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1890 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 8th 1890

Belchamp St Pauls. On Tuesday evening, December 31st, the members of the young man’s club gave a dinner in the old brick school kindly lent by Mr James Smith to which they invited the Rev and Mrs Saulez.

January 22nd 1890

Advert. Why bear the loss of a valuable mare when you can insure against foaling risks for 5%, example sum insured £50-premium £2 10s, insure stallions and colts against castration risks, hunters etc. Apply T.W.Teverson, Barnardiston Hall, Haverhill.

January 29th 1890

Sudbury. On Saturday a little boy living at the Mount, the son of George Malyon, when his mother was at work in another room and being thirsty he went to the kettle which was boiling on the hob, clasping the handle he drank from the steaming kettle. After a few hours of intense agony he succumbed. Accidental.

February 7th 1890

Sudbury. Inquest at Sudbury Town Hall on the death of Lizzy Creswell the second daughter of William and Laura Creswell, Laura Creswell said I am the mother of the child and wife of Willian Creswell and live 7 Burkitts Lane, at about ¼ to 8 I left the deceased in my keeping room, there was a little child of between 3 and 4 in there, the fire was burning and no guard, I was away 4 or 5 minutes, when I returned her hair was burning and her nightdress was burnt up, I sent for Dr Mason, she died about 10 the same morning. Accidental.

February 16th 1890

William Smith and Arthur Otley, lads of Lavenham were summoned for causing a breach of the peace at Lavenham, P.C. Baker said he was on duty near the Guildhall, several females were going in and out of the hall, the boys were using indecent language, when I spoke to them they ran away to the other side of the market place, they called me by filthy expressions, I swear it was the defendants who used the language. Bound over in the sum of £3 each.

March 5th 1890

Stoke by Clare. Advert. Notice to brewers and others, a desirable fully licensed public house known as the Six Bells Inn also a cottage to be sold by auction at the Bell Hotel in Haverhill. Advert. A quantity of good horse shoes made from old shoes the best of coals, to be sold in cwt’s of 112 lbs at 16s for cash. Apply to Thomas Firmin, blacksmith of Bulmer Tye.

April 2nd 1890

Mount Bures. On Wednesday morning Arthur Newman a farmer of Mount Bures was alleged to have attempted to burn down the house of his mother in law, in consequence of his behaviour several people have commenced to move house. Caroline Newman said the prisoner is a cousin of mine, he passed the cottages at about 10 on the evening of 22nd inst and he swore at the inmates and said he would find his wife who had left him or he would burn the cottages down. The chairman instead of being sent for trial he would be bound over in the sum of £100 for 6 months. Enoch Martin of Belchamp aged 24 was charged with failing to send his child George to school. 1s with 4s 6d costs.

May 7th 1890

The Flowery month of May has for centuries been held sacred by lovers, last Sunday a pair of love’s vtaries started from North Street in Sudbury for a ramble, they proceeded along Melford road and turned in by the Holgate to the Borley meadows which are divided by a picturesque looking wooden footbridge, on one of the rails of the bridge the happy couple sat in a love like fashion, the lady being supported by her lover’s arms, suddenly there was a crash and a scream, the rail had broke and the lady was deposited into the water and mud, the gallant gentleman jumped in the stream and rescued her, she was led to Borley mill and attended to and with a change of clothing she was conveyed home.

May 28th 1890

Wanted. A tailor for Sudbury Union Workhouse, wage 18s per week, Apply to the clerk of the Guardians, Mr H.C.Canham. Alfred Howard of Wickham St Pauls was summoned for not sending his children Ada and Barney to school. 1s with 4s costs.

June 11th 1890

Foxearth. At the Agricultural show at Stowmarket on Thursday Mr T. P. Brand of Foxearth was awarded the special prize of £15 presented by the town of Stowmarket for the best entire cart horse of 3 years old and upwards.

June 25th 1890

Sudbury. Early on Tuesday morning some mischevious evil disposed person broke down the fence at Peoples Park and opened the gate opposite into Elliston Allen’s wheat field so that the cattle strayed into the field trampling down the corn, the cattle numbering about 140 including 9 horses were quietly grazing or resting at three o’clock. The Town Council was at once convened and met the same evening, it was decided to offer a reward of £10 to any giving information. Sudbury. On Monday evening the grass on North meadow (21 acres) was sold by auction by order of the Corporation, the grass to be cut and carted by July 7th it was sold to Joseph Wheeler of the Plough Inn for £41.

