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1920 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 7th 1920

Girls wanted to learn corset making-clean light healthy working conditions-good wages and experience gained is always useful and valuable in home life. Apply Redell’s, Constitution Hill, Sudbury.

January 14th 1920

Stanley Downs the well known motor engineer and Ford expert has acquired large premises with accommodation for 60 cars in Ballingdon Street.

January 21st 1920

A whist drive was held in Borley school on Wednesday night in aid of Borley football club.

January 28th 1920

Arthur Totman a carter from 18 Mount Place, Sudbury, is in St Leonards hospital as a result of an accident in Brundon stone pit, he and two other workers were carting stone for the Concrete Works with two horses and cart each,
Totman was shovelling into the tumbril when was a large fall of earth struck him, he was buried up to the thighs, he was quickly extricated and sent to St Leonards hospital where he is making good progress as he only has a fractured wrist.

February 18th 1920

Inquest at Clare on Joyce Bareham aged 22 months,
Samuel Bareham, horsekeeper living in Priory Farm at Clare said he was digging in his garden on Wednesday evening, his little girl was with him, he took some milk to his ferrets with her running in front of him, her mother took the child upstairs, witness was talking to Mrs Twitchett, when he got back he asked his wife where she was, she replied she had not seen her, she then called that she could see her, she was on a plank and had fallen in the water.

March 3rd 1920

To be sold on March 11th, three country cottages known as Temple End on the Belchamp Road at Foxearth.

March 10th 1920

To be sold by auction on the 26th of March, the household furniture and other contents from Borley Rectory, by instructions from the exors of Mrs Bull.

March 17th 1920

Pentlow. A memorial window in memory of those soldiers who went to war and were not permitted to return was dedicated in Pentlow church by the Bishop of Colchester. To the glory of God, in memory of six men of the parish who gave their lives for King and Country in the war 1914-19.
Charles Chambers-Frederick Maxim-Percy Chambers-Stanley Plumb-Frank Ebbs-Reginald Twinn.

March 24th 1920

Memorial. In loving memory of Pte Walter Bowers of the Queen’s Regiment killed in the big push in France on March 25th 1918 the dearly loved son of Walter Bowers of Powers farm, Gt Waldingfield.

April 14th 1920

East Essex point to point at Bulmer. Bulmer has never seen such a gathering of motors and other vehicles as assembled at Butlers farm on the occasion of East Essex point to point, it is estimated that between 8 to 10 thousand people gathered for this popular event, Messrs F.and E. Nott placed the excellent country at their disposal.

April 21st 1920

At a meeting of the Suffolk County Football Association the Long Melford Committee was requested to apologise for remarks made by their players to the referee in a match played on March 28th.

May 5th 1920

Inquest at the Town Hall in Sudbury on the body of Phylis Manby aged 4 years 4 months whose body was recovered from a small stream a few yards from the main river.
The little girl stated out with others to go to Brundon Wood to get flowers, there was no evidence as to how she got in the stream, Ernest George Manby of 12 Church Walk in Sudbury said his daughter was 4 years old and attended North Street school, about ¼ to 5 a little girl named Mildred Rogers came and said Phylis had fallen in the water and could not get out, he asked her where, she said down by the waterfall, he ran to the waterfall against the floodgate but could see nothing, on Croft bridge he saw Irene Rogers who was with Phylis when they went out, she pointed to the place and he reached the spot about 100 yards down stream from the bridge on the path to Brundon and found Mr Brooks and Mr Heard had pulled the body out.
Found drowned.

May 12th 1920

Cavendish. Sold by the directions of the exors of Mr W.Wallace—
The Bull Hotel, Cavendish, to Mr Wells of Sudbury for £2,530. The George Hotel, Cavendish, to Mr Pluck of Cambridge for £1,430. Boardman and Oliver will sell by auction at the Four Swans Hotel on May 27th 8 freehold Cottages at Pinch Hill, Bulmer which produce rents of £26 17s annually.

Advert. King George potatoes—2s 6d per stone-Arran Chief at 2s 6d-Evergood at 2s 3d—King Edward at 2s 6d, once grown from Scotland.

At a meeting at Newton Green golf club it was reported a letter had been sent to the parish council asking permission to play on Sunday’s, a reply was received stating that they felt unable to give permission for Sunday golf.

May 19th 1920

The body of a child, Agnes Cornell aged 5 was recovered from a ditch which runs between the Quay at Sudbury and the Boat House, Mr Leslie Alston was going across from behind the boathouse and saw the body.

