The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1931-1934 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

January 1st.1931

The licence of the Fox Inn, Belchamp St Pauls was transferred from George Smith to John Martin of Tilbury.
January 15th. The Sanitary Inspector for the Belchamp District Rural Council, Mr Allpress, said that if action was not taken there would soon be more rats than people in the Belchamp area.

January 15th 1931

At a Belchamp and District Education Sub Committee meeting, it was reported that Foxearth had the best attendance figures at 97 point one attendance record.

January 29th 1931

A huge trout weighing 18lb was found dead in Clovers Mill pond. In 1913 Mr J.Brown put trout in the river and again in 1923.
It has been known for several years that there are trout in the river Glem. It is thought that after spawning the fish was too weak to resist the recent floods and drifted down the Stour and died.

January 29th 1931

Foxearth Club celebrates 11 years of prosperity.
Mr D.Ward said at the annual general meeting of the mens club that it was a blessing to the village since it was formed 17 years ago. He remembered the time when Mr Kendrick Foster offered them the use of the cowshed, they had then with subscriptions and much kind help been able to improve the premises.

February 5th 1931

Death and funeral at Belchamp St Pauls of Mrs Ellen Smith aged 49 years. Mourners were the widower Mr J.Smith-Messrs Charles-Don and Cecil Smith, sons.

February 19th 1931

Suffolk Agricultural Wages Board agreed to reduce farmworkers wages by 2s to 28s.

March 5th 1931

VOTE FOR NOTT-in the Essex County Council Election.
In the Belchamp-Bumstead division.
Captain Jack Nott is standing as agriculture candidate. He was educated at Felsted school. He is a Captain in the 5th Essex Territorials and has developed a intensive poultry business.
May 28th 1931.There was a furrow drawing match at Bulmer Tye in a field belonging to Mr E.Nott, several hundred people attended, it was in aid of the nursing association. Arrangements were excellent thanks to Mr B.Rhodes, H.C.Cardy, A.Rowe and E.C.Hills. 52 competitors took part and the judges were F.Bowers, W.Peggs, S.Row and W.Lingley. Results -- open B.Smith, employer-------- 2nd H Partridge. 3rd H.Row, employer- E.M.Stebbing. 3rd F.Grimwood, employer E.Deeks, Newton. 4th A.Pearsons employer G.A.Miller. 5th G.Bradnan employer Messrs S.and G.Wilson. 6th R.Goodall. 7th G.M.Barthorpe. 7th A.Tokeley. 8th J.Raymond employer R.St Burke. 9th W.Seaber, employer J.W.Nott. 10th A.Baldwin, employer E.Nott.
Novice class G.Rowe - W.Braybrook - J.Rowe - W.Rowe.

August 13th 1931

Death of Mr William Potter, the well known thatcher of Pebmarsh aged 78. Mourners- The widow, Charles, George and John Potter, sons, Mrs C.Potter and Mrs S.Potter daughters in law

August 16th 1931

There was a parish church council meeting in the village hall with the Rev G.H.Basset presiding. Mr A.V.Campbell Lambert was again appointed peoples warden together with Mr W.Coe as warden.
The present members of the parochial church council re-elected Mr H.
Brockwell to act as Hon.Sec. Accounts were presented by the treasurer, Mr W.Coe, balance in hand was £ 3-9s-9d which was considered satisfactory.
The electoral roll was presented and showed 125 members. The Rector acknowleged the generous Easter gift of £ 30 7d and thanked all those who assisted in church work, he thanked Mr D.Ward and Mr F.Glazin for their generous gift of coke. The question of making more heat available and the church rents were discussed but were referred to the next church council meeting.

August 16th 1931

Advert - Prepare your land for sugar beet. For drainage-subsoiling-cultivating-harrowing-mole draining-belt work with a modern powerful tractor. Let Steed speed the plough. D.H.Steed.Chilton Sudbury.

