The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1939-1945 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

April 6th 1939

Melford television pioneer marries at Melford.
Mr George Boar married Miss Beatrice Stent a domestic servant of Wandsworth, London. He has received much publicity in local and national press recently.

April 13th 1939

Wedding at Sudbury of Corporal Jack Farrance of Bridge House Borley to Miss Dorothy Mabel Manby of East Street, Sudbury.

May 18th 1939

The London Ghost Club, founded in 1867, is arranging its first country meeting in conjunction with a fete to be held in the grounds of Borley Rectory, next month. The rectory recently featured in the " in town tonight" series.

June 1st 1939

Foxearth 27 (Sawyer 9-12) - Glemsford 154 for 7 wickets.

November 2nd 1939

Halstead Rural District Council heard how Mr David Ward refused to accept for Foxearth and district, the manual fire engine at present used by Great Yeldham fire brigade. Mr Ward said the suggestion that we should take on the antediluvian pre-historic Noahs Ark, now at Yeldham is too absurd and impossible. Later Mr Ward apologised for the remarks he made but pointed out that it required 16 men to work it. It was decided to ask Long Melford brigade the retaining fee they required to act in emergency.

December 7th 1939

The pretty wedding of Miss Maisie Steed, daughter of Mr Archie Steed of " Martinique" Kesgrave, Suffolk and Gunner Ken Coleby of " South View" Foxearth, took place in Foxearth parish church.
The bride was given away by her brother, Mr Basil Steed of Diss, Norfolk, she wore a white suede dress and embroidered veil. Miss Cissie Oakley was bridesmaid and Clarence Coleby brother of the bridegroom was best man. The Rev H.G.Basset officiated with Mr Glazin at the organ. The reception was at " South View" the bride and bridegroom were recipients of many valuable gifts.

December 7th 1939

At Halstead R.D.C. meeting it was agreed to pay Melford fire brigade a retaining fee of £ 15 to cover any emergency in the Foxearth district.

December 21st 1939

(In the fifty years ago column) Last Saturday, Mr T.Brand of Brook Hall, Foxearth, on his land, shot a fine specimen of the common bittern, it is now being preserved by Mr Rose of Friars Street.

January 18th 1940

Death at Pentlow of Mrs Orlando Chambers.

May 23rd 1940

Wedding at Foxearth of Miss Prudence Willetts of Royston, Yorkshire and Mr Frederick Chinnery, youngest son of Mr William Chinnery and Mrs Charlotte Chinnery.

May 30th 1940

Mr Albert Gardiner of Borley was summoned for not closing the level crossing gates at Borley Mill. Case dismissed with defendant being awarded £ 5 5s.

June 13th 1940

A whist drive was held in the Cottage garden at Foxearth, home of Mr and Mrs D.Ward. There were 17 tables,£ 9 was raised for the Red Cross.

July 18th 1940

Wedding at Pentlow of Miss Betina Gill daughter of the Rev Gill, the bridegroom was Mr Lawrence Byers of Risby, Suffolk.

July 25th 1940

The inquest was held on William Arthur Ditton, aged 18 years, of Belchamp Otten, following a shooting incident on the Clare- Belchamp road. Thomas Mann of Belchamp St Pauls Hall and group leader of the L.D.V., said he was giving instructions to Leonard Allen and John Chatters aged 22 of 4 Council Houses, when he noticed that when talking to his men that there was another person present about 20 yards away. He had left the men and returned in consequence of a he message received and found Ditton lying on the bank, on turning the lad over he noticed a wound in his left thigh. The rifle was served out to John Chatters by me a week ago.
Leonard Allen aged 18, said he had been on patrol with John Chatters and that he had arrived in company with " Tiny Ditton", Group Leader Mann told them to stand down after the patrol, he saw Chatters unload his rifle but one round had jammed, he saw him point the rifle down and pull the trigger and it went off, Ditton began to jump up and down, he then realised he had been shot. Accidental Death with no blame attached to John Chatters.

December 12th 1940

Death at Belchamp Otten of Mr T.W.Pearsons in his 90th year. He was a native of Belchamp St Pauls, as a young man was engaged in business in London, returning to Belchamp in 1878. He had been licencee of the Green Man, Belchamp Otten for 50 years.

January 2nd 1941

Farm sale at Eyston Smyth's Farm, Foxearth for Dr.J.Leamont, the farm being sold to Mr F.Fenton.

