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1936 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 2nd 1936

Arthur Pawsey a youth of 17 years was summoned for trespassing in Alpheton Wood in search of conies by James Wareham, gamekeeper of Lawshall. 10s.

January 16th 1936

Sudbury Corn Market. Wheat to 29s—best barley to 48s—Oats to 19s.

January 30th 1936

New Rector at Borley. The Rev Alfred Henning, priest in charge at St Mary’s, Norwood Green,Middlesex, has been appointed to the Rectory at Borley, Mr Henning was educated at Lincoln Theological College, during the last war he served with the Red Cross on the Italian Front.

February 20th 1936

For sale on the 28th of February at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer, 3000 head of poultry and 45 modern poultry houses for Mr H.M.Miller and the exhors of Mr J.M.Miller deceased, the estate being sold.

March 12th 1936

There seems to be a severe attack of cat hatred in Pentlow, cata have been found dead with some pushed into rabbit holes with snares round their neck or they trekked home half choked.

April 3rd 1936

Melford Working Men’s Club held their annual dinner on Thursday evening with about 75 members present, the President, Col Meadows, referred to old Melford records saying there were still old family names in Melford that were there in the Territorial Muster of 1579 in which the following were detailed for duty at 1 hours notice, Richard Ambrose, a pioneer, George Hempstead to carry shot, Thomas Hempstead to carry a long bow.

April 9th 1936

Miss Janet Becker speaking at the Guildhall in Bury St Edmunds on village life 400 years ago said that Suffolk still possesses some charming spots such as Lavenham, the county was famous for it’s pasture land as the chief grazing grounds being around the Lavenham –Long Melford area, farm labourers earned 5d to 6d per day, she explained the construction of old Suffolk cottages and the popularity of thatch.

April 16th 1936

Inquest at Sudbury Town Hall on William Woodgate aged 26 who died as a result of an accident when riding a bicycle down Skates Hill in Glemsford when he came in collision with a pedestrian. Arthur Farrance a stoker at Foxearth brewery said he and his wife were walking down Skates Hill where there was no footpath when they heard the hum of tyres, the bicycle hit witness on the arm and then fell off, he was admitted to St Leonards hospital and died on Sunday. Accidental.

May 21st 1936

Sudbury fire brigade was called to a fire at Brickwall Farm at Bulmer which is in occupation of Mr Spencer Coe, when they arrived they found a straw stack alight the produce of 10 acres, the stack was only a few yards away from cottages occupied by Bert Moulton and Harry Cansel who are employed on the farm, the residence of Mr Horksley was also in danger, it is not known the origin for the fire.

June 29th 1936

Two employees of Halstead Co-operative Society had a remarkable escape when the van they were travelling in was involved in a collision with a goods train at Borley Mill crossing, they were W.H.King of Suffolk road, Sudbury and E.Woodhouse of Church street, Sudbury, the van was from the Sudbury branch, both were taken to Sudbury suffering from shock, Mr Jones, manager of the Sudbury branch went to the scene of the accident, the body of the van was wrecked.

July 16th 1936

William Sargent a retired police officer and formerly manager of the Bull Hotel at Long Melford and now of the Horn Yard, Sudbury was charged with falsifying accounts by Trust Houses Ltd. 6 weeks prison.

July 23rd 1936

At the Sudbury Town Nurse Carnival, Miss Grace Mann of Belchamp St Pauls was crowned Beauty Queen, there were 15 competitors.

August 6th 1936

20 boys aged between 8 and 12 all from London having been sent to Pentlow by the Children’s Summer Holiday Fund, they are safely housed in two wooden huts in Pentlow, they don’t mind the weather and their pockets bulge with frogs and other strange things unknown to London children, Mrs Kemp is feeding them well, there are 20 more children patiently waiting in London to change places with those here.

August 13th 1936

Messrs Boardman and Oliver have received instructions from the Empire Officers Guild to sell by auction on 25th of August the household furniture at Borley Lodge.

A pretty wedding took place at Cavendish, the bride was Miss Dora Perkins of Poole Street, Cavendish and the bridegroom was Edward Mansfield of Foxearth.

August 27th 1936

Lyston. On Saturday last the Rev Steward Fisher announced in a letter to the parish that he was resigning because of uncertain health, the Rev Henning of Borley will live at Lyston rectory under the union of the two parishes.

