The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1937-1938 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

January 7th 1937

Funeral at Otten Belchamp of George Barrel, aged 90 years. Mourners were:-Mr and Mrs Walter Barrel - Mr and Mrs William Barrel - Mr and Mrs Herbert Barrel - Mr and Mrs Sydney Barrel - Mr and Mrs Olly Barrel - Mr Alfred Barrel - Mr Fred Barrel, sons and daughter in laws. Mr and Mrs Fred Mason - Mr and Mrs C.Howard - Mr and Mrs E.Sharp, daughters and son in laws.

February 11th 1937

Funeral of Mrs Florence Reeve aged 51 years at belchamp Walter.

February 25th 1937

The general meeting of Foxearth Cricket Club took place in the mens club, the chair was taken by Mr H.E.Ward, supported by the Rev Basset and Mr J.C.Lambert. There was a good attendance. The minutes were read by the treasurer-secretary, Mr H. Brockwell. Mr H.E.Ward was elected captain with Mr Leslie Maxim as vice-captain.
Committee - A.Maxim - T.Plumb - F.Chinnery - W.Farrance - B.Mansfield.
Thanks were accorded to Mr B.Evans for acting as umpire also to the ladies for making the tea.

February 25th 1937

Much regret was felt in Foxearth on learning of the death of Mr Samuel Evans, aged 64, on Monday morning. Mr Evans lived nearly all his life in Foxearth and carried on his trade of blacksmith for 42 years. He relinquished his job 18 months ago because of ill health March 4th. Funeral of Mr Samuel John Evans. Samuel Evans succeeded his father at the time the smithy stood on the site now occupied by Ward's brewery, he was a highly skilled craftsman and Master of the Ringers at Foxearth and Steeple Keeper. He rang his first peal in Foxearth church in 1890. He frequently visited John Slater's cottage at Glemsford, it being the meeting place and very often met the brothers John and Joseph and John's ringing sons, Sam and Zachariah, with these he mastered the art of ringing, soon afterwards he became Master of the Ringers and Steeple Keeper at Foxearth church, a position he filled very well and maintained a band that could ring six bells. Deceased at this time did a lot of teaching and his labours were at last rewarded when he conducted a peal of Bob Major in 1911, the first ever rung by Foxearth residents. Two of his pupils were George Bernard Ward and the Rev.Carpenter. He leaves a widow,(who was the daughter of Mr Bernard Byford of Glemsford)and a grown up family.
Present at the funeral:- The widow - Cyril, Eric, Basil,(sons) Mrs N.Brown, Miss B.Evans,(daughters,) Mr H.G.Evans,(brother was unable to attend).
Mr A.V.C.Lambert - Mr and Mrs J.P.Brand - Mr J.S.Ewer - Mr and D.Ward - Mrs H.E.Ward - Mrs Basset - Mrs Sylvester - Mr Hasted - Mrs G.Mayhew - P.C.Johnson - Mrs Brockwell - Mrs Levick - Mrs J.Newman - Mrs Oakley -Mr E.Newman - Mrs A.Maxim - Mrs Lagden - Miss I. Lagden - Mrs O.Eady - Mrs Deal - Mrs Steggles - Mr F.Inch - Mr N.J.Bell - Mr W.Coe.

March 4th 1937

Wedding at Foxearth of Miss Lucy Emily Inch, daughter of Mr R.Inch of Western End, to Mr Luther Cragg of Chilton.

April 1st 1937

Halstead Rural District Council. Mr Dearman reported on the water supply at Pentlow, saying that the private bore at the Pinknah Arms, supplied the Inn and four cottages(11 people), the council house well, supplies nine cottages (40 persons), the Forge well supplies fifteen cottages(40 people). A further pair of council houses were proposed to be built, Mr Ward pointed out that the well at the council houses often went dry in the summer, the chairman,(Mr Vaisey)said that it was not far from the supply at the Pinknah Arms (200 yards). Mr Ward said it was a long way to carry for women, the chairman said it was considered reasonable to carry water for a quarter of a mile. Mr Ward said the well at the council houses should be bored out to 30 feet at a cost of £ 70- 80, saying that the council should carry out its duty and find supplies at Pentlow when needed.

