The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1905-1909 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

January 11th 1905

Foxearth. On Friday a well known and old villager died at the age of 80 years, in the person of Mr Joseph Deal. The deceased carried on business as a carpenter and for years lived in covered van and avoided paying any licence by taking the wheels off.

January 18th 1905

The old sugar beet factory at Lavenham has been destroyed by fire, it was used by Messrs Roper as a store house for horse hair and matting.
January 18th. There was a concert in the school at Foxearth on Tuesday evening. Door to open at 8 but by half past seven the place was besieged by an expectant crowd. The programme commenced with some selections on the Edison concert phonograph brought by Mr Arthur Wilson. Mr Arthur Maxim sang a stirring song" the lads in blue", Miss Madgie Ward told her hearers about some " queer beasts", a tamborine dance by Miss Pressey and Winifred Ward, a song " bluebell" sung by Master Bernard Ward, Master Cyril Evans recited " little boy blue", a pretty piano duet by Mr and Miss Ward, a sketch " the king and the cakes" by the Masters T.Chinnery, P.Gridley, B.Byford and S.Mayhew.

February 1st 1905

A man in the employ of the Rev.F.D.Brown of Witnesham, found a well dressed young woman lying on the road in that village apparently dead. On finding the young woman still alive she was taken to the workhouse. Mr Brown said she had letters on her which established her to be Harriet Mansfield, of Borley Green, aged 18 years, she had been away for about 3 years and said it was a pity they had not left her to die. Her father worked for Mr Brand at Brook Hall, Foxearth.(Fred Chatters says that her father was Tobe Mansfield and was steam engine driver at Brook Hall, and who would walk from Borley to Shimpling where J.P.Brand farmed also, to get steam up by 6 a m., he also had only one arm when Fred knew him.(G.H.).

March 6th 1905

The death of Mr Thomas Eagle of Wood Barn Belchamp St Pauls has been reported. When quite a youth he came to Mr Chickall's at Sheering Place where he lived until Wood Barn became available,(84acres). Many good foxes have been found by the East Essex Hounds in 12 acres and Mashey Wood. The late Mr Eagle's twin brother lives at Pauls Hall.

May 17th 1905

Mr Mainprice of Borley Place has died, having lived there only 2 years he affected many improvements.

July 15th 1905

An informal meeting regarding the re-formation of Long Melford Cricket Club took place last week. Mr Almack remarked that the cricket club had been in existence for 100 years having lapsed now and then. A great many efforts to find a ground have been made and at last one has been found just over the railway line on the way to Lyston on one of Mr Westrop's meadows.The owner was wiling to let them the field for £ 5 provided no damage was done to the fences and palings. Mr H.Ruse proposed that a subscription of 10s 6d be charged. Mr K Walters the chairman was proposed as captain,-carried.

July 12th 1905

The Wickhambrook and South Suffolk Show was held at Sudbury. Shire mare with foal at foot-highly commended-J.P.Brand of Pentlow Cavendish. Highly commended -the exors of T.P.Brand. Cow in calf Mr D.Berry of Curds Lane Sudbury. Polled cow-Mr Jennings Mills of Rodbridge Long Melford. Best bull--Jennings Mills.

July 26th 1905

In September of 1903, Mr Ward made the parish of Foxearth a handsome gift by making public the supply of pure clean water from his brewery. Mr Ward has now carried his generosity further, for some time now the dipping places in the village have been deficient in supply and quality and last month the supply stopped altogether. The rector suggested to Mr Ward that perhaps he could send his waste clean water from the brewery across the road down through the village, to this Mr Ward agreed to do at some considerable expense to himself, within a fortnight the pipes were laid and water is again flowing through the village. There is a reminder that the water is not fit for drinking.

October 2nd 1905

Sale of farming stock at Pannels Ash farm Pentlow, on instructions fom Mr Orbell who has let Pannels Ash and Pentlow Street farms. The incoming tenant at Pannels Ash is Mr Stanley Brand from Bradwell on Sea.

