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1902 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 1st 1902

There was a meeting of the Brundon Skater’s Club with the object providing good skating for the coming season, through the kindness of Mr W.Nocton of Brundon the meadow will be flooded as in previous years to provide excellent and safe skating.

January 1st 1902

Died on December 26th, killed in action at Tafelkop, South Africa, Charels Yates the eldest surviving son of the late Charles Johnson of Andsell and Mrs Johnson of Baythorne Grove, Halstead Essex aged 20 years.

January 15th 1902

Lyston Hall is now again tenanted, Mr C.B.Graham having recently taken up residence there where he received a cordial welcome, to mark his advent to the parish, a Christmas tree party was arranged at the Hall all the youngsters of Lyston were invited and a merry time was had by all, the whole of the Hall has been repainted and decorated by Mr Bell of Melford, there are about 20 rooms including a large ball room and billiard room, the drawing room ceiling has been artistically painted with floral decorations.

January 22nd 1902

At a meeting of Cavendish Parish Council attention was called to the footbridge which leads from a field on Colt’s Hall to a field on Houghton Hall. Adjourned. Dr Holden in a letter to the Council expressed concern respecting an infected van which was stopping on the Green, steps are being taken to prohibit any travellers vans on the Green except for June 10 to the 14th which are fair days.

February 5th 1902

Died on February 3rd at Middleburgh, Transvaal, South Africa of enteric fever, Charles Rice the 2nd son of James and Elizabeth Rice of Woolpit, Suffolk.

February 19th 1902

Advantage was taken of the severe frost at Brundon where there was a good sheet of ice produced but by Tuesday a thaw had set in.

February 26th 1902

Poslingford. Letter received from a Suffolk labourer in Canada by the incumbent of this parish. Coatsworth Sta. Kent Co. Ontario. Canada.

January 30th 1902

Dear Sir, You will think this is strange that I will write to you, I have or had a sister, she is the wife of----I would like to know if she is dead or alive, I wrote a letter a few years ago and I never got an answer. I was born in Poslingford in 1839 on September the 3rd and educated in the little red brick school, I was one of the first that entered the school when it was built, I started school when I was 5 and finished at 7 and have never been to school since, I worked for Mr J.Ambrose who I hope is alive and well, give my regards to all my friends in Poslingford. I am living in the county of Kent in the province of Ontario which is a beautiful place to live, it is the garden of Canada, we grow good wheat here although we are troubled by Hessian fly in some places, barley and oats grow perfectly here but corn is a good paying crop, you would call it Indian corn, we pick it just before it hardens and boil it and eat it, we sow it from May 4th till June 15th, although sometimes later, the corn grows in a cob in a huge husk, the “Huskers” have a “Huskers peg” to take it off, a man gets 3 cents a bushel which is equal to halfpenny a bushel. Now about my countrymen if they would emigrate to Canada they would do well at farm labouring and would get up to 14 to 18 dollars as month, good servant girls get good wages too, a girl right now cannot be hired under one dollar, I myself could do with a good young man who can plough and good with horses, land is about £4 an acre, I have lately taken about 50 acres of bush but I am getting too old to work, my son has 50 acres by my side, I am troubled with bronchitis, we have not had much snow, yours truly, Elijah Barton, you will see I don’t know your name, forgive me.

March 14th 1902

Samuel Smith of Stansfield was summoned to show due cause etc by Emma Harper of Foxearth. To pay 1s 6d per week.

May 21st 1902

George Deal, blacksmith of Walter Belchamp, was charged with setting fire to a shed and some straw belonging to J.Prigg a farmer of Walter Belchamp, the shed was valued at £35 and the straw at £80 to £90. Remanded.

May 28th 1902

To be sold by private treaty, seven cottages in Egermont Street in Glemsford, well of good water. Apply Mr Charles Watkinson.

June 4th 1902

To be sold and cleared by June 12th, a heavy crop of Lucerne growing in North Street meadow field, Meford road, Sudbury, to be cleared for the Corporation Sewer Works. Cutting-- 9 till 11 o’clock, 1s per rood.

June 11th 1902

Rosina Warnick aged 48, a laundress of Melford was charged with the murder of her unnamed male child. Mr Eversley gave the facts of the case, the woman was a widow and was living with a man named Theobald at Elamey Lane, Melford, she had lived with this man for 22 years and had seven children by him. Dr Pettitt said death was due to exposure in consequence of not having proper care at birth and afterwards, she was an epilectic. Guilty but recommended for mercy. 6 months as an offender of the second division.

June 11th 1902

As soon as the news of the peace in South Africa was received at Borley, Mr Fisher entered the school and formally dismissed the class from their lessons and a holiday next day also.

