The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1919-1920 Sudbury Post & Long Melford Gazette newspaper archive

February 21st 1919.

At Long Melford licensing sessions it was stated that the off-license for Salter's beerhouse, Glemsford, would not be applied for.

July 4th 1919

Robert Pye a timber merchant of Elmswell was charged with using a locomotive in Essex without a permit. Defendant had been engaged in hauling timber from Street Farm Pentlow to Cavendish railway station.
Pye said he omitted to apply for a permit as Pentlow is close to the Suffolk border and he was only hauling 400 yards across the boundary.
Fined £ 1.

May 28th 1920

An inquest was held at the Perseverance Hotel, Melford, on Edith Squires aged 29 years who had been upset after being blown across the room during an air raid in the war while living in London. She had come to live with her sister at Long Melford.
Daniel Newman an engineer of Maltings House, Long Melford, said the deceased was his sister in law, when she came to stay with them she was very much upset but seemed to be better lately. Alfred Bellis, a coachman of Liston Hall, said he saw Mrs Squires going up the hill between Bridge House and Liston Rectory. P.C.Carter said as a result of information received he went to Rodbridge Bridge and dragged the river and recovered the body. Suicide while of unsound mind.