October 2nd 1905

Sale at Lower Hall Foxearth. For Mr C.J.N.Row who is giving up the Long Melford farm and is now removed to Foxearth. Live and dead stock.

November 8th 1905

Mr E.S.Clarke (manager of Borley Mill) and Daisy Farrance of Winchester,(Bert Farrance's sister G.H.) were married at Borley church on October 28th. Mr and Mrs Clarke afterwards entertained their guests at Borley Mill house.

November 8th 1905

There were great celebrations at Foxearth on Wednesday night when Mr David Ward in celebration of his recent marriage, entertained his brewery staff, the choir and the bell ringers and others to a substantial dinner in the school room. There was a company of 70 present. The rector proposed the heath of Mr and Mrs Ward.
Mr Ward replied thanking the rector and the whole parish for the handsome gift (a silver salver) on their return home.

Jan.2nd. 1907

George Farrance, labourer, of Glemsford, was charged with stealing wood, the property of Birman Samuel Smith of Cavendish.
Smith said he asssisted his mother, an innkeeper at Cavendish. On Dec.
17th he was looking out of the window when he saw a pony and cart laden with wood which he recognised as his property. A youth named Ambrose Suttle was in charge of the cart and Farrance was with him. He asked Farrance where he got the wood from and if Mr Brand had given him permission as that is where the wood came from. Mr Brand's land was in Pentlow and def. had worked there. John Suttle, a mat maker of Glemsford said def.had sold the wood to him for one shilling and he told him he would send his lad for it. Ambrose Suttle said he went for the wood with def. when opposite the Railway Arms, Mr Smith stopped them. Mr John Brand a farmer of Pentlow deposed, saying Farrance had worked for him clearing dykes in Willow Meadow, at so much a rod, he gave him permission to keep all the wood he found in the dyke. The wood belonging to Smith had been lying in the meadow for nine months so he must have known that it belonged to Smith, but he considered Farrance not quite strong in the head. P.C.Meade of Foxearth gave evidence. Farrance who is deaf seemed highly amused when called so that the chairman could shout in his ear.
Bound over for six months in the sum of £ 5.

March 13th 1907

At Hedingham Petty Sess. There was an application for the renewal of the licence for the Prince of Wales beer house at Belchamp Walter. Superintendent Terry said the house was situated on Mill Hill at Belchamp Walter and the tenant was Elizabeth Martin. It was an ante-1869 beerhouse and the last transfer of a licence took place in 1869. The parish has one full licenced house and one on beerhouse.Attached to the house which appeared to have been an old cottage, was a little general shop, little alteration seems to have been done to the house when it was licenced, the structure was bad and needed repair inside and out. On the day of his visit the house was dirty, there was a pathway at the back of the house leading across the fields, making police supervision very difficult. There were only a few houses in the vicinity so it served no real purpose, people came from adjoining parishes to frequent it as there plenty of facilities for drinking.
Supt.Terry said it was in a neighbourhood where people drank a good deal. The footpath referred to was used by people coming out of the house when they had no right to have been there. Elizabeth Martin said she took the house 14 years ago when her husband died, it belongs to her sister to whom she paid £ 10 a year rent. Frank Martin, the son, said the footpath was not in anyway connected to the house, he produced a petition signed by 87 people. The bench decided the licence to be referred.

April 24th 1907

There was a meeting at Foxearth in connection the with the Saffrom Walden Conservative and Unionist Association, it was held in the schoolroom, Mr David Ward presided. There was a good attendance considering the weather. The meeting was addressed by the chairman and Mr.Knowles and Mr.S.B.Donald the agent. There were songs by Mr.Maxim, Mr.T.Leggot and Mr.C.Sillitoe.

May 1st 1907

There was a presentation to Mr S.P.St Clare Raymond on his coming of age. The presentation took place at Belchamp Bells public house and was a very handsome silver salver presented by the tenants of Belchamp Hall estate. The following subscribed- W.Gostling-J.Prigg- C.M.Stunt-H.Smyth-E.Tilbrook-J.T.King-C.Hart-J.Nichols-S.Corder- J.T.Borrow-O.R.Pearson-J.and T.Ruffle.

