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1908 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 1st 1908

We regret to announce the illness from diphtheria Mrs Pressey wife of the former Rev W. Pressey formerly vicar of Foxearth and now of Moulsham, we are now happy to say she is getting on well.

January 15th 1908

There was an unfortunate accident at Lt Waldingfield when two men named William Spraggons and John Butcher both employed by Mrs Mitchell at Holbrook Hall as under gardeners, they were engaged in getting gravel from a pit belonging to Mr Wade when by a fall of heavy earth the men were injured, Butcher was conveyed to St Leonards hospital at Sudbury where it is reported he is in a bad condition, both men are married with families

February 5th 1908

Inquest at Acton on the death of William Stearns, a farmer of Barrow Hill, Acton, the inquest was held in the front room of the farmhouse. Maurice Stearns said his father was 53 years of age and was worried about a job at Lt Waldingfield he had taken he had heard him say he wished he had never taken the job, it was clearing top wood and it had to be cleared by a certain time, the smallest thing upset him since a few years ago he had been shot in the face and since then he had no nerve. Witness said he found the body hanging from a beam in the cart shed. Suicide.

February 19th 1908

Advert. Barrow Hill Farm at Acton in Suffolk. The above is desirable accommodation farm comprising 27 acres with an excellent house to be let from Lady Day 1908. For particulars—Messrs Steed and Steed at Long Melford.

February 26th 1908

The late Mr Frederick Branwhite of Long Melford, a malster, merchant and farmer left £5,408, he left annuity of £52 to his wife Mrs Kate Branwhite and the residue to his four children.

March 4th 1908

Sudbury Market—English wheat in short supply from 30s to 32s English barley from 29s to 32s ,oats 19s, beans to 29s-peas to 30s.

March 4th 1908

Inquest at Sudbury Town Hall on the body of John Butcher aged 39 who met with an accident in a gravel pit at Lt Waldingfield who died in St Leonards hospital on Sunday last, he leaves a widow and 7 children. William Spraggons said they were working at the side of the pit at about 10ft from level, they had not burrowed to any extent when there was a slip, he called to Josiah Girling who was working in a field nearby, they could not get Butcher out, Girling ran up to the farm for help, it was ½ an hour before they got him out, it happened about 10 o’clock. Accidental.

March 18th 1908

The trouble which has been hanging over Glemsford like the sword of Damocles for weeks has now fallen upon the mat weaving community with the result about 200 employees are now out of work

March 18th 1908

Mr William Ward, ironmonger of Hall Street Long Melford, who died on November 29th left estate valued at £10,952, he left to his housekeeper Frances Payne, £50 and an annuity of £26 and the use of his house and grounds at Hall Mill for life, he left to his daughter Mrs Ada Byford and to a nephew David Ward all the business and stock in trade.

April 1st 1908

A serious accident in Station road at Sudbury on Thursday evening was narrowly averted, Miss Oates of Gestingthorpe Hall shortly after 7 drove a pony and trap to Sudbury railway station to meet her mother, as the train left the horse bolted and dashed along Station road into the front of the Anchor Inn smashing wood and glass windows, as the horse was plunging it fell to the ground and Mr Godbold jun sprang to it’s head and Miss Oates getting down from the trap quieted it, Miss Oates and her Mother drove home with little damage.

April 1st 1908

Hannah Mitson wife of William Mitson of Lower Farm Ashen was found drowned in the river on Friday afternoon, when Mr Mitson went home for dinner he found his wife absent, at first he thought she had gone to Clare to visit her sister who was ailing, on finding a cap and a pail near the Mill Pool near some rushes which he beat down he sought the help of the police who with the aid of creepers the body was discovered. Deceased was 30 years of age and was in a weak state of health. Suicide.

May 27th 1908

Bertie Oakley labourer of Glemsford pleaded guilty to assaulting William Howe an engine drive of Glemsford, complainant said they were threshing at Mr Goodchild’s when some of the men were late after dinner and kept his engine waiting, he complained to defendant who struck him on the ear. 2s 6d with 7s 6d costs.

June 19th 1908

A band of Servian gipsies have been giving trouble in the district, both the Essex and Suffolk police have been trying to get rid of them, the party numbers 17 of men women and children, they have with them 2 small bears, 2 large monkeys, 4 horses and three vans, in the early hours of Tuesday morning they encamped on the Melford road and later in the day crossed to the Essex side of the Stour, the Essex police shunted them back across the Stour, the Suffolk police then escorted them outside the Borough towards Melford and on Tuesday night obtained permission to camp in a field .

