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1896 South West Suffolk Mercury 1896 (no Suffolk Free Press for 1896

January 18th 1896

Assington. Mr Cuthbert Quilter M. P. has kindly distributed a quantity of rabbits amongst the poorest and most deserving in the neighbourhood, the gift was most appreciated and they wish to thank Mr Quilter for his liberality.

February 6th 1896

Frederick Boggis a labourer of Melford has been arrested on suspicion of causing a fire on Mr Deek’s farm, he was brought before Sir William Hyde Parker on Saturday and remanded, the charges against Boggis have been investigated by Mr Mattingly at Melford Police station and he was dismissed. Sudbury. George Messent of Bulmer and Bertie Frost from Pebmarsh, labourers, were charged with stealing two rolls of flannelette from the doorway of Henry Worter’s shop. Ada Rash a young woman from Bulmer and a boy named Thomas Daniel aged 9 saw them take the flannelette from the shop doorway and run away, they ran past Kill Boy lane (school street) and over the wall at the grammar school. Remanded in custody.

February 29th 1896

Glemsford. A meeting of the Emergency Committee of the Suffolk County Football Association was held at Ipswich on Monday, D.Brown of Glemsford Football Club was ordered off the filed during a match between Bury Alexandra and Glemsford, he was suspended for a fortnight . The protest of Glemsford Football Club against Bury was not sustained but the guinea was not forfeited.

April 24th 1896

George Green a young labourer of Mill Lane, Sudbury, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Cross Street. 2s 6d with 5s 3d costs, Mr Allen the magistrate said this is the second time defendant has been up on a similar charge, he was evidently going to the bad and advised him to keep out of public houses.

May 4th 1896

Stambourne. Inquest at Stambourne on the death of Edward Mayard a labourer who expired on Saturday from injuries received at a fire at his cottage on April 23rd, as Maynard was leaving his cottage a ceiling fell on him and knocked him down, but for timely assistance from his neighbours he would have expired on the spot. The jury found the cottage had been set on fire by a neighbour, Elizabeth Purkis, who is out of her mind.

May 30th 1896

Sudbury Corn Market. Owing to Melford fair and the agricultural show at Newmarket there was practically no market. A waggonette belonging to Mr Cansel of Friars street, Sudbury was conveying a party of gentlemen from Sudbury to Melford fair when a wheel came off near the old toll bar on Melford road, the whole party were pitched out violently onto the road but apart from a shaking they were none the worse.

June 27th 1896

At Melford Petty Sessions Frank Adams a shoemaker from Lt Waldingfield was charged with assaulting Frederick Ponder of Southampton Road, London. The complainant and defendant with others spent the evening in one of the village inns, after turning out time they indulged in a game of “slap face”, complainant said on the way home Adams struck him a blow with an instrument, complainants lips being cut through. 21 days hard labour. Edward Clarry and his wife Rose were fined 5s and 5s 9d costs for using obscene language at Cavendish.

July 4th 1896

Two boys, Charles Heard 10 and Willie Hayward 11 were charged with stealing two pairs of bathing drawers from Mr H.Mattingley of the Market Hill, Sudbury, were sent to Kerrison Reformatory for five years.

July 25th 1896

Advert. Stone, Gravel and Shingle in large or small quantities can be had at Claret Hall pits, near Clare. Hartest. On Sunday afternoon a sad accident befell Oscar Starling who is in the employ of Mr Colson at Hartest where he had been acting as a shepherd, he was about to get through a hedge when the trigger of his gun caught a twig and the poor fellow received the full charge in his body. Accidental.

August 1st 1896

George Coote offered for sale at the Rose and Crown in Sudbury, the manorial estate know as Otten Belchamp Hall comprising 165 ½ acres. It was knocked down to Charles Crookes of Leavenheath for £1,300.

August 29th 1896

Melford. The extensive malting which was recently built by the Lion Brewery Company of London and used solely to make malt for that company has recently been purchased by Messrs Frederick Branwhite and Sons malster’s of Long Melford.

September 5th 1896

Sudbury. Three boys, James Pilgrim aged 9 years, of Church street, Sudbury, Sidney Binks aged 9 and Charles Dines aged 12 of Straw Lane, for stealing three hens from Mrs Margaret Walford of Brundon Hall, to receive four strokes of the birch rod, the youngest to have three strokes.

October 31st 1896

At a meeting of the Sudbury Board of Guardians the Master reported the number of inmates was 172 as against 160 this time last year.

November 14th 1896

Sudbury. Philip Outing aged 55, a foreman at Messrs Kipling’s and Company Factory in Cornard Road was summoned by the Board of Guardians for refusing to pay maintenance for the illegitimate daughter of Eliza Murrills an inmate of the workhouse, it seems from the evidence of the young woman who is aged 21 years was employed at Mr Kipling’s factory in 1895 to learn silk winding, she was in the habit of fetching the defendant’s tea and was told to take it down to the mess room instead of leaving it in his private office, she did as she was told, defendant followed her and locked the door, having done so he took liberties with her and seduced her, he repeated this conduct many times. The father of the young woman wrote to the defendant who did not deny the allegations, he was a married man with five children. To pay 2s 6d per week and to pay all the cost including solicitors fees.