May 29th 1907

The Foxearth brewery will be closed on June 27th on the occasion of the Suffolk Show which is being held at Sudbury.-Early orders are requested.

June ? 1907

A furrow drawing match took place at Bures on May 30th, 22 competitors taking part.Prizes were given by Messrs Bentall and Company and nine other prizes were given by local farmers and gentry of the parish. The following were prize winners in order-H.Marshall-E.Cansdale- G.Cook-M.Cardy-T.Cook-T.Hartley-A.Fisher-T.Fenner-A.Marshall and J.Marshall. Great interest was taken in the match and was witnessed by a large number of persons. The farmers were represented by Jonathan Warden and John Garrod. Broad field was kindly lent by Mr H.Turner of Corn Hall for the match.

Sept.11th 1907

Albert Wordley, aged 15, a labourer of Glemsford and three school children, William Clarke, Dorothy Brown and Gertie Rutter, were summoned for stealing wood from Foxearth Mill, belonging to Mr Scott of Glemsford. Inspector Berry of Glemsford said he saw the children laden with wood coming from Foxearth Mill, he took charge of it and showed it to Mr Scott, who said it is my property and the mill had been pulled down by the public, he valued the wood taken by the children at 9d and 1 shilling. The bench had considered a prison sentence for Wordley but he was fined 15s. The chairman said they had also considered whether William Clarke should have the birch rod but the prosecutor had spoken up for him, the children were bound over.

Sept.11th 1907

The death of Charles Shepherd Ewer of Western End Foxearth, has been announced, he had been unwell for two years.

October 16th 1907

Sale of stock at Otten Belchamp on the death of W.C.Parmenter of Bevingdon, Gridley's and Hobarts.Good attendance and prices were attained.

October 23rd 1907

The employees of Ward and Son had their annual outing. 40 people left Melford station before daylight and arrived at Liverpool Street before our Cockney friends eyes were open. A restaurant car was at their disposal, the great attraction was the Brewers Exibition where the majority of the people have spent most of their lives, finding many interesting and instructional things, returning home after midnight bringing an end to a happy day.

Nov.20th 1907

Henry Golding and Will.Brown, lab.of Glemsford were charged with tresspassing in search of game on Mr A.V.C.Lambert's land at Foxearth. Frank Jarman, gamekeeper for Captain Crook of Great Barton said he heard a gun fired several times at the top of Potter's Hill. He found a hare and a rabbit where they had thrown them down, there were five men as they went about in gangs. They were fined £ 1 and £ 1- 1s.costs.

