The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1900-1901 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

January 3rd 1900

On the night of the 29th the children of Borley, Lyston and Rodbridge gave a successful three hour entertainment in Borley school to a packed audience. The entertainment training was given by Miss Thompson, the head teacher and her assistants.

January 17th 1900

There has for a long time been a need for a reading room at Pentlow where the young men can pass a social hour or two. A cottage belonging to the rector became vacant and with the help of a glazier, carpenter and a thatcher it has been converted into a reading room. On Monday evening the room was opened by the rector, 13 young men being present.

January 31st 1900

At the Suffolk Assizes attention was drawn to the Lavenham shooting case when Henry Foxwell was charged with causing grievious bodily harm to Frederick Mills in October 1899 when the defendant was bailed, he has since died, the case was struck off the calender.

January 31st 1900

An accident happened to a lad named Smith aged 17 or 18 and is employed by Mr Prigg of Belchamp. The lad was leading a horse in Friars Street in Sudbury when he turned round not noticing the wheel close to him he was dragged down and ran over him, breaking his thigh.

February 14th 1900

Arthur Butcher and Thomas Johnson, young men of Wickham St Pauls were charged with using obscene language in the Ship Inn at Wickham St Pauls. P.C.Taylor said he was on duty near the Ship when he heard defendants swearing in the Inn where the landlord was trying to get them outside, the words they were using were written down and passed to the chairman of the magistrates who said he could not understand why people use such language, Inspector Barnard said " it is a quite ordinary form of talk out that way sir". 13s 6d each with 9s costs. The defendants appeared insolent and paid the money.

February 21st 1900

There was an inquest at Henny Swan on Alfred Harrington aged 67, a labourer of Henny. Ambrose Bradman said deceased was his father in law and was in the employ of Mr Turpin. Albert Sycamore a labourer of Great Henny said he was walking on a footpath between Sheepcote farm and Henny Ryes when he noticed a body in a ditch.
Charles Younger, a gamekeeper, said he saw deceased walking the previous evening in the direction of Henny church, he appeared alright and said goodnight, he was walking straight. Accidental death by suffocation.

May 9th 1900

A little girl, Martha Hurrel, aged 11, whose father is in the employ of Mr John Nott at Collis farm at Pebmarsh, was returning from Thompson's farm with a sitting of eggs when she was stopped by tramp at the corner of the Sudbury road, he asked what she had in the basket but she did not answer and started to retrace her steps, the man followed and took the basket from her, she ran towards home and turning round saw the man make off, she went back and picked up the basket finding two eggs missing. The tramp was traced by the police towards Sudbury.

May 23rd 1900

On the instructions of the Exors of the late Mr J.S.Garret of Blacklands Hall, Cavendish. Mr Balls will offer for sale at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury, 12 lots. Lot 1-Mercandile property consisting of malting office, brick built and slated, 32 quarter steep capacity, 2 kilns of brick and slate and of four floors, steam corn mill, engine room, blacksmiths shop, stables, cottage occupied by the caretaker facing the street, white brick slated dwelling house now in occupation of Samuel Garret under lease. Mr Balls said it was a good opportunity for brewing in Cavendish where the water was of good quality and he did not see why brewing should not do as well here as in Sudbury. The bidding reached £ 1750 when it was bought in by the auctioneer. Lot 2 - Brick slated house containing six rooms in occupation of the coachman, facing the street, to Mr Prentice for £ 106. Lot 3 - Malting office, 10 quarters steep to C.E.Mauldon for £ 350. Lot 4 - Similar office to the same buyer for £ 300. Lot 5 - Old rectory meadow 2 acres to Mr Pearl for £ 110. Lot 6 - Pasture land which has been severed by the railway, 1 acre, to Mr Pearl for £ 60. Lot 7 - Allotment ground fronting Green lane, 1 acre to Mr Ambrose for £ 32 10s. Arable land facing the road near Kimsing Wood and known as Robs field 2 acres to Mr Ambrose for £ 20. Lot 9, three brick slated cottages facing Poole street,£ 140. Lot 10, five brick and slate dwellings in the High street bringing in £ 10 per annum to Mr Mitson for £ 600. Lot 11, three timber, plastered and thatched cottages situated at the rear of No 1 maltings bought in at £ 90 as was Lot 12 which is pasture land situated at the roadside in the parish of Glemsford, 4 acres £ 45.

