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1894-1899HaverhillEcho.html newspaper archive

April 4th 1894

Property Sale at the Rose and Crown Sudbury.
Messrs George Coote and Son conducted a sale of property at Foxearth.
Details - Lower Hall Farm with residence, homestead and 80 acres 2r 34p Mr C.J.N.Row £ 1, 250, timber extra-£ 49 12s. Accomodation land nearby, 51 acres 17p. - Mr Thomas P.Brand £ 400, timber extra,£ 12 10s. Cottage etc near Huntsman's Farm - Mr H.H.Baker,£ 35. Two cottages and gardens Mr H.H.Baker - £ 45. Pair of model cottages and gardens opposite school Mr David Ward-£ 160. Adjoining pair of cottages - Mr David Ward £ 160.
Two cottages - Mr G.L.Fisher-£ 65. Cardinall's Farm with residence and homestead and 113 acres 33p - withdrawn at £ 1, 800. Park-like pasture and arable land nearby withdrawn at £ 400. Meadow land near West mill - 5 acres 18p - withdrawn. Arable land called Po Field - 7 acres 1r 27 p.
Mr Thomas P.Brand - £ 100. Small Farm calles Bellybones. 3 acres 1r 31p Mr George Chinnery - £ 150. Three cottages, Mr James Making - £ 78 10s.
Two cottages withdrawn at £ 60. Garden ground, Mr Thomas P.Brand - £ 15.
Three cottages near Huntsmans Farm.Mr Thomas P.Brand - £ 46. Cottage opposite school, Mr David Ward - £ 75. Garden next to Chapel, Mr David Ward - £ 23. Two model cottages, police office and three cottages adjoining, Mr C.J, N, Row - £ 275. Three cottages withdrawn at £ 90.
Three cottages and Pound Piece opposite Foxearth Hall, Mr James Making £ 130. Three cottages withdrawn at £ 90. Three cottages at the entrance to Rectory stable, withdrawn. Playground paddock, 1 acre 1r 1p withdrawn at £ 180.

October 26th 1895

Two horses from Mr W.Byford of Court Farm, Glemsford, have been exported to Russia.

December 7th 1895

The new infants school in St Catherines road, Long Melford was opened with a good attendance of children.

January 18th 1896

Whilst working at Foxearth brewery on Monday, an engineer named Tuck employed by Messrs Barton the Sudbury engineers, slipped down a ladder breaking his knee-cap.

May 2nd 1896

Frederick Boughen of Cavendish was charged with tresspassing in search of rabbits on land belonging to Mr T.P.Brand at Foxearth. Charles Chapman gamekeeper for Mr Brand said he saw defendant with two other men ferreting, he asked me to forgive him. £ 2 with 11s costs.

July 4th 1896

Mr H.Gaskin, a knacker and dealer of Gt Cornard met with an accident on the railway at Cornard on Friday. Gaskin was engaged by Mr Manwood of the catgut works to cart skins back and forth across the railway line near Bakers Mill, the train caught the back of the cart smashing it and stripping the horse of its harness completely. We understand Gaskin who was a bit deaf broke three ribs and a collar bone.

August 1st 1896

On Wednesday morning last week the Three Turns Inn at Glemsford was burnt to the ground, also a fibre shed adjoining the property. The property belonged to Mrs Smith, a widow, she is also the landlady of the house. It stands at the junction of three roads hence its name, close to the railway station. It has recently been re-roofed completely with slates. The cause is undiscovered.

August 8th 1896

As Mr Gardiner of Borley was driving home from Sudbury market on Thursday evening he met with a serious accident, on reaching the top of North Street opposite the Masonic Hall, he passed a German band the noise of which startled his horse. The animal dashed into the back of a trap being driven by Mr Codling, landlord of the King William, Long Melford. Mr Gardiner was thrown violently to the ground but was not seriously injured.

February 12th 1896

At a meeting of a sub committee of Long Melford cricket club which was set up to secure a ground for the club it was reported that only one suitable meadow they could find was one belonging to Mr Bence opposite High Street Farm.

August 2nd 1898

Walter Goody, a lad from Melford was sentenced to six strokes of the birch rod for stealing 4 pints of milk from his employer, Mr C.H.Westropp of Melford Place.

May 9th 1898

A labouring man named Alban Ashard, a shepherd, was found hanging in a barn at Little Farm, Ovington, near Clare on Thursday morning.
It appeared that his wife had been ill and this had preyed on his mind.