November 21st 1896

Clare. On the removal of a quantity of sleepers stack in Church Farm yard over 180 rats were killed.

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January 27th 1897

Sudbury. Inquest at Sudbury on the death of Albert Boreham aged two years ten months. Martha Boreham the wife of Walter Boreham said she worked at the stay factory, she went there on Wednesday morning at nine o’ clock leaving her daughter Maud aged 14 years and the child, Albert George Boreham, she went home at 11 to lunch, the child was well, then at 12 noon someone came for her, she went home and found the child scalded in the mouth, she gave him some lime water which he could not swallow, it died on the next morning, Maud Boreham said she boiled a kettle in the kitchen and poured some into a basin, she went back to the keeping room where she heard him cry and found he had been drinking water from the basin. Accidental.

February 3rd 1897

Advert. Wanted. Barley-Oat and Wheat Straw for chaffing, chaff also delivered within 12 miles of Yeldham , chaff delivered on the Colne Valley railway. Apply Whitlock Yeldham

February 17th 1897

On Saturday last muffled peals were rung at Glemsford church on the occasion of the funeral of the late John Slater who died the previous Sunday after an illness of about four hours, he was 82 years of age and had a bell ringer at the church nearly al his life, he leaves two sons Sam and Zach who are well known in campanology.

February 24th 1897

Melford. A domestic servant, Maud Boreham, aged 16 years and was employed by Mr Frederick Branwhite of Withindale Mill, left her master’s house supposedly going to a shop, as she had not returned by nine o’ clock Inspector Hunt was apprised of the fact, the girl was seen walking past the Bull Inn. On Saturday morning, P.C’s Towler and Baker discovered a body near Spratford bridge in 2ft of water. It appears the poor girl for no accountable reason wandered in the direction of Spelthorne wood, the lonely spot where the body was found the ground slopes sharply towards the water which contains a number of large stones presumably placed there as stepping stones. Accidental.

February 24th 1897

Inquest at the Bell Inn at Kersey on the body of James Aggio who was buried alive in a chalk pit at Nedging Tye. Accidental. Walter Belchamp. George Chatters and George Deal, lads from Walter Belchamp were charged with being drunk and disorderly onFebruary 12th, P.C.Scott said he saw the defendant’s fighting, he separated them and they went away but the fighting started again. 1s each with 5s 3d costs.

March 17th 1897

Stoke by Clare. Lord Loch the former High Commisioner for South Africa has purchased Stoke by Clare College estate including the Mansion and Hemstead with a total of 3050 acres for £24,000.

April 14th 1897

Sudbury. Two men named Smith and Rogers who were at work on the upper allotments at Waldingfied road where the town rubbish is deposited discovered there the remains of a male child which had recently been deposited there. Upon examination Dr King found it was clearly a premature baby being still born. We have not taken notice of this matter before but for the rumours afloat and a contemporary paper had headed their account “Suspected Murder”.

April 21st 1897

Sudbury. A statement recently circulating in Sudbury says that the town is under policed and that certain streets are rendered impassable by rowdy youths and girls, there is of course no such truth in these statements.

May 26th 1897

Advert. Lowestoft Fish Mart—17, North Street, Sudbury. The clergy, gentry and other inhabitants generally are informed that Charles Lucas of Lowestoft has purchased the above business—good supply, fresh fish daily—a trial is solicited.

May 26th 1897

Arthur Gurling a shoemaker of Lawshall was summoned by Me J.P.Brand, farmer of Shimpling, for stealing six partridge eggs at Shimpling on land occupied by Mr John Smith. Mr Brand said he saw defendant walk up Mount Drift looking in the hedge, he went up to him and told him he was trespassing, he told him to turn out his pockets, he refused, he said “I will do it for you” but before could get near him he plunged his hand into the pocket, when he drew it out it was covered in yolk. 6s with 7s 6d costs.

June 2nd 1897

Otten Belchamp. A cricket club is to be formed in this parish owing to the generosity of Mr Nunn of the Hall who at his own expense providing all the necessary costs for the club, the first match will be on Jubilee day on June 22nd, a quoit club will be established on the same day by Mr Pearson of Coles farm.

June 9th 1897

Advert. 46 inch ordinary bicycle—bells all round –cushion front—good condition—lowest cash price £3 19s 6d. A.Pettitt, Pentlow Mill, Cavendish.

June 16th 1897

Sudbury. On Tuesday a little boy named Whybrow caught a salmon trout using bread bait near the Croft bridge, it was nine inches long, this handsome little fish is being stuffed by Messrs Rose and Son.

June 23rd 1897

For sale at the Red Cow, Ashen, on Saturday next—the live and dead stock of the late Edward Hickford—bay cob-pony—swine—poultry, etc.

