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1898 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

February 23rd 1898

Advert. To Farmers and Others---Malt made from their own barley—Fred Webber Lamarsh. Died on February 18th at Washington D.C. -Frederick William Pelly, Professor of Roman Law at the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.-Formerly Vicar of Walter Belchamp and Bulmer, Essex.

March 2nd 1898

Withersfield. Early on Monday morning fire broke out at the White Horse public house, the landlord, Mr Bradman aged 90 years and his wife aged 84 retired on Sunday night at their usual time, at about three in the morning Mrs Bradman called to their grandson, “Tommy” “we shall be suffocated”, the lad was quickly on the alert and rushed downstairs and across the road to alert the neighbours. P.C. Double and the village fire brigade were quickly on the scene, P.C. Double by keeping the place closed had avoided a serious conflagration, it appears Mr Bradman has been accustomed to getting up between 2-3 to have a look round he lit a candle and it is believed he set fire to the curtains and the bed clothing, part of his wooden bed was burnt, the poor old man was rescued by his daughter, he had his night shirt burnt and his arm was severely burnt.

March 23rd 1898

The Rose and Crown at Sudbury was put up for sale at £ 9,000, it was withdrawn at £8,400.

April 13th 1898

At a meeting of the Board of Guardians at the Workhouse in Sudbury Mr Goody’s tender for coffins was recommended at 7s for children under 14 and for adults 13s.

April 20th 1898

At a meeting of the Common Lands Committee at Sudbury it was decided that cattle may be turned on the meadows on the 29th inst at a charge of £2 per head and for the second turn on at the 1st of June 32s and the third turn on July 1st at 24s.

April 27th 1898

Enoch Martin, a miller at Walter Belchamp was charged with allowing his cottage to be over crowded as to cause a nuisance and to be injurious to the health of the inmates. John Robinson, the Inspector of Nuisances for the Belchamps said defendant occupied a house at Chapel Hill, the family consists of the parents and nine children, two of the children were of adult age being 16, the Clerk said is there not any other members of the family in the neighbourhood. Dr Holden said five children slept in one bed and five in another, three lads were at work, he suggested these should live outside the family. An order to abate the nuisance in 21 days was made. Mr Isaiah Goody of Belchamp St Pauls writes he has found a beetle in his garden,it is 2 inches long and had a girth of 3 inches. Mr Morley of Ipswich says it is a stag beetle.

May 4th 1898

William and Frederick Allen and Francis Elsden of Gt Yeldham were charged with leaving three waggons with two horses attached to each unattended at Steeple Bumpstead. P.C.Wyatt said he saw horses outside the Fox and Hounds at Steeple Bumpstead, about a half hour later they were still there, he went in to the public house and they were drinking beer, one of the waggons was blocking the footpath, they were in the employ of Mr Whitlock. 1s each with 3s 6d costs.

July 13th 1898

Sudbury. A narrow escape of a very serious fire occurred at the Black Boy Hotel in Sudbury on Tuesday night, when the servant girl went to bed she placed a candle on the pillow it appears she went too sleep, the candle burnt down to the socket and set alight the grease paper, the bed was on fire but as there was no draught it only smouldered, it was in that state when the girl got up at 6 o’clock when she opened the window and the embers were fanned into a blaze, a man in the yard informed the landlord Mr Harris who seeing the fire poured water over it putting it out, damage only amounted to £5 or £6 for a mattress and bedding. The death has occurred at Glemsford of Mrs S.Gridley the oldest inhabitant of the village aged 96.

July 27th 1898

Clare. Walter Bruty was charged with using threats to George Bruty on the 23rd of July, Complainant said he is my son and he lives with him, on the morning of the 23rd he came in at about ¼ to 5 having been out all night, he looked in the cupboard where there was nothing good enough for him and he went into a “tiff” and swore at his mother and said he would kill complainant, he was “three parts drunk”, he got a stick and witness also had a stick witness said “if you come at me I must protect myself and your mother”, defendant then said “if you go out into the brickyard I will cut your eyes out with a stone, defendant’s age is between 21 and 22, he works but does not bring any money home, we have to keep him. Bound over to keep the peace in recognizance of £5.

August 24th 1898

Ridgewell. Francis St Leger aged 14 the son of the vicar of Ridgewell was charged with stealing a fowl valued at 2s the property of Joseph Cooper of Ridgewell who said he kept five fowls in a henhouse near his yard which adjoins the vicarage meadow. Guilty and bound over.