Dec.4th 1907

There was a coroner's inquest at Belchamp Walter on the body of Robert Smith of Burrel Saltash. Mr Burrel was on a visit to his sister, Mrs J.Borrow, of St.Mary's Hall. Mrs Borrow said that about 9am her husband found deceased lying on the floor in the upstairs lavatory, the floor of the apartment was bespattered with blood and a bloodstained razor was found nearby. The deceased was 53 years of age.
Jan.7th. 1906. Foxearth annual concert took place in the school room on Tuesday and Monday evening. The event which we are assured is of equal importance with the General Election, both evenings being wet. This did not prevent large gatherings on both nights. Overture " The Caliph" was performed by the Rev Pressey, Ward, Fuller and Sillitoe, song" Trafalgar Square" by A.Maxim, recitation " The clown's baby" by Miss M.Ward, violin solo by Mr.P.J.Fuller, song " Dumb" by Rev.A.P.Pannell, song " Goodbye little girl" by Bernard Ward, vocal duet Mrs Ward and Mrs Andrewes, song" Hope on forever" by Miss Wilson, song " Nelson's name" by A.Maxim, dance" Irish jig" by Miss Pressey and Miss W.Ward. There was two scenes of a laughable episode, " Joe Turnip Top" played by P.Gridley, Dick his son played by T.Chinnery," Sargeant Slasher" by S.Mayhew, " Dorothy Turnip top by B.Byford, " Patty Partridge" by S.Gridley.
February 7th. 1906. Shooting Affray at Foxearth.
It appears that three Foxearth men, John Ward a drayman who works for Messrs Ward and Son, Arthur Chinnery, Robert Duce and Richard Duce, labourers, went for a drink at Glemsford, there they met Albert Lockwood a gamekeeper at Lyston Hall. They went into the " Three Tuns" where everything was quiet and harmonious, Lockwood left before the others, having been refused a drink. When the other men got within a half mile of Foxearth they found Lockwood lying in the road, apparently the worse for drink. They assisted Lockwood and led him some of the way when without warning he (Lockwood) turned round and hit Chinnery, it was supposed some words had passed between them. Lockwood then ran on saying he would get his gun and shoot the --- lot of them, when they reached the gate of his lodgings at about 10-15 pm he is alleged to have said " where is John Ward I will shoot him dead", as they ran away Lockwood fired a shot, Ward, stumbled and fell, he thought he had been shot because he had cut his face and arms by falling, another shot followed making five in all. The next day Ward went to a doctor in Hedingham, who could not find any signs of him being shot, he then took out a summons against Lockwood.

February 14th 1906

Alfred Lockwood was charged with firing a gun within 50 ft of the highway, luckily nobody was hit, the men taking shelter in a ditch. John Ward said they found def.lying in the road at the top of Potters Hill and he struck Arthur Chinnery. Def.said when he was going home he had stones and beer bottles thrown at him as he was entering his door, he was not drunk and the men had abused him shamefully and kicked him when he laid in the road. Def.said he heard the Duce's, Ward and Chinnery coming up the hill behind him, so he crouched down so that they would pass him, Ward had helped him up but he not asked for assistance, they then let into me, saying give him the foot, all this because he had told Ward to keep his dog under control.
Def. was found guilty and fined £ 1 and £ 1 4s 6d costs.

Feb.14th 1906

George Brown a lab.of Glemsford was charged with trespassing on ground in the occupation of Charles Newton Row on the 27th of Jan., Alfred Chinnery said he saw def.coming across a meadow and went to see what he was after, he had ferrets and a spade.
Fined £ 1 and 4s costs or seven days hard labour.

April 11th 1906

The sale of 8 licenced houses and other properties the estate of the late James Pearsons of Belchamp Walter--situated in Halstead, Wickham st Pauls, Bulmer, Belchamp Otten, Little Yeldham, Sible Hedingham, on Monday April 23 1906

May 2nd 1906

The wedding took place at Borley church of Mr. J. Stenner of London and Miss M.Clarke of Borley Mill.

May 28th 1906

Frederick George Tolchard of Bridge House Lyston, has passed his examinations for the Royal Naval School in Portsmouth in signaling and gymnastics. Miss Lily Tolchard has been successful in obtaining one of four prizes awarded by Essex County Council for reporting on a lecture on hygiene a Borley school.

June 6th 1906

In the village of BeLchamp Walter there are three children, Harry, Maggie and Eva Hawkins, daughters of the village blacksmith, Frederick Hawkins, and cousins of one of Mrs Kesteven Morris's maid. The deformed feet of these children are pitiful to see, they are twisted and bent with the bones sticking out. They had been seen by local and other medical men who said nothing could be done. The case came to the notice of Mrs Kesteven Morris who kindly sent the afflicted ones at her expense to Birmingham where they were operated on Mr Bennet, a specialist. The two girls have returned home greatly improved and the boy is still in hospital. Last Sunday there was a thanksgiving service in the church for their recovery. On the following Tuesday a large gathering numbering 180 took place in the school room in response to a little note sent round the village, stating that at 7 o'clock a presentation was to take place to Mrs Kesteven Morris. Mrs Morris was quite taken aback and was much affected by this token of thanks, coming as she knew from the hearts of the villagers. The two little girls presented bouquets and she was also presented with a silver salver, secured by small contributions from the villagers. Mrs Kesteven Morris was so touched by this mark of gratitude that she could not make an adequate reply.

