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1898 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 1st 1898

On Monday morning a fire attended with fatal results occurred at Hitcham at a place known as Box Tree farm, part of the house is occupied by a man named Abbot and the other half by Mr Arthur Fayers a retired farmer. Mr Fayers and his daughter on Christmas Eve went away for a few days holiday so only Abbot was left on the premises, after the outbreak was discovered Bildeston fire brigade was soon on the spot and with willing hands helping. The charred remains of the poor fellow Abott was discovered, it could be seen that he had lain down on the bed with his clothes on and a clay pipe which indicated the cause of the fire. The property is the owned by Sir Cuthbert Quilter M P. and it is occupied by Mr Ward from Monks Eleigh, the deceased man appears to have been a remarkable character in early life being a well known poacher and his skills were lately more lawfully exercised in the position of gamekeeper, he was a splendid shot at pigeon and sparrow marches, his first wife died and late in life he married again but to a woman much younger than him, she ran away and left him and after he has since led a lonely life doing for himself.

January 22nd 1898

A shocking accident happened at Norwich Brewery when a man named Woodrew fell in the vat of boiling beer and remained there for one minute, he was terribly scalded and died a few hours later in hospital.

February 19th 1898

Wanted. A horse keeper with a son that can plough preferred, cottage with a large garden. Apply to George Orbell, Nowton Hall.

February 26th 1898

Meeting of West Suffolk Standing Committee. It was resolved that constables 3rd class to receive £1 0 5d per week, 2nd class to receive £1 2s 6d, 3rd class to receive £1 1 4s 6d, sergeants to receive £1 7s 6d, and after 5 years £1 9s 6d, Inspectors to receive £80 12s 1d annually, after 5 years £86 13s 1d annually, Superintendents to receive £130 15s 6d and after 10 years £139 15s 10d, Deputy Chief Constables to receive £150 11s 3d.

April 2nd 1898

Walter Goody, a lad from Melford, was charged with stealing 5 pints of milk from Charles Westropp, farmer of Melford Place farm, Charles Honeyball milkman for Mr Westropp, said he measured out 16 pints of milk for the defendant to take out, he left it in a can in a tin outside the milk house, he observed it had been turned round, he re-measured the contents and found 5 pints had been taken out, Charles Westropp said defendant admitted taking milk from the milk house. To receive 6 strokes of the birch rod.

April 2nd 1898

An accident happened to an ex- policeman at Glemsford, whilst the Bishop of Ely the Lord Alywyne Compton was driving through the village on Friday afternoon after having held a confirmation service in the village when some horses attached to a railway van took fright it is thought by the tiny bells on the Bishop's horses, they made off and in trying to stop them the ex-police Sergeant Ward was crushed between the wheels of the van and a fence injuring his ribs, the Bishop and coachman passed on unconscious of the accident, Mr Ward is as well as can be expected.

April 2nd 1898

Reading classes for men are conducted by Miss Garret in the lecture rooms at Cavendish are held on Thursday's, the class met for the last time this season with a good muster of people.

April 30th 1898

Melford old soldier in trouble again. Samuel Drury of Melford was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the highway at Melford, defendant had many convictions on similar charges. 2s 6d with 6s costs.

May 7th 1898

Mr B Hurst of Long Melford has been re-elected President of Suffolk County Football Association.

May 14th 1898

Ellen Salter, school mistress of Stanstead school was charged with assaulting Frank Crissel aged 8 years, complainant said that on Monday morning May 2nd his teacher spoke to him about talking in class, Miss Salter thrashed him before he went home.

August 5th 1898

Arthur Ford aged 14 was charged with using obscene language in the public street at Melford, Robert Rising, a labourer, said defendant was "nannicking"about in front of Melford school and throwing stones at the witness who was working in the school yard, witness spoke to him and he used bad language, Inspector Hunt handed in a paper on which was written the words defendant used. 1s with 6s costs. Inspector Hunt said a great deal of bad language is being used.

September 3rd 1898

Advert. Great Eastern Railway. On Tuesday the 6th a special train to London will be run, the last of the season from Bury, double journey, third class,5s, from Welnetham, Cockfield,Lavenham, Long Melford, 4s..

September 17th 1898

For sale at Water Hall, Wixoe, by instructions from the executors of late Frederick Payne. 15 horses. 30 Shorthorn cows, 2 bulls, 87 Hampshire Down ewes, 45 fat ewes, 100 swine together with implements, and the live and dead stock from Stannard's farm, Stoke by Clare, Farmers farm, Halls farm, Colne Hill farm, Burnt house farm.

