The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1912-1918 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

January 17th 1912

Workmen in Branwhite's maltings, Long Melford, had a surprise visit on Tuesday last, when a large fox entered the engine room, the door was fastened and the workmen entered armed with a broom and sticks and surrounded the fox, he was stunned with a blow on the head, bundled into a sack before being taken to Mr C.H.Westropp. It appears that early that morning Mr Making of Sudbury was excercising two greyhounds in a field near Rodbridge, when he saw the greyhounds having a tussle with a fox, it is thought it was the same fox, he broke away and went through the railings into the maltings. The fox was set at liberty on Tuesday morning when he provided a good run for the hunt, the meet being in Melford that day.

January 24th 1912

Meeting of the creditors of James Henry Majendie of Hedingham Castle.

January 24th 1912

Death of a Crimean veteran at Wickham st Pauls.
Death of Mr G.W.Turner, aged 76 years, has occured in the parish, he had served 21 years 8 days in the army. He received the medal with clasp for Sebastopol and the Turkish medal for the same war. Since his retirement he was engaged in agricultural labour. He was from the start to the end of 1910 a pensioner of the veterans fund. Both army and civilian character were exemplary.

January 31st 1912

A pleasant whist drive was held in the school room at Foxearth on Thursday evening, there were 14 tables. 1st ladies-silk scarf-Mrs Wells, 2nd work basket-Mrs Lambert, 3rd bottle of scent-Miss Lilley. Gents-bicycle lamp-Cyril Evans, 2nd-pipe-Mr Calarossi, 3rd electric light-Hugh Mayhew.

February 24th 1912

Bertie Martin of Belchamp Walter was badly hurt when his cycle was in collision with a motor cycle near Copford Green on Tuesday, he is at present lying in the Essex County Hospital, he has regained consciousness and is making satisfactory progress.

May 1st 1912

A collection was taken in Borley Parish Church last Sunday in aid of the Titanic Disaster Fund, it amounted to £ 6 12s 8© d.

June 7th 1912

Seven tenements on Borley Green for sale with gardens, producing £ 23 18s per annum. By instructions from Miss Jessie Gardiner.

August 7th 1912


August 21st 1912

The coming of age party for Mr G.B.Ward, eldest son of Mr David Ward of Foxearth, was duly celebrated on Monday evening when a large party of 80 assembled for a sumptious repast in the newly erected bottling department. Guests included the Reverend H.C.Carpenter- H.Bailey-C.G.Cambridge-C.J.N.Row-W.Ewer-Mr Calarossi-Mr Bareham-Mr Barton-Mr Leggot-Mr Newson-H.S.Carter-B.W.Hurst and brewery staff-choir and bell ringers. It was also the birthday of Mr David Ward. The usual toasts were given by Mr C.J.N.Row. A handsome gold watch was presented to Mr Ward junior, by Mr Leggott, head of the office department. Mr Ward suitably replied and a stage was erected and lit by electric light, the party broke up at midnight, a memorable evening.

August 21st 1912

Jane Pearsons of Belchamp Walter applied for a warrant against Bertie Martin for arrears of £ 1 7s 6d.

August 28th 1912

Mr J.M.Turpin, aged 64 a farmer of Twinstead was found dead in a pond at Twinstead Hall. Mr Turpin had farmed the Hall for 40 years, he came to Middleton with his father from West Wickham, and then farmed the Ryes, Henny, he leaves a widow, two sons and two daughters.

September 25th 1912

Sale at Waits Farm, Belchamp Walter. On Saturday on the instructions of Mr Charles Hart who is giving up farming. There was a good company present and prices were satisfactory. Iron hurdles, 10s each, ploughs up to £ 3 2s 6d, zig zag harrows-£ 3, roll £ 2 15s, cottis hoe-£ 2 7s 6d, stetch horse hoe-£ 3 2s 6d, 14coulter corn and steerage drill by Smyth-£ 23, self binder by Massey Harris-£ 11 10s, dressing machine by Baker-£ 8 10s, road waggons up to £ 27, governess cart-£ 10, gig-£ 2 17s 6d, set of thil gear-£ 3 10s, bay mare £ 31, bay mare £ 13, roan mare-£ 22, grey mare 4yrs £ 32©, filly foal-£ 10©, chestnut gelding-£ 12©, roan mare-£ 7©, bay horse pony 3yr-£ 16©, swine-jointers-49s, stores-26s, sow and litter-£ 7, black and white sow with litter-£ 7 2s 6d, poultry up to 2s 6d.

November 13th 1912

Death of Mr William Eagle, of Belchamp st Pauls, aged 55 years. He farmed the Hall for 14 years, a considerable amount of land and was a good agriculturist. A staunch supporter of the hounds and a great friend of G.B.Ckickall. Mr Eagle was a warm hearted person, a strong conservative, church warden and parish councillor.