June 22nd 1920

Eight freehold cottages at Pinch Hill, Bulmer were sold to Mr Whittome of Brundon for £250,the tenants are W.Messent-G.Carrey-D.Jackson-J.Martin-F.Felton.

June 9th 1920

Sold under instructions from Miss K.Byford the following lots in Glemsford. Detached residence the Concrete House to Mr Fred Richards for £400—Churchgate Cottages on the Green to Felix Underwood for £130—Brick and Tile cottages adjoining to Mr Fred Challis for £140—Pair of semi detached to Mr Taylor for £115.

June 28th 1920

Quoits. Played at Foxearth, brewery staff v farm labourers. Brewery Staff-P.Gridley 12—F.Hardy 10—A.Danes 10—F.Woods 15—E.Harper 15—F.Chinnery 16—A.Maxim 15-T. Albon 4. Farm labourers—W.Chambers 15—F.Newman 15—J.Newman 15—P.Johnson 11—G.Balaam 11—P.Butcher 11—B.Mansfield 12—J.Oakley 11—F.Maxim 15.
Ended in a win for the farm labourers 112—116.

August 44th 1920

Arthur Brown of Cavendish was charged with assaulting Maria Wordley a widow on July 11th .
Mrs Wordley said her son was killed in France and he had planted a rose bush, she said she went to the Rectory Fete on the 14th and on her return she found the rose bush had been chopped down, she asked defendant who lives next door if he had done it, he swore and he admitted he had, he said if you want this rose keep it on your side.
She said “you are a coward to do it when I was gone, he rushed at her and his mother came between and she was knocked down. 10s with 8s costs.

August 111th 1920

Dixon’s Motor and Engineering Company, Station Road, Sudbury. G.W.Dixon late of Dixon and Scott and R.Chisnall who have over 20 years experience with cars, lorries-tractors, steam, and gas and oil engines, accumulators charged.
For Sale—Agricultural Estate known as “Odwell Farm” at Gestingthorpe—attractive residence—2 cottages.

Mark Rash a farm labourer was fined £5 for throwing stones through the windows of Bulmer Fox which he did in revenge because the landlord would not serve him, also for damage done, the whole amounting to £11- 10d.

August 111th 1920

Inquest at the Town Hall at Sudbury on the death of William Beales of Melford, a platelayer who fell down the embankment at Bull Lane Bridge, Long Melford.
William Beales of Southgate Street a railway porter said he saw his father on Wednesday night after the accident, he said "look after your mother as I am done for, I am no more good". He told him he was going through a corner of the bridge and caught his foot on a bough which broke and he fell down on hard ground, his age was 55.
Benjamin Ford a platelayer of St Katherines road, Melford, said he walked with the deceased along the line to Bull Lane bridge to cut a hedge, Beales went through the hedge to get his scythe which was at the bottom of a bank, he did not see Beales fall but heard him call “come on Ben for God’s sake I have broken my back and legs.

September 11st 1920

For sale at Cavendish on September 7th. Valuable building material arising from the demolishing of a large malting adjoining Cavendish Green---quantity of old pitch beams and old oak beams—long and short rafters.

September 1st 1920

One of the many results of the war showing how soldiers fight against great odds was revealed on Thursday night on the inquest at the Town Hall, Sudbury, on the death of Rupert Causton aged 29 who lived at home with his father and sister,
He was a labourer at Causton Hall farm in Cornard.
Miss Emma Causton said that on the Monday night he came home in a dazed condition, she spoke to him but he did not answer, she noticed his lower lip was dropped, next morning she sent for Doctor Leeming who said he had attended the deceased as he had been injured in May 1918, he had a shrapnel wound on his head, he advised he be removed to the Red Cross hospital and he was taken to London by motor ambulance, he was seen by the consultant Col. Openshaw who said a piece of shrapnel was still in his head.
Verdict in accordance with medical evidence.

September 11st 1920

Charles Elliston a labourer of Glemsford was charged with failing to abate a nuisance in his house at Hunt’s Hill in Glemsford by keeping ferrets in a cupboard in his dining room and for a default in cleansing the house,
Mr Taylor said he inspected the premises a week ago after a complaint was received from the medical officer of health who drew attention to the disgraceful state of the house, it was inconceiveable how a human being could live in such conditions, he was a widower with two children living away from home, he was nearly 50 years old, he earned £2 10s per week.
An order was made to cleanse the house in 14 days.

