The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1918-1920 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

January 2nd 1918

The parents of Lance Corporal E.Graham, of Cavendish, received a notice that he is wounded and missing in action on November 20th.

January 9th 1918

Five Glemsford youths were charged with tresspassing in search of conies at Foxearth. They were Charles Elliston, Albert Wordley, Fredrick Oakley, Alfred Reason and Tom Bevis. The chairman said that they were determined to stamp out poaching. Bevis, Wordley and Elliston fined 10s and Reason and Oakley fined 5s.

January 16th 1918

Official information has been received that Private Martin of Borley, previously reported missing is a prisoner in Germany.
January 16th 1918.
Gen.List and R.F.C.
When one of three machines engaged in photgraphic reconnaissance, they were attacked by a formation of hostile scouts, a determined resistance was offered to this attack, which was beaten off, and the photographs were taken. Whilst returning to the aerodrome, this officer turned back alone to take some further photographs and observed six hostile machines approaching, he promptly attacked them at close range, and after a sharp fight brought one of them down and drove the remainder off. He then completed his photographing. (M.C. Gazzeted. November 25th 1916.

January 23rd 1918

With the rapid thaw and recent heavy rains, the village of Borley has experienced the most extensive flooding for 30 years.So great was the rush of water beween the gatehouse and the Rodbridge corner on Saturday that it washed the ballast from under the metals, making the line unsuitable for service. The Cambridge to Sudbury train ran as far as Borley crossing, the passengers having to walk over the broken part and over the flood, where another train waited to take them to Sudbury.

February 6th 1918

Mrs Wordley from Cavendish has heard nothing from her son, Private W.Wordley for two months, but on Sunday morning she received a returned letter marked killed.

February 27th 1918

Belchamp Tribunal. Mr D.Ward applied for James Cutmore 33 working brewer-2 months def. Walter Martin 41, drayman-2 months def. William Hardy, brewers foreman-2 months. George Rowe, Bulmer, 29, machinist, on own account-conditional. Mrs Deeks, Belchamp, for W.Tarbun, 21, stockman-refused as claim was to late.

March 6th 1918

Foxearth. News has just been received of the sudden death of the Reverend Kendric George Foster, from paralysis in hospital at Lahore, Punjab, India.
The Reverend K.G.Foster was the nephew of the late Rev John Foster of Foxearth, the deceased was born on January 30th 1867 and was educated at Rugby School and Trinity College, Cambridge and later at Wells Theological College. He was ordained Deacon in 1892 and Priest in 1893, his first Curacy was at St Sepulchre's, Northampton. In 1900 he became Chaplain to H.M.Forces in India and came to France with B.E.F. in the Autumn of 1914 and returned to his duties in India in September 1916. A few months before his decease he was made Canon of Lahore Cathedral in India. He was Patron of The Church in Foxearth, and had always taken a great interest in the welfare of the parish. His sudden death was a shock and grief to all who knew him.Deceased was unmarried.
He had intented to come to Foxearth, having built some houses, the war was directly responsible for his death at 51 years, having experienced shell shock a year ago while acting as Chaplain to the Indian Forces in France. For his services the King awarded him the Bronze Cross of India.
His death severs a long connection with Foxearth, extending to 50 years.

March 27th 1918

Private Wordley of Cavendish has arrived home after having been taken prisoner by the Turks in Gazza. There was an exchange of prisoners and he was one exchanged as he was shot in the leg and now has one leg shorter than the other.

August 24th 1918

Mrs S.Porter of Tye Green, Glemsford, has been notified that her son Private Edward Porter has been badly wounded and is now in a critical state in hospital in the Isle of Wight.

August 24th 1918

Mr and Mrs A.Leeks of Skates Hill, Glemsford, have received information on their son, Private H.Leeks of the Royal Fusiliers, who has twice been wounded, has now been gassed, he is in a military hospital in Glasgow where he is making a slow recovery.

May 1st 1918

Two cottages belonging to Mr Whitlock, situated near Skillets Farm, Pentlow, were burnt down. The origin of the fire is believed to Government steam engines engaged in hay pressing, which passed a short while before. A lad named Kemp saw the outbreak and raised the alarm, the Cavendish Fire Brigade was sent for but the roof had fallen before the Brigade arrived. Mrs Johnson and Mrs Plum were the occupants and they lost a good deal of furniture but were insured.

