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March 10th 1900

A public inquiry took place into the building of a light railway between Long Melford and Hadleigh, to pass between twelve parishes.
Acton, Great Waldingfield, Monks Eleigh, Chelsworth, Bildeston, Nedging, Semer Bridge, Whatfield, Kersey to Hadleigh. Of the twelve parishes the line is proposed to pass through, seven voted in favour and three did nothing. It would be a light railway, purely an agricultural line for the benefit of the agricultural population.
The line was proposed to pass from behind Melford station and on to to Mr Mills farm at Rodbridge who's objection had been met by going a further 222 yards from his house, then into Acton who objected, passing 100 yards south of the vicarage, then to Great Waldingfield who expressed satisfaction but objected to the level crossing being so near the school Mr Wade refused to support a light railway but would support a substantial one, he was a part owner part tenant, he objected to the line severing his model farm which was one of the best in Suffolk.

April 14th 1900

A boy named Cutmore, in the employ of Messrs Allen, brickmakers, was on Wednesday week in charge of two horses and a tumbril with a load of rubble on a cartway near the river Stour leading to Messrs Allen's siding near Lady bridge to the brickyard when the horses and tumbril slipped into the river near the end of the reach.
Owing to the great depth of water the horses were drowned before assistance arrived.

May 19th 1900

List of men serving the Queen and country from Cavendish.
William Maxim R.F.A. S.Africa. George Maxim Suffolks. John Maxim H.M.S.Cromer. Samuel Tuttle H.M.S. Venus. Albert Parmenter Norfolks.
Charles Parmenter Suffolks. James Parmenter Staffordshire. Frank Orris R.H.A. prisoner in South Africa. John Deeks Suffolks South Africa.
Edward Plum R.F.A.. William Jolly H.M.S.Astrea. Henry Mortlock Grenadier Guards. Norman Allen I.Y.C.. Walter Skeemer Suffolks. Charles Adams Grenadier Guards. T.R.Waring Royal Horse Artillery. John Whitby South Africa. Richard Mortlock Staffordshire South Africa. John Page Kimberley Town Guard who was at the seige of Kimberley.

August 18th 1900

An accident befell a young man named Whalebelly while working a reaping machine in a wheat field for Mr J.Bullen at Ovington.
It appears that Whalebelly put the machine out of gear then slipped off the machine, in doing so he his hand caught in the cog wheel and the big wheel ran over right hand. He had the presence of mind to stop the horses and his mates ran to rescue him.

September 1st 1900

At Branches Farm, Cowlinge, on Thursday afternoon, Mr W.G.Jarvis, builder from Clare was inspecting a new well which is 100 feet deep when he fell to about 25 feet from the bottom when he came into contact with a man working in the well, the man sustained broken ribs and other injuries, not withstanding these injuries he fastened his unconcious master so that he could be drawn up alive, though with a broken hand and wounded thigh the injured man was conducted home, bearing the journey well.

September 22nd 1900

Messrs Graham and Brown of Cavendish have secured the contract for somewhat extensive additions and alterations to Foxearth school, work to commence immediately. Mr Ashworth Hunt, Sudbury, is the architect.

October 20th 1900

There was a ploughing match at Cavendish in a field lent by Mr Garrett. Over 30 years-1st prize 15s. H.Underwood.
2nd prize A.Crissel 10s - 3rd W.Mason 5s - 4th T.Wells 2s 6d 2nd class 20 to 30 years - 1st prize F.Fitch 10s. - 2nd John Newman 7s 6d. - 3rd G.Brett 5s. 3rd class under 20 years 1st prize G.Wells - 2nd H.Savage.

October 20th 1900

There was a triple baptism at Pentlow on Sunday last when three infant children (triplets) were baptised by Rev F.E.P.Bull.
They were the children of Mr and Mrs Green from Semer, Mrs Green is the daughter of Mr Newman who is gardener to the Rev Bull. Mrs Green has received the Queens Bounty.

