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1914 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 7th1914

At a meeting of the Belchamp Rural District Council the surveyor reported that two steam rollers had been at work rolling in Lt Henny,Wickham St Pauls, Bulmer, Gestingthorpe and the Belchamps.. A resolution was received from the parishioners of Otten Belchamp that the council should sink a well and erect a pump at a central spot.

January 7th 1914

The will of Capt Oates of the 6th Dragoons who walked to his death in the Antarctic was issued on Wednesday, his estate was valued at £28,828, he bequeathed it to his brother Bryan William Oates of Messing, Kelvedon, Essex.

January 14th 1914

Notice. Foxearth Brewery. We shall be glad to supply on receipt of postcard or other intimation to our numerous clients and the public in general, renewal date slips for 1914 for use in our art metal cases having lost the register to whom these have been supplied.

January 14th 1914

Sudbury Market. Wheat in larger supply, 32s to 33s delivered at the mills.

February 4th 1914

An extraordinary statement concerning the number of hares killed (300) in 67 acres in Norfolk during harvest operations, this claim was made by Sir Richard Winfrey in a recent speech at the National Liberal Club.

February 11th 1914

A large number of letters have been received from 2000 to 3000 boys who have proceeded from this country to Victoria in Australia last year to engage in farm work, the lads were drawn from various cities in the U.K. and had no previous rural experience, they write in enthusiastic terms of the voyage to Australia and of good wages and a pleasant life on the farms and they are particularly gratified in finding so much sport with no gun licence required, they are guaranteed 7s 6d per week in addition to board and lodgings, the Victorian government say they are now receiving applications at the rate of 50 a day from British boys.

February 11th 1914

At a meeting of the Clare Licensing Authority the Black Lion at Stradishall was referred to the Compensation Authority as amount has not been agreed.

February 18th 1914

Cavendish. Through the kindness of Lady Miller of Arkley near Barnet into whose possession it had passed, a most interesting relic of the old days was recently restored to the authorities of the parish, it consists of an pitch pipe of wood that was used to tone up the instruments that accompany church services, it is beautiful preservation and two octaves can be played, on it is the following inscription appears carved on the side “To Cavendish Church I do belong. And they who harm me will do wrong. Fot I was bought to preserve. While perfect sounds in me abide. 1781.

February 14th 1914

Albert Pearsons of Belchamp Walter was summoned for ill treating a horse by working it unfit at Gt Yeldham, Inspector Dooner of the RSPCA said he saw on February 2nd near Yeldham a man named Albert Pearsons driving at a trot a chestnut horse drawing a cart with large pig in it, he said to defendant “this horse is lame” he replied “it belongs to my father Morgan Pearsons a brewer of Belchamp Walter”. £1and costs.

February 25th 1914

Inquest at Larret’s farm, Belchamp Walter on Maud Brown aged 15 a domestic servant employed by Mrs King at Larret’s farm who died on the evening of 19th of February after being burnt terribly. Mrs King said deceased had been working for her for 10 weeks, on Monday afternoon she sent the girl to light the copper in the washhouse, shortly after the girl rushed into the kitchen a mass of flames which stood above her a foot, witness and a friend tried to get hold of her but she pushed them out of the way, she screamed for her husband who came at once, he wrapped her in rugs, the girl died that evening. Accidental. The Coroner called public attention to the dangers arising from wearing flannelette.

March 25th 1914

The following Glemsford men have been nominated for seats on Glemsford Council. S.W.Bigg, farmer-H.J. Bigmore manufacturer-S.W.Downs engineer-W.G.Fenn baker grocer-Charles Goodchild farmer-James Blair factory manager-Ezra Game publican-Alfred Game grocer baker-R.J.Clarke grocer draper-Herbert Hall clerk in holy orders-Ernest Hartley wheelwright-G.B.Pickworth dentistry-W.W.Thompson tailor-Felix Underwood bootmaker-Ernest Watkinson gentleman.

