The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1922-1925 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

January 5th 1922

Herbert Capon, a farmer from Belchamp Otten Hall, was charged with driving a car at a dangerous speed to the public in Sudbury on Dec.22nd, he denied being drunk. Fined £ 12 and 10s costs.

February 25th 1922

Belchamp Rural District Council. The surveyor has obtained a tender from Melford Haulage Company to supply Acton flints for Pentlow at 14s per yard, Foxearth at 13s and Lyston at 12s 6d.
6s 6d for the stone and the rest for haulage. It is required for certain lanes used for agricultural purposes, the ruts to be filled in and made as sound as possible. Major Daniell said it was necessary that these roads be kept in repair.

March 16th 1922

An aeroplane came down at Acton on Friday, but owing to the pilot not noticing a ditch which had been dug for drainage, it dug its nose in and overturned. Observation Officer Casey started out from Duxford to fly to East Dereham, on his return journey he was compelled to alight in Mr Cobbald's field at Acton because of low fuel pressure, which he did, but when the machine was gliding down a slope it came to a drain which the pilot thought was a path because of the gravel thrown out, it overted. The pilot was lucky to escape with a cut nose. A large crowd of onlookers assembled. It was a Bristol machine, 12 cylinders and developed 250 h p. (photo)

April 6th 1922

The body of Mrs Foster was laid to rest in the village churchyard at Foxearth on Wednesday afternoon. It was thirty years ago to the exact month that a similar scene was witnessed here, when friends and neighbours, parishoners and affectionate acquaintances from a distance, assembled at the burial of the Rev John Foster. A brief reference was made last week to the long, close and active interest Mrs Foster had, with her husband, taken in all that pertained to the welfare of this model parish; its fine old church SS Peter and Paul, during her residence here had been restored and richly adorned with stained glass windows, and finely carved rood screen, one of the most beautiful in the district; while substantial and well conducted schools, and neat cottages, gardens and allotments, and a village club had been provided.
The presence of the Rev.W.J.Pressey, the curate in the days first alluded to and later rector, revived many memories of the happy gatherings frequently held in this picturesque parish, where the harvest home social, for instance, was an institution kept up with zest from year to year. The weather on Wednesday - alternate sunshine and cloud - was typical of the experience of the parishioners during those long intervening years. They had gathered now to pay a last tribute to one of whom, it might well be said," Life's race well run, life's work well done." At matins on Sunday morning, the Rector (Rev. H.S.Carpenter) alluded in glowing terms to the loss the parish had sustained, and to the constant and warm hearted support given by Mrs Foster in all service affecting the spiritual and social well being of their little community. She was a constant and welcome visitor at the schools, and for many years one of its managers. At 8 o'clock on Wednesday, Rev.W.G.Irvine, son of a former curate of the parish, and nephew of the late Rev.John Foster, and now vicar of Portfield, Chichester, was the celebrant at a requiem. The funeral service was at 2-30, and the large assembly soon filled the church. The Rectors Warden (Mr H.S.Carter)directed the seating arrangements. The cortege was met at the lych gate by the officiating clergy, the Rector(the Rev.H.S.Carpenter) Rev.W.J.Pressey of Margeretting, and the Rev.Philip F.Raymond of Middleton. The procession was headed by the cross bearer(Mr L.R.Andrewes, great nephew of the deceased). Before the service the organist(Mr F.T.Glazin of Long Melford) played Chopin's" Funeral March" " Blessed are the departed" and " O, rest in the Lord". The rector read the opening sentences, the other clergy mentioned taking part in the service. The Nunc Dimmittis was chanted as the body was borne to the churchyard, where the Rector said the committal sentences. The grave, on the south side, under the shadow of the tower, was lined with ivy, studded with bunches of primroses and violets, gathered from the hedgerow and woodland by the school children, and were arranged by Mr D.Inch, who has spent most of the years of his life in the service of the deceased lady, and Mr F.Woods, gardener to Mr David Ward, of Lower Hall.
The mourners were Mr Claude Andrewes(brother), Mrs Vidal(sister), Miss Blanche Andrewes, Mr Robert Andrewes, Mr and Mrs David Ward, Mr Walter Andrewes, the Rev.B.W.Drake, Miss Maisie Andrewes, the Rev.George Irvine and Mr H.Kindersley.

