The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1932 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 7th 1932

Wedding at Bulmer of Winfred May Cranfield the 2nd daughter of the late William Cranfield of Otten Belchamp to Henry Cyril Cornell the only son of Henry Charles Cornell of Otten Belchamp.

January 14th 1932

Probably nowhere in the entire world is there an amazing factory that is being built at Dagenham, Essex by the Ford Motor Company which is nearing completion.

February 4th 1932

Inquest at the Green Dragon, Melford, on Albert Bevan, landlord of the Green Dragon Inn.

He had gone for a walk at about 4 and was crossing the railway line and did not notice a train approaching. he was caught by the engine and dragged 50 yards along the line, the body was found near the footpath to Acton. Accidental.

Leonard Page a horseman of Pebmarsh and Herbert Johnson, labourer of Halstead were fined 5s for no lights on their cycles.

Jack Potter of Pebmarsh was charged with forging a cheque for the sum of £10. Remanded.

February 11th 1932

Harry Catterwell of Audley End Cottages, Gestingthorpe, was admitted into St Leonards hospital at Sudbury as a result of a motor cycle accident when going down the hill by Nether Hall at Gestingthorpe when his machine skidded, Henry Teverson found him lying beside the roadway unconscious.

Sudbury Corn Market. Wheat to 26s 6d-Barley to 45s-Oats to 26s.

Died at Bulmer, Robert Weavers of the Nook,Lower Houses, he had worked at Goldingham Hall for 42 years.

March 3rd 1932

There are few villages in England like Foxearth in North Essex, most villages have one or more public houses where Foxearth has none but Foxearth has a club, a wonderful institution which is an example and pattern to many villages in the district, the members are ambitious they want better premises and are the laying foundations of a building fund for a vacant spot behind the village hall, Foxearth men do not miss public houses as they spend many hours in social amusement.

March 10th 1932

At a meeting of Belchamp District Council the Surveyor said work on installing a filter to Borley village pump has reduced the oxide of iron by 80 per cent.

Thomas Goodchild a farmer of The Change, Gt Yeldham appeared before Colchester Bankruptcy Court with deficiencies of £2,240 and liabilities £25,789. Adjourned.

March 31st 1932

David and Sarah Copsey of Post Office Lane in Glemsford, both in their 90’s celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Friday with a telegram from the King and Queen, Mr Copsey for many years worked at a factory as a mat weaver, when the factory closed altogether there was a mass exodus of most of the workers to Diss, Mr Copsey thought he was too old to take up a new life and got work in Foxearth and Glemsford being in charge of the churchyard in Foxearth, those who know the churchyard will not forget the care and love he bestowed on it.

There was great excitement in Melford on Wednesday when an airplane belonging to the R.A.F. landed in Kentwell park, it appears the pilot who was taking part in manoeuvres was endeavouring to reach Cambridge but was unable to locate his position and decided to land, he landed safely but before the “Bulldog” could be brought to a standstill the pilot caused it to make a complete somersault, he was not hurt and was able to extricate himself from the wreckage, the plane was dismantled and taken by lorry to Duxford.

April 7th 1932

At a meeting of Belchamp Council Mr Alpress the sanitary inspector said that owing to complaints about housing conditions in Gestingthorpe he made an inspection of the village, in the 1921 census there were 435 people in the village, 22 private houses, 17 farmhouses and a 100 cottages, most of the cottages were not of modern construction there being no damp courses etc, a group of cottages near the Barracks and four at near Maplestead Cock should be dealt with as not fit for human habitation.

April 14th 1932

Mr A.V.C. Lambert of Foxearth claimed the sum of £5 from Harry Parker for damage by defendant’s goats which had got into his wheat field also Mr Ewer one of his tenants estimated damage at £3, the land was near low lying near Glemsford station. £2 damages.

April 28th 1932

Messrs Greene King have decided to close their Sudbury brewery owing to recent taxation.

March 26th 1932

Inquest at Stanton on Flight Lieutenant Frank Gibbons who was killed on Saturday afternoon in Stanton when his aeroplane (a Spartan) crashed into an oak tree near the Rose and Crown, he was taking part in a cross country race from Heston to Norwich. Accidental.

June 2nd 1932

The village of Gestingthorpe continues to receive considerable attention from Essex County Council and Belchamp Distict Council, at the monthly meeting of the latter most of the time was devoted to matters relating to this village, the clerk, Mr F.T. Boshier reported that the new housing scheme was proposed for this parish, he said the fact that the Council had decided to erect six houses had been conveyed to the Ministry, he stated the proposed new houses were to be of the parlour type with three bedrooms covering 728 square feet, it was proposed to charge 4s 6d per week rent, the Medical Officer urged they should sink a drain instead of a bucket under the sink and at the suggestion of Mr Ward it was decided to invite a representative of the Ministry of Health to inspect the houses erected by the Council in the district, Mr Ward said he wished every member of the Council had a copy of the report from the County Council as there had been ill feeling with regard to Gestingthorpe going over their heads. The Sanitary Inspector said some of the owners of property in Gestingthorpe were doing minor repairs where the Council recommended a grant under the Rural Workers Act be made. Mr Lambert proposed making additions to a cottage in Foxearth.

