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1890 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 4th 1890

Another Glemsford man in trouble. James Johnson a mat maker of Glemsford was charged with taking a partridge, Harry Twinn said he heard a report of a gun in a meadow called Johnson's Lay, he saw him stoop and pick up a partridge which was wounded. Adjourned.

January 18th 1890

James Johnson was fined 7s with 5s costs or in default 7 days.

(There are numerous reports on law breaking in Glemsford, I only copy those I find interesting. GH)

January 25th 1890

Lidgate. It will be interest many readers to know that Mr Philip Hammond of Lidgate was appointed sub postmaster on December 13th 1835, 5 years before the penny post, he handed the business over to his son after 55 years as postmaster in Lidgate. He was the first post office official in Lidgate, before that time letters had to be called for at Newmarket and a carrier named Joe Rowling of Wickhambrook generally brought them, sometimes he was gone three days, 6d was charged for a letter from Bury and Cambridge and 10p from London, when the so called penny post came out to this village there was 2p to pay the post office but when free delivery came people were wonderfully pleased. Mr Hammond relates that once a lady owed 2s 6d for letters and he declined to deliver them without payment, the woman complained to Squire Pawsey without telling him the circumstances and he wrote to the Post Master General, an official was sent from Ipswich in great haste, he asked the innkeeper with whom he stayed "has your postmaster been stealing letters" and when he saw Mr Hammond, he said "what's amiss have you been stealing letters" hearing the full particulars of the case, he said "is that all then good-day". An attempt was made to get Mr Hammond a pension but as he works as a harness maker it failed.

January 25th 1890

Fire broke out in the stackyard at Clopton Hall, Wickhambrook occupied by Mr George Willoughby at about midnight on Sunday by which a wheat stack, the produce of 12 acres and a barley stack the produce of 14 acres were destroyed, but for the strenuous efforts and exertions of willing hands who were attracted to the spot by the flames things could have been worse, Clare fire engine was sent for but it did not answer the call. Supt Bardwell, Sergeant Smith and three constables rendered valuable help.

January 25th 1890

The Long Melford Gas and Coal Company Ltd of which Mr Row is secretary has made a fair start showing a dividend of five per cent to the shareholders.

February 1st 1890

A stag which was kept at Capt Miller's at Cavendish Hall has made it's escape, no intelligence has been received of it's whereabouts and Capt Miller has offered £5 reward for information.

March 1st 1890

Clare. Selling livestock by weight. This practice seems to be extended ,on Tuesday morning last a pony was placed on the weighbridge in the High Street in Clare so that it's weight may be seen for the purpose of sale, the parties in the transactions were "Darkey" Chambers of Ovington and "Fuddle" Parker of Clare, the animal weighed 5 ½ cwt and was bought for three farthings a pound

April 19th 1890

Deaths. On April 13th 1890, Oscar, the child of George and Emily Chinnery, aged 8 years.

May 10th 1890

Newmarket and Thurlow Hunt. The committee and members of the Newmarket and Thurlow hunt have appointed Capt Miller of Cavendish Hall master in succession to Mr T. Gardener who is giving up the position which he has held for seven years. Captain Miller then entered the room and was received in a manner that left no doubt as to his popularity

March 24th 1890

Deaths. At Glemsford, Elenor, aged 87 years, relic of the late William Carter of Hole Farm , Belchamp St Pauls.

June 28th 1890

Cricket. Glemsford v Lawshall, played at Glemsford ending in victory for the visitors by 2 runs . Lawshall 64, Glemsford 62.

June 28th 1990

Cricket. Glemsford v Lawshall. Played at Glemsford and ending in a victory for the visitors by two runs.

July 19th 1890

Halstead Board of Guardians. It is reported that a cottage occupied by Charles Kemp at Tilbury in Essex was overcrowded two bed rooms being occupied by two adults and six children, the deficiency of cubic space being 1,500 feet, an order was made for abatement of the nuisance.

July 19th 1890

Annual Sale at Kesgrave of 5,200 lambs and sheep on Friday July 25th.

August 3rd 1890

On Sunday last during the absence of the postmistress from home at Stanstead post office the post office was broken into and stamps and money to the value of £1 were stolen, entry was afforded through a window.

August 30th 1890

William Twitchett,a dealer from Clare was summoned for furious driving on the highway at Clare, Supt Bardwell stated that the defendant was drunk. To pay a fine and costs to the amount of 10s 6d.

September 20th 1890

Wanted. A shepherd to see after 15 score of ewes. Apply to Mr C.W. Lord at Acton.

September 20th 1890

Inquest at Dillicks farm at Assington occupied by Charles Salter on the body of James Stanton aged 71 who was killed by falling from a tumbril whilst at work in the harvest field on the 10th inst. Henry Frost, labourer said that he was harvesting with the deceased and Walter Woodgate carting barley, Woodgate said he was loading the tumbrel when he heard deceased shout "I shall be done" when he looked to see why deceased was shouting he saw deceased on the ground, Woodgate unbuttoned his shirt and sent the boy named Baldwin for Mr Salter who came at once and sent for the doctor but he was dead. Accidental death.