January 2nd 1941

Maurice Hayden, a horse dealer of Belchamp St Pauls was fined £ 15 with £ 5 9s costs for cruelty to a mare at Cavendish on the 14th of October. It was alleged by the R.S.P.C.A. that def. bought a mare for the sum of £ 7, the mare being lame in the left shoulder, he however sold it after he had levelled it, this is a method of striking the coronet bone on the hoof to make the animal appear to move level.
Stanley Neville, lorry driver, said he picked the mare up at Cavendish. Mr Willoby Parker also known as Bradley Parker said he was present and he had said to def.the mare is too lame to show at Cambridge, def.replied I will soon level her up, he then struck the mare heavily four times on the hoof with the barrel of a gun, the next time he saw her she was walking normally. Defendant said Parker reported him out of spite as he had promised to pay him £ 4 out of the sale but did not as Parker owed him some money. Defendant has had forty convictions between 1914 and 1940.

January 16th 1941

Mr and Mrs Howard of Belchamp Otten, have received official confirmation that their son Gunner Fred Howard was killed in action in the Western Desert on December 15th 1940

He joined the army in 1937, prior to which he was empolyed by Mr C.Whittoms of Bevington.

January 23rd 1941

Two Cavendish men narrowly escaped prison by Melford magistrates on Friday. They were fined £ 20 each. They were Oliver Farrow, baker, and Bradley Parker a dealer and Farrow's next door neighbour. They were summoned for receiving goods from an unknown soldier, knowing them to have been stolen. The goods were valued at £ 5 15s, being 7 lb tin of plum jam - 7 lb tin of fruit jam - 7 lb of marmalade - 40 tins of 1 lb salmon - 17 tins of 3 lb meat roll - 2 tins of 3 lb farm meat roll - 3 tins of cocoa.

February 27th 1941

Death of Mr Frederick Maxim of Foxearth at St Leonards hospital after short illness, during the last war he served in the 7th Suffolks being wounded twice.

March 13th 1941

Airwoman Sylvia Violet Smith, daughter of Mr and Mrs C.Smith of Green Common, Belchamp Walter, has been promoted to acting corporal.

March 13th 1941

Long Melford - News has been received that Sergeant Basil Albon (Joe), is safe and a prisoner in Italy, he has been on many missions over enemy territory and was operating from the Far East? at the time of his capture.

May 1st 1941

Wedding at Borley of Hubert John Turp and Hilary Game of Felsham

May 29th 1941

The Rector of Pentlow, the Rev W.B.Gill, married Miss I.M.Waller of Bedford. On Tuesday the Rev and Mrs Gill were received in the school room, Mr Max Morton was in the chair and church wardens, Mr Perry and Mr Bullock welcomed Mrs Gill.

June 26th 1941

(Advert) Ward and Son of Foxearth brewery announce that owing to extreme shortage of brewing material, that they are compelled to withdraw supplies of Imperial ale after Tuesday.

August 28th 1941

The Rev.Arthur Fulcher of Belchamp Otten was fined £ 3 and 10s 6d costs for ringing the church bells at Little Yeldham without permission. Mr Harry Gowers of Chuch Cottage, Little Yeldham, said he was an air raid warden and at about 3-30 pm on July 13th he heard the church bells ringing, they rang for about a minute, he went into the church and found the minister who said he had forgotten himself, outside people from all over the parish were running to the church to see what was happening.

November 27th 1941

Married at Borley, Harold E.Gardiner to Miss Rosalind Rowling of Purley, Surrey.

December 18th 1941

Married at Belchamp Otten, Mr Percy Cedric Brown of Belchamp Walter and Miss Constance Barrell.

January 19th 1942

Death at Lyston of the Rev Stewart Travers Fisher aged 79.

April 9th 1942

To mark the farewell of the Rev Pannell M.A. B.O. as vicar of this parish, the Belchamp Walter villagers presented him with treasury notes in appreciation of his services for forty two years.
Also death and funeral of Miss Mary Simmons, aged 17years.

April 16th 1942

At a recent written examination of the Royal School of Music, Miss Daphne Grimwood of Foxearth was successful in gaining a certificate. Miss Grimwood is a pupil of Mrs John Garret of Belchamp.

April 30th 1942

Death at Belchamp Walter of Mrs Rose Fanny Wood aged 83 years. Deceased had been bombed out her house in Southern England and had been living in Munt House for seven months.

May 8th 1942

A whist drive in aid of youth club funds was held in Foxearth village hall. £ 4-9s was raised.

May 28th 1942

Death of Mr Herbert Chatters of Belchamp Walter aged 61 years, he had been roadman for Essex County Council.

June 11th 1942

General Sir Gordon Finlayson of Pentlow Hall is the nation's new controller of milk distribution.

October 1st 1942

The Rev.E.Powell was inducted at Belchamp St Pauls, there was a large congregation at the church. A reception was held in the school afterwards. The new incumbent comes from Oxfordshire, he had been for some time an army chaplain, serving in France at the beginning of the present war.