June 19th 1908

There was an inquest at the Crown Hotel at Glemsford on the body of Hezekiah Wordley who succumbed to injuries he received on Saturday last, Mrs Bertie Byford said the body was that of her brother who was hair weaver and was 29 years of age, he was never very well and was subject to fits, he was coming over to Stanstead to see me. Alfred Fitch, labourer, aid he lived at Churchgate farm, he saw a young man fall off his bike, it was about 3 yards from Placegate farm, he ran to Mr Bigg’s farm for a flannel and water. Accidental.

June 17th 1908

George Bearman a Sudbury matmaker was summoned for trespassing on the G.E.R. railway line at Brundon, Stephen Plum, an employee of G.E.R. said he saw defendant with another man in Brundon cut, they had a ferret, a ferret came out of a holeand witness picked it up, defendant had been cautioned about trespassing on the line before. Defendant on oath said he put the ferret in on Mr Whittome’s land. 5s with 13s costs.

June 17th 1908

There was a tragic accident near Ballingdon bridge on Monday afternoon when a fair showman travelling with his caravan from Cavendish to Halstead was killed near the bridge. Matilda Abbot said deceased was her husband Alfred Abbot, she was travelling in the caravan with her brother and her two children, they left Cavendish on Monday morning and stopped for a short time in Sudbury then leaving for Halstead at about 4-30, her husband was driving the van which was drawn by a horse and a pony, she was travelling inside the van with the children, the last time she saw her husband he was sitting on the footboard, the door of the caravan was shut, she did not see him fall off but she felt the caravan go over him, she screamed and jumped out and stopped the horses on Ballingdon bridge, she did not see her husband as she was led off by a gentleman, the horses were going fast.

June 17th 1908

Finchingfield. A shocking accident occurred on Monday morning at about 10-30, Harry Coote aged 26 a Toppesfield man was feeding a threshing machine threshing beans at Hole farm, he left the feeding pit to get a fork, upon returning to the pit he either slipped or misjudged the distance and stepped on the revolving drum, he was immediately drawn in, the left leg and lower parts of his body were torn and smashed to pulp, he died without speaking.

July 1st 1908

On Thursday last the scholars attending the Blacklands School at Cavendish were taken for an outing to a meadow at Otten Belchamp about 5 miles distance, on arrival there was a good selection of prizes to be competed for and then tea when about 100 people sat down. Three cheers were given for the gentlemen who lent 4 wagons and for Mr J.Brand who lent the meadow. This meadow is at the bottom of the hill near Eyston Smyths farm.

July 8th 1908

On Thursday evening an accident occurred at Mr Butcher’s drapery establishment at Clare when Miss Weare one of the assistants was cleaning a pair of gloves with petrol by aid of candle light when the petrol ignited and the flames spread up her arms, she rushed into a room and seized a table cloth which smothered the flames, Miss Weare received extensive burns and succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday. Accidental.

July 8th 1908

On Wednesday afternoon when men employed in repairing the fabric in Clare church left off work a large number of bats were caught by means of a net and the huge total of 200 were destroyed, others caught since made the total over 300.

July 15th 1908

Messrs Balls offered for sale at the Rose and Crown at Sudbury, the residential freehold estate of Eyston Hall, it embraces 137 acres and is in occupation of Mr R.T.B.Payne, bidding commenced at £2,200 and went up to £3000 when it was withdrawn.

July 15th 1908

Newman Corder, landlord of Bulmer Blackbirds was summoned for assaulting Elizabeth Germany a married woman living in Bulmer street. 2s 6d with 5s costs.

July 29th 1908

At a meeting of the West Suffolk Licensing Committee to decide on compensation for giving up licenses to sell liquor. The White Horse at Cavendish was considered and £798 was applied for, the house belongs to Greene King, the committee offered £640 for the owners and £54 for the tenant. The Beehive in North Street Sudbury where £830 asked for and £665 was granted with £640 to the owners and £25 to the tenant. The Fox at Hundon was applied for and £200 was granted.

August 25th 1908

A serious accident befell a man named Earl aged 30 a matmaker living at Bridge Foot, Sudbury, he was sitting in the tap room at the Bull Hotel under an old fashioned clock with a heavy weight when the cord broke and the weight fell through the wooden case on to his head, for some time he was unconscious, Mr Mauldon and family rendered all possible assistance and Dr Huntlet was sent for and he was removed to St Leonard’s hospital in a cab, on Wednesday he was discharged..

September 16th 1908

Bulmer. During a severe storm last week Bulmer school received considerable damage by the fall of a tree, fortunately the school was empty, a sweeping wind brought down a large elm tree which was standing on the green just outside the churchyard close to the school, a heavy branch penetrated the roof of the school making a large hole.

