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1900 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 31st 1900

An accident happened to a lad named Smith aged 17 or 18 in the employ of Mr Prigg of Belchamp on Thursday. He was leading a horse and tumbril along Friars Street in Sudbury when he happened to look round and not noticing the wheel was so close to him got his foot under the wheel when it dragged him down and the wheel passed over his left thigh and arm, he was conveyed to St Leonards hospital.

January 31st 1990

Trooper Smee of the 1st Company Loyal Suffolk Hussars who is under orders for South Africa was presented by his friends in Long Melford with a pair of field glasses.

February 7th 1900

Frederick Theobald 24 and Arthur Felton 27 of Bulmer were charged with refusing to leave licence premises on the 20th of January, the prosecutor was Newman Corder the landlord of Bulmer Blackbirds, in a cross summons Corder was charged with assaulting the same two men, both defendants were found guilty on the first charge and fined 31 each with 9s costs. On the cross summons Newman Corder pleaded self defence. Dismissed. The costs of 9s was paid by Felton.

February 7th 1900

Sudbury. Sargent Albon 19 was charged with being drunk and disorderly on January 27th, he did not appear as his mother said he was down river on a barge and could not return because of the severe weather. He was fined 5s with 5s cost, his mother promised to see the money was paid.

March 21st 1900

Gt Yeldham. We are pleased to hear Gt Yeldham is about to become a centre of industry, Walter Whitlock the well known farmer who with the assistance of his sons has built up an extensive business as a straw, hay and corn merchant, he is now assisting his sons Thomas and Herbert build a big engineering concern, much difficulty has been experienced in getting repairs done to machinery in this isolated parish of the county.

March 21st 1900

Died on March 20th at Ladysmith, South Africa of debility, Corporal Frank Barton of Sudbury in his 20th year.

April 4th 1900

Two horses belonging to Messrs Allen, brickmakers, were drowned in the river Stour a the Reach at Sudbury on Wednesday afternoon at about 12-30, a boy named Cutmore was in charge of two horses and a tumbril loaded with brick rubble along the cart way leading form Allen’s siding to Lady’s Bridge when for some reason the horses got too close to the river and the earth gave way resulting in the horses going into a considerable amount of water with their load and being unable to free themselves the poor animals drowned.

April 25th 1900

Sargent Albon of Bridge Foot, Sudbury, was charged with using obscene language, P.C. Reeve said he was on duty when he found the defendant stripped and wanting to fight a man named Wilding with a crowd around them, the crowed complained of the language. 5s with 7s costs.

May 9th 1900

Sudbury. It has transpired that the thief who broke open an iron alms box which was attached to St Gregory’s church door left a note containing this request, “please next time leave a little more” it is stated the box contained one penny. The Trustees of the Common lands in Sudbury decided to “turn on” on Monday afternoon, the crier had been round and 108 cows and 15 horses were sent to the pastures.

May 9th 1900

The Cavendish parish council met in the Congregational Church Vestry, those present were—Mr Pettit, chairman—Miss Garret—Messrs S.E.Ambrose—Graham—Maxim--Chatters, it was decided to nominated J.S.Page for the vacancy. Tenders were received from Brockwell and Brown for the erection of a parish pump, the lowest tender of £12 17s 6d was accepted from Brockwell. The Green committee were given permission to have notices printed prohibiting van owners from allowing their horses to stay on the Green during fair week.

May 16th 1900

Cricket---Upper Yeldham v Stambourne. Played at Upper Yeldham and ended with a win for Yeldham by 5 runs. Upper Yeldham—Collor 0 and 3—H.Smith 3 and 0—C.Downs 5 and 19—B.Turner 12 and 57—F.Pipe—2 and 4—C.Stephens 9 and 2—R.Death 10 and 0—J.Laver 0 and 1---D.Butcher 2 and 0—H.Brown 1 and 0—extras 8 total 53 and 95. Stambourne. C.Bedford 4—H.Ashby 4—J.Bonner 0—C.Ruffles 3—T.Smith 5—H.Rollingson 2—A. Mynott 8—E.Ruffles 1—S.Smith 5—B.Martin 0—F.Drew 8—extras 13—Total 48.

May 16th 1900

Foxearth. The news of the relief of Mafeking was celebrated in Foxearth in a loyal manner, Mr Whittle the postman was the first to bring the news at seven o’ clock on Saturday morning, immediately a large Royal Standard was floated from the brewery tower.

May 16th 1900

Died on May 8th at Ladysmith, South Africa, from enteric fever, Gunner Fred Oxford, 73rd Battalion, Field Artillery of Layham, Suffolk.

