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1930 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 2nd 1930

Thomas William Gardiner of Purkis farm, Borley, died suddenly in St Leonards hospital, he was 75, it appear he rose from his lunch table and stumbled and fell to the floor, Dr Tylor of Melford was sent for and he ordered him into St Leonards hospital, he was a member of a well known family and had farmed in New Zealand for a period of time. Accidental.

February 6th 1930. Frank King a labourer of Gt Waldingfield was summoned for being on enclosed premises with the intention to commit a felony. P.C. O’Brien said he went to Mr Ayres premises in which were a large number of fowls and watched with Mr Ayres from a window, he went out and made a search for the defendant and found him in an enclosed yard, defendant said he came for a fowl, nothing was found on him, asked by the Chairman if he had anything to say defendant replied “I went for a fowl but got stopped”. Probation for 12 months and to pay £1 11s costs.

February 13th 1930

A pleasing ceremony took place at the Mission Rooms Belchamp Walter on Tuesday evening when Mr Walter Deal was the recipient of a silver watch and a pair of ebony backed hair brushes with an illuminated address with the subscribers names on it, the words on the address were “Presented to Walter Deal in recognition of his services as Parish Warden of the church of St Mary the Virgin, Belchamp Walter from 1927 to 1930.

At Castle Hedingham Brewster Sessions there was a decrease of on off licence i e the Pinkuah |Arms at Pentlow.

At Hedingham Magistrates John Haylock a farmer of Helion Bumpstead was summoned for assaulting Claud Barnes. Dismissed.

March 6th 1930

Mr A.J. Campbell licensee of the Victory public house at Wickham St Pauls told his customers that he had put the whole of his savings into the business and it did not pay, on Wednesday morning his body was found lying in the kitchen with his throat cut, he came to Wickham from Brockley. Unsound mind.

April 3rd 1930

Several thousand pounds has been spent in making the Gainsborough Theatre one of the most up to date house in the country for the exhibition of sound films.

April 24th 1930

Sudbury Motor Cycle Club held a interesting and amusing hill climb contest at Mill House farm, the property of Mr Collis Goodchild at Glemsford, the course was marked out between Hill Hose and the road, it was 150 yards long, the first 40 yards was not very steep but it was very slippery with the rain so preventing good starts, the slope gradually was gradual to the height of about 80 yards when the ground suddenly rises giving a rise of about 1 in 4, the hill was so steep not a single sidecar outfit could finish the climb.

May 1st 1930

At a meeting of Belchamp Council the sanitary inspector said there were two case of scarlet fever in Foxearth and that he had visited the poorer ? of a cottage property in Foxearth and it was so bad he put a closing order on it.

June 12th 1930

It appears that since last Wednesday there has been in a field near the railway line and Lyston Lane at Melford an encampment of gipsies and hawkers, on Monday night everything appeared normal and peaceful when suddenly there were yells and shouts when raiders came with a motor car attacked the camp, it seems there was a pitched battle in the field when a woman shouted “murder” this was heard by the brothers Border who live nearby, they immediately went out of their house to see what the matter was, they found a man and a woman at grips in the field, they went to her rescue but before he could reach the couple one was felled with a blow from a stick, Mr David Border who had followed his brother was stooping to pick him up also received several blows across his back, Mr G.F.Border who was on holiday and seeing his two brothers down went for the police, he was followed by a party in the car who jumped out and assaulted him. P.C. O’Brien was coming down the main street to see what the trouble was, raiders had apparently withdrawn and what could be gathered it was some kind of family feud involving a marriage tangle, the raiding party is supposed to have come from Soham and Mildenhall.

July 3rd 1930

At a meeting of Belchamp Council Mr Ward congratulated the Council and Mr Allpress on the new council houses at Bulmer and Alphampstone, he thought they gave good value for the money. Mr Ward said the brewery had supplied Foxearth village with water for the last 35 years and he felt it was time they had a permanent supply, the Chairman said that in the event of building new houses at Foxearth the matter would be gone into.