February 23rd 1901

There was an inquest on Ezra Sutton John Howe aged 11 years who was drowned in the river Stour at Rodbridge. Charles Sargeant, aged 12 living at Long Melford, said that on leaving Borley school at 4 in the afternoon on Thursday, deceased, himself and another boy Charles Butcher, went sliding on the river at Rodbridge, deceased went on to the ice in the middle of the river and it gave way, they ran some cottages nearby and gave the alarm. The body was found the next day at about 10 a m. Accidental death

March 23rd 1901

Sale of stock in trade and brick making plant at Cavendish on March 23rd at the Brickworks, Cavendish.
There was a sale of furniture at Blacklands Farm, Cavendish, comprising 250 lots which were sold in a large marquee.
7 hall chairs-£ 18, oak settee-£ 10 10s, the armoury pieces averaged 20s a piece, portrait of the late Queen-£ 6, ebonized china cabinet-7gns.
Piano-27 gns, silver-3s 10d per ounce, old snuff box-£ 2. Outdoor effects included a brougham, chaise, donkey and cart, brougham mare which were sold at a fair price.

March 30th 1901

In effort to introduce hockey to the town, trial games were played on the recreation ground on Friday between three teams from Halstead and Sudbury. Officers elected - captain A.J.Davies - secretary W.Armes, treasurer-F.R.S.Cross. Committee-Miss Armes-Miss Crawford-Miss Wrightson-Messrs Normandale-S.Wheeler-S.Baker.

May 30th 1901

An accident occurred to a man named Brown employed by Ward and Son, Foxearth. Brown was delivering goods near the Cock Inn, Glemsford, when in the act of getting down from the cart, the horse bolted, the wheel passing over Brown's ankle and foot. The horse was stopped near the Three Turns by Brown's brother after postman Merriday had a narrow escape.

July 13th 1901

A disastrous fire occurred at Woodbarns Farm, Belchamp St Pauls, occupied by Mr T.A.Eagle. Flames were observed in the stackyard and rapidly spread destroying most of the farm and a small portion of the farmhouse. The timely arrival of the Clare fire brigade saved the latter but the furniture was much damaged by its hasty removal, several sheep were burnt as well as poultry and machinery, the horses were saved.
The premises belong to the Ecclesiastical Commissionerss.

July 13th 1901

Anglers in the Cavendish neighbourhood have been excited the last few days by the frequent sighting of a large pike in the waters that run through land belonging to Mr King Richardson. A lot of attempts are being made to catch the fish which is estimated to weigh between 10 to 40 1bs.

August 17th 1901

Robert Maxim a labourer from Foxearth was charged with stealing a watch and chain also a pipe from the dwelling house of William Stammers a labourer of Glemsford. Elizabeth Stammers, wife of William Stammers, said the prisoner came to their house on the 6th of August and stayed to dinner, her husband's watch and chain were hanging on a nail on the mantlepiece, she considered the prisoner to be of weak intellect. The Rev Pressey said he had known def.for twelve years and was of decidedly weak intellect. Bound over in the sum of five pounds.
and costs of £ 1 18s 6d, the money was paid by the Rev Pressey.

September 7th 1901

Mr David Ward of Foxearth has invited C and D Company of the Volunteers of the 2nd Suffolk accept his hospitality on Saturday Sept.14th. The company will parade at the drill hall, Sudbury, on that day at 2-15 pm in drill order with slouch hats etc.
and will proceed to Foxearth with band in attendance

September 21st 1901

On Saturday afternoon at the invitation of Mr David Ward, the Sudbury and Melford volunteers visited Foxearth, they were under command of Capt W.Armes, Capt P.Allen, Capt Dixon and Drill Inspector Harrison, they numbered including the band, about sixty men, on arrival they foung Melford had arrived forty minutes before them with their band and about 40 men under Lieut.Steed. The bands massed in the meadow and they marched to church where divine service was held by the Rev Pressey, the service was mainly choral. After the service the men were reformed and marched to the rectory meadow where they were regaled with a capital meat tea and Foxearth ale supplied ad libitum. The men were put through various movements of attack after which there was dancing to the strains of the band. Capt Armes proposed a vote of thanks to Messrs Ward and Son, the men then fell in and returned to Sudbury at about 8 pm.
We scarcely say the folk of Foxearth (as an old hand said) never seen the like of it before.

January 4th 1902

There was a destructive fire at Glemsford flax mill on Friday morning resulting in the destruction of the building. The mill employs 20 men and boys and belongs to E.C.Fibre Ltd, Mr Kinnear of Melford and Mr E.W.Von-Williams of Glemsford are the managers. At 7-30 a m one of the workmen lit the fire in the drying room, when the fan drew a spark into the fibre, he tried to extinquish the fire by himself by throwing himself upon it and singeing his eyebrows, the building was rapidly in flames. Cavendish and Melford fire brigades attended but Mr Von-Williams house was also burnt down, all the furniture was saved.
Damage amounted to £ 5000.