April 22nd 1937

Wedding at Pentlow between Miss Mary Mildred Ives of Foxearth and Mr Edward Harry Ives of Pentlow.

April 22nd 1937

The race of ringers seemed to have passed away at Pentlow, but there is one man however of the present generation, Mr Fred Kemp the parish warden who knows and loves the bells and on special occasions he gets help from the Cavendish ringers. Sunday was one of these happy occasions in conjunction with the consecration of the addition to the churchyard and the new organ, which were dedicated by the Bishop of Colchester, assisted by the Rev Gill and the Rev Basset.

April 29th 1937

Death and funeral of Susannah Finch of Walter Belchamp aged 79 years. Miss Finch was well known in the district having been postwoman in Walter Belchamp for 30 years.
June 10th. Foxearth beat Gestingthorpe - Foxearth 82 (L.Maxim 41) Gestingthorpe 41.

June 17th 1937

At the end of a Labour Party meeting at Belchamp St Pauls, 40 local men and boys played football on the village green, there was a large audience, the whole village turning out with a loudspeaker plus music. This was a sequel to two lads being fined 5s each at Hedingham Petty Sessions for playing football on the highway, when they were told by the chairman of the magistrates, Mr Spurling, that they must not play football on the green, but should go elsewhere, the lads claimed that they were playing on the green when the ball rolled on to the highway and they kicked it off.
Mr George Barrel a local resident, and chairman for the evening, said we will not be dictated to in this village and we intend to play on the green and the Labour Party would defend the rights of the people. Mr S.S.Wilson J.P.- C.C., said he had organised the meeting saying it is my duty to uphold the law and ancient rights and customs of the people, some years ago a very sporting parson played cricket on the green and with a mighty swipe broke a window, they did not lock him up. The green had been for centuries the scene of fairs, boxing, wrestling and dancing etc, it should still go on as the meeting place and recreation ground.
June 24th 1937. The first ploughing match ever took place at Belchamp St Pauls, causing quite a stir in this village so noticable recently for playing football on the green. The match was organised by the Belchamp British Legion, the field was at Browns Farm, lent by Mr Offord.
Judges were Mr E.Sharp (Great Yeldham) Mr H.Rowe (Belchamp Walter) Mr H.Clarke (Clare). Committee - Messrs Middleditch - W.Cutmore - W.Simpsom R.King - G.Scurry - T.B.Mann - C.Smith - S.Curtis - C.Cutmore - H.C.Cornell - V.Basham - H.Amos - S.Mansfield - T. Meekings - G.Harrington, all of Belchamp St Pauls, and Messrs Stanley and Twitchett of Clare. Horses were lent by Mr Wayman and Mr Twitchett.
First prize over all, was a silver watch given by Mr R.A.Butler M.P. and won by Mr S.Curtis of Belchamp St Pauls with a deviation of 1 and three quarter inches. Class 1 - A.Carter - 1 and five eighths (Great Yeldham).
2nd B.Rowe (Bulmer) 2 inches. 3-no claimant. 4 H.Rowe (Belchamp Walter) Class 2. J.Tarbun (Belchamp St Pauls) 2 L Addison (Poslingford) Class 3- S.Curtis -2nd W.Cutmore (Belchamp St Pauls) - 3 J.Martin(Belchamp St Pauls) Class 4 - Miss Curtis 4 inches (Belchamp St Pauls) 2nd Mrs Cutts (Belchamp St Pauls). 3 Mrs Simpson (Belchamp St Pauls).
Prizes were presented by Cornish and Lloyds, Bury. - Brooks Mistley - Twitchett, Clare. T.B.Mann, Belchamp Hall. Fison and Packard, Ipswich.
V.Basham Bechamp St Pauls. Wards, Foxearth. Westgate and Son, Bury.
Kings, Coggeshall. Gougruo Rope Company, Lowestoft. H.Baker, Cornard.
Shepherd, Liverpool. Mr R.A.Butler M.P.. Wells, Clare. Bloomfield, Clare.
Whitlock, Gt Yeldham. Hunter and Oliver, Sudbury. C.W.Byford, Clare.
Baldock, Haverhill. Cushing, Clare. Pearson and Shead, Belchamp St Pauls.