November 13th 1912

Mr John Miller of Tye Farm Acton was convicted for travelling on a train without a ticket. Fined £ 1.

November 13th 1912

A fire at Fishers Farm, Belchamp Walter, belonging to Mr Wilson, a large wheat stack was destroyed the produce of 15 acres.

November 20th 1912

William Smith of Belchamp Walter, the oldest active carrier in the country is dead, he would have been 84 years old in January. The old man had travelled 200, 0000 miles or eight times round the globe. For sixty five years he was carrier between Belchamp Walter and Sudbury, in his earlier days he made the journey every day and sometimes twice, in hail rain or snow, the big green gingham doing duty when bad weather came on. As age stole on to him he made the journey three times a week, through all these years he invariably used a donkey, never had an accident and no days off ill, till he broke up. His venerable figure will be missed, he also kept a shop, selling sweets and vegetables, he farmed 20 acres and was born at Wickham st Pauls. He was twice married and leaves a widow and five children, he had a quaint wit and was a genial person, there will still be a Smith as carrier as his grandson will carry on.

November 27th 1912

George Deeks, a farmer of Belchamp Otten and Fred Wilson a farm pupil, were charged with trespassing in search of conies on land in occupation of Thomas Tilbrook of Belchamp Otten. Deeks was fined 10s 6d and Wilson was dicharged as he was under instruction.

January 1st 1914

Samuel Packard, a shepherd of Foxearth, was charged with assaulting P.C.Gibbons in Egermont Street, Glemsford. P.C.Gibbons said he was on duty in Glemsford at 11pm, there were a lot of young men playing a mouth organ, def.was among a number who struck him with a stick, he went to Foxearth on Sunday morning and identified him. Dismissed with payment of 3s 6d costs.

January 1st 1913

Marriage at Foxearth of Mr Ellis Harper and Miss Elizabeth Ward, daughter of Mr Alfred Ward.

January 22nd 1913

Fred Addison and Harry Smith of Belchamp Walter were charged with trespassing in search of conies on land in occupation of Mr John Borrow. Fined 1s and 4s costs.

February 12th 1913

Captain Oates of Gestingthorpe is one of the victims of the South Pole tragedy.

March 15th 1913

Mr A.E.Hepper of Lyston Hall is the lucky winner of £ 100 given by the proprietor of the " Racing Blue Book", he sent in one coupon only to select three winners.

March 26th 1913

Cavendish school played Foxearth school at football on Foxearth recreation ground. Cavendish winning 8-2. Mr Bernard Ward entertained both teams to tea after the game.

April 9th 1913

Wedding of Mr Percy Gridley of Foxearth eldest son of Mr W.P.Gridley, and Miss Maud Hammond. Bridesmaids were Miss K.Bower and the Misses Davis, best man was Mr G.Butcher. Mr S.Gridley gave the bride away. A festive gathering was held, company included H.Ford B.Byford Mr and Mrs J.Carter and many other residents and fellow workers from the brewery, Mr Piper gave several selections from his gramophone.

April 30th 1913

A parish meeting was held at Borley to consider the unsatisfactory state of the Borley to Sudbury footpath.

May 14th 1913

Totsy Twinn a fish hawker of Sudbury was charged with maliciously killing a fowl at Bradfields Farm, Pentlow. Joseph Lewin, a tree feller said he was sitting near a hedge when he saw the def.shoot a catapult into the hedge and then saw found a hen in a dying condition, he informed Mrs Brand's foreman. Next witness was a lad named Leslie Mayhew an employee of Mrs Brand, he said he found the hen and followed the two men who were walking very quickly in the direction of Otten Belchamp.
There was a list of twenty convictions against Twinn. John Purkis Brand, son of Mrs Brand, said the def.was pest in the neighbourhood, nothing was safe when he was about. 1 month imprisonment.

May 21st 1913

Brown's Farm - Pannels Farm - Ferriots Farm at Belchamp st Pauls for sale.

May 22nd 1913

Empire day was celebrated at Foxearth with the first organised cricket match being played on recreation ground which has been taken over by the parish for recreation and games. An enthusiastic meeting was held in the school room with A.V.C.Lambert in the chair, it was resolved to hire one of the glebe meadows as a recreation ground.
Committee--G.B.Ward chairman, H.Stebbing Carter--treasurer, D.Inch, S.Evans, A.Maxim, E.E.Harper, F.Woods.
Foxearth Married v Singles- married-F.Colarossi-E.Harper-J.Jaggard-Rev Carpenter-A.Maxim-P.Gridley-?Barry-J.Cutmore-J.Andrewes-C.Mills-D.Inch.
Singles-S.Mayhew-O.Mayhew-W.Mansfield-G.B.Ward-C.W.Cramp-?Butcher- B.Mansfield-A.Chinery-C.Evans-H.Hudson-F.Chinery. Foxearth are to be congratulated on having a recreation ground and supporters such as A.V.C.Lambert D.Ward and many other inhabitants interested in good health and sport.