May 30th 1900

A fine male otter was captured near Borley Mill, it weighed 26 lb and measured 4ft 2”, it is in the hands of Mr John Rose for preservation and will be on show at his new premises 11 Friars Street, Sudbury, on Saturday next.

May 30th 1900

Died on May 17th at Bloemfontein, South Africa, of enteric fever, George Garrad of the 2nd Coldstream Guards of Ufford, Suffolk.

June 13th 1900

Hawkedon. A mare and foal belonging to Mr Ambrose Mason of Brown’s farm, Hawkedon were struck dead by lighting on Wednesday morning, many bruises and scorch marks were found on the mare and foal.

June 27th 1900

The old silk factory at Pebmarsh which was closed down 20 years ago is being pulled down, it was built in 1801 by the late Samuel Courtauld of Gosfield Hall who lived at Pebmarsh some time ago, the building was purchased by Mr G. Courtauld of Cut Hedge, Gosfield about 16 years ago, the Mill House is to remain.

July 4th 1900

Died on June 9th at Plainfield, Winsconsin, America, Leonard Plummer formerly of Walsham Le Willows aged 75.

July 11th 1900

Died on May 8th at Cradock Cape Colony, South Africa of enteric fever, Jonathan the eldest son of Jonathan Rodwell of Walsham le Willows.

July 11th 1900

Died on June 21st in South Africa from enteric fever, Private Ernest Fiske of Gt Finborough aged 19 years.

August 15th 1900

Glemsford. A pianoforte maker from South Tottenham met with a fatal accident at Glemsford, a man named Harris Brown was on a visit to his uncle who is a gamekeeper, they went for a walk until they were on the farm at Cavendish belonging to Lord Walshingham, the deceased asked his uncle if he could have shot with his shotgun, he gave it to him saying it was half cocked, he had never handled a shotgun before, they were going through a wide ditch and he was told to hand over the gun while he got through which he was about to do when it went off and he was shot through the top of his stomach. Dr Waring said that before he died he told him it was his fault. Accidental.

August 15th 1900

Died on April 8th at Kroonstart, South Africa from wounds received in action of the Eastern Province Horse, the eldest son of Leonard and Fanny Wrightson of Sudbury, aged 24.

August 22nd 1900

Died on April 22nd of enteric fever at Bloomfontein, South Africa, Edward Golding of the 10th Royal Hussars, the second son of J.Golding of Street farm, Ashen, aged 25.

September 12th 1900

James Beeton a drover of Lavenham was charged with assaulting Robert Diggens a farmer of Hitcham, the prosecutor said defendant came into the Blackbirds Inn at Lavenham and asked him if he would sell him his horse, Witness said “no”, he then offered him £25, he again said “no”, witness was drinking with friends when he received a blow on the jaw, the defendant said the prosecutor had insulted him by saying he would not sell it to a “one armed ----like him”. the Chairman said “you have been before the court several times for assault” he replied “yes I have to defend myself as an Englishman”. 10s with 6s 6d costs.

September 19th 1900

Cavendish. On Friday last the men in the employ of Mr Allen at his Houghton Hall farm together with their wives and children were entertained to dinner and supper which was laid out in the homestead, the dinner was in the best of the old style with beef, pudding, etc, for each man there was tobacco and the beverage was unlimited, Mr Pryke, the bailiff took the chair and lots of patriotic songs were sung, toasts were given with great enthusiasm. Mr J.Clarry the well known “tradgedian” gave a monologue entitled “Maria Marten and the Red barn”, votes of thanks were given to Mr and Mrs Allen with a toast to Mr Norman Allen now at the front.

October 3rd 1900

Charles Evans a labourer of Bulmer was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Bulmer street, P.C.Read said he was on duty near the Chapel when he heard shouting and swearing, he said had been to the public house and was refused drink, he had worked on a farm at Bulmer for 30 years and was alright when he kept from drink, he had been to Sudbury that day. 5s with 16s costs.

November 7th 1900

Pebmarsh. On Monday morning Mr George Nott of Pebmarsh was found dead in bed, deceased was at church on Sunday and retired at his usual time on Sunday night, his wife was away on holiday. Mr Nott was a poor house guardian for Pebmarsh, he was between 65 and 70 years old.

November 28th 1900

Advert. Essex and Suffolk farmers wishing to grow flax for the E.C.Fibre Company, West Mill, Glemsford, Suffolk, are requested to make arrangements with and order seed from J.S.Clayden, auctioneers of Friars Street, Sudbury, Suffolk.

