The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1910 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 5th 1910

Glemsford. On Monday last in the parish churchyard the remains of the late Samuel Slater who departed this life at his residence on Hunts Hill, Glemsford, the funeral rites were performed by the Rev Hall, there were signs of universal mourning, shops were shaded and blinds drawn, he was born in Glemsford in 1850 and came from a bell ringing family.

February 2nd 1910

On Tuesday much excitement caused in Sudbury when a bullock belonging to Mr Ruse of Melford darted along Gainsborough Street and had a look in at Mr Dyer’s the fish merchant, it then rushed into Friars Street and into the shop of Mr Raymond the hairdresser’s and tobacconist, the shop is a narrow one but his bovine majesty managed to pass through it to the back of the premises, the runaway was got back into the street through the passage way.

February 9th 1910

Advert. Wanted a shepherd and milkman. Apply to P. Mansfield at Ashen by Stoke by Clare.

February 9th 1910

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural District Council the surveyor said that work was proceeding on building the new bridge at Foxearth known as West Mill bridge which had been destroyed by heavy floods, work of designing steel work and plans also the formation of a concrete floor was necessary, unfortunately frost had delayed the work.

February 23rd 1910

Assington. Sir Bramton Gurdon, Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk, started last week for Oratava in the Canary Isles under doctor’s orders to avoid the cold of the English spring, he is accompanied by the Hon. Gerald Wallor.

March 2nd 1910

At a meeting of the Belchamp District Council the Rev Parmenter wished to bring attention to the road adjacent to Otten Belchamp school which is composed chiefly of clay, during the recent election a great deal of damage was done to it by motors which conveyed people to the school to vote, Mr Parmenter went on to say that the railings round a pond in his district needed paintiong.

March 16th 1910

Gestingthorpe. A very sad fatality occurred here on March 11th, a little girl named Dixie daughter of Mr J.Dixie a labourer, she came downstairs early in the morning in a flannelette night gown, while attempting to take a kettle from the fireplace when it caught fire, she was immediately enveloped in flames, the child ran upstairs to her mother who was dressing, Mrs Dixie went to the window and shouted for help and Mrs Abbot a neighbour came and they extinguished the flames, Dr Bromley was sent for but she expired in the afternoon. Accindental.

April 27th 1910

At a meeting of Cavendish Parish Council a complaint was made respecting the running about of horses in the churchyard during Sunday services was considered with a view to abate the nuisance.

May 4th 1910

Borley. For sale. A prettily situate country cottage known as Borley Cottage, facing Borley Lodge adjoining the village green, contains 4 living rooms, stables etc, in occupation of Josiah Theobald who pays £5 annual rental. Tenure of Copyhold of the Manor of Borley, to be sold at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury on May 18th.

June 22nd 1910

Advert. Reward offered for information about William Rose Brewster who was married in Belchamp Otten church in 1765, family born in some parish probably not far distant and in Suffolk. Reply Beta 57 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich.

August 3rd 1910

Sudbury. The Salvation Army children had their annual treat on Wednesday at Bulmer Kitchen, 60 to 70 children were conveyed in wagons lent by Mr Courtnell and a bountiful tea was provided.

September 7th 1910

Sudbury Common Lands Trustees held a meeting on Friday night, the chairman drew attention to the action of some children who had been chasing cows on the Common and making them jump ditches, they have been cautioned. The Clerk said there were 162 cattle on the Common three more than last year..

September 14th 1910

A pair of cottages known as Firs Cottages at the entrance to Lt Yeldham Hall together with outhouses in occupation of W.Turner and W.Laver were sold to Mr C.E.Mauldon for £60.

September 21st 1910

Sudbury. Robert Green of Bridgefoot, Cross Street was charged with assaulting his brother also living at Bridgefoot, George Green said he was walking down Cross street with a man named Alfred Carter and was about to turn down by the porch way to got to his house when his brother who happened to standing there came out and struck him on the head with a pint beer bottle. Both bound over in the sum of £5.

September 21st 1910

At a meeting of Belchamp District Council the surveyor presented a list of dangerous corners in the district, namely 3 near the Green Man at Belchamp Otten, one at Stettles farm, one near Nether Hall, one at Larges farm, a plantation near the Hall at Belchamp Walter, one near Larrets farm, corners at Rodbridge and at the school at Borley, one near Farrances corner near Bardfield bridge , two at Sandy Lane, Bulmer, one at the Lower Houses Bulmer, one at Pentlow, one at the bottom of Weston Hall hill at Lyston and one near the chemical works at Lyston Gardens.