June 25th 1913

A body was found floating in the Stour near Borley Mill on Thursday evening. The discovery was made by a boating party rowing towards Borley Mill, they at once proceeded to the Mill for help, a man named Farrance responded. The Rev Bull happened to be passing and with his assistance, Farrance pulled the body out. She was Hannah Boggis of Clarence Road, Sudbury.

July 2nd 1913

Lyston. The marriage will take place between Lieutenant Colonel A.H.D.Creagh, M.V.O. 1228 Pioneers Indian Army and Mrs Leslie widow of the late Colonel Leslie, daughter of the late Rev Ruggles Fisher.

July 9th 1913

There was a quoits match at Borley between Foxearth and Borley. Borley team-F.Pearson-F.Pilgrim-W.Pilgrim-H.Finch-F.Radley.
Foxearth team-J.Oakley-P.Butcher-W.Mansfield-F.Woods-G.Butcher. Borley 90-Foxearth 56.

July 30th 1913

The marriage took place recently in Foxearth between Mr A.Inch and Miss Kate Smith, best man was Mr S.Mayhew, after the service the party adjourned to the barn near the church where celebrations were held. The Rev K.G.Foster, chaplain to His Majesty's Indian Service, referred to the long and faithful service the bridegrooms family had rendered in the speakers home. Mrs C.G.Foster of the cottage also spoke of her appreciation for the service of groom in the past, several photographs were taken by Mr Cole.

August 20th 1913

Percy Mason, a youth of Belchamp Otten was charged with being drunk on the highway at Otten. Defendant had been in the Windmill public house from six until 10 in the evening. Fined 7s 6d.

October 13th 1913

Live and dead stock sale at Bower Hall and Paines Farm for Mr W.S.Orbell.

November 5th 1913

Messrs Ward and Son of Foxearth have eclipsed all previous records at the Brewers Exhibition in London, by being awarded the championship gold medal for their Imperial Pale Ale in Cask. This is one of the most of coveted prizes and the most valuable trophy of the whole show, they also secured 2nd prize for their special oat malt stout.
This was the largest ever exhibition with over 440 exhibitors.

November 26th 1913

PUBLIC NOTICE---Mr H.E.Ham begs to inform the public that reports have been circulating that he has given up the business of carrying, such reports are incorrect and he is still doing the carrying between Foxearth and Sudbury. Leaves the Anchor 4-30 Tuesday and Thursday.

December 24th 1913.


January 7th 1914

Amos Arbon, a horse keeper, and Albert Rowe, a machinist of Bulmer, were charged with assaulting William Abbott, a thatcher of Great Henny, outside the King's Head, Ballingdon. Abbott said Rowe collared him and threw him down the steps of the King's Head, Arbon then struck him. Abbott said it was true that Rowe had had a cheque returned for some threshing he had done for him. Case dismissed-both to pay the costs.

January 7th 1914

Captain Oates of Gestingthorpe left £ 28, 823.

January 14th 1914

A new reading room has been opened in Foxearth through the kindness of the Rev Kendrick Foster, who some time ago purchased the living. A very comfortable room has been placed ar the disposal of the committee. President - A.V.C.Lambert-chairman Rev.Carpenter-vice chairman-Mr D.Ward. A very respectable membership has been built up numbering 60. Daily papers and amusements are provided, opens at seven till ten each evening. As a further attraction, Mr G.B.Ward has fitted up a capital cinematograph apparatus, a collection of up to date pictures have been shown, school children have been invited in the afternoon. Mr Ward has ingeniously connected the electricity fron the brewery.

January 21st 1914

Walter Wicks aged 15, Sidney Martin aged 14 and William Reeve aged 14 of Belchamp Walter appeared before the childrens court at Hedingham, charged with taking away material, to wit, granite which was purchased for road making at Belchamp Walter. The fathers of the boys, Obadiah Wicks, Enoch Martin and Edward Reeve appeared with the boys. The surveyor said that they did not wish to press the charges but they wished it to be a deterrent as there was so much trouble in the neighbourhood with the boys throwing granite chips about. Edward Tilbrook said he told the lads to stop but they were saucy and told him to go home and mind his own business. Martin senior said the boys are like young colts and like to play about and if it happened again he would dress his son's jacket down for him. The magistrates warned the boys-Dicharged.