April 1st 1914

Advert. Garden Seeds. -A.Adams nurseryman of Sudbury, Suffolk. Seed potatoes at 1s a peck-Sharpe’s Express—Duke of York—Myatt’s Ashleaf—Rivers Royal—Royal Ashleaf—Early Rose—Early Puritan.

April 22nd 1914

As Mr Joseph Coe, threshing machine proprietor of Bulmer was motoring up Prospect Hill in Lt Cornard when the driving chain snapped and the car began to go backwards, Mr Coe applied the brakes but they refused to act, he hastily backed into the bank on the side of the road with the result that the car overturned and he and his companion a little girl were thrown out, in trying to save the latter Mr Coe hurt his hand but escaped further injury, the little girl was unhurt but the windscreen was smashed.

April 29th 1914

A horseman named John Tuffin who was employed at the Aubries at Bulmer and living at Haven ground, Bulmer, met his death in a tragic manner, after watering his horses on Monday afternoon he went to the pond in the farmyard to dip for a certain animal, while in the act of filling the pail he overbalanced into the water having been suffering from rheumatism for some time, a few minutes later Bertie Withers drove his cows down to the pond and found Tuffin lying with his head in the pond in 2ft of water. Accidental.

May 20th 1914

Long Melford. Sir William and Lady Parker are leaving the Hall on Saturday for London for the season.

May 27th 1914

For Sale. 837 acres by direction of Mrs St Clere Raymond. The outlying portions of Belchamp Hall estate-St Mary Hall with restored Tudor Manor, new model farm buildings, about 275 acres with a useful smallholding adjoining the above known as Northey farm, 52 acres, 4 capital arable fields of 31 acres.

May 27th 1914

By directions of the executors of the late M.M.Blacker, New Barn at Bulmer, double tenement and good farm buildings. 5 cottages known as Upper Houses in all about 189 acres.

June 3rd 1914

At Cheltenham on Monday evening, Albert Lloyd was committed for trial charged with trying to place poison in cider to inflict bodily harm on his employer John Holder, the accused admitted he poured a packet of sheep dip into a cask to revenge himself upon the person who removed the key to the cask’s tap and so prevented him drawing any cider, Mr Holder and two farm hands were violently ill but recovered, the analyst said there was enough arsenic in the cask to kill 40 people. For trial.

June 17th 1914

Cavendish Temperance Society had an enjoyable picnic at Duck’s Hall in a meadow lent by Mr Smith, the weather was perfect and a fair number of members were present, during the evening a game of cricket was played.

July 1st 1914

The Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne and his wife the Duchess Hohenberg were both assassinated on Sunday in the street at Sarojevo, capital of Bosnia.

July 1st 1914

A fire tragedy occurred at near Lavenham on Sunday morning involving the death of Mrs Agnes Murdock an octogenarian and her son William aged 40. William Murdoch ? said his father purchased a holding last year about ¾ of a mile along the Melford road and they were cultivating this, they had no proper house and the old woman was said to be feeble, they were living in a wooden structure on wheels which resembled a shepherd’s hut, Murdoch senior slept in a corrugated iron shed which the son had erected, on Sunday morning some villagers were out for a walk and saw the wooden hut on fire and the old man was trying to throw water on the flames, they assisted but the whole structure was ablaze and in a short time it burnt itself out then the terrible discovery was made that both mother and son had perished, one witness said he saw the body of a man near the door but they were unable to reach him because of the flames. Accidental.

August 5th 1914

War clouds burst. The long threatening calamity of war broke over Europe at the week-end.

August 19th 1914

At Witham Police Court, George Newman a watchmaker of Lt Totham was charged with being a supposed alien, P.C.Starling said defendant told him he was German and was born in Berlin, defendant admitted he told a policeman he was German but Supt Copp produced a document showing the defendant was born in Borley, Essex, in 1874. John Newman of Sudbury identified defendant as his son. Dismissed.

