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1896 Bury Free Press newspaper archive
Bury Free Press 1896.

January 4th 1896

Suffolk fox hounds met at Melford Hall on Saturday last, there was a large concourse of people it being 25 years since a similar meet was held in the grounds of this historic mansion, the present occupant of the Hall is Mr Uzuelli who dispensed hospitality right royally, everyone was welcome to take part of a breakfast, the hunt moved off to Acton wood. An unfortunate accident happened to Mr Row, junior, who when proceeding to the meet his horse shied at some object and bolted for home, Mr Row was thrown and he received concussion of the brain but happily he is going on well.

February 15th 1896

Arthur Totman , Clement Prigg and Edgar Borley, boys of Melford were charged with entering the Congregational Church at Melford and stealing 2s 9d, Edgar Borley said they broke open a cupboard which contained the money, they parted the money equally and went to Sudbury and spent some of it on sausages, sausage rolls, jam tarts, custard, oranges, fritters, whelks, porter, cigarettes, cigarette holder, a purse and several other articles and eatables, Totman said they got in by the school window.

February 15th 1896

Frederic Boggis, a labourer of Melford was charged with setting fire to a straw stack belonging to Mr H.G.Deeks in Bull lane at Melford. Mr Deeks said the stack was worth £50, the prisoner had worked for him last harvest and he did not think he had a grudge against him, about five minutes before he had seen the prisoner in Bull lane, he said goodnight but he did not answer. Dismissed.

April 25th 1896

There was a meeting of the new Melford Parish Council at the police station on Wednesday evening, the following councillors signed the statuary declarations accepting office. Messrs Groome, labourer, S.J.Bell, licensed victualler, J.Woodhouse, operative, W.Theobald, labourer,D.Gowers, labourer, H.T.Deeks, farmer, Dr Horsford chairman of the old parish council opened the meeting.

April 25th 1896

Bury Corn market. Red wheat to 29s, white to 28s.

March 23rd 1896

Married at Kalkaska, Michigan, U.S.A. by the Rev McDermand,-- P.H.Gosling the eldest son of William Gosling of the Bull Hotel, Clare, to Blanch Swaverly, the youngest daughter William Swaverly of Kalkasta, Michigan, U.S.A.

June 6th 1996

At Clerkenwell Magistrates Court, Henry Howlett from Rattlesden, Suffolk was charged with having deposited on the premises of a meat salesman a cart load of mutton which was diseased and unfit for human consumption was fined £20 and costs of £3.

June 6th 1896

The Australian Cricketers. The Colonials scored another win by defeating Oxford University by 7 wickets.

June 13th 1896

Suffolk Summer Assizes. Arthur Totman, 14 and Clement Prigg, 12 were charged with breaking into the Congregational Chapel at Melford and stealing 2s and 9d. Totman to have 15 strokes of the birch rod and Prigg to have one day in prison.

August 1st 1896

Mr G.Reynolds, carman of Hall street, Melford has been appointed agent for the sale of Bury Free Press in Melford.

August 1st 1896

To be let at Michaelmas, HighStreet Farm, Long Melford, situated in the parish of Melford with a population of 3400, excellent house and buildings, 300 acres, which could be reduced in size, with dairy trade. Apply to Laurence Hyde Parker, agent, at Park Cottage, Long Melford.

August 1st 1896

Ex County Court Judge Woodforde died very suddenly at his residence in Long Melford on Tuesday night shortly after taking walking exercise in the evening.

August 22nd 1896

While cutting hay from last year's hay crop, the hay cutter struck through a body at Harrow the other day, the body was that of a working man and must have in the rick over a year since it was made, he must have crawled in during the night and been suffocated and covered up and built on without being observed by the farm hands, it always remain a mystery as the man has not been identified.

August 29th 1896

The extensive maltings at Long Melford which were erected a few years ago by the Lion Brewery Company of London and used solely for making malt for the company has just been offered for sale by tender, it has been purchased by Messrs Frederick Branwhite and Sons malsters of Long Melford.