October 5th 1910

James Eli Laver, a shepherd of Tilbury next Clare was summoned for keeping a dog without a licence. 15s with 4s costs, the same defendant was further charged with using indecent language on the highway in Gt Yeldham. 5s with 4s costs.

October 12th 1910

There was a destructive fire at Hopkin’s farm, Walter Belchamp in occupation of Mr Charles Ray, three haystacks were destroyed and all the buildings, happily all the livestock was got out with exception of three hens, it seems to point to incendiarism.

October 19th 1910

Thomas Harrington a elderly man,.a dealer of Canning Town, was charged with stealing a purse containing one sovereign and four or five shillings from the person of John Edey Offord, a farmer of Belchamp Otten, it was stated that on the date of 16th October he attended a sale at Hobarts Hall when the prosecutor felt a hand being drawn out of his pocket, he gave information to the police. 2 months hard labour.

October 26th 1910

Arthur Levitt aged 16 and Percy Slater aged 13, both from Glemsford were summoned for throwing missiles on Duff’s Hill at Glemsford, Inspector Beavis said he received numerous complaints of stone throwing, he explained the missiles were aimed at walnut trees overhanging the road on the hill in question, the eldest defendant was fined 5s with 2s 6d costs the youngest to pay 2s 6d.

November 16th 1910

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural Council application was made for the occupation of the new school house at Belchamp St Pauls, there was no water supply on the new premises but the owner of property near the post office had agreed to allowing use of his water, granted. A certificate was granted to the Rev Fisher for his new house at Lyston as water supply and sanitary arrangements were satisfactory

November 23rd 1910

The Rev R.W.Chilton of Wormingford said that 150 rats had been seen drinking out of trough together in his parish.

November 30th 1910

An accident occurred on Thursday afternoon the 24th of November, a labourer name Alfred Jefferies aged 29 of Deptford, London, whilst working on the new bridge at Rodbridge, it appears that in the work of pile driving the operation of lowering the “monkey” a structure of about two tons was nearing the ground a part of the tackle got caught up, deceased at once intimated he would climb up and proceeded to succeed in accomplishing his object when the wire rope struck the man on his shoulder and head hurling him to the ground, he was picked up unconscious and Dr Horsford was sent for, he ordered him to St Leonard’s hospital where he died on the following Friday morning. Accidental.

December 14th 1910

Sudbury. At Boardman and Oliver’s Christmas fat stock sale the first prize given by Barclay’s bank for the best pair of fat steers was won by two grand steers from Col Burke of the Aubries, one was purchased by Mr Nichols for £35 and the other by Mr Sparrow of Stoke by Nayland for £32, the second prize went to Mr George Wade for a pair of home breds, the red poll was knocked down to Mr Tompson of Bury St Edmunds for £33-10s and the red and white steer to Mr Ruse of Melford who had it knocked down to him for £31

December 14th 1910

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural District Council held at the Work house at Sudbury Mr Nott reported the roof of a canvas shelter erected at Gestingthorpe for a boy patient was not waterproof as the rain percolated through the roof, Dr Holden said he would give the matter his attention.

December 14th 1910

There was an outbreak of fire at Hungriff Hall, Hawkedon in occupation of Mr R.C.Marsh in a barn at the back of the house where there was stored a large quantity of chaff which is supposed overheated, Glemsford fire brigade attended and did a good job of preventing the spread of fire to adjacent buildings.

December 28th 1910

A shocking accident happened at Fornham All Saints near Bury St Edmunds on Friday afternoon when three men lost their lives, six men were working in a chalk pit when a large quantity of earth and chalk fell on them completely burying three of them, the unfortunate men were extricated with all possible speed but when recovered they were beyond human aid. Accidental.

December 28th 1910

At a meeting of Melford Rural District Council Mr Rampling the sanitary inspector reported that the total number of rats destroyed in the district was 22,748.

1911 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

February 1st 1911

One of a pair of Tengmalin’s owls which for the past five years have made their home on a farm near Clare has been fatally injured in a stoat trap, this owl is a small bird and makes it’s appearance in day time.

February 1st 1911

Sudbury Workhouse has established a record of having at one time four generations therein, there is a grandmother aged 96, her daughter aged 60, this daughter has a son and daughter aged 38 and 31, this son has a child of two years.

