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1938 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 13th 1938

The late George Savage of Cavendish is reported to have left £14,000 for the benefit of the poor of the parish.

February 10th 1938

A serious fire occurred at Largess farm, Belchamp Walter on Thursday night, the farm is occupied by Mr H.Howard, it completely destroyed a hay barn, cart shed and other buildings and 100 fowls perished, it is believed the fire was caused by a spark from a tractor which had been put in the shed a short while before.

February 17th 1938

Examinations on air raid precautions are to be held at the Red Cross H.Q. in Bull Lane, Melford on March 11th.

March 3rd 1938

The death has occurred at Bulmer of William Humm aged 87 years, he was well known in Sudbury which he used to visit until two years ago in a cart and donkey. Mr Humm was born at the Vicarage where his mother resided during alterations to Blackhouse farm, he worked as a stockman at Goldingham Hall until he was 76, when he reached 80 he surprised many by taking a flight in an aeroplane.

March 10th 1938

At a meeting of Hitcham Parochial Church Council the chairman said he had extracts from the minute book of 1848 which showed that Mr John Bull was paid £5 per annum for killing sparrows.

March 31st 1938

At the annual meeting of Foxearth cricket club it was decided that owing to the lack of enthusiasm the club should be suspended for one year.

April 7th 1938

Died at Toronto aged 69, W.H.Garret, he was the son of Mr J.S.Garret late of Blackland Hall, Cavendish.

Cavendish cricket club start the season with Mr Ruffle’s 11, Garth Cox will not be available or Harold Creane, both usually open the innings together sometimes putting on 50 or more before being separated.

March 12th 1938

Advert. Thousands of acres lie derelict in Suffolk---Bring those wasted acres back into cultivation----Clear brushwood---Stumps—Trees---Drain and plough---Hire powerful tractors from D.H.Steed, agricultural contractors. Cornard, Sudbury 227.

June 2nd 1938

From days gone by—

June 3rd 1908

While excavating at Clare for foundations for business premises in Malting Lane workmen came upon a large number of skulls, many in a fair state of preservation, other bones were also discovered under 2ft 6in of soil, some 50 skulls were found, it is thought they were interred during some war as the spot is not far from Clare Castle.

June 28th 1938

Only twenty out of half thousand inhabitants of Bulmer were present at a Public Air Raid Precautions meeting on Friday, it is almost unbelievable that such a lack of interest should be shown.

A serious accident involving two nurses from Walnutree House in Sudbury occurred on the Halstead – Hedingham crossroads at Bulmer, Miss Pearl Nunn of Edwardstone and Miss Malyon of Sudbury were riding a motor cycle when they were involved in a collision with a bus belonging to Mr Brown of Glemsford, Miss Malyon who was riding pillion never recovered consciousness and died in St Leonards hospital in Sudbury on Sunday. The inquest was adjourned.

The post office at Bulmer has been removed to the Street at Bulmer in charge of Mrs Moulton who succeeds Mr Percy Tibbets who has resigned, Mr Tibbets was appointed sub postmaster in March 1927.

August 4th 1938

The funeral of Miss Phyllis Malyon took place at Sudbury cemetery on Wednesday afternoon, she was a nurse at Walnutree House and was nearly 18 years old.

August 11th 1938

A Sudbury man’s gallantry was recognised at a meeting of Sudbury Town Council on Thursday evening, he was Thomas Galley who rescued Eric Willets 13 who was paddling a tree trunk in a pit near California brickworks, Waldingfield road when he fell in the water, he was unable to swim, Mr Galley lives in a bungalow called “Galmony” nearby and ran to the pit and rescued the boy, he received a testimonial from the Royal Humane Society.