September 15th 1920

On Wednesday evening an accident occurred at Pinch Hill in Bulmer when a heavy traction engine belonging to Mr Cecil Whittome of Brundon Hall became out of control, it ran down the hill at a rapid rate and failed to negotiate the corner of the Bulmer Sudbury road and crashed into the ditch smashing the front axle and wheels.

September 155th 1920

Memorial. In loving memory of William Davey late professional at Newton Green golf links who was killed in action in France on September 18th 1915 aged 25 and buried at Gunner’s Farm.

September 22nd 1920

Marriage. Ambrose—Beaton on September 14th at St Mary’s Church, Cavendish, by the Rev J.D.Barnard—Thomas Bright Ambrose of Cavendish to Nellie daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Beaton of Aldeburgh on Sea.

September 29th 1920

Frederick Charles Allen aged 21 died as a result of a chill following inhalation of nitric acid fumes.
Frederick Allen, a journeyman butcher said his son was employed at Messrs Stafford Allen Works, about a month ago he was sent home ill, the boy was usually healthy, he came out of the army A1 about 18 months ago. Harold Deanes said he was a manager at Stafford Allen’s and on the 25th he gave orders for the vat to be cleaned, deceased and a man named Halliday were to work in a copper extractor which was 11 ft high and 4ft in diameter.
Dr Tyler of Long Melford said he was called to see the deceased at 9 pm on the 25th inst, he was short of breath and deceased told him he had been using nitric acid at the chemical works, in his opinion death was caused by cardiac arrest by inhaling nitrous fumes.
The jury retuned a verdict accordingly.

October 66th 1920

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural District Council an offer by Mr Cornell to raise pit stones on his farm at Pentlow was accepted at 2s per yard.

October 13th 1920

Thomas Firbank a labourer of Glemsford was summoned in respect of a rabbit taken from the land of Mr S.Goodchild,
Mr Goodchild left the bench for the witness box from which his brother magistrates were addressed, he said his men were cutting mustard seed, he went to the field at about 6 and saw the defendant there with two others although he only given permission to one person, two dogs caught a rabbit and he shouted to defendant “I want that rabbit”, he replied “alright”, later he saw defendant making off with the rabbit, he rode up to him on horseback but he refused to give him the rabbit, he went up to the fence but witness closed with him but keeping him at arm’s length, defendant fell into a ditch backwards, when he got out he told witness he “would give him what for” if he got off the horse, witness tried to get the rabbit with a stick but defendant seized it, witness told the police what had happened and asked the police to get his stick back, he saw defendant when he passed his cottage, Firbank came into the road with the rabbit and naturally he thought he was giving it up, he threw the rabbit across the road saying “that’s what caused all the-----trouble and when you get off that horse
“I’ll break your neck, if you want the rabbit pick it up” of course I left it there,
defendant said “he knew Goodchild was too big a coward to get off his horse”. Dismissed on payment of 4s costs.

October 200th 1920

A large number of farm workers and their wives were addressed by County Councillor J.B.Heath in the Bells Inn at Belchamp Walter on Tuesday October 12th, the speaker explained he was the first Labour County Councillor to be elected to Suffolk County Council and his experience was the large farmers were only too willing to the demands of the labourer, the Councillor stressed and deplored the class hatreds which some people had endeavoured to stir up between the farmers and their men, in conclusion he declared that British Agriculture should be fostered from a National standing.

October 20th 1020. Football. Cavendish v Clare. Junior Cup This game ended in a draw with both teams evenly balanced. Cavendish---T.Page—R.Page—T.Ambrose—H.Bullock—V.Underwood—R.Clark—A.Keyton—A.Ince--S.Pearce—B.Davis—H.Finch. Clare—B.Hardy—G.Bareham—W.Maxim—H.Martin—L.Smith—H.Woolard—C.Pashler—R.davey—C.Jaervis—J.Ghynn—C.Smith. Referee-O.Crissell of Glemsford.

November 24th 1920

Thomas Firbank a labourer of Glemsford pleaded guilty to assaulting Ezra Game the landlord of the Plough Inn at Glemsford, complainant said defendant and two others came into his house, the others were Chinery and Brinkley and ordered a pint of beer, after a little while Chinery asked him if he had sold the “housen” as witness was talking to the Secretary of Insurance he made no reply, Chinery then said “Ezra Game is the worst man in Glemsford, defendant then said “you summoned my old man” witness replied “he would summon anyone who misbehaved in his house”, defendant said “you will would not summon me for nothing” he then struck him in the chest, complainant said he had not had words with defendant but he again struck him again in the chest, he drove witness into the bar, witness seized a brush and dust pan to deflect defendant, Firbank then knocked him down again, witness’s little daughter closed with him and defendant struck her, she struck him again and he closed the shutters, he ordered the men out, they refused to go, he went for the police.
Firbank 40s with 11s 6d costs, Chinery was fined 20s.