November 12th 1942

Foxearth. A special service for those who gave their lives in the present and last war was held in the parish church on Sunday. The Home Guard in charge of Sergeant Mayhew, paraded for the service.

December 3rd 1942

FOXEARTH AND DISTRICT WOMEN'S INSTITUTE An initiatory meeting was held in Foxearth Village Hall on Tuesday afternoon, when it was decided to form a Foxearth and District Women's Institute, attached to the West Suffolk Federation. Fifty one members joined the new Institute, which decided to meet on the first Friday of each month at 3 pm in winter and during the evening in summer.
A committee of officers were elected. Mrs J.Lambert, President, with Mrs Morton and Mrs Weir, vice presidents: Mrs Falwasser, hon.secretary; Mrs W.Coe, hon treasurer; committee-Mrs Basset-Mrs H.Ward-Mrs Allen-Mrs Welch-Mrs Lamb-Miss Shrive and Mrs Chinnery. Mrs Bond of Clare and Mrs Ince of Cavendish were the two speakers. They gave the new Institute a warm welcome and outlined its obligations and privileges. A letter was received from Mr David Ward, wishing the new venture every success, enclosing a cheque to help in establishing its financial foundations. The first Institute meeting will be held in Foxearth Village Hall tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, when the speaker will be Mrs Ince. Prospective members from Borley, Pentlow and Lyston will be warmly welcomed.

December 31st 1942

Funeral at Borley of Captain Williams D.S.C., a Naval Officer and Merchant Captain, hero of two world wars, aged 57 years.He received the D.S.C. from the King for serving in connection with Malta merchant convoys. During the first war he served in the R.N., commanding a T.B.30 and a period in minesweepers. He has lived in Borley for the past 18 years during his periods of leave. He expired in Ballingdon Street on December 23rd.

June 3rd 1943

Pentlow. News of the death of Sgt.D.Smith, R.A.F., has been a great shock to his many friends in the parish and neighbourhood, much sympathy goes out to his widowed mother. He rapidly rose to the rank of Sergeant Gunner in the R.A.F. and it was at his guns that he met his death. He was a good sportsman who played a fine game of football.

June 17th 1943

Farmers Payne and Pawsey of Cavendish were summoned for permitting a rick of corn to be threshed unfenced in accordance of the provisions of the rat order. Fined £ 1. Messrs Baldock of Haverhill, contractors, were also fined £ 3.

June 24th 1943

There was a furrow drawing match in Belchamp Walter, held in a field belonging to Mr A.Rowe and Mr Pearsons meadow. Judges were A.Rowe - B.H.Rhodes - H.Cansell - C.Chatters - I.Barrow. Tractor class, 1st G.Chambers - 2nd C.Martin of Belchamp St Pauls - 3rd F.Pearsons.
Horse teams - 1st F.Pryke - 2nd E.Argent - 3rd G.Andrews. Novice horses.
Mr Cracknell 2nd Mrs C Martin. Skittles Mr A.W Finch. Pig pelting, Mrs Yeldham, Pin table, A.Mason, Guessing weight of the pig - E.Barrell, Hidden treasure, Mrs Arnold. Whist drive - Miss Hollox and Miss Robinson- O. Barrell and A.Mason. First Half - Mrs Poulson.

July 22nd 1943

Funeral at Borley of Mr William Gardiner aged 68.

July 22nd 1943

Belchamp Horse Show. A horse show and furrow drawing match was held at Gages Farm.Belchamp St Pauls, on July 17th. Chief attraction was the horse show the champion of which was a Suffolk Punch gelding shown by Mr Morton of Pentlow, it was a horse of county show standard. Best of other breeds - 1st a Perchon gelding shown by Mr C.Wayman of Clare. The best furrow of the day was drawn by Mr F.Jones of Poslingford whos furrow was 3/4 of an inch out. Best horse furrow was by Mr F.Frost of Ovington whos furrow was 1.7/8ths out.
Suffolk horses - Mr Morton - F.Gardener - C.Wayman. Other breeds - C.Wayman - B.Bowyer - Mr Offord. Over 16yrs - C.Wayman. Champion horse Mr Morton. Ploughing match - Open class horse - F.Frost - R.Downing - A.Carter.
Non Ploughmen - A.Tarbun. Ladies and Boys-Mrs Hardy - Mrs W.Cutmore - C.Martin. Tractor Open - F.Jones - R.Wells - A.Maxim. Ladies and boys, Miss B.Peat - D.Middleditch - B. Peat. £ 150 was raised for Red Cross.

July 29th 1943

Funeral at Belchamp Walter of Mr G.Chatters aged 89 years.