January 18th 1902

Edward Clarry of Cavendish was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the 26th of December. P.C.Kent said he noticed a disturbance outside the Railway Arms at 10-30 pm, def was drunk and wanted to fight some Pentlow men, def.wife was there and was almost as much trouble as he was, considering her condition and family he did not report her. Defendant called his wife who said he had only got 6d on him and only spent 3d. Fined 1s and 7s costs.

January 25th 1902

Failure at Belchamp Walter of Mr Henry Firman, farmer, with a deficiency of £ 1000

February 15th 1902

Mr J.A.Pease M.P. planted an oak tree Wickham St Pauls green, to be called the " Kings Oak".

March 1st 1902

There has been a serious outbreak of diptheria at Lt Clacton involving several deaths. First to die was a little girl named Coe who's body her school friends were allowed to kiss in the coffin, in a short time others followed. The chairman of Tendering Board said allowing people to kiss the corpse was a beastly act and young lives had been sacrificed and urged that it should be made an offence.

March 15th 1902

Death of Mrs Ives of Pentlow Street, aged 94 years.

March 22nd 1902

News has just reached us of the death of a Cavendish man named Henry Bullock in New South Wales, Australia. Deceased emigrated with eight or ten other Cavendish men 14 years ago and had been doing fairly well. It appeared he had been visiting a friend and on his way home he was crossing a small stream when he missed his footing and fell in and drowned in only two feet of water.

May 3rd 1902

The marriage has been arranged between Mr Archibald Vaughan Campbell Lambert only son of Mr John Campbell Lambert of Foxearth Hall and Lyston Hall and Miss Gertrude Hall Atty who is the ward and niece of Miss Atty of Chiselhurst. The wedding will take place at Cavendish on Thursday, May 22nd.

May 24th 1902

George Deal aged 38 years a blacksmith of Belchamp Walter was charged with arson. Mr John Prigg, farmer of Belchamp Walter, said that def.had worked for him for many years, on Monday evening on March 19th a fire broke out on his farm, a shed an three stacks were burnt down at an estimated damage of £ 120. P.C.Reed said def.admitted setting fire to the place, saying he laid down for a smoke and threw the match down, he said the man seemed strange but appeared sober. Def.was a blacksmith by trade from Haverhill but was recently working on Sudbury sewer. Not guilty.

May 31st 1902

An interesting wedding took place at Cavendish on the 22nd between Mr Archibald Vaughan Campbell Lambert and the niece of Mrs Ramsay L'Amy of Cavendish Hall. The ceremony attracted a large and influential congregation. The bride was given away by her brother Mr Welby Robert Atty, she was attired in a costume of white satin skirt with tucked chiffon and finished with two Brussels lace flounces looped with bunches of orange blossom. Mr Laurence Parker was best man. The reception was held at Cavendish Hall which was gaily decorated. Amid cheers the happy couple left Cavendish station for a their honeymoon on the Channel Islands.

June 14th 1902

The new police station at Sudbury will be ready for use in a few days.

June 14th 1902

After heavy rain on Friday, the river leading to Belchamp Walter water mill, in the occupation of Mr H.J.Carder, was found to be discoloured red, the water was let off by the flood gates and a great quantity roach, pike and eels were found dead on the banks the water on the mill head teemed with small dead fish. Enquiries are being made to find the source of the trouble.

June 21st 1902

Sale of Premises at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury.
Cuckoo Tye farm by the direction of the trustees of the late Lord John Hervey-117 acres and was sold to Mr Charles Coote of Ballingdon for £ 2.025.

August 9th 1902

At an inquest on a lad named Frederick Shinn living in Plum Street, Glemsford, was held at Glemsford. On Tuesday afternoon he went with his father's dinner to Broom farm with other boys on similar errands. After leaving his father he went to the river which runs from Glemsford mills, he threw a stick in to the river then waded in for it, he slipped into a hole estimated at ten feet. Efforts were made by the other boys to rescue him but he sank to the bottom, his body was shortly recovered by Mr Richardson of Glemsford mills and Mr Thomas Brown.
Accidental death.

