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1888 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

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May 2nd 1888

There was an inquest at Stoke Lion at Stoke by Clare on the death of the unnamed illegitimate male child of Sarah Everitt, Mrs Clark, a midwife, said the child was born healthy on March 24th. Sarah Everitt said she put the child in the care of her mother as she wanted to get back to work in service, her mother brought the child up on cow’s milk and other foods, her mother said she gave the child ½ pint of skimmed milk with water and arrowroot, cornflower and a few drops of port wine, she fed the child according to the advice of Mrs Kimmers who lived next door, on April 19th the child was taken ill and the doctor was sent for, he said the child was not fed properly as the child was emaciated by improper food. Verdict accordingly. Arthur Firmin and Josiah Gibbons, labourers of Liston, were charged with stealing 2 gallons of beer valued at 2s from George Chinnery of Foxearth. 1 month hard labour for both.

May 9th 1888

Swallows and cuckoo’s have frequently seen and heard in the neighbourhood of Brundon and in the evening the trills of the nightingale has echoed through the woods. Gt Thurlow. Inquest on Joseph Smith of Lt Thurlow who was run over by a waggon which he was driving, deceased was in the employ of Mrs Pratt of Morley Moat, Bradley, he was returning from Haverhill and was in sight of his house when the accident happened. Accidental. May 9th 188. The death at Pentlow of Mary Carder aged 72 who for many years was mistress at Pentlow school .

May 16th 1888

There was a meeting of the inhabitants of Ballingdon Brundon in the vestry of All Saints church “to take into consideration the alterations of the Parliamentary Boundaries”.

May 23rd 1888

Advert. Ward and Son, Brewers of Foxearth. Beers brewed from malt and hops only. Delivered in 18--9 and 4 ½ gallon casks. Mr T.W. Brooke, grocer of the Market Hill in Sudbury will be pleased to receive your orders.

May 23rd 1888

To be let—Goldingham Hall Farm Estate, Bulmer, containing 426 acres, superior dwelling house, commodious farm buildings, situate 3 ½ miles from a town with a station. Apply to George Turner, solicitor, Bideford, Devon. Death on May 13th at Cavendish, Frances Brand, widow of the late Thomas Brand of Pentlow, aged 83 years.

May 30th 1888

Ellen O’Brien, aged 39 years, a married woman on the tramp, was charged with stealing a coat at Latchingdon, Essex. 1 month.

June 6th 1888

The Rev Leakey of Acton in applying to the Melford bench said , I undertook the charge of a boy, a “waif and stray”, I placed him in a farm house, the parties can do nothing with him, can you assist in getting him into an industrial school, I believe he is near 16 years, the clerk said “the bench has no power to act.

June 27th 1888

Inquest at the Lion Inn at Steeple Bumpstead on the body of William Wallage aged 15 who died on Tuesday from injuries received on May 9th by being struck by a quoit thrown by a lad named Humphrey of the same village. Accidental.

July 11th 1888

Melford. On Monday afternoon some men were on the “Saint Monday Holiday” when one of them named Whittle fell and broke his leg, he was conveyed home where he will stay for several weeks.

August 1st 1888

To be sold at Gt and Lt Waldingfield sometime in August—The Fox beerhouse with a meadow and a field—23 cottage tenements—wheelwright’s shop etc, by order of the trustees of the late Thomas Hills. The licence of the Windmill beerhouse at Otten Belchamp to be transferred from Josiah Barrel to Josiah Theobald.

August 22nd 1888

The Fox beerhouse at Lt Waldingfield which was put up for sale at £100 after keen bidding mainly from Messrs Green,Oliver and Mrs Mauldon it was purchased by Mr King of Green and Son.

September 12th 1888

Pebmarsh. During the storm on Sunday night, two horses belonging to Mr Charles Start a farmer of Pebmarsh which had strayed on to the road were struck by lightning and killed.

October 3rd 1888

To let, outdoor beerhouse and grocers shop with bakehouse, garden, outbuildings with two acres of grass. Apply James Pearson of the Eight Bells Brewery at Belchamp Walter.

October 10th 1888

Charles Bugg of Monks Eleigh was charged with assaulting Griggs of Milden, it appears that on the 10th defendant was in the King’s Head at Monks Eleigh the worse for drink when he struck the complainant in the face, the police officer said Bugg was an army reservist and had only been home three months and this was not the only time he had misbehaved. 5s with 21s costs.