September 17th 1898

Sicklesmere. The men employed on Park farm and Bridge farm were treated to a hot supper provided at the expense of Mr Cropley and Mr Hensby to celebrate the ingathering of harvest, a beautiful repast was placed upon the tables by the host and hostess, Mr and Mrs George Barton in the style which they are justly celebrated, after removal of the cloth the usual loyal and patriotic toasts were given, the health of the two lords of the harvest were drunk, this caused some amusement, the health of Mr Cropley and Mr Hensby were also drunk, Mr Hensby spoke of the hard work the men had this year at the ingathering of the harvest and the excessive heat they had to work under, they had all worked peaceably together. Some first class songs were sung by J.Woolard, Mr Hensby, Mr Last, Hunt, Coleman, Ridgewell,etc.

September 24th 1898

Complaints have been received in reference to facilities afforded by private slaughter houses for children to witness the killing of animals therein, many of these establishments are merely wooden sheds through which the children can peep and see the slaughter of animals, others are stables and they are only lighted by the throwing open the large doors.

September 24th 1898

Inquest at Melford Police Station on the body of George Drury aged 13, the son of a Melford matmaker, his body was found in the river Stour at a spot known as Broad Meadow on last Friday, the boy had been missing from home since the previous Saturday, the deceased's father said he had not had the occasion to correct him for six weeks, he did not return on Saturday night, he searched the river on Sunday going as far as Clare, he had not threatened the lad on account of his having not earned enough money, he had told him about being lazy, the boy might have been afraid to come home. Charles Brown said he went across the meadow called Broad Meadow to fish and found a body. Inspector Hunt said he proceeded to the spot, a man named Lumley swam to the body and brought it ashore. Found Drowned.

September 24th 1898

Clare Petty Sessions. Application was made by Supt. Barnes to the effect that Alfred Cutts of Stradishall, aged 8 years, son of Anne Cutts a single mother, should be sent to the industrial school, it is stated that the mother with a man named a man named Webb with whom she lives has been convicted of cruelty to the child, an order was made.

October 15th 1898

Inquest at the King's Head, Gt Cornard on the body of Henry Springett aged 31 years, a carman to Mr Baker at Cornard Mills, who was found drowned in the river Stour the previous Monday. Thomas Springett, farm bailiff and father of the deceased at Lt Cornard, said deceased had been living with him, he last saw him alive at 5 am that morning as he passed him in Blackers Lane when going to work. James Alliston, a millers carman said he was going past Mr Baker's mill when he saw therein the river what he thought was abag, he went to the stables and called the deceased, not finding him he called a man named Hills and told him there was something in the river, Hills came and said I believe it is Springett. Accidental Death.

October 29th 1898

Albert Whittle, 22, a bricklayer from Melford was charged with stealing a watch and chain and "2 15s in money from Edgar Whittle. 4 months hard labour.

November 5th 1898

The work of demolishing the Martello Towers, 26 in number, erected on the east coast between the mouth of the Thames and Aldborough in Suffolk as defence against the French invaders has just been commenced, the last tower stands at Bawdsey and is one of the five guarding Hollesley Bay, it was fortified but the towers are now regarded as obsolete, the walls are 16ft thick, they are being demolished by gunpowder.

November 26th 1898

Application for an extension of time was made by the landlord of Lawshall Harrow for two hours on the occasion of the cricket tea was refused.

1900 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 6th 1900

Colonel Barnardiston of the Ryes, Sudbury, has news of his son Lieut. S.J.Barnardiston of the Suffolk Regiment who was wounded at the battle of Stomberg on December 11th while serving with General Gatacre's Division having detached from the Suffolk Regiment, the only intimation previous was a mysterious telegram from the Boers sources in which his name was mentioned but it appeared as two names as his name was corrupted, we now know his wound is not serious.

January 6th 1900

Mr Stephen Theobald, carpenter, of Long Melford has received a letter from his eldest son Corporal Theobald dated December 8th. Corporal Theobald writes last time I wrote we expected another go the same morning but we were disappointed the Boers pushed off at night, we were quite surprised as when we looked at their positions they could have held they could have done us easily as we were quite in the open, we had on our side about 400 killed and wounded, as we are in the camp we cannot hear as much as people in England, we must have killed a lot of Boers, we could see them carrying them away scores of them and found 30-40 in the river being weighted down with ammunition they had not time to bury them, just putting them in trenches and covered up with a bit of sand, some arms and legs were sticking out so we had to finish the job for them, we also had to bury 163 horses that were shot, I must conclude now------.