The congregation included Revs.W.Bury (Henny) H.F.Bull (Borley) F.E.P.Bull (Pentlow) Mr and Mrs J.P.Brand, Mr J.S.Ewer (representing Mrs Ewer and family) Miss M.Raymond (Middleton) Mr H.H.Baker (Sudbury) Mrs and Miss Carpenter, Miss Bull, Mrs Bankes Williams, Mr A.H. and Miss Canham, Miss Andrewes (Sudbury) Miss Yelloly, Mr F.Segers (Melford) Nurse Thompson, Mr and Miss Carter, Dr A.L.Richie (Cavendish), Dr.Tyler (Melford), Mr J.W.F.Hamilton, J.P. (Melford), Mr J.Campbell Lambert, Mr A.V.C.Lambert, Mr H.E.Ward, Mr and Mrs C.Hurst, Mr and Mrs E.E.Harper, Mr and Mrs Levick, Mr Ham, Mr and Mrs Newson and Mr P.Mills.
Immediately after the mourners had left, the bells were rung half muffled by the local company of ringers. The plain oak panelled coffin, with heavy brass furniture, bore the incription; " Elizabeth Georgina Foster, born 8th June 1835, passed to her rest 25th March 1922." As it was being taken to and from the church the coffin bore one very large and beautiful wreath of scarlet and purple tulips," from Claude and Evelyn Andrewes." The other floral tributes were from the following:-With deepest sympathy, from Major and Mrs John Allan Daniell, Eyston Hall.
With much sympathy , from the associates and branch secretary of the G.F.S. and the Hedingham East Branch.(Mrs Foster having taken a warm interest in the Girls Friendly Society). With kind remembrance, from Mrs C.Shepherd Ewer and family, Weston Hall, Foxearth. In loving memory from Walter and Jessie and Robert and Rose Andrewes. In loving remembrance and affection, from her godson, Harold. In loving memory of our dear mistress, from David, wife and family. In affectionate remembrance, from Winnie and Madge. In deepest sympathy, from Mr and Mrs John Brand. In loving remembrance, Amy and Lois. With love and much sympathy from the Misses Bull, Chilton Lodge. With deepest sympathy, Mr and Mrs C.Hurst.
In affectionate remembrance of my dear aunt and godmother, from her godchild, Bill. With all kind thoughts, from Mr and Mrs Levick. In loving remembrance and deep affection from May and David. In loving memory, from Mr H.C.Kindersley and Miss E.M.Kindersley. In loving remembrance of dear Mrs Foster, from Gracie. With sincere sympathy, from the employees of Foxearth Brewery. In sweet remembrance and deepest sympathy, Mr and Mrs H.S.Carter and daughters. In loving memory Barnie and Vi. With loving sympathy, Rose and Will, Mr and Mrs W.A.Welchman (Elstree, Herts.) In loving memory of dear little auntie, from Agnes and Fritz. With deepest sympathy from Mr Tom Piper and family. With sicere sympathy, from Mr J.Campbell Lambert and A.V.C.Lambert, Foxearth Hall. Undertakers were Messrs Bareham and Cowell, Clare.

April 27th 1922

A few days since, a house belonging to and inhabited by Mr Daniel Plumb of Pentlow, had a very narrow escape from being burnt down. It appears that a beam in the chimney caught fire and spread to an upstairs room where Mr Plumb was lying seriously ill. Plenty of help was at hand and water was plentiful. Mr Plumb is well known in the district and is a good bit upset by the accident.

March 18th 1922

The Cottage at Foxearth for sale on May 25th. The house is well screened from the public and prettily clad with creeper and climbing roses. 4 reception rooms-ample domestic offices-8 bed and box rooms-capital stables-loose box-harness room-coach house with loft- potting sheds etc. Also household furniture-Empire dining suite-mahogany grandfather clock-grandmother clock-old French china clock-skeleton ormolu and other clocks. Antique piano-knee hole table and other tables.
250 ounces of silver old Sheffield and other plated goods. China-two Worcester and old Minton dessert services-Rockingham-Spode-Wedgewood and Old Oriental.

March 18th 1922

Death of Edward Stunt aged 16 years of Belchamp Walter.

