their manager Mr W.J.Jones who is joining the R.A.F.

August 13th 1942

Fred Day of Cavendish had been killed in action.

September 3rd 1942

Wanted. A lorry driver for a 4 ton lorry, cask and bottled beer deliveries, above military age, comfortable lodgings. Ward and Son, Foxearth.

September 10th 1942

Trooper L. French of 5 Middleton Road, Sudbury who was reported missing at Tobruk is now a P.O.W.

September 10th 1942

Cavendish. Meat pies, the sale of which has caught on with 100 being quickly dispatched, the pies are on sale at Mrs Hale’s each Tuesday morning, fried fish from the travelling van are also procurable on the same morning, this means the meat ration is well helped.

September 17th 1942

For sale by auction by the directions of the Exors of the later C.F.Ryder. The Thurlow Estate. 40 farms comprising 8,337 acres in Gt and Lt.Thurlow—Withersfield—Barnadiston—Kedington—Gt Wratting—Weston Colville—Carlton.

September 17th 1942

Pte Thomas Brown of Glemsford who was reported missing from the Middle East on July 1st has now written to his parents from a P.O.W.Camp in Italy.

September 24th 1942

Mr and Mrs Albert Dove have received notice that their youngest son Benjamin Dove has been killed in action, his body has been recovered from the sea, he was navigator of the plane, his parents for many years carried on business in King Street, Sudbury.

October 1st 1942

Gunner John Webber of Belchamp Walter was charged with assaulting Jack Smith in Sudbury, complainant said he and his wife were walking in North Street, Sudbury near the Masonic Hall when two soldiers attacked them punching him in the face and knocking him down and he could not get up when his wife used her walking stick and beat him off. Adjourned

October 1st 1942

Advert. Wanted a general farm worker at Lower Hall , Foxearth. Cottage available. Apply J.O.Brand.

October 1st 1842

Disgusting swank was the Coroner’s comment on an airman’s flying at an inquest at Chedburgh Hall near Bury St Edmunds concerning the terrible death of Ronald King aged 29 a Yorkshire man who was employed at Chedburgh who was killed by a low flying aircraft’s propeller. Fred Buckingham said he saw the twin engined plane fly over at the height of 40 ft , he shouted at some workers to lie down, next thing he saw was the victim fall down, it was ascertained that Sgt Evans was the pilot of a trainer aircraft which had landed at Swans Hall at Hawkedon. Misadventure.

At Melford Petty Sessions Mrs Alice Golding of Glemsford was charged with assaulting Mrs Annie Moore by beating her with a broom. £1.

October 8th 1942

The Gt Thurlow Estate of 12,280 acres has been bought by the Mr Ronald Vestey trust for investment.

October 8th 1942

Pilot Officer V. Scott of Upper East Street, Sudbury has been awarded the D.F.C. for bringing his damaged aircraft home.

Gunner Arthur Brown of Angel Lane, Glemsford, is a P.O.W. in Italy.

Sapper E.Wordley of Cross Street, Sudbury, is a P.O.W. in Italy.

Pte L.Hardy of 28 Gainsborough Street, Sudbury, is a P.O.W. in Italy.

October 15th 1942

Advert. Wanted a good all round man immediately, good cottage on bus route, last man 23 years. Ince, “Dales” Stanstead.

Mr and Mrs Taylor of the “Limes” Cavendish, have received notification that their son Cyril who is just over 20 years is missing presumed killed, he has seen a great deal action with the Royal Navy, he was home on leave a fortnight ago.

October 22nd 1942

A slaughterhouse was damaged in a hit and run raid in East Anglia on Monday morning last week, Reginald Drury aged 34 succumbed to his injuries shortly afterwards, Walter Smith and Harold Webber were detained in hospital, Sidney Beadle and Harry Symonds received hospital treatment for their slight injuries sustained, Gordon Drake and Cyril Wisbey also received treatment. (Probably Bures)

Mrs Annie Moore of Glemsford was sent for trial on a charge of forging a cheque for £80.