February 18th 1914

Hundon Parish Church Destroyed by Fire
The Parish Church, of All Saints was destroyed by fire on Sunday, and nothing but a gaunt scarred skeleton is left. Fortunately there was no night service, for the outbreak occured between 7-30 and 8-0 o'clock p.m. The cry that the church was on fire soon brought out all the villagers, and hundreds of people were soon on the spot. The two fire brigades from Clare were sent for, and lost no time in getting there to work, obtaining an abundance of water from adjacent ponds. They worked with a will against great odds, for the flames, aided by a stiff south-wester, had gained rapidly, spreading from the seats in the east end above and below , licking up the woodwork of the roof, and sending down great splashes of molten lead into the building and also into the rainpipes outside. The fire was already well advanced in the nave, the oak flooring, pews, etc. supplying ample material, until the flames reached the archway under the tower where the draught increased the tongues of fire; it was not long ere the woodwork of the belfry chambers was destroyed, and the flames leapt higher, lighting up the sky for miles around, the reflection being noticed at Sudbury. Finding their efforts unavailing on the building, at the request of Mr Charles Whiting, one of the church-wardens, the firemen played the hose on the safe in the vestry at the east end of the south aisle, with the result that helpers were able to secure the safe containing the records, which beyond being coloured by the heat, were unharmed. The most exciting and certainly' the most moving incident of the fire, perhaps, was when the bells fell with a tremendous crash. They had been rung earlier in the day, and were left 'Up' ready for starting the next peal. As the beams on which they were hung were gradually burnt away they reverted mouth downwards with a wierd clang. As yet the origin of the outbreak is not known.
The Church, a fine building, which stood back from the main street of the village, on the side of the hill, was an ancient structure of flint, mostly in the perpendicular style, consisting of chancel, nave, chapel aisles,and south porch, with a vey fine embattled western tower, containing a clock and six bells. A new organ was provided in 1897, and the church partially restored and re-seated with open back benches in 1888. The records date back to the l5th or 16th century. February 18th 1914

February 25th 1914

At about 11 am on Monday morning a man named Amos Plumb of Foxearth who is subject to fits, fell down in his kitchen. Mr Bernard Ward conveyed him to St Leonards Hospital where he is making satisfactory progress.

February 25th 1914

An inquest at Larrets Farm, Belchamp Walter, was held on the body of Maud Brown a 16 year old domestic employed by Mrs King.
Maud Brown died on the 19th of the month after being severely burnt, the girl had lit the fire in the washroom then rushed into the kitchen a mass of flames resembling a pillar of fire.
Mr King was so badly burnt trying to put the fire on the girl out that it is doubtful if he will survive. The chairman said he hoped the government would bring in legislation to deal with the cheap flannelette clothing which the girl was wearing. The deceased was the duaghter of Mr Ernest Brown a farm labourer. Accidental Death.

March 11th 1914

On Friday, Bradfields Farm, Foxearth, was the venue for the finish of the season of Sudbury Coursing Club. There was a good crowd, sport was slow till we struck the right country when some excellent strong hares were put up. Results--Bradfields Farm all aged stake-Mr L.Vince's Happy Sam and Mr J.M.Dakings Jackdaw met three times before the judge was able to seperate them, Jackdaw winning. Officials- Judge, Mr A.C.Kemball, Slipper-Mr W.E.Bear, Flag Steward-Mr B.Squirrell, Slipper Stewards-Mr K.Deeks and Mr W.A.Steward, Field Stewards-Mr W.Branwhite, Mr L.Segers, Mr J.P.Brand, Mr C.R.Mortimer and Mr A.T.Dimock, Hon.Sec.Mr Paul Oliver. Bradfields Farm Stakes all aged Stakes-entrance fee 10s.- Two thirds to the winner and one third to the runner up.- Foxearth Puppy Stakes-Squirrells Wild Scamp beat Prentice's Printer.-Pentlow all aged Stakes- W.Makin's, Hold On beat W.Squirrell's Warning Signal.

April 1st 1914

A presentation was made at Pentlow school by the school children to Miss Aldersey, the head mistress, who is leaving Pentlow. She was presented with a gold bracelet by the children and a gold pendant and chain by the wives of the school managers. She was head teacher for 5© years.

April 15th 1914

John Maxim, the sexton of Belchamp Otten church, has celebrated 60 years as parish clerk. During his term of office he remembers burying eight churchwardens. Mr Maxim who is 84 is hale and hearty and last week walked to Belchamp st Pauls for his old age pension a distance of 2© miles in under © an hour.

April 15th 1914

Death of Mrs H.D.Bull at Borley is reported. The deceased lady had lived in Borley for over 50 years, she leaves a family of twelve, five sons and six daughters.

May 27th 1914

Foxearth married beat Foxearth singles by 4 wickets, A.V.C.Lambert scoring 39 not out for the married and G.B.Ward scoring 26 for the singles.