June 29th 1922

On Thursday evening, J.Kemp, who works for Mr Benson of Skilletts Farm Pentlow, met with a serious accident. He was attending the horses when one of them suddenly kicked and caught Kemp underneath the heart, the doctor was called but he found no bones broken but internal bleeding. He is now making satisfactory progress.

July 20th 1922

The Ipswich and Eastern Counties Show. Mr D.Ward of Foxearth secured 5 first prizes and 2 seconds with red currants-peas- broad beans-French beans. Credit is due to Mr F.Woods, head gardener.
July 27th 1922. Mr David Ward recently inspected the school allotments and offered prizes at Belchamp st Pauls. Mr Hudson of the Horticulture Institute Chelmsford, awarded as follows. 1st William Man-clock. 2nd Bert Davy-2 hair brushes. 3rd George Scurry-3 knives. Mrs Flynn's consolation prize was won by George Chatters.

August 17th 1922

The licence from the Donkey beer house, Ovington, to be tranferred from Arthur French to James Amos. Mr Amos is remembered in Belchamp as having been associated with the baking business with his father. The Half Moon to be transferred from James Moore to Henry James Austin, the latter having recently left the Navy.

September 21st 1922

Cricket. Sudbury 127 for 8. Foxearth 79. H.Ward 12 E.Carpenter 20. J.Ramsey 19.

October 5th 1922

Borley and Foxearth Football Club started the season on Saturday by playing Sudbury Legion Reserves and winning 5-2. Foxearth and Borley team.-Harry Scrivener-W.Mansfield-A.Farrance-A.Pilgrim- A.Finch-W.Chambers-T.Plumb-B.Evans-F.Powell-B.Dixie-F.Chinnery.

October 19th 1922

Death of Mr Joseph Coe of Brickwall Farm, Bulmer.
Deceased was 58 years old and had resided at Bulmer for many years, coming originally from Gestingthorpe, he had carried on a successful business as a threshing contractor.

November 9th 1922

Belchamp Rural District approved plans for the improvements at the Windmill public house at Belchamp Otten. According to Greene King's plans an additional room is to be provided.

November 9th 1922

The scouts held a successful procession on Saturday at Foxearth. Headed by two boys carrying the guy, a bonfire was lit in the recreation meadow and a firework display was given afterwards.
Thanks are due to Mrs Ham of the village stores for her help.

November 23rd 1922

Death of Mr Thomas Leach aged 75 years a farmer and cattle breeder of Bevingdon Hall, Otten Belchamp.

January 4th 1923

Borley and Foxearth Football Club played Lavenham. A good game, the result being 2-2 draw. There was a late start as the referee did not arrive, T.Albon took charge. A.Farrance scored for Foxearth then Lavenham equalised, Evans scored number two with Lavenham equalising from a corner. Foxearth and Borley team--Harry Scrivener- J.Mills-E, Scrivener-H.Farrance-A.Pilgrim-T.Plumb-B.Evans-W.Chambers- F, Chinnery.

January 18th 1923

The hunt met at Belchamp st Pauls on Tuesday, the hounds having travelled by road from Colne, but apart from a few stains looked fit. Present included, Colonel Hill M.F.H.-Mr Cooper Bland-Mr C.Round-Colonel Sparrow and Miss Sparrow-Rev.Sir William Hyde Parker-Mr and Mrs Gosling-Mr E.A.Ruggles Brise.M.P.-Mr Vasey-Mr Frank Nott-Mr C.Nott-Mr R.Wade-Mr R.C.Mauldon-Mr Price-Mr J.Reeve-Mr C.Deeks- Capt.Deeks-Mr Russel-Mr A.Metson etc. A covert on Pauls Hall was drawn and found blank then the wood near Sheering Place also another in the vicinty of Clare.

January 25th 1923

The landlord of the Half Moon, Belchamp st Pauls, is again showing enterprise by starting a meat store in which he proposes to sell English meat.

February 15th 1923

Foxearth and Borley beat Melford Juniors 5-0.
T.Plumb-3 and one each for A.Pilgrim and S.Eady.

February 15th 1923

An inquest was held at the Bridge house Liston, on Albert William Allen, 54, former butcher of Melford, who was found drowned in the Mill pool Liston last Thursday afternoon. Walter Sexton of Park terrace, said he was employed by Mr C.H.Westropp, carting manure from the farm at Melford to the brick yards Liston, he saw dec.walking over the lines and they spoke to each other. P.C.Harrington of Foxearth said they searched the river after clothing was found on the bank by Harold Parmenter, of Sargeants Yard, Long Melford. Inspector Smith of Long Melford, recovered the body using grappling irons.-Verdict-He killed himself not being of sound mind.