October 25th 1890

Clare. On Thursday last a man named Dyson was shooting rooks in a field belonging to Mr Jones when he stuck his gun into some faggots while he was cracking walnuts, on retaking his gun it went off, the charge entering his shoulder , Dyson made his way home the doctor was sent for,it was found amputation of the arm near the shoulder was necessary, he is going on well.

November 29th 1890

Lavenham death rate. Doctor Varley writes, "it may interest people who hear from relations in Lavenham that the number of deaths from January 1st of this year till now November 21st that from all causes is 38, this return includes 5 from measles, 7 from whooping cough, 3 from typhoid fever, 2 from other fevers, our population last census was 1838,our death rate is therefore 50 per cent more than it ought to be, now Sir, I want to know what the people of Lavenham want to know is what the Rural Sanitary Authority is going to do about it and stop the bitter crying of our dear little ones that are suffering and dying from measles and typhoid.

December 20th 1890

Melford Petty Sessions. Mr Robinson the Inspector of Nuisances made an application to the Bench on behalf of the Rural Sanitary Authority in respect of cottages in Glemsford owned by Mr B.Deaves and the tenanted by Thomas Brown, William Amos, Samuel Piper, Josiah Brown and John Amos at Skates Hill which are in untenable, in the two in Skates Hill the joists in the upper rooms have rotted away and the place is in dangerous, the walls in the three cottages in Lower road are neither wind or waterproof, they are unfit for human habitation. An order was made that the houses may not be occupied until made fit for human habitation.

1891 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 3rd 1891

On Monday morning last, Mr Rose of Sudbury shot a fine specimen of the Grey Shrike near the Brundon estate which he will preserve and set up, the species is sufficiently scarce in this country to make it a valuable addition to a collection.

February 1st 1891

Death. On January 27th at Skates Hill, Glemsford aged 97, Benjamin Deaves.

February 21st 1891

Melford. On Friday morning last the neighbours of Liston Lane were somewhat startled by reports that James Holliton a navy pensioner had been found dead in his house, it appears deceased who is 67 years old had only recently resided in the cottage.

February 28th 1891

For sale at the George Hotel in Cavendish on March 5th, the George Hotel Cavendish, fully licensed and lately occupied by Mrs Hammond, also the Five Bells, fully licensed, situated on the Green, doing a good beer trade and in occupation of Mary Deeks.

March 7th 1891

Glemsford. James Oakley aged 35, William Debenham 22 and John Boreham aged 21 were charged with entering and armed with guns, lands in occupation of William Goodchild to take or destroy game. Oakley who has several times been convicted for game offences was sent to gaol for 2 months hard labour, Boreham and Debenham who had also been in trouble sent to prison for 1 month's hard labour.

March 7th 1891

Property sale at Cavendish. The George Hotel, occupied by Mrs Hammond at a rent of £24 per annum with the tenant being tied as to the purchase of malt was sold to Mr William Wallace for £1080, the Five Bells was withdrawn at (illegible) perhaps £90.

March 21st 1891

Advert. Wanted a good general servant or temporary help, plain cooking, three in family, housemaid kept. Apply to Mrs Manners Smith at Barnardiston Rectory, Haverhill.

April 4th 1891

From the New York Herald. A shocking act of revenge by Italians as a result of the lynching of one of their compatriots at New Orleans, some 700 Italians are working on the railroad known as the Cambden System when news of the lynching reached them, they were discussing it among them selves when a Scotchman named McCaul the foreman of the gang said "the citizens of New Orleans did just right" this remark greatly incensed the Italians who immediately fell upon McCaul and killed him and mutilated his body in a terrible manner.

April 4th 1891

Fires at Glemsford. On Monday last, George Creake of Brooke Street and a friend or two were amusing themselves shooting sparrows on his house and between them they managed to set fire to the thatched roof, fanned by a strong wind it began to spread and but for the timely arrival of some friends it would have been more serious, as it was the thatch had to be stripped. There was another fire in Glemsford in the house of Mr Slater in Bell's Lane, fortunately it was discovered in time.

April 25th 1891

A serious fire at Glemsford occurred on Friday morning last in the double tenement owned and occupied by Mr Robert Allen situated in New Cut, the fire originated in a garret where is stored a quantity of rushes and osiers etc used by Mr Allen in making baskets and chairs. The alarm was given and a number of willing hands speedily attended but their efforts were in vain as within half an hour the roof fell in with one or two of the more adventurous spirits having to run for their lives, the cause is unknown and the house was destroyed.

May 9th 1891

Farms to let at Michaelmas at Boxted. Breggons Farm 175 acres with good house and farm buildings also Tittle Hall adjoining, about 165 acres god farm buildings, to be separated or together. Apply to Mr Coldham, farm bailiff at the Home farm,Boxted.

April 25th 1891

Glemsford. Another death of an operative at the hair factory in Glemsford has occurred the victim being a young woman named Ada Crick who was employed in the drawing or dressing department, the cause appears the same as the other instances, a small pimple on the neck became inoculated and being neglected for a few days the poison passed through the system, the poor girl was at work till Thursday morning last week and being unable to stop any longer she showed it to Dr Waring but too late as on Saturday night she was found dead.

