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April 1st 1911

A good deal of annoyance in the past has been caused to the residents of Foxearth and Pentlow by parties of van dwellers who have made it a practice of taking up location on a piece of property known as West Mill at Foxearth. Steps have been taken from time to time to prevent the unwanted wanderers from making camp there. Matters came to a head on Wednesday night when the agent of the owner(accompanied by some stalwart young men from Foxearth who no doubt were eager to participate in any fun going,)ordered the intruders away, the order was ignored and a good deal of wordy warfare was indulged in. With a force of police watching proceedings a horse was attached to a van, the van dwellers threatened to chop the animal's legs off with axes, there was some angry scenes but the van dwellers refused to comply with some of the young bloods to" come on". A pitched battle was avoided no doubt because of the blue coat force. Eventually a truce was made with the van dwellers promising to move off in the morning, next morning the promise was kept.

October 7th 1911

The incoming tenant at Bull Lane Farm, Long Melford is Mr R.Wade and Mr J.Miller to Cuckoo Tye and Clarkes Farm.

November 11th 1911

While inspecting the new home for girls at Rodbridge, Lady Rowley of Hadleigh met with a serious accident, she had been inspecting the upstairs rooms and tripped and stumbled on the stairs and fell from the top to the bottom. She sustained a fracture of the left thigh.

December 2nd 1911

Mr David Ward of Foxearth became the owner of the off licence at Batt Hall, Bulmer, with residence, grocery shop, bake house and stable for £ 165.

December 16th 1911

During the past season 4000 sparrows and 1000 sparrow eggs have been handed in to Cavendish sparrow club.

January 19th 1912

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural District Council, Mr David Ward alluded to the Cerebo Spinal complaint amongst children, he said he saw in one of the London papers that the main cause was children sitting about on cold doorsteps and taking cold. In accordance with a suggestion by the medical officer it was decided at the next meeting to move a resolution to make poliomyelitis a notifiable disease. Mr Ward said it was an extraordinary disease, the death of a child at Foxearth from the disease caused quite a panic, the little sufferer being dead in no time.
The surveyor reported that the steam roller had commenced work in Foxearth, Pentlow and Lyston.

March 16th 1911

At Sudbury licensing sessions the question of the renewal of the license for the Queens Head, Ballingdon, was raised.
Mr Thomas Bates said the house was situated at an awkward corner and about thirty seconds away from two other licensed premises. Mr Salmon said that the Railway Bell was one of the houses referred to and did 100 barrels a year and the Queens Head did three times that amount of business, the house was used by Middleton people where there was no licensed houses. The house was licensed in 1832 and has only had six tenants since, in the last three years the average trade was 275© barrels. Mr C.E.Mauldon the owner and Harry Beer the tenant gave evidence. License renewed.

April 6th 1911

It is reported that new owner of the derelict property known as West Mills, Foxearth, has been found in the person of Mr Weston.

April 27th 1911

While making his rounds at the Aubries at Bulmer the underkeeper Rayment made a tragic discovery of a body in a pond in a field, on examining the body he found it was Thomas Lever aged 23, a groom to Colonel Burke for the past 5© years. Suicide.

June 15th 1911

At Belchamp Walter Hall, Messrs Balls conducted a successful sale of 1100 plants and shrubs, the property of Mr Cooper who is leaving the occupation. Principal buyers were Captain Danniels, Rev F.E.Bull, Mr R.Flynn and Mrs Whittome.

June 29th 1911

The annual fair was held at Glemsford and was as usual freely patronised. On Tuesday afternoon the old custom of climbing for a leg of mutton was revived at the Cock Inn, after one or two preliminary attempts the prize was obtained by a man named A.Wordley. Whilst alighting from the swing boats a young lad named Suttle was accidentally hit by another boat, Suttle sustained nasty cut on his head.

July 27th 1911

At the Rose and Crown, Sudbury, Messrs Balls disposed of several licensed properties in Halstead, Sible Hedingham and Belchamp Otten. The White Horse, Halstead to Mauldons of Sudbury with three cottages £ 700, Bricklayers Arms Halstead to Mauldons for £ 1400, Half Moon Sible Hedingham to Mauldons for £ 1025, the Green Man Belchamp Otten to Mauldons for £ 850 and house adjoining for £ 440.

July 27th 1911

Considerable damage was caused to roads by a storm in the parishes of Borley, Liston, Foxearth, Bulmer and Walter Belchamp. The surveyor said he had four extra men engaged on the roads. 2.1 inches of rain was recorded at Sudbury water works in three quarters of an hour.