August 24th 1898

Bulmer. Messrs Mauldon in connection with reference to granting of a full licence to Bulmer Fox Inn at Bulmer, previous to granting of a full licence it was an ordinary beerhouse although it was never adapted to hold a full licence the Court required certain structural arrangements, drainage was defective being so close to the road, it was a nuisance if two carts were drawn up causing a blockage. It is a proposal of the client to do away with the old house and build a new one on the site, on the ground floor would be a tap room, a parlour, washhouse, pantry, larder, a urinal with closet arrangements, at the back would be a coach house and a loose box. Granted. Gestinthorpe. Moses Corder, labourer of Gestingthorpe was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Bulmer. 2s 6d with 11s 6d costs.

August 31st 1898

Sudbury Brewster Sessions. Mr Bates said he has instructions from Mr Mauldon to make an application for a licence to build a licensed house on a parcel of land at the Wents Estate abutting Clarence road and Stanley road in the parish of St Gregory, Mr Gregory on behalf of Mr Shelley of the Prince of Wales, said I oppose the application. A memorial was read stating the inhabitants of the parish of St Gregory oppose the application.

August 31st 1898

Cavendish. As Mr S. Garret’s shooting party was about to sit down to lunch when that gentleman complained about feeling unwell and immediately became unconscious, Dr Waring, one of the party found the case to be one sunstroke, the gentleman remained unconscious for two hours. Mr Garret is a keen sportsman and is very popular and a good employer, he is going on satisfactory.

September 11th 1889

On Friday evening Mr Walter Whitlock of Poole House Gt Yeldham invited about 70 employees and tradesmen to celebrate the ingathering of harvest and the establishment of an important business in chaff, hay and straw. A bountiful repast was provided in the cart lodge at Lovington’s farm, on e could not but notice the kindly feeling which exists between master and man, many good songs were sung.

September 21st 1898

For sale at Oddwell farm, Gestingthorpe, 10 horses- threshing drum-binder-reaper etc, by instructions from Mr George Goodchild whose tenancy has expired. On October 4th.

September 21st 1898

At a meeting of Clare Rural District Council at Kedington Workhouse it was decided to recommend a well be sunk at Hundon, the depth to be 150 ft and a diameter of 4ft 6 inches, it is abutting the main road, the mouth to be 336ft above sea level and should contain 14ft of water, an engine will pump the water.

September 28th 1898

At Sudbury Petty Sessions William and Frederick Day of Boxford Lane, Newton, were charged with being drunk on the Newton road. Inspector Offord said he found them hopelessly drunk lying on the path on Saturday evening at about 8-30, the chairman said were they disorderly, the Inspector replied they were too far gone for that, he had requisition a passing cart to take them home. Defendants said they had a whisky each at the Saracen’s Head then when they came to Sudbury they had a whisky at the Bear Inn then to the Anchor where they had some beer then on the way home they had some more whisky at the Bear Inn. 1s each and 1s 6d costs.

September 28th 1898

Alfred Bradley a labourer of Glemsford was charged by Sara Ann the wife of William Shin for assaulting her, complainant said she was sitting on her doorstep mending her husband’s coat when defendant came up and without saying anything took up a birch broom and swept dirt onto her clean linen on the line, he then struck her with a broom handle. 10s with 15 s 6d costs.

October 5th 1898

At recent manoeuvres on Salisbury plain Mr Whorlow of Sudbury supplied the Government with four horses and two vans and drivers, the officers inspected over 1000 horses with a view of selecting four to carry the baggage of the Duke of Connaught, Mr Whorlow’s were chosen, they were two fine pairs of bays and were very much admired.

October 12th 1898

Glemsford. A robbery was perpetrated last week at the house a man named Elliston at Fern Hill, it appears the family left the house on Friday evening and when they returned the front door was open and a box containing £25 10s had disappeared, the police have the matter in hand.