June 23rd 1937

Foxearth 68 - (H.Cutmore 26) Hoffmans (Chelmsford) 42.
(L.Maxim-7 for 10).

September 16th 1937

There was a pretty wedding at Pentlow when Miss Elsie Fenn married George Herbert Kemp, youngest son of Mr Herbert Kemp of the Pinknah Arms. (photo).

October 21st 1937

P.C.Sidney Mann of the Essex Constabulary, stationed at Belchamp St Pauls, died in Ipswich and East Suffolk Hospital on Saturday after sustaining a fractured skull in a road accident on October 8th. Mann was motor cycling along the Snape to Tunstall road, when his rear tyre of his machine burst, throwing him on to the road and fracturing his skull and arm, he was 36 years old and his home was at Tunstall.

November 7th 1937

Television in Melford. The only television set in the Melford district belongs to Mr G.T.Boar of High Street, Long Melford.
It has 3 valves and five wavebands and cost £ 120 guineas. He told me that it took eight men to carry the 60 foot steel mast into his garden and two tons of concrete to make the foundations for the mast, the exterior fittings cost £ 60-70.

December 2nd 1937

Funeral at Borley of Edna Dorothy Scrivener, aged 15 years, of Lower Road, Borley, she was the daughter of Mr and Mrs F.Scrivener. She died in St Leonards Hospital on November 22nd. Floral tributes included one from fellow workers at Gregory Mills, Sudbury and pupils from Borley school.
December 9th 1937, Death at Lowestoft of Mrs Caroline Hayden, late of Borley. She was the eldest daughter of the late Rev H. Bull of Borley.

March 10th 1938

Funeral at Borley of Mrs Ada Gardiner of Station Road.Long Melford, aged 58 years.

March 17th 1938

(40 years ago) Reformation of Cavendish Cricket Club.
March 24th 1938, Long Melford Cricket Club has been suspended owing to lack of interest. Balance in hand - £ 1 6s 5d.

March 20th 1938

Funeral at Pentlow of Miss Jane Orbell of Larks in the Wood, aged 91 years, she was the daughter of the late Mr Joseph Orbell.

April 7th 1938

Presentation at Pentlow to Miss Harbisher who is retiring owing to ill health, she was head teacher at the village school.
The children presented her with a leather writing case and the parents and friends gave her a suit case.

June 16th 1938

Funeral at Belchamp Walter of Mr Harry Twitchett aged 78 years of the " Stores" baking business.

September 8th 1938

Funeral at Belchamp Walter of Mr Charles Humm aged 86 years, also at Belchamp Walter, Mr Frank Martin aged 37 years.

September 15th 1938

Wedding at Birdbrook of Mr John Vaughan Campbell Lambert only son of Mr A.V.C.Lambert of Foxearth Hall and Lyston Hall, to Mis Priscilla Mary Frederica Rambaut, daughter of Major Bertrand R.R.Rambaut, late of the Royal Artillery and of Mrs Rambaut of Baythorne Park, Halstead. The honeymoon was spent motoring in Switzerland.

October 6th 1938

Sudbury and District Junior League. Milden 5 Pentlow 3. Tricker gave a good pass for Offord to open the scoring for Milden, A Stowe then gave a beautiful centre for Offord to score number two. Pentlow forwards then attacked and Braybrook scored. Half time Milden 2 Pentlow 1. Pentlow leveled the score through D.Smith, Offord scoring again for Milden, his fourth, then Stowe scoring the fifth.

October 6th 1938

There was a presentation in Foxearth church vestry to Leslie Maxim on the occasion of his approaching marriage. The gift took the form of a barometer subscribed to by the Rev Basset, the churchwardens, choir and the organist. The rector spoke of his long association with the church as chorister and wished him every happiness in his marriage and new home at Sudbury