June 4th 1898

Mary Ann Chatters, a woman from 16 Bulmer Road, Ballingdon, was charged with keeping a brothel. Two policemen had kept watch and had seen the house frequented by men, they went to the house on the 7th instant and found four men in there, two were in the cellar, in addition to defendant were Frances Cranfield and Agnes Pegg. Defendant said she was as innocent as a dying duck. 1 month hard labour, the defendant was removed shrieking and later that day conveyed to Cambridge gaol.

August 6th 1898

Frederick Charles Matthews of Middleton, a lad of 15 years met with a fatal accident on Thursday afternoon. It appeared that he went with two men to Bulmer for a load of stover and on returning he rode on the shafts, near Kitchen Farm he fell off, the front wheels of the waggon passing over him then the back wheels. Mr William Gosling a farmer from Walter Belchamp was passing and he took him to St Leonards hospital where he died.

August 13th 1898

In the allotments, flower and garden competition at Cavendish. Results - G.Ives 10 points - E.Graham - 9 S.Page - 5 Vegetables - G.Parmenter 40 G.Ives 100 A.Ives 90 Allotments of 20 rods - J.Mortlock 89 W.Brown 42 F.Chinnery 55 W.Perkins 52 Mr Suthill 37 Allotments 10 rods R.Maxim 91 W.Aleflower 29 W.Brown 55 H.Rice 49 A.Bullock 89 R.Thompson 42 Allotments 40 rods W.Everett 38 W.Alefounder 28 R.Watkinson 39 R.Maxim 26.

November 4th 1899

A ploughing match was held at Blacklands Hall, Cavendish, on Monday, it was the first of its kind held in the parish for many years. There was three prizes for men over 30 years. 1st was James Crissel - 2nd Harry Underwood - 3rd F Underwood - 4th T.Wells, the first and second prize winners work for Mr Ray, third and fourth for Mr Garrett. Second class for men over 20 and under 30. 1st Alfred Brown 2nd W.Martin - 3rd Arthur Brown, the first and second are Mr Garrett's men, the other works for Mr Allen of Houghton Hall. 3rd class for men under 20, 1st - F.Fitch, Houghton Hall - 2nd G.Wells, Blacklands.
Judges were Mr S.Ewer of Foxearth and Mr W.Coldham of Boxted.

September 24th 1898

As a man named Finch in the employ of Messrs Allen, coal merchants and malsters, was ploughing in a field called California field in East Street, Sudbury, with two horses, one slipped over the edge of the pit and fell 40 feet dragging the other one and the plough with it. One animal broke its back and died the other escaped injury and walked back to the stable.

November 5th 1898

Fire broke out in a cottage near Wakes Hall, Belchamp St Pauls in occupation of Mr Smith, flames reached the adjoining cottage occupied by Mr G.Tarbun, both cottages were burnt to the ground. They belonged to Mr Gurteen of Haverhill.

November 26th 1898

The wife of Mr John D.Plum of Pentlow has died suddenly.

March 4th 1899

Mr Denis Pearsons of Cole Farm, Otten Belchamp has a sow which gave birth to a litter a few days ago, among them was one with a head like an elephant, trunk and all, it did not live long.

March 25th 1899

On last Friday afternoon a young man named Charles Eagle Glascock, in the employ of Mr Norton was proceeding from Robbs Farm Cavendish to Hooks Hall with a threshing drum drawn by three horses he was accompanied by a man called Ellisden, after a little while they proposed riding, Ellisden riding the leader, Glascock on the shaft horse, Ellisden looked back after 20 yards and saw Glascock lying in the road, he appeared dead. He was conveyed to his home and Dr Waring was sent for, he died that night. Accidental death. A subscription was made at the inquest for the young widow who had been married only fifteen months.

March 4th 1899

A recent issue of the Organist and Choirmaster contains an interesting account written by Mr Thomas Elliston of Sudbury, of an old organ that once belonged to Handel, the great composer, and is now in the possession of Mr S.J.St Clere Raymond, J.P. of the Hall, Belchamp Walter. Handel was music master to the present owners great great aunt, Isabella Raymond, afterwards Countess of Dundonald, and was a frequent visitor to Belchamp Hall, the tradition states that the instrument at one time belonged to Handel, and in any case he most certainly used it. In corrobation of this is the fact that Handel's harpsicord, now in the British Museum, was formerly the property of the grandfather of the predecessors of Mr Raymond, and was afterwards disposed of to a connection of the family, Mr George Skinner, who presented it to the authorities 'circa' 1855. The organ is a small one, having a width of 3ft 10ins.and a height of 6ft 2ins and the depth being only 23ins. The front consists of a movable panel, and a door hung with joints. The carving, gilding and decoration are still in good state of preservation. The organ proper is constructed in two sections, the lower portion, containing the single feeder bellows only, being, in appearance, something like a large sea chest or trunk having massive brass handles to lift by, so as to be able to carried easily when the upper portion of the organ, which fits in, was lifted off. There are castors on the bottom of the four corners. A modern key board had been substituted for the original one some years before its removal from the church, but the original was fortunately preserved. Mr Elliston gives a long and technical description of the mechanism of the instrument which is of course quite different from the modern organs. When in the church the organ stood on a platform on which was fixed a long spring presumably in connection with a roughly constructed composition pedal, but the organ proper has no pedals of any description. The instrument cannot be used in its present condition, being simply set up in a rough manner. The owner of the organ writes: My Aunt, now between seventy and eighty years of age, tells me that she is sure that the organ 'did belong' to Handel, and that he gave it to my great aunt, Lady Dundonald, who was his favourite pupil.