August 30th 1931

Fred Woods, late of Foxearth was summoned for trespassing on land, the property of Mr A.V.C.Lambert, in search of game.
David Crysell, gamekeeper, proved the case. Woods is a general dealer.

August 30th 1931

A lad living in Lyston was charged with stealing a rabbit. It was alleged that he was carrying empty baskets to Foxearth when he took a tame rabbit, valued 2s, out of a hutch in a garden. The father said he had brought up six children a most careful way possible.
Bound over for six months.

May 7th 1931

The revised tender of £ 45-9s-6d, for drainage at Foxearth, was accepted from Messrs Martin and Sons, at Belchamp Rural Council meeting. Mr D.Ward said that the new houses must be built and stressed that they must be for farm workers, half the houses they live in were unfit for habitation.
October 8th 1931.Sale at Clarks Farm, Belchamp Walter. 12 horses - 30 shorthorns - 150 blackface wethers - 160 pigs - International 10-20 (1927).

November 19th 1931

At the meeting of Belchamp Rural District Council it was reported that the pump on Borley Green needs overhauling. The question arose as whether the bore of 126 ft should be increased to shur out the abnormal presence of iron, as at present the water is almost unfit for domestic purposes. In reply the chairman, Mr F.Nott, said that they had had the same trouble at Foxearth and deepening the well had considerably helped. There was a letter from Mr D.Ward saying that two dipping places in Foxearth needed cleaning out, the chairman said the work would be done.

December 3rd 1931

Belchamp Education Committee. It was reported that the County Education Committee had approved the recomendation of the Borley School Managers that the school be closed as from Dec.31st.
Arrangements to be made for a transfer of children to Bulmer Parochial school. Up till now the sanction of the Board of Education had not been received. The clerk was instructed to notify the parents of the children concerned. A tender of 12s per day to convey the children to Bulmer was received from W.S.Theobald of Long Melford.

December 31st 1931

The share out of the slate club at the Plough Inn, Belchamp St Pauls took place on December 19th. Mr A.Tarbun, Sec.said he was pleased to find the club in such a good condition and £ 1 per member was paid out. Harmony was indulged in, the following contributed-W.Mann- W.Cutmore-A.Mann and A.Tarbun.

January 28th 1932

The proposed closure of Borley school was again discussed at a meeting of the Belchamp District Education Sub-Committee.
After discussion it was agreed that the school should now be closed and the children be sent to Bulmer or Belchamp Walter School. The clerk reported that two families now living in Lyston where the children went to Long Melford school, Mr D.Ward said he thought that the children living in Lyston Lodge should go to Foxeath school and the other children to Long Melford.
The committee agreed to the temporary appointment of Miss M.H.Pearson at Belchamp Walter school.

January 28th 1932

The Belchamp St Pauls Branch of the Conservative Association held a social evening in the school recently. Mr C.Cutmore was M.C.and Mrs Cutmore led the dancing, the following ladies and gentlemen contributed to the harmony - Mrs Kent - Miss Maisie Cutmore Mr R.Hawkins - Miss Hyde - Miss Cutmore - Mr Scurry - Mr C.Cutmore.
Refreshments were by Mrs Day and Mrs Harrington. Mr G.Harrington acted as doorman under the direction of Mr T.B.Mann. The branch is proving its value to the party.

February 4th 1932

At an occasional court at Bury St Edmunds, Jack Potter of Pebmarsh was charged with feloniously forging a cheque for the sum of £ 10. P.C.Lummis said he arrested Potter and took him to Halstead police station. He was remanded at Bury police court.February 11th 1932. John Potter was charged with forging a cheque to the value of £ 10 drawn by Simpson and sons in favour of Mr J, Hyslop of Worlds End Farm, Pebmarsh.Potter pleaded guilty.
Mr David Hyslop of Worlds End Farm, said he loaded two cows belonging to his brother on a lorry to send to Bury market, the accused accompanied the animals in a lorry for which he paid Potter £ 2, he had not seen Potter until this morning. Anthony Suckling of Bury St Edmunds, a shop manager, said Potter came into my shop and asked for a pair of breeches and said he had a cheque from Simpsons and would he cash it, I said was he Mr Hyslop, he said yes I am Mr J. Hyslop, I also said do you know a certain man in Pebmarsh and he said yes he died just recently, which was true. I cashed the cheque. The chairman said what had happened to the rest of the money, Potter said I lent 30s to a man and I lost the rest.
First offence, 12 months probation.