June 18th 1902

For sale at the Rose and Crown Hotel in Sudbury,Cuckoo Tye farm at Melford, 117 acres 1 rod 13 perches was sold to Charles Coote for £2,025.

July 2nd 1902

Glemsford. Last Saturday the employees of Mr Ezra Game, silk manufacturer, were entertained to a dinner in honour of the Coronation, about 20 weavers and friends sat down in the factory the health of his Majesty was drunk and wishes that his health be restored. Herbert Byford of Stanstead was charged with selling milk below the legal standard. £1 and 13s costs A large granary at Hole farm at Belchamp St Pauls was struck by lighting, it shattered the heavy coping and slates on the roof.

July 16th 1902

School Barn Farm at Pentlow to be let by tender, 79 acres—dwelling house and 6 cottages which are all occupied. Tenders to the Trustees care of Hugh Clark of Cavendish.

July 23rd 1902

Cavendish. General Walter Kitchener entertained about 40 people to dinner at the George Hotel, the General presided and was supported on the left by Rev J.R.Wilson. The General now occupies Blacklands Hall.

July 30th 1902

Sudbury. On Monday morning men employed on the sewerage works at Ballingdon left their work and demanded an advance of a penny halfpenny, they were paid off and steps were taken to fill their places.

August 6th 1902

There was a sad case of drowning near Glemsford Mills on Tuesday afternoon, it seems a lad named Shinn aged about 12 had taken his father’s dinner to Broom farm and going down with other boys to the river to bathe, the boys had been on like errand, it seems Shinn threw a piece of wood into the river and waded after it, he slipped into a hole which is about 10ft deep, two of his companions tried to rescue him but were not successful, some of the boys ran to Broom farm and fetched the boy’s father and another man named Brown but before they arrived he had sunk to the bottom, a rake was fixed to a pole by Brown and Mr Richardson who lives at the Flour Mills nearby.

September 3rd 1902

Advert. Sewer men wanted on Sudbury main drainage. Apply to the foreman, wages are 4d an hour.

October 15th 1902

Clare. Advert. Mr W.Bareham begs to thank his numerous patrons for their support during his tenancy of the Bear and Crown Hotel for the last 5 ½ years and to announce that he has lately purchased the Bell Hotel and trusts the same support will be given him. At a meeting of Cavendish Parish Council the sum of £3 was voted for Everitt’s salary and 6s 6d to Mr Brown for a grave rammer.

October 2nd 1902

Gt Waldingfield. An accident happened to an aged man of 72 named Game who while loading a cart with straw under an elevator the load slipped sideways carrying Game with it. Maria Game said her husband worked for George Wade, Dr Johnson said his death was due to shock. Accidental. Twinstead. Fire broke out on Saturday evening at Sparrow’s farm Twinstead in occupation of Oliver Stebbing who lives at Hall farm, a quantity of shedding was burnt down, damage was estimated at £30.

October 29th 1902

The autumn show of malting barley was held at Bedford on September 18th, there was a large entry, the 1st prize of £3 -3s went to Mr Lawrence Archer also the championship prize of £5-5s, Mr Archer has just entered a lease of Skates Hill farm at Glemsford (was this Archer the breeder of the famous Spratt Archer barley) ?

November 5th 1902

A fire broke out on Saturday night in an empty cottage in Slug Alley near the Spread Eagle corner in Cross Street, damage amounted to only a few pounds but it still a mystery how it began.

November 19th 1902

Melford. The Volunteers of Melford turned out in force on Tuesday evening for a dinner at the Bull Hotel to honour those Gallants who have returned from South Africa, the chairman mentioned that Private Salter had left his bones at Ladysmith. Others were Sgt Ambrose—Pte Smee—Corporal Salisbury—Pte’s Roper—Mitchell—Boreham—Turner—Robinson—Deeks—Walford—Reeve—Perkins—Wicks, these men were present, the following were absent—Capt Fisher—Trooper Dare—Trooper Boutell—Pte Coates—Pte Snell and Sgt Theobald.

November 26th 1902

Sudbury. In the course of carrying on work for the new sewer on the Market Hill some of the men came across an old well which formerly supplied the Town pump, it was situate near the centre of the road when entering Gainsborough street, the well was arched over with brickwork, water was still in it, it was 20ft 9” from the surface of the Market hill, the arch being only 16 inches below the road, in former days it was called the “Shambles”, there was a stone sink in front which contained water, oysters would have been sold from it at 4 a penny, there are still old men living in the town who remember pumping water from the old pump, the old Moot Hall stood nearby.