October 29th 1942

News has been received that Able Seaman Reginald French aged 22 of 5 Middleton road, Sudbury, is missing in action.

Trooper L.French the 3rd son of Mrs French, is now a P.O.W..

November 5th 1942

John Fiaherty of 103 Ballingdon Street admitted failing to submit himself for a medical examination for military service. £3.

The recent fatality at Chedburgh when Ronald King was killed by the propellers of low flying aircraft was the reason for the appearance at a court martial of Sgt Pilot Herbert Evans who pleaded not guilty to flying an aircraft at such a low altitude causing it to strike King. Evans is 19 years old and is a flying instructor at Chedburgh, he has been under close arrest for two months and is a broken man. Not guilty on the 2nd charge and no findings on the 1st charge.

November 19th 1942

At a morning service at Pentlow the church bells were rung to celebrate Civil Defence day, the Home Guard under Sgt Hampden gave the military touch and a local youth showed the presence of the Navy and his two sisters in khaki represented the A.T.S..

Mr and Mrs C.Death of Friars Street in Sudbury have received intimation that their fourth son Pte Paul Death had died of wounds in the Middle East. Mr and Mrs Death have four other sons serving, two in the army, one in the R.A.F. and the other in the Navy.

November 26th 1942

Sack of army flour found in Newton house. Mrs Margaret Jones of the Council Houses, Newton was charged with receiving 70 lbs of flour from Driver T.Hirst. Dismissed.

Advert. Wanted a man for night soil work, £5 per week. Apply John Palmer, Long Melford.

November 26th 1942

Mrs Horsley of 40 Newman’s Road, Sudbury, has been informed by the Admiralty that her son Geoffrey Henderson aged 18 has been killed in action.

December 3rd 1942

Frank Ollis, a Private in Bures Home Guard was sentenced to two weeks hard labour on each of four charges of absenting himself from Home Guard parades.

Pte James Pilgrim aged 24 of the 4th Suffolks, the son of Mr and Mrs Pilgrim of 34 Mill Lane, Sudbury, has been posted missing.

December 17th 1942

Second Engineer V.Branwhite aged 41 was instrumental in saving the life of a man in Liverpool Dock in the black out, he received the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Silver Medal, Mr Branwhite is the 3rd son of Mr F.W.Branwhite of Long Melford.

December 24th 1942

At Melford Sessins Mrs Vera Snow of Brook Street, Glemsford was fined £3 for obtaining milk for her two children contrary to the Milk National Scheme, she had retuned her income as £2 per week, it transpired she was receiving £2 per week army allowance and had £1 14s wages.

December 30th 1942

Captain Gwilym Williams a Merchant Captain of Borley expired in Ballingdon Street on December 23rd was laid to rest in the tiny churchyard at Borley, “a stone’s throw from the erstwhile ruined haunted rectory by which so much has been written about recently” on December 1st Captain Williams received from the King the Distinguished Service Cross for services with a merchant convoy to Malta.

1943 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 7th 1943

William Kenneth Goodchild of Clockhouse farm, Glemsford was summoned for failing to stop after an accident. Dismissed

January 7th 1943

A British Transport carrying troops and wives and 600 Italian P.O.W’s spent seven days adrift in a lifeboat before being picked up by a Vichy destroyer 50 women and men with children were taken aboard the destroyer amongst these were Sgt Sansum the son of Mr and Mrs Sansum of Long Melford. Mrs Sansum said the submarine commander who took on four women and two children and landed them at Casablanca in French Morocco, the commander said if he knew there were children and women aboard he would not have sunk the ship. Mr and Mrs Sansum went to Egypt in 1934, he was in the 8th Army under General Wavell, in 1926 he married Miss Evelyn Barford of Northhamptonshire, they were naturally glad to see Old England again.