November 2nd 1911

At Old Street Police Station, John Hart a farmer and dealer aged 53 of Little Yeldham was charged with receiving a gelding valued at £ 60 the property of Henry Boaton and knowing it to have been stolen. Evidence was given by Detective Haigh and Mr Bush. The gelding had been recovered at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer where it had been sent for Mr Blacker to try. The police went to Hart at Little Yeldham but he was out, his son gave all particulars where the horse was etc. Mr Margetts, defending, said the horse was driven from London in two days a distance of 65 miles and when it got to Mr Hart's it was in a deplorable condition. Evidence showed he had been stolen from Bethnal Green and driven to Little Yeldham the horse stealers having tried to sell the horse several times, it was sold to Hart for £ 3 and another horse by two men, the accused then sold it to Squire Blacker at Goldingham Hall where the horse was found. Detective Inspector Haigh said that £ 57 15s was paid for the horse in July last year. Mr Biron said that no jury would convict and the accused was discharged.

November 23rd 1911

Albert Wordley a private in the Suffolk Regiment was charged for being drunk and disorderly at Glemsford. P.C.Gibbons said when spoken to defendant pulled his coat off and said he would knock him down. Defendant did not appear and was fined 5s with 5s costs.

January 25th 1913

Frederick Addison and Harry Smith of Belchamp Walter were summoned for being on land in occupation of Mr John Borrow in search of conies. John Borrow said that he spoke to the men and Addison who is the son of neighbouring farmer was rude to him. Fined 1s with four shillings costs.

January 25th 1913

At William Hyde Parker's coming of age a presentation was made by the tenants of the Melford Hall estate of a rose bowl and vases. The presentation was signed by Mrs Babbage, Wm.Bigg, F.Branwhite and Sons, F.Cady, G.J.Coe, B.Drage, F.Gooderham, V.Hills, M.Laflin, Wm.Prigg, W.Ruffle, J.Twitchett, H.R, Wade, J.Webb, C.H.Westropp, C.S.Wolton and E.P.Woolat.

February 1st 1913

There was a concert at Belchamp Otten school room in connection with Belchamp Unionist Working Mens Club. Sixty people attended and the proceeding were presided over by Mr H.J.Deeks, W.S.Gardiner, T.Whitlock, G.Offord, F.Bird, T.Tilbrook, G.C.Deeks, C.Offord, E.Gordon Wood (Agent). Mr Bernard Ward was in good form and obliged with several songs.

May 10th 1913

Charles Ambrose and Charles Salter labourers of Melford were summoned for fighting on Melford Green. Inspector Nunn said he moved them along and they went down Westgate street where they resumed fighting, he stopped them but they went further along the street and started fighting on the ground, he said they were both hard working lads and were fighting over a young lady from Glemsford.

May 1st 1913

Entertainment was given in Foxearth Congrgational Chapel consisting of solos, recitations and dialogues etc were given by the combined Sunday Schools of Glemsford Primitive Methodist Chapel and Foxearth Congregational Chapel.

June 18th 1913

Charles Hearn a foreman of Belchamp Walter and Oliver Pearson a farmer of the same village were 15s each with 4s costs for keeping a dog without a licence.

August 2nd 1913

An inquiry into the circumstances of the death of nine years old Percy Hill was held at Liston Place farm after the dead body was found at Liston in the river Stour.The boy's parents reside in Dalston and the boys were sent down from London by the Child Country Holiday Fund, this year some were sent to Melford. Mrs Downey of Little St Mary's, Melford, said the boy and another lad from London named Horace Hill were staying with her, she warned them not to go near the broad river as many people got drowned there. Hill said they were paddling in the mill stream at Liston and suddenly missed the deceased. His body was afterwards recovered. Accidental death.

August 2nd 1913

At the Rose and Crown, Sudbury, Browns Farm consisting of 46 acres at Belchamp St Pauls was bought by Mr John Offord for £ 1200

Ferriots Farm 31 acres at Belchamp St Pauls 31 acres bought by Mr George Offord for £ 325. Pannels Farm 22 acres bought by Mr W. Whitlock for £ 500. The farms were sold on behalf of Miss Eagle.

November 22nd 1913

On Thursday evening the tenants of the Belchamp Hall estate were invited to a rent audit dinner at the Bull, Sudbury.
The tenants were Mr C.M.Stunt, E.Tilbrook, T.W.Teverson, J.Prigg, C.Hearn, R.Mauldon, J.Borrow, R.Smyth, A.Ruffle, F.Wilson, T.Lawrence and others.
Mrs Raymond welcomed Mr Scott as agent for the estate