June 23rd 1897

Mary Chatters of Walter Belchamp was charge with assaulting Emma Chatters of the same place, complainant said she went on the 7th of June to defendant’s house and asked if her daughter was there as she had not come home all night, complainant then asked her if she kept an improper house and she would tell Mr Pearson, defendant the struck her in the mouth making it bleed, complainant then said “how can’t you call it an improper house if you keep young fellows there”, defendant then said “you shan’t tell me so”. Defendant said she did not keep an improper house and merely took complainant’s daughter because complainant would not let her go home. 2s 6d with 17s costs.

July 7th 1897

Advert. Two ploughmen wanted, wages 15s per week, extra for harvest, rail fare paid. Apply to Mr John Hedges, Old Parkbury Herts.

July 21st 1897

Inquest at the Bear and Crown, Clare, on Kate aged 10 years the only daughter of Walter Deeks, a carman, while she was swinging on the handle of a mangel mincer, the machine over balanced and fell on her. Accidental.

July 28th 1897

Early on Wednesday morning the police received information that James Maskell, blacksmith of Cornard road had committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree, he was aged 45 years, Mr Maskell held an allotment at Constitution Hill, near the Newton road, at 6 o’ clock he proceeded to his allotment, he had placed a note where it could be found by his daughter saying where he could be found. Accidental.

August 11th 1897

At a special meeting of the Paving, Drainage and Water Works Committee was held at the Town Hall, Sudbury. The question of Sepulcher Street was reconsidered as a memorial which was signed by inhabitants of that street was presented to. It was decided to change the name to Gainsborough Street.

August 18th 1897

Clare. At the Half Moon Hotel on Monday last the freehold property known as Cowlinge Sugar Loaves was purchased by Messrs Greene and King.

April 28th 1897

Inquest at Stanstead Hall on Charlie Mason from Boxted aged 14. George Ince a farmer of Stanstead said deceased was in his employ, on April 22nd he instructed him to go to Sudbury with a tumbril to Good’s Mill and to get some bran and sharps. Horace Manning in the employ of Mr Good at Brundon Mill, Sudbury, said the horse was frisky. William Younger a labourer of Cranmer Green, Melford, said he saw deceased with a cart going down the hill, he was standing on the shafts, he thought to himself “you be in danger going down that hill” but he said nothing “for you mustn’t say nothing to boys now else they be giving you some slang back” afterwards he had watched the horse out of sight, he heard it trotting off at a hard pace, the lad had no reins on the horse, his reins had been taken off to tie the load on. This statement caused quite a sensation. Walter Bowers of Cranmer Green said he was the farm bailiff, he found deceased lying beside the road, he was conscious and said he was walking at the time the accident happened, there was a pool of blood in the middle of the road, he said he crawled to the side of the road. Dr Finch said he asked the boy how the accident happened, he said he was leading the horse when a sack fell off and frightened the horse which knocked him down and he could not remember anything else. Accidental.

September 29th 1897

Advert. Cartridges—Eley—Kynochs—“E.C.”—Shultz—Smokeless Gun Powder Cartridges 6s per 100. Otterwell and Son Ltd, Ammunition Depot, Sudbury.

October 6th 1897

Death at Borley of Mr Orlando Payne on Sunday last, some years ago he resided at Gt Cornard,he was well known and highly respected. Mr Payne leaves a son Robert T.B. Payne and three daughters, Fanny and Maud. The funeral is at Borley next Thursday at Borley church.

October 13th 1897

Gestingthorpe. Rose Sandford aged 16 years the daughter of the coachman at the Moat, Gestingthorpe, met with a serious accident while riding a bicycle in the village, a wagon drawn by three horses belonging to Mr Nathan Coe was just in front of her, as she was about to pass, the horses turned into Mr Coe’s premises, the bicycle ran into the horses who became startled and they started plunging about, the girl was thrown off her machine and was conveyed to Mr Coe’s house, she is going on quite well. No blame has been attached to the driver.

October 27th 1897

Sudbury. The new silk factory in Girling street, Sudbury, is being prepared for erection, it is a substantial structure of 130 ft by 70 ft, the principal entrance will be in Girling street

December 1st 1897

To be sold by auction at the Half Moon, Clare, by Messrs Balls by directions from the executors of the late George Martin a property known as the “Plough” beerhouse at Belchamp St Pauls with a club room of 30 ft by 14 ft, brick built and slated brew house with malt and hop chambers and extensive cellarage and outbuildings, with five cottages which are situated by the roadside between Gages and the Plough, a range of timber, plaster and thatched cottages occupied by Elijah Taylor, Ephriam Tarbon, and James Tarbon at a rent of £8 per year also a thatched double cottage facing the Green occupied by Alfred Deal at a rent of £3 10s per annum.

December 15th 1897

On Wednesday evening a disturbance occurred in a public house in Bury which resulted in a man named John Slender a gypsy, aged 41 from Newton, near Sudbury, he sustained injuries that had to be treated at Bury hospital, Slender it is stated is a man of violent temper, he had an altercation with a drover and it is alleged knocked him down in the cattle market, this led to bad feeling and when they all met in a public house.

December 22nd 1897

Belchamp St Pauls..The Plough beerhouse with brewery. The bidding started at £500 and was knocked down to Messrs Oliver Bros of Sudbury for £1,200. Three cottages were withdrawn at £30, the double cottage was also withdrawn.