The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1910 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

April 13th 1910

At a meeting of Melford Cricket Club it was decided matches were to be played in Melford Hall Park by kind permission of the Rev Sir William Hyde-Parker, entrance to the ground will by the Hare Drift. It was decided to open a benefit for H.Leeks who has been a tower of strength for the club but is now stricken by illness.

May 4th 1910

At a meeting of the Belchamp District Council at the Union House in Sudbury, the Rev Bull said he was watching with interest the experimental tarring of roads in Gt Yeldham and Foxearth and would like to know the cost. Messrs Dupont and Ortterwell's tender for supplying tools and roadside grates and frames has been accepted.

Mauy 4th 1910

Hugh Wreathall of Claret Hall, Ashen.charged Thomas Eady of Clare with assault, defendant said that Wreathall patted his face and called him Tommy, that is why he committed the assault. £ 2 17s in all.

May 11th 1910

" Borley Cottage" for sale, facing Borley Lodge, in the occupation of Josiah Theobald and let at the rental of £ 5.

May 18th 1910

The question of the rebuilding of the bridge at Rodbridge was considered at the County Council meeting. It was decided to start at an early date. The new bridge which will be on the Hennibique system, will be 25ft wide and 88ft long, it will be supported on ferro concrete piles 16in square driven into the chalk, the beams, floors and parapet walls, all concrete, a footpath each side. Holloway Bros., of Lambeth, will be the contractors, Mr A Hunt, architect. The bridge will be closed to traffic during rebuilding.(Fred Chatters says that Ted Gardiner of Borley had told him that the Borley schoolchildren went to the opening ceremony standing in the meadow and watching two steam rollers giving it the final test.

June 1st 1910

At the ploughing match at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer, 20 teams were entered by Mrs Oates of Gestingthorpe, F.Ruffle, King Downs, N.Coe, J.Malyon, Col.Burke 2 teams, Mr Blacker, Mr Courtnall, Mr Clarke, Mr Dupont, Mr Parker, T.Ruffle and Mr Turkentine. W.Chatters 1st with a Goldingham team, 2, Alfred Felton, Goldingham, 3 Arthur Pearson for King Downs of Gestingthorpe, W.Eaves for Mr Courtnall.

June 15th 1919

There was right of way hearing at Haverhill County Court. The plaintiff was Wm.Jarvis a builder of Clare and the defendant was Wilie Bareham, landlord of the Bell Hotel at Clare. Adjourned.

June 29th 1910

Cricket---Bulmer v Pebmarsh at Pebmarsh. Pebmarsh- E.Wiffen, 8 and 38.R.Nott 1-3-F.Nott-E.Nott-0-6-E.Hunt-2-4-W.Layzell 1-6- W.Davis did not bat-Layzell 7-14. Total 13 and 67. Bulmer H.Chinnery 20 and 11-W.Germany 7-14-E.Hinson-1-C.Downs 0-E Flitton 3-G.Robinson 3- E.Hills 9-H.Haynes 8-A Corder 0-E Weavers 0- H Blye did not bat. Bulmer won by 10 wkts. 56-27.

July 13th 1910

George and Frank Messent of Bulmer were summoned by Henry Garrod, landlord of the Fox Inn at Bulmer for refusing to quit his premises. George Messent was also charged with breaking a glass door, both were drunk and quarrelsome. The defendant's came into the house about 6 accompanied by several brother in laws, he served only one man named Sayers with a quart of beer and requested that none of the others should be given any, the elder of the defendants followed him into the yard and threatened him, he afterwards broke the door. The older defendant was fined 5s with 4s costs and the other 1s and 4s costs.
George Messent a labourer of Bulmer was charged with trespassing on land belonging to Col Burke on Sept 19th 1900. The prisoner pointed out that it was 10 years ago. 10s 4s costs.

July 13th 1910

The exors of T.P.Brand had a mare and foal, Cosford Ethelreds, commended and a horse or filly 2nd, Desmond Diamond, at the South Suffolk show at Sudbury.