November 24th 1920

Memorial. In loving memory of Pte William Swallow who was posted missing on the 30th of November 1917, later presumed killed, the eldest beloved son of Mr and Mrs Swallow of Alpheton.

December 1st 1920

On Friday an interesting presentation took place in the village schoolroom in Pentlow to Miss Sarah Clark who has been organist at the parish church for 66 years, a record we should imagine.
Miss Clark lives on the Green at Cavendish and still lives in the same house she was born in, she commenced to play the organ when she was 14 years of age in 1844, during the whole time she has been most punctual in her attendance, it is estimated in the whole of 66 years she had not missed more than 10 times at the organ, she received purse of money.

December 1st 1920

There were 19 applicants for the “old man’s charity” at Glemsford, selected were Robert Ward of Tye Green 82—Alfred Adams of Lower Street 72—Charles Clarke of Windmill Row 69—George Mason of Church Gate 71—Thomas Gowers of New Cut 75—William Fenner of Brook Street 69.

December 8th 1920

At the County Court Mr F.G.Steed made an application that the sum of £135 paid into the court by Messrs Stafford Allen under the workman’s compensation act in respect of Frederick Charles Allen who was unmarried aged 21 should be paid to the deceased’s father also Frederick Charles Allen, deceased’s father is employed in the Co-operative store at Haverhill as manager of the butchering department and desired the money to invest in the concern. His Honour granted the application.

December 29th 1920

Christmas in Sudbury was heralded in by a mystery body of a new born child was found by a workman in a heap of rubbish in a yard running out of Gregory Street, at the inquest no light could be shed as to the parents. Cause of death etc, found dead.

1921 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 12th 1921

The unveiling of Otten Bechamp memorial cross took place on Sunday afternoon, the memorial is of rough Cornish granite and is inscribed “In grateful memory of those of this parish who fell in the Great War 1914-1918” Walter Barrell—Thomas Chaplin—Cecil Gooday—Percy Mason—Archibald Pearson—Harry Reeve.

January 12th 1921

E.Dixey of the Rodbridge railway crossing can spare a few dozen eggs from his noted laying strain of White Wyandottes, Hens with 12 chicks to order. Shimpling.

The first meeting of the Board of Governors of Chadacre Agricultural Institute was held in the Shire Hall at Bury St Edmunds on Wednesday under the Presidency of the Earl of Iveagh who purchased the Chadacre Estate consisting of 600 acres fro the purpose of founding and endowing the Institute for the county of Suffolk wherein the sons of agricultural workers and small farmers can increase their knowledge of agricultural matters. Sudbury. We understand our enterprising trader Mr P.S.Head is installing a modern plant of wood working machinery.

Football. Cavendish had three teams out on Satuday, the 1st team visited Sudbury Comrades whom they defeated 4—0. The second eleven played Borley Rovers resulting in a draw. Blackland School Rovers played Pentlow Moonlighters and won 3—1. At Sudbury corn market there was a large supply of barley which sold to 83s a quarter.

February 2nd 1921

Lieut. Von Schillers’s story of a hat he lost from a Zepplin during a raid, the hat which he called his mascot was lost during a raid on Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds, many of our readers can recall a photograph which appeared in the Daily Sketch which was not unlike a Balaclava helmet found in a field just outside Sudbury following a raid which killed several people and injured, the finder is a well known Licensee and presumably the hat is still in his possession.

February 16th 1921

Thousands of Caribou are making their annual pilgrimage to south in Canada, the herds are larger than ever, recently a boat was held up for three hours whilst the densely packed herds swam the river.

Emily Bailey a woman of 67 pleaded guilty to being drunk on the highway at Skates Hill, Glemsford, P.C.Cole said he found her helpless, she said she was a native of Bristol and she was on her way to Romford to see relatives. The bench took pity on her and subscribed to her fare.

February 23rd 1921

To be sold at Hole Farm Bulmer the live and dead stock of the late G.W.English. 3 horses—half bred Alderney cow—2 red and white heifers, ploughs, rolls etc. Dr Willoughby the Medical Officer of Eastbourne says kisses no doubt spreads tuberculous and that smoke from a cigarette which was being inhaled the pulse went down by 10 beats a minute and shows they have an immediate effect on the heart.