January 14th 1943

Mr David Ward of Foxearth has retired after 43 years in the public service due to health reasons.

Mrs Watkinson of Hall Street, Long Melford has received information that her son Corporal Hugh Watkinson is missing in action, he was an air gunner.

Advert. Wanted at the end of February, man or woman for milking, no cottage. Wittome, Moors farm, Sudbury.

Benjamin Oakley a bricklayer of Glemsford pleaded guilty to stealing 30 lbs of clover the property of Albert Clarke of Glemsford, P.C.Young said he was on duty in Chequers lane when he saw defendant with a sack on his back. £1. with 5s costs.

Married on the 19th of January at Long Melford, Lieut. Frank Button of Ipswich to Miss Ethel Baber daughter of Mr and Mrs W.Baber of Rodbridge, Long Melford.

February 11th 1943

Pte W.Pilgrim has now a P.O.W. in Malaya, he is the husband of Mrs Pilgrim nee Bitten of the Hermitage, Bellevue Road, Sudbury

Cyril Hall of the Red Cow public house in Sudbury was charged with infringing the blackout regulations. £1.

February 11th 1943

At the annual meeting of the Electoral Roll at Glemsford, the Rev Harpur said he noticed the members of the armed forces on embarkation leave attended the church but he was ashamed that so few churchgoers were there to welcome them.

March 4th 1943

Johnson Frank Shinn of Glemsford pleaded guilty to driving a motor lorry without due care and attention at Horringer. £2 with 18s costs.

April 1st 1943

Stanley Hogan a labourer working at Acton was charged with stealing a bicycle belonging to Messrs Bovis Ltd of Acton and cycling to London on it. 1 month hard labour.

Charles Miller a bricklayer working at Gt Waldingfield pleaded guilty to being drunk on the Market Hill at Sudbury, he said he was not used to Sudbury beer. 10s.

Pte Vernon Golding at native of Sudbury who has been missing since February 1942 at Singapore, his mother Mrs P.Golding of 14 Angel Lane, Glemsford, was grateful to hear the news that her son was safe.

A fatal accident occurred in the Old Market Place in Sudbury on Monday afternoon when an American motor cyclist was involved in a collision with a motor vehicle, he was removed to St Leonards hospital but expired on the way.

Harry Cocksedge of Cockfield was charged with leaving the engine of a motor tractor running contrary to the Motor Vehicles Construction Act and by failing to stop the engine near the Angel Inn in Lavneham. 10s with 8s costs.

Flying Officer William Weller of Sudbury has been awarded the D.F.C. for taking part in many daring raids.

Sgt Harry Warden of Bures an N.C.O. in a famous regiment has been killed in North Africa.

Percy Waller a farmer of Semer was fined £10 for using petrol for purposes other than agriculture

Sapper William Oakley R.E. has been killed in action in the Middle East aged 21, he is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs T. Oakley of Angel Lane, Glemsford..

Mr and Mrs W. Howard of Westgate Street, Long Melford have received notice that their son, Leading Aircraftsman Arthur Howard is a prisoner in Japanese hands in Java.

April 29th 1943

Advert. Wanted a cowman for small herd. Apply, Mr H.J.Barleycorn, Ballingdon, Ballingdon Grove, Sudbury.

News has just been received of the death of Flight Sergeant Maurice Rowe of the Royal Canadian Air Force, he is the son of Mr and Mrs J.Rowe of Ontario, his mother was formerly Miss E. Medcalf of Ballingdon, he met his death when the bomber of which he was a crew member crashed near Dartmouth as it returned from a operational flight.

News has been received that Pte Philip Cahill the son of the late Mr and Mrs Cahill of Cross Street, Sudbury is a P.O.W.

May 13th 1943

Mr and Mrs W.Byford of Woodhall, Sudbury have received notice that their son Pte William Byford is a P.O.W. in Malai Camp.