News has been received of the tragic death in Canada of William Gosling who belonged to an old farming family from Belchamp Walter, deceased and his brother went to Canada and farmed 1000 acres in Alberta, Mr Gosling was 65 was the second son William Gosling of Fisher’s farm and Clarke’s farm, he was struck by lighting and killed as he was harvesting

September 29th 1938

Inquest at Sudbury Town Hall on a Glemsford pensioner Harry Maxim aged 79 of 84 Egermont street who received injuries the previous week by falling from a cart, Walter Maxim, son of deceased, said his father was a widower and was fairly active for his age but his eyesight was failing, James Lovick aged 14 of Glemsford said he was 14 years of age and was employed by Stafford Allen of Long Melford, men were engaged in carting wheat from the Parsonage farm to Cranmore Hills, he took an empty wagon from deceased and gave him a loaded one, he saw deceased getting on the left hand shaft and on to the horse, a little later he saw the horse run away and he found deceased lying on the Melford – Hartest unconscious. Accidental death.

October 13th 1938

Sale by direction of Mrs Jennings Mills of Rodbridge House farm at Long Melford whose family have been in occupation of upwards of 140 years. Boardman Oliver sold the farming stock and accredited herd to the incoming tenant Mr E.P.Rowe. The 30 head dairy herd was the main attraction, average prices being around £29 17s 6d for the Freisians, Shorthorns to £26 and Ayrshires to £18.

The story of how a wing fell off an R.A.F. bomber before it crashed at Kedington killing it’s three crew was told at the inquest, the machine fell in a sanfoin field at Baythorne Lodge farm. Death by misadventure.

Funeral of Mr Harold French Burke of the Aubries, Bulmer aged 55, deceased was awarded the M.C. in the great war.

October 20th 1938

On Saturday afternoon the people of Sudbury saw the air raid precautions in operation in connection with a mimic air raid, crowds on the Market Hill watched with interest.

October 27th 1938

At the annual election of the Metropolitan Mayors, a daughter of Glemsford will become Mayoress of Lambeth when her husband Mr W.Lockyer will be elected Mayor, Mrs Lockyer is the second daughter of Mrs H. Ling whose family have for many years resided at the old schoolhouse.

Funeral at Mrs Harriett Mayhew of Hawkes farm, Foxearth took place at Foxearth, the deceased had lived in Foxearth for the past 40 years and was 76 years old.

December 1st 1938

Inquest at Melford Police station on Tuesday evening concerning the death of Mr Ernest Deeks whose body was found terribly mutilated on the railway line on Monday evening, Emily Biggins of Lyston Lane said deceased was her brother and lived with her, he was a bachelor and had not worked since 1929 having been recipient of 10s weekly from the Guardians, he had been attended by Dr Tyler for several years for rheumatism, P.C.Sale said he went to the scene at Broad Meadow crossing which was a occupational crossing with a public footpath. Open Verdict.

December 8th 1938

We regret to announce the death of Mr Angelo Smith at his home in Melford road, he was 81 years old and had carried on business on Sudbury Market Hill as a boot and leather merchant and founded the present business as jeweller and watch maker.

1939 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 19th 1939

On Saturday afternoon at Holy Trinity church at Melford two farming families were united when Miss Kathleen Ethel Deeks the only daughter of Mr and Mrs G. Deeks of High Street farm at Melford married Robert Hill Pinhey the son of Mr and Mrs W.H.Pinhey of Highlanders farm, Acton.

January 26th 1939

When Miss Katheleen Deeks married last Saturday a supper was held for the employees and their wives when 25 men past and present took part with their wives in a substantial repast in the Hut at Melford, all concerned appreciated this thoughtful gesture by Mr Deeks.

Just over a year ago I interviewed Mr G.T.Boar who is stockman for Mr Deeks of High Street farm, Melford who has the only television in the district costing 120 guineas, he estimates at least 600 persons have viewed a programme in his cosy little living room.

February 2nd 1939

On Tuesday Miss Foakes terminated 14 years as headmistress of St Catherine’s school, her retirement is due to ill health.

Advert. Wanted a clerk to Belchamp Walter parish council, salary £4 per annum. Apply to the Rev Pannell.