March 1st 1923

A concert was held in the club room at Foxearth, a large gathering had an enjoyable evening. Artists included-T.Rudderham- W.Parbury-A.Maxim-C.Knights-E.Harper-G.Draper-Scott Eady-J.Newman-Mr Newson-J.Oakley-B.Evans.

March 1st 1923

Death of Mr W.Byford of Foxearth aged 68, he was employed for many years by Armes of Sudbury.

April 26th 1923

A social event took place in the school room at Foxearth, organised by the members of the village club. A large company assembled for dancing and musical entertainment by several artistes.- Miss Hills (Sudbury) Mr Eady-Mr Ager-Mr Wells(Pentlow)-Miss Madge Ward- Mr R.Carpenter-Mr H.E.Ward-Mr Scott Eady-Mr A.Maxim-Mr J.Oakley-Mrs Tibbets played the piano. A pleasing ceremony took place when a presentation was made to the Rev.Carpenter by members of the Club. The gift was a handsome silver mounted salad bowl, in recognition of his ten years as President of the Club.

April 26th 1923

The people of Foxearth heard with regret that the Rev Carpenter has resigned as Rector of Foxearth.

April 26th 1923

A very enjoyable evening was spent at the Half Moon, Belchamp st Pauls, by a large number of people " listening in" to a wireless concert. The news was received from Lomdon and Glasgow. The schooe village club. A large company assembled for dancing and musical entertainment by several artistes.- Miss Hills (Sudbury) Mr Eady-Mr Ager-Mr Wells(Pentlow)-Miss Madge Ward- Mr R.Carpenter-Mr H.E.Ward-Mr Scott Eady-Mr A.Maxim-Mr J.Oakley-Mrs Tibbets played the piano. A pleasing ceremony took place when a presentation was made to the Rev.Carpenter by members of the Club. The gift was a handsome silver mounted salad bowl, in recognition of his ten years as President of the Club.

April 26th 1923

The people of Foxearth heard with regret that the Rev Carpenter has resigned as Rector of Foxearth.

April 26th 1923

A very enjoyable evening was spent at the Half Moon, Belchamp st Pauls, by a large number of people " listening in" to a wireless concert. The news was received from Lomdon and Glasgow. The school children were entertained outside at 5-30 with childrens stories.
Although the village has neither telephone or telegraph, people are now able to hear the news.

May 24th 1923

Mr J.Miller of Cuckoo Tye, Acton, won three first prizes at Colchester horse show on Monday.

March 31st 1923

In recognition of her valuable work as teacher at Belchamp st Pauls school, Miss Mary Finch was presented with a silver wristlet watch.

June 28th 1923

Wickhambrook and South Suffolk Colt Show. Shire mare with foal at foot-3rd J.P.Brand, Foxearth, with Cockerton Surprise. Horse or Filly foal-1st, J.P.Brand. 3yr upwards-1st-J.P.Brand with Heron Tye Fan. 2nd Mr J.Miller with Acton Pride. Silver Medal presented by the Shire Horse Society for Shire Mare-J.P.Brand with Heron Tye Fan. Cattle.
Mr C.F.Day of Acton won the premier prize with a Redpoll. Mr J.Miller 2nd with a Friesan Dutch cow. 3rd Mr A.H.Cobbald with " Honest Helen".

July 12th 1923

Wedding at Belchamp st Pauls. Mr G.R.Wiffen married Miss L.Chinnery.

July 12th 1923

While at work in the brewery at Foxearth, Mr Ernest Mansfield was hurt by flying glass when a bottle burst near him.

August 2nd 1923

On Monday afternoon a fire was discovered at Place Farm, Borley, which belongs to Mr R.T.B.Payne, who lives at Borley Hall.
Melford Fire Brigade were called and were soon on the scene. The stacks contained 20-30 tons of stover, it is thought that the cause was over heating.