May 20th 1943

Pte Wilfred Cragg is now known to be a P.O.W. in Malaya, Mrs Cragg his wife of Ivy Cottage, Acton has recently been notified, he is the son of Mr and Mrs Cragg of Chilton Corner, he has a baby son Roy he has not seen yet.

Mrs Ellingham of 4 Mill Lane, Sudbury has received news that her husband Cpl H.Ellingham is now a P.O.W. in a Thai camp, he is the son of Mr and Mrs Ellingham of Bridewell Street, Clare.

Mr and Mrs J.Nunn of 3 Church Street, Sudbury, have received notice that their eldest son, Pte W.Nunn is now a P.O.W. in Japanese hands at Thai –wan camp.

Mrs Larkey of 10 Middleton Road, Sudbury, has received news that her husband Pte Fred Larkey has died of wounds in the Middle East aged 27.

Mr and Mrs G.Ince of 7 Hickford Hill, Belchamp st Pauls have received news that their son Thomas is a prisoner in Tai camp’

Mr and Mrs F.Hickford of Bridewell Street, Clare, have been informed that their son Pte J.Hickford is now a P.O.W. in Tai camp.

Mr and Mrs Bacon of 39 Acton Lane, Sudbury, have received news of the death of their son Sgt A. / GO Bacon R.A.F. aged 21.

March 7th 1943

Funeral at Bulmer of Mrs Clara Moulton of the Post Office, Bulmer, she served 3 years in France in the 1914-18 war.

Gunner Charles Sparkes is a P.O.W. in Fukacka camp, he is the son of Mr and Mrs Sparkes of Glemsford, his wife and small son live at 30 Aldham Road, Hadleigh.

Mr and Mrs George Horsley of 22 Newmans Road, Sudbury, have received news that their youngest son Joseph Horsley is a P.O.W.

Mrs Fielding of 1 Council Houses has received news that her son Pte J.Fielding is a P.O.W.

June 3rd 1943

Doris Talbot 34 of the Street, Barrow was summoned for fraternising with an Italian P.O.W. £1 with 4s costs.

Notice has been received by Mr Riamo of Stour Street, Sudbury, that his son Ernest of the R.A. is a P.O.W. in Malia Camp.

June 3rd 1943

Mrs J.Mealham of Glemsford has received notice that her son Gunner Partrick Mealham is a P.O.W. in Malia camp.

Mr s T. Johnson of Angel Lane, Glemsford, has received notice that her son Sgt Thomas Johnson has been killed in action in North Africa.

News of the death of Sgt Donald Smith has been a shock to many in the neighbourhood of Pentlow, he was a good sportsman and played a fine game of football, he rapidly rose to the rank of Sgt in the R.A.F. and it was at his guns he met his death.

June 17th 1943

It is now known that Pte W.Stone the husband of Mrs W. Stone of Stoke by Clare is a P.O.W. at Malay camp.

News has been received by the wife of Sgt Leslie Richardson that her husband the 3rd son of Mr and Mrs Richardson of 4 Council Houses, Edwardstone is now a P.O.W. at Malia camp.

Stoker Stearns of Long Melford reported missing since the battle of Java is now a P.O.W. in the hands of the Japanese.

July 1st 1943

We regret to report the tragic death of Mr Harry Prigg of Lyston Lane, Melford, he was struck by lightning while sheltering from a severe storm he was 67.

July 8th 1943

Mrs R.Bowles of “The Pit” Sandy Lane, Sudbury has received a postcard from her son Pte A.Bowles dated July 1942, that he is a P.O.W. in a Japanese prison camp.

Mrs S.Mumford of 5 Orchard Place, Sudbury has received a postcard from her son Pte S.Mumford that he is a P.O.W.

Mrs L.King of 19 Suffolk Road, Sudbury has received a postcard from her husband C.Q.M.S. Laurence King is a P.O.W.

Mr and Mrs Gooday of the Post Office Gt Waldingfield have received a postcard from their son Pte Reg Gooday saying he is a P.O.W.