October 19th 1898

Borley. At a meeting of the County of Essex Licensing Committee at Chelmsford Mr Jones applied for Emma Sillitoe for a confirmation of the grant by South Hinckford Justices for an on beer license. Mr Jones said that until a grant was made there was not a place in Borley where a man could buy and consume a pint of beer, there nearest public house was two miles away. The license was opposed by Mr James Spalding Gardiner, Miss Suckling and others, Mr Jones said Mr Gardiner was a very estimable man but he opposed a light railway through the district, he also opposed something about the parish pump (laughter) while Miss Suckling had not lived in the parish long and could not possibly know, all we ask is that the off license be turned into an on license. Mr Steed pointed out that the parishes of Liston, Borley, Pentlow and Foxearth had one policeman and it is feared if a new license was granted at Borley it would be the source of great danger and that Borley would become a place of resort for loose characters of all kinds, moreover most of the present inhabitants brewed their own beer for Mr Gardiner had placed at their disposal a brewing plant also a he has provided a room as a meeting place. The only benefit the confirming of the grant would be the raising of the value of the premises concerned and surrounding property would decline in value indeed Miss Suckling would be afraid to reside in the parish if a grant was confirmed (laughter) a batch of half drunken men would turn out every night ready to commit any depredations that pleased their fancy and a move was made that the grant should not be confirmed was carried by 5 votes to 1. October 26h 1898. At Essex Quarter Sessions Mary Ann Kirkham aged 45 a school mistress pleaded guilty to attempting suicide at Birdbrook. Released on bail. At a football match at Glemsford with the choir versus schoolboys, the choir came off better by 10 to 3, a big boy who evidently knew more about the game than the players and the referee was forcibly ejected from the Rectory meadow by the spectators.

November 16th 1898

Belchamp St Pauls. Francis Bartrum aged 51 was charged by George Tarbun with stealing a ham valued at £1, George Tarbun said that on the 27th of October he had a fire in his cottage, he got some of the furniture out and looked about for some ham he had hanging in his house and found it gone, his son found it and brought it home, the defendant had been helping at the fire. George Barham, labourer said he saw defendant put something in the hedge, he looked and found the ham, defendant made a rambling statement. 2 months hard labour as he had a previous conviction.

November 30th 1898

Maplestead. On Sunday morning at about 7-30 George Turner a labourer of Twinstead found the dead body of John Whiting also of Twinstead and well known as “one o’ clock” in a ditch by Maplestead Cock on the main Sudbury-Halstead road, the deceased had peppermint whisky and beer. Misadventure.

December 21st 1898

Melford. Christmas at the shops. Mr Segers secured four splendid home bred steers from Mr Harvey at Rowhedge farm also three superb Shorthorns from Mr George Wade of Lt Waldingfield and ten sheep from Mr Charles Taylor of Lt Cornard. Mr Ruse secured at Mr Simpson’s sale one of the prize winners, a black polled Scot of 80 stone which was grazed by Mr Gurry of Abington Place also a roan steer of 70 stone grazed by Sir William Hyde Parker on the Melford Hall Estate and two polled steers from Stephen Carlton’s of Gt Waldingfield, nine sheep from Bury sale and two well fatted hogs from Mr William Bigg of Burton’s farm. Mr Allen senior secured the other fine ox of 80 stone from Abington Hall also two well fed heifers from C.J.N.Row of Melford. Mr Allen junior had a very fine well fed Shorthorn from Mr Burrel at Westley also six well fed sheep from Mr T.P.Brand of Brook Hall, Foxearth.

December 28th 1898

At Sudbury soup kitchen on Christmas Eve 124 dinners were given away, each had ½ lb of cooked meat, potatoes, plum pudding and a penny loaf.

1899 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 4th 1899

Advert. Ward and Son—Brewers of Foxearth—We hold a heavy stock of season brewed ales and stout for your Xmas trade--in perfect condition—try our Golden Hop Pale Ale and our Nourishing Double Stout in Screw Stoppered Bottles—Imperial Pint Bottles at 2s 6d per dozen—Delivered within ten miles of our Brewery—Please note our Brewing Water Supply is drawn from a artesian bored tube well 300ft into lower chalk formation—it is of remarkable purity certified by some of the best experts of the day.

January 4th 1899

Advert. A thoroughly good 4 wheeled pony carriage with back seat—everything sound—for sale. Enquire of the Rev Saulez, Vicarage, Belchamp St Pauls.

January 4th 1899

Sudbury. The first country run of the harriers took place on Tuesday the 27th, starting from their headquarters the Captain led the pack from Gainsborough street over the Common to Bulmer, across country to Borley then to Foxearth, Lyston to Melford street and home by Melford road.