May 30th 1891

For Sale. In the parishes of Long Melford and Liston. Messrs Bentall and Robinson have received instructions from the trustees of the late Stafford Allen to sell by auction the Melford Flax Mills with convenient residence and a range of buildings, carding rooms etc. A freehold farm known as Lapwing farm situated in Liston and adjoining the Flax Mills, 26 acres 1 rod 39 perches. To view contact Mr -of Lapwing farm.

July 11th 1891

Clare. Inquest at the Half Moon Hotel on the death of Elizabeth Mears domestic servant to Mr Fitch whose body was found in a stream known as the Chilton ditch. The father of the deceased said that his daughter had been an inmate at Melton asylum. Miss Jessie Clark said that during the absence of Mrs Fitch from home she had resided with Mr Fitch her uncle as housekeeper and that on Saturday morning he knocked on her door and said Lizzie was missing and in going into her room she found a note which clearly showed she intended to commit suicide. Mr Bacon, the station master, said he found a body in a stream near the railway sheds and on taking it out of the water there was a strong smell from her mouth which showed deceased had drunk part of a bottle labelled poison which was found in her room near the bedroom door. Found drowned.

August 1st 1891

For Sale in Essex. Part in Belchamp Otten and part in Belchamp St Pauls at the Rose and Crown at Sudbury by Messrsa Balls and Newman who have been instructed by the mortgagees to sell by auction the highly productive estate known as White House farm, 129 acres with house and stables and good deep arable soil. Lot 2, Sewell's farm, 99 acres. Lot 3. Valuable accommodation known as Mussel Field, 9 acres.
Also good freehold farm in Belchamp Otten by order of the mortgagees, property known as "Old House" or Hobarts farm comprising brick residence and 170 acres .

August 1st 1891

Long Melford. Will of Sir William Hyde Parker Bart. The gross value has been sworn at £24,262,15s 4d, the personal estate of the late Capt Sir William Hyde Parker J.P. D.L. of Melford Hall who died on the 24th of May last aged 65, he was the second son of Vice Admiral Sir Hyde Parker C.B.

September 5th 1891

Lawshall. Messrs Biddell offered for sale on Wednesday evening the well known hostelry known as the Harrow Inn together with a lucrative baking business. It passed into the hands of Messrs Mauldon of Sudbury for £760.

September 12th 1891

Advert. Wanted. Eight non society bricklayers, wages 7d per hour, none but good workmen need apply, a winters' work guaranteed. Apply by letter to Hatton and Kett, builders, Cambridge.

September 26th 1891

A frightful accident occurred at Belchamp St Pauls in Friday evening at about 6 on the premises of Mr Pratt, a young man named George Newman aged 28,was helping at a threshing machine when his left arm was drawn in among the wheels, the machinery was stopped but not before his arm was wrenched off and his hand was taken clean off, he was at once placed in a cart and taken to Sudbury hospital where he was attended by Dr Lynch, he died a ½ hour later, his parents arrived to see him but he was dead.

October 24th 1891

Football. The Melford club opened the season last Saturday by defeating Haverhill 2-1. Melford team was. W. Perry goal. C.Andrews W.Ambrose backs, W. Mills, B.H. Hurst and W. Ringer, half backs. J.O.Steed, T.Parmenter, A. Theobald, W.Boggis, A.Hurst, forwards.

October 24th 1891

Melford. Inquest at the Bull Hotel on the body of Ward John Adams aged one year and ten months. Thomas Adams said that between 9 and 10 the previous Sunday, Miss Richold a neighbour gave his son a large white plum and two biscuits, shortly afterwards his wife brought the baby in her arms saying it had eaten a plum and could not get his breath, he took the child and shook it and tried to get his fingers down his throat but could not. Accidental Death.

November 21st 1891

Hundon. On Friday morning at about 1 o' clock fire broke out at Bable Green on the property of John Savage, it consumed 3 cottages, two barns, stables, piggeries and a quantity of corn, the origin is unknown.

November 21st 1891

Long Melford. Members of the "Shepherd's Success" Lodge celebrated their 18th anniversary on Tuesday, there were about 65 members attending at the Lion Hotel, names as follows, Mr J.Campbell presided, among others present were C. Spilling,chairman, Dr Horsford, Mesers Whittle,C.Sewell, treasurer, Kidson, Blythe, Thurston, Candler, Ruse, Badham, Sore, Silver, Cooper, Lawrence, G. Reynolds secretary.

December 12th 1891

The annual show under the auspices of the Smithfield Club opened on Monday at the Agricultural Hall at Islington. Pigs of the black breed , Class 24 pen of 2 pigs of the black breed not exceeding 12 months, highly commended, single pig of the black breed T.P.Brand of Melford.

December 19th 1891

A young man named Bertie Clarke of Stanstead formerly employed by Messrs Kole's hair factory at Glemsford has been missing for some days, his body has been found after a week's search on Wednesday in a piece of water which is called "Bible Hole," he left a memo behind stating "if you want to find me you will find me in the "Bible Hole".