February 8th 1911

At a meeting of the Belchamp and District Council the Inspector said that nuisance was being caused on a piece of land at Foxearth by the presence of gipsies, he has given information to the agent of Mr Cross the owner of this property that if the gipsies were allowed to remain on the land some sanitary arrangements would have to be made, Mr Ward said he thought steps should be taken to remove the gipsies as they resorted to poaching and their horses were allowed to stray al over the place, it was agreed that the Clerk should draw the attention of the Chief Constable to the state of affairs.

February 15th 1911

Miss Finetta Sarah Hale who died on the 8th of October aged 64, the daughter of the late Mr Joseph Eaton Hale of Somerton Hall, Suffolk, left estate to the gross value of £16,608, she bequeathed £4000 for the erection of four or more alms houses at Somerton the surplus being used to provide 5s each for the inmates of the alms houses who are ti be over the age of 60, of good character and to have been resident of Somerton for at least five years.

March 15th 1911

A sad fatality occurred at Gt Maplestead on Monday the 18th to a man named Harry Boreham a horseman in the employ of Mr C.Crawley of Chemshoe House, Boreham with other men was carting poles which were about 15ft long and weighed up to 4 cwt, while unloading them Boreham slipped off the cart and a pole fell across his body inflicting severe injuries which proved fatal half an hour later, he was 28 years old married with two children, he lived in Hodaden’s lane on the road to Castle Hedingham .

March 22nd 1911

Frederick Baldwin described as a thatcher was charged with stealing a quantity of oats and meal valued at 1s the property of Mr Murray McGregor Blacker of Goldingham Hall, Bulmer on the 11th of March, Ebenezer Bush, farm bailiff to Mr Blacker said the defendant was engaged to do some thatching, at about 11 in the morning witness went into the stackyard and noticed a quantity of straw had been taken from a stack, witness turned the heap over and found a quantity of pea meal and barley meal all mixed up in a bag, he went to defendant and asked him to account for the bag, he replied he knew nothing about it and then wanted to fight him, William Chatters, horseman, in the employ of Mr Blacker said he was engaged in dressing corn on that date and saw defendant take a bag out of the barn, William Sandford corroborated. £2.

March 29th 1911

The sale of the Great Eastern Hotel was held at the Four Swans in Sudbury, there was large attendance, the property with yard and stabling and a coach house was sold to Mr David Ward of Foxearth for £1,125.

April 5th 1911

The census takers in Sudbury have many secrets locked up in their hearts although on the whole they got through their work well as there were no Suffragettes to hamper them, a good story is told of a lady in Sudbury who was troubled about giving her age, she declined to give her age and the Registrar was sent for, he was diplomatic and said to the lady “I shall put you down as being 50 years old as you decline to give your age” she replied “indeed you will not as I am 40 not 50”.

April 26th 1911

To be sold near Long Melford at Rodbridge, Messrs Wheeler will sell all the valuable material used in the construction of the new bridge including large oak timbers arising from the removal of the old bridge.

May 3rd 1911

The official test of the new bridge at Rodbridge is fixed for Thursday, as it is of a quite new form of construction in West Suffolk the chief of the Highways and Bridges will be pleased to see anyone interested in their work, we have only seen the bridge from passing in the train but it seems to be an elegant construction.

May 10th 1911

Valuable freehold farm for sale known as Down Hall or Harriot’s farm, in the parishes of Gt Waldingfield, Edwardstone and Newton, 126 acres. Messrs Boardman and Oliver will sell by auction at the Rose and Crown Hotel in Sudbury. Also a desirable small farm at Cavendish known as the “Ark” comprising 16 acres 2 rods 6 perches with farmhouse let as a double tenement to good tenants for £6 annually, two bayed barn, loose box opening to a walled yard as cattle or horse yard, Mr C.Cornell is the occupant whose tenancy expires at Michaelmas next. Also freehold farm at Acton known as Magna farm, 55 acres.

May 10th 1911

The new bridge at Rodbridge was opened on Thursday afternoon.

May 10th 1911

Melford. There was a good muster football club members at the Bull Hotel on Wednesday evening to wish bon voyage to Mr Frank Springett who sails this week for Canada, advantage was taken to present Mr Springett with a handsome gold medal from the players and members of the club, the medal was inscribed with good wishes from the club as a souvenir of his connection with the club, Mr Hurst made the presentation and expressed his heartiest wishes for the future also of that of his friend Mr Frederick Rudd who will accompany him.

