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1934 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 11th 1934

Thomas Briggs a labourer of Laundry Gardens, Cross Street, Sudbury, was charged with stealing 18lbs of Brentwood coal the property of Cecil Whittome of Brundon, Sudbury. 12s 6d.

Alfred Eady an old inhabitant of Belchamp St Pauls who was one time foreman at Cutbush farm was fatally injured in a motor accident whilst driving with his stepson near Thetford, he was 77 years of age, the funeral has taken place at Hundon of which he was a native.

January 18th 1934

Mrs Kate Williams a school teacher of Foxearth was summoned for failing to have the requisite lights on a stationary car on the Market Hill at Sudbury. 5s.

February 8th 1934

30 years ago. While Mr J. Slender a dealer of Ballingdon Hill was away at Lavenham fair one of his travelling vans which was pitched on land near Ballingdon Hall was mysteriously burnt out with all the contents destroyed.

At a meeting of Belchamp District Council a sub committee which was appointed to select a suitable site for new council houses at Gestingthorpe reported that they had inspected four pieces of land, the only site they could recommend was at the Rectory farm, it was reported that work on the reconstruction of six old cottages known as the Barracks had commenced.

The silver medal awarded by Dairy Shorthorn Society for the highest yielding Shorthorn in Suffolk was won by Mr H.C.Steed of Lavenham who’s cows averaged 1,015 gallons.

February 15th 1934

The meeting of Sudbury Town Council on Tuesday was attended by large number of property owners who heard of the Council’s decision to demolish 45 dwellings.

February 22nd 1934

The death of Egbert (Enoch) Martin at his home at Green Common, Belchamp Walter is reported, he 77 years old and had lived in the parish all his life and worked at the Munt farm for Mr C.M.Stunt, his wife and three sons had predeceased him, one son making the supreme sacrifice in the Great war, four of his sons and three daughters served in the war, the eldest Miss Elizabeth Martin being awarded the M.B.E. for valuable service rendered.

March 22nd 1934

Frank Richards of Foxearth was charged with driving a car at Ipswich whilst under the influence of drink. £15 and a suspended license for one year.

The East Essex Hounds met on the green at Belchamp St Pauls on Tuesday and proceeded to draw a field of kale at Gages farm without result, as Mr Barleyman of Otten Hall was jumping a ditch he struck his head on a tree when landing but was able to proceed home

March 29th 1934

Marriage on Thursday of Mr John Rimmer to Miss Dorothy Hartington of Sudbury, Mr Rimmer is an artist by profession and was educated at Liverpool School of Art and was later assistant art master at the Central School of Art in London, Mr Rimmer met his bride at one of his dancing classes as he is also a dancing instructor.

April 5th 1934

Belchamp and District Council met for the last time on Thursday as the council is being amalgamated with the Halstead and Bumpstead Rural Council.

May 10th 1934

The Smith Charity worth £20 was distributed to 6 men and 6 women at Cavendish who have reached the age of 60, men—H.Mortlock-W.Wardley-W.Staff-E.Underwood-W.Eagle-A.Brown- women-Widows Smith-Evans-Richardson-Brett-Argent and Miss Fairbanks.

Congratulations on their enterprise in having provided a modern up to date hotel in Sudbury on the opening of the Four Swans Hotel have been received by Messrs Ward and Son of Foxearth, it deserves the best support of the general public.

The Arthur Golding Memorial was dedicated in an impressive ceremony at Belchamp St Pauls when a window dedicated to his memory on Thursday afternoon was unveiled.

June 7th 1934

Much interest has been aroused by our recent report of the unveiling of the Arthur Golding memorial window in Belchamp St Pauls church. The theory that the Shakepeare plays maybe were written by Edward De Vere the Earl of Oxford lends interest to the following extracts from the Belchamp magazine by the Rev Flynn, the proverb says “a man is known by his friends”, Arthur Golding lived from 1536 to 1606, we get a glimpse of the Golding family from the Belchamp parish records that they were living at Pauls Hall.

June 14th 1934

Miss Braithwaite in opening the church fete at Glemsford said her first public speech was made in Glemsford during the war when she asked the ladies of the parish to help in planting potatoes, she had previously been sent to Shimpling but none attended the meeting, she was told the Glemsford people would hound her out but she found a welcome.