September 23rd 1908

The marriage of Capt. E. Hyde Parker to Miss Helee Margaret Portel, the bridegroom who is 40 years old is the 2nd surviving son of Sir William Hyde Parker, Bart, of Melford Hall, he became a Lieutenant in 1891, a Commander in 1901 and at present he is Flag Captain to Admiral Sir A. Fanshawe Naval Commander in Chief at Portsmouth.

September 30th 1908

On Sunday night at about 10-30 an extensive fire was seen somewhere in the direction of Belchamp, shortly after 10 the alarm was given that Fowes farm at Otten Belchamp was ablaze, the farm is owned by Mrs Thistlewood and is sublet to Mr Abbot, the farm is about 500 acres in extent, the farm buildings covers a lot of ground, the fire broke out in one of the barns and rapidly spread, the farm house escaped damage and there were no livestock in the buildings, some corn and harness were destroyed and only one barn is left standing, Gt Yeldham fire brigade was called but they did not arrive until 2 hour after the alarm was given.

October 14th 1908

A most extensive fire broke out at Chilton Lodge, Cornard road, residence of the Misses Coote and was completely gutted, the house was full of valuable pictures and antique furniture which had been collected by the late Mr George Coote.

October 21st 1908

At Sudbury Assizes Robert Watts a dealer aged 36 was charged with stealing 42 chickens the property of John Stow Carlton at Newton, the prosecutor lives at White Hall farm, Gt Waldingfield also farms New barn and Valley farm at Newton. 6 months.

November 11th 1908

Clare. As Arthur Martin of Clare was leaving the yard of Stoke Lion on Saturday last the cart caught the gatepost and his horse ran off and came in contact with a brake load of footballers who were returning from Haverhill, the pole of brake was broken off and Mr Martin was flung out of his trap and fell under the brake.

November 18th 1908

Foxearth. Mr J.R.Wright of the Stores Foxearth has secured the highest award (gold medal) at the exhibition in connection with the London Master Bakers Association for the best bread,the competition is open to all the British Isles.

December 16th 1908

At Clare Downs, Belchamp St Pauls a farm occupied by Mr Walter Eagle, his nephew who was farm steward. Mr King Michael Eagle the nephew shot himself, deceased was brother to Mr W.H.Eagle of the Hall at Belchamp St Pauls. William Eagle said deceased was his brother and had resided with his uncle at Clare Downs for 5 years, he acted as farm steward for his uncle, he was very depressed owing to injuries received from falling off a bicycle. Frederick Clark said he was a labourer on the farm, on Wednesday he was called by Sarah Golding a domestic servant at Clare Downs, on entering the dining room he saw deceased lying on the floor, at first he thought he was dead but hearing a noise he told Golding to send someone for help, he asked the dying man why he did this he replied “I have disgraced myself and my people” Suicide.

December 30th 1908

On Christmas Eve 150 dinners were served at Sudbury soup kitchen consisting of ¼ a lb of cooked meat, plum pudding, potatoes and 2d loaf instead of 1d loaf previously given.

1909 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 6th 1909

Clare. On Sunday last a starling’s nest was found in a pipe under the railway bridge near the mill, the brood of young ones are apparently about to fly, it is doubtless due to the mildness of the weather.

January 6th 1909

Old age pensioners at Long Melford. The first claimant appeared at 8 am in the post office and claimants on the same errand turned up during the day, the office on several occasions presented a scene of unwonted animation, by 6 pm, 80 out 90 of expected applicants have received their first week’s pension the oldest being George Frost who has seen 90 winters.

January 27th 1909

Died on January 9th at S. Francis Hospital, Grand Island, Nebraska, U.S. James Robert Jannings the eldest son of the late James and Elizabeth Jannings of Pakenham, Suffolk, aged 69.

February 4th 1909

Died on the 21st January at Lakelands, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, the Rev W.J.Andrewes, former Curate of Foxearth in his 61st year.

February 4th 1909

At the police court in Melford on Saturday morning, William Ford a gamekeeper employed at Kentwell Hall was charged with stealing £80 the monies of his father George Robert Ford also gamekeeper at Kentwell. Bailed in the sum of £16.

April 1st 1909

Glemsford. A lad named Porter put his finger into the cogs of a mangle whilst in motion, it was so badly hurt that Dr Waring was requisitioned and he took the top portion of the finger off.