October 10th 1888

Bulmer. On Tuesday Messrs Balls and Newman sold at Goldingham Hall the live and dead stock of the late Joseph Byford. The principal farmers and dealers of the neighbourhood were in attendance. Five horses were in the 1st stable and five in the second, in the third were ten horses, the implements were sold first and realized a fair price, afterwards the company assembled round the ring and the horses were a wonderful lot, the highest figure was 39 ½ guineas for an attractive black mare who is fit for agricultural or city work.

November 14th 1888

Otten Belchamp. There was an inquest at White House farm at Otten Belchamp on the body of Caroline Firmin the sister of Mrs John Offord of White House farm. It appears that on Monday morning at about breakfast time deceased poisoned herself with a dose of prussic acid which she had obtained some months ago for the purpose of destroying her dog, the poison had not come to hand at the time the dog died, the deceased who resided at Gages farm at Belchamp St Pauls for many years was living with her sister Mrs Offord and her husband, she was not aware till a week before that Mr Offord was giving up the farm and going to live at White House farm, she was greatly distressed at leaving Gages and depressed, she was constantly watched by the family who thought her condition was critical. Unsound mind.

December 5th 1888

Lt Yeldham. At Essex Assizes William Turner pleaded guilty to burglary at the dwelling house of his father David Turner and stealing £1, a shirt, jacket etc. His Lordship said he feared the way the prisoner was going he was going to the bad as he has had several convictions. 8 months hard labour.

December 5th 1888

Stradishall.. At Suffolk Winter Assizes, George Chapman aged 30 a labourer was charged with throwing upon Mary Dearsley a corrosive acid to do her bodily harm, the prosecutrix said she was employed at the Hound Inn at Stradishall as a domestic, she had been keeping company with the prisoner , on Sunday evening she was going up the street she met the prisoner and he threw the liquid over her. 2 months hard labour.

December 5th 1888

Wattisham, Thomas Long a farmer was charged with an unnatural offence, two labourers named Burman and Hoddy on whom the case depended had witnessed the commission of the offence through an aperture in a wall on his father’s farm, they made no attempt to interfere only to laugh amongst themselves, they did not mention they occurrence till ten days later. Mr Justice Matthew summing up described them as two of the most filthiest and shameless fellows he had ever seen in the witness box. The jury found the prisoner guilty but recommended mercy on the subject of his mental condition and they desired that the two witnesses be reprimanded, the Judge said how can you reprimand them when you acted on their evidence, the prisoner was bound over in the sum of £50.

1889 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 2nd 1889

Witham. A serious accident happened on Wednesday to a man named Newell who is employed by the Honourable C.H.Strutt of Wickham Hall, he was fastening up some cows when one of them threw it’s head up and it’s horn plunged into the man’s right eye, the poor fellow who was suffering great pain was taken to Dr Gimson who came to the conclusion that the eye was totally destroyed. On Sunday night 30 fowls were stolen from a shed situated on a farm near Rodbridge at Melford, the place is known as the Bone Mills and is the property of Alfred Salter, foot marks were observed to cross the railway and out of the gates into Borley road.

January 23rd 1889

Essex County Council Election. Letter of hanks from Mr J.S.Gardiner to electors of the Belchamp division. Ladies and Gentlemen, I beg to thank you most sincerely for the honour you have conferred on me to be your member by a majority of 2 to 1, etc, yours, James Spalding Gardiner, Borley Lodge.

March 13th 1889

To be sold by auction by directions of Mr John Dyer, proprietor. The Brook Public House at Gt and Lt Cornard, a valuable full licensed roadside Inn doing a large beer and spirit trade, comfortable dwelling house adjoining with stables, carriage house, large garden, also the Globe beerhouse in North Street, Sudbury.

March 13th 1889

Our old parish churches. Belchamp Walter. This church and manor belonged originally to Aberie de Vere the ancestry of the great Earls of Oxford. Borley. This manor belonged to the half sister of William the Conquerer, the advowson of the rectory was for many years in the Crown.

March 13th 1889

James Starling of Boxted was charged with assaulting Alfred Claydon, game-keeper at Boxted Hall who said he was in the company of Starling and James Brown in a beerhouse at Finsted End, we left together, I had occasion to stop, the others walked on, I saw defendant on the side of the road, I said “you up”, he said come and feel my pockets, I said “I don’t know who you are” he said “see if I have any snares in my pocket” “you think you can do what you like about here” he struck me, I fell and he plunged me, Mrs Albon came out to get him off me, she went for James Brown, Mrs Brown also took my gun off me. Dismissed.

March 20th 1889

Advert. Lost, a red poll fat heifer on the 18th between Bulmer and Sudbury. Apply to A. Spring, butcher, Sudbury.