November 26th 1902

Walter Chambers a labourer of Pentlow was charged with allowing overcrowding in his house at Pentlow, the Inspector said that there were 10 people sleeping in two bedrooms, an order was made to abate the nuisance.

December 31st 1902

Lt Yeldham. A special Christmas gift to the poor of Lt Yeldham. Mr William Dearsley of Christchurch, New Zealand has sent every family in the parish a present of 6 cwt of coal. Mr Dearsley is a native of Lt Yeldham, he left England in the early sixties and had for many years sent various sums of money, former gifts have included tea, coals etc and on one occasion a shipment of frozen sheep and lamb which helped to cheer the hearts of the recipients at this festive season.

1903 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 1st 1903

Gestingthorpe. The annual parish dance in the schoolroom on New Year was as usual a great success, dancing was kept up till the New Year came in, Mr Teverson was the M.C. and refreshments were supplied by Mrs Pannel.

January 14th 1903

Advert. Prime Canterbury Mutton and Frozen Beef, Holland and Barret, Market Hill, Sudbury.

January 14th 1902

Deaths. Brand, on January 1st at New Orleans U.S.A. of an accident, George Chickall the second son of Mr T.P. Brand of Brook Hall, Foxearth, Essex.

March 4th 1903

Sexton and Grimwade will sell by auction in Bradfields Wood, Foxearth, 200 oaks with top bark and 5 ash trees of good quality and large dimensions by the instructions of the executors of the late Thomas Brand on 13th of March.

March 4th 1903

Inquest at Stratford St Mary on Herbert Gabbettis aged 34 who was the 1st whip of the Essex and Suffolk Hounds who died the previous day from the effects of a fall in the hunting field, Arthur Wilson, the huntsman said the mare he was riding put her foot in a mole hill and rolled over. Dr Lownds of Dedham said deceased was suffering from bruises to the shoulder and was going on well when delirium tremors set in, the Coroner said what is that due to, witness said chronic alcoholism.

April 1st 1903

To be let by tender—a piece of arable land- 2 ½ acres at the back of the Leper houses on Melford road. Apply to J.Alexander, clerk to the Trustees.

April 22nd 1903

Wanted. A man as groom and wife able to do washing and assist in the house,cottage found. J.Pell, Water Hall Wixoe. Sudbury. Mr Percy Golding of East Street was appointed ranger of the Common lands, to lock the gates at night and morning and to receive stock, he will receive a salary of £7 for the season.

April 29th 1903

Glemsford. On Saturday last a man was found drowned in a pond at rear of the farmhouse at Churchgate which is occupied by Mr Scott, builder, as Mr Scott was walking round the pond which is at the rear of the house he saw the head and shoulders of a man just above the level of the water, he called to a man named Theobald who was passing and they pulled him out, it proved to be Mr Bradnam, 33 who is a dealer, how he came to be in the pond is a mystery as the pond is situate 60 yards from the highway. William Bradnam said he is my brother, he was 33, the Coroner said is he a sober man ?, Bradnam replied sometimes he takes a little too much. Found drowned.

May 20th 1903

Borley. Two freehold cottages for sale, of brick and slate, one contains 6 rooms the other 4 rooms, there is a large walnut tree, brick bakehouse with oven, pig and fowl places, a pump of well water. Situated on the road from Walter Belchamp to Borley near Bardfield bridge. The smaller house is in occupation of James Felton.

June 2nd 1903

Two freehold cottages at Borley were bought by Mr R.T.B.Payne for £105.

June 10th 1803

Sudbury like all low lying places has suffered from recent floods, all the meadows and roads adjoining have been flooded, quantities of hay have been washed away,cellars flooded and water in houses.

June 24th 1903

On Friday morning at about 6, Miss Emma Bear late of Nether Hall, Gestingthorpe threw herself from her bedroom window which was 25ft from the ground at Hill House, Chilton. Suicide. John Allen, a boy of about 12 was charged with damaging a barge belonging to Messrs Allen by boring a hole in it, the Mayor said the prosecution wanted to withdraw the charge.

July 1st 1903

Sudbury. Henry Meeking held their 20th annual lamb sale on Angel meadow at Sudbury on Monday, the catalogue contains 2600 fine framed lambs. Sudbury. There was a disastrous fire at Messrs Grimwood and Sons premises on Saturday evening, the premises were burnt to the ground, a man named Shipman was arrested.

July 8th 1903

Man wanted as second horseman, one pair of horses only, must be good ploughman, extra for haysel and harvest, good wages, no cottage. Apply Row and Sons, Long Melford.