June 10th 1914

Belchamp Otten now possesses a good water supply, a pump having been erected in the middle of the village street. The contractor for the sinking of the well to 95 feet was entrusted to W.C.Clarke of Pebmarsh.

July 22nd 1914

Miss Madge Ward, daughter of Mr D.Ward, of Lower Hall Foxearth, has been successful in securing a 1st class honour with distinction in General English History, she is a pupil at the High School Bedford.

October 21st 1914

A heavy cloud of sadness has passed over Belchamp st Pauls this last week as death snatches away three parishioners, Sarah Parker was found dead in her bed, the following morning Elizabeth Chambers was called to rest and on Saturday last Charles Kemp, a farm labourer was brushing walnuts when he met with a serious accident from which he never recovered conciousness.

November 4th 1914

(Advert) Photograph of Ward and Son's new lorry.

November 11th 1914

Those serving King and Country from Borley, Captain J.A.Daniell-H.Finch-F.Farrance-B.J.Levitt-F.Pilgrim-T.Pearson.

December 23rd 1914

There was a presentation by the British Holstein Cattle Association to Mr C.H.Westropp, of Long Melford, for the assistance he has given and many miles travelled to inspect and classify herds in 7this country.

December 23rd 1914

The Lord of the Manor of Burlton, Shropshire, Mr Edward Goldisbrough Chambre Vaughan, died at his residence, Burlton Hall, Shrewsbury at the age of 82. He was a member of one of the oldest families in the Kingdom, his ancestors going back to the Tudor Trevors, Lords of Hereford and Whittington, Chief of the Tribes of the Marches. According to tradition they settled in Shropshire before the Norman Conquest. The above gentleman was the brother of Mrs Campbell Lambert of Foxearth Hall.

December 30th 1914

Mr James King of Larrets Farm, Belchamp Walter has died. He never recovered from burns he received while trying to rescue a girl from a fire. He had been in Canada a good deal and had been frost bitten in the legs.

February 3rd 1915

Death of Mr W.Eagle of Clare Downs Farm, Belchamp st Pauls, aged 91 years. He was a well known farmer and hunted with the Essex Hounds till he was past 80.

February 24th 1915

Death of Mrs S.Theobald of Borley aged 78 years.

March 3rd 1915

Major McLaughlin of Lyston Hall left £ 21, 121.

April 14th 1915

Mr G.B.Ward, son of Mr D.Ward of Foxearth has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in the 9th service battalion of the North Staffordshire Regiment. At the outbreak of war he enlisted in the A.S.C.and has gone through eight months of training as private, corporal and sergeant.

July 21st. 1915

James Sperling, a coach builder of Otten Belchamp, was charged with being drunk in charge of a donkey and cart. P.C.Perkins said he saw def. on the green at Belchamp st Pauls where he had come from Ovington, he was quite drunk. Fined 15s.

August 18th 1915

Mr W.Pearson of Forty Acres, Belchamp Walter, is to be congratulated on having six sons out of seven serving in His Majesties Forces, five are at the front. If every family had given the same proportion, what an army we should have. The youngest of the seven would like to enlist but he will have to wait patiently as he is too young.

September 22nd 1915

A pretty little entertainment was held at Foxearth Hall, the residence of Mr A.V.C.Lambert in aid of the Red Cross. The spacious hall was cleared and a stage erected, the children took their parts wonderfully well, Miss Kathleen Lambert was exceedingly good and Master Jackie made a sweet little girl. Great credit must go to Madamoiselle Petters, their Swiss governess and Miss Capon their nurse, for coaching these two juvenile artistes. Song" The birdies call" by Miss and Master Lambert, recitation" The three clever little thieves" by Master Lambert, recitation " Be contented" by Master Lambert," The Gipsy Camp" by Master and Miss Lambert.

October 6th 1915

Charles Sandford, aged 15 of Belchamp Walter was charged with cutting 70 cords, causing wilful damage. Mr Wilson said on Sept.11th he was informed that the cords binding the sheaves together had been cut. The bench took a lenient view and recommend the boys father to give him six strokes with the birch.

November 3rd 1915

A fire broke out in a stack belonging to Mr S. Wells of Pentlow Place. A man named Johnson was ploughing in a field adjoining when he saw the stack of clover on fire. Cavendish Fire Brigade was quickly on the scene and saved several more stacks. The cause was over heating and the value was £ 150, a week ago boys playing with matches set fire to a straw stack belonging to Mr Wells, neither stacks were insured.