February 16th 1939

Football. Melford Juniors 3 v Gestingthorpe 1. Melford Juniors—Brookes—Chinery—Chamberlain—Mayhew—Brown—Ford—Mills—Leeks—Hardy—Parmenter—Sansum.


February 23rd 1939

A prolonged wailing noise was heard over most of Sudbury Town on Saturday when the testing of a new air raid siren took place,the siren is situated on the police station roof and will be reserved for air raid warnings.

March 14th 1939

Identification was established of the man found in the river at the Croft, Sudbury, his finger prints were taken 30 years ago when Peter Campbell of Derby was found drowned. Found drowned.

A minor sensation was caused in Sudbury when word went round that an aeroplane had crashed in Acton Lane

The pilot, Sergeant Unwin of Duxford, was flying the single seater machine when it developed engine trouble over the High School for girls at Sudbury, the pilot lifted it’s nose over the hedge and landed the machine in a field on the Woodhall estate.

March 14th 1939

Funeral at Belchamp Walter of Mrs C.M.Raymond of Belchamp Hall aged 77 years, Mrs Raymond was the youngest daughter of the late Mr Francis Smythies of Headgate House, Colchester, who was the corder for that town and Mayor, she married Mr Samuel John st Clere Raymond in 1886. Mrs Raymond let Belchamp Hall in 1903 going to live at the Old Rectory, Gt Yeldham and afterwards at Lexden and for a time at Woodhall, Castle Hedingham. It is interesting to recall that the Rev William Smythies was vicar of Belchamp Walter from 1623 till 1643, during which period John Raymond (who had previously bought the estate from Sir John Wentworth) was living at Belchamp Hall, the families of Smythies and Raymond must have known each other at this time as regarding the connection by marriage of the two families.

March 23rd 1939

James Summers a young airman had a thrill of his life last week when he hung helplessly head down from a R.A.F.bomber over Lyston, he jumped through the trapdoor of the plane with two men jumping from the tail end and found himself trapped by his boot which was caught in the bomb rack, he was able to slip his foot free and leaving his boot dangling he pulled the cord of his parachute which opened and he came to earth safely. It is understood the pilot got his machine home safely.

March 30th 1939

The funeral took place at Bulmer parish church on Monday of Mr James Hastie aged 77 of Goldingham Hall Cottage, Bulmer, the Rev Pannell officiated, mourners were Mr and Mrs L.Hastie, son and daughter in law, Master James and Robin Hastie, grandsons and Mr B.Shields, floral tributes inscribed in loving memory of Grandad from his Grandchildren, with deepest sympathy from Mr and Mrs A.Rash and from Basil Moulton. Funeral arrangements were Mr T.P.Green of Sudbury.

April 20th 1939

Thousands of people listened with great interest on Saturday night to stories of the supernatural happenings at Borley Rectory recounted on the “in town tonight” series.

April 27th 1939

Long Melford cricket club held a public meeting on Friday evening at the Black Lion Hotel, Mr C.Row, secretary and treasurer reported that at the last general meeting if was decided to suspend the club for one year through lack of support although the accounts showed a balance of £1 4s 5d, it was decided to revive the club.

May 18th 1939

Readers will be interested to learn that the London Ghost Club is arranging it’s first meeting which will be held in the grounds of Borley Rectory next month where it is expected between 60 and 70 members

will be present. Captain Gregson’s recent broadcast on “In Town Tonight” where he described the mysterious disappearance of his two cocker spaniels, he also told of how he was talking to a local worthy who years ago lived in a small cottage in the Rectory grounds with his wife when the old man spoke of his experiences and strange happenings and how they were disturbed one night by a loud rushing noise which grew so persistent he was compelled to rise and investigate and how he found in his front room lying in front of the fire which was burning low, a huge black dog, he put out his hand to touch it when it vanished, no-one he said had ever been able to keep a dog at the Rectory since.