Bertie Brown a motor bus driver was summoned for exceeding 20 miles per hour on the Melford road. £1.

July 17th 1930

Alfred Gibbons, Walter Pilgrim, Russell Moulton, Charles Johnson, Sidney Panton, George Hume, Victor Lefley, Charles Clarke and Alfred Clarke were charged with gambling by playing with cards on Common Land at Sudbury. 10s.

July 24th 1930

A correspondent writes to the “Times”. While motoring along a country road I noticed a hen partridge crossing the road with a small brood of young, I stopped to watch and the cock bird made it’s appearance and suddenly sprang into the air to a height of 30 ft, the cause of this was a hen kestrel which I noticed hovering overhead, the kestrel made off at once with the partridge in hot pursuit for about 70 yards after which he returned to it’s brood.

On Friday the children of Belchamp Walter school journeyed to Clacton, they numbered 38, they were in charge of Miss Softley the headmistress and Miss Marjorie Pearson and Miss E. Edgley.

August 28th 1930

A machine that reaps the corn, threshes it and sacks it is the wonder worker which has been introduced to this part of the country by Major R.Proby M.C. of Appleacre, Hundon, Clare, the machine is known as the International Harvester

September 11th 1930

As Mr Crow of Pentlow Hall farm was having his corn carted from his land in Cavendish to the Home Farm at Pentlow, the wagons having to cross a bridge over the river when a loaded wagon in charge of a man named Slater had just reached the bridge when the driver turned too sharp the wagon hit a post and swung it round and it fell down the bank into the river, fortunately the shafts broke so the horse was left on the bridge, the water in the river at that point is not very deep, neither the man or the horse was injured.

October 9th 1930

We regret to learn that Mrs Whittome of Brundon Hall has died, the interment was short and simple, the service being held in the Hall was attended by family and friends, the public were assembled on the drive and lawn so they could hear the service, along the path to the kitchen garden there is a shaded corner where the grave was dug, here the Rev Stote performed the last rites.

October 23rd 1930

At a meeting of Belchamp Council the Sanitary Inspector reported on three old dilapidated cottages near Paines Manor at Pentlow had been reconstructed under the Rural Workers Housing Act, the work is nearing completion, Mr Cornell the owner said he is pleased with the work, the Sanitary Inspector said the old oak beams had been preserved and the place had the appearance of a gentleman’s residence rather than cottages, the village was now better off by three houses.

October 30th 1930

Withersfield. Considerable comment has been occasioned by the action of the Australian Cricket Board in giving permission to Donald Bradman to fly home ahead of his colleagues in the victorious Test team, the board said if he wished to return home and willing to pay his own expenses he had every right to go.

November 13th 1930

Sudbury Corn Market. Wheat to 32s per quarter-malting barley to 52s-oats to 19s.

Funeral at Cowlinge of Percy Deeks who met his death in a tragic motor cycle accident whilst going to work at Bury sugar beet factory, Mr Deeks was interred in the same grave as his brother who also met with a fatal accident last year.

The Essex County Council Grants under the Housing (rural workers) Act expired on October 1st, there was once three thatched cottages at Pentlow where part of the thatch had entirely blown away, there were holes in the walls and they were quite unfit to live in, the owner took advantage of the Act and the transformation was amazing, they are now spick and span and ornamental instead of an eyesore, grants were not to exceed £100 per house.

November 27th 1930

Willoughby Parker of Foxearth was charged with using obscene language in Bury St Edmunds. 20s.

December 18th 1930

At the Boardman and Oliver Christmas show on Thursday the award for the best pair of fat beasts went to Messrs Rush and Thompson of Long Melford with the roan heifer going to Mr Harry Eagle for £31 10s and the white heifer to Mrs Ruse for £33 5s, two roan heifers from Mr J.Miller took second prize and they went to Mr Eagle, two large steers from Mr R.T.B.Payne made £33 and £43 10s, Mr Fred Fison of Belchamp Walter sent a winning quintet of sheep for which Mr A.Bacon paid 72s each.