July 20th 1910

Dr Harrison, the Coroner, has presented an award of 2 guineas to Mrs Jessie Abbot the wife of Albert Abbot of Sudbury road, Gestingthorpe in recognition of her brave attempt to save a neighbour's child in a recent fire five or six weeks ago. The child was, Alice Dixey, aged 7 years, at 7 in the morning Mrs Abbot heard screams from the cottage next door, she ran in and saw the child standing at the top of the stairs with her nightdress alight, Mrs Abbot siezed the child and carried her downstairs and tore her clothes off, being badly burnt herself, the child died the next day. Mrs Abbot who is 34 years old said she would do the same again.

July 27th 1910

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural Council, Dr Holden said he had taken three samples of water from different wells on Belchamp St Pauls green in which the public had access and found them unfit to drink and containing excess organic matter, the wells were at the Plough Inn, Chestnut Place, at the home of Mrs Martin and at Mrs Goddard's place.
There are 71 cottages on the Green with 67 occupied, 46 obtained water from Mrs Goddard's well and it had been condemed for many years.

July 27th 1910

Mr Collie Goodchild of Glemsford has offered to supply cover stones for roads in Pentlow and Foxearth at 7s a yard, the offer was accepted.

August 17th 1910

Inquest at the George Hotel, Cavendish, on Samuel Brett aged 61 of Cavendish whose body was found in a pond in Hill Farm meadow.
Mrs Kate Brett gave evidence saying she last saw her husband on Friday night when he went out of the yard and said he was going for a walk which he had a habit of doing, he did not come back so she went to look for him and went into Hill farm meadow when she saw the gate open, on going to the pond she saw his jacket, she ran home and told her son who went to the pond, she had never heard him say he would do away with himself but the doctor had told him he could drop down dead any time because of his heart. Samuel Brett said he was working on his allotment when one of his brothers came and told him about his father, he saw the body 5-6 yards from the side of the pond. Suicide.

August 17th 1910

For sale at Foxearth 7 cottage tenements producing rental of £ 31 7s annually. In occupation of George Inch, James Cutmore, Niss Argent, Walter Gridley, Robert Ward, Alfred Ward and Alfred Arbon. August 24th. Lot 1-Plaster and thatch purchased by J.Segers for £ 160==Lot 2 plaster and thatch, 3 cottages, David Ward for £ 205--Lot 3 plaster and thatch, David Ward £ 90--Lot 4, Brick and tile cottage, D.Ward for £ 105--Lot 5, plaster and thatch to Mr Allpress for £ 60.

August 24th 1910

Bertie Wicks, a lad from Belchamp Walter was charged with stealing five hens eggs from Edward Tilbrook of Belchamp Walter. Mr Tilbrook said he had occasion to go to the cart lodge and he saw the boy'S coat hanging on the shafts of a waggon, one of the pockets looked rather bulging, on examination he felt the eggs, he was staying with a married sister named Reeve at Walter Belchamp. Bound over for good behaviour for 12 months.

September 7th 1909

Susannah Pearsons of Belchamp Walter, Emma Pearsons of Gestingthorpe and Arthur Cutler also of Gestingthorpe were charged with the concealment of the body of the illigitimate child of Susannah Pearsons at North End, Gestingthorpe. P.C.Robinson that he had heard that she had given birth and went to the house of her father, James Pearsons at Belchamp Walter and saw the prisoner and told the prisoner that there were rumours that she had given birth to a child, she denied it, he then went to the house of Benjamin Cutler at Gestingthorpe where he saw the prisoner Emma Pearsons who was Cutler's housekeeper and asked her if it was true her sister had given birth, she said it was true. Cutler admitted he was the father of the child and that the child was a male born dead. Committed for trial. November 2nd. At Essex Assises, Susanna Pearsons 25, Emma Pearsons 31 and Arthur Cutler a labourer pleaded guilty to concealment of birth, P.C.Robinson said he found the baby buried in the garden at about 14-16 inches deep. Dr Twamley said the child was a female and was born dead. Susannah to prison for 1 week and the other two bound over in the surety of £ 10. The chairman advised the cuople to get married as they were already living together.

September 28th 1910

Live and dead stock for sale at Bevingdons-Hobarts Hall and Gridley's, Belchamp Otten. 34 horse, 192 Suffolk ewes and 72 swine for George Everard.

September 28th 1910

Mr J.Weller Poley of Boxted Hall was summoned for keeping a greater number of male servants than his licence allowed.
P.C.Turner said that he had 3 gamekeepers at Chadacre Hall a head gardener and 2nd gardener plus 4 other men in the garden. Adjourned.