July 29th 1943

The death at his residence at the Croft, Poulters Lane, Worthing, of the Rev William James Pressey, aged 85 years, is reported. He came to Foxearth as Curate to the Rev John Foster and on who's death he was inducted as rector and remained there for 14 years.
He was a brilliant pianist and a great musician, composing many hymns.During his closing years he devoted much time compiling valuable records of Essex Church plate.

July 29th 1943

Death of Mrs Ida Maitland Daniell of Eyston Hall. She was the daughter of the late Col.Fuller Maitland Wison of Stowlangtoft Hall and wife of the late Major J.A.Daniell who was a pioneer of Sudbury and District milk recording of dairy herds.

September 9th 1943

Funeral at Belchamp Walter of Mr A.Deal aged 67 years.

October 14th 1943

Wedding at Foxearth of the Rector's eldest daughter, Miss Elizabeth Ann Basset who married Major Philip Harker Newman D.S.O. M.C.. The bride is a sister of the Q.A.I.M.N.S.R.. The groom is the elder son of Mr J.H.Newman of Mannofield, Ingatestone, Essex.
Maj.Newman was formerly Orthopaedic and Fractures Registrar at Middlesex Hospital.

October 21st 1943

Funeral at Foxearth of Mr Charles Mills aged 64 years. He worked at Ward and Sons for 40 years, in his early years he was a coachman in London. During the Great War he rose to the rank of Corporal Shoeing Smith and saw service overseas.

October 21st 1943

A social and dance was held in Foxearth village hall in aid of youth club funds. J.Albon was M.C., he follows Stanley Steggles who has done splendid work for the youth club and is now joining the R.A.F..

March 9th 1944

A whist drive was held in Foxearth village hall in aid of the boys and girls of Foxearth, Pentlow, Borley and Liston in the armed forces. The sum of £ 11 16s 8d was placed in the Post Office savings bank. Prizes winners were - Mrs Piper - Mrs Carter - Miss I Plumb. Mr Griggs - Mr Scrivener - Cpl.Cotter. Prizes were presented by Mrs Chapman of Eyston Hall.
A dance was held on Monday night in aid of the above funds, another £ 16 12s 1d were added. Spot prizes were given by Mrs Harris of the Stafford Works and Mrs Waite of Foxearth, lucky ticket-Gunner Cure. Organisers were Mr H.E.Ward, Rev H.G.Basset, Mr F.Codling and Mr H.T. Waite.

March 9th 1944

At a meeting of the Foxearth Women's Institute, Miss Shrive proposed that an application be made to the proper authorities that a sign be erected opposite the village hall on the green to lessen the risk of an accident on that corner.

March 16th 1944

Funeral at Foxearth of Mr Lewis Coleby. Mr Coleby died at Addenbrookes Hospital aged 73, a native of Hunston near Lowestoft, he had for ten years been head gardener for Dr Wood at Woolpit, some seventeen years ago he took up a similar position with Mr D.Ward at the Cottage. Ill health compelled him to relinquish the post and for the past three years was manager of the off licence at the Brewery House. He was an enthusiastic gardener and a staunch churchman. He leaves a widow and three sons, one son is at present on active service overseas.
Immediate mourners were - the Widow, Mr and Mrs Lewis Coleby, son and daughter in law- Mr and Mrs M.Leach, sister and brother in law, Mr M.Coleby, nephew.

March 16th 1944

Miss Mary Welch, who's parents reside at Orchard Lodge, Foxearth, has been accepted as a nursing sister in the Princess Mary's Nursing Reserve. Miss Welch is the eldest grandchild of Mr D.Ward.

March 30th 1944

A German airman was recently buried in a village churchyard, he was killed when his plane crashed on a raid in the Eastern Counties. The coffin was borne by R.A.F.members, the Home Guard and Civil Defence members were represented. (Probably a Junkers 88 which was shot down by a Mosquito, the target being London. Part of the wing falling in Claypits meadow at Foxearth, two men were found dead at Glemsford and the plane crashing at Cavendish) (G.H.).