March 31st 1932

Albert Richard of Clarkes Farm, Belchamp Walter, was summoned for allowing 10 pigs to stray on the highway. Defendant said that he employed a man to stop them straying, but he was unsuccessful.
10s fine and 10s costs.

April 7th 1932

Harry Brockwell of Glebeside, Foxearth, was fined 7s 6d for riding a bicycle in Foxearth with no front light.

April 14th 1932

Funeral at Belchamp Walter of Mrs Annie Rose Rowe of Fishers Farm, aged 53, she leaves a widower, three sons and three daughters.

April 14th 1932

Death of Mrs Skeemer at Pentlow aged 87 years.

May 5th 1932

Foxearth table tennis team lost to Sudbury Y M C A by 37 to 7. Foxearth team - Miss Lambert - Miss E.Harper - Miss Cutmore - Rev G.H.Basset - H.E.Ward - B.Humphreys - T.Plumb - R.Newman - C.Hurst - L.Maxim.

June 9th 1932

Suffolk Show. Ram lamb dropped in 1932, 2nd Ewer and Pawsey, Claypits, Foxearth. Cup for best ram lamb-reserve-Ewer and Pawsey.

June 16th 1932

Cricket. Foxearth v Sudbury 2nds. Foxearth 87 for 7 declared - Sudbury 61 for 5 bad light stopped play. For Foxearth, L Maxim 34 not out- H.E.Ward 17.

July 7th 1932

Hugh Cristopher Wreathall of Claret Hall, Ashen, was found dead in a pond with his throat cut. George Wreathall his son, said his father was in financial difficulties.

July 14th 1932

Death of Mr Albert Maxim at Pentlow, aged 47.

July 21st 1932

There was a fete at Pentlow in aid of the organ fund.
For a century and a half the the organ which stands in the North Chapel has been fulfilling its purpose, a year or two ago it started to cause anxiety sometimes playing sometimes not. The fete was held in the rectory grounds through the kindness of Mrs Bull. £ 150 is needed for a new organ,£ 100 was raised at the fete.

July 21st 1932

Death of Major Daniel, of Eyston Hall, Belchamp Walter, is reported.

July 28th 1932

Cricket - Belchamp Walter v Belchamp St Pauls - Belchamp Walter - C.Martin 4 - G.Martin 0 - M.Brown 10 - G.Martin 0 - J.Overill 23 - G.Chatters 8 - H.Cansell 6 - C.Lawrence 15 - B.Edwards 0 - C.Overill 22 - J.Moore 31 G.Brown 0. G.Bartram 4 for 38 - J.Ditton 2 for 0. Total 123.
Belchamp St Pauls - F.Hawkeworth 0 - D.Golding 3 - J.Ditton 0 - J.Overill 0 - A.Golding 3 - C.Golding 0 - G.Bartram 6 - A.Martin 2 F.Martin 5 - J.Scurry n.o.0 - W.Moore 22 - S.Curtis 0.
Bowling - Brown 4 for 8 - J.Overill 3 for 10.

August 4th 1932

After an honourable record of serving the scholastic profession, the Misses Barnes, who for 43 years, have been at Foxearth Church School, as head mistress and assistant head, have retired and are leaving Foxearth to retire to Worthing with the best wishes of all, for many years of health and happiness. The management presented them with a cheque from 149 past and present pupils and a beautiful illuminated address, the work of Leslie Maxim, a former pupil. The address also bore a photograph of Foxearth School.