May 25th 1939

Inquest at Belchamp St Pauls on Charles Stanley aged 46, a farm manager for Mr Clare Wayman, deceased lived at Church Street, Clare. His body was discovered by his employer in Little Wood, Shearing Place, witness said he went to pay the men and how he was told a gunshot had been heard from Little Wood where he found deceased. Self inflicted.

June 8th 1939

On Saturday last Mrs Hannah Clark of Church Street, Clare celebrated her 100th birthday, she was born in 1839 at Silver End, Belchamp St Pauls and was the youngest of eight children, her father was Samuel Tarbun who was farm foreman and carpenter, her mother was devoted to her family and she spoke of incidents of the early days at Butler’s farm, Belchamp St Pauls.

June 22nd 1939

On Tuesday morning “Jumbo” the fat bullock of Wickhambrook Show was cut up on the premises of Mr Powell at Hall Street, Long Melford when members of the local show committee witnessed the weighing, dead weight “Jumbo” was 49 stone 11lbs, winner of the “guess the weight competition” was Mr Powell himself with 699 lbs, it might be added that Mr Powell had no idea of the weight only his own judgement.

July 13th 1939

Letters to the Editor. While fishing in the River Stour near Lyston Gardens for perch I caught on July 4th a 15 oz sea trout using a worm, I wonder if any of your readers can tell me if this is unusual. P.H.Almack, Oxon.

September 7th 1939

Since 11 o’clock on Sunday morning Great Britain has been at war with Germany.

September 7th 1939

At a meeting of Clare Parish Council the Clerk referred to a visit Dr Reed made to him and said he had to remove a large splinter of wood from a boy, Mr Thompson said it was due to some boys running up and down the slide with hob nail boots on and heel irons.

Prices to be paid to householders when soldiers are billeted on them are set out in an order—6d per night with no meals—other prices—breakfast 8d—dinner 11d—tea 3d—supper-5d.

September 21st 1939

The fire at Borley Rectory now known as Borley Priory was recalled at Sudbury Police Court when it’s owner Capt Gregson was summoned for failing to pay the sum of £20 18s the cost of Sudbury Fire Brigade services. Order made for payment.

October 5th 1939

John Kilner Bell aged 72 a retired post office sorter was struck by a passenger train just 80 yards south of Brundon Bridge and killed. Open verdict.

November 2nd 1939

The story of how the headmistress of Cavendish school received a knock out blow from a 14 year old boy who she was trying to correct, was told at Melford Sessions. Miss Henrietta Trezise was summoned by Mrs Mary Yard of Cavendish the mother of the boy, the boy Carey said about 5 to 12 he asked if he could cut the corners square of a book he was making, “she was sarcastic in her reply and he told her not to take her spite out on him, she got the cane and told him to hold out his hand, he told her he was not going to hold out his hand so she hit him on the body and arms and broke the cane over his head, Mr Philips said “you struck her in the mouth knocking her backwards”. Dismissed.

December 7th 1939

William Frederick Dansie 51 a labourer of Blacklands Hall, Cavendish got up to light the fire was found lying on the floor dead when his wife got up. The widow said her husband had been ill with heart trouble, she heard a groan but thought it was a horse in the yard. Natural Cause.

December 21st 1939

Owing to Government regulations it is not possible to organise the prize schedule at Boardman and Oliver’s Christmas Sale. Shorthorn steers from R.T.B.Payne sold for £26 10s each—Red polls from H.R.Wade £24 15s and £23 15s—Welch steers from A.Sainsbury made £24 10s and £ 23 15s.

December 28th 1939

A fatal accident occurred at Finchingfield when George Bruty late of Stoke by Clare and horseman to Sir Ruggles Brise M.P. of Spains Hall was killed, the accident occurred when four horses bolted when a wheel came off a threshing drum which they were pulling. Dr F.Lasbery described the injuries and it appears they were due to a heavy body falling on him.