May 30th 1900

Freehold Estate for sale. Woodhall Estate, orders of the trustees of the late Mrs Emily Dowling. 316 acres-a possibilty for valuable for development.

May 30th 1900

A fine male otter has been taken near Borley Mill, it weighed 26lb and was 4ft 2" long. It is in the hands of Mr John Rose for preservation, several large pike weighing between 8 and 10 lbs and partly eaten have been found nearby.

June 13th 1900

Sale of valuable productive freehold, land tax redeemed and known as Kirby Hall, Castle Hedingham. Suitable for occupation or investment having a residence of ancient architectural and historical record. Balls and Balls have been favoured with instructions to sell by auction at the Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, London, by instructions from the trustees of the will of the late Frederick Payne. Lying in a ring fence consisting of three premises in addition to the main homestead. 479 acres, also on this property are several labourers cottages, some to be excepted, several acres of woodland offering good sporting facilities.

June 20th 1900

Sudbury man goes cranky. On Friday morning a police sergeant at Quendon saw a man trying to break into a house with a cycle wheel rim, he was a Sudbury man and was taken to the asylum.

June 20th 1900

An accident which proved fatal occurred to John Maxim son of G.Maxim a platelayer of Cavendish, deceased who was a carter in London wqs crushed between two vehicles.

July 4th 1900

Otten Hall, 165 acres, Belchamp Otten, was sold to Mr Morley of Fordham All Saints for £ 1450

Butlers Farm, Belchamp St Pauls was sold to Mr Morley for £ 800, a few years ago the auctioneers sold the property for £ 1500. New Hall, Belchamp Otten, withdrawn at £ 310.

August 8th 1900

Gravelpit Hall Farm, Glemsford, 21 acres, near the railway station, dwelling house, excellent farm premises, in occupation of William Prentice, sold to William Prentice for £ 450.

August 8th 1900

Blacklands Hall-Capital family residence of early English architecture approached through park like grounds, lodge house, seven excellent farms, 8 cottages, brickyards with works and 900 acres.

August 16th 1900

William Smith aged 70 years of Belchamp Walter was charged with being drunk in charge of a donkey and cart at Bulmer.
Inspector Wapling said he was on duty at Bulmer when he saw defendant very drunk and staggering about the road, he said he took him home and handed him over to his son. P.C.Warren said he never had any trouble with the old man although he was addicted to drink. Defendant said he had been on the road for 40 years and never had any trouble before. 1s with half the costs of 5s 6d.

September 11th 1900

By some means the brewery at the Bull Hotel in Cavendish caught fire, two or three rafters being burnt away. The fire was discovered in the early morning but several people gathered and put out the flames, a man named Underwood climbed on to the building and removed some burning rafters when together with water poured on it was considered the fire brigade was unnecessary.

October ? 1900

Wanted young married man, steady and obliging, as millers carman, good permanent position with cottage and garden on the premises.
Apply Thomas Good, Brundon Mills, Sudbury.

October 17th 1900

A man named Mansfield employed by Mr Prentice of Cavendish met with a nasty accident when returning from Glemsford with great hog in a cart, when nearing home the animal rose suddenly in the cart and pitched forward over the seat throwing the man to the ground in the street, no bones were broken but he had an ugly gash on his face, the horse ran away but was stopped.

November 21st 1900

A Ballingdon labourer, Horace Golding pleaded guilty to being drunk in Friars Street at Sudbury. Inspector Offord said he heard a disturbance at about 11 pm in Friars Street and found the defendant dead drunk, two men were trying to drag him away but eventually a wheel barrow was procured and he was conveyed to his home in Ballingdon. 1s with 6s 6d costs.

November 21st 1900

Bertie Brown aged 11 years of Glemsford was charged with breaking and entering the Weavers Arms at Glemsford. Joseph Copsey said he had money missing on several occasions. P.C.Gowers said he concealed himself in the house at 2-30? at 3 he saw defendant standing in the kitchen and he admitted entering the house on several occasions.
8 strokes of the birch rod.

November 21st 1900

The body of Miss Lavinia Boutell of Melford was discovered in the Stour by Thomas Scrivener near Borley Mill. Thomas Scrivener a carman for Mr R.Payne at Borley said he went at about 7 o'clock across the meadow known as the Common opposite the Stone Cottages in Melford road to get his horses in when he saw an object in the river about 300 yards from the Borley Mill, in company of Mr Clarke and with the aid of a pole they pulled the body out. Suicide.