September 8th 1932

Police change at Foxearth. P.C.Witham of Foxearth is exchanging with P.C.Arthey of Stisted. P.C.Whitham has been at Foxearth for 5© years.

October 13th 1932

Funeral of Mr B.Byford at Foxearth. Deceased was borne to the grave by some of his old comrades from the brewery.

November 17th 1932

The pump at Pentlow has been for some time in bad repair, the Sanitary Inspector has recommended that a modern type of pump be fixed. Mr Ward proposed that a grant under the Rural Workers Act be applied for.

November 17ty 1932

Football. Foxearth beat Hartest 5-2. Ford opened the scoring for Foxearth, a free kick for Foxearth was taken by Brand and hit the cross bar, Ford scoring from the rebound then Ford got his hat-trick, Howard then scored, Evans adding a fifth.

December 15th 1932

In the Brent Eleigh League, Foxearth beat Drinkstone 5-0. Maxim - Ford - Plumb 2 and Eady were the scorers for Foxearth.
Mansfield in the home goal was not challenged in the second half.

December 22nd 1932

Funeral at Borley of Mr William Dowling aged 71.
He had been in the employ of Mr R.T.B.Payne at Borley Hall for 24 years, previous to that he was employed by Mr S.H.Wilson of Highfield Mills, Sudbury. The service was by the Rev.Foyster.

January 5th 1933

Foxearth met Hartest in a replay of the Lavenham Minor Cup and again ending in a draw. Plumb, 2 and Maxim 1 were the scorers.
Brand and Boulden were prominent at the back.

January 5th 1933

There has been good progress in the building of the Wents Estate at Sudbury where building started only one month ago.

January 5th 1933

An invalid chair has recently been purchased for the use in the parish of Belchamp Walter. It will be kept in the mission room and loaned free of charge to any parishioner on application to Miss Marjorie Pearson or Miss Mary Wright.

January 5th 1933

There was a new years supper at the Plough Inn, Belchamp St Pauls, 28 people sat down and catering arrangements were carried out by the host, Mr J.S.Strong. The supper is a revival of old fashioned custom. Mr Bob Tarbun presided, Mr E.Chatters and Mr J.Strong d by relations.
Foxearth does not possess a sexton who digs graves, the work is usually carried out by an unemployed man, this week the few unemployed men in the parish were engaged in threshing operation. The Rector approached Mr D.Ward who at once allowed one of the brewery workman to dig the grave.