July 22nd 1943

Pte B.Herbert the son of Mrs Herbert of Gainsborough Street, Sudbury is a P.O.W.

Mr and Mrs Hulyer of Chilton Street, Clare, have received notice that their son Pte E.Hulyer, is safe and well.

Mrs Carpenter of Bures Road, Sudbury has received notice that her husband Pte R.Carpenter is safe and well.

Lance Corporal Guy Orbell of 12 Ashen Road, Clare, is now a P.O.W. and is safe and well. Mr and Mrs Orbell have twin sons who are both in the R.A.F., Flight Sergeant Orbell has recently received a mention in dispatches.

Pte Cyril Young of Hall Street, Melford is a P.O.W.

Pte F.G.Reynolds has sent a postcard to his mother at 31 Gregory Street, Sudbury, that he is safe and well.

Mrs Good of Fern Hill, Glemsford, has received a postcard from her husband Pte Charles Good that he is safe and well

George Crick of the Suffolk Regiment is a P.O.W. he is best known for his football for Sudbury,he is safe and well.

July 29th 1943

Lance Corporal B. Parsonson of 11 Queens Road Sudbury, is safe and well.

Mr and Mrs T. Robinson of Gt Cornard has received a postcard from their son that he is a P.O.W.

Mr and Mrs Bryant of Middleton Road, Sudbury have received the news that their son Pte Bernard Bryant is a P.O.W.

Pte D.Bettison who comes from Chilton, Sudbury, is a P.O.W.

August 12th 1943

Gunner Reginald Seal has drowned off the East Coast while bathing and his brother Gunner George Seal has been killed in action in North Africa, they are the sons of Mr and Mrs A.Seal of Ballingdon Street, Sudbury.

Mr and Mrs Hume of Ivy Cottage Lt Cornard, have received news regarding their son Pte W. Hume of the Suffolk Regiment is now a P.O.W. in Malia camp.

Died in Addenbrooke’s hospital, David Plunb of King’s farm, Pentlow aged 67.

August 19th 1943

The new fire station at Chilton Hall, House, Sudbury was officially opened on Saturday.

Dr and Mrs Rix of Friars Street in Sudbury have received news that their son Sgt Basil Rix of the Reconnisance Corps, is now a P.O.W..

Patrick Collins 19 a native of Eire was convicted of stealing a towel valued at 3s 6d at Gt Waldingfield was bound over on he condition he returns to Ireland in 7 days.

August 27th 1943

To be let—Brundon Hall, Estate, Sudbury-Georgian Residence -farm of 456 acres-4 cottages to be let at £450 per annum.

Wedding at Pentlow of Miss Amelia Somerset to Lance Bombadier Stanley Mayhew, best man was Adrian Mayhew R.N.

August 27th 1943

Two Sudbury girls, Irene Willets and Ethel Sutcliffe, factory hands, were charged with unlawfully fraternising with Italian P.O.W.’s.. C.S.M. Hogg of the 10th Suffolk Home Guard said while passing along Melford road near the Stone Cottages he saw two Italian prisoners talking to girls, he went for Supt Hurst who accompanied him back, the Supt said the prisoners work for a Rodbridge farmer and lived in one of the Stone cottages, the Clerk asked if they were allowed on the public highway, Supt Hurst said “oh yes but they are not allowed to go more than one mile away”, he said the prisoners were provided with bicycles to allow them to attend the Roman Catholic church in Sudbury. Dismissed.

Mr and Mrs Cecil of Ballingdon Grove Cottage have received a postcard from their son Pte George Cecil that he is P.O.W. in Thailand.

Mr and Mrs Steed of York Road, Sudbury, have received a postcard from their son Pte A.Steed that he is a P.O.W. in No 4 prison camp in Thailand.