August 26th 1914

At a meeting of the Essex and Suffolk Football Border League on Friday night it was decided to suspend the league for the coming season as there were no fewer than seven military teams in the league and the fact was many clubs were hit by players called to the front.

September 16th 1914

To be sold at Borley Lodge. Messrs Balls have been favoured with instructions from the Exors of the late J.S.Gardiner to sell the whole of the house-hold furniture. Mahogany table—Cottage piano-carved oak high backed chair made from timbers of the H.M.S. Temeraire 1805—etc.

September 14th 1914

During the past week 14 men from the Sudbury district have enlisted, these comprise of 7 from Waldingfield, 4 from Alpheton, 2 from Lavenham, 1 from Sudbury. Considering 400 men were enlisted in 1 month, 200 in one week from Sudbury and district the district has done very well.

October 21st 1914

A wheat straw stack, the produce of 9 ½ acres in a field opposite People.s Park at the foot of Gallows hill in Sudbury was destroyed by fire on Monday night.

October 21st 1914

Inquest on Monday at Belchamp st Pauls on Charles Kemp aged 65 of Church Street who when brushing walnuts at Pauls Hall farm for Mr Galliene fell off a ladder a distance of 15ft breaking both hips and the base of his skull, he died on the following Sunday morning, Arthur Smith and Thomas Cutmore were also engaged. Accidental.

October 21st 1914

At a meeting of the West Suffolk Licensing Committee the licence for the Rifle Arms at Sudbury was given up, the sum of £784 was allowed to the owners and £26 to the licensee.

October 21st 1914

Letters to the Editor. Dear Sir, Reports have reached me to the effect that a rumour is circulating that I am of German birth, I should like to through the medium of your paper deny the same being a native of Cotton in Suffolk, my birth certificate will prove the same, I might state that both my parents are of Suffolk origin. E.E. Tricker, North Street, Sudbury.

October 21st 1914

It is reported that Private Henry Atterton of Ridgewell, a member of the 2nd Suffolks is taken prisoner.

November 11th 1914

At Hedingham Petty Sessions Mr J.O. Steed appeared in respect to the transfer of an off licence at Pentlow from Mrs Ince to Mr Kemp, the transfer had been put aside owing to the absence of letters of administrations. Mr Steed said Mr Charles Thurgood, the late licence holder made his will, there was great difficulty he being nearly blind and deaf, Mr Steed ascertained that he wished to leave his house and furniture to Mrs Ince who had kept house for him for many years, the will did not deal with the licence but it was in the power of the Bench to grant it. The Bench then granted a licence.

November 11th 1914

Mrs Harry Wordley of Egermont Street, Glemsford, has received a letter from her husband who is in the 2nd Suffolks and has been missing since early October stated he is a prisoner of war at Doeberitz, Germany. The parents of Private Walter Marshall of the 2nd Suffolks living in Egermont Street in Glemsford have received a letter from their son stating he is wounded and a prisoner of war at Beielefeld, Germany. He stated the German people are kind to the prisoners and his wounds are progressing satifactory.

November 18th 1914

Alpheton. The following members from Alpheton now serving at the front—William Bruce R.F.A.—Robert Cross 9th Lancers now P.O.W.—William King Reserve 2nd Suffolks—Frederick Pawsey 3rd Leicester Regt- Ernest J.Whent Royal Marines.

November 18th 1914

Sudbury Corn Market. Wheat to 44s per quarter delivered—barley to 35s delivered.

December 9th 1914

Mrs M.Argent of 56 East Street, Sudbury, has been notified that her son Harry who was serving in the East Lancashire Regt has been killed in action.

December 30th 1914

The Monday following Christmas was a good day for recruiting when 40 men from the district of Sudbury were enrolled.

1915 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 6th 1915

The military khaki uniform has been conspicuous in the streets of Sudbury during the last few weeks when a large number of troops were at home on leave, all looked well and happy, a number of men have been guarding Ballingdon bridge. During the recruiting period since Christmas 40 to 50 men have signed on at the Drill Hall, Sudbury.