February 9th 1933

William Robert Stannard Munday, a dealer residing at the Gipsy Camp, Foxearth, near Glemsford station, was charged with the wilful murder of Everitt Elliott at Foxearth, on January 8th. Munday had been committed to the Essex Assizes from Castle Hedingham Police Court.
The hearing was before Mr Justice Charles.
At 8 or 8-30 pm on that day Mr and Mrs Elliott went to the Cock Inn at Glemsford, there they saw the prisoner with another man, there was no general conversation between the parties, but about an or so later the prisoner asked Mrs Elliot to have a drink from his pint of beer, she declined. This appeared to have upset Elliott, who swore at his wife and went out, but he returned shortly afterwards. Shortly before 10 o'clock, prisoner and the man with him left the public house. While the Elliott's were walking back to their van they were joined by prisoner, who as they walked, talked to deceased in a friendly way about horse dealing. On arrival at the gypsy camp, Mrs Elliott left her husband and the prisoner, went to their van, undressed and went to sleep. She had been to sleep some time when she was wakened by her husband with his hand round her throat. She got out of the van and ran to the prisoner's van. She shouted for Mrs Munday, the prisoner's wife; and Mrs Munday opened the door. At that time Mrs Elliott saw her husband right behind her, about five yards away. She heard Mrs Munday call the prisoner, and he called for his gun. At that time Elliott and his wife were outside the van, and inside were prisoner, his wife, their daughter Annie, aged 9, and two younger children. Mrs Elliott saw Mrs Munday give a gun to prisoner and saw him raise the gun and she called out " he is latching the clicker to yog you", which is slang for " he is getting a gun to shoot you".
Prisoner fired and Elliott dropped dead.
Mrs Elliott went to P.C.Ripton at Glemsford, P.C.Ripton went to Foxearth for P.C.Arthy and on the way met he met the prisoner who said" you are just the man I want as I have just shot a gippo". P.C.Ripton told prisoner to go back to the camp. On returning P.C.Arthy asked prisoner what had happened, and he replied " I have shot that man" and did not know the gun was loaded. Prisoner was taken to the house of Mr Thompson, near the Glemsford railway station and locked up.
Frank Charles Thompson, a clerk in the employ of the Railway Company at Glemsford, stated that the prisoner was locked up with him in a room at the station, when the police went away, prisoner said to me," That is the worst of me, Mr Thompson, I have such a -----rotten temper, but I did not know the gun was loaded.
Prisoner on oath, said he owned the land occupied by the encampment. On the Monday following the letting of the land to Elliott, Elliott came to my van and asked him to lend him a shilling, witness however bought him a bottle of beer and some woodbines, they were on friendly terms.
Mrs Elliott says she heard you say " Give me my gun and I will blow his brains out", did you say that,- I did not.
Dr.Ritchie, of Cavendish, said the upper half of the left side of the skull was blown away. The gun must have been fired at a fairly close range.
P.C.Arthey said the prisoner made a statment which he took down in writing and signed by the prisoner. The statement said," on Saturday night Elliott was intoxicated, and Mrs Elliott had had enough to drink; but was in her right senses. He (prisoner) was quite sober.I went into my van about 10-45 pm and went to bed, suddenly I heard my wife screaming, I heard someone say " I will smash all your windows, come out you long ----.My gun was standing in the corner, I picked it up and looked out of the door and saw my wife struggling with Elliott and his wife, I levelled the gun as I thought in the air, I did not know it was loaded, I pulled the trigger and the gun went off, I went outside and saw the man was lying on the ground, so I walked to Foxearth to inform the policeman, but could not find him so I walked back and waited for the police to come. I fired in defence of my wife, not meaning to hit anyone.
His Lordship, summing commented on the strange way in which prisoner, when he went up to a constable and said" I have shot a man" was told to go back to the camp. It was another odd thing that for 25 minutes he was locked up with a little raiway clerk." How the little railway clerk liked it when he knew the allegations against the man I dont know, added his Lordship," but we may imagine".
After 25 minutes deliberation, the Jury aquitted the prisoner.

March 9th 1933

On Saturday evening at Borley Post Office, an interesting presentation took place to mark Mr F.Heard's association with the village as postman for 33 years. He was put on the Borley round in 1891 and did a round of 18 miles a day between Sudbury and Borley, visiting outlying farms and houses, his cheerful manner and willingness made him many friends in the parish. The presentation was made by Mrs Biggs, took the form of a gold watch which was suitably inscribed. Mr Heard suitably replied. The presentation was made at the house of the postmaster, Mr A.Finch.

March 9th 1933

The Medical Officer for Belchamp Rural Council.Dr Ranson, reported on the sewer ditch at Foxearth, saying it was unfit to be discharged into the river. Mr D.Ward said he considered that the effluent was satisfactory.

April 13th 1933

While pulling his gun through a hedge at Liston on Saturday about noon, Mr Frederick Totman of Long Melford, aged 44, accidently shot himself in the mouth. He walked about three quarters of a mile towards his house before he was seen by anyone able to render asssistance. It appeared that he went out shooting about 6 am and at mid-day he climbed through a hedge and pulling his gun, the trigger got caught up and the gun exploded, shooting him through the mouth. He is in St Leonards Hospital and is making progress.