July 2nd 1890

Waldingfield. On Wednesday the little son of Josiah Steed, farmer, had a narrow escape from drowning, the little lad was trying to drive the ducks off the pond when he accidentally fell in, his mother hearing the noise rushed out and found her son in the water and with the help of a linen prop she managed to rescue him.

July 9th 1890

Helions Bumpstead. Frank Wright aged 34 a labourer, a man of idiot appearance, was charged with indecently assaulting Clara Chapman. To be detained during her Majesty’s pleasure as a dangerous person. Cavendish. There was an accident at Cavendish on Thursday week, a boy named Florrillo Brown while cutting chaff for Mr Crick of Glemsford he got his hand caught in the machine and severely injuring it, he was taken to Dr Waring’s surgery and he decided to amputate one of his fingers.

July 16th 1890

Sudbury. Success at Crystal Palace. One of our Sudbury runners named Charles King has won 1st prize (an electro plated teapot), there were 12 runners, he also won a 2nd prize in a 1 hour race where there was also with 12 runners. James Bruty aged 71, a labourer was charged with attempting a felonious assault on Mary Bunting aged 12 at Stoke by Clare. 6 months hard labour.

July 23rd 1890

Sudbury. The storm on Thursday and Friday caused heavy flooding here, the Common being covered with water and the footpath to Brundon was impassable, the new bank from the Croft bridge proved very effective in keeping in some of the water although at the Brundon end it needs widening and strengthening, North meadow was flooded and doing much damage to hay which are in cocks.

July 23rd 1890

Sudbury. The tragedy of MacBeth was acted at the Theatre Royal in Sudbury in 1828, (Sudbury then boasted a theatre which was afterwards pulled down). Amongst the audience there was a man who had been to Bury St Edmunds to see Corder hanged, such was the belief entertained in this part of the country that the supreme penalty would not be inflicted, the man who had seen him die was pestered on all sides for an account of the melancholy spectacle that he betook himself into the theatre to avoid further importunities, just as he entered the 4th scene of Macbeth was commencing and when Duncan began “is execution done to Cawdor” “yes sir” said the man, “I saw him hanged this morning and this is the last time I will answer any of your questions”, the audience was convulsed with laughter. Clare. A storm broke over Clare on Thursday night with great severity, 3 ½ inches of rain was recorded in 12 hours.

August 6th 1890

The first match on the new ground of Sudbury cricket club was played on Saturday, it is a splendid field the centre having been nicely turfed so that it nearly level. Sudbury played Bury St Edmunds.

August 20th 1890

To let this season the sole rights of shooting over the Goldingham Hall Estate at Bulmer. Apply George Turner, solicitor, Bideford, Devon. Albert Maxim, labourer of Foxearth was charged with being the putative father of the illegitimate child of Emma Metson a single woman of Birdbrook. To pay 2s per week and 17s 6d costs. Died on August 4th at Hartford, U.S.A. Joseph the eldest son of the late Joseph Barton of Church farm Arlesford.

August 27th 1890

Acton. A sad fatality has happened in this village, a poor man named Stearns lost within a week four children by diphtheria, this disease is attributed to a child bring it from London, the child being one of the holiday children which was looked after by Stearns’ mother at a cottage some short distance off, consequently the children visited their grandmother where they contracted the disease.

September 2nd 1890

To let at Belchamp St Pauls, Butlers farm containing 114 acres 3 rods 4 perches at a very low rent of 14s per acre, the landlord to pay tithes. There was great excitement in Halstead on Friday when news that a man named Felton had been stabbed by a fellow worker named Sargeant at Little Mapelstead, it appears both men were employed by Mr Brewster of Maplestead Hall when a discussion arose about work of which Felton said something to Sargeant which offended him whereupon he thrust a knife into Felton’s neck inflicting a serious wound, he now lies in a serious state.