May 10th 1911

Wiliam Mayes a labourer of Stansfield and Henry Taylor also a labourer from the same place were summoned for placing a two horse iron roller on the highway at Hawkedon on April 15th, P.C.Jolly said he received information from Mr Roland Marsh and he went to the road which leads from Hungriffe Hall to Hawkedon Green where he found the roller in the middle of the road, Supt Bardwell said it was not the first time offences of this kind had occurred at Hawkedon. 40s each.

May 10th 1911

At a meeting of Cavendish cricket club it was decided to discontinue the club owing to the difficulty of getting players.

May 17th 1911

Died at Pentlow, Catherine Bear aged 80, daughter of the late William Orbell.

May 24th 1911

Cavendish. On Monday night as Thomas Prentice of the Five Bells Inn was driving a friend along Pentlow lane near the G.E.R station the horse took fright at the 5-30 luggage train, he managed to turn the horse into the meadow leading to Pentlow Mill, here however it got out of control and dashed against the stable wall, luckily both occupants escaped injury but the trap was destroyed and the bay mare was killed, it is a great loss to Mr Prentice as he valued it at £20.

May 31st 1911

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural District Dr Holden reported that the well at Belchamp St Pauls has now been completely sunk, the site chosen was on the village green, water was reached at 14 ½ ft and analysis showed the water to be pure. The council agreed that the roadmen be granted a day’s holiday on Coronation day.

June 7th 1911

Melford. The death of Mrs H.Ruse occurred on Saturday, the cause being heart disease, Mrs Ruse was the daughter of the late Mr Frederick Ashchurch of Plumridge farm, Barnet.

June 29th 1911

To be sold by Boardman and Oliver. Desirable property known as Guildhall farm situated on the Melford road to Sudbury, 39 acres, also a blacksmith’s shop and wheelwright’s together with two cottages situated on the corner of the Melford to Borley road occupied by Brewer and Sillitoe.

June 29th 1911

James Amos whose family for many years in together with his sons ran a successful baker’s business at Belchamp St Pauls has died after an operation in Essex county hospital aged 73, he was a native of the village.

July 19th 1911

Advert---Cavendish and Pentlow annual flower show will be held on July 26th in the grounds of Pentlow Hall by permission of Mr C.F.Marsh, there will be sports, 5 a side tug of war, dancing in the evening on the Hall lawns (illuminated) to Haverhill Shepherds Brass Band, steam roundabouts. Gates open at 3, admission 6d each but tickets bought before the show at 4d each.

July 26th 1911

At a meeting of Belchamp Council Mr Allpress reported the completion of the pump fixtures at Belchamp St Pauls, tenders ha been invited and that of Messrs Grimwood of Sudbury was accepted at a total cost of £22 12s.

August 2nd 1911

On Tuesday morning a disastrous fire totally destroyed the storage premises of Mr Walter Whitlock at his premises at Gt Yeldham, the fire which probably started from the intense heat which prevails this summer, 2000 to 3000 tons of chaff and hay together with valuable machinery were totally destroyed, the fire spread with incredible rapidity and the large barns and buildings were entirely demolished, damage was heavy but we hear it is insured.

August 9th 1911

The Corporation bathing place at Sudbury continues to be extensively used, the returns for last week were better than ever when bathers numbered 2000 to 3000.

August 16th 1911

Harry Moss of Lawshall and Benjamin Moore of Shimpling were summoned for a breach of the peace by fighting at Shimpling fair, P.C.Amos said he saw the two defendants fighting, as a large crowd had gathered round he had to push through the crowd and found defendant Moore kneeling on Moss and striking his head, Supt Bardwell said it seems when these two men meet they invariably quarrel. 10s each with cost extra

August 16th 1911

At Clare Petty Sessions on Monday George Thorogood a labourer of Wickhambrook was charged with setting fire to a straw stack at Poslingford on August 11th, Supt Bardwell said a fire was observed in a straw stack the property of Mr Ware, the constable went to the scene and from what he was told he searched for a strange man, he found the man in a deep ditch and asked him what he was doing, he said he had no food or drink, Henry Frank said he was living at Poslingford Hall and was bailiff to Mr Ware, he had an old wheat straw stack on the side of the road leading from Poslingford to Clare, it was valued at £40. P.C.Jolly said he found the man in a very deep ditch which runs parallel with the road, he said “hello what have you been up to then” he said “I have set fire to a stack” I said “why did you do that” he replied “I have no work or food”. Committed for trial.