September 5th 1896

Marcus Taylor of Cornard was charged with being drunk in charge while driving a horse and trap, P.C. Jillings said he saw him asleep at the bottom of the cart, he was drunk, he woke him up and he was very refractory and abusive, he kicked witness in the shin severely. 10s with 7s 6d costs.

September 12th 1896

During a review at Saarbruck Camp two squadrons of cavalry by some mistake charged into each other at full gallop, many of the men were unseated while a number of the horses were thrown down inflicting serious injury on their riders, a dozen of the troopers are it is feared fatally injured.

September 6th 1896

For sale at Lt Chadacre farm, Shimpling by direction of the executors of the late Alfred Debenham. 8 superior horses- hackney bay-mare and filly foal-9 two year old Shorthorn steers- 4 year old Shorthorn steers-30 swine-poultry-collection of carriages-implements-tools etc. Upon the Maltings farm on October 10th.

October 10th 1896

Pakenham Water Mill. Edward Crossman thanks his numerous customers for their kind patronange and he desires to inform them that he has sold the business and now resides at 25 Northgate Street at Bury (Northgate Villas) where he will be glad to receive all further communications. Mr W. C. Hitchcock is carrying on the business at Pakefield Water Mill and Mr Crossman hopes that his late customers will accord their business to his successor.

November 14th 1896

Wanted. Good general servant for farm house, one who has been out before. Apply to Mrs F. Clarke, Scotch Green Farm, Hundon, near Clare.

November 21st 1896

On Monday Rifle George's Menagerie was at Botesdale and whilst performing with the "untameable lioness" she sprang upon him placing her foot on his thigh where she left marks of her nails, she also bit his arm and drawing blood, his wife was at hand and seeing the danger she yelled loudly, he managed to knock off the lioness and made his escape, he was not seriously hurt as it was at first thought.

November 28th 1896

William Amos and Ezra Slater were charged with stealing four fowls the property of Mrs Twinn, farmer of Glemsford, Frederick Clarke, a man in the employ of Mrs Twinn said he saw defendants near the premises on the evening of November 17th, information that the fowls were missing reached Sgt Reeve and he went to Amos's house, as he entered there was a rush into the back room of the house, witness followed and discovered feathers under some linen, he also found a cock's crop and head and feathers, he arrested them, P.C.Gowing who accompanied him called his attention to a pot boiling wherein was a fowl carcase. Amos an old offender, 2 months and Slater 6 weeks hard labour.

December 26th 1896

Arthur Oakley and Totsy Twinn labourers of Glemsford were charge with trespassing in search of game at Cavendish, in Twinn's case an alibi was set up and he was given the benefit of the doubt, Oakley to gaol for being unable to pay the fine of 10s 6d and 7s costs.

1897 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 9th 1897

Sudbury Savings Bank. From a letter which has been received in Sudbury during the last few days by a gentleman of position from his friends who formerly lived in Sudbury and who now live in Ghent on the continent. They were walking were walking through the street (husband and wife) when they met the runaway bank manager Henry Cronin Pratt. The wife was the first to spot him and exclaimed to her husband "there is Pratt from Sudbury who robbed the bank, the husband tried to confront Pratt but he quickly decamped, the lady asserts it was Pratt.

January 30th 1897

A young married woman named Ellen Chapman was found dead on the roadside between Saffron Walden and Chrishall on Saturday, deceased who had been shopping was returning home when she was caught in a snow storm and unable to walk on account of the terrible state of the roads, she sank down and died from exhaustion.

February 27th 1897

Lavenham. The stock sale on Monday March 1st there are 75 prime fat beasts on offer and 100 fat swine.

February 27th 1897

Inquest at Melford police station on Maud Boreham whose body was found in the river Stour, William Boreham, labourer of Rede said it was his daughter and she had been in service in several places, her last was at Mr Branwhite's at Melford, he had not noticed anything peculiar in her manner although she suffered from headaches . P.C. Baker said in company with P.C. Towler they searched the river in the direction of Lavenham And found her body in 2ft of water.
Accidental Death.