December 1st 1915

The visit of Mr Bernard Ward of Foxearth who flew from Farnborough on Friday afternoon, created great interest in the Foxearth, Sudbury, Melford, Lyston and adjacent villages. Mr Ward setting an example to many who are claiming to be" indispensible", joined the army in the early stages of the war and is now an efficient " man-bird". Aeroplanes have been seen from time to time passing in the vicinity of the town, but none have flown over the town as this one did. The throb of the engine was distinct as that of a motor cycle a street or so away. He flew low to salute the inhabitants of Sudbury no doubt, and they were out in crowds, for they knew who it was. After giving Sudbury a greeting, the machine sped off to Lyston, where numerous friends were awaiting. He alighted gracefully in the park at Lyston. On Saturday he made several flights over Melford and Sudbury, encircling several times. A large crowd was in the park, morning and afternoon to see the ascent and descent, and to inspect the machine at close quarters. Mr Ward took to the air again on Sunday, and manoeuvred the machine over Melford and adjoining parishes, and left for Hendon in the afternoon with the best wishes from his numerous friends.

December 27th 1915

On Saturday evening last, Flight Lieutenant Bernard Ward who has been home on a few days leave, entertained the bell ringers and sidesmen of the church to a little supper party. He always takes a keen interest in bell ringing, in fact anything connected with the little parish. About 15 sat down to a good supper served by Mr and Mrs David Inch in good old English style. Mr Wards health was drunk in a bumper by everyone present, wishing him every success in his new sphere of life and hoping soon to hear of " Peace on Earth" when all hoped to see him back taking his part in the brewery.

December 22nd 1915

Alfred Pearson a horseman of Belchamp Walter, was charged with stealing, two pints of beer, a nine gallon cask of beer, two bottles of brandy, a bottle of whisky, and a bottle of sherry, the property of Mr Morgan Pearsons of the Eight Bells Public House. The kitchen door was left unfastened for the charwoman, so anyone could gain entry. The prisoner is now employed as horseman at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer, but still residing near the Inn and he formerly worked at the Inn. Fined £ 2 and told by the chairman it could have been £ 50 or 6 months but they had taken account of his previous good character.

February 3rd 1916

The 5th meeting of the Sudbury and District Coursing Club took place at Foxearth recently by permission of Mrs Brand and Mr J.P.Brand. Mr J.Williamson, a wool merchant, presented a silover challenge cup for puppies. There was a small attendance.

March 1st 1916

BELCHAMP AND DISTRICT TRIBUNAL Mrs Brand of Brook Hall applied for exemption from military service for three men, although it is understood she wants exemption for eight men.
R.Duce, 26, a thatcher and ploughman, has been employed by her for 14yrs, there are 650 acres including Huntsmans and Brook Hall-employs 31 hands, there was another who thatched but he was an old age pensioner, more often ill than not. 2nd application was for Tom Chambers 28, an engine man and ploughman, has been employed at Brook Hall for 10yrs, 3rd was for T.B.Pryke, 21, horse keeper who also ploughs and drills.
Mr Brand appeared and said Chambers had been feeding the drum and driving the engine for 2yrs-Chambers application refused, Duce and Pryke put back 3 months. R.T.B.Payne applied for A.Clarke, mill foreman aged 25-Herbert Gardiner, F.Scrivener, Scrivener refused. J.S.Ewer applied for himself and brother W.P.Ewer, they have 19 men, 700 acres, 680 sheep, 177 bullocks, 10 cows, 20 horses. J.Ewer deferred for 12 months and W.Ewer postponed.

March 6th 1916

Moleskins wanted 25s per 100. (Edinburgh)

March 15th 1916

There was a fire on Tuesday night at Fishers Farm, Belchamp Walter, in a wheat stack containing rivets wheat, near the highway. The threshing machine was close to the stack and a nearly new chaff cutter the property of Mrs Golding of Clarkes Farm, was destroyed, there was luckily enough steam left in the boiler for Mr Hearne to drive the valuable engine away.

April 26th 1916

Easter was duly observed in Foxearth in spite of 40 brave lads away from the parish on active service.

May 17th 1916

There was an exiciting time in the quiet little village of Borley on Sunday, when a naval aeroplane descended in to one of Mr Payne's fields, owing to lack of vacuum oil. Some oil was purchased in Sudbury and conveyed to the aeroplane by Mr Ward. As it was about to make its ascent, a stone flew up breaking the propellers. Later in the day four men from the R.N.A.S.came with new propellers. On Monday afternoon it successfully took off. Crowds of people from Sudbury, Bulmer, Foxearth, Melford and Belchamp, were interested in inspecting the aeroplane on Sunday and Monday.