August 2nd 1923

The death at Foxearth of Mr Walter Pawsey Gridley, aged 61, is reported. He was a bell ringer at Foxearth Church for 40 years, he rang in the first peal of 5040 changes in the old peal on 6th of January 1886, he also rang in the first peal of bells after the addition of two more bells. He rang in 31 peals of 5000 changes on five bells including one of 10176 changes in five hours fifty five mintes on May 7th 1888. He rang in several peals with his sons, Percy and Walter.

October 4th 1923

Farm fatality at Glemsford. At an inquest at on Horace Clayton, aged 15, of Haverhill, who died as a result of an accident at Mill Hill, at Field Farm, whilst working for Baldock Bros.of Haverhill. The boy was on the plough as was customary. Benjamin Cooper, engine driver, said he heard a shout and on looking down the field saw the deceased lying on the ground and a wheel passed over him. Accidental death.

October 11th 1923

Boardman and Oliver sold live and dead stock at Griggs Farm, Bulmer. Mr Gordon Miller is relinquishing the farm and Mr J.Rowe of Bulmer is the incoming tenant.

November 8th 1923

Death of an old and respectable resident at Belchamp st Pauls in the person of Mrs Lewis Tarbin, is reported, much sympathy is felt for the widower who is aged 86. Mr and Mrs Tarbin carried on the business of grocer and baker in the parish for some time, a nephew, Mr J.Amos has carried on the business.

December 20th 1923

On Monday afternoon, Mr Robinson of Pentlow was cycling down Pentlow hill on his way to Cavendish, when he met with an accident, he lost control and his brakes did not work and was thrown over the handlebars. He was conveyed to Mr Wells's farm at Pentlow Hall and Doctor Ritchie was sent for, he was found to have a broken arm.
January 3rd 1924. It is understood that Foxearth will have a new Rector in the near future. The Bishop of Chelmsford has offered the benifice to th Reverend Geoffrey H.Basset, senior curate of St.Mary at the Wall, Colchester, he has accepted.
The Rev.Bassett was educated at Haileybury College and Kebble College, Oxford, where he took his He spent two years in the Transvaal after leaving Oxford and then returned to Cuddlesdon Theological College, having been ordained he became Curate of St Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol in 1912. He remained at Bristol until 1916.
He served as Chaplain to the Forces, joining up with Kitchener's" Hundred Thousand" on arriving in France in January 1916, returning to Colchester in 1919. The Rev Bassett hopes to take up his duties in February, by which time he hopes to be in residence.

January 17th 1924

A fire broke out at the Half Moon Inn, Belchamp St Pauls, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in the bottom part of the house. The landlord after a one hour struggle managed to put it out with only slight damage to the property. The Inn is an old fashioned one with a straw roof and if the fire had not been dicovered the structure would have been destroyed, as the Fire Engine is at Clare, 3© miles distant and there is no means of communication. The Inn contains a valuable wireless installation, a motor garage and a meat store at the rear.

January 17th 1924

Funeral at Belchamp Walter of Mrs Corder, aged 84.

January 24th 1924

Football. Foxearth beat Bulmer 3-0, W.Chambers-2 Parminter-1.

January 24th 1924

A whist drive took place at Foxearth in aid of childrens outing fund, one hundred villagers taking part. Proceeds-£ 9- 10s.

January 24th 1924

Maurice Lefley, a fruiterer, of North Street, Sudbury, was sentenced to 14 days hard labour for assaulting Alfred King, a fruiterer, also of North Street, Sudbury. The assault took place at Sudbury Railway Station.