August 13th 1933

At Colchester Bankruptcy Court. The examination of Wilfred Frederick Ewer of Western Hall Farm, Foxearth. The debtor had liabilties of £ 4.195. a deficiency of £ 2.841. He was questioned by a representative of the trustees as to a motor car which he stated at the last court belonged to his wife, he now explained he had made a genuine mistake as to the ownership of the car. The registrar closed the case.

May 4th 1933

Foxearth finished the season in fine style, beating Bildeston 3-1. Plumb scored from a fine pass from Howard, Evans and Turner adding two more.

May 25th 1933

Cricket. Hartest 43 - Foxearth 33.

June 1st 1933

Mr D.H.Steed a contractor of Chilton, demonstrated at Wood Farm, Little Waldingfield, a tractor drawing two four furrow ploughs, doing the work of 20 horses. The power was supplied by a Trac-Trac-Tor T 40 International - 6 cylinders - 50 hp. It is estimated that in a normal day 10 acres could be ploughed.

June 1st 1933

Advert. New budget prices. Ward and Son LTD. Famous Gold Medal Ales. - Pale Ale - 6s 6d per doz pint bottles - Stout - 6s 6d per doz pint bottles - Burton Ale - 6s 6d per doz pint bottles - Imperial Strong Ale - 8s per doz pint - Strong No 1 - 6s per doz half pint bottles.
June 1st 1933, At Belchamp Rural District Council, Mr D.Ward said he would be unable to continue supplying Foxearth village with water after Dec 25th. He had supplied the village for 30 to 40 years and felt that the time had come to have a public water supply. Plans for the reconstruction of Alphampstone beerhouse were approved.

June 8th 1933

Advert. Sir Alan Cobham's Great Air Display will visit Brundon Hall on June 19th.

June 8th 1933

Photo of Foxearth cricket team who are now the proud possessors of a new pavilion provided by the generosity of Mr D.Ward.

June 8th 1933

Cricket-Cavendish-- 67 - Foxearth 53 for five. Bad light stopped play. Colonel Basset-24 for Foxearth.

June 22nd 1933

Foxearth found the bowling of C.Turner and O.Murkin almost unplayable, being dismissed for 10 runs. Turner 5 for 3 - Murkin 5 for 2. Cavendish 35.

June 29th 1933

High on the banks of the river Stour lies the little parish of Foxearth, in the midst of this charming village lies a garden which is a delight to wander round, as the spacious rose bowers and lawns reminds us of our grandparents time. Here the lawns and roses surround a fine warm brick house with new varieties of flower colour schemes with new methods of cultivation and a happy blend of architecture has been achieved. This magnificent garden belongs to Mr David Ward and is known as the Cottage.On Wednesday, Sudbury and District Horticulture Society visited the grounds. Mr Ward was accompanied by his son and the gardener Mr Coleby, there were 25 people in the party.

June 29th 1933

Wedding at Borley between Mary Ester Martin and Stephen Arthur Dole of Greenwich.

July 6th 1933

The folowing children won honourable mention in the diocesan inspection at Belchamp Walter School. Reg Richardson - Fred Branwhite - Archie Cameron - Elsie Glass - Daphne Firmin - Jack Richardson - Doreen Smith - Elizabeth Glass - Margaret Bird - Betty Smith - Stephen Howell - Don Butcher - Beatrice Laver - William Glass - Violet Barnes.

August 3rd 1933

Mr C.Cutmore in the employ of Mr C.Offord of Belchamp St Pauls, was driving a binding machine across a path which runs through the field which he was cutting, when it pitched and threw him off the seat. The doctor said he did not think any bones were broken.
August 17th 1933.Funeral at Foxearth of Mr I.Eady. Mr J.Ewer was the late employer. Floral tributes included one from Scottie.