September 17th 1890

Last Wednesday evening a sad fatal accident occurred at Newton when a labourer named James Stanton, 71, who was employed by his brother in law James Carter of Dillocks farm, as he was loading barley into a tumbril he slipped and fell off breaking his neck. Accidental. Ellis Peck a school attendance officer was charged with being the father of the child of Kate Cowen of Sturmer. To pay 2s per week until the boy is 13 and 15s 6d costs.

September 24th 1890

Belchamp St Pauls. This pretty little village was quite “en fete” on Saturday, it being the marriage day of Miss Chinery, the eldest daughter of Mr Walter Chinery of Pannel’s farm with Mr A.Bagg of Lincoln Inn, London.

October 1st 1890

William Yeldham a dealer of Lt Yeldham was charged with stealing 1 hen valued at 2s 6d the property of George Turner of the same place, the complainant said he kept the hen on a string in his yard when he missed the hen and the next time he saw it was in the prisoner’s yard tied to a linen line with a length of string. Dismissed.

October 15th 1890

Hundon. A poor woman named Emma Mayes, 52, was found dead at the side of the road on Saturday night from heart disease, the inquest was told she had been at work on the land last Saturday burning weeds, she returned home at about 6 then started out after half an hour to go to a horkey at Hundon Lion, at about ¼ past 10 she was found dead by the side of the road. Natural causes.

October 22nd 1890

Ezra Sargeant aged 37 a shepherd was charged with inflicting wounds on William Felton at Lt Maplestead on August 29th. The parties were at work in the Old House yard together when a quarrel arose, bad language was used by both sides, the prisoner was alleged to have stabbed Felton with a knife he used for cutting thistles, the prisoner said it was accidental as he was sitting with a knife in his hand as he had been cutting thistles when the complainant took hold of him and wanted to fight, he put his arm around Felton to prevent a row and accidentally caused the wound. 1 month’s hard labour.

November 12th 1890

Josiah Theobald a beerhouse keeper of Belchamp Otten was charged with keeping open his house during prohibited hours and Charles Chaplin and Daniel Reeve with being unlawfully present. P.C.Skingle said he visited the “Mill” beerhouse kept by the defendant, he saw the kitchen full of people. The defendant said Mr Parmenter’s men had a largesse supper on Saturday night and that the men came again on Monday night to finish up what was left. £1 and 13s costs. Chaplin and Reeve 2s 6d each with 8s 3d costs.

November 19th 1890

Charles and William Potter thatchers of Pebmarsh were charged with assaulting Horalie Binks a dealer of the same place. Adjourned.

November 9th 1890

Inquest at Prince Martin’s beerhouse at Belchamp Walter on Samuel Chatters of Belchamp Otten who committed suicide by cutting his own throat, the jury were shown the body which was a sickening sight. Jane Chatters said she was the widow, her husband got up early at ¼ to 5 on the 12th, he went out, she said “you are going to work early”, he said “yes I am going to look for a wedge I lost from the drill”, deceased’ s master sent a boy round at ¼ to 7 to know if my husband was ill, I dressed and went to see Mr Pratt his master, I then went to Rayner’s Grove to look for him, he was not there, I then went to se his mother, I had kept to the footpath, since last hazel time my husband was low spirited. Susan Chatters said deceased is my son, on Wednesday I met my daughter in law and from what she told me I went to search for him and found him in Rayner’s Grove. Temporary Insanity. Great sympathy is felt for the widow who has four little children to fight the battle of life.

December 17th 1890

Benjamin Deaves of Glemsford was summoned by the Sanitary Authority for neglecting to abate a nuisance, Inspector Robinson said I am the Nuisance Inspector I know the property of Mr Deaves’ he has three cottages on the Lower Road and two on Scates Hill, Glemsford, the cottages are rotten. Mr Deaves said he wanted to pull them down but the tenants will not leave.

December 24th 1890

Messrs Mason and Son of Haverhill have been entrusted with carrying out work at the Kedington bacon factory which on completion will be opened on March 1st.