April 10th 1889

Charles Bryant, aged 12 of Ballingdon was summoned for throwing a stone on Friday 28th inst at John English aged 13, who said I live at Bulmer and I am the son of George English, I was riding down Church street in Sudbury on a pony, the two Nott’s were in a cart just ahead of me, we were all coming from the grammar school at about ¼ to 5, defendant threw stones at me and hit my pony in the leg, the pony kicked and threw me off, I saw defendant the next day at All Saint’s school, my father was with me also P.C. Nixon, I picked him out. The clerk said this is the first case to come before this bench under Probation of the First Offenders Act and it would not rank as a conviction against the defendant’s after life but costs of 6s must be made.

April 10th 1889

Belchamp St Pauls. Two fine vixens have been found dead from the effects of poisoning near a spot formerly known as Northy wood, two litters of cubs, six in each, were starved and ten out of the dozen were found at Gages farm, the members of the hunt are highly indignant at the discovery especially as two dead foxes were found last year in the neighbourhood, we understand a reward has been offered for the discovery of the perpetrators of this cowardly act.

April 17th 1889

Sudbury. At about midday on Sunday as a gang of barges was coming from Pitmore or Lamarsh Lock, the bargeman’s son who was riding the horse along the tow path when he discovered a corpse in a stream also a hat which had under it a letter to a female, the body was taken from the water and the police and a doctor were sent for, the body was taken to the Five Bells in Gt Cornard and deposited in an outhouse. The body was that of a young man named John Shave aged 20, he is an apprentice at Mr Barton’s engineering and had a love affair which went wrong. Temporary insanity. Melford. On Monday afternoon as Mrs Munson who lives at Rodbridge near the old Melford—Sudbury Tolgate was drawing water from an open well, for some reason she over balanced and fell 40 ft to the bottom where there is 11 ft of water, fortunately she caught hold of the chain and wrapped it round her arm and called for help, some children heard her and two men and her neighbours soon arrived and extricated her, she seems to have had only a shaking.

May 1st 1889

To be let by tender at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer in three lots up to September 28th for grazing purposes by sheep or bullocks only, about 26 ½ acres of first rate old meadow land, well watered.. Can be viewed on application to J.Humm, farm bailiff.

May 8th 1889

To be sold by auction at the White Hart, Bocking, a valuable free-hold beerhouse with a blacksmith’s shop known as Bottle Hall situated on the road between Sible Hedingham and Toppesfield now in occupation of Mr L.Smith.

May 8th 1889

The Creswick Advertiser published on March 29th a list of members returned for Clures and Allendale to the Victoria Parliament in Australia,amongst them was A.J.Peacock who was the ex president of the Australian Native Association, he is the son of Mr J. H. Peacock and grandson of Mr A.Peacock formerly of Sudbury.

May 22nd 1889

Pebmarsh. Henry Cook who is in the employ of Mr Coles of Gestingthorpe whilst working with a chaff cutter at Pebmarsh happened with a serious accident which caused him to lose an arm below the elbow, he was conveyed to St Leonards hospital where it was amputated successfully by Dr Holden, the poor man is getting on as well as can be expected, when a child he had lost the other arm in an accident.

July 10th 1889

On Friday last at about noon a special luggage train from Cambridge before the gatekeeper at Liston could open the gates it dashed through them, there was no other damage.

July 24th 1889

Wanted. A four knifed Maynards chaff cutter. Apply Partridge and Sons, Kersey. Melford. We understand the piles of the bridge at Rodbridge require splicing and in consequence of this it is advisable as far as possible to lighten the traffic. The contractors are Thomas Elliston and Sons of Sudbury. The Wickambrook foal and colt show held it’s first show on Mr Dennis’s meadow and it was entirely successful. Thomas Lawrence a beerhouse keeper of Lt Yeldham was summoned for allowing two horses to stray on the highway at Castle Hedingham, the defendant pleaded guilty but said a boy was with them, P.C.Richardson said he found two horses straying on the road at Castle Hedingham, not far away from them I found a boy asleep, I drove them back to North End, I went back to Castle Hedingham and the boy had just woke up, I asked him his name, he refused to give it to me. 2s 6d for each horse and 9s costs.

July 31st 1889

To be sold on August 7th at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer a 9 h p portable engine by Marshall—Full size finishing threshing machine by Burrell—iron water cart by Cornish—full sized tumbrel—dressing machine by Ward and Silver.