January 13th 1900

George Whistlecraft a labourer aged 28 was charged with stealing 6 fowls from Spencer Symonds at Rickinghall Superior. 2 months hard labour.

January 27th 1900

Lavenham Shooting. We understand that Henry Gold Foxwell who was to appear at Sudbury Assizes on Saturday charged with attempting to murder Frederick Mills, groom, at Lavenham during October last, died on Tuesday night at Woolpit. Deceased was one time landlord of the Black Lion at Lavenham and has had a good deal of attention lately, he has been in a critical condition brought on by the forthcoming trial weighing on his mind.

February 10th 1900

Captain Paley of the Rifle Brigade and son of Mr Victor Paley of Horringer is on his way home from South Africa having received a bullet through both hips, he is recovering rapidly, an examination under Rongen Rays shows growth of new bone where his leg was badly shattered neat the hip joint.

February 17th 1900

Frederick Lewis from Camarthenshire writes from Rensburg giving details of the disastrous fight in which the Suffolks suffered so severely, he says 280 men went into action but only 6 men and 1 officer returned as yet, we obtained the body of the Colonel from the enemy under a flag of truce and many of the Boers came down and assisted us burying the dead, many sang hymns in Dutch over the graves, it put me in mind of dear old Wales, they say they were sorry to see the Dutch and British at war with each other and pitied us but the big people in London are to blame.

March 10th 1900

A meeting of the Large Black pig society was held at the Agicultural Hall, Islington on Thursday afternoon, the chair was taken by the vice president Mr T.P.Brand among other representatives was Mr A.H.Cobbald, Mr J.Dimmock and Mr J.P.Brand etc.

March 10th 1900

Letter from Lance Corporal A. Clarke of the Suffolk Regiment who is now a prisoner of war at Pretoria, he is the brother of Private Clarke of the same Regiment, their parents live at Mayen Water Lane, Bury St Edmunds.
Wateaval Tansvaal .
I expect you will have seen in the papers that I am a prisoner, I am in good health and we are being well treated, we have acres of pasture to do what we like on, I suppose you have heard about our fight, about half of us who attacked were either killed or wounded and then we were ordered to surrender, I am very lucky as I had a bullet through my haversack and a splinter grazed my right knee, etc etc. I hope you don't worry as I am not likely to take any harm.-- -.

March 31st 1990

The Rev Robert Fillingham, vicar of Hexton in Hertfordshire has attracted considerable attention by preaching from Nonconformist pulpits, he recently occupied the Wesleyan Chapel at Bury St Edmunds, he was fined £1 and costs by Hadleigh magistrates for riotous and indecent behaviour in Kettlebaston Church where he went with about 50 other people on January 31st and during the consecration prayer shouted "this is a idolatory protest leave this house of Baal.".

April 14th 1900

Wanted a fixture for Stanningfield cricket club. Contact E.Wilson, hon sec.

April 14th 1900

Melford Petty Sessions. A butcher, Benjamin Clarke of hartest was charged with moving swine in a swine fever infection area. 6s with 13s costs.

April 28th 1900

Harry and Joseph Woodgate, George allen, James Pleasants, William and Joseph Finch and George Nice, labourers of Acton were summoned by their employer, C.H.Bear, farmer of Acton under the employers and workmen's Act.
Mr Bates who opened the case said a disturbance arose over the question of beer allowance of 6d a day, defendants were at work threshing and on Wednesday Mr Bear told them he would not allow them beer money, Finch said what about some beer money master and that if they did not get it they would not do any more work and took their jackets and walked off. The Bench said they would allow the case to be withdrawn on payment by the defendants of costs

May 5th 1900

For Sale-Otten Belchamp Hall. 166 acres to be sold at Michaelmas.

May 12th 1900

Mrs Elizabeth Medora Farr, a lady bankrupt from Cavendish attended Colchester Bankruptcy Court on Friday, the case had been adjourned several times occasioned by the Lady's absence, the Lady was not present but she forwarded a document in which she made several allegations against a gentleman, Mr Jones who represented the petitioning creditors, said he would not be surprised if the allegations were true.