1891 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 7th 1891

On Wednesday last as a poor woman named Simpson was returning to her home along Melford road to Borley when she was attacked by a large dog belonging to Mr S.A. Maw, it appears Mr Maw and his dog were out walking when they passed Mrs Simpson, Mr Maw said “good morning” and she said “you are a pretty dog”, it then sprang at her and seized her by the cheek, it was with great difficulty Mr Maw got it off her, she was taken by carriage to Dr Holden’s surgery where she was treated and is continuing to treat her, she will be permanently disfigured .

January 14th 1891

Melford. The weather being so severe has caused many of the labouring classes to be out of work, last weekend a subscription was opened and £10 was distributed among the poor and unemployed and aged.

January 21st 1891

Died at Summer County, Tennessee, U.S. --Henry the eldest son of the late Henry Roe Wade of Lt Waldingfield,Suffolk, aged 48.

February 18th 1891

Died at the Union Work-House, Sudbury, Charles Ward carrier of Foxearth, aged 70 years. Peter Twitchett, grocer of Belchamp Walter was charged with having unjust scales in his possession. 10s with 10s 6d costs. Susanah Sillitoe a baker of Borley was on the same charge was fined 5s with 10s 6d costs.

March 18th 1891

Belchamp St Pauls. There was an inquest at Mr Chickall’s farm on the body of Edward Harrington. William Harrington said deceased is my son. The Rev Saulez, vicar said he went to a cottage near the church when his attention was called to the accident, he ran and saw deceased lying beside the road, his little sister was with him, the boy was hurt in the leg and knee, he was taken home in a cart, the boy said he ran out when he got frightened by a dog, he tried to run between the elevator and the barn works when he fell. P.C.Skingle said the engine and the barn works belonged to Mr Orbell of Pentlow, the dog was harmless, the driver’s name was Philips. Inquest not necessary.

March 18th 1891

Edwardstone. On Friday evening some men returning home from work when they noticed a woman struggling on the road near Hill Green, going to assist her they found it was Mrs Sowman the wife of Benjamin Sowman who was for many years miller at Edwardstone, they assisted her to her home, when indoors for a few minutes she died. Inquest not necessary.

April 1st 1891

Sudbury. The soup kitchen was closed on Easter eve after distributing 120 dinners with a penny loaf and a pudding, over 11,00 dinners were given away during the winter.

April 22nd 1891

Advert. To be sold at Liston, a small Jersey bull, “Little Tom” aged 12 months , entered in the Jersey herd book, vol. 5. Price £10 10s. Apply J.Newman at Liston Hall, Long Melford.

April 29th 1891

Morris Barber a labourer of Belchamp Walter was charged with beating and assaulting his wife Emma Barber who said I live at Belchamp Walter, defendant is my husband, he is a hay binder, on the 9th of April I was at home between 8 and 9 defendant came in and asked if I got any tea, I said “you will have to wait a minute or two while I give the baby some food” he said “oh you b---you never have any tea” he then gave me two spanks on the head and said he would kill me, he was not quite drunk but a little the worse for beer. Louisa Firmin said I live next door to my daughter Emma Barber, she has been married for four years, she has three children, I heard my daughter scream, I went in, he had a knife in his hand. 14 days.

May 13th 1891

Messrs Bentall and Robinson have received instructions from the exors of the late Stafford Allen to sell by auction at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury on June 4th, The Melford Flax Mills situate in Liston and Long Melford—convenient residence and a range of corrugated iron buildings etc, comprising an area of eight acres, also Lapwing farm adjoining the flax mills, 26 acres and two labourers cottages.

May 20th 1891

Samuel Spooner aged 22 and Walter Tokely aged 22, labourers were charged with stealing 3s the property of Benjamun Smith of the King’s Head beerhouse at Pebmarsh. Spooner 6 months hard labour and Tokely was dealt with as a first offender.

June 3rd 1891

Advert. Ezekiel Sore of Long Melford begs to inform the Clergy and Gentry and other inhabitants of Melford that he has supplies of London Weekly newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. Shimpling. On Saturday afternoon a barley straw stack the produce of 70 acres, the property of Mr T.P.Brand of 21stShimpling Hall was set on fire by a boy of 7, the fire engine from Chadacre Hall was soon on the spot and with a good supply of water they prevented the fire from reaching the corn ricks and farm buildings on the opposite side of the road.