May 17th 1916

Belchamp and District Tribunal A.V.C.Lambert applied for exemption for Sidney Deal, thatcher and under shepherd-refused. Executors of C.S.Ewer applied for Mark Piper-30 yrs, horsekeeper-4months deferred. Stanley Brand applied for Albert Maxin and Ernest Pask-4 months deferred. J.P.Brand applied for Fred Plumb of Blacksmith's Corner Pentlow, Hugh Mayhew of Pentlow Street, Sidney Chambers. Mr Brand said they had twenty men on 1050 acres. Mrs Brand applied for Leslie Mayhew aged 19, horseman of Bradfields Farm.16 men on 650 acres, he had three brothers at war, one died in the retreat from Mons, James Pryke aged 31, Richard Duce, 30. 4months deferred.
Mr D.Ward applied for Oliver Mayhew aged 22, a driver and mechanic of steam waggons who covers 200 miles a week, Thomas Albon aged 23 a driver, Sidney Gridley and James Carter, Carter has already been rejected because of bad feet. Plumb and Gridley refused, others 4 months deferred.

May 24 th 1916

2nd Lieutenant G.B.Ward of the North Staffordshire Regiment and The Royal Flying Corps is promoted to Captain and Flight Commander. Capt.Ward has had very successful career, as only in August of last year he was taught to fly at the London and Provincial Private Flying School of Aviation and secured his his ticket of efficiency in almost record time of nine days, he was seconded for duty with the Royal Flying Corps in September and has been serving in France since last February. We are sure Capt.Ward carries with him the best wishes and hearty congratulations of the whole district for his future well being and success.

June 6th 1916

Mrs Brand applied for deferment of H.L.Steggles, refused.
W.P.Ewer, refused. A.V.C.Lambert applied for Harry Gowers aged 33, 3months then final.

July 19th 1916

Private George Filby of the R.A.M.C., eldest son of Mr William Filby of the Plough Inn, Belchamp st Pauls, while serving in France, received a shrapnel wound in the right leg from which he has died. He was sent to Birmingham, where he was visited by relatives, his condition became worse and he died, aged 30. He is mourned by a widow and children.

September 27th 1916

Skilletts Farm, Pentlow, about 200 acres, has been sold by private by treaty.

October 11th 1916

Mrs Brand applied for Leslie Mayhew, R.Duce, J.Pryke.
referred. J.P.Brand applied for W.Braybrook, horseman and thatcher, Hugh Mayhew, stud groom, S.Chambers, F.Plumb, horseman, deferred 4 months.
D.Ward applied for H.M.Cook, horse drayman, C.Mills, engineer, C.Mills T.Albon, petrol waggon driver, Oliver Mayhew, steam waggon driver, Walter Martin, horse drayman, Long and Albon refused, others 4 months def.

November 1st 1916

Numerous friends and relatives attended a memorial service at Borley Church, for Private H.S.Butcher of the 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment, on Sunday afternoon. Deceased was the youngest son of Mr and Mrs J.Butcher and belonged to the famous Suffolks whom we have heard so much about during this last big push. He joined up soon after the outbreak of war and after experiencing heavy fighting, received wounds and passed away shortly afterwards in France. The Rector, Rev Bull, made special reference to this noble gallant young fellow who laid down his life for King and Country and friends. Family mourners were his Father and Mother, Sister and Uncle. The name of Private Butcher is to be seen on the roll of honour in Borley Church.

November 1st 1916

Borley. Information has been received that Private F.Smith of the Army Service Corps has died of wounds received in France.
He is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs Smith of Borley Parish. This is the second case in the parish this week.

November 29th 1916

Captain and Flight Commander G.B.Ward has been awarded the Military Cross. Tuesday's Times contained the following notice.
Military Cross--Second Lieutenant (Temp.Capt.) G.B.Ward.
General List.---For conspicious gallantry in action. He flew over the enemy lines at a height of 100 feet under heavy fire, and carried out a very successful artillery reconnaissance, he has previously done very fine work. He is a Old Malverian and a member of Birmingham University.

January 17th 1917

Belchamp Tribunal. Mr C.Ray presided-Reverend C.T.Bromich-Mr F.Nott-Mr D.Ward-Mr A.V.C.Lambert-Mr M.P.Lupton-Mr C.Deaves-Mr E.A.G.Marriot-Clerk-Mr F.J.Boshier-Military Representative- Mr Stanley Moger.
Mr R.T.B.Payne applied for W.Gardiner aged 41 horseman, A.Butcher shepherd, 4 months deferred. Mr J.Coe applied for S.Coe aged 20, traction engine driver, Mr A.V.C.Lambert of Foxearth for E.Chinnery, 32- horsekeeper.G.Balaam, shepherd, 24.- 4months def.also A.Taylor, 36- horsekeeper.A.Jackson 40-J.Ward 38-cowman. Mr S.Brand, Pannells Ash, Pentlow, applied for G.Plumb 40-ploughman. A.Maxim and E.Pask aged 32. 6 months def.