January 18th 1899

Sudbury. A shocking accident occurred in the coal siding at Messrs Oliver’s brewery on the Cornard road when a man named Arthur King was crushed by a coal wagon against a wall, the poor man was conveyed to St Leonard’s hospital where it was found he had severe injuries, King who is single was a stout built man so the crushing was more severe, he succumbed on Wednesday morning.

January 25th 1899

Boxford. Noah Buckle, a travelling hawker was charged with leaving a gipsy’s van on the highway at Leavenheath. 25s which includes costs.

January 25th 1899

At Hedingham Petty Sessions John Butcher, an engine driver was charged with having worked a steam threshing machine at Walter Belchamp within 25 yards of the highway, P.C.Skingle said on March 17th he saw a steam engine threshing in field, he said to defendant do you know you are committing an offence working a steam engine so close to the highway”, defendant said “how far should it be from the road” witness replied 25 yards. The engine belonged to Mr Gardiner of Borley, defendant said he had been an engine driver for 39 years. 2s 6d with 9s 6d costs.

January 25th 1899

Died at Rangoon, Burmah, Thomas William the youngest son of the late Edgar Fenton of Risby aged 21 years.

February 8th 1899

On Friday evening employees at Mr Ripper’s steam joining works numbering 34 were entertained to supper at the British School Room. Mr Ripper heartily welcomed the guests and remarked on the extension of the business with the recent additions of workshops and that the electric light has been supplied.

February 15th 1899

Melford. Lady Hyde Parker sang in the Athenaeum Hall at a concert associated with St James choir at Bury St Edmunds on Tuesday evening, her ladyship delighted the audience by an exquisite rendering of Hope Temple’s song “an old garden”, in response to the enthusiastic encore she sang “when the world is young” and was much applauded.

February 15th 1899

Withersfield. On Wednesday morning the death of George Furbank took place, deceased was well known as the blind postman having assisted his mother “who was the village postmistress for some years” in delivering letters which he duly discharged faithfully although deprived of sight his other faculties were greatly developed, his memory was retentive and he was able to learn long poems, his face was well known in the district when was selling tea.

February 22nd 1899

Mr John Offord, farmer of Belchamp St Pauls was charged with causing a wagon to be used without his name plate painted on it, Mr Offord explained he was obliged to send out two wagons, the first had his name upon the second bore his name in chalk. 1s with 9s costs.

March 1st 1899

Clare fire brigade now has it’s headquarters at the Bear and Crown Hotel.

March 15th 1899

Gt Yeldham. On Monday afternoon the body of a man named Barthrop was found in a shed by William Fuller, the body was removed to a beerhouse in occupation of Mrs Rice, deceased was last seen alive by Mr H. Butcher the landlord of Waggon and Horses whose house he left on Saturday night, Barthrop was ejected from his cottage two months ago and was sleeping rough. Death from exposure.

March 22nd 1899

George Mortlock and George Seeley of Hundon were charged with using obscene language at Hundon, the chairman of the magistrates said the use of such language was on the increase and Hundon was notorious for it. 15s and 9s costs each.

March 22nd 1899

Robert Bantock aged 36 an engine driver of Gt Waldingfiled was charged with using a locomotive on a county bridge when the county authorities are satisfied that such would be a danger to the public. William Green a crossing keeper said defendant drove a locomotive over a construction known as Liston Bridge, defendant said he thought it alright as it was a light engine. 1s with 17s costs.

April 5th 1899

Gestingthorpe. The death occurred on Saturday morning of Nellie Annie the eldest daughter of Mr George Brewer of the Red Lion, Gestingthorpe, deceased broke a blood vessel the previous Thursday and although everything possible was done she passed away aged 25, she was to be married on Easter Monday, among the wreaths there was one from her loving Fred.

April 12th 1899

Cavendish. To be sold, seven freehold cottages in Cavendish High street on instructions from the executors of the late Mrs Elizabeth Ellet, in occupation of Messrs Brockwell, Chinery, Alefounder, Angel, Hartley and Everitt., producing £23 2s per annum also 21 twenty rod allotments known as the Croft at a rental of £15 15s per annum.

April 12th 1899

There was a meeting at Pauls Hall, Belchamp St Pauls of the church wardens and the vicar to give instructions to Messrs Taylor and Co of Loughborough to take down the church bells, five have been taken down and taken away and to be returned and in the case of one to be recast, the inscriptions on the bells reads as follows—Miles Grey made me.1626—Miles Grey made me 1652---Miles Grey made me 1682—John Thorton made me 1716.