April 21st 1909

Arthur Searle a labourer of Ballingdon was charged with stealing 9 fowls valued at 22s 6d the property of Lawrence Hyde Parker of Smeetham Hall, Bulmer. 1 month hard labour. Walter Rash an elderly dealer of Bulmer was charged with receiving the 9 fowls knowing them stolen. Not enough evidence and dismissed.

May 5th 1909

Melfrod football team who won the Suffolk Senior Cup were entertained to dinner at the Crown Hotel by Mr Lacy Scott who thought Melford who won the cup on two previous occasions should have an opportunity to celebrate.

May 12th 1909

Glemsford. We understand the whole of the working plants at Messrs Kolle and Son hair seating and mat factories has been purchased by Mr F.C.Barton of the Quay Ironworks at Sudbury and is now proceeding with dismantling both factories.

May 26th 1909

Died on May 22nd at Fernside, Foxearth, Margaretta Ewer wife of the late Thomas Ewer of Western Hall in her 88th year.

June 16th 1909

Dr Huntley of Sudbury had motored to Pentlow to visit a patient driving his own car, as he turned the starting handle the motor backfired breaking his wrist, he was conveyed home in a trap.

June 23rd 1909

Tye farm at Alpheton which was for sale was withdrawn at £2,950.

July 14th 1909

Messrs Lacy Scott will sell by auction on instructions from Mr E.Starkie Bence at the Angel Hotel in Bury. 200 dozen bottles of rare choice old wine which will include 70 dozen pert from the vintage 1842-1847-1854-1863-and 1877, 62 dozen fine old Madeira sherry.

July 21st 1909

To be sold at Fernside, Foxearth , surplus furniture comprising tables etc, the farmhouse with gardens is to be let. Wanted a lad as groom and gardener, must be fond of horses.

July 21st 1909

On Wednesday at the Angel Hotel at Bury, Messrs Lacy Scott, auctioneers, auctioned 200 dozen choice old wine mostly from Kentwell Hall, they were mainly sold at per dozen, 95 shillings being given for 1847 port.

August 4th 1909

Messrs Blencoe and Bidwell have received instructions to sell Lambert’s farm at Belchamp St Pauls (38 acres 1 rod 2 perches) and Cappers farm at Belchamp St Pauls (14 acres 10 perches)

August 11th 1909

To be sold by auction on August 19th, three tenements on the Halstead road, Bulmer, Known as Woodbine cottages.

August 11th 1909

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural Council references were made to the extraordinary traffic at Belchamp Walter, the surveyor reported that the haulage of timber by Messrs Brown Brothers of Braintree was still continuing and increasing , he had received complaints about the dangerous condition of the road, he estimated he would require an additional £100 for Belchamp Walter and £37 13s for Gestingthorpe to repair the damage.

August 18th 1909

Lambert’s farm at Belchamp St Pauls was sold to the tenant Mr Ray for £580 and Cappers farm situated at Kowles Green sold to Mr Deeks for £200.

August 18th 1909

Maurice Clarke and Samuel Howard labourers of Glemsford were summoned with being drunk and disorderly at Glemsford on August 2nd the bank holiday. Inspector Berry said he was called to Bell’s Lane where he saw two men fighting, both were stripped to the waist, when witness appeared they stopped fighting, both defendant’s were so drunk they could hardly stand. 5s and 11s cost each.

August 25th 1909

A week of showery weather has interfered with harvest locally, a large quantity of wheat and oats have been cut but very little carted, oats are of a good quality, wheat average, barley better than for some years.

August 25th 1909

A lad named Boggis living in Cornard on Saturday discovered 3 young otter cubs in rushes near Cornard church, the parents were not far away as the young were calling them, Boggis captured the cubs and has taken them to John Rose the taxidermist of Friars street where they are proving a great novelty.

September 1st 1909

Last Sunday a large stack of wheat belonging to A.V.C.Lambert of Foxearth Hall was destroyed by fire the stack was the produce of 10 acres, it was impossible to save the stack and it burned fiercely all night.

September 15th 1909

To be let immediately the off licence at Batt Hall, Bulmer with bakers and grocery business. Apply Morgan Pearsons of Walter Belchamp brewery.

October 6th 1909

A fatal accident occurred on Friday night to Ernest Bull a footman at Kentwell Hall, Melford, he was cycling down to the post office when he ran into a man who was walking home from work, he was thrown to the ground with great force and sustained concussion of the brain, he died in St Leonards Hospital on Saturday morning.

October 13th 1909

Harry Sorrell a lad of Toppesfield in the employ of Mr Ketteridge a farmer was out with a wagon loaded with corn when by some means he fell and the wagon passed over his body and both legs crushing them, he died in Cambridge hospital.