September 10th 1936

Inquest at Sudbury Town Hall concerning the death of Alec Jefferies, blacksmith at Bulmer Tye aged 65, the previous day he shod a horse for a gentleman in the village when it kicked him and Mr Jefferies received fatal injuries. William Messent aged 17 ½ said he worked for Mr Hyde Parker of Smeetham Hall, Bulmer and he was sent by Mr Parker with a horse to be shod, the horse was about 16 years old and when it was being shod it kicked out with both feet and seemed to hit Mr Jeffries on the side of the head. Death from a fracture of the skull.

October 15th 1936

A large company of buyers attended at the live and dead stock at Brundon Hall, Sudbury, prices were average. The complete dairy equipment with 45 churns made 10s each—2,500 pint bottles made 27s 6d per 100.

When returning from his work at Stradishall aerodrome Seymour Fisher of Colts Hall, Cavendish, was fatally injured when his motor cycle was in a collision with a 3 ton lorry in Wash Lane, Hundon, Vic Turner aged 25 a bricklayer was a passenger was seriously injured.

October 22nd 1936

On Wednesday, the Countess of Iveah officially opened the new high school for girls at Sudbury.

October 24th 1936

Messrs Wheeler sold at the Four Swans, Sudbury, 15 cottages known as Suffolk Square, Queens Road to Mr Wright for £620.

November 5th 1936

Out of 742 samples of beers and stouts Messrs Ward and Son of Foxearth secured the championship Gold Medal last Tuesday at the Brewers Exhibition in London.

December 31st The Rev S.T.Fisher, Rector of Lyston who was 43 years Rector of the village was the recipient of gifts from the parishioners to show their appreciation on Saturday night at Bridge House Lyston, Mr A.V.C. Lambert said it gave him great pleasure as Squire of the parish and Patron of the living and an old friend of Mr Fisher, every villager contributed towards the presents.

1936 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 7th 1937

Inquest at Melford police station on Jean Woodgate aged 2 ½ years, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Alfred Woodgate who ran out with other children in Bull Lane to play and was struck by a lorry being driven by Charles Webb of Acton. Accidental.

January 14th 1937

There was a large attendance at the funeral of the Rev Garret –Johnson at Glemsford church on Thursday afternoon which was a striking tribute to the esteem which he was held.

January 28th 1937

Mrs Lucy Moss 66 the wife of Willie Moss a farm labourer of Lower Road, Glemsford, had been to Sudbury shopping and they were returning by bus, she laid her head on her husband’s shoulder and appeared to be asleep, when a short distance from home her husband tried to rouse her but she was dead. Inquest unnecessary.

February 25th 1937

Died at Foxearth, Mr Samuel Evans aged 64 who for the passed 43 years had carried on business as blacksmith, at that time his smithy stood at that time where Messrs Ward’s offices now stand, his ability as a bell ringer will long be remembered.

Henry Bullock a farm labourer of Cavendish was charged with stealing elm wood and faggot bands valued at 2s 6d at Cavendish. Bound over for 12 months.

April 2nd 1937

At a meeting of Halstead District Council, Mr Dearman reported on water supplies at Pentlow, the private bore at the Pinkuah Arms supplied the Inn and four cottages (11persons), the Council Houses well supplied nine cottages (40 persons), the Forge deep well supplied 15 cottages (40 persons). A was proposed that a further pair of council houses would be built at Pentlow.

April 15th 1937

The housing committee of Sudbury Town Council have accepted a tender from Bailey and Goats for the erection of 8 four bedroom for houses to be built on the Wents Estate at an estimated cost of £3,797 the tender was the lowest, the firms estimate of 3 smaller tenements for aged people was provisionally accepted.

Sudbury Corn Market. Wheat 46s and Barley to 46s, feed barley to 36s.

April 29th 1937

A young man of fine stature, a local heavyweight boxer named Lock, appeared on charge of swearing and using indecent language in North Street, Sudbury, Inspector Pooley was asked by the Mayor if he knew anything about him, he replied he had known Lock since he was a lad of 7 or 8 and said I don’t think there is any vice about him but thought he had a swelled head. 30s.

May 6th 1937

A few notes about Sudbury compiled by Mr John Stokoe. On the outskirts of Sudbury on the way to Waldingfield is Gallows Hill, so called because in the olden days it was the place for the execution of criminals, several skulls have been found there when digging operations were in progress for housing, a windmill stood at the top of Constitution Hill adjoining Newton Road, two windmills stood at the top of North Street opposite the Masonic Hall where Queens Road and York Road now are, at the corner at Brundon Hall stood a small chapel and an old cross where pilgrims on the way to Bury Abbey used to stop and pray and offer alms to the Leper hospital which stood close by.

July 29th 1937

The new Sudbury fire engine had it’s first try out on Friday morning when a haystack the property of Mr R.Kemball of Brundon Hall caught light.