1931 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 1st 1931

At Hedingham Magistrates Court the license for the Fox Inn at Belchamp St Pauls was transferred to George Smith from John Martin of Tilbury.

February 12th 1931

The sale of farming stock took place at Manor Farm in Belchamp Otten on instructions from Mr Ernest Leach.

February 19th 1931

By the passing of the Rev Sir William Hyde Parker at the age of 67 West Suffolk has lost a familiar figure.

February 26th 1931

There was an attendance of nearly 2,000 people at the funeral of the late Rev William Sir Hyde Parker with over 1,000 in the church.

March 5th 1931

Death at Southampton of Mr J.Blake whose name will be forever linked with V.J.Woodward and A.Gosnell as the three greatest players ever associated with Colchester Football Club, born at Belchamp Walter he began his career with Colchester Town and then went to Ilford and Tottenham Hotspurs, he then threw in his lot with Southampton where he became a professional, he made his debut in the 1907-8 season and made 183 first team appearances, his last game was against Crystal Palace in 1919, he 48 years of age.

March 12th 1931

Belchamp District Council approved plans for a new bungalow for Mr J.Twinn at Alphampstone.

March 19th 1931

Death at Bulmer of Mr David Rowe aged 88, he leaves seven sons and two daughters to mourn his loss.

April 23rd 1931

At a meeting of Cavendish Parish Council the Clerk reported that work in connection with the bridge between Houghton Hall and Colts Hall has received attention, attention was drawn regards the condition of the road leading to Wales End farm.

May 7th 1931

Sudbury. The magnificent block of shops at the corner of North Street and Suffolk road belonging to Halstead Industrial Co-operative Society was opened on Saturday afternoon.

May 21st 1931

On Thursday at the Four Swans in Sudbury Messrs Boardman and Oliver offered for sale Bower Hall at Pentlow, 175 acres with old fashioned oak studded farm house, the purchaser was Mr Frank Richardson for £1000.

June 28th 1931

At Melford District Council an application was made by Messrs Hitchcock to store petrol spirit at Pentlow Mill, granted.

June 30th 1931

At a meeting of Belchamp District Council the medical officer issued his annual report on deaths and births in the area, they were virtually the same viz. 13.6.

He also reported that the artesian well at Foxearth was of a high degree of purity and quite suitable for domestic purposes, the amount of oxide of iron was not excessive. ( It was foul as I used to drink it as a lad( (G.H.).

June 30th 1931

Funeral at Glemsford of Mr Walter Brown aged 55, amongst the mourners were Mrs M. Brown, widow, Master Ted Brown, son, Mr and Mrs King Brown, brother and sister in law, Mr A. Keyton nephew, Miss May Brown, Mrs E.Kelly, Mrs G.Smith and Miss Mollie Brown nieces, Mr and Mrs Ablitt brother in law and sister in law. Deceased joined the army in 1914 and served throughout the war.

August 6th 1931

James Hickford, George Drury, William Marsh, Albert Chatters, William Woodgate all labourers of Melford were summoned for gaming with cards and coins at Melford on July 26th, P.C.Abbott stated he in company of Sgt O’Brien and P.C. Ripton were concealed in Hare Drift, from their hiding place they overheard defendants and at a given signal they rushed out and seized Chatters, the others having run off. 10s each.

August 13th 1931

Funeral at Gt Henny of Alfred Carter, a young man of only 17 who died from injuries received in falling off the scaffolding at Burton’s Green, Halstead, where he was following his occupation as carpenter.

August 20th 1931

Dissolution of Partnership Sale of 600 hens which include pure Rhode Island Reds and a flock of turkeys on the 26th. Catalogues from Messrs A. and M. Cobbald, Acton Hall.

August 20th 1931

At a meeting of Hartismere Rural Council, Dr Spencer asked the medical officer if he knew a cow was kept in a bedroom at Rickinghall, the medical officer replied he did no know but he had heard that pigs are kept in a house at Palgrave.

September 3rd 1931

Inquest at Baythorne Park on body of Mr King Viall of Baythorne Park who had taken “potassi cyanidum”. Suicide.