November 21st 1900

A much needed want has been supplied at Melford with a bus running between the Black Lion and the station, it has been started by Mrs Ashchurch of the Bull Hotel, the fare being 6d each way, hitherto cabs charged 1s 6d.

November 21st 1900

The body of George Mayhew a farmer aged 72 of Burnt House Farm, Little Cornard was found hanging in the granary. Suicide.

November 28th 1900

Wheat was in short supply at Bury market with red wheat at 27s and white at 30s a quarter.

December 10th 1900

A football match was played at Cavendish between the National school and the Grammar school with the National school scoring an easy victory 3-0. Savage 1 and Parmenter 2 were the scorers, occasionally the Grammar school broke through but Fitch and Wells were too many for them.

December 10th 1900

Harry Smith a dealer from Lavenham charged James Beaton a drover from Lavenham with threatening to kill him. Complainant said he was in the Greyhound talking to Elias Pattle, another dealer, about the price of beasts and he had produced a telegram from a dealer in Ireland about some beasts he was sending over when defendant struck him a violent blow over the eye with a stick, defendant's son was with him, he also threatened him. The Rev Packer, chairman of the magistrates said you have had 20 cases against you and you come here and ask us to believe you are Simon Pure and everything good about you.
Bound over in the sum of £ 10.

December 26th 1900

The butchers at Melford provided their customary capital supply of meat for the Christmas season. Mr Segers had several well fatted beasts, three from Mr D.Long from Bulmer. Mr Allen had four sheep from the Bury sale and three blackfaced shearlings from Colonel Burke. Mr Ruse had a homebred steer of 1 year and 7 months weighing 70 stones which was quite a picture, it was from Mr Pike of Stuston, also he had a 65 stone roan steer from Mr Stimpson of Horringer. Mr Allen, junior, had two capital steers and a 100 turkeys from Blooms Hall, Stantead.

January 16th 1901

William Buxton aged 33 years, a surveyor from Clare was charged with making unlawful entries in the wages book while a servant at Bumstead Rural District Council at Kedington. Defendant was appointed surveyor of the highways to Clare Rural District Council at a salary of £ 120 also surveyor to Bumstead Rural Council which gave total salary of £ 200 a year. His job in Clare was seeing to various labourers employed by the council and he kept a wages book in which he made false entries about workmen who were never employed by the council or even existed and pocketed the money. 6 months hard labour.

January 30th 1901

James Chatters a farmer of Otten Belchamp was summoned by Edith Hilsden a single woman of Otten Belchamp to show cause etc. From evidence it appears that defendant had never walked out with her or given her presents also it was not true that she had told a visiting committee at Sudbury workhouse where the baby was born that she did not know who the father was, she was weak in character. Dismissed.

February 27th 1901

William Leadon a labourer from Lamarsh was summoned for leaving two horses and a tumbril outside Twinstead Waggon and Horses. 1s with 3s 6d costs.

March 13th 1901

Lieut. Oates and a small party of 20 men from the Royal Inniskilling Dragoons have shown conspicious gallantry in South Africa.
It is reported that they were surrounded by the enemy and Boer commander summoned them to surrender, Lieut Oates indignantly refused, when their ammunition ran out they retired one by one and got though the enemy lines with only five men wounded. Mrs Oates of Gestingthorpe has had numerous letters of congratulations on her son's gallantry.

April 3rd 1901

The late Mr S.J.St Clare Raymond of Belchamp Walter who died aged 40 years left the esstate in trust to pay the income to his wife during her life and subject to her life interest, in trust equally to his children. The estate is valued at £ 2000 16s 11d gross.

April 10th 1901

David Crick, a farmer of Glemsford was summoned fro selling adultrated skimmed milk. Inspector reeve said he bought some milk from Crick and sent it to the public analyst.he paid © d a pint for it. The sample contained 11 per cent added water. As there was some doubt the law is not clear the case was dismissed.

April 10th 1901

James Sargent a drover was charged with stealing two pairs of brown reins valued at 23s from Henry Ruse a butcher of Melford.
Mr Ruse said he saw his lads hang up the reins in the harness room and that he missed them the next morning, defendant had been to his place for a bullock. Sidney Goodram, a butcher's apprentice gave evidence saying he hung the reins in the harness room. William Rushden a shopkeeper from Sudbury said that defendant called at his shop with a pair of reins to sell, he purchased them from him for 4s. P.C.Amos said he went to Rushden's shop where he took possession of the reins. Two months hard labour.