March 10th 1899

Duncan Rix and Edward Greenwood, labourers of Shimpling were charged with stealing 2 bushels of red clover seed valued at £3, the prosecutor was Walter F. Strutt, farm bailiff at Shimpling Park farm who is in the employ of Her Majesty. Each one months hard labour.

March 31st 1899

Samuel Martin 11and John Martin 9 schoolboys of Walter Belchamp were charged with stealing two iron wheels from a sheep trough valued at 2s from Mr John Prigg, a farmer of the same place from out of a field the defendant, two small lads evidently did not know the seriousness of the offence, perhaps the elder did as he cried during the proceedings, P.C.Skingle said the wheels were taken from a sheep trough, the mother said “you might have spared this case” the clerk replied it is not his place to spare cases, the eldest to receive 4 strokes of the birch rod and the youngest 3 strokes.

March 31st 1899

Bulmer. Mr Preston Whyte of Goldingham Hall, Bulmer has offered a reward of £16 for information leading to the arrest of persons whom he alleges laid poison on his land on or about May 20th. We understand a dog which was much valued had been poisoned.

June 28th 1899

At a cricket match, Clark’s eleven v Clifton College a lad named Collins made 598 runs he batted for 6 hours 20 minutes.

July 12th 1899

At Thicks farm at Hundon as a lad was driving away a load of hay when the horse in the shafts was struck dead by lightning, the lead horse was unhurt, it is said some horses at Newmarket were killed by lightning.

August 16th 1899

Died at Sydney N.S.W. Fred Early late of Terling aged 69.

August 30th 1899

Advert. Foxearth Mineral Water Company. Pure Mineral and Aerated Waters. Supplied in Syphons, Patent and Cork Bottles. We are producing an Excellent Stone Ginger Beer equal to any in the District at one shilling per dozen. Agent for Sudbury, Mr Brown,Chemist, Market Hill, Sudbury. Offices and Factory at Foxearth Brewery, Essex.

September 8th 1899

Wickhambrook. Harvest operations have terminated on several farms in this district, the men employed by Mr William Gough of Wickhambrook cleared upwards of 20 acres each in three weeks and a half a day and each received £7 15s.

September 8th 1899

There was a meeting of Marylebone Cricket Club on the development of the game and to consider alterations of the law 10 which states “if either umpire be not satisfied of the absolute fairness of any ball he shall call “no ball”, for many young men who persistently throw the ball instead of bowling it are permitted to go on violating the law .

September 8th 1899

A severe tempest of short duration accompanied by torrents of rain passed over Belchamp St Pauls and the neighbourhood between 4 and 5 in the afternoon, a large elm tree in Mr Tarbun’s garden was struck by lighting and severely damaged.

September 8th 1899

At Sudbury Brewster Sessions Mr C.E. Mauldon applied for a licence for certain premises on the Wents estate at the corner of Clarence road and Stanley road, there are 48 houses on the estate, last year an application was made for a full licence for a hotel to be erected at a cost of £3000-4000 but it was refused, this application is on a smaller scale. The bench decided not to grant the application.

September 20th 1899

Glemsford. The annual harvest horkey given by Mr W.S.Goodchild for the Mill Hill farm workmen took place at the Black Lion Inn on Saturday night the 16th of September when a capital dinner of roast beef, mutton, baked pudding was provided, ample justice was done to the meal, the party numbered 26 to dinner and 40 to tea, each workmen having the privilege of inviting his wife or sweetheart so the fair sex were well represented, the chair was taken by H.Copsey (the lord of the harvest) and the vice chair by F.Brown, the chairman spoke a few words about the fairness of the weather and the splendid crops, he remarked that although the yield was very good for the master it was fairly good for the men, the health of Mr and Mrs Goodchild was heartily drunk and the evening was spent in song.

September 27th 1899

Belchamp St Pauls. The annual horkey of Mr Ray’s men at Gages farm was held on Friday night at the Plough Inn, the men were allowed to bring their wives and sweethearts and they numbered about 30, the dinner was of roast beef etc, the party again met on Saturday evening at about 6-30 for supper and song, three cheers were given for Mr and Mrs Ray.