May 8th 1918

Belchamp Tribunal. Mr Ward applied for J.Carter-refused.

May 8th 1918

The sad news has been received at Borley, that Private T.Pearsons of the Bakery Division has been killed in action in France on March 24th. Previous to joining the army Pearsons was employed at the shop in Borley as baker, by Mr F.Scrivener. He rallied to the cause as a driver in the A.S.C. under the late Major Bernard Ward.M.C.. This is the second son Mr and Mrs Pearsons have lost in the war.

June 11th 1918

Belchamp Tribunal. Mr W.J.Seaman applied for A.Plumb 43, a gardener at Lyston Hall, Mr Seaman said he was the only man left out of six, his only help was a boy, he cultivated one and a half acres of vegetables, some of the produce being given to hospitals, his wife is an invalid and he is grade 2-refused.
Mr D.Ward applied for A.Maxim 43, manager of the bottle stores, the firm had lost 48 men and now employed old men, women and boys. The National Service Representative said that the authorities considered it a straight case for exemption, saying you knock off the beer you knock off the work-3 months exemption.

July 10th 1918

Belchamp Walter. The death of Gunner M.G.Pearsons has been reported, aged 25 years. He was sent home owing to an illness contracted in France, he died in a hospital near Liverpool. Prior to joining the army he assisted his father Mr Morgan James Pearsons, acting as brewer. Mr Pearsons has four sons in the army, one, Rex, is a P.O.W. in Germany. John has now been sent home wounded.

September 11th 1918

At Nairobi, British East Africa. The marriage of the Reverend John Henry Welch to Gertrude May, eldest daughter of Mr David Ward of Lower Hall, Foxearth.-by cable:

September 11th 1918

Mrs Clarry of Cavendish has received the following telegram.-That her son, Private F.S.Clarry, has died in hospital in Doeberitz, He was taken prisoner at Mons four years ago.

October 2nd 1918

Boardman and Oliver held a sale of live and dead stock at Huntsmans Farm, Foxearth, on instructions from Mrs Brand who is giving up the farm on Saturday. Black Shires Mare, 12y-77gns. Black shires gelding, 5y-119gns. Bay shires mare, 10y.-61gn. Bay shires mare, 12y-41g.
Bay shires mare, 10y-107g. Chesnut Suffolk mare 13y- 50g. Bay gelding, 9y- ? Light bay shires 2y 100g. 2 steers-£ 20 calf cow-40g.ditto-35g.
300 poultry 5s 3d each.

November 20th 1918

There has not been a flag on Pentlow tower since the war began, but on Monday the Union Jack was run up as a token of rejoicing that the armistice has signed with Germany. Chimes of the Rectory clock which were silent during the war were immediately set going again.

November 20th 1918

Bells rang out a merry peal on news of the end of hostilities with Germany at Foxearth. The bells were sometimes fired with good effect. At the village club a large number of people were present. There was a suitable speech from Mr David Ward.

December 18th 1918

Foxearth. Leonard S.Leggot " Yeoman of Signals" of H.M.S.Walker T.B.D. has been awarded the D.S.M. for service in the Grand Fleet destroyer. He is the second son of Mr and Mrs T.L.Leggot of Foxearth, they have three other sons serving in the Royal Navy and one in R.F.A. Egyptian Expiditionary Force.

January 1st 1919

Foxearth. The Rector, Mrs Carpenter and Mrs Ward entertained the schoolchildren and their mothers to an excellent tea in the schoolroom last Friday. There was a beautiful Christmas tree laden with presents given by Mrs Ward. Mrs Cundy kindly presented the Christmas tree which was afterwards planted in the school surroundings with due ceremony by the Rector as a fitting memorial to the Great Peace of Christmas 1918.

January 1st 1919

Lieut.Col.MacLeod Robinson of the Old Rectory, Liston celebrated his 61st birthday on Sunday. Colonel Robinson has had a long and distinguished career in South Africa, in the Boer War he was Town Commandant of Kimberley and during the seige he was three times mentioned in dispatches. He received the Queens Medal and Clasp and the King's Medal and two clasps.