September 9th 1943

Flight Sergeant W.Allen a Sudbury Flight Engineer has been awarded the D.F..M. for courage and fortitude of a “high order”.

We regret to announce the death of Flying Officer Verdun Scott the only son of the late Mr Alfred Scott of Upper East Street, Sudbury.

September 21st 1943

Leslie Tassel a famer of Swan Hall, Boxted was fined £2 for selling milk not of approved quality.

Sudbury. Much sympathy is felt for Mr and Mrs Boreham of Speedwell Terrace, who have received notice that their son Roy a Flight Engineer in the R.A.F. is missing on operations, he was a member of the crew that failed to return from a raid over Germany.

Sudbury. We regret to announce that news has recently been received that Pilot Officer E.Francis has been posted as missing presumed killed on an operational flight, he was the navigator in a bomber on an operational flight, before the war he was assistant to Norman Green the chartered accountant in Sudbury.

November 4th 1943

Ruby Rippingale of New Cottages Gestingthorpe was charge with abandoning a child at Sudbury railway station on September 1st, Bailed in the sum of £1 and to be sent for trial.

November 11th 1943

The well known dairy herd belonging to Mr C.J.Kirby of Plough Lane, Sudbury was sold on Thursday last. 21 cows averaged £33 with a Shorthorn bull making £21.

Friends of Paul Kipling will be pleased to know he been granted a commission as Pilot Officer in Canada.

November 11th 1943

At a meeting of Pentlow parishioners it was decided to have a parish council, a correspondent says “there has been a need here for many years, the village pump and rainfall, the oil and candle illuminations have had a long and hoary innings, the open road is our footpath which we share with buses and perambulators, motor cycles and sand lorries”.

November 11th 1943

Cavendish. The sympathy of the village goes out to Mr John Andrews of Peacocks Road who has received notice that his son Peter of the R.E. who was reported missing on

September 4th 1942

a t the battle of Alamein must now be regarded as killed in action.

Percy Cant of the R.A.M.C. the only son of Mr and Mrs Cant of “Valetta” Gt Cornard is missing aged 26.

November 25th 1943

There was a fatality in a Suffolk village when a soldier was sitting round fire when he was accidentally shot by a friend from another hut with sten gun, this was the subject of an inquest at Bury St Edmunds. The dead man was Driver William Jacklin aged 22 of the R.E. a native of Lincolnshire, the shot was fired by Sapper Ross who was cleaning the gun. Supt Gillings of Horringer said the gun went of accidentally. Misadventure.

December 2nd 1943

News has been received that Pilot Officer Reginald Jack Fayers is reported missing , he is the youngest son of Mrs Fayers of Hope Villa, Burkitt’s Lane, Sudbury.

December 2nd 1943

The first Parish Council for Pentlow parish was elected by ballot last week, the following were elected. General Sir Gordon -Finlayson—Messrs Morton-H.Mayhew-L.Perry-J.O.Brand-C.Wordley-T.Hampton-Lady Gordon Finlayson-Mrs Little-.Miss Beer-Miss Spencer.

Last Friday a baby was born in Long Melford station waiting room, Mrs Fisher from London was travelling to Bury hospital to see her little son who is lying dangerously ill there.

Funeral at Belchamp Otten of Mrs Celia Barrel aged 94, she was a native if Belchamp Otten and had lived nearly all her life there.

December 9th 1943

The old man’s gift was dispersed at Glemsford on Saturday morning, recipients were Frank Brown 70—Arthur Clarke 67—Fred Free 77—Maurice Lofts 67—Arthur Wordley 78—Joe Underwood 68.

Fifty one maids and widows received gifts of 3s each, a ticket for coal or wood to the value of 5s. 54 other families received fuel tickets of the same value.

December 23rd 1943

Mrs Hewitson of Snow Hill, Clare, has received news that her husband Sgt. Observer John Hewitson who was posted as missing in May 1942 is now known to have been laid to rest in the Central Lumberg Cemetery, Germany