May 4th 1944

The funeral of Cpl.George Chambers, one of the victims of the explosion at Gestingthorpe, took place on Saturday afternoon at Pentlow. The service was conducted by the rector, the Rev W.B.Gill, Hon.C.F., the lesson was read by Lieut.G.H.Basset, rector of Foxearth. The church was filled to overflowing, a large number of sympathisers being outside. The Nuct Dimmittis was sung as the cortege was leaving the church, the body being borne by four of his friends and fellow workers and members of the Pentlow section of the Home Guard. A canopy of beautiful flowers covered the coffin. After the committal, the officers, led by Lt.Col.Rose, marched one by one past the grave and saluted, and the march past of the Home Guard brought to an end an impressive experience.
The chief mourners were-Mr and Mrs Bell, sister and brother in law, Mr B.Chambers and Mrs Tate and Mrs Sore, aunts and uncles, Mr F.Field and Mrs T.Chambers, Mrs B.Chambers, cousin and aunts, Mrs S.Field and Mr J.Chambers, Mrs G.Cooper, Miss M.Chambers, Mrs V.Farrance, Mr J.Sore, Mrs R.Cutmore, Mr W.Wordley, Mrs Addison, Mrs S.Felton, Mrs Bell, Mrs Roscoe, Mrs H.Steggles and Mrs F.Field.
The Home Guard was represented as follows, Pentlow section, guard of honour and bearers, Pte's M.Fitch, G.Cooper, F.Webber and A.Leech.
Lt.Col.Rose, O.C.15th Bn.Essex H.G., Major Archer, Maj.Filmer Maj.Tyler, Lt.Basset, Lt Payne, Lt.Gardner, Sgt.R.Maron, Q.M.S.Bates, ten members of the Foxearth section under Sgt.Mayhew, six members of Borley section, six members of Belchamp Walter section under Sgt.C.Chatters, six members of Bulmer section under Sgt C.Raymond, a contingent of the 10th Suffolk H.G. from Cavendish under Sgt A.Watson. Representatives of the Essex Police and Civil Defence were also in attendance. There were many floral tributes: - from Alex, Cyril and the boys; cousins Violet, Reg, Nan, Teddy,(Sudbury and Glasgow), Ron, Auntie Beat, Uncle Jack and George, Mr and Mrs Wordly, Dolly and the twins, John Braybrooke, Mr and Mrs Mayhew and family, Mr and Mrs Petty, Borley and Foxearth Home Guard, Jack and Bunny, Elsie, Ivy and Olive,(Kings Farm), Mr and Mrs Ives, Uncle Tom and Auntie Ethel, Uncle Bob and Auntie Mabel, Margaret and John, the Officers of the 15th Bn.Essex Home Guard, Aunt Rose and family, Margery and Eric, Henry and Peggy Fitch, Mrs Harbisher, Mrs Bell and Maud, the Pentlow Home Guard, his fellow workers, Mr and Mrs Morton, Charley and daughter.
The coffin was polished elm with silver furniture and bore the inscription - " Cpl.George Chambers, died April 23rd 1944, aged 29 years.Undertaking arrangements were carried out by Messrs Page and Page, Cavendish.