November 28th 1900

To let on the Kentwell Estate at Long Melford, The Kiln Farm, about 387 acres of which 129 are pasture and 238 acres are arable which is clean and in good heart, excellent house containing three downstairs rooms, beside five best bedrooms and five other rooms, kitchen, cellar. Apply Fisher and Steed, Long Melford.

December 19th 1900

Advert. Sharp girls wanted to learn the silk trade, apply Vanners and Fennel Bros, Ltd, Girling Street, Sudbury.

December 26th 1900

Melford. The butchers of this place have again provided for their customers this Christmas season. Mr Segers had several well fatted beasts from the Sudbury and Bury sales and three from Mr D.Long of Bulmer, also two running calves and a fat Shorthorn. Mr Allen senior had four well grazed Shorthorns from the Bury and Sudbury sales. Mr Ruse secured at the Bury sale a roan steer of one year seven months and weighing 70 stone, quite a picture showing what a farmer can do in a short time, from Mr J.C.Prike of Stuston Place an Angus heifer and from Mr Simpson of Old Buckenham a roan steer of 60 stone, from Mr Simpson of Horringer a Hereford steer, from the late Mr W.Biddell a quantity of sheep also some from Mr W. Prigg of Cornard, some hoggets from Mr Babbage of Wash farm, Melford and a hog from Mr Taylor of Edwardstone. Mr Allen jun had two capital steers from the Bury and Lavenham sales and upwards of 100 turkeys from Bloom Hall, Stanstead and a goodly number of fine geese and a quantity of wild rabbits.

1900 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 30th 1901

Sudbury. The scarred battlefield remains of a Crimean veteran, Private Rudd of the Coldstream Guards who died last week aged 74 were conveyed to St Peter’s Church in Sudbury for was the first part of the funeral service was performed, then to the Cemetery.

March 27th 1901

A meeting was held at the Grammar school in Sudbury on Tuesday night for the purpose of forming a hockey club in Sudbury, Mr Davies ground at Gt Cornard has been secured for next season. Harry Stiff landlord of the Globe public house in Clare was charged with harbouring P.C.Frederick Oldring during the time he was on duty. £1 with 6s 6d costs

April 3rd 1901

To let—Shimpling Hall farm near Cockfield, containing about 476 acres, a good house and ample farm buildings, to be let on a five year lease. Apply to the Warden, Holy Trinity Hospital, Long Melford. An alarming fire nearly destroyed Messrs Armes Cocoa Fibre Factory on Thursday night , the damage runs into thousands of pounds, the factory is situate near the Cornard road, it employs over 200 hands.

April 3rd 1901

Died on March 29th at Charlestown, South Africa, of pneumonia, Frederick Bocock the eldest son of James Bocock of Lavenham, aged 35.

April 17th 1901

Reward for authentic information identifying the home and parentage of one Nathaniel Dickenson, b 1600 and married Mrs Anna Gull widow of William Gull and emigrated to America about 1630. Y20, C.0. information to Lord and Thomas, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

April 17th 1901

Acton. There was a public examination on Charles Walter Lord, the debtor adjudged himself bankrupt on his own petition, he is a director of a company in Brighton and he also carries on a business of farming at Acton Hall, Suffolk.

April 24th 1991

A villa known as “The Great House” a few yards from the Brook Inn at Gt Cornard was burnt out on Wednesday afternoon, the house was of brick and slate was the property of Mr Jefferys of the Sudbury Casing Company, it was undergoing renovation and it is believed a painter’s blow lamp was the cause.

May 8th 1901

Sudbury. Messrs Wheeler will sell by auction on the 23rd of May, the licensed premises known “on and off” as the Red Cow in Melford road, Sudbury. A large garden of ½ an acre—cow shed—dairy—stables—storeroom. Now in occupation of William Herbert.

May 15th 1901

Charles Underwood aged 14 was charged with stealing a Marechal Neil Rose from the graveyard in Melford churchyard, P.C.Fuller said he was keeping watch on some cut flowers on Mrs Branwhite’s grave when he saw the defendant take the rose. 5s with 3d the value of the rose.

May 29th 1901

Gt Yeldham. A ploughing match took place at Gunces Farm by the kindness of Mr Thomas Goodchild. The prize winners---open iron ploughs, £1 Fred Tarbin---2nd George Ruggles 10s—men over 30, John Redgewell 16s—2nd Walter Wash 10s.

May 29th 1901

Died at Beginsel, South Africa from wounds, George Frederick the 2nd son of John Hayward of Trimley, Suffolk and late of Abbot’s Hall, Stowmarket, aged 23.