March 16th 1921

Detached residence at Otten Belchamp know as “Frost Cottage” or “Little Cote” situated on the road to Clare together with excellent stable, barn and granary etc on 4 acres of rich soil in occupation of Thomas Mansfield for 7 years whose lease expires on September 29th 1922 at an annual rent of £15 at the Four Swans, Sudbury.

March 23rd 1921

George Salmons of Gibbs Farm Pebmarsh, a stockman employed by Mr J.W. Nott of Mangolia House at Pebmarsh died suddenly, after breakfast he went drive back some pigs which had broken out when he dropped dead in the farmyard, his wife was assisting him with the pigs and went up to him and found him dead, his body was removed to a barn, deceased was 63 and had not complained of ill health.

March 23rd 1921

An interesting gathering took place at Foxearth in the club room when a complimentary dinner was given to two old employees of the brewery, Mr T.Leggot and Mr Carter each received an armchair.

April 20th 1921

A most destructive fire broke out at Claret Hall at Ashen near Clare resulting in the destruction of the farmhouse, buildings, stacks, implements etc, thousands of pounds worth of damage was done, the fire seems to have started in a huge barley straw stack at the extreme end of the farm buildings, flames leapt across the narrow roadway and attacked the farmhouse where the tenant Mr H.C.Wreathall lives, flakes of burning matter carried by the wind fell on the roof of Bradley Hill farm 400 yards away, this farm is occupied by C.W.Byford of Clare and the house is occupied by his horseman George Bareham. Essex police are making enquiries.

April 27th 1921

Mrs Delilah Grant, a lady of the caravan, of Monk’.s Eleigh was summoned for allowing her horse to stray on the highway at Preston. 5s.

May 4th 1921

Harry Remblance an ex soldier and Arthur Rouston a travelling hawker were charged with disorderly conduct by refusing to quit the Horn Inn at Sudbury, Arthur Meggs the landlord said he refused to serve them as they were worse for drink and Rousten went out but he came back with a horse and brought in to the passage near the bar, they were just taking the horse out when a constable came in. Rousten 30s with 5s costs and Remblance 4s costs. High prices were paid for pure bred Large Black pigs from the herd of Mr S.Owen Webb’s at West Wickham where John Thornton and Co sold 93 head for £4,006 16s an average of £43 1s 8d, one of the highest prices for sows was 190 guineas and £150 for two females respectively.

May 11th 1921

Cricket. Yeldham v Bulmer. Yeldham-W.Rulton c Townsend b B.Pryke 12---J.Lawrence b Pryke 12—G.Gardiner b Chinery 2—J.Turner b Chinery 0—A.Gardiner c Radley b Hayes 11---P.Pearson c Rowe b Pryke 6—W.Turner b Chinery 2—J.Mitson n o 3—A.Smith c Weavers b Chinery 2—O.Pearson b Chinery 0—Extras 1—total 52. Bulmer. H.Chinery b Rulton 27—B.Smith b Bowyer 16—P.Pryke c and b Bowyer 15 R.Hayes c Gardiner b Bowyer 8—B.Townsend run out 0—J.Cornell b Rulton 1---P.Rowe b Bowyer 0—C.Radley not out 1—A.Weavers b Rulton 0—J.Rowe b Rulton 0—J.Smith b Bowyer 0—extras 4—Total 72.

May 18th 1921

Belchamp Rural District Council.
A sample of water was taken from a newly cleaned out well which was 25 ft deep in Pot Kiln road and sent to London for analysis which reported that the water was very hard and polluted and was not fit for drinking, it was decided bring this to the notice of Mrs Oates to inform tenants that the water was not to be used. The case of Sarah Green was mentioned as she is living in one of three cottages in Belchamp St Pauls whose owner is not known, she is nearly blind and 88 years old and has no person to attend to her so that affairs now constitute a nuisance, it was decided to ask Mr Brighton the relieving officer to pay her a visit.

May 18th 1821

Harold E.Ward, a brewer from Foxearth was summoned for driving a motor cycle and side car at speeds exceeding 10 miles per hour in a speed limit area, P.C.Holmes said he estimated defendant was coming out of Queens Street in Haverhill doing 15 miles per hour. 10s.

May 25th 1921

On digging sand at St Osyth workmen hitting something hard came upon a complete human skeleton, the skeleton was lying about 6 ft below the surface, the skeleton was not coffined, investigations suggest it is a woman who was fixed with an iron bar, it is thought the woman may have been a witch as in 1645 it is believed there was a rounding up of witches in this country.