June 14th 1934

Large numbers of parishioners gathered in Foxearth village hall to consider the proposals with regards to the water, Mr Vaisey said although at Foxearth was supplied with liquid refreshments water was necessary for making tea, Mr Ward said that until three years ago there was no public well until the council built four houses in Common road and a bore tube of 140 feet deep was sunk, there was also a public well at Temple End which served six cottages, through the kindness of Mr Lambert a good supply of slopping water ran through the parish but this supply had failed, one well was sunk near the village hall and a second in the vicinity of the brewery to suit cottagers there, there was also a dipping well at Foxearth Hall.

August 9th 1924

At Clare Police Court Sophie Cordan of the Holly Tree public house at Shudy Cambs was summoned by Harry Lawrence of the Queens Hotel, Haverhill, for stealing a quantity of sanitary paper valued at 6d, the prosecutor said he kept observations on the lavatory and Mrs Cordan was asked to open her bag and he found a roll of paper. £1.

August 30th 1934

A new Serk radiator factory is in the course of construction in Gasworks Road in Sudbury.

September 6th 1934

On Sunday afternoon an accident occurred at the foot of Ballingdon Hill when a young motor cyclist named Philip Brown of Braintree was in collision with Corporal Johnson, the motor cyclist died in St Leonard’s Hospital.

Sudbury. The recently made up road by Sudbury Town Hall underwent the final process when tarring took place.

September 13th 1934

At a meeting of Halstead Rural Council the proposal to make two boreholes at Foxearth to improve the water supply was approved, the value of the land in Essex was given, the Clerk said a letter had been received from the Charity Commissioners that they had agreed to the sale of a portion of land near the village hall for £11 10s, the trustees of the village hall were anxious to give the six square feet for the borehole but the Charity Commission said the Council must pay £11 10s which worked out at £24-200 per acre.

September 20th 1934

Pentlow F.C. are to start the new season under rosy conditions with their credit in balance, a good season is expected by the augmentation of several members from the defunct Cavendish club.

October 11th 1934

At a meeting of Sudbury Town Council complaints were heard about the condition of the river Stour, the condition of the river was blamed for reducing receipts from the bathing place.

October 18th 1934

At a meeting of Halstead Rural Council Mr Allpress said two boreholes had been sunk at Foxearth to a depth of 145 ft from the surface and they had been lined from 93 ft from the surface to the chalk line, at a trial pump of 415 gallons per hour.

November 15th 1934

Frederick Felton a roadman of Foxearth was summoned for using a gun without a license also for an offence under the poaching act, P.C.Arthy said he heard a report of a gun at 6-45 and saw defendant through the hedge with a gun, he searched defendant’s pockets and asked him “where is the rabbit you shot”. £1.

December 27th 1934

While a farmer’s son was working in a field at Brickhouse farm at Hitcham on Wednesday morning he unearthed a skeleton in a good state of preservation, the teeth especially being in a perfect state of preservation, Leonard Bull was ploughing on his father’s farm when he noticed the earth about 20 yards from the fence was discoloured, further examination revealed another skeleton about 2 ½ ft from the surface, the police were informed.

1935 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 3rd 1935

Henry Brewster a retired grocer of Cavendish was charged with killing a swan, Henry Playle, farmer of Bower Hall, Cavendish said he heard two reports of a gun. £1.

Mr Charles Rymer a native of Roehampton was farm pupil under the late Thomas Brand at Brook Hall farm at Foxearth where he remained for three years and lived with Rev William Pressey then rector of the parish, following a visit to South America, Mr Rymer decided to farm there, in Monte Video he managed a breeding farm of 80,000 acres which was owned by Leibig Extract Meat Company, Mr Rymer was one of the first people to use an aircraft to inspect the livestock.

At Yeldham Market fat cockerels to 3s 4d—tame rabbits to 2s 1d—eggs to 2s 2da score—wild rabbits to 6d each—potatoes to 3s 3d per cwt.

January 24th 1935

At a meeting of Bulmer Parish Council a report on the water quality was discussed, the quality was possibly due to the elevator system which drew up a considerable amount sand with the water.