June 13th 1906

The Rev.Pressey the rector of Foxearth has been appointed vicar of Moulsham near Chelmsford. Sometime ago negotiations took place between the Rev.Pressey and the Rev. R.T.Saulez vicar of Moulsham with a view to exchanging the livings, the arrangements are now complete. Rev.Pressey has been rector of Foxearth for 14yrs. The population of Foxearth is 365 while Moulsham is 6407. The living at Foxearth is £ 320 and Moulsham £ 350.

July 4th 1906

On Sunday last a Flower service was held at Foxearth church.
July 11th. 1906. On Wednesday night a protest against the Nonconformist Endowment Bill was held at Foxearth in the schoolroom. There was a fair attendance, the chairman, Rev Pressey, said that church teachings in the schools were threatened.

August 6th 1906

There was a presentation to the Rev.and Mrs Pressey in the schoolroom on Thursday evening. They were each made a presentation in respect of the esteem they were held in the parish for 16 years.

August 6th 1906

The funeral of Miss Thompson took place at Borley on Tuesday afternoon. Miss Thompson was seized with paralysis while carry out her duties in the schoolroom on Monday, she never rallied. She had been head teacher at Borley for 24 years. The children followed the coffin of their late mistress. The following inscription was on the coffin--FANNY ANN THOMPSON--DIED AUGUST 8th-1906-AGED 59 YEARS.

September 19th 1906

Foxearth. The induction of the new rector the Rev.A.Marshall will take place on the 29th of September by the Bishop of Colchester.

January 8th 1908

On Tuesday the second, the choir supper was held at Borley Rectory at 6-30, the men sat down to a substantial repast composed of roast beef and plum pudding, given by the Rev Bull. Dialogues, songs and games were indulged in; in the drawing room. Mr Ambrose the organist thanked the rector and Mrs Bull, at midnight the convivial punch bowl appeared.

January 15th 1908

A licence was granted to enable the performance of stage plays at Foxearth school room on condition that the doors which open inwards were taken off the hinges during performances.

January 22nd 1908

Death of Mr W.Gosling of Belchamp Walter was reported. Deceased farmed Clarkes and Fishers farms and was a well known breeder of agricultural stock. He was formerly occupant of the Bell Hotel at Clare.

February 12th 1908

The death of Charles Smith the sexton of the beautiful church of Foxearth is reported at the age of 83, 40 of which he was sexton, he was a typical village sexton.A muffled peal was rung.

March 4th 1908

Death of William Reeve, gardener at Borley rectory for 44 years.

March 18th 1908

William Ward, iron founder, late of Long Melford, left two thirds of his property to his nephew David Ward and one third to his accountant Allan Silver.

May 6th 1908

There was a fire at Borley Place the home of Mr and Mrs M.G.Mason, Miss Bull went for the brigade and Mr Payne's men from Borley Mill were at hand also Mr Kent coachman from the rectory, set about putting the fire out. The owner is Mr R.Payne. The rumour spread through out Sudbury that the rectory had been destroyed, no doubt because Miss K.Bull went for the brigade. The back scullery and a bedroom were damaged, it appears that a copper chimney had been smouldering.

June 3rd 1908

Foxearth. The Rev.Robert Andrewes has been appointed to the chaplaincy of Orataua, Tenerife, Canary Islands, through the recommendation of Bishop Trefuses of Exeter and the Bishop of Kensington. The climate of Tenerife is delightful with temperature only varying by 10 degrees all year round. The only regret is on the part of the parishioners of Foxearth on the losing of Miss Violet Andrewes who is accompanying her father. Her beautiful voice and valuable parish work has been of great value to the church.
July 27th 1908.The first Cavendish Flower Show. Best allotment-Walter Mortlock-Arthur Bull. Pentlow Allotments-Harry Ince-Charles Johnson- Walter Plum.
Dish of Boiled potatoes by a working man's wife-Mrs George Ives-Mrs Grimwood-Mrs Perkins.