January 15th 1919

Joseph Stammers, a labourer of Gestingthorpe, was found with his throat cut on Monday morning, he died later that day, he worked for a number of years at the Hall Farm.

January 15th 1919

Bell ringing at Foxearth. On Sunday evening for Divine Service the bells were rung by six members of the local company and Corporal Percy Gridley who was home on leave at his native village.
They rang a touch of Bob Major containing 1040 changes. J.Taylor- treble, T.Slater,(Glemsford) 2nd W.P.Gridley 3rd F.Inch 4th A.Maxim 5th A.Taylor 6th Corporal Percy Gridley R.E.7th, S.Evans-conductor-tenor.

March 26th 1919

On Tuesday a serious accident occurred to Mr Frank Scrivener, a machinist, at Borley. He was working with a chaff cutter at Lower Farm Borley for Mr R.T.B.Payne. Whilst giving instruction to the man feeding the the machine, by some unexplained means his left arm became entangled with the cog wheels of one of the rollers then being pulled into the wheels and his arm was torn severely.
April 9th 1919.Inquest on death of Frank Scrivener of Borley. Mr Fred Tregett of Walter Belchamp, said they were chaff cutting at Borley with a steam engine, belonging to Scrivener and Rowe. Dec. said we will change the wheel, when he noticed deceased's arm in the cogs. Harold Sillitoe of Red House, Borley, said dec.was his uncle and a machinist and a farmer at Belchamp Walter. Doctor Singh, house surgeon at Essex County Hospital said gangrene set in. Accidental death.

April 16th 1919

Funeral of Crimean Veteran at Liston. Lt.Col.Plummer lived at Rectory House Liston for 2© years and died last Friday. He was born in 1838 and was commissioned 2nd the Royal Fusiliers in 1854.
A year later he went to Sebastapol then saw service on the North West Frontier, India. On retirement he was deputy governor of Borstal and Dartmoor prison and governor of Parkhurst prison.

July 4th 1919

Lacy Scott sold the live and dead stock at the Rookery Farm Belchamp Walter by directions of the executors of the late Mr Frank Scrivener.--Chestnut Gelding-63gn, ditto-52gn, Dark Bay Mare, aged- 20gn, Bay Gelding aged-28gn.

June 11th 1919

Agriculture Wages Board-min.rates and hours. 54 hours summer. 48 hours winter. To be 27s per week with overtime rates at 7© d on week days and 9d on Sundays.

July 9th 1919

Mr C.H.Westropp's Friesian Herd was sold for £ 6.829. 77 animals averaged £ 90-top price £ 210.

August 13th 1919

Cricket. Foxearth v Cavendish--Foxearth -E.Harper 7 runs -F.Ramsey-1, E.Gibson-0, H.Ward-43, A.Lambert-8. S.Yelloly - 0, F.Chinnery-2, B.Gibson-5, H.Hudson-1, A.Maxim-2, P.Gridley-8. F.Plumb not out 4.
Total 90. Cavendish- J.Nice-5, T.Ambrose-17, J.Page-6, T.Bettinson-0, J.Hutchinson not out 35, E.Walker not out 17.

October 15th 1919

Mr Cecil Beck, member for the Saffron Walden Division, paid a promised visit to Foxearth on Monday evening. Mr Beck was warmly welcolmed in the schoolroom, and his address was listened to with keen interest. He dealt mainly with the Trade Union movement and the recent railway strike. Mr Ward presided and the Rector proposed a hearty vote of thanks, the meeting ended with the singing of the National Anthem.

October 22nd 1919

Foxearth ex-service men were entertained to an excellent repast in the schoolroom, a company of 60 sat down.

December 31st 1919

A football match was arranged on Boxing Day at Foxearth, the match was between the brewery staff and the agricultural industry. A large company assembled to witness the struggle, causing great interest, the game ended 7-0 to the brewery. The football club has just started in the village with J.Oakley as captain and E.Harper as hon.secretary, the village club to be the H.Q.
A cross country race was also organised for the younger members of the club. Mr Ward was the starter and Mrs Ward presented the prizes. There were 12 competitors in a 1© mile course which was completed by Leslie Mayhew in under 17 minutes with Stanley Mayhew coming second and Frank Newman third. Consolation prize for the oldest competitor completing the race was Fred Maxim" who came in" in grand form. The race created great interest in the village.
in grand form. The race created great interest in the village.