January 6th 1915

Killed in action Corporal Walter Gowers the 2nd son of Mr and Mrs Gowers of Rattlesden aged 21.

March 3rd 1915

Died on February 19th at Boulogne, France, Vivian Harry the 2nd and dearly beloved son of Harry and Harriet Mayhew of Bradfields farm, Foxearth.

March 17th 1915

Private Harry Barber of the 2nd Suffolks writes to his parents in Sudbury “just a line to let you know I am well, if you have seen the papers you will notice I have been mentioned in despatches for something, I am not the first Sudbury man to be mentioned as Colour Sergeant Parsons has had the same, keep your eyes open and you will see my name again so I have heard.

March 24th 1915

Died at Aldershot, John Henry Burgon of the 2nd A.M. Royal Flying Corps the 2nd son of Maria and Arthur Burgon M.R.C.V.S. of Haverhill, aged 16.

April 7th 1915

Another batch of wounded soldiers arrived at Sudbury station from Dover on Monday night, with the assistance of the Voluntary Aid Detachment they were moved to Bell Vue which has been fitted up to accommodate the cases, the men numbering 20 were suffering from injuries to the legs and feet and were swathed in bandages.

April 21st 1915

Mr Paul Oliver will conduct a sale in aid of the Belgium Relief Fund on the cricket field at Sudbury on Tuesday May 4th, live and dead stock kindly given by residents—household furniture-100 fowls and ducks—5 lambs and sheep—fox terrier puppy—old English sheep dog—carts etc—25 dozen eggs—potatoes—4 loads of wood—in all about 400 lots.

April 28th 1915

We regret to record the death of Miss Julianna Raymond, sister of the vicar of Bray which took place at Bray vicarage on April 16th, Miss Raymond who was 87 was the last surviving daughter of the Rev Oliver Raymond of Middleton who died in 1889 at the age of 95.

May 12th 1915

At the re-opening service at Belchamp Walter of the Primitive Methodist Chapel the preacher was Mr A.B.Clarke the lay preacher.

May 19th 1915

Killed in action in France on the April 27th, George the eldest son William Baldry, Wells Hall, Brent Eleigh.

May 19th 1915

Killed in action on the 13th of May near Ypres in the front rank of a counter attack made by the Essex Yeomanry, aged 32, William Ewer the eldest son and dearly loved son of Mr and Mrs William Gardiner of Upper Yeldham Hall, Essex.

May 26th 1915

Advert. When buying your new motor car see that it is a Ford, your local agent is Stanley Downs, motor engineer of Gestingthorpe.

May 26th 1915

Mrs J.Pearson of 16 Inkerman Row has received a letter from the comrades of her son Corporal W.Pearson of the 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment. Just a line hoping this letter will find you well, I thought I would write and let you know the sad news about Bill, he was getting a wounded comrade out of danger when he was hit, he had just said to me “keep low Will” when he was hit. Pte W.Hurst is also a Sudbury man being the son of Mr George Hurst of Mill Lane, Sudbury.

May 26th 1915

The new Primitive Methodist Chapel on Tye Green Glemsford was opened on Whit Monday afternoon.

June 9th 1915

On Sunday evening at Acton church a memorial service was held for the late Frederick Nice a Private in the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards who was killed in action near Festubert on May 16th aged 21 years. Killed in action on May 3rd at Ypres, Maurice Percy Downs late of Belchamp Walter, the son of Maurice Downs of Park Road, London N.W. “his sun went down while it was yet day”.

June 23rd 1915

We regret to announce the death of Mr M.Castledine who was killed in action in France, he 25 years old and in the 4th Royal Fuseliers, he was a cashier in the London Westminster bank in Sudbury. Killed in action on May 9th , Private Arthur Munson of the 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters, the dearly loved son of Benjamin and Alice Munson of Boxford. Killed in action at the Dardanelles, Ernest Harold Foster of the 11th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, Australian Contingent, aged 22, the beloved son of Mr and Mrs G.E Foster of Gt Cornard.