August 16th 1911

Glemsford. On Sunday afternoon about two acres of barley belonging to Mr W.S.Goodchild of Mill Hill farm was destroyed, the barley was standing in shocks and the fire ran along the stubble so quickly that but for the intervention of several men who saw the outbreak and helped remove the sheaves the whole field must have been burnt, their efforts were chiefly directed to keep the fire towards one corner of the field, the fence around the field to the extent of more than a 100 yards was destroyed.

August 24th 1911

At a meeting of Belchamp District Council the surveyor said ion consequence of the unprecedented heatwave many springs and wells in the neighbourhood have dried up, the Borley and Twinstead pumps and the new pump at Belchamp St Pauls are all out of order, the new pump at Belchamp only yields 32 pails a day, it was decided to invite tenders for the deepening the present well to obtain water of about 5 ft. Application was made by Major McLaughlin of Liston Hall to store 1 ton of carbide calcium was granted.

September 13th 1911

Foxearth. A new four light Gothic window has been inserted in Foxearth school to increase the light in the main school room, the light was designed by Mr Leonard Crowfoot, architect of Long Melford, the work was carried out by Mr W.Bareham of Clare. Dr Holden reported that he had inspected six houses at Pentlow belonging to Mr J.P. Brand (Pentlow Blacksmith’s Corner) where two cases of scarlet fever had occurred, two privies were used by four houses, they were situated very close to the rear of the cottages and were in an insanitary condition, there was also a ditch close by, it was decided to give the owner of the houses notice that the supply of privies was insufficient for the number of cottages and called on him to make other arrangements. It was decided to have a ditch sewer at Foxearth cleaned out at the expense of the Council. Mr Ward applied for a licence to store 100 gallons of petrol at Foxearth, granted. With regard to the shelter at Gestingthorpe occupied by a boy, the boy has since died, the mother of the child wishes the shelter to remain as she had a daughter who was in the Chilton sanatorium and wished to have her occupy the shelter.

October 4th 1911

Magna farm at Acton is being taken over by West Suffolk County Council for small holdings.

October 11th 1911

Sudbury. There was excitement in North street on Thursday afternoon at about 12-30 by the exploits of two bullocks which had been driven from Melford and were passing along North street to Mr Ruse’s premises when the two animals became excited on their entry into North street when the children were leaving school or whether one of them saw it’s reflection in a window, on their arrival at Mr Purkington’s fancy goods establishment one of them walked into the shop the other one following, the job was to get them out without doing much damage, the drover came in to remove them when they turned round against the middle counter tipping it up, numerous fancy goods were destroyed, on their exit they came to the double doors one of which was locked, they immediately bolted to the open door wrenching the locked door off and smashing the glass.

October 18th 1911

Died on October 13th at St Pauls, Minnesota, U.S.A., Mary Ann widow of the late Thomas Livok, late of Ipswich and the daughter of the late John Pomfret Brown of Wickhambrook and grand daughter of Henry Walled of Hanford Hall, Ipswich, aged 76.

December 6th 1911

Benjamin Mayhew, a young farmer of Wenhaston, Suffolk, fired a gun at starlings and when he was taking out the undishcharged cartridge the gun went off and shot his mother, Mrs Elizabeth Mayhew, inflicting injuries from which she has died after contracting lockjaw.

December 6th 1911

Yeldham. On Monday morning Mr J.F.Benson held his first annual Christmas sale of fat stock at Yeldham, to the precise his first sale was last year but it was held on one of his farms, this is the first sale in his new market which conveniently situated along side the Halstead to Haverhill road, the market is well arranged with a fine array of covered shedding, there were 43 fat bullocks, 73 sheep and 400 swine.

December 13th 1911

Advert. For sale—9 acres of underwood in Hospital Grove at Shimpling. Applications stating price offered to be sent to the Warden, The Hospital, Long Melford.

December 13th 1911

Glemsford. “Old Mans Gift” at Glemsford, there were 30 applicants for this charity, the trustees on Tuesday decided the following were selected, George Ward of Angel Lane 69, Alfred Brown of Tye Green 66, Frederick Watkinson of Egermont Street 70, Thomas Adams of Chequers Lane 77, Walter Smith of Church Gate 68 and Noah Wordley of Tye Green 69, each to receive £2 17s 6d.

December 20th 1911

Glemsford. The trustees of the Glemsford coal charity distributed 230 coal tickets to the value of 2s 4d at the same time they distributed 2s each to 42 widows and maids. This is money received from rents of charity lands in Glemsford.