January 14th 1920

The funeral of Miss Fanny Payne, second daughter of the late Mr Orlando Payne of Borley took place at Borley Church recently.She was much loved and esteemed.

February 4th 1920

Foxearth.-- The dedication of the Memorial Cross took place last Sunday in the presence of a large congregation not only of parishioners but visitors from surrounding parishes.These included dicharged soldiers and Boy Scouts from Long Melford. The beautiful Marble Cross was dedicated after morning service by the Bishop of Colchester. The cross is 12ft.high and is situated outside the church door in full view when entering and leaving the sacred building. A committee was formed to raise the subscriptions and there was a liberal response, a total of £ 150 was raised, cost of the memorial was £ 120, the balance to be expended in the erection of a latinmetal tablet in the porch in memory of all of the parishioners who served by land, sea and air, this unfortunately could not be completed before the dedication service. About seventy people from this parish went to war, from a total of 360 people. The memorial is the work of Mr S.B.Pegrum. Sculptor.
Sergeant T.Plumb--Suffolks. Private Vivian Mayhew. M.T.-A.S.C. Private George Chambers.--Suffolks. Private John Chambers--Suffolks. Private William Plumb.--Royal Fusiliers. Private H.L.Evans--Essex Regiment.
Driver Alban Chinnery. Major George Bernard Ward.-M.C.-R.F.C.. Private George Pryke.--R.W.Kents. P.O.David Byford--R.N.A.S.. Private Alfred Arbon.-- M.T.-A.S.C.. Nurse Ileene Carter--120th Essex.
Grant Them Eternal Rest There were beautiful wreaths and crosses from the congregation, those from relatives being placed on the base of the memorial.
" In loving memory of George Pryke who fell in France on September 21st 1917, from N.Ward." " To the memory of our dear brave boy." from Mr and Mrs Byford and Son. " In loving memory of Private Vivian Mayhew".
" In loving memory of my dear husband, Private William Plumb, Peace Perfect Peace". " In loving memory of our brave Foxearth boys" from Mrs John Foster and Miss Andrewes. " With gratitude to our gallant heroes" from Mr and Mrs H.G.Newson, Glebeside. " In grateful rememberance of our brave hearts and true" from Mr and Mrs Stibard Carter.

March 17th 1920

Cavendish Football Club had a blank day on Saturday, a friendly match had been arranged with Clare, but the Clare secretary wrote back to say," he had been instructed by his committee to scratch the match", stating as the reason," the unfriendly feeling between the teams". This is to be regretted: there is always a very keen rivalry in all branches of sport between neighbouring villages. It shows there is something wrong somewhat and something that ought to be eliminated.

March 17th 1920

There was a presentation to the Misses Bull, at Borley Hall, last week on their leaving their Rectory home at Borley. They were presented with a magnificent silver rose bowl.

March 17th 1920

A Memorial Window was dedicated by the Bishop of Colchester at Pentlow last Sunday. The church was filled to the utmost capacity. Messrs Way and Fuller of Chelmsford were entrusted with the work.
To the glory of God and in his memory,--the six men of this Parish who gave their lives for King and Country in the War-1914-19.
This window is erected by public subscription.
Charles Chambers-Percy Chapman-Frank Ebbs-Fredrick Maxim-Stanley Plumb- Reginald Twinn.

June 16th 1920

Cricket. Sudbury Grammar School v Belchamp Walter.
Belchamp score--R.C.Mauldon-32. C.Stunt-3. C.Chatters-4. H.Framson-2.
C.Martin-0. F.Tregett-10. A.Pearson-3. C.Saywood-0. H.Catterwell-0.
W.Wright-2. A.Levell-0. Total 64. Sudbury 108.

June 20th 1920

Gordon Bell, a traveller of Belchamp Otten, was charged with obtaining money by false pretences at Great Bardfield. It is alleged he took money for chocolates and did not deliver them.