A serious fire broke out at Cuckoo Tye farm in Acton on Wednesaday resulting in the destruction of 3 large stacks, threshing operations were being carried out by Mr J.Miller when it is supposed a spark from the tractor which was providing power set fire to some loose stuff lying about, a pea stack, clover seed stack and a wheat straw stack were destroyed, they was covered by insurance.

June 1st 1921

Died on May 23rd, Elizabeth Blackwell Campbell the eldest daughter of the late Richard Lambert of Lyston Hall and widow of Wynn Williams esq of the 4th Dragoon Guards aged 92.

June 22nd 1921

Quoits. Prince of Wales v Foxearth Hubknockers was won by the Prince of Wales 117—81.

June 29th 1921

The outlying portions of the Aubries Estate to be sold. Middleton Hall 401 acres—Gate House farm Henny---Hill farm, Gestingthorpe, 257 acres with valuable field known as Punts Hill with plantation adjoining which contains valuable tile earth. By direction of Mr Redmont St George Burke, at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury, on July 7th.

July 13th 1921

Quoits. Lavenham Hubbreakers 108 v Foxearth Hubknockers 83. About 8 acres of wheat in a field of 30 acres was destroyed by fire in a field belonging to Mr Pinhey of Lamarsh Hall, the cause is attributed to a spark from a railway engine.

July 27th 1921

On Tuesday the 19th of July a capital concert was held in Place Barn at Borley in aid of the church choir outing, it was arranged by Mrs R. T.B. Payne of the Hall, it was a great success with about 200 people present, the proceeds totalled £8 10s.

August 31st 1921

On instructions from Lord Cranworth over 1200 acres of the outlying portions of Assington Hall estate a well known sporting property was offered for sale at the Crown and Anchor at Ipswich. Two farms were put up with possession and 30 cottages. Mill farm was sold to Mr W.S.Wheeler for £3000—Assington House residence with 178 acres was knocked down to Mr W.Miller for £1200—Aveley Hall farm 258 acres to Mr A.Sporle for £4600, the rest of the farms were withdrawn to be sold privately.

August 31st 1921

The remains of George Nunn aged 55 of Lawshall have been discovered hanging in Frithy wood, he has been missing since April 22nd he was found a short distance from where he lived.

August 31st 1921

A man named John Andrews employed by Mr Dixon at Houghton Hall, Cavendish was engaged with another man in breaking a young horse when it suddenly kicked out with great force striking the man on his thigh, fortunately no bones were broken.

September 7th 1921

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural Council a tender from Messrs Maidwell of Gt Finborough for £41 3s 6d to carry out wharfing to a pond in Pentlow. Accepted. Mrs Stafford Allen wants a cook general, good wages of £30--£40. Hill House, Long Melford.

September 21st 1921

At a meeting of Glemsford Urban Council it was said as the agricultural labourers are being reduced by 4s a week the surveyor was instructed to reduce the wages of the Council’s workmen by the same amount. Fowes farm at Belchamp Walter to let—262 acres of arable and 30 acres of meadow land , all in a ring fence, the present tenant has been there 12 years. Apply to Mrs Thistledown, Fowes farm, Belchamp Walter.

October 5th 1921

On instructions from the exors of Mrs J.Brand , Messrs Boardman and Oliver will sell by auction at Brook Hall farm the live and dead stock. The Brand family have been at Brook Hall for a long number of years and now Mr John Brand from Buntings farm at Pentlow is taking over the extensive property.

November 9th 1921

Another skeleton had been unearthed at St Osyth, it is in good state of preservation and complete except for the bones of the fingers which are missing, they have apparently been cut or chopped off, this is the second skeleton to be unearthed in the same garden in a few months, they are supposed to be the remains of witches executed in the early 17th century.

November 30th 1921

During the last few weeks a dorcas meeting has been started at the Ebenezer Chapel at Glemsford, in connection therewith a tea and social evening was held on Monday night for those who are interested in the movement, about 40—50 people were present.

December 28th 1921

Mr Marshall the headmaster of the council school at Sudbury has reached retirement age and in the new year we will find a new headmaster, he has served the school for 41 years. Football. Foxearth v Sudbury Territorials. The game was very poor, the appointed referee did not turn up so one of the spectators took the whistle, a lot of arguing ensued and very little football was played. Foxearth 2 Sudbury 3.