June 30th 1915

No fewer than 19,648 boys who have received training in reformatory and industrial schools are serving in the forces, three of them have received the V. C., 25 have the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

July 7th 1915

Captain Edward Ruggles Brise of the Essex Yeomanry Territorial Force has received the Conspicious Gallantry Medal, near Ypres he held a position gained in a counter attack although entirely isolated until orders came to withdraw at night, he had only 50 men under his command.

July 28th 1915

The people of Melford had the pleasure of seeing one of our gallant lads who is bravely serving his King and Country in person, Private Charles Long the son of Mr and Mrs Long of the Green, Long Melford, he is one that has shed lustre on the village by his splendid conduct in the field of battle where he gained the Distinguished Conduct Medal, he is on five days leave as he was injured in the heavy fighting at Ypres where gained the medal. Private Arthur Duce of the 2nd North Hants whose mother resides in Westgate lane at Melford is one of five brothers serving in the army, he has been invalided home with shrapnel wounds in his shoulder.

August 4th 1915

Lord Howe has decided to sell his estates in Essex and Suffolk, the Suffolk estate is near Long Melford extends to 2,000 acres, it includes Acton Hall and several important farms, the Cavendish estate extends to 1,380 acres comprises Colts Hall-Robbs-Wales and Wales End farms, the Newton property with Newton Hall contains 472 acres and the Essex estate includes three important farms and considerable areas of woods.

August 11th 1915

Sudbury corn market. Wheat to 59s.

August 11th 1915

A most successful concert was held in the church barn at Borley on Wednesday evening in aid of the church choir fund, it was well patronised.

September 8th 1915

Belchamp St Pauls. Death of Sgt. John Wiffen of the Royal Welsh Fuseliers who was only 19 years of age died on August 17th at the Dardanelles while leading his company right gallantly, his father lived with Miss Goody for 30 years, at the parish church the Rev Flynn alluded kindly terms to his death.

September 8th 1915

Killed in action on August 12t h in the Mediteranean Expeditionary Force, Percy Reeves Fairweather the 4th son Henry and Annie Fairweather of Causeway House, Hitcham, in his 21st year.

September 8th 1915

Killed in Flanders on the 14th of August, Private Frederick Pawsey of the 1st Battalion Leicestershire Regiment, the 3rd son of Mrs Moatt and the late George Pawsey of Shimpling aged 27.

September 15th 1915

Mr Charles Boardman has been favoured with instructions from Mr Percival to sell by auction at the Pig and Whistle Inn, Helions Bumpstead, the entire house-hold goods and other effects.

September 15th 1915

The following letter has been received from Frederick Martin the son of Mr T.Martin of the Rose and Crown, Clare, who with his brother Harry is with the Clare contingent in the Dardanelles, just few lines to let you know we are both well, we lost our mate, H.Martin, he was killed on the 8th, Harry Spooner, W.Mansfield and B. Mansfield are all wounded but not seriously, the boy Ince from Ashen was killed, Bob Parker and Jim Ince are alright but H.Orbell the Haverhill footballer was killed. H.Martin is the first Clare man to be killed in the war.

September 22nd 1915

A party of swell cracksmen visited Melford Hall last week-end and got away with a considerable amount of valuable treasure.

October 6th 1915

Mrs Towler of Gordon Terrace, the widow of P.S. Towler the genial officer who is remembered with affection in Waldingfield has contributed five sons to his Majesty’s service.