May 20th 1899

For some time past it has been rumoured that a lady of eccentric habits and living in Belchamp St Pauls, lost a cat some thirteen years ago and later on a dog and that she preserved them in a mummified state in her bedroom. The Sanitary Inspector visited her house and found in the lady's bedroom, wrapped in linen, the remains of a dog which was smelling badly and on the foot of the bed wrapped in a petticoat the remains of a cat also smelling badly also mouldy bread and bacon rinds. When the Inspector asked her what they were for she said " it was food for the cat and dog when they woke up".

May 27th 1899

The annual fair was held on the Commons at Long Melford on Thursday, there was a good attendance of horse dealers. The pricipal dealer was Mr Bantock of Lavenham who sold 45 cart horses averaging £ 30 one reaching £ 75.

June 3rd 1899

William Deves of Belchamp St Pauls was charged with stealing eight partridge eggs out of a nest on land occupied Mr Frederick Cooper of Ashen, he did not appear and a warrant was issued Samuel Martin aged 11 years and John Martin aged nine years were charged by Mr William Prigg of Walter Belchamp with stealing two iron wheels.
Guilty-the eldest boy to receive four strokes of the birch rod and the youngest to receive three strokes.
July 1st 1899, Mr Speed, the butler at Cavendish Hall, finding that rats were doing a great deal of damage to his cellar, procured a" catch all trap" and set it nearby, on going to the trap in the morning he found he had caught 22 rats and 7 the next time he set it.

July 8th 1899

An inquest was held on Alfred Wicks, aged 34 years, a labourer of Walter Belchamp who died in St Leonards Hospital the previous morning, while under chloroform which was being administered prior to undergoing an operation on injured fingers on Friday evening.
Accidental death suffering from syncope of the heart.

July 29th 1899

We regret to announce the death of Mrs J.S.Garrett of Blacklands Farm, Cavendish. The deceased lady had been for some time suffering from an internal complaint, she gradually sank and passed away on Tuesday last. Funeral at Cavendish cemetery at 2 on Saturday afternoon.

August 5th 1899

A treat was given to the school children of Cavendish Congregational Chapel, it took place on a meadow situated in Belchamp Walter and loaned by Mr T.P.Brand of Brook Hall, Foxearth. The children were conveyed in three large vans, two belonging to Mr Garrett and one belonging to Mr Hammond, after a pleasant ride through beautiful country lanes of four miles they reached the meadow.

August 19th 1899

Whilst sheltering from a severe tempest at Cavendish, some men employed by Mr Garrett, ran under a tree for shelter, the tree was struck by lighting rendering William Brown unconcious for several hours, he is now doing well. The tree was burnt down.

September 2nd 1899

As a boy named Hayward was driving a horse and cart belonging to Mr T.P.Brand of Brook Hall, Foxearth, up North Street in Sudbury when a wheel came off pitching the lad and the other occupant, Mrs Ives, also in the employ of Mr Brand, out of the cart. The horse dragged the cart to the Plough Inn where it ran into another cart opposite the inn. The boy and Mrs Ives escaped without injury.

November 11th 1899

Mr Game of the Crown Inn, Glemsford, finding he has insufficient room to carry on his business is having a new wing added, it will consist of new bedrooms, lavatories etc and will make this popular hotel the best in the district. The work is to be carried out by Pettit and Deadman of Glemsford.

December 9th 1899

Fire broke out at Hobarts Hall, Belchamp Otten on Saturday last at about 2 p m. It appears that two lads were keeping sheep close by and they lit a fire near some stacks, they caught lightand were destroyed. The stacks were the produce of 25 acres of wheat and 5 acres of barley. They were the property of Mr Parmenter of Bevingdon Hall and the loss is covered by insurance.

December 30th 1899

The will of Joseph Stammers Garrett has been proved, the value of the estate is £ 27.506.7s 6d.