February 14th 1924

An interesting and unique contest took place at the George Hotel, Cavendish, last Friday. The Cavendish dart throwing club displaying their powers on the board by defeating Foxearth Club.Seven games were played, five of which resulted in a win for the home side, a return is fixed for the 21st of February.
February 28th 1924.- Foxearth has a new Rector.
There was a crowded congregation at the beautiful church of St and St Paul, Foxearth, on Saturday afternoon, when the institution and induction of the new Rector of the parish, the Reverend G.H.Basset, M.A., took place.
The service was of a simple but impressive nature, and was noticeable for the heartiness with which the congregation joined in it. The Right Rev.Lord Bishop of Colchester officiated, assisted by the Rev.Dr.Young.Rural Dean, the other clergy present being, the Rev Canon Vatcher,(Clare), Rev.J.H.Barnard,(Cavendish), Rev F.E.P.Bull,(Pentlow), Rev Garrett Johnson,(Sudbury), Rev R.S.Bree,(Long Melford), Rev R.Flynn,(Belchamp St Paul) Rev H.Bull,(Borley), Rev H.M. Greening (Gestingthorpe) and Rev Bankes-Williams,(Glemsford).
The service was opened with the singing of " Oh God our help in ages past", after which the Rev G.H.Basset subscribed to the usual oaths, after having been presented to the Bishop by the patron of the living, Mr H.E.Foster. The ceremony of institution then followed, during which the congregation sang the hymn " We love the place Oh God". An abbreviated form of induction was taken by the Rural Dean, the hymn was preceding a short address by the Bishop being " Come Holy Ghost". His Lordship said they had witnessed that afternoon an impressive and ancient service, which struck its roots deeply into the soil of the past.
The institution portion had been revived in that diocese in recent years, but in the time of the late Bishop, institution had always taken place in the parish churches of the diocese. He was glad that that day they had been able to have the patron of the benifice present to introduce the clergyman whom God had led him to choose to take charge of the parish. It was always a delight to his lordship to have a patron take his part in those proceedings. He congratulated the parishioners of Foxearth upon the appointment made. The new encumbent did not apply for the living, he was brought to the notice of the patron without his knowledge. The Rev Basset was chosen because it was thought that he was specially fitted for the work there. He had been curate at St Mary de Redcliffe, Bristol, one of the most beautiful churches in England, and had done most valuable work in Colchester. The new Rector he advised to put things first in his work in the parish, and to the congregation he said" give of your best in the hearty co-operation in the ministry".
The service concluded with the hymn " The King of Love" and the Benediction pronounced by the Bishop. Throughout the service, Mr Glazin (organist) efficiently presided at the organ, and both before and after the ceremony" special peals" were rung on the church bells by the band of ringers. The seating of the congregation was undertaken by the sidesmen, Messrs Woods, Harper and Edey, whilst Mr H.S.Carter(rectors warden) attended on the Bishop, the collection for the Diocesan Ordination Candidates Fund, ammounted to £ 2-7s-7d.

March 6th 1924

The funeral of Mr Edgar Whittle took place at Lyston on Saturday last. For a great number of years he was postman at Foxearth and Lyston.

March 20th 1924

The annual dinner of Foxearth Football Club took place in the Mens Club, on Friday evening. Entertainment included songs by W.Parbury, A.Maxim, E.Harper, Scott Eady, W.Sutton sen., B.Evans, J.Oakley, R.J.Bell, P, Johnson, T.Plumb, J.Cook and J.Newman.
March 27th 1924. Mr John Purkis Brand of Brook Hall, Foxearth, was fined three guineas for removing three sheep from Brook Hall to Sudbury market without a licence. Mr Brand's stockman said he was stopped near the market in Gaol lane and the sheep did not get out of the cart. Defendant did not attend, but wrote saying he did not know a licence was required to move sheep into Suffolk.

April 10th 1924

Dispersal sale at Acton of Mr A.H.Cobbald's Large Black pigs. 80 in pig gilts averaged £ 11 13s 9d. 50 pedigree unregistered gilts only a few months old averaged £ 5. The boars made up to £ 17 each, with Kedington Slumberer going back into the herd where he was bred,(Mr Frank Sainsbury).

April 24th 1924

Miss Brown of Durham has been appointed head-mistress of Blacklands School, Cavendish, owing to the retirement of Miss Evans on her impending marriage.

May 1st 1924

Of considerable local interest locally was the wedding which took place on Wednesday at St Mary's Church, Little Thurrock, of Miss Kathleen Helen Mary Capron, third daughter of Mr T.A.Capron, principal of the firm of Messrs T.A.Capron and Company, solicitors, Grays, Essex, and Mr Harold E.Ward, only surviving son of Mr D.Ward, and a director of Wards, Ltd, the well known Foxearth brewers.

June 26th 1924

Foxearth. The first fete in the Rectory grounds took place on Saturday afternoon. The proceeds towards the building of the village hall funds. Takings on the day-£ 95, with subscriptions of £ 13.

July 10th 1924

Cavendish played Belchamp st Pauls at cricket on Wednesday, resulting in a win for Cavendish. This is the first visit by the newly formed club and resulted in a win for Cavendish, the vistors being dismissed for 37, Simpson making 11 runs and Cavendish scoring 70.