October 19th 1910

Thomas Harrington, an elderly man from Canning Town was charged with stealing a leather purse containing one sovereign and some silver from the person of John Offord of Belchamp Otten. Mr Offord said he attended a sale at Hobarts Hall, the prisoner was present and henoticed him on his left hand side, he felt a hand in his pocket and a man named Jabez Basham called his attention to something when he realised his purse was gone, he gave information to the police. 2 months hard labour.

October 19th 1910

An accident occurred to a boy named Basil Mathews in the employ of Mrs Brand at Brook Hall, Foxearth. It appears that the lad was attending a horse and waggon on the farm premises when he stumbled and the wheel of the waggon went over him breaking his left thigh. The little sufferer was taken to St Leonards hospital where the limb was set by Dr Leeming.

October 26th 1910

Fred Farrance of Borley, Bertie Sargent of Bulmer and Arthur Yeldham of Walter Belchamp were charged with stealing four pieces of currant cake from George Brown of Ballingdon. Brown said this is the second time that he has been served like this by Sargent and Farrance, Farrance had taken a bottle of lemonade and a bottle of coffee, Yeldham said how many times have you short changed us. 6s and a caution.

November 2nd 1910

The annual dedication of St Chatherine's Church at Melford was well attended.

November 9th 1910

John McLaren a cowkeeper of Stoke by Clare was summoned in respect of the dairies, cowsheds and milk shops regulations.
George Mitchell, the Inspector of nuisances for Clare District Council referred to the cowshed at Burnt house farm owned by Lord Loch but occupied by McLaren who sent milk daily to London. He found the floors and channel in the cowshed filthy and the floor in the cooling shed defective. 2s 6d with 8s costs.

November 9th 1910

The licence of Cavendish Five Bells was transferred from George Mansfield to Thomas Prentice.

November 9th 1910

A little boy named Arthur Butcher age 2© years was playing in the street at Lyston when he was knocked to the ground and sustained a broken thigh, he is going on satisfactory.

November 16th 1910

At Tendering Hundred Farmers Club, Mr J.Eagle said that the fox destroys more rats than any other animal and is in fact their staple food. The chairman, Mr Wilson Marriage said any farmer who left his stacks for more than one year would find more than a 20 per cent loss by vermin.

November 16th 1910

A certificate was granted to the Rev Fisher in respect of the water, drainage and sanitary arrangements for his new house at Lyston.

November 16th 1910

At a meeting of Belchamp District Council it was stated that the new bridge at Rodbridge would be completed by December but would not be ready for traffic until April as the weather was causing much delay, West Suffolk Council are to make a cotribution of £ 500 towards the cost of the bridge.

November 16th 1910

Wheat at Sudbury Market, to 32s 6d-Barley to 32s.
Hogs to £ 5 4s-Sheep to 44s-Fat Bullocks dear at £ 24 10s.

November 23rd 1910

A fire has destroyed the Bell Inn at Lt.Cornard. The alarm was discovered by the landlady Miss Jane Bell who alerted her neighbours, Harry Rowe and Frank Isom. The owners are Messrs Mauldon.
Large numbers of people visited the site on Sunday and Monday

November 30th 1910

Fred Andrews, William Heard and William Willingham of Ballingdon were summoned for trespassing on Col Burke's game preserves.
Two of the defendants were further charged with assaulting two gamekeepers. George Hunt said he was gamekeeper at the Aubries at Bulmer and on November 15th there was a shoot in progress, he was in Sandy Lane with another keeper named Ford and another man named Gunn, when near Pit House he espied defendants with nets and two dogs, they knocked Ford down and later knocked him down, his forehead was cut and bled so much he could not see, they had removed the rabbits and nets from their pockets, Heard must have had a knuckle duster on as he was cut badly. £ 1 each and Heard 2 months prison and Willingham and Andrews 6 weeks.

December 7th 1910

Frank Chinery from Foxearth was charged with stealing a four tined fork valued at 2s, the property of Mary Babbage of Wash Farm, Alpheton. Defendant had been employed there for three days threshing. 10s. Defendant's sister stepped forward and paid.

December 14th 1910

At a meeting of Belchamp District Council, Mr F.Nott reported that the roof of a canvas shelter erected at Gestingthorpe was leaking and he though something should be done so that the boy could continue with his treatment.