July 7th 1920

Boardman and Oliver have favoured with instructions from the executors of the late Mrs Julia Brand to sell by auction at Sudbury Rose and Crown on July 29th, the Agricultural Estate of 559 acres.
Bradfields Farm and Eyston Lodge--Eyston Smyths and Hubbards. A nominal reserve is being placed in order to close the Estate.
Bradfields and Eyston Lodge-401 acres. Eyston Smyths and Hubbards-158 acres, also a plot of ground or a building site at Huntsmans Lane and three cottages known as Huntsmans Cottages.
July 21st 1920.Cricket. Foxearth v Borley. Borley-F.Farrance, captain-7.
F.Scrivener-1. E.Scrivener-2. F.Pilgrim-9. F.Pearson-9. A.Finch-9.
A.Pilgrim-9. J.Mills-9. H.Scrivener-9. H.Finch-9.Total 73.
Foxearth-E.Harper-9. P.Gridley-3. G.Balaam-0. F.Chinnery-9. B.Mansfield- 9. H.Cook-9. J.Oakley-captain-6. J.Carter-0. J.Chambers-9. P.Butcher-10.
F.Hardy-1. Total 65.

August 11th 1920

Quoits- Foxearth v Glemsford.- Foxearth-H.Cook-15.
F.Martin-4. F.Woods-14. A.Danes-9. F.Chinnery-15. G.Balaam-11. E.Harper- 7. P.Gridley-3. Total 78. Glemsford-P.Underwood-7. C.Brown-15. A.Byford- 15. W.Maxim-15. A.Clarke-11. F.Slater-15. R.Chatters-15. C.Clarke-15- Total 108.

September 29th 1920

Lacy Scott have received instructions from MrR.T.B.Payne to sell by auction the live and dead stock at Eyston Hall Farm Borley. Mr Payne's tenancy has expired and the farm is being taken over by the landlord, Major J.A.Daniel.

October 2nd 1920

Mrs Deeks of Belchamp st Pauls gave a capital dinner to her employees, men and boys, to celebrate the recent wedding of her niece on September 16th to Mr Claude Branwhite. The health of the King, Mrs Deeks and Mr and Mrs Branwhite were drunk.

October 20th 1920

Cavendish. Mr E.Graham of Baythorne Lodge Kedington, on the completion of harvest on his eight farms, situated in Kedington, Sturmer, Wixoe and Cavendish, gave his 108 employees a substantial luncheon in Barnadiston Arms.

October 20th 1920

The Rev Francis Flynn of Belchamp st Pauls, was charged with assaulting a boy named John Chinnery. The boy, along with others was returning from Sunday School. The vicar who was walking in the direction of the village, remonstrated with the boys for playing in the road, Chinnery did not desist. The vicar it is alleged, turned to the boy and struck him on the nose with his fist, making it bleed, and said" if you dont stop I will box your ears". The vicar did not attend the hearing or send an explanation, but the village policeman said he had seen the vicar, who said he had intended to clip the boy's ear but accidentally hit his nose, he had apologized to the boy's father. The magistrates accepted this view of the occassion, but were sorry he did not come to court. Fined 15s and 5s costs.

October 27th 1920

A fire took place at the Lodge Farm, Glemsford, in the old Farm House which is used for storage by Flax Productions Ltd. The factory fire engine was quickly on the scene but owing to the difference in the connections with their hoses and those of the Urban Coucil there a was small delay, this was quickly remedied but the farmhouse was practically burnt down. A large quantity valuable flax tow was stored in the house in bales and bags.

November 10th 1920

The dedication of the War Memorial took place at Borley on Sunday morning by the Bishop of Chelmsford. Borley Roll of Honour from a population of 180 contains 57 names, six of them laying down their lives and their names will live for evermore on a tablet of brass upon a black marble base on the north side of the church.
To the glory of God, in memory of those who fell in the Great War-1914-18 Basil Bull, August 1st 1917-Belgium-Herberts. S.Butcher, October 14th 1916. France. James D.Martin, October 22nd 1916, France. Thomas Pearson, March 24th 1918, France. Drv.William Pilgrim M.M. October 30th 1917 France. Harry G.Smith, October 11th 1916 France. R.I.P.
Floral Tributes--In loving memory of Basil Walter Bull from Alfred Bull to Basil. Honourable memories from Rev Bull. In loving memory of Private James Martin from his sorrowing Father and Mother. In loving memory of our dear brothers--Private's J.Martin and Harry G.Smith from his loving Father and Sister. In loving memory of our dear brother, Willie Pilgrim. In loving memory of my dear brother Private James Martin from Will, Ethel and family. Deepest respects from Mrs F.Scrivener and Nellie.