May 15th 1901

Alice Schubert aged 24 years, a married woman from Little Henny was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Bulmer Tye. P.C.
Reed said he saw about 20 females at Bulmer, all squabbling amongst themselves at about 11-40 pm on the 27th of April, defendant was using bad language, he tried to quieten her before she was led away by two lads. Defendant married her husband about two months ago, he is now in South Africa farming. Defendant said as she was going through Bulmer with her brother in law, James Rayment, they had had about 1 pint of stout and two bottles of beer between them, she saw some women who upset her.
£ 1 0s 6d all told.

May 15th 1901

At a meeting of Sudbury Town Council, Mr Hills said that the bridge at the Croft had been well repaired, the manager of the Common lands had undertaken to see that the repairs were well carried out. Mr Beer called attention to the footpath leading to the floodgates outside Clapgate, the repair of which was the responsibilty of Mr Clover. Mr Elliston suggested that Gaol Lane be renamed Chequers Lane as some of the inhabitants objected to the word Gaol.

May 22nd 1901

For Sale. A valuable licenced beerhouse known as the Red Cow,(on and off), with the goodwill and possession-large well planted garden of half an acre-cowshed-stables-stores and premises, now in occupation of William Herbert, on the instructions of the trustees of the late William Herbert. To be sold by auction at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury. The above is a well frequented free public house, the house is of white brick and slated construction. There is a large club room, four bedrooms, good cellarage, two kitchens and a dairy on the ground floor. May 29th 1901. The Red Cow was sold to Mr Beer for £ 1300.

June 19th 1901

William Joslin, a dealer, was summoned by Harry Ruse, a butcher of Melford for receiving a pair of Melton reins knowing them to have been stolen. Philip Sargent said he stole two pairs of reins from Mr Ruse's harness shed, he had been convicted and had served two months, he sold one pair to a man named Rushden for 4s and a pair to the defendant in Ballingdon King's Head for a similar sum, defendant could not have known they were stolen. Dismissed.

July 10th 1901

For Sale. Pannels Ash and Simpsons farms in Pentlow, 211 acres. Comprising comfortable residence, bailiff's house. Three cottages and several enclosures known as Goldings, covering 18 acres 2 rods 30 perches. Also Bower Hall, 174 acres.

July 10th 1901

About 40 labourer's in the employ of Messrs Grimwood, builders of Sudbury, came out on strike on Monday. The firm of Grimwood's had declined to accept an advance of a © d an hour. The following notice was posted throughout the town during the day,(all workers are requested not to go to work at Messrs Grimwood at under 3© d an hour). All the labourers are out for that amount as other firms are paying 3© d per hour. The labourers employed in building the new Post Office are amongst those who have left their work.

July 24th 1901

On Friday a valuable horse died while at work at Wood Barn farm, Belchamp St Pauls. It is supposed to due to the excessive heat. It belonged to Mr Eagle.

July 24th 1901

Ipswich Market-Red and White wheat to 29s. Some capital Suffolk Lambs to 46s.

July 24th 1901

Alfred Johnson aged 17, Walter Eighteen and Harry Briggs were charged with damaging the footbridge leading from Cross Street, Sudbury to the Common meadows. Harry Boarder aged 12 years said he saw them pull the iron posts from the bridge and throw them into the water. Eighteen was discharged and the others fined 4s 6d including costs. The mother of the boy that gave evidence was informed by the court to give information to the police if any threats or assaults took place and they would be severely punished.

August 14th 1901

A serious accident occurred to Mr Gosling, a farmer from Belchamp Walter, on Thursday evening he was driving home from Sudbury market when commencing to descend Bardwell Hill,(probably Bardfield hill) when his horse swerved, turning the trap over and threw Mr Gosling out onto his head, he was not discovered until next morning when he was found on the side of the road unconcious, he had a broken collar bone and bruised ribs, the horse was unhurt, was entangled in the wreckage and unable to move.

August 21st 1901

Pannels Ash and Simpsons Farms at Pentlow were sold to Mr W.S.Orbell for £ 2, 000 for 211 acres.

September 25th 1901

Brundon Hall, Sudbury for sale. 13 horses-35 head of neat stock-26 sheep-6 sows-410 poultry.
Pannel Ash, Pentlow. By instruuctions of Mrs John Offord-17 horses-70 ewes-4 cows.
Blacklands, Cavendish. 39 horses-8 cows-437 black faced Suffolk ewes-120 swine-120 poultry-10hp double cylinder portable engine by Garrett and Sons-Threshing drum by Claydon-Elevator by Ward-Hornsby 4 sailed reaper- 2 binders-implements for 800 acres.