August 14th 1889

Pentlow. The first game of cricket known to have taken place in this retired little village took place on Tuesday afternoon, it was against an eleven from Cavendish, all along the Stour valley cricket seems to have been revived, instead of youths idling by the roadsides after their working hours are over how much better it is to engage in a game of cricket. The match on Tuesday was somewhat old fashioned, on one side was the Rector and churchwarden and some of the young parishioners and working lads and men whilst the other side was headed by the Curate who captained some young tradesmen and Temperance Society players, the umpire was the churchwarden, Pentlow won by 10 runs. Surely various classes meeting together in friendly rivalry is much to be encouraged.

September 11th 1889

Belchamp Walter. Eyston Hall was sold to Mr Jno Leigh of Southport, Lancashire, for £5.500. Waits farm (otherwise Birds or Sheepcote) was sold to Mr Samuel St Clare Raymond for £2000.

September 18th 1889

We embraced the invitation offered at Foxearth harvest home to pay a visit to Mrs Ward and Son recently erected brewery, we found it satisfactory in every way, it is a substantial building of red brick, has four floors, it stands near the street at the rear of a dwelling house, it is fitted with machinery of the newest design, Messrs Barton of Sudbury fixed the new machinery and great credit is due to them, the buildings were erected by Messrs Theobald of Melford, the mashing machinery was supplied by Messrs Llewellins and James of Bristol, there is no doubt excellent beer will be brewed there.

September 25th 1889

To be sold on Saturday next at Huntsmans farm, Foxearth. By direction of Mr J.S.Gardiner whose lease has expired. 4 horses-2 sows—28 jointers—road waggon—Smyth drill—etc.

October 2nd 1889

Advert. Cavendish. G.Carter, watchmaker of Cavendish has hundreds of new and second hand watches for sale cheap, suitable for all classes.

October 9th 1889

Died on July 25th at Melbourne, Australia, aged 76, William the eldest son of the late William Wainwright of Risbygate street, Bury St Edmunds.

October 16th 1889

Mr T.P.Brand of Foxearth took third prize of £2 10s for the best sample of seed corn at Colchester Corn Exchange, there was 13 entries, this is highly credible to Mr Brand. Joseph Shore, gamekeeper,and a native of Clare was found dead on Tuesday morning in the Woods of Brasschast, Antwerp, it is supposed he was shot by a poacher. Annie Turner,14, a nursemaid, was charged with stealing 7 handkerchiefs, two pairs of scissors, one prayer book, 14 Christmas cards etc. from Mr Thomas Gardiner of Belchamp st Pauls to the value of 6s. 14 days and 5 years in a reformity.

October 30th 1889

Withindale Pit, Melford, for stone—shingle and gravel supplied in any quantity. Apply Frederick Branwhite who is working the above.

November 8th 1889

Great Yeldham. A flock of Suffolk sheep belonging to Mr Walter Whitlock were chased and worried by dogs one morning last week, three sheep had to be killed and 14 more were found mauled and maimed, they were found in ditches. Mr Whitlock had only the day before put his sheep together that they may be judged for the President’s challenge cup. Henry Wright, labourer of Sudbury, was charged with trespassing on the land of Mr Turpin at Middleton who said about three on the 16th of October he saw the defendant pass his gate, at about 4 he went out to talk to his men, his boy, Charles Braybrook, called him and said he was afraid of a man that was looking about, from what the boy said the man was setting snares, Abraham Braybrook said he was set to watch the man when the defendant appeared, he said “my snares are gone”, I said “so you are the man who was setting snares”, he picked up a stone and said if you follow me I will “lug” a stone at you. 30s with 11s costs.

November 20th 1889

Leonard and George Bulmer of Melford were charged with stealing turnips growing in a field called “Stoneylands” and the property of David Ward. P.C. Goodchild said he was on duty near the Independent Chapel when he heard voices coming from the path which leads to Smarley Lane, from where he was standing he saw one of the defendant’s pulling turnips. 6d each with 4s 6d costs each,

November 27th 1889

To let the Coopers Arms in North Street, Sudbury, incoming about £10. Inquest at Alphampstone on the death of Jeremiah Chinnery aged 13 who was killed by a iron roll going over him while proceeding along the road, it is thought he tried to get in front of the roll to ride upon it when he fell on the road. Accidental.

December 24th 1889

Glemsford During Saturday night the premises of Mr A.Peacock of the silk mills was entered and some eight fowls taken from the fowl house, several suspected persons were searched but there was no trace of the fowls, Arthur Oakley and Jack Wordley were arrested on suspicion and remanded. The fowls were found buried by some boys in the meadow at the top of the allotments which is known as “Prefit’s Common”.