September 6th 1902

Arthur Wicks of Belchamp St Pauls was charged with using obscene lanquage at Belchamp St Pauls,.Def.did not appear but his wife did, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

December 18th 1902

" Professor Brown" of Glemsford met with a serious accident on Saturday last. He was driving out of the Greyhound yard and did not notice a plank had been placed across the gate to keep the fowls in, his horse stumbled over it and Brown was thrown to the ground, being somewhat crippled through a shot gun accident some time ago he was unable to save himself and fell heavily on his side, cutting his face badly besides sustaining other injuries. Dr Waring was sent for and on examination Brown was found to have broken two ribs, the Doctor did all he could to relieve him and under the care of that gentleman the " Professor" is going to be alright.

January 3rd 1903

An inquest was held at the Crown Hotel on Mr H.Brown of Glemsford whos accident was reported in our pages a fortnight ago.
William Brown, grandson of the deceased said he was sent for to go to the Greyhound Inn and found deceased sitting in a chair holding his head and saying " I have had an accident and have met with my death wound".
Dr Waring said he found deceased had fractured his sixth rib and had abrasions to his face, he progressed well for about ten days then pneumonia set in, this was in his right lung, entirely opposite to the one where his injuries were, he was a big heavy man and might have had internal injuries. Samuel Ruddock, a pork butcher said he was at the Greyhound on the day of the accident and saw deceased get into his cart, the pony was very restless and he called to deceased to mind the board which had been placed across the bottom of the gate to keep the fowls in as the gate was not deep enough, the pony was on to it and deceased was thrown out of the cart and a wheel passed over him.
James Alderton, landlord of the Greyhound, said the board was seven inches deep and placed there to keep the fowls in and dogs out, wire netting would have done the same job. Deceased was sober. Accidental death with a rider that the board was dangerous and should be removed.

January 10th 1903

The funeral of Mr H.Brown of Glemsford took place last week, there was a large number of people present. The deceased was a very popular resident, among many wreaths was one from the Primitive Methodist Chapel where deceased regulary attended.

January 3rd 1903

At the meat and soup kitchen on Christmas day in Sudbury, 124 dinners were served, each recipient received 1/4 of lb meat and potatoes, a 1d loaf and a piece of plum pudding.

January 3rd 1903

George Mansfield of Belchamp was charged with moving a fat sow into Suffolk without a licence, also his employer, Mr George Offord, his employer was charged for allowing the offence. To pay costs 3s 6d each.

January 24th 1903

Before Judge Wilmot, Cavendish Council sued Alfred Kinnear and Vaughan Williams, directors of Earls Colne Fibre Ltd to recover £ 19, the cost of Cavendish Fire Brigade to attend a fire on their premises. A foreman called Maxim called out the brigade, they attended through the night and part of the next day. Judgement was given to the complainants.

March 7th 1903

At Foxearth on Thursday a young man named Taylor employed by Mr A.V.C.Lambert, met with a nasty accident. He was attending some bullocks in the farmyard when for some reason one lurched on him and knocked him down, being unable to rise he was conveyed home and Dr Waring was sent for, he received a double fracture of the right leg.
Taylor is now doing well.

March 7th 1903

Charles Coote a labourer, aged 16 years, was charged with obstructing the highway in Church street, Sudbury, with a builders barrow.
The Rev A.P.Panell of Bulmer, said he was cycling home through Sudbury when he ran into a barrow left in the road he was thrown and bruised considerably, defendant came out of his house and was rude, if he had apologised he would not have gone further with the matter. Fined 2s 6d with 2s 6d costs.

April 11th 1903

Charles Henry Westropp of Melford Place farm was charged with adulterating milk. Inspector Emsden said he found 11 per cent added water. Defendant said he did not dispute the matter as he had a sample taken and found the same result, he had a dishonest servant somewhere but did not know who. The chairman said he accepted defendants statement but he would be fined 10s with 14s costs.

April 25th 1903

An unusual incident took place in Friars Street, Sudbury. A little boy, Fred Hines, who lives with his parents at the Lamb and Flag, Church Street, was wheeling his little brother in a bassinetto when a large rat suddenly sprang out at him from an entry and bit his thumb then making its getaway across the roadway. The boy naturally was frightened and returned home and had his wound attended to.