August 24th 1933

Death of Polly Newman at Belchamp St Pauls aged 90.
Polly was postwoman at Belchamp for 21 years. She had no known relatives.
January 11th 1934..The death of the postmistress Miss B.Mann, has occurred at Sudbury. She had held the post of postmistress at Belchamp St Pauls for 18 years, she had an obliging and tactful manner. The business has been in the Mann family for 36 years.

January 4th 1934

The death of Mr Alfred Eady an old inhabitant of Belchamp St Pauls is reported, he was at one time foreman at Cutbush Farm. He was fatally injured in a motor accident while driving with his step son at Thetford. He was 77 years old.

February 1st 1934

Death of Mr Reginald Wright of Belchamp Walter aged 28, he was the son of Mr Samuel Wright of the Post Office and was employed as roadman at Gestingthorpe.

February 8th 1934

Wedding at Belchamp Walter of Miss Emily Pearson and Mr William Shinn of White Colne.

February 22nd 1934

Death at Belchamp Walter of Mr Egbert (Enoch) Martin aged 77 years, he worked for Mr C.M.Stunt at Mount Farm. One of his sons made the supreme sacrifice in the war, at one time he had 4 sons and 3 daughters serving during the war, one of his daughters, Elizabeth, was awarded the M.B.E. for services rendered.

February 22nd 1934

Death at Pentlow of Mr Sidney Wells aged 71, he farmed at Pentlow Hall for 25 years.

March 1st 1934

The Bishop of Colchester officiated at a confirmation service at Foxearth church, there were 34 candidates. 8 from Foxearth, 23 from Bulmer, 1 from Belchamp St Pauls, 2 from Ridgewell.

March 8th 1934

While cycling up Foxearth Hill, Pentlow, with his son in law from Cavendish, and a friend, on the way to see a football match at Sudbury, Mr Mecklenburgh of Clare aged 43, complained of feeling unwell when half way up the hill, he continued to walk up the incline, when they reached the top he collapsed and died. The body was taken to the Pinkna Arms, Pentlow and afterwards to Clare, he had been gardener to Mr W.F.Byford at Clare for 15 years.

March 8th 1934

At Belchamp District Council, it is reported that a good supply of water is now available at Foxearth, near the council houses, the well is 141 feet deep. The brewery supply would now be cut off. A stand pipe would be provided, asked who would do the pumping, Mr Ward said the roadmen, it was agreed to consider the matter.

March 8th 1934

Pentlow lost 1 - 5 to Felsham in the league. W.Chambers scored first for Pentlow. Pentlow team -- A.Golding - A.Mayhew - A.Smith R.Self - S. Mansfield - J.Prentice - A Johnson - A.Plumb - C.Golding W.Chambers - W. Mortimer.

March 22nd 1934

At Ipswich magistrates court, Frank Mansell Richards, of Foxearth, a brewery worker, was fined £ 15 for driving a car at Ipswich under the influence of drink. Richards said he had been in Bury hospital for an operation and was in a weakened condition.

March 22nd 1934

Pentlow lost to Felsham 7 - 3 in the Lavenham Minor league.

March 22nd 1934

Death of James Butcher of Borley, late of Rodbridge.

April 12th 1934

An application for the discharge from bankruptcy was granted to Wilfred Ewer of Western End, Foxearth.

April 19th 1934

Borley. Death and funeral of Miss Alice Bull at Great Cornard. Mourners were, Alfred Bull and Gerald Bull,(brothers) Miss Ethel Bull, Miss Mabel Bull, Miss Constance Bull, Miss Millie Bull,(sisters). Rev.Foyster an B.Foyster,(cousins). Mrs Hayden and Miss Freda Bull,(sisters).

March 31st 1934

Mr D.Ward said at the new Halstead Rural District Council that the Brewery would still supply the village of Foxearth with water to give the new council time to provide a satisfactory supply.
Mr R, T.B.Payne of Borley wrote asking for council houses to be built at Borley as he required one for his son and one a lorry driver.