June 10th 1891

Melford Flax Mills were withdrawn at £1000, the fixed and removable machinery withdrawn at £275, Lapwing farm withdrawn at £1350.

June 17th 1891

Kedington. Thursday last may be noted as a red letter day in the history of the picturesque village of Kedington with the opening up of a new industry in it’s midst, manufacturing bacon and sausages etc, the property was acquired from the former brewery.

July 22nd 1891

Inquest in an outbuilding of the Fox Inn at Bulmer on the death of an old lady named Sarah Parker who while filling a pail with a jet from a pond only a few yards from her house when she slipped and fell in. The jury visited the pond and viewed the body at a cottage where it was laid out in a parish coffin, the body was much decomposed and swollen, the body being two inches higher than the coffin. Mary Messent said I am 29 years old and am the wife of George Messent who is a gardener and I live at Bulmer Tye, I knew deceased and she was about 64, she was a widow and kept house for her two sons, on Wednesday at about 12-30 I went to the pond for some water, I saw deceased in the water, I stayed to see if she moved, I concluded she was dead, I saw a pail and a jet lying nearby, in answer to the Coroner witness said a jet is a saucepan attached to a handle to scoop water out with. Accidental.

July 22nd 1891

Died on July 12th at New York, U.S.A., George Walter, the second son of J.C.Sargeant of Leavenheath and formerly of Brockley Hall, aged 37 years.

July 22nd 1891

Mrs Elizabeth Pearson, widow of Rueben Pearson applied for the transfer of an indoor beerhouse licence to be transferred to her nephew John Pearson of Lt Yeldham, the chairman asked what the population was in Belchamp, Inspector Elsey said it was about 300 in the 1881 census and only one fully licenced beerhouse. Granted.

July 29th 1891

Edward King the Gt and Lt Waldingfield postman who recently died after a few days illness leaving a widow and two sons, Mr Hills the postmaster of Sudbury wrote to the secretary of the Benevolent Memorial Society and a grant of £5 was made to the widow. A severe accident happened to a man named James Underwood of Lyston Gardens who was employed by Mr Shepherd Ewer, having loaded up the last waggon of hay and was about to return to the farm when he fell from the load on to the road sustaining injuries to the body and limbs and breaking his collar bone, we regret to hear the poor man’s condition is in considerable danger.

August 19th 1891

Inquest at the Colne Valley Arms, New England, on the death of Darvil Hannibal aged 4 ½ who met his death on Thursday morning by falling off a chaff box drawn by a traction engine belonging to Mr E.Baldock. Charles Hannibal said deceased is my son, I am 45 years old, I live at Birdbrook and am a bricklayer, deceased was going to Wixoe school, he was very fond of running behind carts as other children are, Richard Hannibal aged 10 years said yesterday morning we were going to Wixoe school, Mr Baldock.s engine caught us up, there were 5 children running behind, my brother ran to an iron bar between the elevator and chaff box, I ran to get him off, he was swinging on the bar and he was tiring, I tried to get him off, he fell off and the hind wheel went over his head, I did not see a man with a red flag in front. Accidental.

September 9th 1891

Lawshall Harrow with bakehouse attached was sold to Messrs Mauldon of Sudbury for £760.

September 23rd 1891

Ridgewell. For some time past about 50 men have been employed by Mr Jarvis of Clare in making alterations to Ridgewell Hall and extensive farm buildings have been erected, the late Mr Giblin, father of Mrs Boldero, had occupied the Hall for 50 years, Mr and Mrs Boldero have taken on the new residence and they evince the greatest interest in the welfare of the less wealthy inhabitants.

October 14th 1891

John Byford, a labourer of Belchamp Walter was charged with neglecting to maintain his wife who is chargeable to the Sudbury Union, Mr Gunn, the relieving officer said he went to see the defendant who was mowing barley, he gave no reason for not maintaining his wife, he was able bodied and a horse keeper but he would be better if he kept from drink. 14 days hard labour.

