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1898-1900 South-West Suffolk Echo newspaper archive

January 18th 1898

A gentleman named Mr Cochrane, a valet at Melford Hall, has invented an ingenious article for sportsmen in the shape of a cartridge holder when any sportsman can load a non ejector gun qicker than with an ejector, he can load 18 cartridges in 36 seconds. Mr Cochrane is negotiating with a London gunsmith for the sale of the new holder. The holder consists a strip of leather attached to a glove with straps passing round the arm of the user, thus enabling hands free to handle the gun, fitted to the strap is are a number of brass clips to hold the cartridges.

January 25th 1898

At a meeting of Cavendish Parish Council the Green Committee handed over tothe treasurer the sum of 4s 3d which was collected from van owners stopping on the Green the last two momths.

February 1st 1898

On Thursday the marriage of Capt.John Alan Daniells of the 11th Hussars and son of the late Mr F.Daniells Esq.C.B.of Warlingham, Surrey and Miss Ida Maitland Wilson, daughter of the late Lt Col.Maitland Wilson of Stowlangtoft Hall took place at the church of St Peter, Eaton Square, London, S.W. (Afterwards of Eyston Hall)

February 8th 1898

A sub committee has been formed at Melford to ascertain the possibilty of Melford securing a cricket ground. The Rev Topham presiding, said the only suitable meadow the committee could recommend was opposite Hall St.Farm which is in the occupation of Mr Coe. Mr Bence was willing for the tenant to sub let the ground. If finacial support is forthcoming from the village a cricket club will be formed.

March 20th 1898

Messrs Vanner and Sons, silk manufacturers of Colne Valley Road, Haverhill, were charged under the Truck Act of 1831 for deducting from the wages of two women, Emma Erwin and Kate Webb, for materials and tools supplied without a signed agreement. £ 1 and 14s costs.

March 20th 1898

Burling Mortlock a labourer of Cavendish was summoned for assaulting Walter Argent, a groom, on Cavendish Green, the assault came from the defendant kicking complainant's coat about the green during a game of football.

April 5th 1898

West Suffolk Steeplechase will take place at Alpheton on April 12th. Stewards-Lawrence Parker, S.Ewer, G.Orbell, G.Wade.

May 31st 1898

On Thursday a veteran ex soldier in the person of Henry Crissel who enjoyed the distinction of being a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour passed away at Melford. Crissel was born on August 12th 1823 and was 75 years old, he joined the Regiment of Foot at 17 years and served for 19 years when he was discharged as being unfit. He received the medals for the Crimean war and a clasp for Sebastopol, the Turkish Crimean Medal, the Medal for China, the clasps for Taku Forts and Pekin.
The brave act that won him the Cross of the Legion of Honour occurred during the Crimean war when under heavy fire he carried a wounded French officer to safety. He was an out patient of Chelsea Hospital since January 1864.

June 14th 1898

Charles Lefly a fishmonger of Sudbury was charged with using abusive language to P.C.Mansfield when asked to remove a box of fish from the pathway near his shop. 2s 6d with 3s costs.

June 21st 1898

The freehold establishment known as Houghton Hall, Cavendish, with an area of 530 acres 2r.25p.. It was withdrawn at £ 6000.

July 5th 1898

There was an inquest at Bakers Farm, Milden, on Frederick Griggs a 36 year old labourer. William Griggs said he was a brother of the deceased and was told that someone was lying dead in Sarah's Lane, Milden, on going to the spot he found him dead, he had been subject to fits for 3 years. Natural causes.

August 23rd 1898

On Thursday a little boy named Leonard Howe aged 3 years and 4 months was drowned by falling into a deep well at Lavenham on the premises of the Weslyan Chapel. The youngster had been playing near the well with other children, neither of whom gave any information to the mother of what had occurred. Accidental death.

October 4th 1898

At a meeting of Melford Parish Council the Clerk read a communication from Mr Steward the secretary of the Light Railway Commission in reference to the proposed Central Essex Light Railway. The letter stated that an application had been made for an order to the authorities and an inquiry will be held in the Assembly Rooms at Sible Hedingham. The chairman said that looking through the plans there appeared to be only one level crosssing over the road and that would be at the other side of the Borley bridge, although it was situated in Essex and not in Melford, he thought it would affect Melford people. Mr C.J.N.Row said he thought something should be done regarding the level crossing safeguards as he considered the inconvenience might be considerable to the public.

November 22nd 1898

Josiah Savage and his wife Eliza, two poor old tramps, were charged with sleeping in the outbuildings of Mr J.W.Byford, a farmer from Melford. The complainant said the male prisoner was in drink. 6d with 6s costs. Nathan Turner a farmer of Acton was charged with not having his name on a waggon at Lt.Waldingfield. 1s with 6s costs.

Decenber 6th 1898

Messrs Ellingham and Gowers have secured the contract for the construction of a cattle sale yard for Mr C.H.Cooper the auctioneer who holds a sale of fat and store stock at Clare every Monday also a monthly repository sale on the Market Hill monthly. The new saleyard will situated behind the Bell Hotel premises at Clare.

December 6th 1898

George Dare, a hair sorter from Glemsford was charged with assaulting Blossom Brown at Glemsford who said she was going down the lane with her cousin when they met the defendant who was laughing, she said," he must be a fool, laughing like that" he came up to her and spanked her on the face. Defendant said she used filthy language to him. 5s with 6s costs.

January 31st 1899

On Monday week, Mr Cooper the auctioneer, opened his new sale-yard at Clare, previous to the sale about 40 farmers sat down to luncheon in the Bell Hotel by invitation of Mr Cooper.

March 21st 1899

There was an inquest the King's Head, Boxted, on the body of Walter Glasscock aged 25 years, labourer, who was proceeding from one farm to another with a threshing machine when he appeared to have been knocked over and run over. He leaves a widow and one child. Mary Glasscock, deceased's wife, said he was brought home between 5-6 on Friday evening, injured, he was unable to say what happened. Arthur Blackshire said they were both employed by Mr Norton of Boxted and on Friday they went to Robbs Farm at Cavendish to fetch the threshing drum, deceased must have fallen off one of the back horses, they were both sober, when witness looked round he could not see him and on going back he found him lying in the road across a wheel mark, he could not speak, he sent for Dr Waring. Dr Waring said in his opinion deceased was drunk as his answers were incoherent as a man under the influence of drink. Accidental death.

March 28th 1899

New Canary potatoes-2d a pound-Thomas Ridley, Bury St Edmunds.

March 28th 1899

On hundred years ago. April 1799. One John Braybrook of Cavendish has absconded in debt. He was pilloried in the columns of the Post. The public in the Eastern Counties beware, he is not to be trusted as his practice is to defraud people carrying on business. He stays for a short ime in different places, getting in to debt, then absconding.
April 1799. Mr Eugh Tiffin a farmer from Bulmer has married Miss Abbot of Sudbury.

May 2nd 1899

At a meeting of the Common Lands Committee at Sudbury for fixing the rate to be charged for turning out cattle on the common lands. In 1882 there was 182 head at 30s a head in 1895 there were 111 head at 35s in 1896 134 at 30s, last year it was £ 2 a head. Mr Baker suggested 35s a head, carried.

May 9th 1999

Marriage at Melford of C.H.Row to Miss Maud Branwhite of Chapel House.

May 30th 1899

The annual horse fair was held on the Commons meadow. Mr Bantock of Lavenham had a string of 45 cart horses and sold the greater part of them. Average price was £ 30 and in one instance £ 75 was realised.