November 24th 1920

Football- Sudbury District Junior League. Sudbury Swifts beat Foxearth 4-0. Boxford beat Borley 4-3.

January 6th 1921


January 4th 1921

Football - Borley v Melford Victoria, played at Borley.

January 12th 1921

Lacy Scott will sell by auction in the parish of Belchamp Walter, 30 cottages.Post Office, blacksmiths shop and a dwelling house, comprising practically the whole of Belchamp village, belonging to the Belchamp Hall Estate. On the 27th of January 1921

January 19th 1921

Belchamp Otten. The unveiling of the War Memorial took place on Sunday in memory of the Otten men who fell in the War.
The memorial is of rough Cornish granite with a rustic cross.
In grateful memory of those of this parish who fell in the Great War.
!914-1918. They gave their lives for their country.--W.Barrell-Thomas Chaplin--Cecil G.Gooday--Percy Mason--Archibald S.Pearson--Harry Reeve.
The cross is the work of Mr S.B.Pegrum of Sudbury.
The service was conducted by the Rev H.P.Parmenter. Clare Brass Band were in attendance. Colonel Bond, of Clare, unveiled the memorial and relatives placed wreaths at the foot of the memorial.

January 26th 1921

Football-Clare Beat Foxearth-5-0.
February 2nd. 1921. Belchamp Walter. A village on the market.
Blacksmiths shop with dwelling house, let for £ 13- E.Tilbrook.-2 red brick cottages on the Gestingthorpe road--Mr William Fison, Chilton -£ 77- 10s---3 cottages including post office-Mr C.Sillitoe-£ 200.-4 room tiled cottage- Mr S.Allpress-Sudbury-£ 40. 3 brick fronted cottages-Mr Fison- £ 100.-2 brick fronted cottages-W.Deal-tenant-£ 35. North Waver cottages- Gooday, Sudbury-£ 375.Old school house-Fison-£ 122 10s.-Row of 9 cottages- Allpress-£ 100. Cottage at Puttock End, 1r 3p of land-Allpress-£ 37 10s.

March 16th 1921

Two cottages in occupation of Messrs A.and J.Taylor, agricultural workers of Foxearth, were destroyed by fire on Monday, it is supposed that a spark from the wash house where the women were at work was the cause of the outbreak, in ten minutes the cottages were a roaring furnace. There was no opportunity to salve the furniture.
Sudbury Fire Brigade was telephoned for, but they decided not to attend, a message was sent to Melford Fire Brigade who attended immediately.
Mr A.V.C.Lambert, the owner, with the help of the brewery staff rendered assistance so that a third cottage was saved. A copious supply of water was available from the moat opposite. The destruction of the cottages is a serious loss owing to the shortage of accomodation in the parish.

June 1st 1921

Hadleigh Show. Breeding sow any breed--Stafford Allen-1st Pedigree White Sow.

June 8th 1921

At a meeting of the Essex Local Government Committee, the chairman said that it appeared that no Parish Council had been elected in Foxearth and Ashen as no nominations had been received. The council had approached Mr Ward to act as Parish Council, it was agreed to order a fresh election and it should be intimated to Mr Ward that failing to nominate a new council the committee would nominate him to act as Parish Council. The chairman said he would then be a walking Parish Council.

June 15th 1921

A report on Foxearth and Ashen walking Parish Councils appeared in the Daily Mail. Mr Ward said that the whole of the Act was a farce as the parish councils had no powers and you could only levy a rate of 3d.

June 29th 1921

Quoits-Foxearth Hub-Knockers v Sudbury Comrades-Foxearth 82. Sudbury-81.

June 29th 1921

At a meeting of the Essex Education Committee it was decided to close Belchamp Otten school as there was only 15 children on the books.

June 6th 1921

On Tuesday afternoon a fire broke out at Blacklands Farm, Cavendish, in a stack belonging to Mr C.S.Goodchild. They had been threshing and just as they were leaving off it was noticed a mustard stack was burning, there was plenty of help at hand and the engine and pitcher were moved but the drum and chaff cutter were entirely destroyed. Two large stacks of mustard seed were destroyed and 50 bags of chaff, the Cavendish Fire Brigade soon arrived and gave their attention to the farm buildings. The origin of the fire is believed to have been the engine which belongs to Baldock of Haverhill.