March 6th 1897

Lavenham Fair. A large number of animals were offered for sale by local dealers and from neighbourhood, Mr Bantock had a good shed of grand animals and he disposed of about 50 of them at average prices, prices were are said to be fairly good all round, the pleasure Fair was larger than usual, Mr Alfred Bell's midgets attracted good houses not to mention the little ones delight in the shape of Mrs Westropp's rock stall, Mrs Westropp was this year represented by her daughter, this making 60 years of visits by them.

March 6th 1897

Notice is hearby given that by order of West Suffolk County Council that after the date of

September 30th 1897

the parish of Chimney Mills shall be united to form part of the parish of Culford..

March 6th 1897

Meeting of the Cavendish Parish Council. Mr Hammomond was again appointed Surveyor of the Highways at a salary of £12 per year.

March 6th 1897

On Monday afternoon Cavendish fire engine attended a fire at Pentlow Hall where a building known as the Old Court House was in flames, during the afternoon Miss Stoughton was burning rubbish, it is supposed that a spark from the chimney fell on the dry thatch.

March 22nd 1897

For some time past traces of otters have been seen along the banks of the Stour at Cavendish especially at Pentlow Hall, Mr Jarvis of Newmarket paid a visit with his otter hounds the hounds scented otters but none were found, during last winter Mr S.Prentice shot a very fine otter which weighed 24 ½ lbs and measured 4 ft in length at Pentlow Hall.

June 5th 1897

Wanted at once. A nurse for a young baby, must be a church woman. Write stating wages wanted to Mrs J. Vatcher, the Vicarage, Clare.

June 19th 1897

Annual Fair at Cavendish. The fair took place on Friday and Saturday, this fair dates back over 300 years, a good deal of business was done but judging from the attendance this year the fair itself will soon be gone.

July 10th 1897

Wanted Immediately. A pair of pit sawyers and a man to work the rack saw, 6 mont6hs work. Apply to the English Timber Merchants Peterborough or to Mr Walters at Creeting road Stowmarket where the work is.

July 24th 1897

Frederick Ambrose a mat maker of Lavenham pleaded guilty to assaulting Keziah Howe a single woman of Lavenham, complainant said defendant struck her all the way up Water Street, defendant explained that he kept company with the complainant the night in question, he then caught her in company with circus men who were in the town. 7s 6d.

August 7th 1897

Considerable excitement has been caused in military and social circles by the announcement that Captain James an old military officer and keen golfer who died recently has left the whole of his property amounting to £40,00 to his man servant excluding his nearest relatives, the terms of the will provide that on his death a portion of this money will go to his relatives. Captain James served in the Crimean war, he never married but lived alone attended only by his manservant who is an old soldier and his wife who died recently, the fortunate individual whose name is George Hunneble is a native of Boxted, Suffolk, his sister lives in Somerton and his stepmother lives in Poslingford. From a late source it is stated the man comes not into the testators estate but into the house and it's effects and annuity of £40.

August 21st 1897

On Wednesday morning a burglary was discovered at Trumpington near Cambridge, Supt Barrow and Constable Salmon were investigating in the neighbourhood and on arriving at Cambridge station they noticed two men who had booked for London, they became suspicious and questioned the strangers who said they were off on holiday but this did not satisfy the police although they were accompanied by a tennis racquet and a cricket bag which lent colour to their story, the police opened the bag and it contained valuables, seeing they were about to be arrested they made an effort to get away but were caught.

August 28th 1897

Glemsford. On Saturday last as a game of cricket was being played on sawpit meadow a serious accident happened to T. Negus the captain of Glemsford, it seems he was attempting to catch a ball and by some means he twisted his left foot and fell to the ground, he was taken home in a bath chair and Dr Waring attended him, he is progressing favourably. August 28th 1897

Died on the 21st of August at his home at Lyston Hall, Long Melford, Colonel Palmer late of the 2nd battalion the Scots Guards, the only son of the late Sir Ralph Palmer, in his 67th year.