February 7th 1935

The body of a member of the tramping fraternity was discovered lying in a ditch at Alpheton, he was Henry Baldry of Mill Hill Cottage and had been dead about four days, Charles Cortley, a wool grader, said he was walking from Sudbury to Bury when he saw a man lying face up in a ditch. Death from exposure.

Very little seems to be known where the Ballingdon church stood, it is first mentioned in 1150 and recorded by the Rev Badham as having been a ruin in 1640, the exact site is not known but it is believed to have stood in a field on the right hand side of Ballingdon Hill which was known as Chapel Field.

February 21st 1935

Farm buildings and machinery valued at hundreds of pounds were destroyed on Thursday night when fire broke out at Cuckoo Tye, Acton,belonging to Mr J.Miller, some of Mr Miller’s valuable Suffolk and Shire horses and cows were removed to safety, the fire had it’s origin in a garage.

March 14th 1935

A new feature in rural life in Cavendish where is a cinema is to be established, it occupies part of the site of old Cavendish grammar school which ceased in 1907, the school was founded by Dr Grey in 1696.

March 21st 1935

On the 14th of March a roadman from Sible Hedingham was working on the main Sudbury road at Gestingthorpe when he discovered the decomposed body of a man in the ditch, it was lying about 15 yards from the main road between Park farm and Moat farm, it was the skeleton of a man of 60-70 years and it is thought he had been dead about a year, he had 6s 4d and £7 10s in notes on him, he has now been identified as Walter Gardiner a farm labourer of no fixed abode and was 60 years old.

March 28th 1935

Wanted for Yorkshire—Good Milk or Plough Lads—17—18. Fares paid—Warner, Agent, Stowmarket.

Inquest was held at Castle Hedingham on the skeleton which was found in a ditch near the roadside between Gestingthorpe and Castle Hedingham, the remains were identified as those of Walter Gardiner aged 67 with no fixed abode, he had been lodging with Mrs F.Brumby of Bulmer , during that time he had worked for Mr Wilson and Mr Nott. Probably from natural causes.

April 4th 1935

One of Glemsford’s few remaining thatched cottages was burned down on Friday, the cottage was known as “Shepherds Cottage” and was situated at the bottom of Fern Hill just off the Boxted Finstead End road, it belonged to Mr Pembel of Duffs Hill farm.

April 11th 1935

Mr W.Green of North Street, Sudbury, has installed a modern robot petrol pump, this remarkable apparatus is worked by electricity and counts the number of gallons of petrol and automatically switches off when the amount is delivered.

April 18th 1935

Felix Clarke of no fixed abode was summoned for assaulting Rosalind Potter, defendant and his wife are known locally as “Boxer and Nellie”, they live rough in the surrounding district, Mrs Potter said she was walking down Stour Street, Sudbury when Boxer and Nellie came along, he was beating Nellie, I said to him

“don’t do that” he swore at me and said “I will do the same to you” he then clawed my hair and beat my head against a wall. 6 weeks hard labour.

July 4th 1935

It must be several years since such a large crowd congregated on People’s Park at Sudbury for the Wickhambrook show, the event was made memorable by the presence of Princess Eugenie of Denmark and Greece, her Royal Highness is staying with Lady Hyde Parker of Long Melford. Suffolk Horse classes-Mr J.Miller of Acton won several classes and Mr Wayman of Clare was highly commended, Mr W.G.Waspe was 3rd with a cross Suffolk bred mare. Best milk recorded cow was Mr T.W.Norman’s Lavenville Iris who had such a good udder, Mr H.C.Steed had a fine type of Shorthorn and Mr G.Colson of Alpheton Hall led the dairy class of in milk class.

July 11th 1936

The annual sports of Sudbury Grammar School were held on the school’s sports ground on Wednesday afternoon, among the seniors the best all round athlete who secured the Victor Ludorum trophy was Pawsey who won the ¼ mile, in the furlong Pawsey only just got home, Panton who was leading fell back in the last 20 yards, one of the most attractive races was the mile with Dunn, Pawsey and Green racing in a bunch drawing away from the rest of the field, at the bell Pawsey shot in front and got home by several yards. (Pawsey, later Squadron Leader Pawsey D.F.C.)