September 3rd 1931

From Free Press September 13th 1911. A new four light Gothic window has been inserted into Foxearth school to increase the light in the main schoolroom.

September 17th 1931

Melford Speedway –Expensive rapid riding. At Melford police court Sidney Watkinson labourer of Purfleet Road, Aveley, Essex was summoned for driving his motor cycle without due care and attention at Melford on August 1st. P.C.Conroy said he was on motor cycle patrol in Melford, he had stopped his machine as he was conferring with Sgt O’Brien when he saw defendant driving a motor cycle towards Sudbury at an estimated speed of 40 to 45 miles per hour. £1.

September 24th 1931

Letters to the Editor. Sir. I was astonished to read in last weeks issue that the Belchamp Education Committee had accepted a tender of 10s per day for the conveyance of three children from Henny school to Bulmer cookery centre, this means £15 for a period of six weeks, in these days we are asked to study economy, this is a gross waste of public money. Signed Disgusted.

September 24th 1931. At a meeting of Belchamp Council the Sanitary Inspector reported that some old cottages in Foxearth were now reconstructed and near completion.

A grant was recommended to Mr E. Nott to repair 10 old dilapidated cottages in Twinstead.

October 29th 1931

Depression owing to ill health was the verdict this week on Wednesday Charles Felton aged 55 of Smeetham Hall, Lane, Bulmer, who was missing since Saturday and his body was found in a pond in Brundon Hall,Wood. Suicide.

November 19th 1931

Withersfield. The engagement is announced of Don Bradman the Australian cricketer and Miss Jessie Menzies, as a child Miss Menzies used to stay with the Bradman family at their home at Bowral where her and her fiancée attended school..

November 26th 1931

Inquest at the Town Hall, Sudbury, on Lillian Morgans of Wrights Yard, North Street,aged 8 years 11 months, she stepped off the footpath just at the moment a car driven by William Bigg of Borley Place was passing. Accidental with no blame attached to William Bigg.

December 3rd 1931

A few days ago Mr T.Evans of Cavendish had an alarming experience which however turned out to his satisfaction, it should be explained he is deaf and was in a meadow looking at some cows which are to be sold, he did not notice a bull but fortunately turned just as the bull was on him, he did his best to beat it off and succeeded enough to make a bolt for the gate, the shock upset him and when he arrived home he was surprised he could hear and at this time is hearing is perfect.

There was a large attendance at Bence Farm, Clare, for the auction of the live and dead stock at satisfactory prices.

December 17th 1931

Death at Pebmarsh of Mr William Spurgeon in his 82 year, he was sexton at the parish church, the church being situate about 100 yards where Mr Spurgeon lived with his daughter and son in law, Mr and Mrs Whiting, Mr Spurgeon lived nearly all his life in Pebmarsh, in his younger days he served as a driver in the Royal Artillery for 12 years, he saw service in the Afghanistan campaign of 1878-80 and was a member of the force that made the historic march from Kabul to Kandahar through the notorious Kyber Pass, he was awarded the Afghanistan medal with three bars, Kabul, Marasia and Pewar Kobal.

December 24th 1931

In the half light of fog on Saturday,two brothers, Robert and Thomas Sandford were returning home to Waldingfield on a motor cycle from Long Melford when approaching Park Farm some hurdles were being drawn across the road, neither the man engaged with the hurdles or the motor cyclists saw each other and the machine crashed into the hurdles, P.C.Gosling conveyed them in a car to St Leonards hospital where Robert died on Sunday, he was chauffeur to Sir Charles Rowley. Accidental.

December 24th 1931

Died at Rose Cottage on Tye Green, Glemsford, Ex Police Inspector Robert Ward aged 93, he has said one of his most exciting days was the riot on Election day when he was on duty at Melford, he was struck on the head and rendered unconscious, Glemsford in those days he said was not law abiding and he had to deal with cases of sheep stealing, in one case a carcase of a sheep was left in the pulpit of one of the chapels.