September 4th 1897

William Chaplin a police pensioner of Glemsford was charged with stealing 2lbs of tea the property of William Smith, draper of Glemsford who said that on the 5th of August there was a fire at his premises and the Captain of the fire brigade employed defendant as a night watchman over goods that were saved from the fire, in the morning he visited his premises and saw a packet of tea protruding from Chaplin's pocket, he searched him and found 5 more packets. 1 month's hard labour.

October 9th 1897

A football club has been formed in Cavendish with the following gentlemen as officers, Rev Wilson president, Rev Larder and Dr Waring vice presidents, J.Petitt treasurer, A. Newman captain, T.Chinery vice captain, A Waring secretary, Mr C.Hammond has placed his meadow at the services of the club.

October 9th 1897

Inquest at Lawshall on the body of Richard Bell aged 55 years, Louise Bell said her husband had been butler at Chadacre Hall, Shimpling and had been caretaker there for the last 17 years, on Wednesday morning she left her husband upstairs in bed, she went to the door to speak to a boy who wanted a job, she went upstairs to speak to her husband and discovered he had cut his throat with a razor, he had been much depressed lately, he gave up the job as caretaker in August and had agreed to take a farm of 99 acres, she did not think he dreaded it. Suicide.

October 16th 1897

Melford Petty Sessions. Sarah Bowers the wife of William Bowers was charged with neglecting her children, Inspector Bridger of the N.S.P.C.C. said he visited a barn in Lavenham and found the whole of the family living there, the children ranged from 16 to 6 ½ years, on the barn floor was a heap of stable refuse which was abominable, one part of the barn was partitioned with sacking, he visited the barn again on September 13th and all the children ran away, when he examined the children's head he found they were full of vermin. £1 with 7s costs.

October 30th 1897

Terrible crime has been committed in Lamarsh which is a village 8 miles from Halstead. Ann Hume aged 74 lived in a cottage with her son Oliver a labourer aged 35, he was formerly employed on the railway by G.E.R., he had lately been behaving strangely, sometimes he would walk about the village with nothing on but a shirt, on Monday morning a farmer named Messent went to the cottage and found the door fastened, he obtained a ladder and looked in the bedroom window and saw Oliver who told him his mother was dead, she was subsequently found dead on her bed with marks on her neck as though strangled.
Police charged Hume with murdering his mother, he said yes I know, she wanted to force me to take some medicine last night and I got out of bed and got her by the throat being the strongest, that's how it was.

November 20th 1897

Lavenham. On Wednesday evening at Hill Farm at the residence of Thomas Baker a paraffin lamp exploded setting fire to the curtains, but for prompt action by a milk man employed on the farm, he quickly and pluckily tore away the burning curtains and undoubtedly saved the building as it is chiefly made of wood.

December 11th 1897

Cricketers tea at Cavendish. On Tuesday evening at the White Horse Hotel the club held a meeting and a tea, the club had played 22 matches, won 11, lost 10 and drawn 1, their veteran captain, J.Chinery made a splendid 50 not out at Bures and C.Bullock and H.Thornton did the hat trick, the bat given by Mr C.Hammond for best batting average goes to Mr Ryman of Foxearth with an average of 15

December 25th 1897

On Tuesday evening as Mr H.Ruse, butcher from Melford and Philip Sargeant, dealer were driving Mr Ruse's horse and cart from Melford Hall when the trap came in collision with one being driven by Mr Rampling of Shimpling, the occupants of both carts were pitched out with Mr Ruse sustaining several cuts on his head, Mr Sargeant had bruises on his face, Mr Rampling jumped out and escaped injury.

December 25th 1897

On Monday at the Half Moon at Clare three properties were offered for sale by Messrs Balls acting on instructions from the executors of the late George Martin. The beer house and brewery at the Plough Belchamp St Pauls was sold to Messrs Oliver of Sudbury for £1,200, three cottages and a double cottage were withdrawn.

December 25th 1897

Died at Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S A.. Harriet Maria Drake the 2nd daughter of John and Mary Mayes of Cheveley, Newmarket.