July 10th 1901

Sudbury. About 40 labourers employed by Messrs Grimwood, builders of Sudbury came out on strike on Monday, the firm refused to accede to an advance of ½ d an hour, some of the labourers are employed on the new police station.

July 10th 1901

Messrs Wheeler are disposing by auction at the Black Boy, Sudbury, the entire contents of the hotel which has just been rebuilt and now to be entirely refurnished.

July 17th 1901

Messrs Wheelers offer for sale Pannells Ash and Simpson’s farms in the parish of Pentlow, comfortable residences with bailiff’s houses, two sets of farm premises, 211 acres, three cottages and several excellent enclosures of arable land know as “Goldings” of 18 acres 2perches 30 rods, also an adjoining farm known as Bower Hall with old fashioned house of 174 acres.

July 31st 1901

Inquest at Gt Henny on a little lad named Younger aged 9 years, he was the son of a gamekeeper Deceased was riding on a roll with an older boy when whipped the horse and it sprang forward, he fell off the roll and it went over his head. Accidental.

August 21st 1901

Pannels Ash and Simpsons farms at Pentlow were sold to W.S.Orbell for £2,200.

September 18th 1901

Messrs Balls on Tuesday had a large company of buyers at Blacklands Hall, Cavendish where in bright hot weather they disposed of the live and dead stock under the instruction of the executors of the late J.S Garrett, the estate has been purchased by Mr C.S Goodchild who is having the residence renovated including bringing the sanitary conditions up top date. The catalogue lists over 500 lots

October 2nd 1901

Died on the 26th of September of valvular disease of the heart at Pinetown Bridge, Natal, South Africa, Silvester of the R.A.M.C., son of Emmanuel Silvester of Sudbury in Suffolk aged 33.

October 16th 1901

William Thake and Albert Backler, factory hands of Haverhill were charged with being drunk and disorderly and refusing to quit the Woolpack Inn. 2s 6s each with 5s costs.

October 16th 1901

On Thursday last as Mr Everrett the parish sexton at Cavendish was digging a grave his spade struck upon a slightly damaged coin, the coin bears the arms of the period of 1408, the fleur de lis quartered with the Royal Lions of England, the inscription is too much worn to decipher it, it is thought it is a groat or 6d from the time of Henry 1V. At Essex Assizes William Turp a dealer from Twinstead was sentenced to 9 months hard labour for stealing £50 from his aunt Elizabeth Turp.

November 6th 1901

Wheat trade at Sudbury was fair reaching from 28s to 30s, barley was in good demand at 28s to 34s with fine quality making 40s.

December 4th 1901

There was considerable interest on Monday at Borley and Belchamp in an operation called water divining, there has been fruitless expenditure of money in the district and trouble to find water when it was decided to obtain the services of a water diviner named Childs who is a miller near Capel in Suffolk. Several local gentlemen have undertaken to bear the expenditure. Mr Childs was driven from Sudbury to Borley where the Rev F.Bull, the Misses Bull, R.T.B.Payne and Miss Payne and Mr Warner from Borley Place also Col Burke with numerous gathering of local people and from Sudbury, having cut a few hazel forks on the way from Sudbury, Mr Child commenced operations on Borely Green, the hazel fork like the letter (y) and one in each hand he soon located different spots, the twig commenced to turn up and curl, leaving the Green he proceeded to locate some springs between the Green and the Church, he was then conducted to Otten Belchamp which has suffered from the water famine which should not happen, he found several springs, everyone was invited to try their hand but all failed, a move was made to Walter Belchamp to Messrs Pearson’s brewery where these gentlemen have been trying at great expense to find water for brewing, Mr Child indicate where there was an abundant supply to be found. Mr Child is a diviner of 35 years experience, he recently found water at Hartest for Mr Deaves he holds the “charm” which is due to personal magnetism. It is understood as a

December 4th 1901

Gestingthorpe. Our many readers will be pleased to learn that Lieut. L.E.Oates who was wounded in the war is now on his way back to South Africa.

December 11th 1901

At Hedingham Magistrates Court an application was made for the transfer of the license from George Finch to George Chinnery. No objections.

December 18th 1901

Messrs Mauldon and Sons of Ballingdon announce they are disposing of a portion of the contents of the cellars of the late Mr S. St Clare Raymond of Belchamp Hall.

December 18th 1901

Died on November 10th, killed by lightning at Holfontein, Robert Taylor of the 1st Suffolk Mounted Infantry, formerly of West Row, Mildenhall, aged 24.

December 25th 1901

Clare. At the Half Moon on Monday afternoon Messrs Wheeler sold the freehold residence and saddlers shop to Mr Cushing for £375, the private residence was purchased by Mr H.Mitson for £285.