November 17th 1909

James Robert Wright a grocer and baker of Foxearth came before the Colchester Registrar for examination in bankruptcy with liabilities of £350 a deficiency of £206.

November 24th 1909

Pentlow. The death has occurred of Mr Robert Orbell at his residence at Paynes Manor,the deceased gentleman was a successful farmer and a member of one of the oldest best known families and his ancestors can be traced back in church registers for a matter of three centuries.

December 1st 1909

Advert. A Canadian farmer offers a young Englishman a good home with instructions in farming. Apply. Waters and Son, Ipswich.

December 1st 1909

At a meeting of Belchamp Rural District Council held at the Workhouse at Sudbury the surveyor reported that at Wickham St Pauls a number of pigs had been allowed to roam the roads, Mr Pettit said they don’t do any harm, the surveyor said they harm hedges a good deal, the Rev Bull said they have the right of way over the road and that in similar circumstances some pigs had strayed onto his property and had eaten a quantity of hen’s food, it was decided to call the owners attention to the matter. The Rev A.P.Pannell wrote stating he would be away from England for some time in consequence of ill health.

December 8th 1909

Foxearth. The recent heavy rains has caused the Stour to overflow it’s banks and large tracts of low lying land have been submerged, the bridge over the Stour near the ruins of West Mills near Glemsford railway station has been washed away, in consequence the road has been closed.

December 15th 1909

Sudbury. The police are seeking clues to a robbery at Messrs Peak’s stores and the shop of the River Plate Meat Company in North Street, Sudbury, entry is supposed to have been affected over the Four Swans slate roof.

December 15th 1909

At a special meeting of Belchamp Rural District Council the surveyor reported the arch taking tail water at West Mill, Foxearth is now in ruins and the highway near Glemsford Station was washed away by the recent floods, this damage was no doubt caused by the owner of the mills by not raising the gates which he kept closed, he saw the owner and asked him to open the gates, he replied “he should not do anything”, as this was a legal question he would await instructions. Mr Scott, the mortgagor, was the owner and rebuilding the bridge would cost them £100 to £150. Notice was given to the owner to reinstate the bridge.

December 22nd 1909

Sudbury. The annual gifts to the deserving poor under the will of Thomas Carter was distributed in St Gregory’s church vestry when 30 women and 20 men were the recipients of coats, cloaks, stockings and undergarments.

December 22nd 1909

A good deal of excitement was caused on Saturday evening when a brougham belonging to Mr Lambert of Foxearth Hall was being driven from Gainsborough street to the Market Hill in Sudbury when the horse bolted at an alarming pace, the driver pluckily stuck to his post and the animal was brought to a standstill at the top of North Street, it was found later one of the shafts was loose which caused a knocking noise and caused to bolt.

December 22nd 1909

Death at Sheering Place at Belchamp St Pauls of Mr George Chickall, He was a prominent supporter of the Suffolk and Essex hounds and for nearly 50 years a member of the Sudbury Board of Guardians, he was aged 82 when he died and left an estate of gross value of £54,748 of which the net personally was £52, 112.

December 29th 1909

At a special meeting of the Belchamp District Council the chairman read a letter from Mr Gross in which the parties concerned agreed to give over the bridge at Foxearth to the Council who will bear the costs of improving the bridge and parapet, Mr Ward proposed the bridge should be made permanent and that rebuilding should start as soon as possible, the surveyor said that trough girders would be employed at a cost of £85.

December 29th 1909

Hooliganism at Glemsford. At a meeting at the school in Glemsford when Mr W. Eley Quilter the Unionist candidate and several more gentlemen visited Glemsford with the intention of delivering an address on the political situation, a hostile gathering thronged the approach to the school and the arrival of the visitors was the signal for a hostile demonstration during the whole of the evening utmost confusion prevailed, the chairman tried to maintain order but his efforts were greeted with derisive shouts, another cause for annoyance was a young man who constantly rose from his seat and interrupted each speaker, at one stage there was nearly a brawl when the chairman Mr W.S.Goodchild went over to the sweep and endeavoured to reason with him, he seemed to resent the chairman’s remarks and wished to know who was going to put him out and squared up in a pugilistic manner, the pandemonium continued unabated until the close of the meeting a party of friends from Sudbury and Melford formed a bodyguard for the visitors and escorted the party to the rectory, on leaving the rectory stones and mud were thrown at their cars and several missiles struck the windows of their vehicles.

December 29th 1909

Another stack fire has occurred at Brundon, Sudbury, at Mr Wittome’s farm making three or four in recent weeks