August ? 1908

The South Suffolk Show was held at Melford Hall park. Mr Brand Pentlow-Reserve for mare with foal at foot. Pen of six sheep-exors of C.S.Ewer Foxearth 1st and 3rd. Ram lamb 1st C.S.Ewer. Butter making- Mrs J.S.Cobbald of Eldo house, Rougham.2nd.Miss B.Cobbald of Rougham.

September 16th 1908

Nether Hall, Gestingthorpe.Sale of live and dead farming stock on instructions of Mrs Bear.

September 23rd 1908

Sale of live and dead stock at Scott's Farm Cavendish on instruction of the Right Honourable Earl Howe and Mr T.Ambrose.

September 23rd 1908

Sale of live and dead stock at Fishers and Clarkes farm, Belchamp Walter, 17 horses, by executors of Mr Gosling.

September 30th 1908

The harvest festival at Lyston church was marred by the hand of death on Sunday morning at the morning service. Scarcely had the triumphal strains of the processional hymn died away when one of the congregation was carried out dying. He was Colonel Leslie and he passed away in the churchyard, he was noticed to sit back in his pew and Mr C.H.Row went to his assistance, he was carried out by by the church warden, Mr C.H.Westropp, Mr F.Smith the verger and Mr Orgar. Doctor Petitt of Long Melford and Doctor Huntley of Sudbury, also P.C.Eade of Foxearth were sent for, Doctor Petitt pronounced life extinct due to heart seizure. Colonel Albert Edmund Leslie was the brother in law of the Rev Stewart Fisher, rector of Lyston, he had been paying a visit to his brother in law. He leaves a widow but no children. Colonel Leslie was commandant of the Indian Regiment of 112th Infantry and served with the Zhob Valley expedition of 1884, he was 50 years of age. Funeral arrangements were by Messrs W.Palmer of Long Melford.

October 28th 1908

Messrs Ward and Son, brewers of Foxearth, are to be congratulated on achieving the distinction of being awarded First prize and a silver medal with a diploma for their bottled Pale Ale at the Brewers Exhibition held in London last week, the highest distinction in the bottled beer competition, which is open to all in the United Kingdom.
Some 300 samples of beer were exhibited in a variety of classes from breweries all over the country including some from celebrated and well known firms. Messrs Ward's well known productions already command a large sale throughout the Eastern Counties and beyond, and the distinction now conferred, reflects great credit on this progressive and enterprising firm.

December 16th 1908

At Clare Downs farm, occupied by Mr W.A.Eagle, his nephew and farm bailiff ? Eagle, shot himself. The deceased was 39 years of age and was the brother of Mr W.H.Eagle of the Hall, Belchamp st Pauls. Sarah Golding, a servant at Clare Downs, said she heard a report of a gun coming from the dining room and called for help and Frederick Clark came in. At the inquest the coroner asked Doctor Metcalf if the deceased condition was caused by alchohol, Doctor Metcalf said" yes" saying a few days ago the deceased said he saw frogs in the fire and the hedges and barns were full of humming birds.

1909 January 6th 1909

Old age pensions came into operation last Friday, there were 150 applicants for the new boon at Sudbury Post Office.

January 6th 1909

The pretty little church of Pentlow on a recent Sunday was filled with parishioners to mark the event of re-dedication of the bells. There is scarcely anyone in the parish who remembers them being rung-45 years ago since their voice was heard. The bells have been overhauled and hung by Mr A.Bowell of Ipswich and the tower has undergone complete restoration by a firm of stonemasons from Chelmsford.