June 23rd 1932

For sale, practically without reserve. Brundon Mill in Sudbury, delightful position on the river Stour, interesting old mill, private bridge, three cottages, stabling, to be sold at the Four Swans on July 7th.

July 7th 1932

Henry Catterwell of Gestingthorpe, a wood cutter machinist sued Henry Teverson for £35 damages alleging negligence by defendant for leaving his pony unattended so the plaintiff sustained personal damage,the pony had been left in a field attached to reins when it got loose on to the road and plaintiff on a motor cycle ran into it. For defendant with costs.

Married at Bulmer , Miss Mabel Pearson the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Alfred Pearson of Goldingham Hall Cottages, to John Partridge of Belchamp Walter.

July 30th 1932

The decision of the Ministry of Health not to entertain building of parlour type houses for the working classes by local authorities has not pleased members of Belchamp District Council who have erected about 40 such houses in the last few years in the district and were now proposing to build 6 more in the village of Gestingthorpe, Mr Nott said that he believed it was the financial state of the country was the cause of the decision, the Rev Cann said they would be building for the future and they should point out to the Ministry that they could build parlour type houses for £660 per pair which was less than the £728 the amount allowed. A letter was received regarding some cottages on the Halstead road, Gestingthope which are in need of repair, the letter said the owner of the property was prepared to repair them to the Council’s requirement.

July 7th 1932

Wedding at Belchamp Walter of Miss Elsie Ida Rowe the eldest daughter of Mr H.Rowe and the late Mrs Rowe of Fisher’s farm and Mr Inglis Wilfred Sycamore the 2nd son of Mr and Mrs Alfred Sycamore of Bures.

Brundon Hall was sold to Mr C.Whitome for £410.

August 4th 1932

After long and honourable service in the scholastic profession the Misses Barnes who for 43 years have been at Foxearth school as head mistress and assistant mistress have retired and are leaving Foxearth for Worthing.

August 25th 1932

While bathing in Pitmore Lock at Lamarsh a young Sudbury lorry driver lost his life, Wilfred Hume aged 21 of Ballingdon street went to Pitmore Lock with Leonard Braybrook of Henny to bathe, when in the water Braybrook heard a cry for help at some distance, he looked round and could not see Hume, he dived under the water and got hold of Hume but Hume grabbed him and pulled him under, he again dived and got hold of him but he pulled him under. Accidental.

September 1st 1932

For sale at low reserve to close an estate at Belchamp Walter. Attractive freehold farm known as St Mary Hall, fifteen century gabled residence with 1st class water supply by Slade’s windmill pump, 4 cottages, also a small farm known as Northeys, 5 roomed house and about 67 acres.

September 15th 1932

There us a fine old house is situated in Chequers Lane running off Brook Street in Glemsford, as to the origin of the name one can only remind the reader that Thomas Cavendish was Clerk of The Pipe in the Exchequer Office and that of George Cavendish, his son, a gentleman attached to Cardinal Wolsey retired to his house in Glemsford upon the death of the Cardinal to write the biography of the famous priest and politician.

September 22nd 1932

At Hedingham Magistrates Court James Wilson of Hill farm, Gestingthorpe applied for an ejection order against Horace Dyer living at the Barracks. Possession in 28 days.

At a meeting of Belchamp District Council the Housing Committee the Chairman said they had applied to the Ministry of Health for permission to proceed with the erection of 6 non parlour type cottages in Gestingthorpe,a tender from A. and E. Brown to build six houses at £667 per pair was recommended for acceptance, the Chairman referred to a paragraph in the Free Press inviting Mr Allpress the Sanitary Inspector for the Council to place on view at Olympia the plans etc of the parlour type working class housing which has recently been erected in the Belchamp and Melford district. The Rev Pannel said “quite a feather in his cap”, the Sanitary Inspector said work on repairing a number of cottages at Pinch Hill in Bulmer was complete and were now fit for habitation.

September 29th 1932

On Saturday Harry Oakley of Glemsford had a narrow escape whilst thatching a stack in Mr C.S. Goodchild’s stackyard, the ladder stave on which he was standing broke and he fell to the ground, at first it was thought he was seriously injured but after examination by a doctor it was found he had no broken bones only bruising.

October 20th 1932

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural District Council it was announced that failure by the Ministry of Health to approve plans for the building of six cottages at Gestingthorpe caused the scheme to be held up, the Ministry made certain suggestions amongst which was that the thickness of the foundations be reduced from 12 inches to 9 inches, the Housing Committee resolved to accept the revised tender from A. and E. Brown to build the houses for £624 per pair, the original tender was for £667.

November 3rd 1932

We are informed that the Ministry of Health has approved the amended housing scheme for the erection of six working class houses in Gestingthorpe.

November 10th 1932

The original cost per pair of cottages at Gestingthorpe of £333 was now £298.

November 10th 1932

Foxearth played Hartest in the Lavenham Minor cup, a late start was made owing to the delayed arrival of the visitors, Foxearth were leading 5—2 when the game was abandoned through bad light.

A very successful whist drive was held in Foxearth on Wednesday evening with 90 players participating, a large proportion came from Melford, the drive was arranged for the purpose of rendering assistance to the families of two parishioners who owing to the prolonged illness were in urgent need of help, the sum of £20 being raised.

December 29th 1932

Yarmouth herring fishing season which began in September ended at Christmas, the best catch was 20,000 herrings.