February 7th 1917

There was a meeting of the Foxearth Village Club, presided over by Mr D.Ward. Hon.Sec.Mr Leggott read his report which was highly creditable considering the loss of so many members who have joined up. A handsome portrait of the late Major McLaughlin of Lyston Hall was presented to the club by Mrs Tait.

February 14th 1917

The " Times" contains the following notice.
February 3rd- Captain and Flight Commander G.B.Ward D.F.C., to be Major and Squadron Commander. General List, December 27th, 1916.

March 21st 1917

Lieutenant Harold Ward aged 18 (a promising young airman) was wounded on Saturday, but fortunately the information received, is that it is not serious. His brother, Major and Squadron Commander, G.B.Ward, went to see him in the casualty clearing station, but he was being operated on to have a bullet taken out of his foot. He said, " he is not bad at all and will be home very soon", this was the encouraging news received in Foxearth, which his parents, friends and inhabitants generally, have learnt with gratification. Lieutenant Ward who is 18 and has been at the front for only three months, has been successful in bring down two Huns in three days, he has been given his observers badge and the naturally very pleased with him.

April 20th 1917

Belchamp Tribunal Mr.S.Brand of Pentlow applied for def. for himself aged 41-conditional. Mr R.T.B.Payne applied for W.Smith aged 27-def.4 months. C.J.N.Row, Foxearth for R.L.Lagden, farm foreman 39,-4 months.
Exors of Mr C.S.Ewer, Foxearth, for F.O.Eady milkman 37-Exempted.

May 2nd 1917

Death of Miss Ileene Meredith Carter, twin daughter of Mr H.S.and A.L.Carter of Foxearth. She was a military nurse and contracted " cerebrospinal" while nursing at Ipswich.

May 9th 1917

News has been received of the death of Private John Golding of the Suffolk Regiment. He was a Belchamp st Pauls man and was killed at the front. He leaves a widow and six children all under eleven years. Deceased was groom for Miss Deeks of Wood Barn.

May 23rd 1917

Cavendish. The family of Private Jack Johnson of the Suffolk Regiment have just received intimation from the war office that he was killed in action on May 4th.

May 23rd 1917

Captain M. Ffinch, Assistant Chief Constable of Essex, inspected 20 Special Constables at Borley Place. The Rev H.F.Bull is sergeant. C.Twinn and A.Pettit of Pentlow were sworn in and W.Ewer of Foxearth.

July 18th 1917

On Sunday a presentation was made to Mr D.Ward in the rectory grounds. Mr Ward is retiring as organist of Foxearth Church, he had been organist for nearly 40 years. An illuminated address containing the names of those who subscribed, has been executed by Miss Ethel Brand of Brook Hall accompanied by the presentation of a handsome leather suitcase by Mrs Foster, one of the oldest inhabitants of Foxearth. Mr Ward holds the distinction of Provincial Grand Organist of Suffolk. Mr Ward suitably replied.

September 5th 1917

(Advert) To Farmers and agricultural workers. Ward and Son under special licence are now able to supply a limited amount of good Harvest Ale in casks of 9 gallons and upwards. Price 48 shillings per 36 gallons.

September 5th 1917

The friends of Mr Stanley Brand in agricultural and sporting circles were shocked and saddened to hear of the death by his own hand, while suffering from a temporary derangement of the mind. Mr Brand was found dead from gunshot wounds in the drawing room at Pannells Ash early on Saturday morning. He was one of a family of first rate farmers in the district. Mr Brand who had spent some time in distant travel, was well liked by those aquainted with him,(as well as employees)and described him as sociable, and was well able to converse on anything including sport, travel and agriculture. Mr Brand had farmed Pannells Ash for 12 years. Suicide during temporary insanity.

September 12th 1917

The parents of Frank Johnson of Cavendish have received intimation that he has been killed in action on the 26th of August. Johnson went to Canada 5 years ago and joined the Canadian Contingent.

September 19th 1917

Mr J.S.Garret of Cavendish has come acroos a mammoth potato of 3© lbs.

October 3rd 1917

Mrs Fitch of Cavendish has received the following letter from France.
Dear Madam, I am sorry to tell you that your husband, Lance Corporal Fitch, was killed by a shell as he lay asleep in his tent, at my transport lines, last night. He was killed instantaneously and did not suffer in any way. I cannot tell you how much we shall miss him, he was a splendid driver and one who we all loved, we buried him in a pretty little cemetery near where we are now. The whole of the Transport Section is feeling the loss terribly as he was so popular, we shall never forget him. Will you accept my heartfelt sympathy.
yours sincerely, Vernon Hills, Lieutenant and Transport Officer.

November 14th 1917

Borley. The sad news that Private William Pilgrim of The Scottish Regiment, has died as the result of wounds received in France. He is the son of Mr and Mrs M.C.Pilgrim of Borley.