September 27th 1899

Melford Petty Sessions. Mark Vidal a gentleman of Bayford Vicarage, Herts. Was summoned for riding a bicycle without lights at Lavenham, P.C.Manning said he saw the defendant riding without lights with a friend, the latter had lights, defendant asked where the nearest cycle shop was, witness followed him into the shop. Fined 9s and 6d. The Chairman remarked it was a trivial offence, Supt Emmerson said “do you think it was sharp practice”, the Chairman said defendant had a light when he went out, the Supt said “we only have his word for it”.

September 27th 1899

On Wednesday morning at about 8, Frederick Terry the landlord of the Three Horseshoes at Lt Yeldham was found lying dead on a couch by a man named Lyons who is employed in the house, an inquest was not deemed necessary as deceased had had heart trouble, he was 63 years old.

October 4th 1899

Ephraim Tarbun aged 29 of Belchamp St Pauls was charged by Mr Charles Ray a farmer from Clare with having neglected to do certain work whereby plaintiff sustained damage to the amount of 5s. There was a further charge with regards to the 14th of September for which another 5s was claimed. The plaintiff said he engaged defendant for the harvest when he absented himself from work from which plaintiff was put to great inconvenience when defendant with others went to a public house at 8 -30 in the morning, as they had not returned by 10-30 he sent his foreman to go for them but they left again in the middle of the week without giving notice and he also took his nephew with him. Defendant had got nothing to say. Judgement for 18s altogether.

October 18th 1899

The licence for the Three Horseshoes at Lt Yeldham was granted to Charles Benner a native of the district and that of an off licence at Belchamp St Pauls to Martin Harper.

October 25th 1899

Clare. James Hickford a cow keeper of Clare was charged with selling milk which contained 8 per cent water, James Hickford junior said his father keeps a cow and on September 25th I was in his employ to take milk out for sale, I sold 1 ½ pints to Supt Bardwell which he put in three bottles and sealed them up, he marked them and gave one back to me, the Supt. confirmed the witness’s statement and said he sent one to Mr Sutton at Norwich who is the public analyst and he sent me back a certificate which states 92 per cent milk with 8 per cent water. 2s 6d with 10s 6d costs.

October 25th 1899

Died at Wairakala, Poverty Bay, New Zealand, James Johnson the 3rd son of the late Rev Johnson of Lavenham aged 55 years.

November 8th 1899

Thomas Martin a middle aged labourer of Lt Yeldham was brought up in custody to show why he should not be called upon to find sureties to keep the peace to his wife in consequence of him threatening to kill her, Emily Martin said that on the night of 3rd of November her husband came home drunk and said he would kill her if she did not get out of the way, she said he brought some ale home for her but threw it in her face. The Chairman said if you don’t get sureties you will go to prison for 3 months. He was remanded in custody and taken to Chelmsford gaol.

November 15th 1899

Advert. Land drain pipes of all sizes, corrugated and plain—roof tiles—edging tiles—floor bricks—paments red and white and stable clinkers. George English Brickworks, Bulmer, Essex.

November 2nd 1899

Henry Moss pleaded guilty to being drunk and using foul language on the 4th of November in Donkey Lane, Lawshall, P.C.Cole said he found defendant lying by the roadside using foul language and drunk. As he had previous convictions fined 2 s 6d with 7s 6d costs.

November 29th 1899

Walter Belchamp. On Friday afternoon the 23rd inst the Rev A.P.Pannell was inducted in the above parish to the livings of Walter Belchamp cum Bulmer by the Rural Dean the Rev Evans, the considerable congregation joined heartily in the singing of hymns.

November 29th 1899

Advert. Wanted a blacksmith to attend one day a week and to shoe about 60 horses when required, good shop on the premises. Apply F.J.Kerry of Acton Hall.

November 29th 1899

An alarming fire took place in one of the cottages opposite Stanstead White when one of the cottages burnt down, one of the tenants Mrs Clarke was heating her oven, an old fashioned one when sparks fell on the thatched roof igniting it.

December 13th 1899

The War Office Authorities have just placed a large order for new explosives at Stowmarket for the supply of cordite, it necessitates day and night working in the factory.

December 13th 1899

Alphampstone. Mr Thomas Wells of the board school has five sons and one nephew serving in the army, three of them are now serving in South Africa.

December 27th 1899

Advert. Ward and Son of Foxearth. On and after January 1st an extra charge of 1d per bottle will be made, the same will be allowed on the empty bottles, a special registration label will be used from the above date, we are sorry for the inconvenience but the enormous cost on bottles compels us to adopt some protection.