July 22nd 1903

Cavendish. For sale in Cavendish, small farm known as Church farm, 30 acres, good house and buildings, suitable for poultry farm or pleasure farm, in occupation of Edgar Ambrose.

July 22nd 1903

Maplestead. On Tuesday evening a young labourer named William Eary employed by Mr Breydon at Barret Hall accidentally shot himself, he was working in a pea field which was infested with wood pigeons, he left his loaded gun in a ditch, at about 6 he went to the ditch to get his gun which he pulled out by it’s muzzle, the trigger caught in some brambles and discharged itself in to Eary’s neck causing instant death.

July 22nd 1903

Albert Rash aged 50 of Bulmer was charged with driving a donkey and cart 1 hour after sunset without lights attached, P.C. Haynes said he was on duty by the corner of Church road when he saw a donkey and cart travelling without lights. 1s with 4s costs.

July 22nd 1903

Cricket. Pebmarsh v Castle Hedingham. Pebmarsh—C.Skingley 4—R.Nott 15—C.Gervis 4 B.Podd 3—S.Frost 22—E.F.Hunt 0—R.Courtauld 0—Harrington 0—J.Layzel not out 0 –Goodey 0 –extras 4—total 62. Castle Hedingham---H.Staines 9—R.Miller 0—F.Amey 0—H.Pinhey 4—F.Westrop 0—F.Halls 13—E.Beadle 0—H.Farrant 7—W.Pinhey 2—extras 3—total 49.

July 22nd 1903

Died on July 27th at Astoria, Oregon, America (accidentally killed on the railway) Francis Nicole late of Hadleigh, Suffolk, aged 68.

August 12th 1903

Cavendish Sunday school children’s treat. The children numbering 140 marched across the Green to church with flags and headed by the choir singing the hymn 215, after a short service they marched to the rectory meadow where they had tea on the lawn.

September 2nd 1903

Marred at Lyston, Miss Frances Mary Fisher to the Rev George Bird M. A. vicar of Bradwell, Derbyshire.

September 2nd 1903

Alfred Laver aged 19 a roundabout attendant was summoned for assaulting Julia Messent a married woman of Walter Belchamp, complainant said she was walking along the road when she was passed by two young men, one was the defendant who turned round and ran towards her and seized her hand and said he would let her go if she gave him a kiss, she got away and told her husband, defendant was also charged with assaulting Emma Reeve aged 16 of Otten Belchamp in similar circumstances, Supt Terry said defendant was a terror of the neighbourhood and was a filthy blackguard when in drink. 14 days hard labour.

September 9th 1903

Stanstead. On Thursday afternoon two little girls named Rhona Oakley and Jeanette Adams were searching for some ducks which had strayed from the farm of Mr Biggs when they came upon a man who had fallen in the river near Duffs bridge, he was in an exhausted condition, they raised the alarm and Inspector Berry and P.C. Gowing were sent for , they managed to get them out and brandy and whisky was administered and he wrapped in warm rugs and straw, inquiries proved he was Robert Mortlock aged 73 and lived at Hartest and had walked into the reeds and rushes.

November 4th 1903

Gestingthorpe. To be sold by order of the mortagages—Audley End, Gestingthorpe. Messrs Wheeler will sell at the Bull Hotel, Sudbury, the freehold dwelling house-shop and bake office situate by the high road and now occupied by the widow of Arthur Finch. Also four cottages in the rear of the above.

November 4th 1903

David Crick and Augustus Large, farmers of Glemsford were charged with selling adulterated milk, Albert Brown aged 14 years said he sold a quantity of skimmed milk to Inspector Berry who had it analysed and it was found to contain 23 per cent water. 5s each with 13 6d costs./

November 11th 1903

Advert. Anyone in Sudbury not getting the milk they require can do so by applying to W.J.Mills Rodbridge Dairy Farm, Long Melford or to the milkman on his cart, fresh butter, cream and eggs also supplied. William Ballard of Cavendish was charged with being drunk at this place on October 16th, Supt Bardwell said he had not given the police any trouble except they had to take him home in a wheelbarrow. 1s with 5s costs.

November 25th 1903

During the gale which raged on Saturday night the sails of the flour mill which stands on top of the hill near Stanstead Hall were blown off, Mr Frost who carries on the business was in the mill at the time was unhurt.

December 9th 1903

Glemsford. On Friday last the Hearts of Oak Benefit Society held their annual meeting at the Lion Hotel in Glemsford, proceedings commenced with dinner capitally served by host and hostess Colby, over 50 people were present, it was presided over by Mr Ezra Game secretary of the Society, afterwards a musical evening was spent with songs being sung by Messrs Smith, Medcalf, Colby, Game and others.