July 20th 1921

Foxearth beat Hartest at cricket. Foxearth -97-T.Albon- 29-H.E.Ward-15----Hartest--37.

September 21st 1921

Death of Mr C.M.Stunt of Belchamp Walter. He was the oldest tenant on the Belchamp Hall estate and farmed Muntz farm and New Barn for 40 years, he came from near Brighton.

October ? 1921

Death of Ernest S. Thompson of Cross roads cottage at Borley aged 21 years

August 31st 1921

On Friday evening last the employees and staff of the Brook Hall and Bradfields Farms, Foxearth, were entertained to a harvest supper by Miss Brand at Brook Hall. A company of between 30 and 40 men sat down to a excellent supper of old English fare, and a plentiful supply of beer, tobacco and cigarettes etc, in the spacious barn which had been gaily decorated with flags for the occasion. The company were waited upon by Miss Brand, Miss Welch, Miss Baldwin and a band of willing helpers. After the tables had been cleared, Mr H.Ives, as the oldest servant, presented Miss Brand on behalf of the employees with a ladies manicure set as a small token of the esteem in which she is held by all by all present. Miss Brand, who is shortly leaving the district, and was visibly affected, in a very able speech expressed her thanks to all for the loyal way in which they had served her and the members of her family, and said it needed no better evidence in these times of industrial unrest, of the good feeling that had always existed between the Brand family and their men than the time some of them had worked together, Mr H.Ives, who is nearly 90 years of age, having worked for the family all his life. The old gentleman, who is still going strong, has a record 76 years service to his credit(this is believed to be a record) and there are twelve other men with an average of about 30 years service each. Mr Mayhew(Steward)responding on behalf of the men, said it was the result of pulling together that enabled them to meet in happy circumstances that they were enjoying to-night. The rest of the evening was spent in singing, etc, some excellent songs being sung by Messrs, Rolfe, Butcher, Oakley, Cook, Johnson and T.Mayhew. A gramophone, was kindly lent by Mr J.P.Brand, who was unable to be present, added to the pleasure of the party, and they broke up about 10 pm after a most enjoyable evening.

October 5th 1921

On the intructions by the exors of the late Mrs Julia Brand of Brook Hall Farm, Foxearth, Boardman and Oliver sold the dead and live stock at Brook Hall. The Brand family has been at Brook Hall for a long number of years and now Mr John Brand of Buntings Farm, Pentlow, is taking over the extensive occupancy. There were a large number of buyers and things sold well.
Lister separator-£ 7 5s. 3 harvest waggons-£ 7 each. Cambridge rolls-£ 15.
Knut rolls-£ 12 10s. Horse hoe-£ 7 5s. Ransomes Y L ploughs £ 7 15s each.
R.L.W.ploughs to £ 6. Ransome potato plough £ 7 10s. Garrods 15 coulter drill-£ 18 16s. Deering self binders-£ 18 10s and £ 17 10s. Albion reaper- £ 6 10s. Bamford swath turner-£ 13. Roberts elevator-£ 60. Iron water cart-£ 14 10s. Harvest waggons-£ 39 10s each. 6 H P portable engine-£ 11.
Thil horse gear-to £ 8. Bay gelding 5y £ 51. Ditto 9y £ 32. Bay mare aged £ 31. Ditto 10y £ 29. Ditto 5y 48. Ditto 9y £ 31. Ditto 6y £ 33. Ditto aged £ 37. Brown Gelding 6y £ 41. Bay Filly 3y £ 40. Ditto £ 42. Ditto £ 42.
Neat stock sold at £ 35 each and there was some competition for the flock of registered ewes making £ 5 each. Sows to £ 18.

November 20th 1921

On Saturday last, two men employed by Mr Ambrose a butcher, were going their rounds when near the old Foxearth Mill site their trap ran up the bank and overturned together with joints of meat they were carrying. The horse bolted and ran a long distance before it was recaptured. One of the men named Kilbourne sustained a nasty cut the other named Shinn was unhurt.