May 2nd 1903

George Hardy, Sidney Hardy and James Finch, labourers from Melford, were charged with tresspassing on land belonging to Mr R.T.B.Payne at Borley and assaulting a gamekeeper. Henry Lancelot Farrance said he saw defendants in a ditch with three nets over some holes, he took the nets then George Hardy demanded them back and threatened to rip him up and asked his brother for a knife, he then caught him by the neck and they both fell. For tresspassing they were fined 10s each with 4s costs, for assault George Hardy was fined £ 1 and 4s costs and his brother was fined 10s or one week prison.

May 16th 1903

There was an inquest at Melford on Abraham Perry a jobbing gardener. Mrs Stafford Allen of Westgate House, Long Melford, said on Wednesday deceased was working in her garden and she gave him his dinner at about 1-45 pm, the dinner was on a plate on the window sill which over looked the garden, also on the sill was a bottle which contained weedkiller, she put the dinner on the sill and told him to take it to the summer house. Abour an hour later a servant told her that deceased was on the mat in the hall, feeling ill, she found him in the hall and he said" what have I drunk out of that bottle", she looked on the window sill and the bottle was gone. Deceased told her he felt dry and drunk from the bottle before he began his dinner. The bottle had Poison written on it in bright letters and contained arsenic. Death by misadventure with no blame attached to Mrs Allen.

September 6th 1903

Alfred Laver, a roundabout attendant, aged 19 years was summoned for assault on Julia Messent at Belchamp Walter. Mrs Messent said she was walking along the road when she was passed by two young men, one turned back and followed her, she ran but he overtook her and got hold of her saying he would let her go if she gave him a kiss, she reported him to her husband and to the police. On the same day defendant was charged with the same offence at Belchamp Otten by assaulting Ellen Reeve, aged 16 years. Supt.Terry said defendant was the terror ofthe neighbourhood and was a filthy black guard when in drink.
14 days with hard labour and 1 month for the second offence.

September 12th 1903

On Thursday morning, Dr Waring of Cavendish had a narrow escape from being thrown whilst driving up Pentlow hill.
The horse started at something rolling over on the grass at the side of the hill, on quieting the horse, the groom got off the cart and saw the object was a cat with its head stuck in a salmon tin, it was relieved of the tin by the groom, if not it would probably have died.

September 19th 1903

A serious accident befel a gentleman named Mr Basil Allen of Greenstead Hall, Halstead, on Monday. He was returning from Houghton Hall, Cavendish, a farm which his father is the owner on a bicycle, there is a steep descent from Houghton Hall to the Cavendish road which is bounded by a gate and railings, near the bottom of the hill his handle-bars broke and Mr Allen was thrown into the railings.
Mrs L'Amey of Cavendish Hall was passing at the time and dispatched someone for assistance and conveyed him to Houghton Hall. Dr Waring found concussion and severe lacerations, Mr Allen was then conveyed to Sudbury to his cousin's residence.

September 26th 1903

Clarkes Farm, Cuckoo Tye, was the scene of a fire in a haystack, it was discovered by harvesters who had taken their mid-day meal beside it. A wheat stack, barley stack and a barn was destroyed, two cottages thirty yards from the barn were at one time in danger. The farm is tenanted by Mr Deeks.

October 10th 1903

On Sunday last, Mrs Johnson of Cavendish, received from the War Office, a medal, property of her son who unfortunately did not live to wear his honour. He went to South Africa at the begining of the war and after seeing it nearly finished he died from enteric. His medal has four bars,(South Africa 1901) (South Africa 1902) (Transvaal) and the Orange Free State respectively. Although Mrs Johnson is proud of them it is a rather melancholy reminder of the death of her son.

October 24th 1903

An Italian organ grinder, Raphael delli Guirici, was charged with cruelty to his donkey in Cavendish. Mr Thomas Prentice, butcher, said he saw def.thresh his donkey cruelly with a whip, when witness told him not to thresh the donkey, he said " I will do what I like with, I have flogged it in my own country and will flog it here in this country". Evans Underwood corroberated the evidence.
1 months hard labour.

December 12th 1903

The youngest son of Mr Denis Clover of Bulmer mill, while coming down the stairs in the mill slipped and broke his ankle. The injured lad is 17 years old.