July 10th 1924

There is much interest in the proposal to build a sugar beet factory in the Bury st Edmunds areas. Mr Schapringer of Czecho- slovakia, recently visited this country, says he is willing to come forward and put up a beet factory in Bury or the vicinity.

July 24th 1924

Some of the Pentlow school children had their first visit to the seaside last Friday, when they visited Clacton as the school treat. They had an enjoyable day, returning about 9 pm.

August 7th 1924

During a fierce thunder storm a house at Pentlow was struck by lighting. It was in a row opposite the school and occupied by a man named Suttle. The lighting knocked a hole in the roof and the upstairs ceiling, there were several people in the house and although frightened, they were unhurt.

October 16th 1924

An inquest was held in the Town Hall, Sudbury, on James Johnson, aged 59, a waggoner of Hall cottages, Pentlow. The deceased was involved in a road accident at Boxted. Philip Johnson, son of the deceased, also of Hall cottages Pentlow, said himself and his father were employed by Mr Wells of Pentlow Hall. They had left Pentlow Hall each with a waggon and three horses, one in the shafts and two in the trace, to fetch some corn from Hook's Farm, they carried about 2© tons on each vechicle. On returning, when they got to Brakey Hill, they stopped and put the slides under the wheels, the hill being steep and long, he was driving the first waggon when he looked back he saw his father trying to stop his waggon, he saw his father fall, but could not say if the wheels went over him, then the shaft horse fell and the waggon stopped, he put his waggon up and went back to his father, who was lying on his back in the road. He spoke to his father but his only reply was " oh", he examined his fathers waggon and found the slide was not on the wheel, but dragging behind, his opinion was that the wheel jumped out of the slide, owing to the rough state of the road. Mr Charles Stennet, of Truckets Farm, said deceased's son, and witness's man, named Fitch, lifted deceased into his car and they took him to St Leonards Hospital at Sudbury, but he appeared dead. Accidental Death.

December 18th 1924

On the night of Wednesday or Thursday morning, burglars entered Pentlow Rectory, the residence of the Rev.F.E.P.Bull, a sum of between £ 25-£ 30 was taken together with a silver watch and other articles. From observations it appeared that the visitors entered the premises through a pair of flap doors covering the cellar doors. They had refreshed themselves, leaving three empty beer bottles. The money they took belonged to a Missionary Meeting held earlier that evening, they also took two bottles of spirits, they did their job quietly as no-one or the dogs were disturbed.

January 1st 1925

PUBLIC NOTICE. The establishment of a sugar beet factory at Bury St Edmunds has received the approval of the National Farmers Union. It has been decided to proceed with the erection of this factory forwith, so it can handle the 1925 crop.

January 14th 1925

Death of Mrs Ewer of Westren Hall, Foxearth. She was the widow of Charles Ewer and daughter of Mr John Mackworth Wood of Sparrows, Terling, she was 64 years of age and leaves one daughter and three sons.

January 22nd 1925

Belchamp Rural Council. The Medical Officer said that a house at Belchamp Walter was in a dilapidated condition, walls were in need of repair, the whole place dirty and the children were verminous and dirty. The Inspector was given powers to do anything he considered necessary.

January 22nd 1925

A creditors meeting was held to consider the affects of Walter Radley of Lodge Farm, Foxearth. His unsecured liabilty's were £ 1.188-18s-10d, his assets were £ 1.009-18s-10d, leaving a deficiency of £ 278-14s-5d.

February 19th 1925

An enormous elm tree crashed to the ground near Borley church, narrowly missing the ancient edifice, the tree stood near the tower.

February 26th 1925

A very fine elm tree, the last of a group of three standing in front of the Bells On Cavendish Green, has just been removed as it was considered unsafe. The removal causes a blank in one of pretty sights of Cavendish.

June 18th 1925

During this past week the inhabitants and people passing through Foxearth have been interested and amazed at the clever and daring work being carried out on the spire of Foxearth church. The Parochial Church Council accepted the tender of Messrs Parkhurst of London, for reviving the lighting conductor, regilding the weather cock and renewing hundreds of riven oak tiles, defect through age, the men's catlike movements and nimbleness are remarkable. The shingle spire is supported by a tower, built itself of black flint. The church is considered the most ornate in the Eastern Counties.