October 6th 1915

A letter has been received in Melford that Private George Ambrose son of William Ambrose has been killed also that Sgt Pettit, Private Garwood and Private Wadley have been wounded, the latter being shot down by the side of his father. Killed in action, No 9202 Scout,William Davey of the B.E.F. on Friday 18th, the dearly beloved husband of Sybil Davey of Sudbury, late professional golfer at Newton Green. Died in hospital at Etaples from wounds received in action on the 25th , 2nd Lieut Frederick Corry of the Royal Field Artillery, the youngest son of the Honourable Henry and Mrs Corry of Edwardstone Hall aged 25.

October 13th 1915

Advert. 3 ½ h p Torpedo motor cycle 1914 model overhauled like new, lamps etc, bargain at £30. Stanley Downs, Gestingthorpe.

October 13th 1915

Mrs Tatum of Mill Lane, Sudbury, has received news that her son Private Tatum has been killed in action, Private Mendam sends this tribute, “he got killed doing his duty, he was a brave lad, the bravest we have in our section”. Killed in action in the Dardanelles, Sgt Major Wilfred Hunt aged 37 of Gt Cornard, the beloved husband of Eleanor Hunt.

October 27th 1915

Bertie Prigg 15, Oliver Whittle 15, Lionel Stanhope 12 and Jack Cadge 12 were charged with stealing a hen the property of Henry Savage of Melford. Discharged.

October 27th 1915

News has reached Hartest on the death of Private James Steed 28 who was killed by a shell in France on October 1st, he is the youngest son of John Steed and spent some years in the gardens at Chadacre Hall. News has arrived of 2nd Lieut H. Foster-Morris 19 who expired on October 10th in France, he was the only son of the late Rector of Hartest. Died of wounds received in action in hospital at Alexandria on the 20th September, Sgt William Pettit of the 15th Suffolk Regiment, the youngest son of the late Robert Pettit of Sudbury, aged 23.

November 3rd 1915

Sudbury Market. Wheat to 55s. Wanted. Groom and gardener for Pentlow Hall, Cavendish, must be active man over 40, abstainer preffered, good cottage. Killed in action in France on October 13th, Private E. Parker of the 7th Suffolks, the 2nd son of Mr and Mrs J.Parker of Lavenham aged 22.

November 17th 1915

Albert Good a labourer of Church Street Sudbury was the victim of a distressing accident, he had for some years been in the employment of Messrs Mauldon the brewers of Ballingdon as a bottle washer,, on Saturday he started with Mr W.Wilson, baker who was showing him the round, when the accident occurred they were coming down Sandy Lane at Bulmer when the cart ran into a tree root, the cart went up the bank and overturned, both were thrown out with Good falling under one of the wheels, the hub of the wheel falling direct onto his head killing him instantly.

November 17th 1915

Died in the Dardanelles from exhaustion, Robert Dixon, Major of the 54th East Anglian Divisional Train, A.S.C. the beloved husband of Freda Dixon of Sudbury aged 60.

December 8th 1915

Alpheton. A frame of Honour has been presented to Alpheton church by Mr and Mrs H.Harvey of Rowhedge, Alpheton, the roll of honour consists 20 names, one killed, one wounded, since then three more have been wounded.

December 8th 1915

Mr and Mrs Brown of 100 Cross Street, Sudbury have 4 sons serving their King. Killed in action in France, Corporal Henry Bear C/62nd Brigade R.F.A., the youngest son of the late W. Bear of Castle Hedingham, aged 30.

December 22nd 1915

Bertha Tokeley aged 6 met a terrible death last Thursday by having all her clothes burnt off her owing to her pinafore catching light either from a candle or a lamp while her mother was out, her death took place in St Leonards a few hours later.

December 22nd 1915

Killed in action on December 11th at Suvala Bay in his 23rd year, 2nd Lieut James Stokoe, the eldest son of Mrs Stokoe of Hillside Terrace, Newry, Northen Ireland, grandson of the late Mr T. Stokoe of Clare, Suffolk.

December 29th 1915

The “George Coats” were distributed under the will of Nathaniel King when 15 deserving residents of Sudbury were the recipients of the welcome gift.