October 21st 1891

Melford. There was an inquest on Sunday morning on a little fellow named Ward Adams aged 1year 10 months, Thomas Adams said I am a shoemaker at Melford and the deceased is my son, on Sunday morning last at about 9 o’ clock I went to Mr Richold’s yard which adjoins my yard for some water, deceased was with me, Miss Richold gave him a plum, I told the child to show it to his mother, I returned for some more water and when I got back my wife came running out saying the child had eaten the plum and he could not get his breath, I shook him and put my finger in his mouth, I went for a doctor, in quarter an hour he was dead. Accidental.

October 21st 1891

Died at Winnipeg, Canada, on the 26th of September, Sarah Day the relic of Sgt William Deacon of the 14th foot and R.C. Rifles also the mother of Henry and George Deacon and of Mrs John Brown of Montreal.

November 4th 1891

Sudbury. William Heard 16, John Mathewman 14, William Wellum 10, all of Cross Streeet, Sudbury, were charged with stealing apples from Mr E.Allen’s orchard at the Grove,Ballingdon. Alfred Carter 12 said he saw 3 boys standing near the “Seven Arches” Ballingdon, they went on to the line then into Mr Allen’s orchard. Dismissed.

November 11th 1891

Mr Walter Whitlock of Gt Yeldham has been awarded the cup for the best flock of Suffolk sheep, Mr Shepherd Ewer of Foxearth was runner up. William Deal of Belchamp St Pauls was charged with being on licensed premises during prohibited hours, P.C.Skingle said he visited the “Kicking Dickie” beerhouse at Ovington kept by John Marking, he saw the defendant in the tap room with a mug of beer, he asked the landlady what he was doing there, she replied she asked him where he came from before serving him, he replied Melford. Dismissed. George Newman, Alfred Deal and Henry Reeve of Belchamp Otten were charged with falsely representing themselves to be travellers, P.C.Skingle said he saw them in the “Kicking Dickie” at Ovington, the landlady said they came from Melford. Dismissed with a caution.

November 18th 1891

On Tuesday last Mr Hammond of Nether Hall in Cavendish was riding alone on the Pentlow road when he was run into by a team of horses drawing a waggon, when he was extricated it was found he had a broken arm.

November 18th 1891

Cavendish. The following paper was found in an old house in the parish which was undergoing repairs, it shows Cavendish 70 years ago was not a desirable place to live. March 1822. The poor in this parish are so numerous that it is feared money cannot be raised to support their exigencies, several once opulent farmers are now reduced to pauperism, the farmers cannot now pay their labourers, if any relief can be afforded the church wardens and overseers would like to be informed where to look for it, we hope the truth of this observations these may be known of by our neighbouring magistrate Col. Mathews of Pentlow Hall, the poor for want of employment are daily committing thefts and robberies. Died on November 3rd—John Chickall of Lower Hall Foxearth, suddenly aged 62.

December 2nd 1891

Cavendish. The death of Major Hinchcliff was known by the London morning papers arriving in Cavendish when they were found to contain the sad news of an accident to Major Hinchcliff at his residence in Devon, Major Hinchcliff was a tenant at Pentlow Hall, his kind heart and genial nature won him much esteem, he was found shot in the abdomen about 8-30 on Monday evening, he had gone out rabbit shooting and in the act of getting over a gate the gun went off accidentally. Major Hinchcliff went through the Indian Mutiny.

December 2nd 1891

James Cutts, labourer, was charged with stealing a piece of pork from Fred Ruse, butcher of King’s street. Frederick Warren said he was 12 years old, he was in Kings’street on Saturday evening, he noticed the prisoner standing near Mr Ruse’s shop, he saw him take a large piece of pork and run away. 2 moths hard labour.

December 16th 1891

Sudbury. Alfred Carter 12, Edward Woodgate 14, Alfred Risby 13 and Charles Binks 7 were charged with breaking two public lamps, Joseph Hempstead, lamp lighter for Sudbury Gas Works, proved the case against the boys. Adjourned.

December 23rd 1891

Pentlow. The hearts of many persons were gladdened last Saturday by the invitation from Mrs Stoughten of Pentlow Hall to a spread, at 3 the children assembled at the school and they marched down the hill accompanied by the Rector and the school mistresses, close behind came all the widows and old women of Pentlow, there was soon a vigorous onslaught on the good things. Notwithstanding such kindness the voters are told “the undue influence of Parsons and Squires must be broken”.