October 2nd 1901

The death of two Sudbury men in South Africe is reported. Private A.Silvester of the Royal Army Medical Corps has died from valvular disease at Pine Town Bridge, he had been stationed in South Africa for 7 years also Private Risby of the Suffolk Regiment who is in the list to receive the Distinquished Conduct Medal.

October 2nd 1901

William Adams a labourer from Cavendish was charged with stealing a turkey at Pentlow valued at 10s belonging to Mr T.P.Brand. Thomas Wright, a lad of Pentlow Street, said father is employed by Mr Brand and his own job was to keep sheep and look after the turkeys. On the day in question he went to work at 5 in the afternoon when he saw a man standing in the field who he did not know, he went towards him and he went away, when he got the spot where the man was standing, he saw a turkey head and a lot of blood, the head had been pulled off the turkey a few minutes before, he counted the turkeys, there should have been 81 but he counted 80. John Rawling of Cambridge in the employ of the G.E.R. said he worked on the line at Cavendish and lodged there. He met prisoner in the Black Horse? at Cavendish and he told him he was a dealer and would he like a turkey or a chicken, he told prisoner that it depended on the price. On Saturday he saw prisoner in the Black Horse pub where he showed him a turkey, he asked 2s for it he said he would give him 1s 6d for it. P.C.Brooks said acting on information he went to the Black Horse where he saw the prisoner and told him he was inquiring about a turkey, prisoner said " yes I stole it". The Rev Lloyd Jones the Congregational Minister at Cavendish, said he knew the prisoner's family and the prisoner, the rest of the family all had good characters but the prisoner was in drink and had spent too much time in the company of such men as the one from Cambridge and drink had touched the grain of insanity which ran in the family. The Rev Jones said the prisoner's father had left a good name behind him but had taken his own life, he knew he could get work for the prisoner in Canada on the prairies where he knew some farmers. The clerk of the court said " are you aware prisoner had been a soldier and of his previous escapades, he had been discharged from the army with ignominy". Witness said he " no, he did not know, but knew he had enlisted a second time". The Clerk said " yes under a false name". 14 days hard labour.

October 16th 1901

Mr J.Clarry the son of a gardener in Cavendish has committed suicide. He lived at Green Street, Victoria Park in London and was a cheesemonger. He was visiting a friend at Braintree and went for a walk towards Bocking where his body was found, he had shot himself, At the inquest it was said he had financial troubles. Suicide.

October 30th 1901

James Felton aged 20 a labourer from Bulmer was charged with being drunk and disorderly on licensed premises at Bulmer.
Mr Newman Corder the landlord of the Blackbirds Inn at Bulmer said Felton entered his house at about 6-30 in the evening, he was creating a disturbance, he asked him to leave but took no notice, consequently he had to push the youth out where he drew a knife and threatened the landlord, saying " you shall have this". 10s.

November 20th 1901

Samuel Felton 26 and Alfred Deal 22 were charged with assaulting Charles Smith a drayman at Belchamp Walter. Smith said he lived at Belchamp Walter and was a brewery drayman, when going down the road from the Eight Bells shortly after 10 o'clock he overtook the defendants and said to Felton in a friendly manner " what have you got in your basket", defendant made a filthy remark and flung his basket down and stripped to fight the complainant, he struck him on the nose, knocking him down, Deal then ran at him kicking the back of his head, Deal picked him up and struck him several times, all three had been in the Bells where one of the defendants works as a barman, no angry words had been spoken. The defendants have just come back from London and think they can do what they like about here, we have advised the landlords about here not to have anything to do with them. 1 month hard labour each.

December 4th 1901

Sale at Eyston Hall, Belchamp Walter for Mr J.A.Firmin who is in bankruptcy. 7 horses-foal-pony-donkey-8 cows-4 calves-1 sow-60 turkeys-150 fowls.

December 4th 1901

Lieut Oates, the young squire of Gestingthorpe who was wounded at the begining of the year, is to rejoin his regiment, he left Gestingthorpe Hall on the 27th of November for Ireland where he boards the S.S.Canada for South Africa. Our correspondent says he looks the picture of health although he still limps a little.

December 11th 1901

Application for a temporary transfer of license of the Cherry Tree at Belchamp St Pauls was granted to George Chinnery from George Finch.