May 14th 1944

THE LATE CPL. PARTRIDGE The funeral took place amid many signs of sympathy at Belchamp Walter Parish Church on Friday of Cpl.John Partridge (Home Guard).
The service was conducted by the Vicar(Rev E.W.Hammond) and the church was practically filled.Psalm 23 was chanted and the hymns" Peace". Mrs Bouffler, at the organ played Chopin's Funeral March. The coffin, which was draped with the Union Jack, was borne by the following members of Belchamp Walter Home Guard;-Sgt C.Chatters, Cpl.A.Pearson, L-Cpl.W.Deal Pte's T.Morgan, F.Ratcliffe and S.Butcher, and bore the incription; " John Benjamin Partridge, died April 23rd 1944, aged 36 years". The Reveille and the Last Post were sounded at the close of the service.
The family mourners were: The widow, Frances and Gordon Partridge, children, Mr J.Partridge, father, Mrs C.W.Hart, Mrs J.White, sisters, Mr E.G.Cooke, Mr J.White, brothers in law and sister in law, Miss Muriel and Rachel Hart, nieces, Mr and Mrs H.Yeldham, uncle and aunt, Mr H.A.Ince, Mr O.H.Ince, Mr A.Theobald, uncles, Mrs T.Mayes, aunt, Mr and Mrs J.Theobald, Mr Morley Ince, Mr Reggie Ince, Mr B.Scrivener, Mrs B.Arbon, Mrs B.Scrivener and Mrs B.Ince, Cousins, Mrs J.Partridge, mother, Miss Miriam Partridge and Mrs G.E.Cooke, sisters were unable to attend.
All the members of Belchamp Walter Home Guard were present and also representatives from Gestingthorpe, Ridgewell and Toppesfield and the following officers:-Lt-Col.Rose, Major Filmer, Major Archer, Lieuts.Payne, Gardiner, Philp, Nott and Pryor. Belchamp Walter Air Aid Wardens were Messrs.W.G.Deal, H.Smith, J.Barrow, F.Pearsons, E.Edwards, S.Theobald and G.Chatters. The following attended from Messrs Whitlock Bros.Ltd.where deceased worked for many years:-Messrs A.C.Whitlock, managing director, A.Hunt, foreman, E.Gilder, workmate, J.Ellis, E.Stanhope, S.Staines represented Great Yeldham Air-Raid Wardens. Amongst others present were Mrs Catterwell, Mrs Humm, Mrs Deal, Miss Corder, Mrs Elsey, Mrs Laver, Mrs Poulson, Mrs Butcher, Mrs Whymark, Mrs Theobald, Mrs Barnes, Mrs Mann, Mrs Mann, Miss Robinson, Mrs Ratcliffe, Miss L.Firmin, Mrs C.Smith, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs H.Chatters, Mr and Mrs Altree.Mr C.Overill, Mr W.Chatters, Mr J.Overill, Rev.Father Moir, Mrs Hammond, Mr K.Beckett and Mrs Raymond.
Floral tributes were from:-His wife and children-Auntie Liz, Shimpling- Mrs and Mrs Cook, Birkenhead-Florence and Will, Muriel and Rachel-Dad, Mum and Miriam-Air Raid Wardens-The officers, Essex Battalion, Home Guard- Frances, Roy, Penten and Peter, Frances and Gregory-Mr and Mrs B.Scrivener, Cavendish-Mrs Bouffler, Margaret Jenkins- Belchamp Walter Home Guard-Mrs H.Smith and family-the boys at" R" site-Mum Dad and Family Hornchurch-Mrs Squirrel and Mrs Taylor-Bert, Julia and family- Reg, May, Peter and Roy- Maud, Bob and baby-all at Fisher's Farm-Sarah and Hubby-Mr and Mrs G.White-Borley and Foxearth Home Guard-Walter, Ivy and David- Granny and Grand-Dad-Alf, Bertha and Jack-the directors of Whitlock Bros.-Mr and Mrs John Finch-Lt.W.R.F.Gregory, Home Guard,-his fellow workers at Whitlock's- little Peter- Mr and Mrs and Susan Mayor- little Shirley-Maud, Bob and Bobby, Borley-Mr Wood and Mrs Elsey- Flt.Lt.
and Mrs Raymond- Mr and Mrs Hammond-Ivy and Bert Ince, Foxearth-Albert and Eady-Annie and Arthur, Borley.
Copl.and Mrs E.Lott and family, of Bulmer Tye, wish to thank all their kind friends for enquiries and expressions of sympathy concerning his recent accident at the Home Guard excercise at Gestingthorpe and wish to say that except for the unfortunate loss of one eye he is progressing favourably

June 8th 1944

An inquest on the six members of the Essex Home Guard fatally injured in a bomb explosion on Sunday morning, April 23rd, at Rectory Farm, Gestingthorpe, during a demonstration, has been completed by the Coroner(Dr.J.F.Mcdonald). Sergeant Stanley Wallace, farmer, Great Maplestead, one of the three survivors of the N.C.O.'s class which was being instructed in explosives, said that during the whole lesson Capt.Philp was continually impressing on the class that safety precautions had to be observed.
Capt.Philp took the charge from a grenade and held it in his hand," Capt Philp did not actually cut the explosive charge. he then proceeded to replace the charge in its case, but I could not swear whether he had completely replaced it or not. He stooped down to place the charge at his feet; then he got up and turned to the Corporal. An explosion occurred. That is all I can remember." The Coroner: Was there one explosion or more?. Sergeant Wallace: All I know is there was a brilliant flash, and the next thing I remember was that I was picking myself up. Lt.-Col.D.B.Rose, Ridgewell, Commanding Officer 15th Batt.Essex Home Guard, stated that Capt Philp was battallion weapons officer, and experienced in dealing with explosives. Major H.Cree, R.A.O.C., giving expert evidence, stated that the most likely conclusion was that a quantity of gelignite immediately at the feet of the instructor detonated on its own account due to being exposed to the direct rays of the sun. This was a hot day. Col.Rose stated that the gelignite found at the farm was Capt.Philp's private property. The Coroner said this was a sad business and the Home Guard felt it very much. He returned a verdict that the six men came to their deaths accidently.
A number of people in the parishes of Sible and Castle Hedingham expressed a wish to show some form of sympathy with the widows of the local men in their sad time. A sum of £ 208 15s 11d was collected from the two platoons and the proceeds of a football match. The sum has been equally divided and sent to the widows of Serg.Cousins, Serg.Firman and Cpl.Halls.

July 5th 1944

Sale of live and dead stock at Bower Hall, Pentlow, the property of the late Mr Harry Playle.

August 10th 1944

Funeral at Belchamp Walter of Mr.George Firmin aged 62, he was village blacksmith for many years.

August 28th 1944

Mr and Mrs Pearsons of Little Waldingfield and late of Belchamp Walter have been informed of the death of their son in law, Cpl.W.G.Harle of Coastal Command, while on duty in Kent.