January 20th 1909

The chancel of Belchamp st Pauls church narrowly escaped destruction on Sunday. The outbreak was discovered at once, if it had broken out at night the chancel would have been destroyed. The Misses Brown of Cavendish were passing and saw smoke coming out of the chancel roof and called Mr Eagle at the Hall, who rode on horseback to rouse the vicar the Rev.Marsh, they found wood under the tiles was alight. A crowd of willing workers tore the tiles off and attacked the flaring woodwork with pails of water. Several large beams were damaged, in the meantime a messenger was sent for the old Clare fire brigade but when they arrived the fire was out. The fire was caused by a large combustion stove, the chimney of which pierced the roof, the oak beams in the roof were not injured in anyway.

January 27th 1909

Totsy Twinn, a fish hawker of Glemsford was charged with wilful damage to a hedge belonging to Mr J.P.Brand of Pentlow.
P.C.Eade of Foxearth stated that he saw def.on the Belchamp road at Pentlow pull out four briars from a bush fence, he asked def if he had permission, he said" no" but only wanted them for his garden. Mr Brand said he hoped that an example would be made of this case as his farm laid very close to Glemsford and the men overran his land and even stole a sheep two years ago. Fined 10s--4s6d costs, or 14 days hard labour.

April 28th 1909

As Mr Alfred Hurrell was driving a lady from Wickhambrook to Clare station, his pony was attacked by a parrot belonging to Mr George Wilby, causing the pony to take fright with the result that they were all thrown out, the lady and children escaped injury but the wheel of the trap passed over Mr Hurrell's leg. Doctor Wilkin was called but no bones were broken.

May 11th 1909

A lecture on gardening was given by Mr C.Wakeley of Essex County Council at Foxearth, a vote of thanks was given by the chairman Mr D.Ward, seconded by the Rev.R.E.Wright who is in charge of the parish during the absence of the Rev. Marshall.

June 2nd 1909

Foxearth. The marriage of Miss Violet Lavinia Andrewes, daughter of the Rev. Robert Andrewes and niece of Mrs Foster of the rectory, and Mr Frederic Clendon Daukes of the Indian Civil Service rtd., took place in Oratava, Tenerife, on May 8th, where her father is resident English Chaplain. There was a large congregation of English and residents in the beautiful English Church. She was given away by her brother in law Mr David Ward who afterwards played the organ. The honeymoon was in Grand Canary.

June 2nd 1909

Arthur Wordley, a mat maker of Glemsford, was summoned for having in his possession 7 partridge eggs. P.C.Eade of Foxearth said he saw def.on the Foxearth Lyston road at 11-45 pm with two other men, he was searching the hedge side, I suspected he had eggs and searched him and found 7 eggs. Def.said he found the eggs in a little paper bag by the side of the road and did not know that they were partridge eggs. The chairman remarked," you have lived all your life in Glemsford and do not know a partridge egg". Supt.Terry said def. belongs to a Glemsford gang that prowls about looking for these things. Fined 15s and 19s costs.

July 14th 1909

A lady farmer of Foxearth, Julia Brand of Brook Hall was summoned for keeping a dog without a licence. P.C.Eade said he visited def.premises and saw two dogs, he asked her if she had a licence, she said she did not know until she saw her groom. Fined 15s and 19s costs.

September 1st 1909

A large wheat stack, the produce of 10 acres and belonging to A.V.Campbell Lambert of Foxearth Hall was destroyed by fire on Sunday afternoon at 2-30.

September 29th 1909

Foxearth. The brewery outing took place to London last week, 45 employees and a few friends making 53 in all. Mr Ward said that in spite of the critical times the trade was passing through, there had been a considerable increase in business and he hoped it would continue.

October 6th 1909

The funeral of little Daisy Leggot took place at Foxearth.

November 17th 1909

John Robert Wright a grocer and baker of Foxearth was declared bankrupt. The debtor said he had carried on trade at Foxearth for 8 years, before that he had been a sailor. For the last 4 years he had collected the King's taxes in 7 parishes which brought him in £ 30 a year, keen competition, bad debts and a broken leg had led to his downfall, his debts would amount to £ 1000 in all.