July 18th 1935

(40 years ago) As the Hadleigh cricket team on their way to play Sudbury a singular accident occurred just through Boxford when a sharp stone cut the shoe of one of the horses hoofs, the poor animal could not put it’s foot to the ground so the driver had to get another horse from Boxford, the team were late by one hour in arriving at Sudbury and suffered further disaster in a decided threshing from the Sudbury team.

A social function was held at Borley Lodge on Wednesday, the occasion was a garden party which was arranged by the Empire Officers Guild, the Lodge is the Guild’s second Hostel. Captain Davies said it was incredible that 17 years after the war there were still thousands of ex-officers who were not only out of work but with their families were in a state of absolute destitution. Mrs E. Payne had given them Borley Lodge and there was now two other homes (Perren House in Bushey Heath, Herts and Barham House near Ipswich, where men are trained, within five months of the homes opening 70 Officers had passed through them.

July 25th 1935

At Castle Hedingham Magistrates Court, Arthur Cobbold a farmer of Rookery Farm at Belchamp Walter was summoned for carrying a gun without a license, P.C.Arthy said he heard a shot behind Rookery farm, he met defendant with a gun, he asked him where his license was, he said he did not have one and he thought there was no need on his own farm. £1

Osman Game a secretary from Glemsford was summoned by Arthur Wright of the Odd Fellows Society as he did withhold a certain property of the Lodge 4482 to wit £45 18s 2d on or about 2nd of April 1935. Ordered to repay £45 allowed three months to do so or prison for three months without hard labour.

September 19th 1935

At a meeting of Halstead Rural Council it was reported that the water from a borehole near Foxearth village hall was in unsatisfactory condition because of a large iron content, it was decided to fit a Polarite Filter under the pump at a cost of £7 10s.

September 26th 1935

Richard Joslin a tree feller of Ballingdon, Sudbury, was charge with assaulting police officers at lower road, Cavendish, P.C. Knott of Clare who was passing in his car went to the assistance of P.C.Cheeseman of Cavendish and Joslin was arrested. £1 with 11s 3d costs.

October 3rd 1935

Messrs Benson of Halstead having received instructions from the exors of the late J.F.

Benson have sold on Wednesday last the live and dead stock of Skillets Farm, Pentlow. “Darby” a gelding 34 ½ guineas-Proctor a gelding 20 ½ a gelding –Dodman a gelding £17 17s –Roan gelding 8 guineas-Bay gelding 6 ½ guineas—McCormick binder £3 16s -etc.

Pentlow football club has not been heard of this season but there is a movement towards forming a young man’s club.

October 17th 1935

After having the use of the cricket ground at the back of Blacklands Hall for over 50 years Cavendish are changing their ground, Mr D.Payne of Blacklands Hall thought the ground was not good enough and he has offered the club the use of a ground in the centre of the park in front of the Hall which has 4-5 acres of excellent turf, he has also offered to fence it in. All of the members have been at work on the new pavilion with Tom Ambrose finding a good deal of the building material.

December 5th 1935

Bures cricket club held their annual meeting and supper and were honoured with the company of one of the best all rounder in cricket, Mr Maurice Nicholls the Essex and England all rounder who gave an account of his tours in Australia, India and the West Indies.

Peter Burke of the Aubries, Bulmer,an electrical engineer was charged with speeding through Ballingdon at 35 miles per hour. £1.

December 19th 1935

, At Sudbury fat stock sale the best pair of fat beasts went to Mr Vincent Hills of Gt Cornard, they were choice Shorthorn heifers weighing 9 ½ cwts each and were purchased by Mr C.W.Worters of Sudbury for £30 each, 2nd was Mr J.Miller of Acton with a polled Angus steer weighing 12 ½ cwt and sold to Colchester Co-op for £13 10s. Messrs Rush and Thompson of Melford had the best polled heifer of 10 cwt and it was sold to Mr H.Eagle.

Cecil Whittome of Brundon Hall, Sudbury, was charged with stealing five lids valued at 30s the property of United Dairies. £10 with £6 2s costs..