May 31st 1934

Funeral at Foxearth of the late Mr H.E.Ham. The Rev G.H.Basset officiated. Mourners were; H.G.Ham-H.E.Ham(sons), Miss H.M.Ham (daughter), Miss Ham and Mrs G.Last (sisters), Mr and Mrs H.Clarke (brother in law and sister). Amongst many other mourners present were; Mr and Mrs D.Ward - Mr A.V.C.Lambert - Mr J.Ewer - Mrs Basset - Mrs Sylvester - Mr Nicholls.
The coffin was of plain oak and bore the inscription,- Harry Eldred Ham.
Died May 20th, 1934, aged 65 years.
Floral tributes included one from Horrie-Harold-Ted and Hilda.- From his two sisters-Harry, May and family,-Dolly, George and Mary,(Lowestoft).
I.G.C.- Myra and Eva- Mr and Mrs D.Ward-Mr and Mrs H.E.Ward-Rev and Mrs Basset-Mr and Mrs E.W.Lorking-Mrs Percy Sylvester and Pat, also a beautiful wreath from the village, showing the high esteem he was held in the parish.

May 31st 1934

At a meeting of Halstead Rural District Council it was decided to build two council houses at Borley, Mr R.T.B.Payne said he would give the ground.
The chairman said if Mr Ward could produce a list of applicants, the council would consider building more houses at Foxearth.

June 7th 1934

Death at Cavendish of Mr Charles E.Turner. He was a native of Dymock, Gloustershire. For a long period of time he was a civil servant in the Ordinance Survey Fields Revision Department. On his retirement he came to live at Cavendish, the home of his wife, he was 75 years old and leaves a widow and three sons.

June 14th 1934

Until three years ago there was no public supply of water at Foxearth until four new houses were built by the council and a bore of 140 feet was sunk by the council, another public supply was shortly afterwards sunk at Temple End to serve about six houses.A second proposal was to sink a well near the village hall and another near the brewery.

June 28th 1934

Death at Belchamp Walter of Mr James Morgan Pearsons of the Eight Bells, he was 75 years old.

July 5th 1934

For over fifty years there has been a peal of eight bells at Foxearth, quite recently for the first time they have been overhauled at a cost of £ 50. To meet this cost a fete was held in the rectory grounds on Wednesday. Mrs Lamb of Newton Road, Sudbury, opened the fete, saying she had resided there many years ago with her aunt Mrs Foster.

July 5th 1934

Cricket. Foxearth 62, Cavendish 29.

July 5th 1934

The marriage took place at Belchamp Walter between George William Chatters, only son of Mr and Mrs William Chatters, of Cottage Row and Miss Mary Wright, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Samuel Wright of the Post Office.

July 12th 1934

There was an outing from Pentlow to the Royal Show at Ipswich, organised by Mr Cardy.

August 9th 1934

A discovery of interest has been made at Cavendish.
Sometime ago the chimney of an old house known as Pocky Hall, collapsed, among the debris was discovered a block of wood which had been used to support a beam. It has now been ascertained that wood formed a part of a rood screen, probably from Cavendish church, it is dated 1450.

October 11th 1934

Wedding at Borley between Winifred Maud Pearson, daughter of Mr and Mrs Pearson of Place Farm, Borley, and Lionel Arbon, son of Mr William J.Arbon of Bulmer. The Rev Foyster officiated.

October 25th 1934

Mr and Mrs Charles Gardiner of Borley, celebrated their golden wedding on Friday. They were married at the parish church and have lived there all their married life.

November 29th 1934

Pentlow beat Cockfield 2-1.

November 29th 1934

Frederick Cole and George Hume of Foxearth were summoned by Mr H.E.Ward, who said he was walking round the shoot belonging to him at Bradfields Farm with William Coolidge and Sidney Coe when they saw accused putting down nets. William Coolidge said Hume had a pocket full of nets. Fined 15s -2s 6d costs.