Albert Beevis a labourer from Glemsford was summoned by P.C.Copsey for using improper language at Cavendish, P.C.Copsey said he was on duty when defendant took off his coat and offered to fight some youths. 5s.

August 5th 1937

A young motorist, Salonica Sandford, was summoned for driving a motor vehicle not covered by insurance. £2.

August 12th 1937

Percy Laysell aged 42 was carting wheat at Gt Cornard on Monday evening when he was stung by a swarm of wasps, at the inquest a verdict of heart failure was reached due poisoning from stings.

A stamp selling machine has been installed at Glemsford on the forecourt of the post office for the selling of 1d and ½ d stamps.

September 16th 1937

A pretty wedding took place at the St Gregory.s and St Peter’s church at Pentlow when Miss Olive Fenn the youngest daughter of Mr R.G.Fenn was married to Mr George Kemp the youngest son of Mr and Mrs H.Kemp of the Pinkuah Arms, Pentlow.

October 14th 1937

Death at Hill House, Glemsford of Mr George Savage aged 92. George Savage has had an interesting career, leaving Cavendish as a young man he quickly made his mark by becoming the proprietor of a flourishing hotel in London, he leaves no family.

October 21st 1937

Miss Ida Kathleen Mayhew daughter of Mr and Mrs Mayhew of Pentlow Street farm was married to Mr Albert Fairclough of Clacton at St John’s church Gt.Clacton.

October 28th 1937

In 1918 a German soldier found a photo in the hand of dead British soldier, recently the German was the means of the photo being retuned to England as it was published in British Legion Journal, it was seen in Sudbury where it was realised the photo was the that of a Sudbury soldier and his wife and family, Mr and Mrs Partridge, Mrs Partridge still lives in Curds Lane, Sudbury in the same house she and her husband occupied when he joined the 12th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment in 1916.

November 4th 1937

A charge of neglect was brought against two Glemsford parents was brought before Melford magistrates on Friday by Inspector Hardiman of the N.S.P.C.C., the defendant’s were George Moore and his wife Annie for neglecting their five children, the defendant Moore is 55 years old and his wife is 39 years old and live at Hunts Hill, Glemsford, Moore is a labourer and when in work earned 50s a week and a disabled pension of 24s weekly, the Matron of Public Assistance said the children were verminous and the house was filthy. An order was made for the three children to be handed over to the education authority and provision was made for the other two children.

November 11th 1937

Inquest at Clare on Bertie Ellingham aged 33 a harness repairer who was found by his employer Mr E.T.Cushing hanging in the workshop.

November 25th 1937

For Sale---Detached freehold cottage, 5 rooms, vacant possession, £275 or near offer.

Apply Harbisher, Pentlow, Cavendish.

Rent of three bungalow’s and 8 houses on the Wents estate at Sudbury were fixed at 4s 6d per week for the bungalows and 7s 6d for the other 8 houses by a meeting of Sudbury Housing Committee, there were over 400 applicants for the houses.

Recipients of the Old Man’s Charity at Glemsford as follows William Borney of Tye Green, 67—Joseph Brown of Silk Factory road 72—Maurice Clarke of Windmill road 61—John Gridley of Fair Green-64—Ezra Slater of Hunts Hill 67—Walter Playle of Fair Green 64. There were 37 applicants.

December 2nd 1937

Much sympathy is extended to Mr and Mrs Frank Scrivener of Lower road, Borley on the loss of their 15 year old daughter Edna Dorothy.

December 9th 1937

Experienced horseman required, good cottage and garden. Cracknell, Grove farm, Henny.

Death at Lowestoft of Mrs Caroline Hayden, the eldest daughter of the late Rev H.D.Bull and wife of the later Rev Hayden, during the war Mrs Hayden went to France as a nurse and was held in high esteem by doctors under who she worked.

December 23rd 1937

Last Thursday was Konevale’s annual fixed price sale of turkeys at Ballingdon, there were 7,000 turkeys on display which was a remarkable sight, the largest birds made 1s 8d per lb, the largest number was from Mr Donald Nott with 1100 birds.

At Boardman and Olivers sale at Sudbury large entries of swine and six cattle classes. Mr Woollatt of Lavenham was awarded 1st prize with two steers which weighed 11 and 12 cwt, they were purchased by H.Eagle and Messrs Ruse for £29 and £33 15s respectively , 2nd prize went to J.P.Brand of Foxearth with a pair of Red Polls weighing 13 cwt and 11 ½ cwt, they were puirchased by Colchester Co-op and Messrs Ruse.