May 12th 1900

The quiet little village of Wilby, near Eye, can now boast several inhabitants now serving on the front line for Queen and Country, added to that list is Lieut. H. Marriot of the Suffolk regiment who is the eldest son of the Rev Marriot vicar of Wilby, to mark the occasion a meeting of the parishioners of Wilby recently held a presentation of money which had been collected to purchased of a present for the Lieut who said he will buy a telescope and value it as he was proud to have been chosen to take charge of Suffolk men as he was a Suffolk man himself.

May 12th 1990

Susan, wife of William Smith a miller from Stanstead was charged with stealing a hen's egg valued at ¾ d the property of Edward Hanchett of Stanstead who said one of his hen's had laid an egg in a nest in the brewhouse near the mill door but it disappeared, he afterwards marked an egg and put it in the nest, he saw the prisoner appropriate the egg. 5s.

May 19th 1900

James Unglass aged 17 a groom employed on the Chadacre estate is a patient in Bury hospital suffering from gunshot wounds, we are informed Unglass was cleaning a gun when by accident it went off, the bullet entering his abdomen, he is progressing satisfactoryly.

June 23rd 1900

Mr Ambrose Mason of Browns Farm, Hawkedon, last week sustained a heavy loss by losing a mare and foal by lighting on the 6th inst.

June 23rd 1900

, Miss Agnes Dowling a certified nurse brought action against Louis Ferdinand Dods a surgeon who practices in the poorer parts of the Marylebone district, the plaintiff's case is that defendant published a letter which he had written to the relieving officer of the Paddington district which he certified plaintiff was of unsound mind, the certificate stated she was bewitched and hypnotised. The jury awarded costs to Miss Dowling of £100 damages. In the course of summing up, Mr Justice Darling remarked on the belief in occult and devilish powers was common in earlier times and had been recognised by the law of England, in the time of James 1st an act was passed punishing witchcraft with death and 235 years ago at Bury St Edmunds, two witches were hanged on charges very like those levelled at Miss Ashby by the plaintiff.

July 21st 1900

Deaths. Gardiner on June 9th in New South Wales, George, third son of the late William Gardiner of Horringer, Suffolk.

August 11th 1900

Among tonight's list of casualties we notice the name of Private Copsey of the 1st Battallion, Suffolk Regiment who is seriously ill at Bloemfontein, Private Copsey is a Melford man.

August 18th 1900

The unusual sight of harvesting by moonlight has been witnessed this week in South Lincolnshire, labour is so scarce in the district that men cannot be spared to secure their own allotments crops, some have been gathering them by moonlight, on some farms there has been harvesting at night, many crops are dead ripe and not so much liable to shell out with the dew upon it.

August 25th 1900

Bury Corn Market. Wheat to 30s per quarter-Barley to 32s.

September 29th 1900

Wanted good milker, wages 16s per week. Apply Mr C. Deeks, Canhams, Stoke by Clare.

October 13th 1900

W.J.Newman a grocer of Cavendish was summoned for selling sugar not being the article demanded by the purchaser who asked for 1lb of Demerara sugar, it was found the sample was dyed with an aniline dye. Dismissed.

October 13th 1900

Wickhambrook. Samuel Brett formerly the letter carrier of this parish and latterly a farmer was found dead by his daughter in a stable at Golden Farm, he had strangled himself , doubtless it was worry as the farm sale was fixed for today.

October 27th 1900

Thomas Potkins, labourer and William Keeble, labourer and John Keeble, baker of Bures St Mary were charged with stealing tools, valued at 12s, belonging to George Pilgrim a bricklayer who said he went into the Horseshoes public house in Bures and he left his bag outside on the doorstep, soon after the three prisoners arrived, after they were gone he missed his tools. 3 months hard labour each.

November 10th 1900

James Theobald, a lad from Melford was summoned for assaulting Arthur Borley who had said defendant did not work hard enough for him, he then hit him and rubbed slud into his face. 6d with 6s costs.

November 14th 1900

On Sunday morning the body of Miss Lavinia Boutell of Long Melford was taken from the river midway between Rodbridge and Borley Mill, Miss Boutell had been despondent for some time having nursed her mother for three years through a distressing illness. Suicide.

December 8th 1900

Deaths. Beart. On November 18th at Wabash Avenue, Chicago, U.S.A., John Ray the fourth son of Charles Beart of Wattesfield, he leaves a widow and two sons.