November 2nd 1944

1364 SQUADRON A.T.C.(SUDBURY) Weekly orders commencing November 3rd. Orderly Sergt.Alston.
Usual parades Friday and Monday. Cpl.Alston to be Acting Sergt.from 31-10-44.
H.E.Ward. F.L.

February 9th 1945

A concert was held in Foxearth village hall in aid of the home coming fund, Cavendish players gave a successful concert and were well applauded. Mr H.E.Ward, chairman of the fund, thanked the players and Mr H.Waite who organised the show. During the interval the Rev G.H.Basset made an urgent appeal for furniture or anything to make up a home for the relief of Essex people who had been bombed out.
£ 26 4s 10d was raised for the fund.

February 22nd 1945

Funeral at Belchamp Walter of Mr Basil Smith of the Plough Inn, Sudbury.

February 22nd 1945

Arthur Fox, labourer of Cavendish was found not guilty of shooting at an Italian prisoner of war with the intent of causing grievous bodily harm. Francesco Galferero a P.O.W. was cycling from Cavendish to Borley and had been mistaken by Fox for another P.O.W.
who Fox thought had been paying too much attention to his wife. Fox said that he was keeping observation at the top of Pentlow hill for an Italian who was paying attention to his wife. His wife who was a postwoman, went to collect from the letter box and he was waiting for her to come back, he then saw Galferero who he thought was Scalazo and fired one shot into the ground, Galferero said he heard two shots go past his ear. Mrs Dorothy Mitchell said she had seen Fox and an Italian prisoner fighting in the road at Pentlow the week before.
Fox said he had been married for 32 years and had two sons and a daughter, one son held a commission in the army and one was a sergeant.
Mrs Violet Fox, said Scalzo was a pest. Fox was found not guilty and dicharged.

June 21st 1945

The wedding took place on Thursday at Foxearth church of Joan Rosemary Albon, daughter of Mr and Mrs T.B.Albon, Rosebank, Foxearth, to 1st Lt.Jack Arthur Garbutt, 8th U.S.A.A.F. D.F.C. and Air Medal, son of Mr and Mrs J.G.Garbutt, Emerville, California. The bride's sister, Mrs B.G.Phillips was matrom of honour. Lt.Martin Weinstein, friend of the groom was best man.

June 21st 1945

The staff of Enfield county school are again making arrangements for forty senior girls to help with the harvest in the neighbourhood. They will arrive on July 24th until August 12th and will camp in the rectory field at Pentlow.

July 5th 1945

Marriage at Belchamp Otten of Miss Muriel Fanny Howard of Hobarts farm and Mr John Frost of Sudbury.

July 12th 1945

KILLED IN ACTION News has just been received by Mrs W.Farrance of Bells Lane, Glemsford, that her husband, Pte.Wilfred Farrance, was killed in action in France in June 7th 1944

Pte.Farrance was reported missing shortly after D-day.
Much sympathy is felt for his wife and three small sons, the youngest of which he had never seen. Prior to joining the forces, he was employed by Messrs Arnold and Gould, Glemsford.

August 16th 1945

Death at Borley of Mrs Eliza Finch aged 80 years, she was the widow of the late Mr John Finch.

October 18th 1945

Victory celebrations took place at Pentlow village hall. The children were provided with an excellent tea under the supervision of Lady Gordon Finlayson, Mrs Little and Mrs Morton.

October 18th 1945

There was pretty wedding at Belchamp Walter between James Fernell Flores of the U.S.A. forces and Miss Mary Barrell only child of Mr and Mrs Barrell of Rippingales Farm, Belchamp Walter.

November 1st 1945

Death at Belchamp Otten of Mrs Branwhite of Stettles farm, aged 54 years.

November 21st 1945

LUCKY FOXEARTH Houses of real brick are to be erected in the parish, Halstead Rural District Council has entered into a contract for fifty two houses to be built at a cost of £ 50.038. The pretty little village of Foxearth has the distinction of having the first four of these houses, they are actually in the course of erection near the existing council houses which were built after the last war at a cost of £ 475 each, the new houses will cost £ 1050 each and will be rented for 10s per week and 3s per week rates. They will have electric light and main drainage. Messrs Comben and Wakelin of Halesworth are the contractors.