June 25th 1925

Mr J.Miller of Acton, won first prize and second prize with mare with foal at foot at the Wickhambrook and South Suffolk Show held at Long Melford. Silver Medal for the best Shire-J Miller. For pen of ewe lambs- Highly Commended-J.P. Brand. Large White Pigs-yelts under 12 months - Stafford Allen-fist and second. Cattle--Best milk recorded cow or hiefer--Honest Lively--A.H.Cobbald. Best dairy cow any breed-- C.F.Day's, Acton Polly-2nd J.Miller.

June 25th 1925

Funeral of Walter Plumb of Pentlow who died from accidental drowning at Bury st Edmunds took place at Bury cemetery.
July 2nd. Foxearth schoolchildren had and enjoyable charabac tip to Felixtowe last week, accompanied by their parents. They had a happy day by the sea, thanks to the members of Foxearth Club who also gave them 2s each to spend.

July 16th 1925

A straw stack was burnt out at Bevington farm, Belchamp Otten on Tuesday evening. A woman neighbour discovered the blaze and went in and told Miss Leach, the occupant. A number of farmhands attended the blaze while Mr Branwhite came to Sudbury with his car for the Fire Brigade, there was not much left of the stack when they arrived.

July 16th 1925

Bulmer played Foxearth at cricket. Bulmer -59. Foxearth 46.

July 30th 1925

As a result of a fete held at Arthur Hall, residence of Sir George and Lady Whitehouse, it is hoped that the bells of Borley parish church will soon be ringing out as has not been the case since Good Friday evening 1924 when the tenor bell fell and broke in two. An expert inspection proved that the old and valuable " Stephen Tonnie" was also unfit to ring. Since then the dinner bell at the Rectory has been used as a make shift. When the tenor bell has been recast and the " Stephen Tonnie" repaired, the hope is enough money will be left to purchase a new bell, in that case the " Stephen Tonnie" will be made the middle bell, with the new one below it in pitch. The bells are in bad condition and the churchyard fence needs repair. The school children gave a display of folk dancing, taking part were,-Ethel Martin-Winnie Perry-Mabel Mansfield-Hilda Butcher-Eva Pearson-Caroline Theobald-Muriel Turp.

August 6th 1925

T.B.Ambrose scored 100 not out in a Sudbury win at cricket over Severalls.

September 3rd 1925

A fatal accident befell a Pentlow man named George Braybrook on Monday. He worked for Mr J.P.Brand at Ropers Farm, Pentlow, and was engaged in stacking corn, he was at the top of the stack and by some means he fell, either it is presumed a sheave or two fell off the stack on him and thus let him down or he turned dizzy and fell, he pitched on his head breaking his neck. Dr Ritchie was sent for but he was dead when he arrived. Deceased was 60 years old and leaves a widow.

October 1st 1925

A sale of live and dead stock was held Western Hall.Foxearth, at the instance of the late Charles Shepherd Ewer who for over half a century farmed the estate of Western Hall. The farm is not going out of the family as Mr W.P. Ewer is carrying on at Western Hall and Mr J.S.Ewer will carry on at Carbonels and Claypits.
There was a large attendance.-Ransome Y.L.ploughs made up to £ 7-5s.
Innes hay elevator-£ 50. Lister petrol engine 8hp-£ 33-10s-Turner grist mill-£ 24. Double breasted road waggon-£ 24. Scotch carts-£ 23. Deek's Ralli car-£ 15 15s. Fifteen horses made up to 57gns. Entered by J.P.
Brand, Shire colt-26 gns, Shire foal-26gns. Blue Albion cow-£ 24. Friesian heifers-£ 35 and £ 23. 45 home weaned Shorthorn heifers-£ 14 each. Sows with litters up to £ 19 10s. Four score of pullets-6s 6d each

October 8th 1925

The village of Belchamp St Pauls was pained a few days ago to learn the news that a well known girl in the village had died in London. The girl's uncle had been staying in the village on holiday and had taken Ruth Burgess back to London for a holiday, she was taken ill with diptheria and taken to hospital where she gradually sank aged 13.
Great sympathy is felt for her father and mother.

November 5th 1925

Messrs Ward and Son of Foxearth have achieved another success at the Brewery Exhibition with a second prize for bottled strong ale.