November 1st 1945

Foxearth Village Hall presented an animated and colourful scene on Saturday last, when all the children from Foxearth and Lyston were entertained to a victory party, thanks to the generosity of the inhabitants of the two villages, who gave food, money and others gifts. The hall was gay with streamers and flags and a large red, white and blue V filled the centre of the stage. Three large tables, decorated with flowers and good things to eat, were occupied by some 60 children of all ages. Full justice was done to blanc-manges, jelly, cakes, tarts and sandwiches, it was heart-warming to see the children enjoying a real pre-war " tuck in". The climax of the tea-time came when the oldest girl, Daphne Middleton and the oldest boy, Peter Suttle, combined to cut a magnificent iced cake, incribed " Victory in 1945". This cake had been given by the ladies of the refreshment committee, who were responsible for arranging the bountiful spread, Mesdames Sutton, B.Sutton, Gooding, Brockwell, Whittle, Basingthwaight and Miss Plumb, after tea the children adjourned to a field where a large bonfire was lit and effigies of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo were burned. The bonfire committee, Messrs V.Inch, Woods, Maxim, Coe, Brockwell, T.Cook and P.Gridley, also arranged mineral drinks for each child during the social. After the bonfire, the hall was again filled with a gay crowd of children and grown-ups.
Games and competitions were enjoyed under the tireless management of Miss Grimwood and her band of helpers, Mrs Gray, Miss K.Waite and Mrs Carter. During a pause all the children drew numbers from a hat, and each received a mystery parcel. At a given signal these were unwrapped and squeals of delight proved how well these gifts were chosen. All children not able to be present were also remembered. Sweets and more refreshments were continuously handed round by the ladies. A thoroughly enjoyable time was spent, thanks to the excellent arrangements of all the helpers, and especially the secretary of the combined committees, P.c.Waite, who's hard work and attention to detail, residents of Foxearth have come to expect and appreciate at any function which he is connected with. The chairman, Rev.G.Basset, expressed hearty thanks to all and rousing cheers from the children showed that they too appreciated the efforts made on their behalf. At the conclusion each child received an orange, a packet of sweets, and 2s as a farewell gift.

December 20th 1945

The body of Mr John Shepherd Ewer aged 58, of Claypits Farm, Foxearth, was found in a pond by Mr Fred Taylor on December 10th. Near the pond was a hammer and torch, the hammer was used to break the ice and there was a piece of binder twine from the back door to the pond. Mr Ewer was a well known breeder of Suffolk sheep. Mrs Ewer said she found a note which said " do not attribute this to the death of my dog, dear sir.I feel my nerves are gone and I am done out, the note I have left for you". Mrs Ewer said that they had been married for twenty years, ten weeks ago her husband's dog had died and he fretted very much.
Mr Burrel appeared for the relatives and asked the wife if her husband had left any letters to his brothers, she replied she had not seen any but would look for them and pass them on. Drowned when the balance of the mind disturbed.

March 21st 1946

Death of Henry Scrivener, aged 82, of Belchamp Otten.

August 4th 1949

Retirement of Rev W.B.Gill, rector of Pentlow. He came to Pentlow in 1933 having previously been a missionary in Uganda. Mr and Mrs Gill will live in Sturmer, they were recipients of many useful gifts.

April 4th 1946

A large meeting of parishioners assembled at the village hall at Foxearth on Tuesday evening to say farewell to their Rector, the Rev G.H.Basset. Mr Basset was inducted in February 1924, he has held the position of Rector for 22 years. While regretting his departure, it is very gratifying to find he has been appointed to the important living of Walpole St Peter, Norfolk, this being a Crown living under the patronage of His Majesty the King, with a large and beautiful church which has long and important associations and a population of 1, 600 residents.
An illuminated address was presented to the Rector, while Mrs Basset was presented with a beautiful bound prayer book on behalf of the Mothers Union, the school children made a gift of a fountain pen. Mr Basset thanked them for the gifts and for the happy 22 years he had spent amongst them. Mr Middleton called for three cheers for Mr and Mrs Basset and these were lustily given after which Mr and Mrs Basset shook hands with them all as they left hall.

May 3rd 1946

Induction of the Rev. Malcolm Pearce at Foxearth, Mr H.E.Foster, of Northwood, Middlesex, the patron of the living was present.

May 23rd 1946

Foxearth Parish Council decided that owing to food shortages the victory celebrations would be put off until June 8th.
A complaint was received about the bad condition of the open ditch at the back of Red Cottages, the complaint will be brought to the notice of Halstead Rural Council.

June 13th 1946

Wedding at Foxearth of Miss Mary Veronica Welch.P.M.R.A.
F.N.S. daughter of Mr and Mrs J.W.Welch of Orchard House and Warrant Officer James Joseph O'Dwyer of Killiegh, Cahir, Eire. Reception was at the village hall, the cake was adorned with a Lancaster bomber. Two little girls, Sonia Ham and Jennifer Whittle strewed the bridal path with rose leaves.

October 10th 1946

The first new houses at Foxearth are now ready for occupation, erection was commenced last December. For these six roomed houses, rent is ten shillings a week plus rates.